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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 16, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Hess queries Mabit luts san the god Hail contract with the Franco Poveru Adelaide to London via Marseillet. Calling Albany Sec Asliee Aden Suez and put Sai l Adt aids to London in 2s dats. to commander. Oleavea Elaice a sus Belc 6 Bow Jay i Kube Achee per by mob line ran Aden. Ca to hooked through to Havre Genoa. Antwerp Iki i to a Banc Deaux and London. Up a avoid Brothers. P. & o. S. N. Co. Oul Hob Aden Brindisi Mauta Gibraltar and ply Moyta s 6 6?a. inov.23 Oceana j3b.Stew.rt l a arg Dia i sir. B. Air Beira . Dee. 31 bomb ?6a a Daniell Jan. 4 Balia Arat i8b Aab Down Jan 18 Australia .700u a i cd on a Cul Tanya Liberal concessions Madi to Fahiua daring fee alack prancer Minn. Passages from 4.ngland can a arranged Era. La the Soaad Saloon the Ata Gemen Bare been thoroughly no caused tic a you Madation offered being Mui Anil. Bates of passage Money to Zurove in Pitt Saloon �55 to �70 to Earp in second Samoa _ woo of Saturn Tio Keta. �o6to�us cargo received Sato 6 pm 00 the monday Sod Pivoris till noon on a tuesday prior to Steamer s de Parton. Far handbooks sad All information apply to bluer shite & 00, limited. Agent. Sob Obi Kot l no f b Yal mail Ste owits. The f hawing Royal mail Tite Mathins b a to Ibe tint and prof la will have ads aide saw Orf at 12 noon on h e Sdee. Ent med data Tor pm outta Aoa London via Alna a look Anbo Hue canal sap Lea and olb Ltd Siam. Toi a. Comm Idof j Laie. Outta i " .0n a w Clarke nov. 16 Ansta. Os7 e. B a air ton a tar. So Oki St _ a b. O. Des. 14 Osz ,0s we Wii Bojt. Dec s obo Tava .56s a. Studdert j n 119j Bocsa us i. Hay Jan. 25 Arsteal 5,5intake f a & a coca 1 p Andeona a. 2i a put 7.ft of. Bab in met s and Fornini f in creamier. Dian Paar Engre a wed Tel Tiv s by Thi prepay meet of in ii i one Here to above rate. Anaum f Greco a co., Aad . Ander. On a co., Fenohr of Haraton London Etc. Foil partial us on Seppli ratio to in Nader on. Randi h nag a. Bobo As Artel no rare. T oriz&8a. Tor spec Ial it. Train for Pasyk Siebs Ani visit oks Riu lean a Kuziuk Tot sea Eul Largs pier ats of an. On wed Neshat. Al m g. And Kobok. Bruch Manater. T. i Ovd. Cassk 131 been Arnio the of line of fast paid Fittko Osei Steu in to Sod Baic tos a lip also May a Tomato. Wac to ook Jiba Den Suez part said and Genoa cod Occhiu with mail in d p Fec lit a offered Tor inn inc oat Irinda by payment of Pasag Cononey Ber. Cabin pay Sengun nay break to bar Journ y. Glenn pet rally air Anred to suit a Katiena. All of Fiorei and ate mrs conversant with the Kudiba by Wonase a a Ojers and cargo booked through to London and Uhdal in Ropcean Asia to to j be one of clippers a Sci i m2j % Lokotk to fellow. A Sam is me to nos i i Sailie ships a vol Wilba of to Hod from Post is Adelaide and Odt pohts at if ocular a Erv Abi i. Tans. Commander Obi aka _ _. I so d dairies. Beltane. 773 b Brut. To Malta 1 87 f w. Gate Rol owed by othe find div ships. Wool and produce Boilea at lowest of ont rates Good a too mod a d for it Tagen. F int Sof Prates of Treist of Pasa Aee Money apply to smut to Blob Smtth. Sou a Mitku. Terri Lee Lin we fms i aug Sta to London to m is Clippe Ruy Hub . If d. Davit commander has a Oneider ahle portion her space engaged Sod will be Lisa tried Early in no Rob a. For a e. Of or i lit. 4a App y to Esteb Smith & of n us ted Adelaide. Add nth & it to n. Part. Amman. So Tiai e a Buss. The splendid bask Fine steel s Aamer i tons re Eliacer. W. H. Gould com. Madder a appointed Lor Dii spite 10 London direct run Zoa Al team Post e. No?nber26. Port Amouta november 2s. Cargo now Tel in received. Acid at fort Augusta heats. Tome aed gosh rash out Rao elder. A mtg. & co. Limited. Oyt t to t top w steamers. Portors a ii ii e maj aide Whort and out Porta to London and font tent. T on. Hade Oul of bothnia 3.4 m80th november. Gulf of har Tabah. �447 to follow. Golfof6iam -. 3 650 to follow. Foo owed by of a new fast Tea nera frate of fre ,&c., apply to. Log tax in dub. Us Ltd & Fqy. Limited. Gulf line Adesi to trip Antwerp. A Auburg Aad Keir Ait Sleat Atnip Gulf of bothnia t g. V. Getwood commander i appointed for i Patch about Soth Nore Moer Coco now a i in Recti red at Whah Sheds. elder. Smith at 00, Liao ted. War Vul ent lad Royal a of climb a Flisiak a i London via Brisbane sis North poets Java Satsa and Suez canal. Seamer. 1 tons. Lve Brisbane. Jel Unga i b. 1&6 i tuesday no Eaber 28. India. 4,ng6 i tue a y. December so. Faro from to loodon6-Loon inc4m 10s dab Taro my available fur to Elre on this stems so Del. A / a in gun by Bis line arriving in Brisbane by Tow Ondeline Temer an allo de to go scr kit on Board the Ocean boat Aad cons save hotel sex Ltd Harbold a bombers Adelaide and port. Bolec o team to thl Psi a Island i fffflt3. Post Rabwin. Aim Hong Kay Tern and australian a Oala steamship compant. Limited under you track with u e South a atacan govern sent for the Jon Pyanoe of favorite at ii Awn la in men Huib. 100 Al at Iloyd a t.178 tons Register. Hurt Craig commander will be top toned from Pott and la Kov 16 1 s.l6pjn West Aust Jan service. For Albany and Reveman ilk. North turn ports. . Bul Labsa wed lasday nov. 201 pin. Cargo received tall noon Pravio Nadav. South was service. Tor Kingston Robe. Beac Pobi Sod Hao Bay. Franklin _ i tuesday i nov. S2 i 4 pm. Cargo received Tili u am. Western Bays service. For Post Venus. Denial Streaky and Fowler s Bays calling at it bar rays if Neo Saary. . Lubra _ i Aam Day i nov. 25 i 6 . Spencer s Gulf service. Cor port it noon. Soonta Wallaroo. And Franklim Habboba Ali at Lamby and Loath Bias in Julard. 8a ferret _ i tuesday nov. Is pm. Chid arc too till ii Fob ports Augusta. Pirie. And germen. Is. i Patonay nov. Is i a pin. Cargo Reu Foad till i pin. John turn Blu Seo Rstarr 306i- Carrie chamber. Conch no. Adelaide. Of Unis line of Srsa Hebs. Of fans i London via ports As required my a near new full powered fast Scea Oins a of Jess a Aop vital to leave the port a Claide Watt and or outposts As a tech now Echuca _ _ _ november 2i Wab Kambool demm Berle. Cal of _ to follow my rhumb Dee _ _ too now exod Lent for passenger. For Fristic or a Vav to Geo Boh wills � co., Adelaide or part. A inc. January Wool so a a to London i Bact via Suez top Fine Falit were Etaamer Wastewater Cap if m Orleman Wip be dispatched a above from Ort Victor about november 26. And from Post August i about november 20. For freight App to Leo. Wills & co., Addax & Gordon. 305iioctanu Aby Wooi sales. Cows steam to London direct Judi Suez fast Andre Liableii am Richuta of land s line cps in w. H. Paras is appointed to Tail from be we Waif. Port Adelaide As abort boat a Una non Marr. For Frecht a apply to Gorgie wills co. inc Adelaide and port and Elam to Oskam to Benmark. Went Fri of be. Worth and Mildura. Tref May the Steamer a Fhi ii Obowa a naia j. Tatt will leave Murray Bridge on saw May. November sikh and Mrgan n. Vember arrival of Pak Enget trains making fort a igbo trip. For freight or Paf Oace apply a. H. Landseer b Cister chamber. Or d cell acne Sod quo. Feb Oudon & co. A sis p??e. Cd teas to Antwerp and safest. 1 Hamburg. Via Fuez anal. Utala the Fine full powered Steamer Strath Avon 5.6 i wus Register. Capi. In it. C Smith. Wui arrive v tie what. Port Adelaide about Tow 28th november and will receive prompt dispatch. Cargo no. Being received. For to Elgut and All particular apply to Geo. Wills & co. Sai oae Adelaide a Poad uld. _ Pori Isvik to . Vends. St Jerky. ?-dr3flal, Arr , Mamm Sukkin debt Ira cd Saia wednesday a 6 pan urn b. Set Lam. Port it Ither Post Victoria and Arnov h Bay i qty postbox Awai Fikry. 18th Tost. Apply Jeo a t. 08. Ceres wid a As sea Al Otan Buby every thursday Bat orday at 8 an. From a tons Art Grerr monday and of Raj at 11 an. To port Vincent every tuesday at 8 no Emmac same Day. Having at 4jo pin. Go a a Lime Sprier. Secretary business notices. No the residents of Wilmington and x sub Boua Ding distbic1& w. H. Taylor formerly of we Langton. Baa taken tic store lately occupied by or. Mat. The but Wilson and Hope to seem a old friends on november 36. A of opening. 321-24x31741 est russian Herip bid Job twins tighter aug cheaper than new 7alnrt flax. � d Pridmore Peel Sbet. Lime juice quarts. Lemon juice. Mason s botanic Beer Mason s wine essences. G. N. K w. H. Birks dispensing chemists 59, bundle Street. 2880 ban practice or lessons pipe on Oom plete two martial inner Ament Wun Pedoli 17 s of co Negr 01 of Saunik apron cation Fra a j h. Fray. Oceania a a choirmaster St. Peters. Guetig Organ s audio. �0, a Iuvale Street foil phys of fcaexu9e now on View a Large shipment of Jamb Don k sons Aad other celebrated Sterling Silver Aud Best ele Oxbow pirate fax Knoon Tea sets obets Butier plates Claret 40gb. Disc Hub jams _ act Are on Teaspoons. A. L. Brunkhorst h. In nut106, Rundle i Reed. Usta a reworks fire woes English rofl chinese i rework of hand a d to arive Uda inc chinese Jaak Stod fou Ruitu Neve be Oie seen is Anst aha Way xxx co. I Hoadley Street agents for Best to glue and Obio so Suewo a. The Trade Aap Phea. W. L. Co. Make epee rally u ral to rms for Dis Pla s of fire Oraa in any parts of the Sulony and will be pleased t Furui a Ramises on applicant m to any Dupla from a to �600. Pleate of Rem Emba tar Fath of no Ember and Cui at 115, Hindley Merett and gee Sappl iad with but goods at lowest prices. orders by past or Telegram promptly exp file works. I reworks. 279iq3s Ianos every instr Maat Gaa Ranee to. Trans fees leask3. Moui unties wills and Orbr documents under the Beal a Rouen act prep Ltd Bosua Cul Fehd. House rope key let or Solo a Cdr the new act repro edited. ? m. Kingsborough. broker Mua Krnato agent Imam Uit Yamben Carrie Street Adelaide. To Fiji to lend at lowest Bates pm. A Tutti Worth it Letch Ford land and loan agent. Lung Willuam Ftnat. Buoo Taconet to unto in Luau sums of free Bol t3rjl Wcur Ity Prin Ciciala on. Apply by Kurr in the i ant i Manor. Box to Boyal Ful Caann. I g William treet Aoe Laidi. Salni is Oan and discount Sank. A �sto�i.oau. Cash advanced from any a sums to trades men. Hou Sholdes. And Oldt son pkg Doha bus Cuilty. Bills of talk scrip of ail kind or any a i a 4e a Urti ies repayable by the week Ormont Bills di6cocnikd daily. It tuft Sli so Al a i if i y s Sjef & Saunders. Mesa Agar sa9io i. Pins Oha Uiha. Adelaide Londo loan. Discount Aad mortgage i Bank. Poue St beat of Pettite Union Bank the bans Sjoo a per part to macs do a an Freehold securities ?t6p?? Wenoni rep Aola Aap Oroni to a j Tiili a he out Seedoo Shwu Ostia at the Bank. The a dial advantages claimed Are no commission. No Survey Fuks hot the . Six per sent. Per an is included in thana them. Advances made Winat delay. And repay Meme of f fistetto to Hov to any Munger it Jean Snitser to tic bombers. Advances an also made on personal be Carity bus of Sale Deposit of deals and Bood a Ortiz Ostia from �5 to �5,000, i very moderate Bates of intent rep table by weekly Juar Tery instalments. Advances made on shares. Bills discounted daily. For farther mfr Magoo apply to the manager. Bank hours of of Dady. Mondays and thursday to 6. It Nail insurance companies. I us Thauan . The oldest most Liberal and most pros Renous Hatwal life Offos in Australia and the Only Ansorian of face that Dedans a bowl s very year. Total funds exceed ten and a halt millions Sterling. Dike ids v Elocre aos Baua Lewis a. Ass sep Esq., up. In Altman Horr Fiot in ital Esq my Deputy Dhain Nan Bire a is Niue x my. Of. Boot. Barr Smith. Esq. . Hoax. By. Goods. Etc. . Noel a Eubig. Resident Secretary. King Wii limn Greet by Blic South au6xr&lian Insil ranch Oom Pasy. 9 United. ,. Baby Biz fcko�s4,. Boobs or i cows George Scute fish Ich Sirmon lather Trammell Esq. Deputy chs rms. ,bmj., . Alexander Haj eat. We. ?sq., . Freand Marine risks at on real atm. Money Lent on mortgage. 4hmtttl% Artula Airt alld a to flt Jowh hip in toe Colony. Luau Thomas d. Soean. Sec ratan. 1 cab Dias Assurance company. Bruj Oma 11. to Lossos. capital _ �2.030,000 Paia of _ _ l,t?o,00 total funds towards of _ _ 4.503-00 total annual i one _ 028.0u0 the Ander rigged fasting been appointed agents to the above company at Adelaide Are prepared to i Boa policies of ins Mooe again to fibs on die nans Tsaio Gibbs. Bright co. Oreol a Street. Conveyances and livery notices it Slaton h. Graves and co., railway and general cabbie is custom House and forwarding agents to All Para of the Antral in colonies. Goods received for storage. Special attention Sjem to the collection of Paa Aeng is Jac gaga Cor shipment or of Bernas. Having Mads special arable Naoia Wita of team nip con Anim our men boars a Tram red arrival m Large Bay. Semaphore and port Adelaar tense conveyance of panels and Luggage to any part of the Colony. Head offloe39. Oar rec Trast. Rupaka stat port Dauda j Good. And North Terrace. I port gun Nan. Shor Riand a Bona Sydney. --a.,- Bro dhent sral strap shoes our v. Us. Feb paid. Special line to Clear. Brandon shoe warehouse 57. Bundle Sraeel la drapery and clothing. Summer Days Are coming. Hoyle-6 prints. Boyle s Cambric. Hoyle s dbl letter Hoyl cts zephyrs to Vlf sate eks Abe fast colors. Please look at the piece and if Hoyle e name it stamped on you will get perfect goods that will Wash and Wear. Ask Youb a rapt Fob Hov uits Hake. Thomas Boyle a sons. Manchester. oven 100 yet. 8170 drapery and clothing. James Marshall and co., 24, 26, 58 s. Bin d a St keep. Adelaide Stephens place furniture warehouses and 20, be wince cent London. Nr2s= 1 1 Pika is auieidtykd6? hoj Ope Kij this Seaboy. I Iregi from the maker a. It be 6 64 o 17. Tel Veky special links of uen a Tweed at / j y and 6/h men s cricketing trn wms. Vised lie and. Ifie my snipe Tennis trousers. 9? a my m. 12 Den mans Bev stockinette Sac of Coats ? to4ts for office weak. Slightly dam tied. Isa 9d Fob 7/6 men s White Nan keen goats 4s us. 5a 6d, to a 7e Aspee tat line of about 150 White Nan keen Coata 4r a men s Danbe Afcin Coati Slid. 5j. Cd 6aid, ixs6l. Lse \ farce Vaie y of giants or Wiak towns. Jas. Marshall co. Swiss lat Hub. Sects is each swin leather Belt. 1 id each ranch leather belts la each 9in Iri a urn 7d Yard Basque lace Floanne. Is. Is of u lid Yard a in. Cream lace Floum ice u Yard a bus Riant. Is fid 1 lid a ladies spot Saart. 6 d each special r a i a Yard 9 n ,4 a Cippon. Ton Tannoia material Are Hijra Ilia weaving sin dare Wurl in Hie Ingalf tie Mit pms All Prenci prod ohans All Wool s24ach Freer a of Torso defines is Yard my Wool 32-Inch artillo designs be Best Nauty in a teach Del mint. I id Yard Ati woo pm nolo Width Plain dream Black and whue detain i he a Dau Wool Donau Widdi Cream and White Una s a to. L?9dyard Alt woo. Of note with Cream Aad Width bin dabs Otbo Lasite tweeds Aad Cheviot Sian pm aum aluonole4ridtb catered Enra lines Oast Mere Corduroy in very Ono w tints lid am All Wool Dorhla Width of tenth Elow. La 3d, lad la and. Istl dyad All Wool Tamatine Ajces. 9jd said a Wool fax Saul or Truta bad Yard a Rev a Peel Cool Wool of Enad Ioe. Only in Black did Yud splendid line in All Wool Cream Man s veiling 9jd Nond Valoe 22 Tweed lengths lilt m tit Doss i Rath 17 Tweed lengths 12sd pm did to the t in Blok coot Alata rial. 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In trimmed depart ent we have just opened ague vat Ono Eson sin the Sadiora a in. The Tan i of the Lra Dinv Satto hat a worn at Home to Dnn table Stew. With beautifully shaded bands As trimming juice 8 lid Lerom flops with fancy Edge really Good Quality All at Sud children s Sailor hate in Rood qualities Only prices from 6 us. 7s lid. 9s us. 10. 9d. 12.9.1. To iss purim hats in an que Ortity. Prices 6a. Of la in fashionable Flowers we hoi 3 a very Large took to elect from. Patterns free an application. For farther details see Register. James Marshall co. Adelaide and Loh Doh. Set Tato drapery and clothing. Charles Birks & co., bundle St beat. Birks s for hosiery. Ladies new summer hosiery with double str Neth i hed. Kett end Tea. Blk Balbriggan Uoss Imperial fat by 1/ a Black use _ Mir Fennial fan Ove _ 1/3 of Black ii goal Bossy. a. 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I Tuituu do kid gloves special Purchase u a pair 4 Butto. Renfo kid gloves. A lid 3s lid. A lid pair 14 Inch Tan Affet and ack. 3t lid z upe p a flies. Is la and. 2 fld. 3sod. designs fiid.7jd.bid per Yard by inuit Camboa 6jd, 7jd per Yard Coupon Imi Aires 6jd per Yard new Teuch Madias Choice patterns bad. Us per Yard new Delaine Llyd per Yard All Wool voile Laino Best French Mann Aston la id Whai ,2s6d, is us 8s us per Deana sail Corduroy doth 7jd per Yard Lauoy dream Werls. , is per Yard in. 7jd.ls�d, la hts us. Fancy Drea tweeds Ltd l 6d. Una ,,2 us per dozen a Jeuial line in email enu a 6d per dozen suited Flannelette it of it us 3s us Par dozen Luvy Orry two sheepdog feed per Yard up cud Corkey to Wii. A 7jd per Yutt Crek Uxa. Is lid. 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Notice m hereby riven that a general Vest ing Oftle to the above named com Pany in hereby convened and will be held at the Baar doom Ohe Fleet Colum beet if Ellione of r and Yuie 18 b Day of Nove Niber 1882, at 2.30 o ., fur Ibe transaction of the to Imong Busato receive report of Iriona directors. 2. To adopt role ail regulations 3. To authorise the begat Taiton of the company. 4. To appoint Ali Eclora ulager Ana other officers. 6. General. By order of he provi Fiona directors St John a. Biggs. Secretary. 31, Queen Street. Melbourne. To november. 1892. 312.7.21-2 Ixo boo Copper and Ilves mining co., i fixed. Notice is hereby even that an Bhabra in tub company on Boob the Cam at sixpence per Han or. 1592. No the arid conf amoo Imi ,8.6,2l \ a tsp Alma and Victor a Gold mining in company suied. Notice i hereby Civ a that a Osk a Niusia per Bhare noon b Bane payable at the Becu wed office of the compact a. Of i 1 a re Bot the director on the 11th Day of november. 1892. And All shares in the said cup no in respect of which the said Call remains unpaid Attar the 6th Day of december in nil be abject to forfeiture. By order _ _ walk Secretary. Ware Chambers. No. 112, King William Street Ade Awe november a isd2. 317.8.g1i1 9 i ski rental Buby company . In squid action. Not Cei Hwy Given that the i liquidator has a Dareo a r inst and final dividend of one six h of a Penny per Chare payable to All Register Sbare holier on prod Noorai of scrip at the urn Kolator a office. Be Giuy Chambers Grenfell-8 a. Adamson. Jug. Liquidator. Niue Adelaide and by dec Park Bah Al Way coup an r. , not Loebe by Given that the half shareholders in the. Above compan will be held at widow s fond boil Duus Grentel Street. Adelaide on monday the Seth Day of november i stut. At is o Clook noon to receive dire tort 1 report and by Lanny hot. And to Trio sat such other to info As maybe Nei wry. The shark than feb books will be close from the a la to the 36tb of . Gem t. The. Tje Oretsky. Adelaide. Noverr 14, lbs. 321.5s Nafi Asel in avd he do Pakk Bam Al Way coup any. Lusted. Notice i hereby Given Liat a dive do. 12 Tor the ended october is 1892, at tha rate of serves Pockre per centum per Hanunm on the paid up capital of the Oum Pany will be payable at be company after toe Stan Baldera meeting on he 28ua instant. Geo kit t. Lane Fier tary. Adelaide. November 14. Lf9i. 331 is Nna City of add aide Laud and b Al Vei Tuini company limited. Kosice is hereby gotten in Porso Anoe of Azotion idiot the comp Nisi act 1864," thut a Gek Ebal meeting of the members of the too renamed Oom tiny win he held at the offices of messes. Symon Bakewell blow. & Piper Selborne Chambers Pirie a net Adelaidle. On monday. The Day of move rub a 1e94, at 1 o clock in the afternoon for the Urpo of having an account Laid before duo knowing the manner in which the a Hasben conduct i a the propety of the company Dierx a of. An 4of Neari a any explanation that May be Given by be liquid Tara Ana of determining by extra Ordinary Maatila the manner in which the books Accra to and documents of the company Ana of the liquid atom thereof shall be Dupo eed of. Dated the 18th Day of october 192. 821,6 b Mai Den. A Mator. Lehr wait Kiouca to Loeb Luning company x no liability the Tamer later Foost Marioa til above company being contemplated. Hold res of by kit in wed to bbl Stett their amiss in Tun co Panye books. Kelvin Chambers w. , Adelaide november 15,1892. Manager. In. Tenders and contracts. Few masons and ?s? i tenders wanted ust l bid a. November 18, noon f in Koom tid Bouse plans. A us. �. Eck Audi i. Modeller. 319-21 Glt a Omond Road. To cont Batoba ten Detts Are invited i until Coon of wednesday 16th Iott for of additional accommodation 2 Rone at new the Akton for the add Laid and hindu Ash Samway comply. Plane sat at on office no Lender Omecea warily to Heptad. Evans a. Evans. and licensed sur Vevon. 813 4ina2l Barowy fld building a. Adelaide. Genders invited until r . Plaa tubing i email bou3&. Also Ibok Tobii. Plans a Temple co.", Carlisle Sheet. A Iwillie Eta Tina. Al Latante pieces. Hsii Lei Ces. Few Marble and enamel site if Astels to be am cheap Tor Cash Only a w b. Matt dts scam Murhle an in Yard. N rth Daley 87i36 i 5 by Hiudt a Kun Stutes. Center ?wkb4. 19-Inis 6d 21-ln to in 3i he Obj. Us in. 3. 6d- 36-in be 44 in. Lis a ventilators. . 66. Pir. All Kii Idu of feud .-1 m to a a Cement ornaments equally . Law nip Ahen s cd inner Kent town 821 patents. P die Mattes of the Patent act. 1877 Al notice Isber Eby Given that John of ambers Ai Olinie of Wellington new zealand gentleman Nan applied for a Maxent for an a or improved mount to pad Ana that the specification of such invention May of inc noted at the Patent office adeside. Bands h. Show. Lemd Patent frent 817.f1.21 Victoria Bau dings Gre null a toe t. Fpo fab Mebs blacksmiths. And other your attention is Brieby drawn to sooth australian letters Parent. So. 2096. For twine tension in a vesting binders All Peb Sonau ing this invention an a Abbud that unless each to mum bean my stamp Ahn an liable to an action a Law Tor infringement of the letters Paust. It v my in tenuous top Osecki at Law a persons i rung Rue of the invention i boat my con ent. Thomas Sameson. A Weer. I am Infra Tod to end against All persons com minting an infringement of the let Cen Patent As Bare. Feancis h. Snow. Len de Patent agent. Victoria buildings Greo Teu Street. 296waisss in the of the Patent act 1877.notice is hereby Given that Abl Luh Biu. Of Dresden in die kingdom of Saxon. German Empire engines has applied for a Patent Lor an i mention entitled Loco i " web iii and Tor a Patent for an Imp be Mersin trackway vehicles driven by motor end firs and the. Che Roedi Patlon Teuch inventions May be iii cud at the Fageot Odis. A Ruide. 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