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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 9, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Tites Sagebien Maui times Stea whips under of. Mail contract with the French govern Adelaide to London i Marseilles. Calling at Albany Seychelles Aden Suez and port said Adelaide to i Wappi in is dats. Insl commander leave Aoe Laio Almasd behic6v2s a. Pot Denot in v. St dec. 3 Audi Iutuk a Sig . Mon Jan 2.-� 3 of Eulish 4wsf of Litchi it. Friar ,mrch3 to Libbi i s 2i l Boulard la. Monday april 3 a act beat cos a. Poy Denat la. ? d., my a Bates or passage Indue Wisla or alis at meals web och orb Eias tic Uxa Marseille to Sosoo issued Hen to journey is Houre Only toe company interpreters will accompany through passenger from Marseilles to Paris and Lon on. Luggage conveyed free by Strainer r m Marseilles to London. English stewards. Milch 00 earned. Single tickets to Marseilles from �20 to �65. Be torn bom �34 to Lue. Third Glass accommodation unequalled. Wine and All Cabin fam iture included in fibres. Fian Nii Are booked to Bough to Maui Hus reunion and South Africa via sete tues. Pae sengers booked to to Kef a via pc Bachee per Branch line from Aden. Cabo hooked through to Havre Genoa Antwerp Dunkirk Hamburg to Deaux and London. For toll particulars apply to bb3watc Hab Rolp bothers. P. & o. S. X. Co. Under Boyal Han contract will dispatch the follow ing s for London calling at Albany col Hob Aden bbl die stat to Gibraltar and Plymouth St earners Tab trom Mander. Leave. Victoria -18-6s a Aduron n0v.23 Oceana i dec 7 Acadia 38� w. B. Andrews 8.x.8. Dec.2l bomb 56?Fia b. Danieu Jan. 4 Ball ?7g e Ashdown Jan. 18 Australia. 700u i. Rna a. 1 pay Ramatta 4771 p bams ? Britannia 6257 r. G. Murray. . A 1 Himalaya. Fees j. Orman. Bar Jar is first and s?con3 soon Palm Gera allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. Obi reserved on up Eia terms Liberal concessions made to families during Hie alack Palm nicer Mason. Pasta Oboh fun glad can be arranged ten. In the second Saloon tie arrangements Hare been tis roughly Rea Gan ised. The Coon Madation offered being . Bates of passage Money to Europe in first Saloon _ �55 to �70 to Europe in second Saloon �30 to �37 betas ticket �65 to �116 cargo received until g , on the monday and Partela till noon on the tuesday prior to a Amer a or handbooks and All information apply to shoes Smith & co. Limited. Agents. B3 l8i Orient link of Riyal Hail . The fallowing Boyal mail steamships be longing to the Orient and Pacific companies will leave Adelaide remap Ore at 12 Nono on the Andern rationed Aiea for pm Mouth Ana London via Albany a a. Colombo Suez caul Naples and Gibraltar Steamer. Tons. Commander. Date. Obb Aba _ 8.07t a. W. Clarke nov. 16okota _ 6057 Alwington nor. 30 oust _ 6 3ohh. G. A Rby dec. 14 Kurcz _ 6,05 w e White Deo. Is obo Tava _ 6.552 a Scudder j inu"9s Botea _ 65 Hay. . Jan. 25 retral _ 5.6?4 m. Tote feb. S Cuzco 3,1-15 i f. Anderson feb. 2i on i7.o?. Of. In hop urfa. 8 and Forton gaily in Mereatter. Saloon up Erogers allowed to break to fair Journer. Antiee Cabins reserved on most Liberal j terms. Passage Moiety. Saloon _ �k\�3,. Second class _ � i us �3?. Third _ two a crib Ohio �22 each adult a _ four a feb Cains. �20 each adult. Steepee open a nos �17 17a each adult. Bird and tet sure tales include bedding mess Tennia 4co Sion beam Ticke e at Rexacad rate Park and passages from London. Up Cial Tan sea Are now afforded or bringing out friends and Ielati a by the prepayment of passage Money Hen at above Rau. Managers f Green & co., and Anderson. Ander son & col Fenchurch Avenne London . Fall Tusi Micalan on application to u. G. A demos. Branch a Nagar. 8309 c As. A Ratel Terge. -. Inc told Deutscher i old. By Rev. 131 secular monthly line of fast Paa Lily off emr a Ceunen to Sod thai con a a anew exp and be mex. Calling at. Colombo Aden Suez port said and Genoa con not Newith mail and posing in from port sail to Brindisi under Hail contract with the Imperial German government. Steamers Sill be dispatched As allows steamers. Tons i Oon Unander. A. And. 3,094 b. Gnu nov. 10 Kirl Rube 6,347 f. Kissler Deo. 7 old snubs _ 5.246 a Gathemann Jan. 4 Hotton Staples 3.cbq j. Boom feb 1 a Branch line to Samai and ton a. A Steamer leaves Sydney on arrival of each Steamer for these islands passage Money from Adelaide to Bremen from �14 to �60. Great reactions on return Pas sages available for six nine or twelve months. Every fac Pitt a offend for bringing oat frit ads by payment of passage Money Here. Cabin passengers May break their Journy. Henn specially arranged to suit All nations. All Ficen and stewards conversant Wilh the one so Lanc Osee Pai Stigers Sod cargo booked through to London and principal european Asiatic Aad american ports. Passenger Tor England an landed at . In future passengers will land my embark at Largs Bay for freight passage a Dall of fast attic Ian apply tothe Agena. H. Mue be & co., Adelaide and port Adelaide. Biz Siaw to Deb one of clippers Vii Foo x2a to follow we Al High classed sailing ships la Fivi. Ii Bim toned from poet. Adelaide and ootpobt3 at v regular intervals tons. Commander. Obi Ana _ _ _ a i 60 d Davies. Siltana. 773 h Brint. Fob Malta 1267 f. W. Gaa. Followed by other first dam ships. Wool and produce booked at lowest current rates. Good for Park Engels for rates of freight or passage apply to in sonic elder Smith & co. Limited a a it folder link Post Vyff a Btl Ana 1 i Jaf i h. Bright co Ormander it not Rihm i Ras cafe wharf and having tin greater portion of her cargo engaged win have in nit Diforti for rates of to Reint or passage Money apply to Susu Aio s Deb Smith. & 00., Mutt cd. Is or a it Alkek Himm i Dagosta to London Vav @ Wjk favorite Clipper slip Obi Ana of Davies commander has a considerable portion of her space engaged and win be dispatched Early in november. For rates of indent to apply 10 Eldeb Smith. & of limited Adelaide. Young & Gordon fort Augusta. 802naic is tit 1? t tvs of steamers. Port Pujji Tissel Adelaide wharf and out Porte to London and Oost Dveno. Ton. Sails. Gdl7ofbotania. 5.482 Soth november. Gulf of . �.447 to follow. Golfof6iam _ 8.650 to follow. Followed by o her new fan steamers. It rates of freight a apply to bc2naio Smith & 00., limited. Gulf line o Jug Ritz Antwerp. Hamburg and new fast t Aduf of bothnia x. G. W. Uge Wood. Commander is Appam Ted for djs Patch about 80th november. Cuso now being Teo Elvrd at wharf Sheds. Nta inc Eldeb Moth. & co. Limited. Wool sales. It tube poet Adelate to London a or Dieuci the file i 100 Al Iron barque Wanlace Captain or. Cooper will be die patched from the wharf Post adj Elaine As above about the Middle of november. Cargo now being received. Aped to Geboe wills & of sol Susie a refit and port Adelaide. It uni s line of St Bambes. I ply London via ports As required semis get these new full powered fast steamers a about november 25, and from Post August about november so. Fat freight apply to Geo. Wills &00., Adelaide and port Adelaide. Pott Victor agents a. H. Landseer and g. & based. Port Augusta agents Yong & Gordon. 305aioc Tanu Aby Wool. Sales sir a steam to London Dike i up Loci 1 Suez a and a Iiams Steamer Chuca of Lund s line Captain of. H. Pea Roe. Is appointed to Eail from toe wharf. Poem Adelaide As above about the 22nd november. I get kit by a apply to go bocce wills & co Josa Luo . J shipping. Fottos Adel Axuk steamship company j. Limited we Disna Tob their steamships a under for Melbourne and Sydney tran4dppuig Lor All Queensland ports. 6.8. Adelaide saturday i nov. 121 2.15 . 6.8. Inn Minoka saturday nov 19 2.16 . West australian service. For Albany and of Euan Cle. Tran shipping so not Assn ports. 8.8. Albany tuesday i nov. 15 . Cargo received by 4 . Prev Iowa Day. South East service. Rob Kingston Boue. Bea Otipoby and Juc Donnell Bay. 6& Bank Ltd i tuesday i nov. In i 4 . Cargo received Tat ii an. Western Bays service. For Post Elliston. Tends. Scales. St easy and Fowler s Bays calling at other rays if neos Sarr. 8.5. Lubba Sturat nov. 1 .6pjn. Spencer s Gulf service. Fob port Lincoln. Mookta Wallaroo and Fol Akimi Hab sub Sui sat Tumbs a thin rip. A. Feb bet _ i tuesday j nov. 15 s .Cheo arc Eivid till ii ? m Fob poets Augusta. Pixie. And Gemein. 6.6. . I eat nay i nov. Is i g pin. Cargo . John . So6ro on role Nam via. Currie Street. Adelaide. _. _ of Niosi Utkiss Issup Oom Paio get a Ofney zealand. Limit cd she Soyal mail monthly Sevics w rat bit adj through am Bica in Job. Alabi will avs Budnej of so vember 28 Lor Auckland Bobo ulv. And Saf Banc Isoo. Is ii n Minim Ihnn l n to Hir nit Pink in Unet Ioa and great Britain. Kne tag Wincenti steamers of the above compan a dispatched As of rows Call intr a an Yaw Mcandr 15. Iob Btuch _ hanapodim.?. November 17. Ror races of Reight and pm be Aepler b2z3uic Hab bold both Abb. 4uszbalasian United steam navigation l. Coupas. United. Use neen and cargo a Thront Rama for All Loeb Island and fijian poets also Koume v Ana new Hub Bidias. The Adelaide bean by company s steamers main conjunct Ian with the above company s Fleet transhipment at Melbourne or Sydney. Cargo also Ink in of the . Kab Aweena. Cargo received a any tune. Chr Hugo Buls of lading and passage Roketa issued by habbol3 a bothers. Adelaide and port. G2b.? Tutt c team to Sydney via of i n Val Lavoo. The Fine Steamer k3kfp Kara Kaka sea wac 1,200 Tan. Captain town will sail bom port Adelaide calling Ai a Miroo ror Sydney and Newcastle on to Veriay november is taking cargo at Tea rough rates for All Queensland fijian new zealand and other Porte. S-4,6,9 a a bold a bothers. To sports Day. 9m Noveh beb 1592. Popular Hartne exec Sion Oboh Glekel to semaphore. The Adelaide steam tog company Lettl via Dis Patch their Fine ners Eliva Nob and Defiance from . In Avirt there at 9-3u and 10 o clock . Respectively Call be at the Grange and Hanlet be a a if Eui Ich it inducement offers to enable visitors to attend sport at to semaphore Loving there on the return journey at 6 o kick and 5.50 pin. Respect in by. Betre Munts obtainable on Board. Faes Artura tickets is. Fid. One Way tool rom the Bay u 6d. During the Day the company s use Fie Sief to cab and launches will weather permitting make occasional ibis from the jetty to Anchorage. Fans is. 3hxs-4 t. B Cut sub. Secretary and manager. A. Csc com retuning same Day. Leaving at 4.80 Pau. Asio a. Lames Subiel. Saare tary. A. _ hoc Bukos s i bask i jambs combis it a on tuesday and thursdays Apfl ajo., re tuning same Day. 2s?o h. Mueck a co agent. Business notices. Tube works Fink jobs Angush and chinese to fireworks on hand Aad to arrive i if chinese Junks and fountains never Belore seen in Australia Way be co 145, Hindlet stent agents for Best a Goliah and cause fireworks. The Trade sup Ned. W. special or Liberal terms for Dis plays of fireworks in any parts of tie Colony and will be a ? to Marzu h tvo runes on apply asian of any display trom �6 Toj Soo. Please to a Mamba the shot november and Call As 145, Hindley meet and Gac supp Lud with beat goods at Lowe Moea. ?Potor Telegram promptly . Firk Dobkis. Aiu ass for the summer w. Woodroof Bebby Yin Esab Balm. Lemon syrup. Lime juice cordial win be found Moat refreshing and fab before others in Quality. 314 Montserrat Lime juice quarts. Lemon juice Mason s botanic Beer Mason s wine essences. G. N. & w. H. Birks dispensing chemists 59, Rundle Street. Zibo began pm acne or lessors pipe on com plete two Runnal instrument with pedals 17 Stop College of of Reanis specification. Fray s 4. H. Fray. Orca Fatsi Aud choirmaster is. Peters. Glt Elg. Organ studio i5o, bundle Street. Full Parteni Arstie Prospect of. Lff Laino St Tolma. Own. Bows and swings Oom pleas Oak v on from 2s- Mandona the Laust King so erace from . Zither harps piccolos flutes put mix org Neues banjos guitars Zephyr Oom Malax a a in Erst variety Joss of penal a h. Fray 160 Bundte treat. A Mac Poai Mallee boots Coke. A Large or Small quantities at lowest current rates. We. Howard sloth to bomb Ltd Coal Foos nto rtt Parade. Port Ca Boweres from Lund per Yard and upwards Black Caa Meres All qudies from Nojd per Yard and a Watfa. A Vine sow opened the balk of for Tweed suit to utter 504, t 6?. N3s, 70s, and 80a out Tweed Euit at a. Is me debt ire live yet offered Tio Naera to order from 12s 6d to a Large and Ell an sorted Stock of to Shah r department Loz. Packet Hub. Luand Isid Perl of 16 packets Bab pins 4 d Erlb. Of 16 Packe a assorted lengths ladies be Ihei and bar new i a t a it jut in picked prices is us to 20? bjjd.ine4i by Braive wools. 3s 6d and 3s us per Berlin Flag rings of Ore 3s 6d per two Banks of 6skeiru.ach Bart Quality Saxony endings Large cards Nojd pet dozen Mantle Hooks beat a Lity. M per dozen tinsel Yaras think Quality cd per Box of 4 balls 16-in. French Horn do and is m per dozen crewel Tolu All Colon Plain and shades 4idand is per dozen silk Arnsens so per skein la lid per dozen Filo Selle All Colon. Is per dozen steins Excelsior wools in 2-oc pickets cd per packet Boot l?Oes,3jd,4jd, Ana 6i per Doin Jas. Marshall & com pan e Salmon tie eni Tung Cotton is so Perl. Jas. Marshall s company s Pink tie knitting Cotton is 3d per in Silka and twist to match new season s dress materials. Twists 9d dozen Silks taper dozen americas soc Kweiter seamless dress preservers 6d and 8d per pair feat Iier such braids in great variety 6jd to 7jd per dozen. Boys clothing Uepa Memi. Excelsior cd thing. Joys was Bung blouses in Auttie test j3 Stylen d to a a us a sold boys4 Sailor Tweed Knicker suits in Greys Browns and fawns a very special line prices 4s us 6 lid. 6? uoy6 f and tooth summer Coats in j Broom Holland White Sod Brown sateen Brown and White Drill a at Lustre. Black Lustre fancy Tenola and which Linen Pri a from As us boys bldg Seege ski Fikes Only. Lived made from ran Nis 0to4 Price is per pair boys washing Knicker Sailor suits in Galatea Stripe Brown and Tanoy Annpe Drill Onowu Dollar i White Drill a teen in my the u Ett style several huns Tweed Tronsen very Choice lot 10s 6d. Is. A. Iss do extra value Boya waning Weeo Sailor Knicker Sta 76 Only Ixion 3 Lla a. Opal Tine Lor Echo of Wear Boye White Dull washing Sailor blouses fancy dollars Price. 2s6d and is a 4a us boys Black Berlin Sackx Kir Fruita. Trimmed Gold size 0 to 6 prices 10a Ltd this is a very special line. White and a beam Cotton dress goods. White spot spot afo Alina a. Great Olrea. Swiss Epou at from it a to la us per Yard also n dress log this As la 6d. Lss6d, 18s6d. These Roods Are All pore White and the a unfit Fash Ftnat of it Refl for the season i item no colors 2 us ssud.4sud per dozen and upwards. Special value Cream fancy Mun line All team 6s 6d, 7a 6d,bs6d Doz a White nil books the a St value obtainable at Saud is 6d. 7s 6d, Loi 6d Doz a White Cotton Crepon and crimped Hsin joke 6jd, ,ls3dyard White and Cream Madras in skins for draping and window Buriok grecian Stripe mushes White with coloured Border doable Width Lor contains 1? us per Jud Pat me of any of these goods Post free to any att Drese. . 500 dozen mid Reid a Woven bolder handkerchiefs is so dozen 200 Doorn Chi Karen b printed Borders. Is 6d Doten ladies Bonier handkerchiefs is us 2a 6d, 3t6d, 8b us dozen ladies White hem stitched . 4s 61 ladies Irish Lawn handkerchiefs. 8? us dozen. Household Linen depart est. 24 dozen Small White turkish towels slightly sailed. Is lid Pera zen stained turkish Towel 4s 6d dozen a typed honeycomb towels Fie 6d Doz a Good value Linen 8 Nick Knack towels lord is la 3d. Is a each Unen Huck Back Lowe Luck Sid Tow. Is. Is so Yard Chick Guss close 2d, 3d. 4d. So. Yard White table Dun ask Good wide in to 3d Ard Cream table it task lid 10w, is is so Yard while duper end. 4d Yard Lar Geuze Linen Serviettes Stid bed 10s6j dozen Linen Servi Eues is 6d,2s 6d,bs6d and Nevaida new Taa loth coloured Borders. Is us each Pillow cases. " frilled pure Linen 3s us each striped turkish roller towelling 60,7 a fed Yard bordered apron ii Neoe. Wide Ltd la. Is 3d Yard foil assortment of Betsiann Canvas . In All trip Tbs. Pat Post tree. Pattern Post fee. Gent White cric Leung shirts 3d us 6s 63,6 a us. 7s us each gents Zep tier crimean shirts 4s us 6s us 7s 6d men s Flannelette shirts Collar and pocket 2s us and 3s us each gents fancy silk bows &9d, is. Is 6d each Reuto fancy bilk Derby Scarf fld. U. Is to each gents fancy Stripe Zottou Hall Hose wed la la to pair tar a kit special a a Good news Fob the Chilsen. Our toy Baza ajl in a up thai showroom is this Day opened and to it toil Btu own thet Argea. And Bat ainu Ranftl Fuyi Stag educational mechanical and Pipit Fiji Ever dui tonin Adelaide. Special discount allowed to Bazaar pain in. Gents drab . Beu Copen name pries 21a, for 12s 6d, All Reizea genus1 heavy speck Stew hats in All makes Mew shape Plait Straw hta. Very Light a Novelty the Zephyr Zennis As by suitable for kits or sen Lenien boys White Bock Stew hats 9d boys speck Straw hate fld in e Bai Broad saw hat la Boye ,la9d.&a.bil dorm e speck Gable Strows 6d children s a saucy straws is 6d a very Choice assortment of every description of Straw Bate a a i prices platted Bush Elnitta. Lined leather bound prettily braided or Jialiu Tor Bouse or fwd Wear Worth 3d 6d, lor6dach Fla Uel ten Nib Hau coloured 9d cd men s Terai Bate with in geared 481 1 Meu a of Rai hats re cd 7s 6a, to. In or Noemer Felt it we have a very Exten Sive rang of novelties gents Guives umbrella walking Ticka 4c fatter a Post free on Appl nation. For farther details see begin Star. James Marshall and co., de aids and Lio Doh. 36ta90 drapery and clothing. High class boys clothing at Chas. Birks & compy s. Diff important item in Tea clothing department is receiving increased attention Ever be Wui and our imports for the coming summer Trade Are enormous. We Are determined to do a targe business to boys clothing and Are prepared to offer very special in order to accomplish our purpose. Do not judge the goods by the prices quoted but make a Pento at examination and you will find that the qualities Are better than you would suppose Poi Eible for lbs Money. Every article la Well Cut and nicely made. 1500 Wadahu a suits. Jewett materials. Latest shapes 1/11, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, and g ii Jar Suic. Go Sailor edits. In Fawn and Navy surge slzeaooto7, Price 2/ll w 4/6. Jaq Savy Jersey suits newest styles just Recend from 5/11 the suit. 350 pairs boys Serge knickers from a a per pair. We an now showing our new shipments of Acme clothing in All the newest materials Tor the coming season. Jhb Eton suits. Youths Cambridge suits. Boys Rugby suite boy Sultan suits boys boor Smus in Tweed melange. Black Sod coloured Serges and worsted. Boys summer Coats in Black Alpaca obey and striped mohair and Lauoy St if a sedges. See our windows. The Best display of fashionable Goudy is the City. Charles Birks & co. Pm Sorinao r. C. Castle & compy. Hae now received to tier first shipment of Spring and summer goods. Newest tribute of. Coaxing 4, ties. Hosiery. New shape is in hats Large kick of White Shi . In All Price. Men a boy Sand youths Beady made clothing. Tailor big in All lie branches. Drees Costa Frook baits Sao suits in boys. Youth and men snicker and Eton Sai a a it to measure. Also Onile at hams in the Matte of of biding Hail esd ure Ries. A Littlest Pawl sailed workmen always kept on the premises. An exp Hoood Cutter you Shaouy in Atten be compy., Tadors 37. Bundle net. Hunt Corry & co. We Are note showing a full motor Matt of Spring and Hummer drapery in Alt department taut mow cd Rosw Price list. Dress and pm Dot Oka Bomento. New flaked striped Dreas Homespun 4s lid 6i lid sell Dox. It quite Orts costume Tweed 6a 6ddox. Mew Wool Delaine spot and flowered is of uss Doc whits Hai took mrs in to 9d, 4s 9d, 6s 9d, fjs9d do Art Hua Lins. Be Patten a is lid. Is lid 3s us no howl s hew Priora f Quality Liht and dark Ebdo ooh new of a ground White spot ?,4g9d, 6b 9d grand value in Black Cashmere. Is is by. Is go 3s Holland Calico. And sheets a depart meets. Dream Hollands Asad 6a 3d, 8? 9a, 10s 9d Doc White Calico 2s us stud 4s ild 5a us is us Doz. While table damask in is id la 114, stud. 3 us new Flannelette stud. 3s us 4h us 6a us 6s us co thug and Mac by departments. Hen s suits new goods 15s a. La so 2as and 81a m Hon i a fun Merino Boi 4. 6jd. Sad is m4m ,,23ud,b?, 4s gent a ties new Gooda 4m. 6jd, 9jd, la used la us. Glove and hosiery up abutments. 4-Buttnn kid , dents stud stud. Alld. 14-in.taoano Black taffeta Glove. A is is 64 16-ta. Pure filk Titones. Isis to i m Pur ladies stripes Balb i gaga finished Hose 6id, 9j4, is ladies Cashmere Hose. Is. La 6a, 1. Us. 2s fid pair. Children s outfit depart mint. Boys and girls Sailor oos Ramea is 9d,4.d,6e3d, Bobd a Tettl ?,la,ls9d,2sed,3b9d,4alld. 51 he children s Muslin and Sil hats and bonnets 3s so ss6d,7s9 Fri d gents silk handler due is 9j, stud 3s lid 4s ,65114.6?. Mantle and depart mints. Ladies new Aatu faced ,6b ,se9d, a diff new turn to silk Manues 26?m,52?1 d,46a ladies print b ooze jacket l6d. S9d, a bid a 9d ladies shirt Blonea 2a lid. Stud 4 us. Saud unmounted bases from is 6bd. 4a9d, 6s9d.es 9d. Ribbon and Lack . Hew neck dons. 2i4,3id, 4jd. Yard 2-Jn. Satin Kibbon various a Ann 3d Yard Whittem Brodett. ,3?. Sam.4s4rl.6j6d sew patterns in laces. A 4 w 6 i. 9i is. If a Mann a and trimming department. Pearl dres Button cd 4id. 6jd, 9i. La Das. Fro Ord machine Cotton. 300 Jaros is Ltd Doz. Do Black. Storoz. Boot laces. So. End 44 1,6jd Doz. Fancy and station by depart hams. Swiss Leailur belts 9jd, is 3d, la 6d 6-quire notepaper n a. Jud is a Avocet mercantile and Corm base envelopes 4jd, 6jd, 9ml is per 100 Miaow Rock lamps hew goods a 9d each Truu raves 2 6a Doz. Tuts and Gou egg cups Large is Doz. Worth 2 sew bread boards Pattten and bread Enitte u of per pair writs for thais line Bismarck lamp glasses la 61 Doz. Lamp Wicks 6d Doz. Grand Ltee Olarge Sogar basins and Batter dish la 6d pair. Ail country order will Reni our very Best Atten turn but Money must be remitted Frith All orders As . Bau kers storekeepers and tie Trade served throughout at special wholesale Ca prices. Thi Branch of the Trade is our speciality and All Tufto Are mat uart Itig in business it Vitili pay than it a upset our tick at tee can give a Large variety far Atman amount of Money. Hunt Corry & co., wholesale and retail Cash do apes and Impo Krebs 112, 114, us us. . A Cubuk. L?7aio summer Days Are coming. Boyle s Points. Hoy lets Cambric Hoy firs deillette3 Hoyle zephyrs to slots a teens. Abe guaranteed fast colors. Please look at the piece and if Hoyle d name is stamped of you will get Peb Feci goods that will Wash and Wear. Ask Youe Drapek Fob Hoy lets Hake. Thomas Boyle & sons Manchester. Established Over 100 Yean. 222-314 Hall & Savage. Dua Peke. Tailors. Mil lines and 105, Euphi i i Street same Elds Aad tire Edson Weston Arcade. Now allowing a Beautiful assortment of the famed hib inia and a Terling under Lothing. Of anti of Fine Calico and Nain Sook richly trimmed. Having Bonnet three on very adv a a Oas terms we Are Tsering at prices very much below those usually charged for similar goods. Szwaic pianos the largest Best and most Complete too Iii aoi6ranaatw.subuer#,. Lolu Iio drapery and clothing. 4 counts of Martin Brothers. Straw hats for the holidays. Straw hats for the Seaside. I Straw hats for the Garden. Straw hats for the Cricket Field. Straw hats for Tennis. Straw hats for boating. Straw hats for menacing. Intr Hembd Straw hats from 6d. To 10a 64. Thu sued Straw hats from a. In. To 355. Burlington House. 340 Charles Birks & co., bundle Street. Birks s for hosiery. Ladies new summer hosiery with double St Raeth i Heel. Feet and toes. Black bal Buggan Hose ,. Imperial fat Dye _ 1/ Stu Black Balbriggan Hose _ Imperial fam Dye. _ 1/3 iwo Blackb lbs Logan Hose _ sanitary fast Dye _ 1/6 for Black Baler Issah Hoik. Defiance fast Dye _ _ _ 1/11 new summer hosiery. Black Lisle try raft Hosea. Fast Dye _ 1/11 " Black Lisle thread Hose fast e 2/3 Black Lisle the and Hose. D i a fan Dye _ 2/11 a Black Lisle thread Hose Diamond Raat Dye _ _ 4/6 w Tan Shade in hosiery Kew striped hosiery. Children a sock. Children s Tan sock. Kew Tan Shade in Hoai Ety. New striped hosiery. Birks s for hosiery. Shakles by is & co., bundle Street. So Jioie j t. Fitch the Corner Rundle and Pulteney streets. We respectfully invite inspection of on new and fashionable drapery clothing boots and shoes a for the Spring and 1"1?r i hew prints la lid. Is 6d, 2s lid. Be lid dozen Navy and while prints 3? lid dozen per Yard Navy and a fee prints fancy Ana Floral patterns bid 7jd per Yard Fano prior splendid designs 6r 7jd, bad per . 6d, 7ja per Yard Cotton Uei Aisea 6fd Jer Yard Mew French muslims Choice patterns sea Jud per hew Delaine. Hid per Yard All Wool voile lame beat to . Us cd i Errara Mew dress materials 2s 6d, ass lid is lid per Doans Cli Corduroy cloth. 7id per Yard fancy draw 1 weeds Luis. C be cos Tebelle Sydenham Torquay and son Dawaud Onnela in variety ranging from is upwards of aet i sold Aud i us 7s us. Tailoring department. Gents Tweed Sao suits to measure 47a cd 665, 63s 678 by 70s, 76a Genu a june Serge Sao Enite to Meadore 60s, 65s gent Beilin Dao suits do Onyx to measure. 70s, 7a gents melange Sao Cuiffi to measure 67a fld. Men smooths and boys clothing department. Men s teed Suita us 9d. 16a so us 9d, 2ts 6d men s Trooien and us. Lua 6m, la 60,13?99 men s merge suits 2m 6d youth it end suit ?6d,l7ed, 19s9d,2s 6d boys wee Ostia used ite6d. Los6d, 17a6d Boyf trousers Ana Veau 8b a. 9a ski 0,1.2, 8,4,6, b. 2?6d i us sudd 4sud 6eud 7sud men s Wiite Stew hats epic in so boys Black am Woite Straw hats 9d hew plaited Taok and White Straw hat. Is 6d, is ,2?6j,3l Boot department. Ladies Lent Orford shoes. 4a a 6s 6d. 89 us ladies Lent avs. Boots. 6 us 9a 9d ladies kid Oxford shoes a 7s us. 9s 8d in diet Lauier Balmoral feign leg As lid 6s 6d, 6s 31d, 7stjd Ladie last aug . Boots. 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Adelaide ao7-gtt Adamk Victor be of naked daily i if Stanley Boose Goniu Ermine West Opp Oast Roers new Botoner a Bop. Utt Gibson. Medical herbalist and Parana legit. Of Nomad treet off . cd Aeno any to Doss. Herbal . Do rented. Targe moderate. Aft will find Woodmo Frt 1. Baking and leg pow oets Tomato Mao. So ?sirpa9?, la it Jonq men who May be aah rating Flora the i effects of Yew Una we or is Dowel co console meat oboe. Infra so of Iii win or not Ilins Sii of a Fjodor character. Re would ther Ore aay to tvs Nad Tbs wot Vattiat they an herons ground Whan Tea a longer Day a Akina Hie proper remedial far t�3& complaint. To ladies Bonare any of one follow Fox too Pianta cold extale Mittiea weak Eto Maccaa Laie and and act be Agaane Aon Sli pation and indie Tion. Pains in toe sub ipod Bank Laese ode break Luis Down Puna and All symptom womb Ana urinary org Saa of Gantt prote Eeor Enoa f on Amber. Carri treat. Anaam eco cd borrowers. Advances an also made on personal Hemiup Bills of sate Dep text of deeds and Bondad Are Oates from �5 to �5.000. At very moderate to tip of interest by week -. Monthly Orvaa Tery instalments. Advances made on babes. Bills discounted daily. For f briber information apply to the Hasar. Lbs. Is Ais

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