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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Nov 23 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 23, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. A Essaf eries Fakir milk steamships under Fri mail. Cont air Ito the French govern. to London via mind dues. Calling at a Albany. Syi Hemes Aden Siivo and port &iiki.a? to los Dom in ?3 Days. Mevs i coir manner. June Adt Laie jul a a a. Poy Denot. , Dev. 3 and Steauen in a Diirr. 1v. Mon in 2. A a skiis. Ii so Hatibi la. I r Rida . Of i a is lard. La. Monday april an a . I or dwt to. La wrd., my 3 it ? v passage in Cut e h Iasi or Albs a. Mails Udko us out Aux tick pm Mir Kellex to Lowns Biml i Here journey 44 hours Only the company s ters will acis Many to rough Paramo or from Marseilles to Paris Tod Loo on Lui Cacsire conveyed free by sirs Ier from Mun cites to Lon Dun. To Gish Bie Sardsi. Miloh cow Artic. Bausle to Iotti to Slaikeu Lea from who ios re Tom from �.3i co �.izt. Third class carom Madation in equalled. Wine and All cab furniture inc need a farm. Passe Ceis Are Ken and or via to Mauritius re Union and South Africa vis Seychell. Vanengers booked to Bombay via Kur Rachke. Pet a ranch line from Ader. Cargo honked Bro with to hive Genoa Antwerp Dnn us Hwn Iurco Derix an Dundon. Ga3?Va-cp" Harrold Brothers. P. & o. S. N. Co. Under Royal Hail contract Vil dispatch the follow Hue sep that for London Oal Linic at Albany. Colombo Ades. Brindisi , Gibraltar. And ply Mousia j steamers pcs. Con Muir. Leave. Ictoria i?26a-. Adm Eon .x0v.23 Oceana .638i,e. Swart a 7 Arcadia _ am w. B. Andrews r.n-idec.2l Rome Fujs Jan. 4 ballaakat474se Ashdown ,j? Jenl. Re Vea Kun. 1 Makram Ati a 477 i p. Ham Lvi. 16 Britannia _2i7 r. G. Murray . Imar 1 Himalaya g39g j. Or Mao. B . Mar 15 fint and Seo Oad sat non Quwwn allowed to Brook their journey at intermediate ports. Cabins pm erred of Suc Cial terms in Bikkal i made to families during Tel cd Paa Nirce s 4�on. Passages fro i Tegland can be arranged Here. In the shoo cd Saloon the arrangements have been Thoro ohly canted the Acorn Madation offered Bein Nnena Psid. of to Europe in first Saloon to �70 to Europe in second Saloon �soto�7 return to chem �86 to �116 Carp a jul o m of the Tae Day prior to Steamer s of Parsnip. F Orha Oil w a d All infer Mason ppr to Luth skua & co., i mind. Agents. I sum lab of Royal Kail site mks a the Miil ? a inc if to the Anil Paralic cd Tnp Nile Viii leave Adelaide is in to ? x him in the Nad re ent Ioard Law for Plymouth an Lonton i Al Aav , Cut Csukai Naples ted Gibran or scraper. Tois. Commander. I Ila. Teova 6 it living in nov. ? Oei ext 5.30-1 h. O. Drily dec. 14 Okst a _ Ijuro jew. E whine . Nen. Is Rotava &.4n2 n. Studdert Ujj null 93 Osuba _555 a Hay. . Jan. 2s Arsteal _ 5,55 f. M. Tuva a a. B Rico t. F. Andreou m 2i of his. 7.o. F. In Hven leh. 6 Zagara _ in vow. Clarke . 22 and Forudi subtly Threatie. Saloon allowed to break Tfir Jour net. Entire cabi3s reserved on Utoca Liberal Tyr r .s.vagekonby. Soon and Attu. Second class _ Jond �37. Third _ _ to Irta a Bike �12 a a Jolt. Do. Four Betth Cabins. Iio each adult. Steerage open births �17 17s. Of adult. Tii ird Aad Brechue rates Indus bedding Mesa Stew Fafa Vici Arsion a Rura ticket at reduced rates. Prj2 Aid passages Froh London. Up Cial i Ciarea Are now afforded torrid Pink ont friends Aba be Lativs by the prepayment of Pate age or Ney Here at above rates. Mar Zerg of Green & co., and Anderon. Ander frs & co. Finc Buicie i venue Longan . Fall ? on application to _ m. G. Anderaon. Branch Al Micager. Eso ii. A run Eil Street. A _ void Deutscher pm to. Cos a Wonlu Uio Only line of fast pan 3-cat3& a ctr Sre imm to South Ameto Bam and elem in. Rauine at Colombo Uden Suez Pott said and Genoa con pectin j with Nuil and passengers to non port sail to a arc Wirf. Una tar my con rat i b the Imperial it a. Govern Jet. Steamers ill be ?s steamers. . Commander. Or. And Karlsruhe 5,347 f. Keseler dec 7 oldenupk3 _ a.24t Jan. 4 Hobbs Taufen i 3.090 a. Robent a. I a brain he lice to attn of and Tonica. A Steamer Nivea Sidney on arrival of each Civ uner for these islands Pawnee mosey from Adelaide to Bremen from �1 to �04. Great reactions on return pan aces available for six Cine or twelve months every facility is offered for bringing out friends by payment of passage Money Here. Cabin paean in in a break their Joltn y. Liet it specially a pranced to suit All Naff in Allt Jere and stewards Comers ant with die Enelisa Lanzi uce Patse ogers and cargo booked through to London and principal european Asiatic and american ports. Passengers for a sound Are landed at so its Hampton. In Tuque passe Ogen will land and embark at legs Bay. For freight passage and and other particulars apply to the Airt its. H. Mue Joe & co Adelaide and port Adelaide. A i acc Lder line of cuppers f so a Sci to lolled Vav is a b be classed Saili a ships a i cd pitched from port vat. A. Adelaide and outputs at % j tons. Commander. Eel Taka _ t73 b Braht. Emerald 798 a Pedersen. Mob Alta _ 1567 f. W. Gaze. Zoei inks 1,35 w. H. Cope. Followed by Caber first Dan ships. Wool and produce booked at lowest current raws. Good Accomma Ogasian for a engers. It nuts of f reicht or past up y to St Snake elder. Smith. & co. Limited a Talpek line.-p3rt i Adelaide to London Firel cues ship , h. Wederson commuter Bow at port adeside iii be dispatched Early in Decemb a. This Fine Vetryl is we j known in the australian Wool Trade and Shippen May rely on a Rouit ii rim a rates of Frei Rbt a. Apply to ? elder. Smith a co., limited. To Anahy sales. The Sale Nail Cess ssh a new steel Ste Ter Sti Tatusek a Flirk -2 an tons. J. C. Maatje. Com Lender. Will b ils at had frock the what. Port Adelaide on Esi iriv. Mph mob for r inc of. In per Sau i elder. Smith pc co., limited. I Titt of t Titi 1 i Addaide wharf and out ports to London Aid Contu ent. . Sails. Guin of bothnia 3,452 30th november. Golf of Maki aban _ 2.447 to follow. Golf Ofsiak _ 3.6.a1 Toto now. Fou swed by other new Rase Ste Asien. It rates cd freight iru., apply to y.2aac Kluce. Svit j. & co. Limited. Rill to top of a Bijj Bijj Vijil Ujj Adel Ide Bart to Antwerp Hamburg and new fast to a Ftp Gulf of bothnia t g. It. Ligertwood. Commander is appointed Tor i Patch about Soth november. Cars of now beige ree Ivul at wharf Sheds. It Tain elder. Myth. & co., limited. A Obieah i at web and the Fine fill powered Steamer St Kathavin. E,ft2 tots Register cent in w. C. A it. My arrive a the Whirt. Port Adelaide about the 2sth november and wiil receive prompt die Natch. Cargo no being received. For freight and All particular a Fly to Geo. Wills & co. 3ili inc Adelaide apr port Adelaide. Al f Wool sales Stem is in. To London direct via Suez 2�2�ss? Fine ill powered Sceamer ssi Inis w attwater up Zorteman tin bed parcs Al to above from a oct Victoral cd. Voc coh a 25, Aad from Post August i thaut. Novem Lier to. For i Reyhn apply to Geo. Ills i co., Adelaide and port Adelaide. Port Victor Gecta a. H. Luide Eer a a g. S. Seed. Port Augusta agents tourer & Gordon. Sonlin a to i Antaky Wool ass Psi. Adelaide to i Kirc. Lok immig Roii. And Yorkshire ports vis Fuez canal the of St Steamer h akan Ambrou the latest addition to land s line 3.m0 tons Gross Cape in j. E. Ebery. If appointed to from the Whart port Adelaide As above about the sati december. This Steamer 5s expected to make tie Robsn Home in As Days which her sister St i9, the yur Awonga. Has just in 37 Daye. Foi Rekht apply to George wills &. Co. �81nac Adelaide or port Adelaide. Ruki7s line of Tea Jinks. Foiw St la London via ports As required 4gj?�&c Xoe Senew full powered fast steamers re appointed to leave the port Adelaide Wear and or Oporta a Renoir to a Tol Warrnambool _ _ december 8. Cul9oa _ d or 30. Tar Awonga _ _ Tot Liaw. Hubbuck _ to follow. Ghi Aoam Ostion Lor passengers. Lot ire Wirht or passage apply to Bobbi wills co Attu Deor port. Use ainu shipping. The Adlaid t steam shop Pompan limited i Dis oath their steamships As under for Ai Elbourne and Sydney for All Queens land ports. . Adri aide _ i Kate rear i nov. S i -".16 . A. In Minoka i saturday i dec. 3.1 2.16 . West australian service. For Albany and Feu Anck uan shipping to Xart bibs posts. A. Bulla a _ i we tuesday nov. 301 4 . South East service. For Kingston Robe. Beach port and Mac Don kill Bay. As. Franklin _ i tuesday december 61 2 . Vestern Bays service. Tor port Eluston. Venus. Denial Streaky and Foft lers Bays. Calling at other rays if Necee Felry. A. Lubka _ i saturday i nov. 23 6 . Spencer a Gulf service. Ror fort Liko Olk. Moo Ista Wallaroo. And Franklin Harbor. Coi iii and month Bays a required.8& ferret _ 1 j not. 89 i s pea. A k ports Abrusia. Pirie. And germeist6.5. Ixa Uksti Gator Sato Roay nov. 261 6 . Carso recited till a. John Turnbull store two Sofik 7nrrie Chamb re. On run treet. Adelaide. Or subs Tivald port fief set delusion. Venus Streaky. Denial and fowlers Meei Derry trill Leare on wednesday Soth inst. At i pin. Carco nowbut Mifred Ivett in a o. 4 bed. Madarena wharf. Forte Ignot pub a apply Habold Brothers s2s-35 town and port t s ? dispatched As i Beans Ruby every Titor Day it in Ftp a a saturday. At 8 an. From stans Bury every monday Mhz Friday. Bit u port Vincent every tuesday at 8 returning Etmer Day Leavine at 4.31 .Io a. Lemessurier. Beckery. Hajj be Gloria from new York con j3 so sek Are re Raestad to pass knt ribs at once. Rill of iii no most be presented and Freie to paid Atour i him Jeffire . win w a us Tel 7� Denap hex on Landing and ii hip nil not lie rest Jibu Abs Meemu e responsible for any debts contracted by toe Crew without his written authority. 397-s p. & j. Foh Lar. Town and port. Business notices. J. M. We a d to watchmaker and jeweller 70, Nondys Street. Josd Arcade Adelaide id at Bill. Jewellery. I am now offering a Lovely assortment of brooches and bangles the Laws London and a Iris de Eidos at All prices m 7 Stock of ladies engage Zient rings and dress rings is the largest Best a elected sad cheapest in sooth Anst null Asu no i Bare Complete Stock of labie&1 and gust Leuchts jeweller v of every description. Saver Sam boules shoehorn Button Tso Otai 0 Gold medal sleeve links Alberts Pencil cases a also a Complete Stock of watches ranging in Price Tram 12s. 6l to �100. A guaranteed. The cheapest House is Adelaide. " 3ss3c Hunt builder Casista As is coming Nave your Ramses pot in Ordyk guaranteed to answer Hebest Rte. Fences. All kinds of jobbing work done. Address care of g. Secy wan Chambers King William Street. S2siuato" rival Mallee boots joke. To Large or email quantities at lowest Annoot isms. We. Howard Smith & sons Ltd., Coal Offida Worth or do. Port Adelaide Gnan p. A. Howells and co 53, Rendl Street. Opposite Mes. C Birks & co. Pianoforte a 1 of gab on Hie time payment system. Fian Fortes team 30/ per month. Violins fam 30/accordion Stem 10/6all tie lat tat novelties in music use lived every month. Tuning a repairs on the shortest notice. Brass a baking bands faces and catalogues on apply Lauon. L2oaixaciu9o now on View a Large shipment of jambs a Kos sons and other celebrated uakers1 3teslikg set Ives Aad Best ele Otbo plate. Afternoon Tea sets luncheon cruets butter plates Claret Jug. Biscuits jams and a most exquisite assortment of Ajete Broox Teaspoons. A. L. Brunkhorst Liz h. Six abr108, Kuisle a Beez. Lowks Bohks s insect destroyer. The dem Sod for this powder has been co Lam As to exhaust our Stock and is Cave been unable to �11 orders for in Tor some time past. We cow however have an ample Supply of Excel Lent Quality and would commend it to our friends and ask them when ranting insect powder to Core ours. G. K. & w. H. Birks chemi3ts, 69. Bundle Street Corner of g Abler place. Sb9e Lolini ones bows and Kezios Complete Eon Fin from ass. A. The latest English Crue train 201 zither harps piccolos flutes Alix org Moettus banjos Gavaun Zephyr Hornet mutes do., ski in Greet variety just h. Fray to Randle veet. Imi. Ryan practice or lessons pipe on com Pete two mrinal ins Rumen Witta pedals 17 Stop. College of Orea Oiso Sperier rations. Fray s j. H. Fray. Organist and choirmaster St. Peters. Go telex Organ Stdio Iso Ranole meet. Full paric liars see prose Gnu. Is2aine and chinese re works on hand and to alive including chinese jacks and four wins never before been in aos Oalia Way Lee co., 145. Hindley Stet Asensi of beat to glib and chinese / . Toe Trade sup plied. W. L. It co. Make specially Liberal terms for Dis plays of fireworks in any parts of the Colony and be pleased 13 furnish programmes on application of any display from �5 to �500. Please to remember the Sih of november and civil at 145, Hindley Street and ret supplied my Trot goods at lowest prices. orders by Pon or Telegram promptly executed. Fise folks. Free works. G9in?33.-, boots and shoes. Cd \ \ paib6 infants strap shoes of " is. Lid. Per pair special let e to Clear. Brandon s shoe warehouse 57, bundle Street. S3o shares. I Balb 10 shas in Block 10 company Cash.b2, g . 328 j shipping. Nae Howard Smith line fore Saloon fee Fern. Obio. To Melbourne -�1 10 0 �2 10 o toil Sydney _ s 0 0 00 16 1 freights at lowest rates. Without transhipment to Rand oboe. Ror Melbourne and St Nev bri6bakk Maryborough Rockita mutow . B o d o n d Omacka tuesday. November 23, Townsville i 12.1 it . Geba Loton Huki Krovic. Cairns tue Tony. Dice Liber a Tobt Douglas lilo . Roof town thu Day is. Norm Aston Buck town fur forts Pirie and be Burin. . Bunny oms i tuesday 13or. Jedi . Saloon. A Tom. Vor Ecalon. To Plurie _ �1 0 0 �1160 �0 1 f ngut v �1 10 0 �2 10 0 ii from Smith and Cave s who. Fors Caton Paar users Are supplied kith food and bedding free. Foil put non on application to w. B. Gave & co., agents Grea tru Strees Adelaide Osie l Turret. Part Adelaide 3tt i us l aul , & co limited. Saw zealand and australasian 5-team ship company. see Ioe to All principal ports in Al Rohla. Met ouch Wales. South mod West at Stalia and Tasmania l?10 new zealand from Melon none by lie Al a if Iceni steamships Mio Weka via Sydney Warr Moo via Job att tuesday i to Nebr been food Kab right through the summer but bcrnkoirncosieta3 iui6utonaperaote. We have Jost received a Lane conf gement of the sea Soti a Manlulu selected seed. Early Amber Cane 8d in. of age care m. In. a bib. Caine la. La. I Price per Bushel Otwin. Of apply Camion. E. & w. , be Kassien. a. 73, . Adelaide. Bliss Money. Josejf to a Nii in Small Tzinis on Ireeta Oli Mcnuity principals Only. Apply by Ltd a. Vith Firat in turf Box 6, Toyal i Clinice William treet adeside. Onet to line at i meat bite. To ittle Worth & Lei Cuto a. Land and loan agent. King William of tree. Blaino Eli Fafa to lend on film Laa free hold to enmity at Jiom 6 Par Peutl in Varna Ca Emit to Moreis. Alma on shakes broken Hill mixes at Loveat inter trans frs leases Mok Oages us and Otter documents Onder the Keal property act pct red. Bencal eced. House property let or sold. Selectors surrender boy under chs new Ace Zepre a red. M. Kino Borough. Housed Laid broker and boats agent a Mutic Unity Cna new. Cume treet. Adelaide. Oif and discount Saks. Zug Zooi. Cash adva Noea Tram any amount to tradb3 in. Howe holders. And Oil Isis on pm Ftp 90mal so Zubiri. Bills of Bale scrip of All kind or any amiable yes unties repayable in the Deekor Ianth. Bills daily. 3rinn4tooniauicknn & Sav Dehs. In Muger ss9a? 6. Pir of Aachen. Adelaide Money to lend a Lount Oxnem . V. Bullock & co Franzin Otto. Be name Londo loan. Discount and mortgage Bank. Pirie Street opposite Oknox Bank. The Bank s no prepared to make advances on Freehold securities on pit Only Lavo Rabl Lerma Atli per cent per a Mim rep Yat be per oar Thea which ran be obtained on application at the Bank. The special advantages claimed an to commission. To fees tat the rated interest six i cent per annul which is included in the repayments. Advances made without delay and repayments of Loans to extend Over any number of Jere mutable to the borrowers. Advances an also nude on personal Security Bills of Sile depot of deeds and Bondad Terri Al Ca Jeromis it fire on the Usua Tern. 23&aic Gibbs. Bright. & co Orentus Street. Hall & Savage drapers tailors. Milliners and dressmakers 15. Hand kith or Sifore swi and i of keel of arc Fri. Now Lebowi a i i a sort rec a goods Abe Ivino weekly. So Ueo s the a suit latest or no. 21" to ss9 a Sacui live of Sui a rented sons 12/6 about 1s? Light Tweed summer suite 23s t0u7.&., a l7 y 6 urn it Estr Eli and a Cerf new Kuttems iob6i a very pc a line about 200 dark Tweed tool Sebb and vests. Rott g a of Irenr men s Tweed trousers in checks stripes and mix Uirt til ii Coats for Ofhie web. Slightly damaged 18n 9d for j g urn e while Nan keen Coats 4b lid 5s 6d, 6s de 7i 6d a vie Oil line of about 130 White Nan keen Coats. 4 1 men crib Satren Coal 49 lid 5 a Fig 6d, 7 61 i a onsets Hue of Cecil line of fancy washing Veste at 41 uen to Whise Marcella and Baden Vesta 6a 6d, 7s cd pc sol men s sufi and checked Tennie sails 12e6d, to i ire Tuil Leit funnel suits extra Quality Zta 6dmen s col Nisi Univie i Janus my. In Cotton ant Woollen Fiat Fruer. 6aod. Astrid limit. 15u a fare Riipi a of gents Dana up gown. Jas. Marshall & co 1 a Wisa a Katriku belts. Be Cho win us tier be a. In 6d each of Rcv leather bits is cd a in. Irlue lao. Tid Yard la sane lace Hook adj is la 6d, is lid Yard 38-in. Cream lace Houn Jinjr is Yard habit fronts i. Is 6d, is us each a Adim soot Scarf. Cd Eaon pedal m k embroidered such. La 6d u Budeach i a Chiffon sows. Is 111. 2s Budeach 4 in Biol. Co-000. Is pets. 2s it each shot silk do6 us. 8s us los and each bilk a tin Sand Udee. 4 lid each the a tanvtu7ee. French lace cloths bad calms. Jay Waits. Cashmere Corduroy Poppins wid Prince cloth done Width Syma Taeed is us Yard a Wool doable Willarae Tweed 2a a Yard All Wool doable Width Cologne Tweed 2s us Yard. Foil Range of very Choice new Tutu is the new Arm Tweed All Wool double widths new Watteau Tweed new Llo Tana. Cheviot. Shot Wool. Bens line Crepon tweeds aul the porous Borci Erec axiom Tweed special lie 01 to i effects 6s us dozen. Jas. Marshall col Tut a Dic tired jacket coven Snake la us Var Blaud 170 ladies Tweed jackets 0% lid Worth 1219 i 100 dozen a die White Mualin Biou aes la each Worth a sold 160 doze Lidies shuts is lid. Worth Zold 1 7 ladies Smoer Tweed and cloth 3 capes is m 1 Worth 12s 9d Ico Lodge Somme in san dust cloaks 69 lid Worth Icard 263 Louee Good washing wrappers 3 lid 4s us. Mild 1? ladies Good washing Cost Annea 4s us is us & to 39 ladies White Kain sack costumes 10s 9d. Worth sis 93 ladles summer cloth mantles 6s lid loj 9d 12s 3d 3-j i Jia Sommer silk Manes iss 9d, iss. 21s 2uuzen ladles White of coloured Eton vests Britt , be l. Is us Loulovie l Lan Tuilette dressing goods is lid stud 10a9i,lis9d ladies Kew Watt eat jackets Tadite hew Luata wrappers Laie Jie so oink Jedi blouses Lovely shades i Hildien b Kew summer costumes 3 us is lid a lid children new simmer jackets 39 lid 4s lid 1 68 lid children e sew summer dust cloaks 4s lid 63 lid just opened the new tartan Check Suka Crun japanese Silica is us 3s a 4s us up Cream Pongee Silks is lid 2s us. 3d de 4sld 6a us Russore Silks is is 6d. Is lid 2s 6d. Be 6d Serin. Toss Ore Silks is 6d per j Ard Floral Pongee Navy and Blank grounds3s 6d Cream foulard Navy spot 2s us Kavy fouled. While spot 2s us coloured Liberty Silks in is so Colond Fodore Silks 2s us shot silk i a tic. Piety. Is us stud stud coloured water bit Galine All Colora. U lid c we Are constantly opening Kove bids Pat Waii steamers. Black Silks. Back Liberty Silks is 2s 3d Black Pongee 2s us Buck men Roleux is us is by 2s lid 3s us of. By Bun i ailed 3a11d,4e1d,6?11a Buck Radic. Stud 3a old 4s u4. S3 us 6s us Buck bed Aune. 6s us 7s us stud Black Aroe Graw 2 cd. 2s in 3s us us 10s so Block brocades Silka in great variety 1 satins is 60, la us 2s cd.2sud,3sud,4 la dip Mcclord Yeu ets 3s us 5e lid 109 6d co Ord i to he Craer Yud Faux i res Ives Dalu a is per Yard. -. Fauzy Drees Kute Rialto Vod la and is 4d i wart us Lin is lid 2 lid or dozen is Perial line in Udall Pat temp 3s 6d Par dozen swiped Flanne Letka 2a Edsa lid 3a us per dozen heavy on twill sheeting 6 a bad per Yard d spotted Turkey twi to 6jo, 7id per Yard i Cre tonnes Laud,2? or used Lor m cd 2j? fid rogue fld Irinea sunshades. Is in. 4s lid 6 old be us be shirt loupes. Trilled and Plain. 2sua,3i6d, stud sped Itoga Riberi Blouse. Ls6d. Is lid. 3e lid ladies Mew ?,3 lid 8? Lvov lid in bad the cum jacket 12s 3d special Lisa in Kapea in. Is lid 10?6d, now into Buck lace Caps rimmed Jet be wisc Chapes 2ss Lor v a 4m,x3al4or2l s37eodtors7eil a dust Cioara newest Chipes lid iss 6d, 21a, 21s 6d ladies striped Cotton icee to 104 a la Ladief Oast Mere Hose 7jd, , is 3d, u6dlama silk Keck . Embroidered 7 a ?id.la3d,l?r4d. Couldren Lapo Borde irom v per of Izen Lydie ,,7id.loid, l l s is 3d k ladles by stores. Mack and Tan. Is Jud 2s lid " children a hats special to manned is 8dnewest shapes in ladies and on Ildren a White and ?j,,2lld.?9d, 4s lid Fis 9a, Caud. 7 de 8s co 9s a including us Radii Cote Bee Syde Onam Torquay 1 and Eastbourne san hand ban tit. In Aneis a aging from is 1 upwards Liberty silk hat and bonnets to lid fraud to lid " 7slld. Tailoring department. I Yeob Tweed Sao suits to measure 47s de 658,63s b7bd, 705,768 you i Leberge Sac suits to measure Ems Scenter Beith Sac soil Tum to mean axe. 70s, 75i gents hence Sao suits to Sheanin 67?. I mems youth so and boys clothing department. Hen s teed soils. Us 9d,l&9d, 3d, 24e Dmeo Stroue Enmund a a h 9sud,?3.ed Infanta Patent strap shoes fancy fronts ? to t. Is lid c Antams kid . Boots sizes a i from la us ? child Gumns Ahu Orato sizes 7 to 9. Stud sizes ? ?,4slldeizeblwl2.d? a Slid e Sonc leather Ujj. Boow. Iri Zoe 6to 9,2 4d ? Zes Rotoli ,2s9d sizes 1 and 2,4 a3d chill a Sarong leather Loe boots sizes 6 to 9d,2s 5. 4 sizes 10to 13,2581 iz9land2,3sud Civlo q Days Are coming. In soles prints holes card pics. R Noyi ets Deil lattes Hotlos Zep dyes. Bolg a sateen. Abe Daba Nield fast Doloes id piece and if Hoyle Nameh stamped on Tou will Ger per Bot goods that will a task and Wear. Ask sous Draper for hoi uts mass. Bokas Hoyle & sons. Hano Seter. 100 veto. H7o drapery and clothing. 4? countess Martin Bros., Burlington House. Ladies in the country should Send for our patterns of Delaine Ai 6/11 dozen. Cambric is Navy spots us j3uall neat Patt at 4/11 Doz. Cambric a 5/6 Duz. Cambric in Navy spots and Small neat patterns. At 7/6 Doz. Cambric at 8/6 Doz. Hundreds of perfectly few patterns or spot muslims soft lawns and other Beautiful materials suit Able for Desses a Cudjo the hot Sui ukr we Tabke. Ladies should write for patterns. Martin Bros. 32jc new Industry. Shirt tailors. J. T. Mclean & co. Perfect Fiu Amr shirts and collars to aider shirt Cutter from London and Paris. Shins a rioted Sod Bearick braced with Irish Linen Lor u. 6d. And 2s. The newest silk shifting and pyjama soiling for die summer . J. X Mclean Tco. 15, Hurdley Bibet. I As. Ii Mem 317wvuza g Charles Birks & co., a Kdle St ebb. Birks s for hosiery. Ladies new summer hosiery with double strength Fausek feet and toes. Black Balb Bigg a Hose Imperial fast Dye _ 1/ Black Balbini Vogak Hose in serial fut Ove 1/3 Palm Black bail Briggas Hose sanitary fast Dye _ _ 1/6 Black Barki Sast fast Dye _ _ 1/11 new summer hosiery. Black Lisle to Bead Hose. Of fast Dye ? 1/i 1 Black Lisle thread Hose /. _. Fast Dye 2/3 Black Lisle the cad Hose a Jav Defiance past Day _ 2/11 Black Lisle thread Hose. _. Diamond fart Dye _ 4/6 new Tan shades in hosiery new striped Hosier. A Gumren e inn souk. Children s Tan Socle. Mew Tan shades in hosiery new striped hosiery. Birks is or hosiery. Chaess bibs & of he Idle Street. R c. Castle & compy. Hare now received their first shipment at Spring and summer goods. Newest teds a Qadi sgt. . Ties hosiery. New shapes in Hatti Large mock of White shirts in All prices meis6, Bors. And youths Beady made clothing. I tailoring in All iia branches. Dream boats frock sous sic scats in bars tooth and men kicker and Eton suits cot to Veatura. Also quite at Home in the cutting of biding a Hii of for 6& Booklet id bid old is a. Is us grandma Lott ment Pat Leaf and Jap uese fans. Is dozen swim lecher Balta. Sort is 3d, is 61 each 5 quire notepaper. 6 d Paet Lutr Cantue and court shaped envelop a 4m, 6jd, 94d. Is Perlio Kienit r a Dps. New Soodi. 2? 9d each Tomblen be 6d Dozea White mid Gold Ege Cope Large la dozen Worth 2s new read Board Post terse and bread knives. Is 6d per pair. W4te Lor Tia line Bismarck a Wop gusset la 6d dozen lamp Wicks id dozen grand line of Large Suar bands and better Dir la Espair Church. Sunday and Day so Volt Bataan served at up Del rates. A u eur entry Ned is Well executed with Dit Potch. Backs Nonini Icko buy for Cadi humid Call or Send r orders to us at once As this it a social Branch of our Trade. Hunt Corry & co., importers and Cash drapers 112,114,116.118. Bundle Street. Adelaide and i Medon. L7tralo Public comp Jues. Adelaide Inlet. Akin Hito hah tr4m v a company. Suied. Notice is Bereghy Given troit to of Enesi wite in Lof shark Nolde is ill be held or. We heyday. The Ilia Novanner Ioa Tino a lock , at the of firs of Tun c jump my uni Rossl build into. Ore fell so tet Adelaide to Recei c report and a Lance Rael. And to elect a director in plane of i or. 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Notice is hereby to to a Call the 12th of orb Prav Hau Trennt or snare has been by the daa Aumoa spam Sodi my Biog. And most be paint toe been tiered office 01 the company. Tint verbal Bali Dias. Gretell Roket Adelaide on or before the Hen december Ensor of. Jas. B. Scott. Manager. November s2.ls 2. In remit dog Call Exchange to be added to inter colonial cheques and Prog eve number Eiven. T 3-2t ,35.i0.0 t tenders and contracts. Bail want extended Gold mining . No liability. Tek Debs Are invited for 3,950 forfeited Saab �siutine4iamedcompaziyancii3o clock. Pan. On tuesday the ?9ch inst. 1 080. Takoy. Manager. Ware Cut Zihere lung Willum Street Adelaide. 1 �2san risen Dahs Are invited until noon of Friday. J. Tio vember 35. For the a Section of a House at Malvern. Neither the lowest Cor any tender necessarily accepted. J pain cd specification at oar office. A a. Matie&s&co.,323.6, s opposite Adelaide town hah. Fofi Enders will be received by toe Al i l noon of Moldav. I h december or the Kate chios of the Walkerville Hall. So Lender Nec Earuy accepted. J Edwaed Dolth Ritall architect Mutual provident buildings. 327-to Al King Wllliam Poreet. J a Pendes Road and Bettu a Atzert. Ken Tirton. 3z6.501 j Union qua by Glen i j will be received i november 26 for excava King and removing a Btu and Stone. Par j . 328-Jo a if to a Sotl pieces. afew Marble and enamel�3 the mantels to be Bol cheap Lor Cash Only at w. H. Matt cats scram Marble and Pilate Yard North Foley. Triss patents. Is the matter at the Patent act 1g77 1. Notice is hereby Civen that Frederick it Jersey clue he of Wellington new Zeal aug architect Oas a pmed for a Patent for improve 1 ments in the construction of window cashes us l Achi Tate cleaning and other purposes and that tie of each invention May be inspected at the Patent office. Adelaide. Francis h. Snow. Licensed Patent agent. 823-50 Victoria . In the Hatter of the Patent act. Is. I i notice v hereby Glen that Howard. Obs oboe of Wenn ton new Yip trunk j applied Tor a Patent for an improved method of manufacturing portmanteau and that the Eperu cation of coca invention May be " if per it a at the Patent office Adelaide. Aka Iscis h Fastow licensed Patent agent�28 30 Vic of a Ecil dogs Grendel Street. Rab Mees blacksmiths and others. Your attention is or Rev drawn to sooth aos Thauan letters palenc. No. 2090, for twins tension in harvesting binders. All persons a ing tvs invention an warned that on Lam each Tendon bears my stamp they an liable to an action at Law for i Fibik Geuen of the letters Patent. It is my intention to prosecute at Law All person 1 making use of the invention wet noun my consent. Taomas Sampson Gawler. Lam instructed to proceed against All persons Oom Mitringa an Intro Clement of die letters Patent As above. Francis i. Snow. Patent Agns. Victoris buildings Ore leu Street. 296vnussb a the matter of the Patent act. 1877 t Al notice is hereby Eiven that George i he beat Ellis of head Fareld lands Domie j Grove Ness Den Middlesex England Engineer Baa applied for a Patent suit married couple no children or tabs. I Applys Len err be a Wrington Street wet. A Oufou Abl Faiu sned ooh Fritz a Laos. Suit inured ample. To . 1 Alwil . Supreme oort hotel. My Wrils Titi room to Jgr Raj Pirritt. A Tuple. Apply in. Tamer Angas tree. A Prince of Wales hotel. A offs. I fixer wished a Tim ? wry Frt Veo i it 1 Mam a Board. Apply of 1? mrs. J. T. Winus Bottom jetty Roas next re i to Fow be met. Semaphore. I3? to a Klemas requires single room with Good r Tward Lares semaphore or neat toy suburbs. terms Ariel Pluso of. 328 aide ?? a of married couple Bim iii 1 a-8c.,"p0., horus Adelaide. 32830 up Hiob h Ali for mor to beast Tati Pica ant. Cool King dam Wasl ? o room partial Boaro. o0 Ether lodger. Sute Turnm a this office. Sw4 ill upk3.iqr Board and 0 hath 17s. . Smith fourth Boose a h Actu Tettam King Wulliam tweet. Mob Soiu for one or urn room Superior Board Tito flee. Amp Rno Lez. Tro 2 faim4ied? nit married pal Oslo a too Mpwo very Nice lofty untarnished room Tolet. 1 Al three Mitotes Tea . Imam a . So Fly l it two nicely furnished front bomb Al suit married couple fireplaces Shower both -163. Rooter. Anga set a a of iwo him ulnar i bed books Crep Uota. Mid i x Rol do Idt Cien. Long con in scent . 3gg cd Isokait Ait e scare & co. makes slut cannot be Bektesi . Sicovs 101aowed my Acme. Mall Coria dog. Wott can b be Usu by of 4yii , Bonab Terrace Fri found a Boninger a Bell Ossaos can Oor Bettati Loloto t Oso Debs. B � Ward. A Reward of �2 will be paid by the undersigned for the a i Hwy o7 Ifie u�4lendeatiaaed deeds mortgage d?te.\ 16th Jane Isis John a midst. William Scott Jim to icon and Daniel Gar i it Section 3338 ond Porton of Section 115, in toe Huntt hirer special , Reg tend to cd Centt Ficat of title Buter Book vol a Xxiii. Fido. To the Jama of Jonn Edwarda. To part Beaini so Bur Airm of Milne. Mouth age no. A a 3, John Edwards to we Jauier Bcott Sod it Aniel Garlick of smote part text of o ii. C. Voa debt Una & com?,3a 7. Franf Chin treet. Adelajda. F Oso . Till Mackann bite Ronch la Bair Teerink Dos. A War Bertram. Ihne " 3igtiid?Rtia a Wiiiam Tibet. 32s lost Banco or j of Lott Street monday evening White Feacher it. Be in Raziur Yingto 17 Turton Trtat. Kor i Afi i id. " 32s Osi two by Marti while hic both branded near Hulder. One Lis other a. Be Rard a. Full probe so Man lofty. 337-9 f Osi Gold Kouti. By ice ame farm mn4 a a Pearte re Wail duh Tome & co. Jimlo Dell cars it Kier Tiu. S2�c Ost. Bet Wen pm u a Ore Beach and Exeter Hotd Ladys Golo watch add Silver Cabais Lufler he Tel. Sema Profe. Z32j-9 Ost. Tui Day Belsen Baker Elsroad and Muu Iwicke Oege Gold brooch Aua coed Emenau pals. Rubies Reward. S. Miller b ote Payne ruin Foad. I a Adelaide. 3284 lost from Albrum. Plue Roan cob to be jew with Over 00 a Bounder Small mat. �1 a . Conrad. Adelaide and port. 322 c Ost. Pack find one Fox Tab bib Elut i 103. Reward detainer . Lynn. Cur if treet. Mrs we Pant w. Pc Anele warehouse. Hrit Ople to come to Caks St. Of Jonana to Mcl Bonne Street a to wednesday 3 Pun opened by Mia. Kinnion. Azre of Why ally outs Pont lambos so at Hap boots clothing to. Buys anything and Altai Evert Bunic. Ravished apart arms to lab Holmgr Otoo Peno Oal be Jority Hooks and Mot to but Tumu mks. Erivman. Terai stated midwife trom wound a to pita a Ciorla accommodates 1 patients Tula Comer in Tettey and Wakefie to Rete 527-8. 36i

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