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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Nov 15 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 15, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Orient line. Skripp a for All Asdian ports. Suet a. A . And ? Omba. _ ,\sjb5\1. Unk later Ikon. 16 Soldz .7. �s7k w. Livett ,1-? aps1sal i Tesla. J. Coad. . Dec 88 and Itrat nightly tire after. Twin Crew. Baloon to in Mizok Bingo. A. Or turn �65 to �118. To Kerf in. Of 15/, �17 17/. And a be Tarn is to a. We Steak ads-1raua. I Miami �4 10? to �6 third �2 i0/� Vanass trom any port a lie p paid of re. Be tabs tickets tint Saloon Betma sub tit Are now available Tor Miro by p. And o. Steuben Baring room. Akmens of. Been co. And Andes Rob. Asdeb30n, co. Fenchurch Aveck fail pit on application to O. Anderson Branch Wanatt. Nav note ? g. Omdal atre to Perial to basis for passengers and v1si jobs to the Bujcs. Obruba win 1-ave Adelaide or the so end of Lars pier at 10.32 an. And 11.48 . On Toub Day 16th nut the last launch for the Shore will Iea tie Kokuba. At so ., to connect with a special train which win leave the sea end or lots pkg at 25 . ? 13-30 p. & o. ? team Havi Gatton corp 1 Fok Mommi Onder Boyal ital contract will ? a lowing Stamen. Calling at Albany. Co ibo. Aden Maneual ctn Star and Fly Booth with is ? ? be Arzera. Flans qom under i Law bet Tamina c525 f. H. Seja Nool nov. �3 India. Tell w. . Worcester dec 7 Vrastil. My b. On we 0ec 21 Australia 6901 l Beeves in Fig of Mcdow a Himalaya 6898 w. L. Broan feb. U Oceana Job . Crawford Imar. 1 cml attn for brew Hal Tran ship at port said. Otice to pm8ehcer8. Utal a dictum to of Taflin Frole Cabata a served. Ibe accommodation in my fint and fecund Saloon is Nair passel _ in ii i i i to ports. Tickets India China Japan face. Bound of world tic Etc Lorf. Pa88ace Bates. Of a Tanea at lowest current rates. So a Fri Dictson tickets Tox Ondon. �110 tend books. Time tables and a to Aaste nonet. The forwarded on . . Of. Umsted Agena. %ililoibii8 Masl Timell a Klaisz auast.o0umib0. A Coz. And port he it a tart monthly a Tollow. 3 gusset pa8senqebs Wom to it Batavia and Jat a. Pabs Abe Mola jew to �70.faws, b8x0bb too cos at by . Star 4oo. Port Addam u L. A did la mpg a. Mail ste4mebs of brisk of thic company will be i Tea jas i and .?0fi Fol in is tons commander. Geaye and. V in Pqul k6 h. Water not. 3s Ibl to a h. Bleeker Dee. ? i v. I bomb War it i Dee. I. So hubs unas it Natiw. Brim Uteri feb. Or. To the i a. Mtb�1a. A father Larch 1? Cdo Cusciana to f�m3fc passage front Europe can a Arnace Farenc stun frn Arn May break their journey. Thirft Njaa to London �14.and nil Nysten Ball i Temera. Is Finet and Quajo booked in rough to Unden ueatairaif�1f is Assoc ? Adeide and port Adelaide. Lund s line steamers Una new Toimi Owasa fast Ete Unera a appointed to tatar. Cape town. And London warr1qal 4,87 Tana about january & ? .1 tons. Toto now. A set cup a serb 1 of a Flat ol-pmrhs0kii3n to Geog pc. Wixs & Cut. Braja Adak la Bert if atom. Awl port pms London Dunkirk and Newcastle on Tyne. The spa old Par Tea Bibb Ching it state Wube too Abate farm in port Adelaide about 17 and a Fol ban in Ortr dispatch . January Wool Sale Lor fruit apply to George wills & co mate ? Adelaide and part Adelaide. Tippo x�8eh Kasiba. To Hon Kong mad Japan. Via St net a Tisbahe and Towk Stiie ? will 1ea�e a in Oom ?-u1 of of Fita Amae Nander. Irwim Sydney. Rpt Ami hash Hakau oct. So nov. 1 Yawea mad. Mona Sot. 1ft kor. Twer it rir1 i ton for Pii ii acini in All Danaea. And Are fitted with the most recent improvements. Foil r1 a to freight and passage Flora Tel Wearth my of i i a. Pc got sop. 1. Vacenta 6x. Gent to Street. 179oale ? Bani new Kotica. ? Isk f oui a Bocey of Bixl Bacon award special prize 8zlver cup Adelaide show. Do a p � b. S pbint1no.i.iii on the shortest notice and on Liberal ten sat the ave Phibb Jos pad Ritho Teke. ? Hants seeds. ? nit . London Hakkert a most a nun Badarac tha fruit is smooth Tanh Yaping. Is to 20 la. Ions of a beat trial fredi Gen and of Tea most handsome form. 1/ packet e. &. W. Hackett. Sets six. 6fc5m68 78, Rort dle is Adelaide. Flower and vegetable seeds and plants. Mem Rel Ubu Stock of a funds Tor present grins ate Sok Chuh punters fkb3id, Maize i term the. By & Fox & brew Kwh. Castena East end Market. Munoa shipping. ? the 1del11de steamship co pm a Sawai dispatch Lei Nicks from l Ort Adelaide As _ under. Virro Nisum Pumi Tinc for Autarky and be Matiie of a Perth All Sio Btu Wust Vox and Eftie bake. On the Rouadi Billi of iodine. Uabl00 ? Friday nov. 17 1 3 . Calls Vasie and Oun Pury. For Hel Bourke ? ? for Sydney and Queensland posts. Wollow a ? 1 monday nov. 20 3 pm. Ave Chews cow tie Tige. Fob Post 1jacx a. In outta Ual Laboo ii Abbot. Feb bet ? j tuesday i nov. 21 i 3 . Pohts Cermen p1iue. Anu a Busto. With passengers and cargo. Vesti Gator saturday of. Is 4 pea. Pkt a Juii Sydney. Dove Dale ? thursday 1 nov. In. Cargo most be delivered alongside steamers twehous prior to advertised time on Day of Sallins. Pas Sencen tickets issued by this company an inter changeable with team sea of the a.o.&3. A. Between All Porta. Frau information apply tothe Adelaide steam she co. Ltd. Currim treet Adelaide and come Wocial wharf port Adeh de. West at Strati the Adelaide steamship Coupat. United the Abbra Lasian United steam Atiqa ti0n co. Ltd. Joint ejbuv1cc from port Adelaide to Albany and Fremantle for Perth is Ratton. . Port and Esperance. Santeg 3 under Mae Loo ? Friday. To vember it. Pil Babba ? Friday november 24. A assure Fiatala i . Eyce fiend Ancora Madation for Stock. Lowest Zafeya of Frucht and Pasage mob. For foil Nartic Silars apply the Adelaide Fritea Mimp company Ltd. Adelaide and port b. W. Mao Donald the . Coy Ltd Carrie Street. Adelaide and Queen s wharf port. . Co., old. The favorite Pas Sencey 6t�aukbs of anon line will cd Marls Neq pen Vittins be dispatched ? Pil Babba Friday. Norunner u. Kans at Fie Madha. A Bonsai i mo0mka. four let aus Bains ? i us Ruthn he Mew Htu j Pil Babba Tbs Dis. December 8. Osko nce ived daily at Queen s Mart up to ens our before Zailin a. All tickets inter changeable a after the fint port Willi the ate ame Sof the Adelaide Tea Astfalk Goa Pany jul cd. For fan and Frels hts apply to ? a deem s Hlf. Port Al a Rel bodice steamship com Bunbury Fremantle and Cerald Toh. The . Perth will leave port Adelaide Tor above ports on or Aimont Ines Day 14th inst near Ticu a fresh to or a asat apply ? co., me ? Adelaide and port. 1 a team t3u i est coast. . Affix was to Argyle Saila wednesday 15th a-lnst., for Waterloo Venus Aad i Streak Bays. Elliston i-a9ensjea Only. A. W. Sandford & co. City Prince s wharf. Port. ? 815-9 .?-1= Crouth East out i Fob k1su is Stos Beac Hobt Der wednesday november 15. A lev j. Grice & co., Adelaide. Kin Piton a. & e. Be Meschler port Adelaide. S16-0 it not. Ceres will be a patched psf Fryk. X As under to Stansbury Mcvety Pic tub Vay and saturday at so l-------1-1 a.m-, from staks dry Eveir Mon Day Leavine 10.30 a.m., and thursday tear ing 3 ? to port Vincent every tues Day at 8.30 am Frodo port Vincent every we mesday. Leaving 10 a to. S81c ? a. Lemes Susiek. Secretary .4-k. 130rt Wake fund supp tag com a it Pany for port wakef1elo. Mhz Annie Watt. 4rmr sails wednesday. 15th inst. At 6 313 a. Pc e. Lemessy Rier. Port Adelaide. Conveyance and livery notices. Telephone Adelaide 150 port Adelaide. 77. H. Graves & co., railway and general carriers customs Jonm and to warding agents to All parts of the am new conc Nies. Goods received for storage. Furniture car Folly removed. Firms supplied by Day week month or year with horses vehicles and Drivers. Special attention Given to the collection of passengers Luggage for shipment or otherwise. Having made arrangement with the steamship companies our men Board a steamers on arrival at Largs Bay or port Adelaide Tor the Fouec Tjoa and delivery of parcel and Luis inc to t any part of the Colony. Head office 39, Curbie Street ? and Divett Street. Put Adelaide. ? drapery and clothing. Shierlaw & co. New shipments of boys & youths clothing. Al Large Stock it durable Aad a sell Csc Juas to select from trousers saris ivs is bit a ifs Serce Saar 4/11, so 6 9, 7/f 2-Carmeht suits we Sli 6% 8/6 and for Nhia Tatad pried ust Post Fras immense Stock of oe2ra� fashionable White Straw bats new shipments of hats and Caps at lowest prices. 16 and 1s,. 1 Lex Lac f0 ale s great co operative Coupon Radii it every wednesday morning to Clear the remnants accumulated during the week. Couponswithjevery6d. Spent 14, 16, 18, Brown-St., 132, 132a, gouger St. Open to Day of account of Holiday. Usa. ? shipping. ? the Howard Smith line. Leave Howard Smith s wharf a follow arc Uta Tances de Mittini Albany. Fbeuamt1ve Melboorne ? Sydney Mecca silk a Risbakk diary Boonok bus Barebo sscs1T bowl by lot Douglas . Gabo. Monday. December 4. Paeyeneers cargo and Stock. Or Newcastle direct. . Tihe Friday november 17. Cargo Only. For All ports. ? .xba, tuesday november is cargo Only. For above ports Fromm my a. Bra i a i nov. 18. Cargo most be delivered alongside a Eamen not less than one Hoar before advertised time of sail ing. Return tickets Are interchangeable with the ate amen of messes. Huddart. Par Ker it of. And Mcilwraith. Mceacharn. And co. And Borth Ca Ade. Port artful Start us my wraith Mceacharn & co. Mirju Takt. Unac win dispatch the following passenger steamers drum stances permitting . F i Wihib Day wednesday pc Xvi ice. I november 15. Spun. Albany / a Pambuk feb a Mantle \ monday november 17. Tranah 9kbsm visa jut. Gab a Toh and All . A Kott an through Bills etl Diug note. Bentnra tickets Are interchangeable with Una Howard Smith sons and had Dart. Par Ker. & co s Stenen. W. B. Cave co., Vonofen a tact Adelaide or j. Rawukc3 bom fort Adelaide. To Huddart Parker & co. F .ttc7bjstam�. A buzed Rah it Fth for Ftp port Adelaida permitting skirt \ Anglian Fremantle j monday. November 20, at 4 . The Booth Bills of 1ading to Pebb. Benm tickets inter danceable with Mcilwraith. Meacham it co. Prop ii tary limited and Howard Smith & sons proprietary. Limited. D. It j. Vows Abb. �hfitbd.annta. Adelaide esd i out Adelaide. 60c West Australia. Jar weekly Bettick. For to convenience of shippers and passengers the ordeal card Lam Abri okd to bos tha following Ett Samers at Rod Tais us. . A tuesday. . Is. Anglia if. I monday. Nov. So. f monday nov. 27. It a. Gabo j monday Dee. 4. Aad regularly every monday thereafter. Lowest fakes and freight. Get Dan tickets . Udo Wrath a trip Wurm & co., propy., Ltd. Huddart Parker. Co. Popy Ltd. We. Howard a Mech sons Thopy. Ltd. Lex drapery Aad cloth aug. Of and a i Idlet St. Summer Silipi Nants this week of Summers Hyelim Twenty French designs in printed Pongee Silks. 2/11 Yard 450 pieces millinery neck and Sash b1bboks, a grand selection Beautiful goods much under value the new Ostrich Boas in White Prev and Black and White the new Blouse lace and embroidery muslims tucked Nain Sook ski tongs Jet beaded piece nets Black silk dress nets Spanish drawn thread work in d Oyles tray cloths Tead Oths table runners do Chisae sets and sideboard ladies coat and skirt costumes summer weight Superior Cut and finish equal in. Every Way to tailor made Black Lustre Coats and skirts from two guineas Fawn cloth Coats and skirts from 32/6 Mau s Fawn Coats and skirts from 21/ ladies White pique Coats and skirts from 25/ maids White pique Coats and skirts from 25/ ladies Holland and striped Drill Coats and skirts from 32/6 coloured Muslin costumes with length for bodice very Choice from 22/6 coloured Muslin costumes with stylishly trimmed bodices from 32/ costume skirts to Wear with blouses Black Lustre from 13/9 figured Lustres from 32/6 ? Holland and White pique skirts various Black Satin silk and Grena Dine skirts children s print and Holland dresses ladies fashionable dust cloaks in shot Gloria silk 27/6, 35/ Black and White and Brown and White checked Zephyr dust cloaks 17/6. J a further Large shipment of ladies Sailor hats in the very newest shapes As worn in England Satin and leather linings. J novelties in untrimmed Straw hats in White Bast whee Satin i Straw and Burnt Satin Straw. Very new. I special novelties in Sun-.1 shades. The very latest and most exclusive i styles. A very attractive selection. J j. Miller Anderson co. Adelaide. J Ana. Marshall s Bead All advertisements then read the following and look at our windows for prices. Marshall s. Prints. Xer prims in dark rounds Floral designs Good pm Toms. 2.1 1 dozen print. In a gift rounds a splendid a Csc of mums 2/11 per dozen new Cambric in a tots and stripes a Nice wide doh1,6 per dozen new prints Light and dark rounds 4 6 per dozen no Canarick. Splendid lot of patterns sonic Brit Small patterns suitable for children s Wear 6/11 dozes tid. Per Yard new Cambric in Light grounds suitable Lor Sousk. 6/11 per dozen add t6 dozen new Muslin grenadines in Black and Blackland White sew French muslims. 1, 1/fi, 11 1 per Yards a Silver silk sateen 1.4j per Yard Srur Unin in Saidens Batiste Lincic turf and Pond i a cloths a. A. Silks for the hot weather novelties in Silks for the anus Trade now a Rhino. ? Orrin washing silk babes the tone contains 13 cards of very wait Dorae trashing silk. C Yards a insertion and 6 Yards of lace 2 guineas com plete Blouse Silks in Wash our Silks checks and stripes 1/6. 1/11. And jt4s per Yard Check Blouse Silks in 10 distinct colors 2/u re Yard washing goods Plain Surah for summer blouses go Rani red pure silk 1 Ell per Yard about half Price Black brocades special Purchase in 6 desimms. Worth about 4/11, Row 2/11 per Yard for cheap dress or Blouse Thiafi Hue deserves no Dicj. Black Surah i a 2/6, tin 3/6, 3/n, 4/11. 5,11 per Yard Black Merics. 2/6, 2 j1, 3/11, 4/11, of per Yard Black beef Alines. 2,11. 3/6. 3/11, 4j6, 4ill, 5,11,6/m. T,13, so. 10/6 per Yard Lack faille. -2, a 3/h, 4/11, 5/11, 6,11, to 8/11 or Yrd bark Queen s own silk. 5/11, 6 u. 7/11 per Yard Lack japanese Silks. St in. Wide dec i i 3,- per Yard soft As to saner Black silk for lining Tir Coadic oos Iunus 16 per Yard Black Claries. 1/11, 56, Sll 3/11. 4/11 pm Jard u Nite and coca a ulacees so 3 11, 4,11 per Vard White and cram satins Loti 2/fi, 211, 3,6. 31, 4/6, 4w. 5/11, a 7/11, Sll 10/6, 12/6, and 13/ per Vard tall Vine Silks imitation Ylarie for dress lining frills &c., to. Jul per Yard silk Moir ettes for ladies or i skirts in All shades including stack and White. 1/11 per Vard 3s shades in Jap. Silks is 3 qualities 1/3, l/6, ill per Jard Russore Silks 10w-. 1/, 1/j. 1/3, 1/4, 1m, 1/9, 1/11, 2/3, 2/6, 2/h, 3/6. And 3r11 per Yard 13 in., -7 in., 34 in. Wido. Trimming department Job Purchase. 1,000 Yards narrow fancy coloured Bead dress an bodice timing various patterns Worth 3/b and 4/6 dozen Job Price id. And lid. Yard i50 Yards Cream fancy silk Gimp j is i wide Job Price 3$d. Yard a Bxs. Bftts. 10 dozen ladies wite webbing belts assorted clasps Job Price 6d. Paob new belts. Just vat lived. 87 dozen ladies Novelty Blouse belts at special prices wore Unen 1/9 each White kid lined1,11 each Check and fancy silk 1,11 each Black elastic 1/ each White pique. 3d. Each coloured snedic. 3/li each White fancy webbing i in Eadi White fancy Wel ing. 2/11 each Auto tit very handsome clasps. . Lodies Creme knitted Cotton under vests 3d. Each ladies Pink Blue Creme Cotton vests 6d., 9d., 1/ each ladies Check Linen cooking aprons 6d., 1/ each ladies Holland and German Linen aprons 1/, 16, 1/11 each ladies stylish bathing dresses 2/11, 3/11. 4/11, ladies India Beer bathing Caps 1/, 1/6, 1/11, children s and girls Large Button Sun hat 1/11, 2/11, 3/u children s stylish White pique Sun hats 2/11, 3/1l 4711 ladies stylish washing skirts and petticoats. 1/lu 2/11, 3. H. 4,11 ladies fashionable White embroidered Petti Coats 3/11, 4/11, 6/11 ladies handsome White petticoats 15/9, 21/, ladies new american Cotton combinations 2,11. 3/u pair. Ladies sew summer corsets All sizes1/11, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11 pair. Carpets and furnishing department door slips 1/3, 1/6 each Wool Mats. 2/j1, 3/11 each Nean Hrut a. 1/3, 2 3. 2/9. 3/11 each so ill Art Sartre All colors 1/6 per Vard Cre tonnes 3.11. 5/6 per dozen sateen Creto mks 7/6, s/6 per dozen Tea copies. 10w 1/3, 1/6, 1/11 each curtain poles 2/11. 4/11 each cushions. 1., 1/3. 1/9 each frilled cushions. 3/11 each frilled Muslin for curtains coloured Edge. 1/3 1/11, 2/3 per Yard. Haberdashery and dress makers sundries. 42-in. Strong Black mohair laces 2d. Dozen Metal boxes containing 6 dozen Best Quality Linen buttons 3t-l each special line of bound Stockin a Etc dress pre servers. 2id. Per pair Mac ame in All shades Lold. Per Job. Lial Patent bask protector. S stud. Id. Each boxes of class a loaded toilet pins id. Per Box hair pins by Sci Cut 3jd. Peru. Boxes containing 100 hair Lins assorted kinds id. Each Sterne Silver thimbles Lane size in flush Box. 10 And 1/6 each see Marshall s windows for cheap Haber Asheby. Best tonality thick tinsel yarn in balls in cold and Silver lid. Ball 4 balls in Lux lid. anti or Crochet braid from 7jd. Card Hameed Asheby continued thick double printed 60-in. Tape measures. Id. Each mitral Neilse Mela Needle cases containing 100 Liest Needles. I. Each hair curlers in great variety folding steel. 1 id dozen flexible raid 4d. Box kid covered. From .1jd. Dozen imitation Toroid ill Liglin and durable. 71d. Box Black Saxony mending list Quality id., 3d., and 4$d. Per Ball Best Quality Gold is re Xee loj. La pc packets containing 25. Id. Radi. La. Do in tapes in assorted 1 dozen packets. 2m. And we. Each blotted India a Curc tapes Lold. And 1/6 dozen Rodin steels. Mack or we into in sets id. Each Dref Makeni pins i la. Boxes jd., 3jd., and 4 cd. James Mars Lull & company arc now showing and Selling freely for children bust shown la Lull Linkk cant As tvo strap shoes Calfskin to Cap and bltto\-nolj5 pr-itect1ng pieces. Soud leather soles files 6. 7. A 9. In 3/6 per pair sizes 11, 12, 1 1. 1. 3,11 per pair. Also for children s Wear a capital shoe ankle strap Leathell an excellent Wear ing shoe and polish Well sizes 4. 5, 6, 2, 6 of incs 8. 10. 3/3 Cizeski 11, 12. 13, 1. 3/11 the Seaside shoe foe children White Drill. With kit Bukk soles at 1/9 and 1/11 per pair ladies size. 2/9 gents sizes 2/6. Electroplate Dware. In this department ill be found a vet be Assoni nent to Chouse from. . Tea spoons Dixon s warranteds/6 a dozen . Desert spoons Dixon warranted12/0 or dozen . Dessert Forks Dixon s warranted12.6 per dozen . Table Forks Dixous s warranted15/ per dozen . Table spoons Dixon s warranted15/ per Best Vej. Tea 12 6 and 15 6 Best . Desserts Liine 22, g and 27/6 per dozen est . Dessert Forks 22,0 and 27,6 per dozen Best he. Table spoons 30/ and c/6 per dozen Best . Table Forks 30/ and a.6 per Docen. Salt is Kionti. 6j. Each Salt spoons fld. Each Salt spoons 1/ each . Kee Twons 3-3 and 7,6 . Egg Noons 15,-fl and 15/ . Teapots Oji xon so 3540. 45/ afternoon Tea sets 9b100/, 115/ 2.p. N Apkin rings 6dj, 3d., 1/3, 1/6, 1,9, 2,2/6. 3. 3,6, 4/c, 5/6. . Boner knives 1/6, Lei 1/6, 2/9, 3/, 4/6, 4/9, and 5. 6. Up o 16/ / he. Sugar sifters 3/11 up to 9/6 . Jam spoons. 1/9, 3/11. 4,t5. 5/6. 66, 7/6e.p. Cli Ildren s sets of knife spoon and Fork 5/6 . Pie dish. 21,35/, 47/, 63/, 75/children s mugs a i 7, i g/6 . Butter dishes with cover i3/, 22 6, 25/8, 27/6. 30/. 35/, 37/6. 40/ . Knife bests. 4/6, a pc 7/6 Eicr pair . Toast backs 9,6. 10/6, 14/9, 15/6. 17/6 22/ . Ebb cruets 27/6, 30/, 35/, 40/. 47/6 . Cake baskets 6/6, 10/6, 15/20/. 27,6, 30/, 35/ . Biscuit jars 7/6, 10/6, 15/6, 19/6, 25/ . Breakfast cruet 5/6, 6/6, 7/6. 9/6, 12/8, 15/, 17/6, 19/6 . Crumb tray and Brush. 7/6. Up to 63/. . Salad bowls China 27/6, 30/. 35/, 40�, 45/ . Dinner gouge 17/6, 16/c, 25/, 27/6, 30/. 35/ . Tea trays 17/0. S7/6, 35/, up to �5 5/ Dixon s . Dessert knives and Forks in Case of half dozen each 60/, 7d/, 80/. Carvers in Case fron 9, Al up to 10/ . Tea caddies from 21/ upwards . Mumn diaries Dixon awards . Spirit flasks 16/6 upwards . I Iche. 7.11, �/6. 10/6, 12/6, 15/0, ie/8, ? 20/, 25/, 30/, up to 63/ . Hot water kettles with and without spirit lamps from 70/ to 110/ . Nut crackers from 1/6 up to 12/6 . Grape scissors 30/. Up to 45/ up. Pickle Forks 1/6, 1/9, ii 2/6, go a . Soup ladles 5/, 12/6. 19, of 25/ . Gravy ladles 2/6 to 7/11 tailoring department special for hot weather. Assam silk Sac coat and trousers. 55/, to measure or. Jaeger s sanitary Camel s hair a had Sao coat and trousers 55/, to measure Kajiki Sac suits. 2o to measure Lustre Sac and clerical Coats a speciality to measure. ? boys and youths clothing. Boys washing blouses 1/11, 2/3, 2/6, 2/11, 3/ 3,11 boys washing suits Bvron collars Navy and White. 4/6. 4/11 suit boys Sailor collars. 4 d., gid., 3d. Each boys Tweed knickers 1/11, 2/6, 2/11 boys washing tunics 21 in. 23 in., 2j in., Sll boys fancy Clifford vests in pique Duck and Marcella 2/11, 3,6, 3/u, 4/6. Manchester 9urtmzl a sew silk Stripe honeycomb Cotton shirting 7jd. Per Yard striped drills for boys Wear 7jd., lord. Yard lne and White Stout twill wide Width. 7jd. Per a a Pillow Cottons 40 in., old. Per Yard Winch Verandah Canvas. 6ld., kid. 16jd. Yard Bolton bleach White Calico special Alue 5/6 Plain Pillow cases 10m. Per pair frilled Pillow cases 16 per pair Brown striped turkish towels 2/11 dozen. Men s hat department. Splendid valve. Large purchases. Grey and Fawn Terai Hals with up Argaree 2/11. Wiite Stra w liars till band Good shape 6 for 3d., Sll for 1. 4/11. 5,6 for 1/3 helmets. Helmets. Helmets. All shapes. 2 6, 2/11. 4. 11. Sal 7. White Cotton Wash mfg hats 1/3, 1,6. 1/11, 2/6, 2711 cola Eha Reee washing hats 1/u, 2/3. Furniture Marshall s the enormous variety of our Stock will astonish to it. Our constant and unremitting and Endeavor is to provide Sotiri x mjg ustus in. Always careful that Sterling value durability substantial construction and artistic effect shall in no Way be sacrificed to the absorbing demand for Novelty. O ? in per ambulatory we have a very attractive assortment to offer our Stock of bedsteads for Quantity Quality variety of Price is positively above any local Competition and we earnestly invite buyers to make a keen comparison of our goods before concluding purchases elsewhere. Bedroom suites bedding toilet Ware. Marshall s Stock is now most attractive ample provision \ having been made for anticipated Holiday Christmas requirements. Everything new and attractive at 3vc in s i a. In is. Bravery and clothing. Charles Birks and co. Are Row Oft Erin to Norful values in ladies gloves. 41 Ulton tas sit be. Fiir Ltd a Baths. 1/ pair 4-Liutton Tan so Ede stitched lacks Worth 2/6, for 1/6 pair 4-Button soft tans Rrt Tab and White Farius Sci i Ewy. Pair 4-Button soft tans dab and a hit Fai Skic suede 1 Lipa r 4-b�ttou White kid a looks. Rii Bod Black Points 1/11, 2/ti, 2,11, 3.6 pair. Real Torchon laces. 4 inches wide firm will Tuaila goods c/6 for 3,11 4 inches wide a Ood Atsilia cd. For 5jd. Jart better it Julies Choice patterns 1/ for 7jd. Ard. Better qualities Choice patterns 1/6 for 1/ Yard. Better qualities Choice Patten is ? 1/11 for 1/3 Jard Charles Birks and co. Rumole Street. ? 3gtuaie Madame wheel s Mil a Uble Cut paper go patterns of dresses. Mhz a mantles. A Cut in a Mhz Hyll i -1 in Oln san a flav Sal ions . Journal Smyj of m posted id. And Din a ties hmm �. Paul in Berliew posted so. 3h& address Harris & Kemp. Bjeg9b@�. ? isl -2. Arcade. Coats and skims a White pique Coats and skirts from 2u to 45/ ? coloured piece and de iii boats and Shibta. From 16/6 to 21/ ? Cream Planel boats and 6kibts very Cor rect87/6 ? Stdio Are Covert coat tag Tweed and Diott boats and skirts Coats lined bilk from 32/9 to �5 is shut bl9vseb. A Fekech striped camb pc shirt bu0rj3e9. Prices 2/j, 3/n, 4/u, 5/0, 5/11, 6/6, 0/u. Up to 10/6 each White fancy and spot musu3 bu0u3es. And White tacked and embroidered Muslin blouses trams la to 25/ White a fade shirts 4/11, 7/6, 10/6, up to is 8h� by houses an Unm Ense variety in a Ore Neu est Silks including Olace. Also in Blackland White. Striped silk. Etc. From 15/ to 65/ Eack Vest fonts very Cor act. In silk. Muslin or Pine prices from 3/so b/6 each 8mabt Spring capes in fashionable Plain cloths and Correct colors braided or trimmed narrow latin edgings 13/0. 16/6, Siss. Of to 42/ sorb to fees. New Sttne hades in unit Cas. And pa3as0ls. Anivin by mail steamers in the latest styles with the nost Correct handles and mod Tia. Us trimmings in snot silk. Black and White silk. Check silk moire. Broche Chiffon. I Ace. Lusn. A. To or Rorn 3? i us ladies Straw hats. Fancy shapes in All the latest and most popular style sat Lior shapes very treat variety and a full Stock of the Best Selling styles in ladies Sailor hats prices from of. To 6/11 each. Keck finishes. Scarfs a. An enormous Stock of Van Enci Eknes laces. For trimming underclothing lace collars ficus. Carats. To Fuji enable Cut oat foist lace in Whu Creme. And Batter shades Nat it Point lace a new lace new Point de vkn1sk Lare and insertions the new Garland lace trim ring a handsome piece laces for bodice coverings fashionable of Dix Garland laces new Muslin and Lack nets silk finished tucked mus Ljus pretty Ambroi dared meslans. With Valen Viennea Leer Tiodos dress co9d5. Block alpacas double Width in Small cat designs Makuta cured it act in texture for sum Mer Wear from 1/1j to i/3 Yard Black lace cloth fabrics. Those Hare be come popular made up Over Coford linings prices 1/6 to 2/n Yard Black popups. Double Width All Wool. 1/b to Plain 3black us tres. 41 to 46 inches wid in to 4/11 Yard ? fancy Black Hort at Lustres. All the new do Sinira including spots fancy tripes 41 inches wide it to 4/u Yard Black silk and Wool grenadines in fashionable Nesif including spots and stripes prices from 1/11 to 3/6 Yard coloured Woollen fabrics All Wool French Poppins in new fashion Able Bades. 42 inches wide us and 2/3 Yard y1goreaux coating Serge. 44 inches Widt. 1/11. 2/3. And Sll Yard Pyle coating and su1td.g fabrics Mann fractured sea ally for Coats and skirts 41 inches wide 3/6 i Ard new dress fabrics Tweed effects in fashion Able colors and summer weights 1/6 Yard fancy Check materials ill Wool by fashionable for blouses. 42 inches wide. 2/6 Yard new Shepherd s Check fabrics in Buck and White. Brown and Blue a 44 Incles wide from 1/6 to 3/u Vard fancy pbenc1i voiles costume lengths Only is Grey. Fawn and Black 39/6 each Bii-1s. Slack brocade silk very special nine ail pure silk suitable for Pron Natle or to filing a arcs. A to 7je Jud figured a Scee silk for summer dress i a id Width. 2 6. 3/6. 3/11 Yard foulard Silks in Floral deism 2/11, 3/6 Yard special value White brocade silk newest designs 2/11, 36. And 5 re coloured satins a Shadee. 1/3. 2,11. And 3/6 Russore Silks for dresses. 1,. 1/0. 1/3. Is Black and-w1ute Check Silks. 2/11. 3/8 Black and White strife Silks. 2/6. �.11. Ste coloured . Silks All theades sitaua for lira inc. I. 1/3. I la with japanese Silks. 1/9, 1,11. 2/3. For other departments Sec Alfo our advertise ments in the it sister mrtitbros., Burlington House I produce for Sale and wanted j Cader thu beading if prepaid. 13 word on ? inf ration. 1. Tiee insertions. 2/6. ? i i5 tons beaten May. Did veil at like hmm Price c. Libich Lau. Flin its St ? 31s-20 . Jii or in tons Shovard Hay Oai oar or mixed to a delivered at Fulham. Tender to be in nor Ember is. A. To. Butterfly old drapery an Cut mag. The k1x can drink his Gla. of Waxe so can we so can we Oti Iku fj1jms sell drapery Fine. So do we so do we. Saturday we were too Busy Ami As Cal sch occupied our thoughts and attention on sunday re did not revise our advertisement for monday s paper. Monday being a Public Holiday to celebrate the Prince of Wales s it today being Loyal subject pc kept up in right Koyal fashion Corpening for the time being that we had a drapery business much less one that required our attention on the seventh Day. A ova we Are Back again like the giant refreshed will the 3,817 customers who purchased from us on saturday kindly accept our Heartiest thu tanks for their Liberal patronage. To Day will be opened with fresh bargains at Wilson Brice and company s summer fair. If you Are Thrifty and like Sav Reg Money visit the fair to Day. You can do 1 of then be Wise. 150 dozen ladies Black Hose fast colors 3id. The pair six pairs 1/6. 400 Yards fancy printed roman satins for blouses and dresses usually sold at 1/ Yard fair Price 7jd the Yard. 500 pairs Nottingham lace curtains none less than 3 Yards in length fair Price commences at 1/ the pair. 30 pieces French Organdi mus Lins with pretty coloured Flower usual value lord. To 1/ the Yard fair Price 6w. The Yard. A fast Selling line coloured striped Jap silk warranted All silk and fast color usual value 1/31 Yard fair Price lord. Yard. A perfect Rush for this line on saturday ladies buying it in dozen Yard lengths. Don t miss it twill soon be gone. 16 pieces unbleached sheeting Plain and willed 6 it. Wide usual value 1/3j the Yard during the fair Llyd. The Yard. 32 ladies cloth Coats and skirts smart double breasted coat and full skirt both unlined trimmed fancy braid in. The following colors Black Navy and Green trimmed Black braid and Fawn trimmed Brown braid. Price 27/9 reduced for the fair to 15/6 each. ? Iso dozen ladies Sailor hats rough Straw newest shapes 9d., 1/3, and 1/6 each. 61 pieces Cream Satin ribbon a in. Wide fair Price 2w. Yard. 2j-in. Wide fair 1 Rice 3 Yard. The cheapest line of Plain ribbon in the City. 184 children s coloured Batiste Sun bonnets tucked and trimmed butter coloured lace in Cream sky and Pink ? 3/6-Quaiity, fair Price 1/6 each. 4/11-Quality, fair Price 1/11 each. These goods Are beautifully made and Weli Worth the original prices. 18 dozen children s White Sun Bon sets tucked and trimmed embroidery original value 2/6 fair Price 1/6 20 dozen ladies Black umbrellas fair Price 1/6 each. 71 pieces Bett Quality Frkich Cam Brics Good washers usual value 7/6 the dozen to be cleared during the fair at 2/11 the dozen. 10 pieces All Linen Hambro table damask usual value i of the Yard fair Price 1/ Yard. 30 pieces All Wool French poplin double Wodtli. Faun Navy and made usual value 2/3 Yard fair Price 1/6 the Yard. A big bargain. 800 Yards of Beautiful Quality Tweed in Sarah patterns for ladies skirts cd usual value 1/6 the Yard fair Price 8id. Yard. 50 pieces pretty Floral Penn Ilette muslims usual value Loid. Yard fair Price 75d. Yard. Bargains All Over the shop All Day Long. 31 pieces Linen finished fuck for ladies goats and skirts fold by lots of firms at 1/2 and 1/3 the Yard our fair Price 10d. The Yard. 10,0- Yards Oriental lace to to sold out during the fair starting at 21d. The Yard. Ladies buy to Day at the . Ihlson Bri 11 it. Opposite the Arcade in . 319c drapery and clotting. Great ribbon Sale today the coliseum 350 pieces Colore silk ribbons in every Shade Price to Day 9n this line can be used As a drawn ribbon9 if Neces sary. 250 pieces coloured faille ribbons 2 inches wide. Creams Blacks an navys Price to Day 350 pieces Colore Tsatis ribbons Greys says Heliotrope creams Blacks fawns pinks Nils. 1-in. Wide Price to Day pub the a. Rfcs. This line can be used As a drawn ribbon Colore velvet ribbons says navys pinks creams fawns Greys half Inch wide Price to Day or. Pair -c-aje&.d. 350 pieces All silk wide ribbons for neckwear and Mil Linery. We have opened fresh shipments of these goods. The very latest styles. Usual Price from 1/6 to 2/3, Price to Day All silk Black Glac ribbons a wonderful bargain. These goods Range up to 5 in. In Width. Usual value up to 1/lt per Yard Price to Day we invite All to come to Fae Polisi i iii. M6 and 18. Rundle St. Little prices to Day tie Coli 1-2oo y2ds. 42-in. Coloured coating Bress Serges Blacks Browns Nars cardinals v will be sold to Day at1 t Adaa i ladies Fecke in Well a usual Vaune be Peics to Day 4/ii 300 lids new Simbell blouses. Beau Ful Coos. Saai pride.411 Cle Ileine Peice 350 ladies shot an exceptional bargain Price today a of a 360 lip wd1te Stolf Hal tote first shipment of Afi Job Purchase will be sold to Day at in sacs 9,370 Yards iestoiiali1tfketob Oah brigs splendid washers new Jyh signs usual Price v Price to Day Zyrd Ryard 12.000 yjl3bz Best printed Gam bile Snew patterns to hand usual Price 4jd, 0urrphice to Day by m coliseum. Go0b to bib a xxx Good to salts the Bat Tyrea an undoubted j Jyh Tif Kex bet be to Quick in act1oh, reliable and Cap Able of with8tandihc Plett of hard Riding on much boats. The son lop pneumatic Tyre co. Of Australasia limited. 69, aka Hun St. Adelaide and at he boning Sydney. Fri Abaft. And Christchurch. . I roadster tires guarantee of for is met thu. Iwa guarantee a lowly applies to roadster x \ i bearing this Trade hark. Apr joke ge3toike without it. The Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co. Of Australasia i limited a fan Kun strict Adelaide

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