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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives May 31 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 31, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library Australia Orient line. To unto the dates to ply Tea shipping Tor All Indian ports. Sod canal a Halo. Stank la. And a altar ? . I ii Ira Jna 1 Cunt my Annew .-.?. It Etta. �65 to us. A Bunor . &iaab.xsllla. To 7. Quid � ids Cami Faan Jetport pm be a Toad Here. 5&b eve i a iii be ita Aidyn Bavins room. Jimh Majaj gangs . And a Deb a fit i Stibli 00. the sat a Anarch Tor tie store Ai Mare the ? ?. A not by is 1 is Sirr vac � Tii set iii Ishimi cd asu.vkicss food Anu a 5Tg2hkik ? Tineaka to Prtrt Yeratt Aruba. Una it ii. jew a Maii Lbw Tuiai Bitt bbw.,ncl�snsardesrtiate&au3kxxacx-l.iza, to i a ? ? ? we safbsjbi5lrfc�c�. V . sgt plays a to most an Vaomaa. Fri Inin Kre. A hmm Ufa Congo Booket ump Aam Kertma Alemda Tad Jet a atm. Lund she steam efts i sssrs5s5stirwwpl Matal Capet Jan. And London. _ 4, maj Del m a Star. About it Jid. It Momal mata1, ast Lydon Alcoa. Bay Peidl ,8.s. Dungaree lbs too Captain w. A Linghan. S the an Teba ton Ocean stament wait text Nadaud Brabon port about Aston re Rarama. Bulha Offil a Milf awol Awn rtt try Tali George wills & co. To me admde.fia1ttiil�liv. And port fire. Nippon Yusen Kaisha ? it Webial Japan use Hail line. Jeep Bess jail Asp Page a set fee betwee5 ads Balia China. And Japan. Calling at Melbourne Stabney Bis Bahe. Towns luxe and tub Day Klaud. The tone Nev Steamer Kasuga Haru. 4.000 Tana e. W. Haswel commuter. A be Dapat Rorri torn port Adelaide wharf Tutta Teasel a specially built or tins Trade. 61oob Janid shape. Stata Ooms. With to berths Only Bavins All the latest improvements. Fitted i Bec talc Light and attn aerators. 1 inspection cordially a felted. Special the och booking to All pasts the East. America and Europe at lowest Kates. Mall wraith Mceacharn. It co. Pop in ted agents. 61. Are Feu Street. Adelaide. A Snake 81. Gre leu Street. a a a co Pahy umite0. 10 port Darwin Manila chx2t.fi$ and Japan. Jut will be the . Guthrie a Batik std Het. Leith Jane. Cargo Abc tved ado pow added pee . Wol Lowra port add Aida Tok Jane to Sydney. For trn sunant to &6. Gat Lirie tree additional flight Paa Watan booked throw go to Abo report. Apply for part Gibbs. Bk1oht. & co agent. Xai a w. Oreo my Street. And port Adelaide. A a flew Cost Wakefield 1 Inoff any. For port Wake Mulaw Reir 1 Annie Watt Sao wed Leaday. Slat inac. At 5 pm a. & k. Lajes Spaht for Tao Ltd. ? 150-1a. Mob poet. Bod Ohio. Jim 11 tiptoe 5 Abr Wail Aab cd newday Slat inst. ?.?� a. E. Luclie Soubies. ? port Adelaide. P o s t & 9u& Kingston \ Elsie. Brach Post wednesday Uay 31. J. Bice it co Adelaide and Kin too. My tit x. E. Lames Scaler. Port Adelaide. To at i i Sandar to Sta Jabusy re Uata a inc Buday and saturday at a. 30 we a Tam 6tak6bub.y Lea Maikl Ai a and thu sea y tit inc 3 pm so sort via cent or Era tuesday at .3o my. Toad pox Al siesta err wednesday. For a. Lahes8okikb.sacietanc. Al Al Sioe. Bafundi on or plus a stripping. The Adelaide steamship company. Limited win from port Adelaide As under Eben lancet permitting for Alkay Ami Folk hat a. Leigl a Cebalt Esfand All South West pouts. Halloo Friday i Jane 9 i s throng a Tok lading Wied to Perth Barl cads at Yasse and Annb Najr. Fob Espe Rahce Bat Tranas Polne to finders at alb anti a boo Shmay jne�t8pjn. Fob Hel Bottke teas ship Kiker eos so they and cebh81akb Post. Ade Laum ,.f monday Jonett i spin. Bfbbm3bbw Golf settice. Nabs cd v a Tiwa Daj june i . Polis at Dosu is Bureik. And piece rtt a to drano. I Vuai atoll Altai Day Jane 8 14p.m. 5bkss3h5?skaiishipco.,. A sit ideas Lac ibs in at him sket Yarett tat be top Strnad so j Pil Babra 8atobday. Jane a at 1p.m. ? Tran up at Fronan la. ? paroo Friday Jon s. at Queen Waif to a jul is ekes . Attar a Sist port Jeri ub4talI ? apply to .,.--.a or in deers we ref. Post. Dpi Odnoha for Sale and Waasted. Fht Der this Neadis to repair in Wii ? Ottob. La.7 three insert Tontai. U. Q wheat wite to than purple Straw. Ear inc Bluey. Bar seed. A opt Dat Feia son. A ill Atit. J .y.aau, see i. A. S. Pro. H ac131tt Oniu Rok Sec Aandrew potato Uxa Hilss special Rint Daas att Tioata Boyal Torii Tauanu society. Cun Riek. Be head Lor us Vertnor Dinar cropping. . Butosi a bloc Toussa mis crop a Job Era with Init it Tabo vote in prf1iii� Ven i like balls floor 3d flu 7 in. 1/0, ii id. Sfax lib. It Choice Abas Cheam genl so ill new. 1/ plot pact la Tot York a pint Tackitt Garter Hiward acpt at Ibiam him lip Jar egg by a ref jas he ,. Jew tha Spund a he White md8usd seed tans or Vetches. Wattle 6ekd the Iro. Vaher for Batic apace Haiek Ira Oklat. sssrssr1 atm fam u ric1 Sweet Poza Yobst e. & w. Backett. Eked potato specialists. Seeds men. A 73, Sundle Street ape aide. 1 46iiatsxus-7t Duke Albany pea. This Nie did pea is Neq owned a a main crop wrinkled tar Fety. 8 to 18 Peak in each pod. A. Pint also club petes a up undid Early Dwarf Peak William hubs. Yob Kishibe Bebe. And flt Bra. A. Nat. Lucern new Aeed Beed wheat. Oats. Babley Fecit Trees and ssefltsce.00- Tehpeh oneat., ufos a shipping. Howard Smith line. Leave Howard Smith s wharf As Flohl Aubart. 1 rbmau.mt.%. I Sydney j Ebi Bank i Kabob Obaob i Gladstone j j Bockh Aptos i Mckay i xowk5viua i ca1bns j Gabo. Tuesday. Jane 1 . Btu Sinyong. Monday Jane 5. Pae Teneen and Archote to Munyong proceeds tar one to bib Snake calling at intermediate Porta to Tab shipment. Tor above 1 Ortt. From Wallaroo Reba May 3l from Post Pixie by june 2. Oreo most be Denvered alongside Atea ners not feat thin one boor before advertised time caning. We. Kow Juffy 8�jithjr8om prof Wewt a whited. In Rinir in him i ? and Kurth Parade. Port Adalaida. Sise Wudl wealth Mceacharn Ca . Mkt ted Letre Anatsia Marmitt Laos Albary. / cools Kadic he Kanub 1 monday. Jane e. for pm Btu Unnur. And . Posts on throw go . Woteca go it Street Adelaide j.rawukg8 Sok. Fort Adelaide. A a Huddart Parker & co. Fitow Baraky. . from port a Tuvoa ? Anglian tuesday. Jane & at a brooch bids lading to Perm. ? feb eight and passage at lowest Cobbett baxe8. Forian to o. & j. Fowler limited 60c Adelaide Ana Adit the Tam to Kudo Tony and Bacu Rob one re aur trader .?.-h. Helenk Wooll. Was away a Sling wednesday. May St. Passage Saloon sea Steerage a Tor fee feb and Paa Aase Asper bos. His ?. ? town and port. 1. General merchandise. Go Bale and 1o Babiye hoop Iron fencing win Trebas Pic tron barbed wire in bags Brewr wire netting cossacks see Tina steel put Lueia pm Torso sails Iron Fng. Posts linseed o0 braves Soper phosphate Hematite Paioni Ittu Antna Tom ado. Brilman Tufaine Baj Nabed Iron 1 Cave guano ram Rhine saw jct Naomi seed Semper Dakis Wool Paclin Leboue boats to Agio oboe wills h co. Foale great Winter s a tj3. This Day and daily. 14, 16, 18, Browne St. 132 132a gouge i St. Us aeon it i in galled to the fact thai to and Star i lit Tillei aim Mia a Hoo Roo Gfa i astr Altura i their Tyniw Tom Ludt anal i Lowil i fun Fauk. Foren oct Krar sense. I tie bom lop pneumatic tube co. United b 6�, Easklin tee i. Adelaide. And at Aldbourne. Sydney. Perth mud Sufat Dordi Hoaks a Milan in pocket and Sony to All Csc Tiu who id a Ejelie that Gin . And Mora ?.maetiinecaalw be fitted us a that Are he Kolwitt Eundine the Roach australian Road and thetys beat gutted to australian feb ii ate Multi fix Hil Milf Ltd Rel Cha Combine to the Mit decree rid Abety and ban Olps a ill la ii a co. Muted. Feak Suk Street. Adelaide. ? special Holiday Unes at jas. Marshall co s to daiy 0 the cheapest Hodge in Adelaide or the cheapest House in Adelaide for the cheapest House in Adelaide for everything everything everything in child Beds weak. In ladies gents and children web. In child Bents web. � ? 4 visitors to Adelaide Are politely invited to inspect our enmons Stock drapery Marshall s set Statial Kitchen chair Price. Is. Lid. Bentwood Cane seat chair Price 4s. 64. in tapestry a Plush �5 5s. Child s Low chair a. 3d. Economical. Cane seat chair Price 2t-. 9d. Platform rocking chair 17s. Cd. Send along tour orders to it a a a laa3a 29 he a a a a Al a a a a 2 Are a pair Are they not ? very Well then. We have a tale to Tell about a pair blankets. Our third shipment is Joist to hand and As a see Ditth stg tax Bitzs we offer you a Blanket 2 Yards and 9 inches Long by 1 Yard and 9 inches wide for 1/41 each or 2/9 per pair. We not sat they Are All Wool but we say they Are rattling value. Moore site fair. ??t.o\s everywhere. Do you want a Cape ? we offer 200 ladies Black Carl cloth capes with velvet Collar usual value 13/0, Lor q / 1 1 each you want a Mantle to Day we Clear 12 Only ii Adies Black Mata Lasse mantles richly trimmed Lur and Jet Worth 35/, for i j each you want a jacket we can show you 37 ladles Black Vicuna jackets very stylish and Correct usual value 18/9, to Clear at no i each you want a Waterproof ? we Are Selling ladies checked Waterproof cloaks with full cape3, usual value 1o/6, for / i each you want a. Velvet Blouse ? we quit to Day 39 ladies coloured Cord velveteen blouses very pretty goods nicely trimmed usual value 7/11, Tor j i i each you want a serviceable dress ? we offer for clearance 837 Yards French coat intr Serge in Bubs Navy electrics and greens Worth lord per Yard for o /1 1 full dress you want a pretty dress ? we Are Selling a very pretty silk and Wool fancy dress Tweed in Browns greens and navys usual value 1/u Yard Joro 1 full dress you want a pair gloves 37$ dozen ladies Black Brown and Tan kid gloves buttoned. Stitched backs usual value 2/6, iorl/1 l pair you want a stylish hat come to Moore s Winter fair. We have the prettiest millinery in Adelaide. ? Send for our illustrated catalogue. Has. Moore & go., \ 70, 72, 74, 76, Guger Street. Millinery showroom. Superior Black Straw gems so. Each trimmed Bond St. Felts. Ii 1/6. 1/u Ach Giitl Black Flop Felts 1/, 1/11. Us each i Black fancy Straw is tsp a. 1/, 1/u each i girls fashionable Tarn Caps 1/u, us each i pretty Feather Mot met sad. Each. Mantle and costume department. Is Serge Waterproof macintoshes 21/ each 63 coat and Slort costumes. 15/9 each 42 children s Navy costumes 4oi. 5/11 each 1x7 fashionable Fawn Oanea us each is Flannelette dressing gowns 6/u each 75 ladies stylish shirt blouses. 3/11 each. Underclothing department. 10 Dot ladies petticoats 1/u, us. Us each 132 Dot ladies knitted Wool fests fid. 9d 1/ each is children s Winter tunics. 3/u. Cd. Us each 26 dozen Flannelette knickers and chemises 1/u, Pink Flannelette Nighta resses 1/u. Us 3/u. A each ? Large Holland Coolins aprons i 1/6. 1/u each. Fashion & Economy in artistic dress materials. All Wool. Double Width French 6erges, in Navy Moss Brown Ruby Grer. And Peacock Only i 2/11 the dress length double Width venetian Fiji titty doth for Coats and Stirts Only a few pieces left. 3/6 the Dresa length. Flannelette department. Stripe Flannelette 2/11. 3/u, 4/u, 6/u, to 10/6dozen Pink Flannelette Sli 4/u. 5/u, 6/u. To 9/6dozen j fancy Flannelette Blouse is. 6m. Yard Black Cashmere 1/. 1/fi, 1/u Yard coloured Cashmere. Ii. Left 1/11. 2/6 Yard Black Moreen in to c. So Yard. Gloves for the Holiday. Ladies Button pique sewn suede gloves in j fawns beavers and tans Bell or Black stitched backs 2/11 pair ladies Tastencre French gloves in tans and Black Plain backs Only i a pair ribbons. Ribbons. Fancy plaid ribbons All silk. Wide. 1/. 1/6 Yard i Dainty striped Scarf ribbon. 1/ Yard. I fancy shot millinery ribbon. 7jd. Yard handsome Floral Scarf Bibbons. 1/u Yard babe ribbons 6d., loid., 1/3, 1/6, 1/ujkt Rondcau us Bibbons. L/9�.-s/9. 8/3. Tdk/6 dozen umbrellas and parasols. 60k umbrellas. Latest handles. Sal 6/6, 7/6 each the Victoria twill umbrellas 1/11, 3/u, 3/6 each. New shot silk parasol 5/0, 7/6. 8/11 each Dainty Boulevard Pai sols 7/11, us 10/6 Cadi fashionable Oval Blue pan sols g u each pretty plaid parasols 7/6 each charming neck novelties for the Holiday. The prettiest i be pics Faribe neck 3 Yanfen Long i trimmed lovers knots cat 1/u, 2/u, 3/6, i 3.11. Tell. 7/fi Etc j a silk Windsor serfs Tish Sass a tsar worn at the neck a and ase Ozment at 1/11 each boots and shoes. Ladies Glace kid shoes 4/u pair i ladies Glace kid Button boots. 7/6 pair i Udics he. Kid uce boots 4/u pair i gents Stout walking Balmoral 7/11 pair a talk lather lace boots 4/u pair gents Balmoral Morocco tops 976 pair ladies and children s hosiery. Ladies Black Cashmere Hose embroidered fronts. I we designs and colouring. 1/. 1/3, 1/6 per pair i children s Black All Wool Cashmere three Quarter i Hose seamless feet double tops All files id. Per pair. Haberdashery and Small wares. Berlin fingerings new Shade Lod. Per Bank. I Linen buttons in Metal boxes 3jd. I Laie 1 . Balls mending 3d. Cards o steel safety pins id. Each cards curtain Hooks id. Each rackets Best Gold cycad Needles id. Each. Gents shirt department. Men s Kintore Tweed shirts 2/u each Lien s Wool crimean shirts 3/11 each men s White Cycle sweaters 3/u each Heather Cycle sweaters. 4/u each men s Cycle Hose 2/6, j/6, 3/u pair men s Tennis shirts us each. Men s clothing department. Men s Black Vicuna Chesterfield overcoats velvet collars 27/6 each men s dark Tweed suite is/6 men s Tweed overcoats who capes sizes 3 and 4 Only 33/. To be sold at 16/6 each men s dark Tweed Tiu uses 3/6 each boys clothing. Boys Knicker soils. 3/11. 4111, 5/u each i boys sets Sailor suits us. 3/. 4/u each i boys Tweed Ove cams 7/u Cich i gents hats. Stiff it Hal. 4/11, 5/11. 7/3, g i soft framed hats 4/6, be. 6/9, a wed Ope w. 1/. 1/3, 1/6 % i dogs. V bus rugs 3/11, 4/11, s/11, 6/u, 7/6, to 35/6 iii we Travo Jinjr runs 9/6, 11/6. 14/6, 17/6 each Waterproof lamp sleeping Bas l /6 exch gents gloves. Gents simple gloves lined and warm for the cold we Auer grand value 1/u, 2/6, us 3/6 per pair Safy All i Oft Nof our country easterner. I it mfr fondle to May a re Complete Sample orders / Fon Rerd a onre neat should be addressed a drapery and clothing. Public notice. Wilson brige & go. Teg to announce they nil Start their Clearing Sale the whole on file Stock Haa been care oily gone through and Markka sock to Sale rices. Bargains and genuine reduction sin Eye a Defabo tent. And As oar Stock is much larger than it Stroom be we shall make it Worth your while to come and Eena. Bund we mean business and the whole on Stock will be cleared very cheap. 1wiix be a big Clea bake. Price shall in the lines we must sell at once. 62 dozen ladies fashionable mkt bummed 8tbaw hats. The Jewett shape and newest make Sot fancy Straw. Mack and Moat fashionable colors. Osnall sold at from 2/b td-/6ach, All to to at 6d in ladies Plain cloth capes Superior Quality and newest style in Black and Fawn shades to go at 5/11 Iso Only High class mantles an Frenow models. Only one Ota style. These Are Home the choicest goods Ever imported ranging from 2, guineas to 81 guineas each All lined throng Hont Price Tib 25/6 to 84/ 10 dozen in facts Wool Caps in Fawn Grey and Cream to go at cd each it dozen children s Fakolt Wool and fancy Fleecy hats in Cream and Cocool 9dandl/i All to to at 3d 1� dozen childre1ts fancy Wool hats and Bohets Cream and Colon v3 to 1/6, All Tofe oat Deach 52 pieces i.s00 Yard. Fine Oriental lace new and Choice patterns White Cream and Batter shades 2 inches wide cd Yard for 2jd Yard so inches wide 6jd Yard for Sid Vard s inches wide to Yard for 4 id nid 4 inches Nide 8 Yard for 6td Yard Castor suede gloves vines make in Maize Shade with Black stitched backs 2/11 f0 1/6 p 159 pain men s Tweed teod8hes, made Fol Iffla a Tweed. Aii Ritaa to to at 4/11 us Hen s dark Tweed tk0dbee8, All album to so at 2/11 St both a bronc Tweed Sailor suits All Sixes 4/6 Odd Bjurnes Tot Little boys to be cleared at 6w�cq%h�blue tailors Serge ? Good us Strong specially made for Bard Wear 2/61ird double Width heavy Winter Tweed for men s and boys clothing. ? is anally sold at 5/b, to go at 3/6 sri Patteese sent free on application. Be sure and participate in the Good Binca pro tided on saturday and following Days by Wilson brige & co., the originators Low prices. Ill 116, 118, Rundle Street. Adelaide. 147c j. Miller Anderson co., 20 and 22. K1hdley-Street. Austral clothing. The materials Are reliable the work is durable and the shapes fit accurately and comfortably. Blouse Sailor Knicker suits. 13/6 to 35/. Norfolk Knicker suits 15/9 to 27/6. Suffolk Knicker suits 22/6 to 32/6. Byron Blouse Knicker suits 16/6 to 22/6. Rugby Knicker suits 25/ to 37/6. Cambridge trouser suits 35/ to 49/6. Eton Knicker suits 29/6 to 42/. Eton coat and Vest 27/6. Extra Serge knickers 4/6 to 10/. Reefer jackets 10/ to 17/6. Youths Cape overcoats 15/ to 27,6. Youths sleeveless Cape Over. Coats 13/6 to 37/6. Youths Chesterfield Over Coats 15/ to 21/. Youths Waterproof Over Coats 21/ to 29/6. Austral clothing always gives satisfaction. Fashion plates showing the different styles will be posted on application. J. Miller Anderson go Adelaide. Drapery and clothing. Martin bros., Burlington House Bate Kouf on View very Large shipments every kind Manchester goods household linens flannels. Flannelette a Dieci from the 1iakdfacxubebs. Household linens a special value. Coloured Bode bed table cloths. 2j Yards big 3/11 Cich. Ujj Yards Long 4/11 each. White biked Tea cloths Rich dam asked patterns drawn work All round 33 inches Square 2/3, 2,0, 2, a and 3/6 each. biked dam asked pattern otlet6,15 inches Square 3/11 per dozen Worth 6jd each. He stitched Ovles Rich dam asked Pat terns 11 inches Square 5jd each Worth 7jd tray cloths. Coloured bordered Ebay cloths for incs dam asked patterns 29 x 19 inches sad each Worth 1/ each Voitk dam asked Patteen tray cloths. Irined a x 16 Incho id each Worth lord Tacij. Coloured bordered dam asked pattern d sets fringed 10 inches Square 1/u per dozen Worth 3d each. Coloured bordered dam asked pattern Ovles ringed h inches Aque 3/u per Doseo 6id each White Cali Coes. A 3/6, 3/11. 4/c, 4/11, 5/6, 6/6, 7/6. To j2/4 per dozen Yards. Special value. So pieces 2,000 Yards Fine Linen finish Calico. 1 Yard wide 3/u per dozen Worth 5/6 dozen. White sheeting. 72 inches wide lord Llyd. 1/. Laid. Is 1/6yard 80 inches wide 1/, i/1j, 1/3, 1/6, 1/8 Yard 80 inches wide 1/9, 1/u, 2/3, 2/6, 2/s Yard. Special value. So Inch twill ki1eet1kg, 1/ and 1/3 Yard Large Suil a tests ? ? White and a bleached turkish Bolles Tow Elux 15 to is inches wide. White turkish Bolles towelum3s, 6/u, 6/6, 7/6, f/6, and 0 6 per dozen. Unbleached ., 4/u, 6/o1, 6/6, 7/6, and 8/8 per dozen special line in heavy Woven Check Flannelette shirting 2s inches wide ted. . Striped Flannelette 2/s, 2/6, 8/u, 8/, 4. A and 5/6 per Down yards32-Iocli flak5eusttes, 3/u, 4/6, 4/u, so. And 5/u per dozen Yards 33-Iutji, 6/11, be and 7/6 per dozen Yards 30-Inch, 0/11, 7/6, s/6, and s/11 per dozen Yard 1 lain and twill Pink Flannelette 27 to 36 inches wide special value 2/11, 3/11, 1/u, to 10/6 pet dozen Yards natural and Shetland Flannelette s3 inches wide ted. And Sid. Yard we have much pleasure in intimating to ladies who have been waiting for this cloth that we a e now opened a Large shipment. Woolette new designs suitable or wrappers blouses be. Ill. 501, cd 7/6, 6/6, 8ai. 9/6, and Mpa dozen a mils French Biol Letuks 28 to 31 inches wide 8id-. 9h-. Loid. And 11 id. Yard. exch Cashmere Cottle Flannelette. 28 to 31 inches wide. 7�d., sjd., s d., loid., and us. Per Yard. All Wool French Blouse flannels. New colors and designs 1/6. 1/9. And i a Yard new goods every mail Steamer. Shopping by Post Martin Bros system shopping by Post offers great facilities o ladies who Are unable to personally visit Burlington House. Lieu contemplating purchases ladies have Only to a Rita for sets patterns which will be in. Mediately forwarded to any locality. Goods can be ordered by letter and special care a ill be paid to All orders thus received the slightest detail meeting with attention. Martin bros., Burlington House. Join a Donaldson Andrews and company invite inspection to their Stock blankets eiderdown quilts White and coloured flannels. Sheeting Flannelette Call at very special values. 22, Hundle Street. Shierlaw s new shipments boys & youths clothing. Splendid Stock durable and perfect fitting clothing to choose from at lowest possible prices. Trouser suits 13/6 Serge Sailor suits 4/6 Reefer jackets 5/9 cents and boys hats and Caps in endless variety. Illustrated catalogue sent Post free. 16 and 18, Windley St. Local miscellaneous. Under this heading ii prepaid18 word on insertion. Is. Three insertions. 2s 6d. ? Tuk steam dying and cleaning . So Bjork to co. An dyers and Fri nah . Otar Ges moderate. ? 151-3 makb1ages solemnized or one Cudnea a Recoe Nisco minister address.s., this office ? soc 1 b0p ess0r a Dixa toe famous Oriental Astral Ornst has been patronised by All eng Lish and foreign nobility and ladies and gentle men the australian ietie3. Particulars. Consultation free. 46 Freeman-St., Adelaide. ? 150-2 Hart sue and character from handwriting in pumps a tamped addressed in dope Imam Devine. . ? 10?aiu60 Adame Chishan a captian psalmist twists Fortune which places within tour Beach Phenomena bargains at our great Winter Sale v., a we shall sell to Day 1 and t0-m0rr0w, it takes so Long a 493 pieces 28 and 33 Inch fire twill Funn Hito a i 33 and 36 Cream doff Estessl every Yard to be sacrificed j Hesimu Start the Ball boiling Selling our 28-Inch cavy strip twill a Dycle a at 1/6 per dozen. 4 which is just half fridge. Z ,.- ? .-.,?.,� m pieces coloured Satis Sebe ribbon sol to be sold ild for 86 Yards. A ? 42 a 163 Only ladies silk blouses every garment a perfect study thrived from Ieie to 59/6 ? \ i everyone to to sold at a trifle Over half Price. 1,500 ladies Buck Sailor straws Best Quality to be sold at a. 3,500 Yards coloured velveteen in almost every Shade \ to by cleared at v taal1 Worth double the Money. 73 pieces heavy All Wool French coating Serges to be sacrificed at Al 1 the Dresa / ? pm so glad i found it out in 2qhs 3 verdict everyone who visits j the Couse Uii

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