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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 12, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Shupp Ift Orient line of Royal mail steamers. Fri i myth and Londo Arjia n�ple8 and Toulon calling at Fremantle. Colombo. to All Indian. Ports Aad Suez canal ports rfcs. Ton Otranto 712,12 of Brailey h.1�9 we a. 3,928 Orsovai. 12.ob orontes. 7 2 i commander. Lip m. D b . Or. It. W. J. Tonks r. Of 28j. Coad. , dec. 12 j.i�.26., h . Ian. � a nip i �14. Of Wietor. Ostraff. Otway. Obj Toto. Swetley Gwyn �2.js0 8.130 12.077 12.124 12,12� 32.k8 12.0b0 Ali dem Baynham a n Brooke Smith or kit f. 8 Symons . D.r.wjeat�a�8 , a j. Good �"f.b. J f Hay. B . . Jan. 23, we " feb 20 mar. 90 apr. A i. ? triple screw to � t is Thamy Ealing at Hopfear it out it Bonnie fro Sydney. _,.%_ a vat Tow Wau not be allow on Board Wilbia la Ninn Taa Tolme of Rte uhf. Atom wait return Toke to is9ukd, Atic Laboc Job .a.s.-41teamer� will pm Adelaide Tater Harbor � above. Karma tint Saloon. �7,107-Beta. to Retina ��15/. " Idt Boub Sydney and . Mame Wei Saint and tace after. Itoe to Feu Mulk a 3jo�s Obj. ,. Std 58/fto � 10/. \ Brisbane. �1. . Inc Tajhar bail tra Viluer and hotel a commode. H Olid at .A.S.to Ceylon a the or Hau i4ne. Tor thir4-Oius passenger i. Up Ciura by nod to Ian air ,12,000-tjm Witk �17, �19. 21 retch Brj St fila Ejea promenade a Saab Tito Ayisat Uthe Husic Boom of Shelto deck. Vittay Tro Nettik and Jymm Jhk icbms situated m Matt deck Large diking Saloon on Hain deck. Write fir lunar Stefl circular sing fall Par ocular. For of Fifer information apply l1j� � Anderson. A ent gift mob adeside. 1p & of Rob Mantle Tydia. China. And Ano second saloons . Mongolia. Macedonia. Fri tire. Molta. Morea. " Marmora. Moldavia. Cona. 12.500 10.000 10,500 a off 0,000 Illoso 1501� 10�56 Mux comander. �.b.9.notiey.r. c.d.bennett.. A. Tic Monjon r.l.haddcck.r.. aadreiki.b.. G.h.c.weaton. lock7cr.r.. B. To. Gordon leaves . 20 dec. I dec l8 1914. Jan. 1 Jan is Jan. S feb. 12 feb. Is mar 12 i Calita it Romb Ajr of Andev Romr Hilr thereafter _ Tor Melbourne and sydne\.-Mace. Doxia. Ailing on the 22nd instant. Ant Una tie tatted it tar Wirrie telent or and it twin Tere. Id accommodation and deck Vrack. Ladies lounge. 8moktso-b0om. A. I of Creon and stewardesses carried. � Hes London. �18. �18. 0. To Etc Africa-l8, 15, and 17 guineas. Try to lok Dov for above Etc King Viv Suez Casal by Kail Steamer from �49 19/ by be Fatai tic aeta re interchangeable Atzbi "d.5 Taje Aftel Adeline. �.otoa. Alc1i&& ast Breme t a i Rook. . F aft mfg. Hued Riihl . Roon. Bcharshor8t. Toni Icom Sander. g. Eminem a. w. To Sende a. Wuss in Lea Dee 2 mar 24/ w5i twin be Tern 1 All Ste anti w ireless laundry of Feu. N departure 1 p ra., from of or los Tor. In chd train fron Adelaide at 12 Cabin Clara single. Sattl 10/return. �107 5/ 2nd Clase single. 0 return. A sri Clara fron �15. Holiday return tickets Assad. Interchangeable with All Mau lines. Ter state first and second Saloon retard ticket with All Linail steamers. B. Rubcke & co. Adelaide Ali port. Gasenta. 275cx22se Hue funnel Liverpool and Glasgow. Tia tee Cape. A steamers of the above line Are some of the nest and fastest passenger and cargo boats afloat. Messner taking cargo Leare port Adelaide. Anchises. � i 10,046 tons f about sector a " 1 14,500 tons about Jan. 7. Tor passenger steamers see special adder tue smut alternate Days. A freight and particulars apply to George wills k co. Limited. Agents.200usic _33. Cre Teu Street Adelaide. Australian Oriental line � s i Ulli t co. Limited Tanila. China and Japan via Zamboanga thursday Island and Queensland Post h . Changsha bailing from Dalgety wharf Miller Point Sydney on december 9.A.S. Taiyuan Januar 10. For fall particulars apply to h. A Anderson. King William Street. Via san Francisco. american ports British Isles and continent. \ to calling at Baba Tonga Cook group and Papeete Tahiti. Steamer. From Sydney. From Wellington. Due Frisco. Into Raki. Not. 29 dec. 27 Jan. To dec. 5 Jan. 2 Jan. 30 dec 25 Jar. 22 feb a. And every 28 .A.S.thereafter. " for particulars regarding passages and freight a pay l Union steamship co., of . Ltd.,a. Lit a. a Petary. Gem navigation co., Ltd for Wai Kerie Loxton. And Renmark the Steamer Ruby will Lea Murray Bridge every wednesday at .10.80 , and from Morgan Erny thursday at 7 Mer Abott places taking passengers and Carro for Renmark. Wentworth. And Mildura � -. V ,. _ the Ellen win leave Morgan a Efy tots div at s pm and Al Ejk Jejo eur a satyr Day at 7 . For above glad yes a King Cassen Ter and Careo farther car Colars front glm navig4ti0v co Ltd j48inac Crenell Pretet Nippon Yusen. Kaisha. I Imperial a vanes mail line. R Manila. Ohda and Japan via bris3ane, Powns Illk. And thursday Island Steamer icons. I com.1 f mein. Sydney to go alarm. 8,000 Tel tit us w i or. A Mokko Marp ? 6,000 i Tekaa Pupac Ujj 1" dec. 21and every four weeks Emmr. Fastest and most Lui urus steamers -. Acl through Book Ca to a part ellia ear. America and Europe. A particulars from _7jsna wa4jth. Mceacharn. The co. Sara sur a boxed. Gov Adelaide. Them Deus steamship � company limited will dispatch front j port Adelaide circumstances permitting. Albany and Fremantle v a. Tran shipping for Perth. Geraldton All North West ports and Singapore. " Wollowitz toes j nov.\18 3 . Twa Spilla 1.7,785 nov-.29 1 3i a. Of a Melbourne and 78ydnet, ? " Tran shipping for All tasmanian. Osiee Oisund and . Zealand ports. ? ?. ?7,7s5 i thurs a nov. 131 3.s0 . We Toffa a it is cd a 2� 3 30 . ,-�ew.Steamer, twin car .A.S.wireless telegraphy. Fast rid second Saloon and Eviage passengers. I West Coarr service Iva edit Burgh. ,,n enl�1li.fowlbr .A.S.a Ai ? a few. Y .Rupaba wednesday Noy 19, . El�sto�7 tcn�8, Schaub Streaky Bat sir ferret a Saluja �ov15.r9 . Gel nuts sail from com Mercial wharf m on arrival 8.48 . Adelaide no in the oiled after 8 Sunj we a a Shi enter Golf a Dar sex step Mere is Tfie�-ti�dc.,- ? to Jet tax Ritton. Point. . Cowell. "vs.8, Pakin a win Kroon vat Augusta Pirie 6.s. Marialta a a slur Rev nov. 15-1 2 Falls Pirie for passenger Only " r? Affen. . On sailing. Day. Post Slanc a nto. Tumby Wallaroo Hughes. � Cowell Neill ? sainte0at0bvr thm8dy. Jno vols up pfc Porto a octoria. Wallaroo. Broughton Pirie.1germein. Minla Cowie Turton. Is Vav quo ban i saturday L�n�-.-15.i 4 . ? freights prepaid a to Turton Minla Cowie Vic Toria germen Amo a Cal Tumby Louth North i . All West coast ports except Niston. ? vb5ooo j passage tickets interchangeable with ther inter state comp Nina subject to condition to. steamship co. Limit eur. Adelaide and port Adelaide fetkam3hip company .j.s-v,� limited. A Meres Oil a week from commercial Early As,.i Herblet every Sito Tuy of is . Nav a a Lavino 4? -e-b8ya Jid Odayl and. Thursday at noon. Owl p4r�p� is with Ian Tempo ah$&�5 i ? �ft�srrl/,-single.6/r�turn " excluding Matt. Lowest rates of freight. 239o atthe Adelaide steamship coy., limited. Mir a Island. Kingscote. V steamers twice a Cev. . Marialta. Saturdays 2 . Direct ?.i. ? to Kingscote. Rupaka Early via edit Burgh. Owing to paring Accident Rupaka is withdrawn temporarily. Leaving Kingscote mondays and thursdays. Large dining & smoking rooms ladies lounge. .A.S. Torfe j0/. Return 18/. Including meals. Saturday to monday 11/ return meals indu be. ?".-.?-. Lowest rate of freight 273c a. U. S. N. 6teemers leave circumstances permitting for Jin Darra 10,080 tons. Largest inner Stata Steamer. Sat nov to 3 . Bat. Dec 13, 3 p a. Almaty Fremantle Tran shipping for Perth Gerald Tonish a arts and Singapore. Melbourne. Sydney. Ingarra 10,000 tons Tran shipping for Fiji. To Urs nov. 27, Tasmania v Zeaf _-8 . Land and Queensland i wed. Dec. 24. Ports. J 6 pm twin screw. Fitted with wireless. To cargo received after 11 . Sailing Day. Carrying first. Second and third class Pas sengers. Saloon tickets interchangeable with Ether inter state companies subject to conditions. Full Retno portion of Ordinary first class return rail tickets Between Melbourne and Adelaide Are available Steamer Register bides., Grenfell St and port Adelaide. _103c australian steamships line. Howard Smith coy., limited managing agents. Steamers will leave port Adelaide circumstance permitting Fremantle 1 Loderer Ipi Tran shipping for Wes. F Friday nov 14. Tern australian ports. Cargo Only. Melbourne i f Tran shipping for 6yd i. And f Steamer of Call Tyrin. 5 . -\-tutt4�mass sew Las a.A.S. qua As Gas after assert Annable on application. Ski Luis of portion of Ordinary fir .A.S.Bali Way aeta Between Adelaide and Vel bout available by steamers. Holt Myrd South a company limited t. Jas Nging agent Ajeck Bot dings. It King William Street Adelaide and North Parade port Adelaide Telephone Noa Adelaide sub 618�, port 5l _ 24 Mcilwraith Mceacharn Sune. A ohm .$�5r fast passenger service. A from the line s berth no. 2 Quay. For Albany and Fremantle i. Tran shipping for Perth and All . Ports. Katoomba to. Screw Isaac nov. 22 2.30 . Karoo la. To. Screw Tuen. Dec 2 4 . Katoomba to. Screw sat. Dec 20. 2.80 . Karoo la. It. Screw tues., dec 30 4 . For Melbourne and Sydney. Inn shipping. For Tasmania n.z., and Queensland ports. Karoo la. To. Screw imon., nov. 17 Katoomba to. Screw thors., dec. 4 Karoo la. Few. Screw man., dec. Is 4 . Katoomba it. Screw wed. Dec 31 1 .1 All heavy baggage must be alongside at least one hour before advertised time of Sau Chile celled accommodation for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd data passengers. Private suites and special state booms. Terms moderate on first and second class tickets Are interchange Able after first port of Call with other inter state companies. Conditions ascertainable on application. Special train leaves Adelaide for port Adelaide on. Sailing Days. Mcilwraith Mceacharn & comi Ybo Prie tary limited managing agent scottish House 117-11�, King William Street. J. Rawlings a son port Adelaide and j. R. Bowering & son broken Hill. 177 Huddart Parker line to Albany. Fremantle. T.. Zeal Andu. 7.000 tons. Saturday. December 6. 2 . T.. Zealandia. January 3. 2 . To Melbourne and Sydney. Zealandia. 7.000 tons. Thursday. November 20, 4 sailing from Queen s wharf. Carrying 1st. 2nd, Sod 3rd class passenger. Wireless telegraphy. Refrigerator cargo carried. Cargo booked through to Perth. New zealand ports. From Sydney.-. Victoria. November 19 Uli Maroa. November 29. From Melbourne.-. Uli Maroa. Decem Ber 17th. Saloon is Spenser tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies subject to conditions. Full return portion of Ordinary first class rail Way tickets available by Etc state steamers. 24c d. To j. Fowler. Limited. Agents. Melbourne steamship co. Regular passenger service. Arniva 1 is moola Mantle. I a set a a i a . J tues., dec. 3. ? fitted with wireless. First Saloon and third class passengers Only. Ample space for refrigerator cargo. Tran shipping for Perth and . Ports. Otth trek &6 Dimboola. Is�525bnk f monday. Dec. 8. Ivor Zarril f 8s Kaunda Kev Castle j monday dec. "22. Tias shining for zealand and tasmanian torts first Saloon. 3rd class. Single. Retura single Fremantle.�3 10 6 �8-16 6 �3 13 6 me Boona i. 2 5 o 8 to o Lio Ida Eye ,-.-1318 9 6 0 0 2 2 0 interchangeable with other inter state Commir. Subject to conditions which to tvs be ascertained on application. Splendid Stock accommodation. Melbourne steamship co. Ltd. Port. Geo. Willa 4 co., limited. Passenger agents. No. 83. Grenfell Street. Adelaide Edwin h. Crop lev. Broken Hill. 8c Arnold s line of River steamers limited. Weekly Assen her and cargo to Nei Steamer Renmark leaves Murra Bridge -Loja-ro., tucs Daj Morgan 7 ., wed Desaav. p arrives at Renmark noon Friday returns same evening. Cargo consigned Arnold should go into pc railways two .A.S.prior to departure of boat. Particulars of fares and freight Solujic James Bell in co., agents. To Robt germen port x sails Friday. Germen prepaid. 315-63 ?. Lemessurier Post. Fatta Atastas Wellington sails this Day a. Lemessurier port. A a Roj to a Al to Parx Wakefield t Percy sails this a that a. It e. Lemessurier and r. Fricker port for other shipping advertise ments see Page 2. James Marshall & company the shopping Centre v where the eople congregate a Rundle Street and Stephens place. Abe showing a Lovely assortment of summer goods models in .A.S.walking dresses boots1 and gloves. Also novelties in Christmas. Presents and toys. Ladies gloves ladies 2 Dame Lisle thread Gio is in Beaver Fawn and White. Of. Per pair ladies Elbow length Lisle thread gloves in Russore Grey Black and White 1/3 per pair ladies 2 dome. I Waves with stitched backs in Fawn Brown Cream and White 2/11 per pair ladies three Quarter length kid gloves m Chira Page i Ream White and Black i/6 per pair ladies double silk gloves with double tips to the Elbow in. Russore Cream and Black 4/0 per pair ladies Fine French kid gloves to the Elbow m biscuit Cream White and Black 611 per Pai Mantle and costume department ladle Iancy Cambric and Zephyr Princess cos Turnes. 3/11 4/11. B/11, 8/11 12/9 ladies stylish White embroidered Muslin inn Cess costumes 8/11 10/9, 12/9 ladies Creme and coloured sicilian Long dust cloaks 12/9, li/9, ii 2o/ Lames stylish Creme Jap silk shirt blouses 4/11, 6/11, Sll 129 ladies Creme Navy and Black sicilian costume skirts 4/11, 6/11, 8/11, 12/9 ladies White Muslin and Lawn blouses 1/11, 2 11 3/11, 4/j1 ladies Superior Russore silk Long dust cloaks 29 6, 39 0, 19/6 to Artirp . R a non and crash motor and dus dress department a coloured corduroys assorted shades Dume Al 1711 Vard Black and White silk and Wool striped a Tenais double Width 2/9 per Yard sek Stripe crepe Crystal m sky Pink Grey Reseda Saxe and biscuit double Width 2/11 per Yard pretty striped taffeta a very special line As sorted shades double Width 2/9 per Yard Black Cream and a a sicilians and Lustres direct importations and exceptional values double Width 1/6, 1/11, 2/6, 2/11, 3/6, 3/9, jul 4/6, 4/11, and o 6 per Yard All Wool French Delaine a splendid Quality with pretty designs and stripes. These do not shrink or change color 30 in. Wide 1/11 per Vard bordered 2/6 per Yard. Some specials from Thi. Hosiery department ladies Plain Black Gauze Lisle Hose 1/6 and 1/11 per pair ladies mercerized Gauze Lisle Hose 2/3 pair ladies Plain Gauze Lisle Hoe in Champagne and Grey 1/11 per paid ladies Plain Black Cotton Hose with Cash feet 1/3, 1/4, and 2/3 pair ditto ditto m Lisle thread 1/u and 2/6 pair ladies Black or White lace ankle Lide thread Hose Good design 2 pairs for 1/8 Coats 8/11, 12/9, 15/9 ". Ladies stylish Bedford Cord Princess costumes 12/9, 15/9, 21/, 29/6 m. Ladies stylish Bedford Cord coat and skirt costume i 21/, 25/, 29/6 t ladies Styli ski crepe japanese Kimono jackets 3/11, 4/11. 6/11. Ladies under clothing department. Ladies Hor Rocksch Al Calico night dresses 3/6, to 3/11, 4/11 ladies Hor Rocksch Al Calico combinations 1/11, s/6, 2/11, 3/11 ladies Horrock Al Calico knickers and chemises 1/6, Vul 2/6, 2/11 ladies Superior lion and Calico camisoles 1/6, 1/11, 2/6, 2/11 ladles White and Creme knitted Cotton under vests 6i, 9d., 1/, 1/6 ladies and nurses sister Dora and red Cross White aprons 1/6, 1/11, 2/6, 2/11 ladies and waitresses Black roman sateen. Aprons 9d., 1/, 1/6, 1/11 ladies Navy and fancy stockinette bathing cos Tumes 2/li, 3/11, 4/11, 6/11. T special value at the lace counter. No. \ table a shipment of the Well known Che Foo laces direct from the makers in chins prices arc 6jd., sid., 10id.l/, 1/3, 1/6, and 1/11 Yard no. 2 table splendid lot of double Width Blouse nets lice nets pc extra Fine Good qualities prices 3/11 and 3/11 Yard no. 3 table a very Beautiful to of and fashion Abl voile. Muslin and crepe allover 46 inches wide 1j Yards makes a Blouse 4 cards a Kes i Complete frock prices ,3/11, 4/11, 511, 6/11, 776, s/6 Yard no. 4 table a big lot of smart Blouse double Width in White or .A.S.color 11 Nice Quality -40 inches wide 1/11 Yard no. 5 table immense assortment of voile and crepe flour rings Lull skirt depth at 3/11,4/n a 6/r Yufa be Sib newest unmade camisoles to be to add up. Beautifully ? embossed. No Muslin Price a Yish Boom. I. A of girls and ladies leghorn j Mannl Tif Wisn to. An a i inn i a games j my baptize Plain Black Cashmere Hose 1/, 1/6, 1/11, and e/6 pair ladies Black or White Lisle Hose silk ankle 2/6 and 3a1 pair. Ribbon department. Narrow washing men. Ribbon for threading underwear White Cream ski pm and Echo. Plain no. A 1/6 dozen or 2/1 Roll of is Yards no. 2" 2/6 dozen or 3/6 Roll of l8 Yards no. 3, 3/11 dozen or 5/6 Roll of l8 Yards no. Be 4/11 dozen or 6/9 Roll of l8 Yards. Spotted no a 1/u dozen or 2/8 Roll ,ofj8 Yards no. 2, 2/11 dozen or 4/2 Roll of l8 Yards no. 3, 4/6 dozen or 6/3 Roll of "l8 cards no. 5/ 6/6 dozen or i Roll of --l8 Yards. Note special Price by the Roll. Linen department. New Guipre Duchess sets 12/6, 15/6, 17/6 per set 1 Guipre Cosey covers 5/11 each Guipre Tea cloths 14/6, 17/6, 29/6 each. New damask table cloths 12/6, 14/6, 1076, 18/� each damask Serviettes 8/6, 9/6, 10/6 per doze pattern table damask 3/11 per Yard with Serviettes to match coloured turkish towels lit 1/6, 1/9, Lyl each White turkish towels j./, 1/3, 1/6, 1/9 Cacia White Mosquito netting 9td., 1/. 1/3, 1/6 per Jard " White summer dress materials is lmu4 a 1/s be v. I per Yard White Organ die muslims 10m1/. 1/3 per Yard _ � � i / White dress linens 1/3, 1/6, 1/9 Pef Yard India Linen lawns sjd., 10w, 1/ per Yard White Bishop s lawns 8jd.", 10jd.,l/ per White drills lojd., 1/, 1/3, 1/6, 1/9 per Yard r . Dress crashes lojd., 1/, 1/3, 1/6 per Yard dress Hollands 1/, 1/3, i 1/9 Chi Ard of Wal go. 1/9, �/11 be fowl. In Manchester department. "?.tpillow cases Jem shoched frilled did. A Ifcic White twill sheeting Good valus.,54 m. So Mart i Junces 2/u." 4/11. 6/11, Sli and 10/8.".-,.,. Just arrived smart fashionable trimmed Beady to Wear .A.S.Fine Quality. Chip Tagel leg Horn and smart .A.S.for every Occa just opened Lovely novelties in red Osprey a View i Viver v6 in 10w-ri/. W�7b?" 1/11 Yard 80 ra., 1/, 1/b 1/11,. 2/3, ,2/6 90 an., i 11. 2/3 2/6. 2/11 Yard i bleached twill sheeting for single Beds 7i just a Peep. Crepe sponge sponge voile crepe de. T of coat and Skitt costumes ,. Is several smart styles "39/6, 42/, 49/6, 55/, 59/c smart Coates an skirts _ _ \jx4 White Jap. Silk.-, � from 35/. Ladies crepe Robes. Stymie As plate below in Oreper turn Dow of Collar � text Tvr tit Apoc f length put a a sleeves and finished self buttons. A four piece skirt Saxe Grey he Ste Russore Light Blue a and Brown. Crepe Robe no 1,895, Only 6/11. So. 18ml, 6/11. 77 White my Tholet guilty full double bed size 18/6, 19/6, 21/, for 13/6 j Tia Fane ill toe Trp bed at ant Prie Lor to Day Only. Country Cut anon will a Aap bed if order be sent far fort a after run Woollen feet 4-j 8, sad "2/ pair "7 White Cambric hated kerchiefs 1/. 1/6, 2/, 2/6, and 3/ dozen. Ladies. Embroidered handkerchiefs. 4d6d., 8d., 9d.-. Lojd., and 1/ each. Coloured Bollier hand kerchiefs 1/6.and.3/ dozen. Bargains in Haberdashery. La Djus and children s belts a v Large i As Sor Imei to All Colora in White washing Plain and with coloured stripes. This is a bargain Une usual prices 6d., 9d�, and 1/ to Clear at 3d. Each. Ladies belts in Black Patent and White rold 6d., 10d., and 1/. Jam colors in Patent belts m red helio.,Green Royal Grey and Brown Aid each. Black Patent with coloured stripes 5id. belts in red White and Blue 1/11 each. Nickel belts in various styles 1/6, 1/11. 2/6, 3/11. To 6/6 each. Leather belts in Black Navy and Tan lord. Each. Cream and Black pleated silk belts 3/11 each. Elastic belts 1/11. 2,600 dozen fancy dress buttons of the latest colors and designs to Clear at bargain Price 6d. Per card of 2 in Man Chesier. The famous Spero Calico once tried Al .A.S.used 36 inches wide m medium and eng cloth 4/11, 5/6, 5/11, 6/6, 6/1l 7/6, 8/64dozen. Special line of Spero medium Calico 32 Mph Arlam Annan menus Wrye t a dozen. We have just opened a magnificent Selec Tion or furnishing Cre Connes they Are the perfection of artistic taste in color ing and designs 6id., 7id., 8jd., 9d., 10�d., a 1/3, i 1/6, 1/9 Yard. If you wish to see the finest Range of papery goods in the City inspect our display of d Oyles tray cloths Duchess sets runners Cushion covers Cosey covers a in All sizes and prices. Special bargain in frilled and hem stitched Cushion Covera Large size in White and Ecru 1/3 each. Heavy Cream Flannelette 28 inches wide 4/6 dozen. A pure Irish Linen who e table damask 72 inches wide 2/11 Yard. Special value in men s shirts. White mercerized Beatrice twill shirts with bands and turned Back cuffs our own make special Price 2/11 each. A beautifully finished shirt in a Plain White mercerized shirting with bands and turned Back cuffs our own make. 3/11 each. Men s fashion shirts in All the latest de signs White grounds with neat stripes Black Blue Brown helio.,. 2/11. French Cambric fashion shirts in a. New Range of patterns put and made to fit in our own factories the Best fitting shirt in the Trade special line 4/11 each. Boys fashion shirts soft fronts stiff cuffs in Cambric and Zephyra special Price 2/6. Men s lounge shirts with j turn Back cuffs White grounds with i neat stripes special Price 5/6 better qualities 7/6, 7/11. Men s and boys underwear. Men s natural Merino pants spliced i seats sizes 34-to 40, special Price 1/llh each men s. Natural Merino pants and singlets our own manufacture Small i men s and a 2/3 . And ., 2/9. Men s Natara Merino singlets � our own make this is a Good medium weight and one of the Best wearing garments in the Trade 3/3 m. ? 3/6 o-., 3/9x.o.., 4/ x.., 4/3. Panta same Price _ men s natural Wool and Cotton singlets. This is a line made with a slight mix Ture of Cotton to prevent shrinking equal in appearance to the Best natural Wool and More comfortable to Wear . We. 4/3 o.., 4/fl ., 5/3 x.x.o.sj4., 5a pants same Price As singlets. Boys pure natural Wool singlets half sleeve sizes 3, 2/9 4, 3 5, 3/3 6. 3/6 7.3/9 8, 4/ sizev3 will fit a child be tween 4 and 5 years other sizes Accord j singly. Boys natural Merino singlets a Sheeres 1 to 6. 1/9 7 to. 9. 1/11. Bargains ssh for the children s pleasure and we cordially invite " r parents to come stand bring their children s to see this-their1. A very own Christmas of to. Attraction. There Vas an old woman who lived in a sheer she had so Many children she did t know what Tada she gave hem some Broth without Nany bread then whipped them All soundly and sent them to badi"4 free to All c a. Lit. Stone in As often As you can and stay As Long Asda like ? ,

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