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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Nov 19 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 19, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia the bes fit c0 a weekly. I stocked All Radii a i Pirt pc r ror cute Abstom. Torg. ?. Jaw if b �eotxa.34800 b s . Or. 20 � of Golu. 10.000 h Dee. Fact Ostapo Sod . a. Thompson vvqobt\n.u0 or 8. Wear .iu.o0t�a Daloja. 12.8�� g h c a a it. To abhor10.50� 8 deb.lorkver.r.. Hmm Livvia. Kf.000 e in Gorden dec. L8 1911. Jan.1 an. 15 Jan. 29 feb to Var 12 � i a i and fortnightly. Thereafter. Calline to Bombay. % �c5hfnit at Hobart in route from Sydney raft a ,ajel30ur Kaa a a Dom. Safe Livic on the san instant. Cill Ste Accra arc tilted Jufith Tore Lea Teje graph. Ana an twin screws. ? .-�.,Rosr in second Saloon pemajctmted., Cut i rtt 1�"w� a mime a 1f.ta ant fall. Ipe Flana sex Mien of g a the fetch Tua a work Pas / Atra Rcd from anspart., special Lolidia Tara Taito col Owoo. I a and to " ttdw.7bith. Ca. Limited a Eta. Tia Tebee circa get a. Lor Pic new ill is islam for the outer Barbon at 3 52 and 4.80-jp.ite of thick p. 0 Branch services lord orc Vav Jii Verv moderate fares. Re orb class Vuini life wires . J ff7flkalta. Lia Toba f about Dee. 0 . 11.120 Toba about pee. 24 Al 120 Tona about Jan. 22 r �.-? y&glbmsxlk.\2\ b.0 about1 Fob i7_ a dub Aso decs / ?m�acik3 lounge. So oking room. 4c. I ". stewardesses carried. . Rim. i a is. And 17 Cioaca. S1 a Ondov bore wtkax�3s you Suez ck2�al Rorro fait Steamer. From of 19/. Triet Are Intel danceable Rit Btttle Aberdeen use. I r a meal of on cb6bob,bist& co. Limited. Agents Twute a i 33. . Adelaide. 1 i 1. Line mail steamers. A at upping to All i Dux forts 80 v1m Brake so it . L d.r.tk.anom.r.. . . A. Jan so feb.? feb.0 mar. 6 har. 20 apr 3 to to return � 15/. t f #m5ei�uttia from Adelaide outer bar or 2jllm��l a i flatus dark of. U a hotel Alee ,. 5tejtiailuwa " orca. Aloicrs.1 spa Hampton ast Tipamer tone. Commander. " Kos div ld1sb -. Urn Rich \ t Fler Morosse 17 in,7f 5 8,008 9,021 �,771 9. itt Ateia o. Sci tears ? Liares. Dec. T die. To Jan. 27 to. Van Tendon Fri 24 a pc a i Mir. 21 \. I Stein april 31 to still " tote Itkina a tour " 1 pm from on tar Harbor. 1 pedal tra fro a Adelaide at 13 films Cla Nile a � Rvin refi Ardi 4j0t t71 2nd class single at " t40 a return a �0. Ard claim from Cis. Holiday Beran tickets nine enter changeable with All util Unes. Cl�kr4tatr i Metud second Saloon Ceta. Ste Tete with All Hail Steamer.harcrpw.�/q0., Adelaide tand port a Anta. Blue f4jnnel Una l Tim we Poi xxx Glasgow 4ri�t_b tafe the Freamen of be above line Are Tome of tit tent Jua fastest passenger and cargo boats afloat. 8�e_ervtakia cry o care pert Adelaide. Akcel arses. I 10.wtbnt i about dec 3. Kesftor.114.5u0toaa about Jan. 7 \ of i 9r l3w.nfall_4m b in theirs Uiko Agreta 13. . London and a Levi Pool Vul Suez canal. J Vul Suez Nal. .3hje splendid fast Bujel Nel Liseby or patrol miss i a at port Adelaide on St not offer and the of wheat possible. Dept Tab. A a Vrej Batand Al part Culm apply to George Woli be. Co., looted 1 it Plagett t co., quoted a Wool tonnage. N via 8uezcanau of Antwerp. Australia due potember 27th. Tot Dunkirk or Clab Bull London l i Antwerp. 1, s " kal0m0. R due december let. The a�0te Fine fast steamers a Tel eater for Jjo trom Adelaide Sau. Of november huh1 l All Continental and Yorkshire centres. London and America. Ut9 Adelaide and port Adelaide. Manila Chunat and Japan i Zamboanga. . Queensland " ports . Changsha Sedlia Rora Dait wharf Miller of Point Ardley on december 9. Al Osa Taiyuan ism Tow. For inh particulars apply to � " v. , King wifi Nua Trecet. To ii fort to Syd s Suma � g no. Ley. Evite u theadi�m0e4 steamship to company Lime Tel iii will dispatch St Mara punctually los l�.,l , permitting. �.valbany. And Fremantle to. A str Starac i . . Tran shipping fort air Laan Wigan Queensland and-new-zealand-p�rts.--. A soup win to is no r a i a .sr3 a a. .wa�ratiav7, t6,. Ude�i.,11 3.80 . To i new Terzer twin a Crews wireless telegraphy. First a and a and Cri passed Sers. A a psf coast service via bake 3ioratde5r�tfowt�r s bats ".�-.,.-. A and Carawa a Aie Palu wedness Zjr nov 19/, 9 a. Tuston , Bays a be Brit Nisan Urdal 22 i � . ? steamers sail from / commercial wharf on. Arrival ,ofva.48 . Express Irsom Adelaide. ?. C esrc3b� Gyi service.-. Us in the Trade. ? to jetty and Kirton Point. Tumby Neill Arno Wallaroo Cowell. . Waringa tuesday nov 25. 4 . Ports Law con Kir Iti ao0�rell� nf4lti.- a Jess Ligator i thursday j Noy 20 1 4 ports Victoria Wall Broughton hmm Cowie Turton. So Norsa a i saturday 22 i 4 . Freights prepaid to Turton Minla Cowie. Vic Toria nein Tumby Louth North and a3i-West. Coast Porta except of Liston a it a i " a Kloon Tara if tickets interchangeable with other inter the companies object to conditions. steamship limited ?iia Ai Devand port Adelaide Adelaide steamship company Ilii rial Deg h staupe Sah twice a week from commercial . Rupaka Erny wednesday at 0 Aferret,i every saturday at 0 a.?., j leaving edit Burgh every monday Andi thursday at noon � fares a single 6/. Betyn excluding Meala. Lowest rates of Freis Ftfe ,. 238c. Fihe Adelaide steamship coy., limited. A ? "?.�#. Y. Steamer twice i a Sri Moriatta saturdays 12 direct Ofta rup Arai we Naday 9 nj.,? Tia Edrutt. Pc Brisbi ? i. V a i i to Tirina a Piette Sonday and a .lardining,.smokiogvrooma. Ladies in Unge � Fate Nile Ojo return 1/, irelnd Meala. A saturday to monday 11/ return mar Clu irk a i " .?.-. ? a a a a ?Rtlidireatvmea- 6t Reighl vvs.8wer ret sent �1 i Drecun to Nee permitting ? for ,. or Steamer egg a janvj0yvp. Try infer a t . 37. True Toni int it for of s to Ead cd ? ties. 24,. " ? with we celeb. in Troi Recei 11 . Sailing Day Sirati Sicos and. Third cupa of a Attra ? Saloon a ticker a Jtb. Tor�u5? Aris Ralian steamships at Powts Delaide ,vf4"i r air Kwa Tea ". � Kea if am a second Claa Steamer tic Ltd Tereah Ceab the ii Ordinary Sfirri Cla railway tickets Between Adelaide and Melbourne Ayal Weby this company s Teniers Howard a Njuki coins airy i if. A Ajia Narring agents ? �. Xing Tai Siam Tafert Adelaide. A Kotb Wrade port Adelaide. to Telep fim. Noaadelaide s168, h89? von. 51"". St. Mcilwraith me aghan 3 afro t1xtmy-B�rtb no. 2 Quay. A Fth. Albany so be Mantle Tor Perth and ,.w.a. Port. Kato Ombati screw sati nor. 22 2.s0 . Karoo la. To. Screw tue. Dec. 2. 4 . Katoomba. Tip screw is Tecc. 3j 2.3pp.ai. Karoo la. A. Screw tue. Dec. 30 4 . Specula express train Tor . Katoomba Mcavee Adelaide for port Adelaide Ort saturday novem Ber 2s#tn.47"ji.m. V �."? a i " ?. For Melbourne and Sydney. ?.y. Tran shipping or Tasmania. and Queensland i r-.,r\svt.,rr- \ a patts.?--.? to Karoo la to screw 15 i . Katoomba it . 4p.m. Karoo la. Jtw.8cro�r\ Sion. Jan 12/141 . J All Neavy,1 baggage must be alongside at b least one hour before advertised time of sail in iti., /."".-"? unexcelled accommodation for 1st. 2nd, and 3rd Clias passengers i .v.v� private a Stites and special state Roora. Terms moderate on application first said second class ticket Sie interchange me after first port of Call with other inter state amp spies. Conditions on application Ora a ? -.-.-. Pedal rata Iete Adelaide for port Adelaide on , a ? .�ilcilwbaith.imceacharn. It company i � prob dietary limited. Vitoikinit-Abrnte, 117-11 Kinc a wham treet. A. Rawlings k son port Adelaide and or Bowering .son.,broken Hill 277c to 0 " a l Bra n a �.ae a a n Ujiie zeal�ndi�t.ooo tons. Saturday december Fly . T.. Zealandia. January a 8, 2 . C i � to Max Bourff. And Sydney. I. , 7,000, tons. -.-. Thursday november 20� 4 . Thursday december is. 4 Pailine from Queen s a Shari. ? carrrins.litijnd.i and 3nj class passengers. ? -Vwireless-telegraphy. Refrigerator cargo carried Saloon passenger tickets with other. Inter state Companie subject to conditions. Full return portion of Ordinary first class rail Way. Tickets available inter-statesteamers.". -24c d. J. Fowler a tatted. Agents1 Melbourne steamship cd., z. Regular passenger a service. ? Many. -. Fremantle Bunbury Geraldton. 4" -. 1 omits Albany. Fitted Witt were Les. ,. third Cly is passengers on Lar ample space for refrigerator cargo trans hippie and . Porto. Tran shipping for few zealand and Tasmania ports a ?. A.? a first Saloon 8rd cd. I. Singles return single. F Mantle. �5 10 6 �8 16 6 �3 13 6 Al Bourquc n. 2 2 0.3 10 o ,1 1 0 Ney ?.-.? us 9,6. 6 o ? 2 2 o Aloon Tickett interchangeable with other inter m Tate subject to. Conditions which m Jay be ascertained on application. M6plj� Yep�tm i shipping � White Star line. Toe largest vessel in the australian ?01�. . 7. The Fine _. Ton t./ Ceramic is 1s.4s1 Toas will leave the outer Harbor on 5tli up ,. March. 1914. For Durban. Cape town. Plymouth and n 1�London. Til one class of passengers Only a. J,1"" Spuccia attention is directed to the . Cent accommodation on this Steamer. Room and Well \ ventilated Cabins immense deck accommodation. Gymnasium swimming Natur. Pc patios lounges and smoking rooms wireless Lole Graphy. 4c. Fares to Burban and Cape town from �15 13/. To a d London from �20. ? i through to to new. Yore and Canada from �25 5/. Cargo booked at Bro Tyrh rates for All conf a Untal ports. New York. Yorkshire centres a. facilities for the Carriage of fruit in Cool Chambers. For Furcht particulars apply to Dalgety & company. Limited 3c3iwc Adelaide and port 4dclaide. Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Imperial japanese mail line. Manila. China and Japan via Brisbane Townsville and thursday Island. I ,. Steamer. Tons. Com. Mein. 1 Sydney. Tango Maru 18,0001 Yoshikawa i nov. 19 nov. 20 Nikko Maru 6,000 Takeda dec. 17 dec. 24 % and every four weeks thereafter. Fastest and most luxurious steamers in the spix3al through booking to All parts of the East America and Europe. All particular from Mcilwraith Mceacharn & co. Proprietary , agents Adelaide. R t ? 27unlc via san Francisco. To All american ports British Isles and continent calling at Bas Tonga Cook group and Papeete Tahiti. From. From v. Steamer. Sydney. S Wellington. Frisco. Aorangi. Nov. 29 Deo. 3 dec 25 dec. 27 Jan. 2 Jar. 22 Jan. 24 Jan. 30 feb. I Aorangi. Feb. 21feb. 27 Sich. Iff Tahiti. Men. 21 Mth. 27 1 pm 16 and every 28 Days thereafter. For particulars regarding passages and freights apply Union steamship co., of n.z., Ltd.,a.c�s., limited. Agents. _267ie_ Register buildings. Grenfell Street. London januaryw00lt sales. I via sues canal. P. 4 o. Cargo service. The splendid Steamer Peshawar 7.034 tons will bed patched from port Adelaide about 25lh november. For London Hull. And Antwerp. In ample time to catch the sales George wills 4 co limited. Agents 33. . _ 318ub�3� Gem navigation co., Ltd Fob Wai Kerie Loxton and Renmark. I the Steamer Ruby will leave Murkay Bridge every wednesday at 10.30 and from Morgan tray thursday at 7 ., for above place taking passengers and Renmark Wentworth Ellen will leave Morgan every tues Day at 7 ., and the Gem every saturday tat ? 7 ., for above places taking passenger further particulars from co. Law. Annac " /."?. Gre Ferm strert.,. Co it steamships Umiten w ill dispatch a few part to Ide Job to Der Cal j _ cents Tahoe Patna Titar irs. A ? Edithburgwarrawe � fun. .,t�.ssliinfavs, a turning thai Riak ? f a�wr�&.-K�orisga, 3a, saturdavs., Actu Ming a thursdays a fondant. Nicy s coach meet Steamer \ i " Kanca Uoo Island Kingscote Bayca Lingat Glenelg both was weather pc Mittins a. Varatta. S.30 ., ? saturdays returning mondays. Wed ida19th� returning Friday Slit freights prepaid. Week a tic Ket available saturdays returning Mola ii retum.1" " second Valleykar Vita. 9.30 ., cd be Dave. Ife toning mondays. Freight prepaid. American re Var Salt jetty Popoola Itu-Sdavs�sjn-., ,. I Staniburyjuno, 9 ., thursdays re turning same Dar saturdays returning Nav. Port Vincent Juno tuesdays re turning wednesdays. Kooring fridays re turning same Day. Wool Raywarrawee, 9 ., saturday cargo Only. Strainers wait arrival of . Train from j Adelaide a k.7. Ports and s.4s . Express for Gulf ports. No cargo received after s . In Dav of sail Init. Only perishable Good and Stock received sailing Dij a for Kangaroo Island. Tickets on � Board. West coast service. Ports Lincoln Kirton Point and town jetties. Tumby Arno Wallaroo Hughes Moonta and Cowell a Dan \. Every. Thursday 4 . Waits arrival of 3.35 . Train from Adelaide. Freight Tumby and Arno prepaid. Passengers to Wallaroo Ade Laide and Brinkworth trains can catch Steamer s on saturdays to Cowell and Condarato. Arno i tin nov. And Lincoln. Reduced fares to an Porta j and round trip occupying six flays. J Elliston. Venus Sealls Streaky s Smoky. Murat. Denial Fowler s Bay Point Sinclair and Carawa Landing. Woo Kata. Wednesday november 10th, 8 . I Krcic hts prepaid except Elliston. Reduced s freight a to All ports. Klaic a. Lome Spurier. Secretory. S Arnold s line of River steamers limited. Weekly passenger and cargo service. _ the new Steamer Renmark leaves Murray b i Bridge 10 ., tuesday Morgan 7 ., wed Neslav. Arrives at Renmark noon Friday returns same evening Canto consigned Arnold should go into the railways two cays prior to departure of boat. Particulars of fares and freight 304ujic James Bell k co., agents. Ardrossvnwellington tails this Day. A. & e. Lemessurier port. Port Wakefieldpercy Saib this . & e. Lemessurier and r. Fricker ast Schooner y4tal sail for port Pirie on thursday next 4 . 323-4 James Bell 4 co agents. Port Vincentendeavour, Cvar cd to no Day princes Wharftainsh bros., canal wharf. Phones 671, 624.pine Pointlementina sailw�dn�3d\yr. Fricker plants and seeds. Protect your fruit. A Ltd netting. Bird netting. In Large of Small Quantity. Electro arsenate of Lead 25 per Cev better than the Best other makes. A. B. Cox & co.,seeds men. A. Corner Rundle St. And East Ter ,. Delude. 43cx4�e Hunter River Lucern. Canadian wonder Beans. Aster Balsam 73nnia seeds. Tomato Cucumber. French Beans. E. & w. Hackett 73. Rundle Street. Adelaide. _5t 52rt0 12 patents. Provisional Protection. Letter. Parent lad Trade Mark registrations obtained throughout the world.0. Stanley Burgess Patent and Trade Marks attorney. Rational Mutual buildings. King William Avreet. Inventor s handbook Post free on application _ i tic patents. Designs. And Trace Marka. Collison & co., registered Patente and Trade Mark attorneys Hagle chamber. King � Tilliam at. Adelaide. Vav and at 4tu. Collin an St. Melbourne. _123aiuxt28c a matrimonial. I Bachelor. 36, wishes Meei lady View mat s , Young gentleman wish to Exchange letters with lady m russian i ,5 Kadus ?.82m, James Marshall company _ the Shoppe a Centre t j hot Merethe people Ong negate bundle Street and a Pheng place. Summer goods. To Dols in hats Waiking dresses boots and gloves. Also novelties in Christmas presents. And grand opening of the toy Palace � i. I. R i Bright and Lively music from 3 o clock tor5 o clock. Now is the time to make a Good selection of new toys father Christmas and Michael Angelo will soon be about. Ladies gloves. Ladies 2 domes Lisle thread in biscuit Fawn an White. 9d. Per pair in i. 4 ladies Elbow length Lisle thread gloves i Russore Fawn Black and White 3 per pair ladies 2 domes kid gloves in biscuit Fawn an Crown. Superior of Ualita am per. Paf _ ladies 5 length kid gloves m biscuit Schearf White Grey and Black 6 per Pat la lies Elbow length kid gloves our firs Quality in Cream. Russore Grey wine an Black. Sll per 3 domes Black kid gloves with Broad latched Back 4,6 per pair. This list of beautiful1 Kobe lengths to Day. /20 Silky embroidered voile Robe lengths Lovel Shadow work full depth of the skirt 5 y3t3 1 each Robe White or biscuit color special 25 the Robe. A. 25 lorely crepe Bobe lengths silk embroidered in Cotton crepe no starch required when Dom no exquisite goods in White biscuit or biscuit and White a five Yard length to Day for 35/. 55 hand embroidered japanese crepe unmade Robes. All a Kurt and bodice beautifully embroidered All to match All in White 9 Yard at material with each also embroidered Coila and cuffs special 17/6 each ? 23 Only very exquisite voile and crepe Row lengths in White Only Beauty buy embroider of full depth of the skirt 5 Yards in each Rob length heavy Rich work special to Day s9/ ask to see these special Robes at th1 lace counter. Mantle and costume department. Ladi Oft fancy Cambric and Zephyr Princess cos time. 11. 4 11, 11, u Lidies " White embroidered Muslin Prince cos Turnes 8al, 10/0. 12, 16/9 ladies striped Bedford Cord Prince costumes 12/9. 159. 21/,. 25/ ladies fancy Cambric washing wrappers 11 11. 11. I. Ladies fancy crepe japanese Kimono jackets 11, 11, 11, 11 ladies fancy crepe japanese Kimono gowns 411. 11. Sll 12/9 ladies Lovely Creme Jap. Silk tucked blouses 11, 11. n, uladies Creme Kaw and Black sicilian costume. Skirt. 11. n, pm i2 o ladies Creme and coloured sicilian dust cloaks 12/omg/s 21/, 29/6. Ladies Holland and Linen motor and dust Coate i i. 15/9, in 1. Girls handmaids White embroidered Prince costume 11. S7i1, 12 i ladies department. Ladies White awl Creme knitted Cotton Linda vr�tej0d.vi6d., i 6."- to dvrs while Cotton and. India game Combina i to. 6. .501, -/11,v4/u t a.1 a Debs to a a in Sra Aster Ora and red Cross Ataw i a i to be. 11. ,2 6, 211,11,1. I ladies fancy Cambric and Zephyr washing i . 11, us. 4711,.ladies Navy and fancy stockinette bathing cosines. 2ai. 11, 11, 11 ladies. Navy Lind fancy India rubber bathing Caps i. 2, vl/�.,0, -ll.Silks. ,.,. London str Pedew Saliin Stiles in a. Black White arid ground with White und s coloured Tecc value of those tied se�.ofuffiwindows.?.v another a phial ,clrarinc� 40-iir. Radium silk in two hade of Saxe. Two hade enter. Electric Anil Black.-. Cell for 11 per Vaal. Another cheap line., Odd from 1 to 8 cards of All silk. 40-in. Foulard. Sll and cell. We Are Clearm them at 11 per Vard suede Silks. We Are Selling these useful Silks l in the Best quil Tiee. At 11 per Vard. Suede j silk has taken i the place of silk Shantung be it is a lower Price and a More useful silk s cards in the usual Lenorth sold for a dress. Fee our windows for special prices in White Jap. Silk. Tius Cre Silks. We have thousands of Yards in 15 qualities. Millinery showroom. Just arrived the latent ?."� a leghorn and. Panama Flats new Panda. The hats or Ven smart and fashionable 11, 11. 11. 11. For. Newest style in Lovely Chip and Tage opened. 11. 11. 11. 1j. And Sll special Disi Lav of fashionable and smart ready j to Wear. Hats. White pandas leghorn and panamas. Chip and bagels 11. 11. 11. J 13. 30/6. 12 0 up special display of girls and children s hats. Styles for Best Wear sensible hats for school Ano rough Wear prices. 6d if. 11. 11. 11. 4m smart girls hats in leghorn. Panama Panda Chip and Tavel. I ill. 11. 11. u. 11 Pecal Job Purchase of Lovely millinery Flowers Beautiful shades m tiny roses. Rose buds and Large roses. Trails. Sprays and posies in the newest Flowers prices cd. So 1/. c. 11. 11 up smart parisian style in Ostrich and Osprey mount. Just opened prices from ill to 69 6 each. Cotton dress fabrics i new Colore linens in Black Navy White. Russore fan. Brown revs. Myrtle sky. Pink. Vieux Rose and Saxe Blue in 4 shades. 0 the dress Beautiful new Spence cloths very fashionable very much worn this season All the new colors 11. 6, 11. 6 Vard. Colo cd a calms. We Are shewing a splendid lot of colourings Saxe Blue Cream White new Browns Champagne Sands Etc these goods Aro Virv wide and will make cheap frock Only 0 the ores new Cotton Yonge cloths very much worn Thi season. We Aro showing a splendid Range of new col Orinis. 11. 6. 2,11. 6 per Yard. Children s hat department just opened a new Lff Lef of the latest Ridge Crown unbound Royal Tara Var smart shapes at 6 each with nay or Brown band we Are now showing some exclusive shapes � in children s and Boysh Russore color washing hats. These bats Are made from the same material As the boys suits in four shapes. Peter fan shape Ali 11 3t the children s knockabout Thane at 3 a the sans Souci Snape stitched at 6 j the boys regulation shape at 6 and 11 each a Choice As orig sent of children s Curacao panamas with sky or Cream bands and bind Ings 3 shape a All �13/11 each the real tuscan Royal tar a natural color w ill not Burnor Discolour Superior finish throughout with Vavy sky or Brown trim Ming Miall and medium1 shapes at 10/8 each. Manchester departments \ he stitched frilled Pillow cases Good value it sad each Plain Pillow cases 6w cases do each mount Haellick worked Pfow cases 11 each 200 copies All co hrs a each White twill sheeting special for to do. 54 Lorda i she a Lejard. 80 ill 3 6, 11, 3 Yard White Calico. 36 in., 11, 11, 11. u. Us dozen % � ? Horrock 36-in White Calico 11, 11. 6711. 11, 11 dozen Fine Long cloth 11, 1?, 11, u, 11, 10/6 dozen f soft mad Polam 12, fill c 11, 11, 10/8, 12/8, 14/8 Den to unbleached twill sheeting 54 mcdload1/2 Jar �2 in lojd., 1/, 3, 6, 11 j Ard 80 in., Al 3, lie 11 Yard bed ticking 2 in., so �jd., Sid lord. 1/ Yard bed ticking 36 in i fold 1/, 3, 6, 11 Yard bed ticking s3 Al loss. 1/, 3, 6, u. 3, 6 Yard new Galatea stripes for colourings and designs 1/, 1,6, and 6. _ Plain poplin King Sway shape in All colors r stud knots in great Van Tonce 1/ and 8 i new coloured clip bows once 1/ each Iso dozen men a braces usual Price 1/, special Price 9d per pair White so t collars. 94 and 1/ each Cream silk double shape collars and 1/. Men s ready to Wear department. Prepare for Henley on Torrens december 13. I prepare for Christmas holidays. Summer suits lounge Coats cricketing trousers White Drill trousers a men s White Indian suits with quilted Collar and four military pockets 19/6, 21/, 2o/, 27/6 men s Khaki Deli Indian suits quilted collars four military pocket 21/, 23/6, 2o. 27/6 men s lounge Bowling and smoking Coats with Cord and ribbon Edge u, 10/6, 12/6, 14/6, 15/6 men s Tennis and in wet trousers special at and Cut 11, t6, 10 6, l2/6, 14/6, 16/6, 17/6, 18/6, 21/ i Man s turkish Bash gowns special value is/6, 21/. & / t men s crepe Bath gowns in various shades 6 mens motor Coats perfect fit and style 12/, 15/tt, 16,6, 17/6, 18/fl, 21/, 2o/, � /6, & 3s/o, 42/, 4o, Mer s .Ama suits a Large election u, u, 6, 6. 10/6, 12/6, 14/6, 16/6, 18/6, is 23/8, �520 6 men s Lustro Coats in Black Grcar and stripes 6, 10 12/6, 14/6,110/6, 18/6, 21/ carpet a a furnishing departments seasonable line for Christmas renovations now bowing consisting of some very special Madras curtains in colors of Copper Gre Brown b be. Green al1 Ovici and Plain styles with Ery Beautiful redo effects. 52 in wide and 3i cards Fong de in Excelsior 37/6 pair design verdure 42/ pair Nessin Sylvania 47/6 pair new spot and figured White harness Muhn for curtains and drapes 50 m wide absolutely the latest productions prices 1/, 1j. 3, 4� 6, and 1 9 re new mohair Mats and Hearth rugs in Cream bran Blue Mack Breen Crimson a 23 x a fringed 11 each 48 x 24, fringed 13/6 each j the largest com plete House fur Mahers Cabinet manufacturers and upholsterer a in the state. James Marshall s. Co. J new designs most effective display. Exceptional facilities for selections. Lie largest com plete House fur Fishers Cabinet manufacturers and upholsterers m the state. Summer furnishing items. Bamboo bunds Canvas blinds wire doors and blinds stretchers Camp stools and table Chaira a full and Complete assortment now showing exceptional offer. 1,000 solid Blackwood Frame Dejk chairs 6 8 6 6 6 6 solid Blackwood Frame Canvas folding deck chairs. 1,000 to be sold at 6our Beautiful showrooms in Stephens place connected with the Rundle str it warehouse Are now Tully stocked with bound la constructed furniture All grades and styles of of own and Best English manufacturers a visit of inspection Well be found both and pleasurable i our prices will convince you that it is to your advantage to Purchase furniture rect from the cabinetmakers Bench at the leading largest Best arranged Best ugh de and most conveniently situated suite of showrooms in South Australia. James Marshall � mam17fact�bers and Complete House . U drapery and clothing. Please note the special line at foot of this advertisement. Something new each Day f the store note for uniform Good values. Pc tej carpet and furnishing department / the following special induce ments will be made in our furnishing department to enable customers to make their Christmas renovations at a minimum Cost. Furnishings of All descriptions at very Low prices. New shipment of Beautiful. Cre tonnes t very latest Colari Fri. a. ? titty of patterns a / �id., a 3, 6 Vari. White Anlo Cream la cd Euh / gains. 3 Yards 31 Yards 4 Ards 11, 11, 11, 6,-, 11, 11, 10/�. To 59/6" pair. 54-inbordered Mudra Muslin for curtains 11, 2#, 6, 11 Yard. Brise Bosje Madras Muslin. For ? Short curtains l?3,""6l/ 8fyard. Casement cloths. New colors. 64 in. Wide. 9, 11, 3, 11, 6 Yard. 54-tn, furnishing Poppins. Fud Range of shades .11, 6, 11, 6, 11 Yard. S. Limense Range of Art Border Ings for trimmings. From 2jd. To 6 Yard. New Range of smart table covers in Kokel in biscuit Saxe terracotta land Brown grounds with Dainty designs. Size i x � Yards. Size 2x2 Yards. Size 2 c 2j Yards. Size 2x3 2 x 34 carpet squares new Range just opened. Size 2� x 3, 27/6. Size 3 x 3, 35/. I size 3 x 3, 39/6. /. Size 3j x 4, 55/. New Opal pile squares. Size 7.& x 9, 69/6. Size 9 x 10.6, 84/. Size 10.6 x 12, �5 15/. Size 12 x 13.6, �7 17/6. New Axminster squares size 9 x 10.6. �4 lr/6. Size 10.6 x 12, �5 15/. Size 10 6 x 13.6, �6 5/. Size 12 x 15, �9 0/. Excellent Range of Wilton Square including Many new persian design. Just opened. 12 new designs in Axminster carpet. Body and Border to match. New Green ground new Champagne ground in a Green ground new Brown ground. All with new smart designs. New Mats and Hearth rugs. New printed and inlaid Limo. Lems. Special bargains. 747 Yards 54-in. Casement cloth All colors 3 Yard for 6. A few pairs left of damask curtains 55/ pair for 21/, 63/ pair for 29/6. Mints a a 500 cards engraved Pearl buttons 1,/, 3,5 card of 2 dozen for 7i/2d. La i Thia Lina will be applied at Chu Price Dre nil Par to Day omit. Country customers will or be and plaid if order t ent first of i i to to Tadiuz we i i j drapery and clothing. Foy & Gibson s special Sale and bargain carnival 2s of open. Big bargains in All departments. Xmas and new year cabos. Dont forget � a. Al Omli x friends. " last mail for Xmas no l vember 20th. Last mail for new year november r 27th. It. Is now time to Send your friends in the old country kind wishes for a Happy Xmas and a Good new year we have a splendid Assort ment of Xmas and new year cards of the latest designs also suitable postcards stationery and calendars. I packets of Xmas 4nd new year cards bargain packets of 15 Gards 1/, posted 3 a Superior Quality 15 cards 6, posted 9 t boxes of assorted car div icon Tatrung 15 cards and envelopes j posted 3 Superior Quality., 6, posted 9 also an artistic Box containing 25 Superior cards and envelopes 11", postage 6d estra j bargain line. A Large Stock of fancy stationery to Clear at 7w Box dozens of different lands to choose from All to Clear at Jed box50-Sheet anti no pads m Superior Bank paper 31d per pad i 100-Sheet Linen w rite pad tid each. This is undoubtedly a big Bantam. Books our Stock of Xmas books is if you require a Nice present for a boy or girl what is More suitable than a Bock chins boys and girls own annual 6.� Yourie Australia 6 Aiitra-1 ban boys and girls own annual 8. Sunday 9 and 6 2$ and 6 wonder Book 11 wonder Book of railways 2/. Won Der Book of 11 our took of toy books is too Large to enumerate but a visit to the Book department will con x Vince Yon that our Stooks second to none onh Hiaty. Bargain lines to dress Divi sign. We Are offering this week a special bar Gam line of double Width a Mcord seasonable material in first class shades of a�,3rowjvtrosel Tarqu disc a Jeri Isic conc be also a Lina of new Stripe Rone. 42 in Wie item grounds with Colora Stripe of Navy Black Fawn Strejc to to Iofe nes have Bei Liras to 11 Yard 0in7 Barham Cain Jval Pirics 12jd per Yard " double Width taffeta Shantung Dainty i clinging Topcu with Bright Fin Isle i Sof Kcf no of Saxe sky. Salmon Grey Fawn / Brown biscuit Russore Navy White and Cream to Bee Are a Alue at sad per Jurd and for patterns of these double Width spot Bril Antines Mee Light weight finc suitable for present Wear in Dainty tones of Grey. Rose sky Saie her Browny a Worth 11 wafd our bargain carnival Poco 11 Yard. _ � a special bargain line of new 28 in Floral cramp and washing crepes in Light grounds with Dainty Floral design warranted fast Solors this line Ive in tend to Clear at 10 d per Yard a big bargain table of a japanese washing crepe 31 in. Wide m smart Stripe effects and Plain colors an Enort Mons Range of patterns to select from and remarkable value Only 7jd Yard we have been particularly fortunate in securing a big Job Purchase of first Quality Cambric at an exceptionally Low Price and intend making a special bar gain line of these for this week s bar Fain carnival note the once 6 the Ress length. Home journal Pilper patterns 4re the St i Only pro curable at Foy Gibson s bargains in millinery. Tage and leghorn hats with Large or Small brim effects underlined with Black or Shade in coloured Ninon arro Phane a trimmed smartly m numerous styles 21/ to 35/ Chip hats and bagels m White Champ Oyster Grev Saxe Grey a prettily and effectively trim med with drapes or Ruches in Tuller lace or arro Phane with Butterfly mounts and finished with ribbon or knots of Flowers in colors to tone 14/6 to 17/b becoming hats for matrons Floral crowns Ano tulle toques in shades to match cos tume licht cinnamon shaded to Brown Small Flowers finished with Ostrich mounts 45/, Sac Blue shaded from Light to Darker shades trimmed with tulle mount 21/ Black and White Crown with soft Straw Brun Osprey mount 25/ children s hats m Fine Chip Droop trim med lace and Flowers or ribbon White Cream Burnt and Black 11 made hats or bonnets from 10/6 Untim med bagels 11 11, 6, 11 lace bagels 10/6 and 13/6 leghorn Large brim Sailor or Droop 11, 11, 6 17/6 chips Large brim Fine chips 11, 6 pan Dan with coloured lining 11, 11, 10/6, 12/6 Panann Sailor effects and Large Shady brim 21/, 25/ 32/6 ready to Wear m linens and pique coloured band stitched brim 11, 6, 11 Large or Small rolled brim draped round Crown Black or coloured this be in White champ4c, 6 smart White pique drooped brim piped with color drape finished with Bucko to match 6. Large embroidered Muslin hats 11. Russore silk hats ,11 the hats to suitable for sport or Holiday Wear Are too numerous m style and color to give de tails but Well Worth your inspection. Bargains in costumes bargain line ladies Coats and skirts Good Quality Popelm in Grey White and biscuit grounds with Black stripes trim med Large Black and bite fancy buttons Price 29/6 ladies sponge cloth Coats and skirt m Grey and biscuit fronts Collar and cuffs of White sponge cloth trimmed Guipre insertion piped in Black and bite Bare am once 45/ Dies Coats and skirt in striped Pine White ground with narrow a buttons Price 47/6 ladies Linen arts Good shape 3 piece skirt trimmed buttons to match 11 ladies White Muslin frocks deep user Tion embroidery skirt Blouse beautifully trimmed in embroidery and Val Inser Tion pretty belts m various shades of Silks bargain line 29/� ladies House frocks in Good washing Zephyr in Navy Saxe Coral Reseda and Grey in one piece Blouse and skirt shirt Louse with Sunshine Collir bar am once 11 Ladlee Linene dresses fastened m front deep jote Back and front Collir of Mene m contras ing shades once 10/6 ladies Russore silk one piece dresses trimmed dutch Gal Lon embroidery. Brown sleeves set in Price 32/6 j to our country customers please let us Bave your name and and Iress if you wish one of our beautifully us rated catalogues Foy & Gibson pty., Ltd.,f Rundle Street Adelaide. J pm i a i Jjo and 12u. I Sipf pm a svy am pm. Of he Drobul come in arid a cure bomb a jaw rom . A ass set iffim1 m and Sutke Little children who Hye a . To nth Al is a Al shia Christmas up tabular i ?"4. V ? " our-vgreat7christmas to Cal r display now Al Nona m i a " a re no exp option of toys am g�fts3-� � ii a i v a a a .-,".--ra"��.� . I �?./ is now being de us big St to it known Law Gash Tecc r of " �ixvi � asi33 Oil Fli of it to the magic Caver ?. Fruit re pred so do a pc pc Oft Yyi a a of blur Wor cd or a a Salaam

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