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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives May 25 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 25, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia nipping. Tom ebs Okrie Mah Siimes steam snip under Jyh mail Oon Traci with the French govern Adelaide to London via mane Lebal dec at Albany Seychelles Aden. Suez and port ?.m Adelaide to London of 28 Day 3. La so 1 " it. . Of Una off if. Fix who . Hon., May so Volt Bisti Dahl. Boulard . Saik. July 8 a?lurd.?ioeo2ba. Poy Denot hon., aug. 1 Acau Uxa Teo Aio. Idler . Rhun., ape. L Bema in Kos f. Jaschi la. Mon. Oct. 81 a jobs or a Hub Indore wats or aus at heals. Feb Bueb Oak labs tic i Marsef Llee to Loanda a sold Here journey is hours Only. The lamp and a interpreters will to company through passengers pans and London. Luggage con eyed fan by Steamer from Marseilles to London. stewards. Miloh cow carried. Single tickets to Marseilles from �20 to �66. Be Sani Tram �34 to �iu6. accommodation unequalled. Wine sad so Cabin furniture included in fares. Passengers Are booked through to Mauritius reunion and South Africa via passengers booked to Bombay via Kubra Ohee wino he Fine Tram Aden. Cargo booked through to Havre Genoa Antwerp Banark Hamburg Bordeaux and London. For nip to into Rev to voice p. . N. Company under " leave steamers. The. Of Romander. Britannia St j. Orman. R . Hay ski Maslia Mso. Fraser . Lune s Rien Taci 50 � e. Stewart Jane 22 Tio Tobia _ s2fl? a. W Adamson july 8 Owasa. Sse2p.s.tomlin,bjt3. July v Talotta 1919 b. F. Briscoe Raj a aug. 8 Arcadia. .?21w.8. Andrews. . 17 first and second Saloon plan users allowed to break their journey at . Oahu asserted on Sperou terms. Liberal Nonos Sinns Mads to Fand Hes during the alack passenger season. Passage trod England can be arranged Here. B the beyond Quoon the arrangements have been main oilily . Toe accommodation uttered so of passage Money. To London first Saloon �80to Chula Mayss. Oulgha to follow. Tar Awonga to follow. Murrumbidgee _ too now. Saau Etaco Munda inn suaogrsgt., Adade or port. Robt and Aing to London he it Trabue zonal. the put full Nowend hew Steamer Gulf of sum. Captain j. Sanderson a Fol be dispatched at above about the 30th june. Few Sio so Soo Homo Adelaide or port Ade aids. _. It Batto London via sex a Toj Husk. 9 land Cape Horn and by at Batava Waw ship pig oos like of Royal mail of the mat of fluent steel Sesmet Buu Taka t.478 tons will leave Lytteon on june a to is of showed by Roi ibid on Jidy 8. Taiki is Lin Limoni i Tea Clini ply month and Rio Taei Roby avoid the extreme beat of ? fort ,. A film " jas to a London via Brisbane posts Java. Ssh a aaa we Abid he of Fatwa Tanu i 6,188 a tuesday june 7. Ami 4.086 it caday Judy i. Fares from Adelaide to London Saloon to a Bea ills. Retaa�80 it. Available for is a Oare. It frat a Nils a apply it tour sch iwo Adelaide and port Alemda. To thursday Island port Darwin. And Hong a Kuno. Easmunt and a waa Alawaw Balian steam Bip compan looted Der Oon not with the soon aus. Of overment for the conveyance of maos Susbe favorite steamship. Attu m0 Al at Lloyd a 2oo tans Register w. Euia commander. Win be dispatched As under from port Hibib 00 or about May to. do do. May z7. From Sydney on june. Passengers can Book through to London or the continent via Yokohama and America. Ffr4?p tech Tew Days a i no g?7ntjitoa,. Wmk Bomi oob6kbiex for "as7." 2 Caara by ? York a Ria Vav Bra j cp.,?. My shipping. Rent iii Ajin t stat harm us taht x a hotbed. Will dispatch Thor teams hts As Nodal for Melbourne and Sydney far i Queensland ports. 18. Adelaide i saturday Luw sbll.up. Sis. Inn Minoka saturday Jane ?. West australian service. To Albany and fre Hantler. Tran shipping Fob Southern posts. 8.8. Flinders _ i thursday i june 2 4 . South East service. Rob Kingston Robe Beac Hobt and Mao Donnell Bat. Mybra _ _ i wednesday i May 25 i noon. Western Bays service. Fob foot Elliston Streaky. Venus and Fowler s bats. t Toad. Is 31 4 p. Spencer s Gulf service. Port Lincoln Soonta Wallaroo ado Franklin Harbor. Bus. Regret _ wednesday Hay 85 i 3pjn. Cargo received till v an. Post Augusta fort Pirie. And Pobi 6ebmed a Emu _ wednesday m7 2514pm. .8. Investigator i saturday May v 8 i6 pin. Cargo received till 1 p. Day of sailing. John her null Secretary tue Carrie Chambers pome Street. Adelaide. A notice to freights to in Fowler s Bat must be paid at time of shipment. 146-6 a to i7k k Hok Vihon via thus May of few. I 1 Island and port Darwin. The China navigation company s Tainan capt. Allison win leave Sydney Lor above Potts on saturday Jane i 1692, taking freight and passin the undersigned will Grant through Bills of lading at or Bedale rate in exe Bange for Steamer receipts for shipment to Sydney per Adelaide on Hay 2a, banking All cargo to a Joey. For particulars apply lob her some & co. 144,6 8 Way month Street Adelaide. T7wb Edithb Digh James ooh Bie on wed Nee up Days at 9 returning thursdays and the Eleanor on saturdays at 9 an returning Mon Days. T7tor Ardrossan James Comrie on tues Days Ami the Mermaid on thursdays leave at 9 p of Bill St Tara sum a to tu2c h Musoke & boots and shoes. Extraordinary bargains in boots and shoes Brandon a 67, bundle Street. Perak gent top Call go shed Balmoral with extra Cork soles Sites 68 8, Tor Winter Wear reduced from use. To a ? w 6 gents kid top crap Gol shed ej3. Boots reduced from 20s. To. _ _ a 8 gents All French calf is. Boots Pool arts make sizes Sand 10 Only _ to to Tbs Tweed is. Boots elastics slightly damaged _ _ _ 3 u ladies Glare Button boots Otto Here make Sixes 8 and 8 Only _ _ _ _ _ is 6 ladies Levant Balmoral _ _ 611 ladies kid is. Boots sizes 3 and 4 Only reduced from is. Lid to _ til maids a do., sizes land 2 _ _ 611 ladies Back Morocco evening shoes size 8 and 7 Only reduced from 4a. 6d. To _ _ Sll ladies Satin does. All Colon new goods _ 6 6 girls Bronte sad Black kid Sandal shoes Sixes 7to i Redford from 6s so. To _ 211 chads Glace kid Balmoral High legs sizes 4 to 6, reduced from 6e 6d. To _ _. 1u quids kid Balmoral Patent fronts Bostok a sizes 2to 6 _ _ _. 1u chads kid . Boots soft elastics sizes 4to 0 211 Chow Patent be. Boots size 4 Only _ 10 bad Patent calf ankle straps in is sizes set 6 _ _ 1u chads Baton Cleopatra shoes. T.p.h", Sixes 2to 6 _ _1u Boot laces per dozen pairs _ _ 0 2 Brandon s shoe warehouse 57, Ropple Street. 130 Waken Phat. Boots and shoes. We us Row showing Odb autumn Sod Wubitu goods which an a Marvel of cheap Hess which Tor durability and of hapness on Mot be beaten. One trial win convince. Note the following prices so. Men s Trp a i Goke hed 6 8 " leather Eust to sides took fronts _ 611 h naked o Plain Thyi Herg w 4 6 ? him Arian Bush Boot _ _ _ 611 " extra heavy watertight _ _ _8 8 Satin calf Bate very neat _ _ _ 811 Strong leather oxfords double soles. In carpet slippers All sizes _ _ 811 ladies kid to Trio sides seam to toe _ _ 611 " Levant Kuzuo sides vamps _ 611 " Levant Laos shoes _ _ _ 411 " Levant Balmoral _ _ _ _ Ell " leather Balmoral Good value _ _ 411 " leather stockyards unequalled _ _ 811 " Felt slippers fur bound _ _ a 11 " Felt bedroom slippers _. .16 " House Boot _ _ _ _ 811 leather elastic sides _ _ _ 4 8 youths Strong leather Blucher _ 40 Strong hungarian Laos _. M Strong Leader bats Hooka and Caps _ 411 maids steal and 2 Levant a is. High leg _ fill maids sizes 1 Aad 2 leather Bale High leg _ 4 8 maids sizes 1 and s leather stockyards in children s 10 to in Levant Bate _ _4 11 10 to 18 Levant Datto sides -40 10 to 18 leather Bala High leg _ 8 8 to to 18 leather stockyards _ _ s 11 " 10 to 18 Bune Arian sailed _ _ 811 to ? Levant Esastio sides or Bals. In to s leather Bate ext Ufa. In " 6to 9 leather Fitow tjards _ _ 8 8 " 4to 8 Belt shoes Good vans. _ 9 8 " 4to 8 Levant strap shoes _ .86m 4to 8 gras nod Biba orals a 1 9 infant to 6 Jancy strap shoes _ in Infanta Ito 4 fancy strap shoes 0 9 infants Ltd 4 kid Basuru sues _ .11 orders Fol so eve prompt Atten Tom when remitting Stamps should be avoided if me Prie Eust Post tree on application. Rote the address Waken past us Aid us . M0??w237x149240 general merchandise. A Sale and to Albite. Woot Parks steel standards Boaston Cor Saeks Stod droppers Stry Obolene beanbags a Beltramea mifa potato bags steel wire Kestne Hom aaa Iron win Oak Staves on bags galvanized win flooring sewing twine rare Edwina Deata galvanized Iron wire Heung shelving rat Iron pig Iron american door Black Sheet Iron hoop Iron plaster Sheet Lead eng Nook Sheet Zino Hematite pains Oatmeal axes Oan Suc Oda of a. Cement but fat indents of All classes of manufactures executed a lowest terms in All parts of the world. George wills & 00., Haven Dpi Chambers Taalo Grenter acne pc. Obi Meb bomb co. Have of Sals on he i spot or to arrive boat bottled by o Brien the Dagger Kana dem ofers of Lefante " pig Brand. Whisky scotch banana tort Tab Brand in bulk. Shelving Dew Pine Spruce deals Ash ass mud. Hickory. Walnut . Flooring. Kerosene Crybus water White 140". . Beam dark and a tent grades. Plaster Windsor Mills Diamond Brand. Oak Staves for wins casks. Champion s vinegar bulk Aad ease. Tobacco sad cigarettes old judge Brand. Dry chokes Havanna la de Oan Suo soda 70 per cent. Bod alb. In irate of soda. Zehv she Almog and roofing. Dynamite fuse detonators. Unseen of saw and boded. King s Windsor Asbestos Cement for plastering wans and of Effing. Teas Low to medium Congo us hew season s. Of reserved Keats Aii Al Queens la a meat Export company1, Brand. Indents sex rooted. 81610 we Lei bom of . Shipping. It he Howard Smith list. New Bervice. Further reduction of passenger fares. Pore Saloon. Benm. Cabin. To adv Rune _�1 10 0 �2 10 0 �0 14 0 Sydney -300 Soo 110 0 Winter Ecob siotto Dee Slavo. Return ticket available Tor two months will he tested to Townsville �17 10b. Cairns 7 108. Cooktown �19. Freights at lowest Bates. Without transhipment co Bristen. For Melbourne and a Tenet Chi Bank Maryborough boo Hampton . Bak Babool Mao Kat tuesday May 31, 12-16 p. Geraldton . Rodo n d o. Cab no ?3, june 7, 1315 port Dooglas p. Cooktown Zhc Bedat id. Kob Hanton Bubke tows Fob ports Pirie Augusta. Avd Garmein. Sis Barr Abool i wednesday i Hay 25110 . The end Apps and most convenient route co broken Hill. Saloon. Begum. Fore an. To Pirie _�1 0 0 �1 16 0 �0 12 to Angosta 110 0 2 10 0 1 0 from Smith and Cave s wharf. Fore Cabin Pak Engerran Btu sued with food and bedding free. Fun particulars on application to w. B. Gavic it co., agents Grenfell Street Adelaide 825e Ltd too Street fort Adelaide. I a. To a of eggs dispatched Tiff Lyl to Stansb by every the Buday Jab and saturday at 8 a. From Stens Brj every monday and Friday at u . To fort Vincent every tuesday at 8 ., returning same Day leaving at 4 30 p. Smo a. Limes Subiel Secretary. W. What Siward Elus Otth. W ton Bibb at. And uee"fowlert3 Alto sails Early. For freight or Panage apply Hab Boli Bros. 180 town and port. . Tit Estwald club a w ton Streaky and of will sail wednesday 26th into. For freight or passage Uit Harbold Bros town and port. A. 1? o arb o a n. Ref Fri flee Wing Kulify leave Prince s wharf port Adelaide every wednesday at s pan. In Plazio tuesday. Boo r. Fri Oke port. Business notices wanted known. The american Novelty shop 88, me we Fuji str but apse Side keep Star safety Baron Lus paste knives is. 6d. Puzzle purees wife proof 45. Puzder key is. Magic pocket lamp for smokers Complete 6a. Fest pebbles 4?.6d. Per pair Why pay 12s. Or us. Eto where american washable ool Jare la. A cafes is. 9d. Talk Best Quality Only kept in Stock fret saws by. Per Dot 2a. So. Per Gross Drill and six bits Complete 9d. Novelty skua b Sarpin so. Bin let Bines la squirt Flower Lor buttonhole is. Dog and Pius la., posted is. So. American grease Erad Trator. La. Patent soldering fluid is. Per bottle boxes of conjuring tricks from is. Per Box mechanical steam engines and Boate Hunt ing Sod combination pocket knives the talk of Adelaide knife two Blades fid. Independent pens 4s. 6d. Puzzle Nickel letter locks is. By. Each race game horses Dice Complete is. 6d. Patent Garette Naker is. Hostet giant packet con Taining 40 conjuring tricks illustrated Complete Model of a cottage and Large ship so. Per packet per Post 3d. Tamper mouth organs to. Kazoos is., great fun for the Winter evenings new game. The bans and the Bearss. Any article posted so. Extra. 126iwaobwcxl28o . Ladies Fultes watches from �2, Strong Aad durable. Ladies Gold watches rom 10s Votaw passed value. Gents Silver English levers from �6 Superior be especially adapted or Bush Ose to to. Gents Gold English levers. Waltham and Ohono graphs. Onar Autee with each watch void. A. L. Brunkhorst later. Mss to. 106. Rondly a treat in to p. A. Howells and co., music Sellers have removed the Stock recently purchased from or. J. Woodman to those premises 53, bundle Street opposite messes. O. Birks & co., where they win in future Harry on their business. The latest Rubio always kept in Stock. Pianoforte Tab organs supplied on the time payment system. Tuning and bepad3s on the shortest notice. P. A. Howells & co., 63, bin dub Streec 142w?i0 fat 1010811 Dyb w o b x s of Postie York hotel rathers clothes. Dresses. Hats. To All Maxs rials or Jeanm or dyed co Aba Stob Tukhi pose la Hodoski fast colors Faroe is of devoted sad Denver cd. Of Ntatsos Loal Mallei boots goes in Large or Small Quant Tiea at lowest Tennent Ness. We. Howard Umoh it sons Ltd ooalomoe.horthnarad6. Port Adelaide gems Euc Altitia. Eucalyptus Oil. Eucalyptus extract. Kangaroo of. Wholesale agents for Anderson s Kangaroo Island eucalyptus ohm. 6. N. & w. H. Birks 88, bundle bib but. Fie of groan Pra Ottoe or lessons pipe on conv a Pkt two manual instrument with pedals 17 stops. College of organists Specif location. Kayi q. H. Fray Organt and Ohota Naster 8l Peter ii Shoels Organ Sondlo Iso Boodle a neb. A i Ruji Nfay of Piffl ten -182alno drapery and clothing. Charles Birks & co., tailors to hib excellency the Earl of Kinmore p. 0., g.ojlg., an now showing a Superb Stook of newest goods in go Flack Vicuna 2".75/Black Serges 75/ Bint. Black Cheri Otsy Salt. Also the latest styles in scotch Tweed Trouse rings scotch Tweed suiting scotch Tweed Over coatings Charles Birks & co. Drapery and clothing. J. Miller Anderson and co., ? and Shindley Street. Evening dress materials. On suck is really manii Wicent. Including ail the novelties d to London season. In the Best materials Only one dress of a design Baa been imported. Jewelled sequin nets All Colon Black beaded nets Widi tinsel led Vandyke Borden hand Ebbo Idebel a Bubbels net shot chiffons very novel silk a Bussell Nei embossed real Silver Cream White and Black Black silk vet embroidered blues Bessels nets Chenille spot and tinsel loops very new Bich Engaline Silks newest evening shades cear Ronstadt Catao amb Maize hero Hope and cad Buttercup Lovev knot Boche Silks in 12 shades Black silk a Choice Stock of be Galines Haa Motte faille Lonzor in grains sarahs duo Bess White extensive assortment in Ben Galines Satin in Coesse sarahs faille Etc Ostrich Feather trimming to Combine with above Ober of big Friga and Frodo i Black beaded nets and net laces White pearled Dado. latest fashion in dress trimmings in bilk Bead and for evening Wear in Gold Silver steel and Pearl fringes an one of the most fashionable trimmings this season. We have Jurt opened a Large Stock from 8 to 10 in. Wide in silk Bead Gold Silver steel Pearl to. Lace edged Ekit fat slings in Blok White and Cream. Hew Basque laces in Black White Cream and beaded ladies so Abb newest styles in Plain and shot Chiffon Brooke and Plain silk and Laos 1. The to Imam handkerchiefs in maltese Honiton. A noblesse Etc new Roll Abbrev and Bones and bows. Evening gloves and fans to match a costumes. Evening costumes bodices unmade. Blok hex and Lack with coloured and Blok Crepon ooze la and Bulah silk in leading Colon nun s vetting Tram t guineas a few elegant Ball dresses in White and Cream Het and silk no to 12 in mean. Opera cloaks and capes. A from36s. To 12 guineas. Evening Wool wraps. J. Miller Anderson ,co., 0 Aboss Mobley Street adkl4bm. 150 c cabs. Moore & co., in bundle under the dotted 0/ the eminent Mcdue miss Wubbo. Ladies earn rely on by Brant style. Cob Bact taste perfect fit Ball dresses evening a bases walking gowns travelling gowns 2ailormadb gowns and mantles. Cuba mind. Ori sisal tasteful. Write or Patten and Semeatu remit forms. 1480 Melbourne dress tweeds. Great Sale. Chas. Birrs and co. Have arranged a bpm social display of an Knob mob Kyj Bohasky of the highest class dress tweeds and will bold a special Sal of the earns to commence on saturday May 21. The careful attention of the Adelaide pah a is invited to a very Superior class of dbes3 tweeds. The whole Are the newest goods of the season and have been imported into Victoria for tie Hia Hesi class Melbourne Trade. The depressed times in Melbourne have necessitated the goods being sacrificed and we have Pur shared them at an enobuou6 discount Tyraa offering an exceptional Opportunity to the ladies of Adelaide. The Quantity to be disposed of is very Large embracing an endless variety of style Bat Only email quantities of any one pattern thus avoiding too Many dresses alike. The following Are the Melbourne prices Collins Street prices 4/6, 4/11, 5/6, 6/6. Adelaide prices 1/11, 2/6, 2/tt, 3/6, 3/ii. Bourke Street prices 4/6, 4/ii, 5/6, 6/6. Adelaide prices 1/11, 2/6, 2/11, 3/6, 3/11. Great Sale Melbourne dress tweeds. Melbourne Trice. Adelaide Price. M 4/6 g 1/11 1 4 6 i 2/6 % 4/11 % 2/11 i 5/6 i 3/6 s 6/6 a 3/11 Chas. Birks and co., leading dress warehouse inn offer a Saith Day. Hat hat. Highest class Melbourne dress tweeds Ai is enormous sacrifice. Splendy display Melbourne dress tweeds. Great Frale Melbourne dress tweeds Chas. Birks . Drapery and clothing. James Marshall & co. Great How of autumn and Winter goods this Dat. 1,692 cases already opened. Cost any being added to by each mail and other steamers. Dress and Mantle . Having secured in us Market a pared of Winter Debs mat kratts win offer the same this Dat at less than wholesale of bikes As under -4q in striped Lorene Tweed doable widtti1w Asu Alynce Tor 1 ends Wigton Cheviot double Width unu11 2/6 the 1/6 44 end doable Width Feodore Tweed maid11 a 21h 1/g 7 pieces doable Width. Chameleon Cheviot amid to Keces striped card hair Tweed mail price0 4/11, 5/11, 6/11, -3/q the above having been per phased in this Maika we not throws out or Odds and ends from Melbourne or the other Ooton Iee which Are invariably dearer than goods purchased Here. Dress and Mantle Sale this Dat. Dress and Mantle Sale this Dat. Dress and Mantle Sale this Dat. Dress and Mantle Sale this Dat. We Are Abo showing the following lines of cloaks macintoshes mantles and jackets which we an offering to the feb of at Sale prices asunder if Al ladies Seal Plash jackets for qi4iiuu work 2# o/11 a Flat ladies Tabor made cloth jackets for to Lii so ladies Laeb Honable shawls capes for of 4 2l/ 25/ "1 fun ladies Princess Mackintosh cloaks wortti600 12/9-15/9 "4/11 to Onty ladies Hackle Feather Long Boas Worth 21/ the 7/11 chfldien1 Black and coloured for Boas Worth As lid and 4s lid for in lid Eso a Boldren e Winter Tatera -1144 iii 8/11, 4/11 l n 2fii to ladles new Winter oos Tamea Worth %4 i Tebu 21 Marshall s Mantle Sale. Marshall s Mantle Sale. Marshall s Mantle Sale. Marshall s Mantle Sale. Boot department. We have just received and opened Nunu. Anatal a very Oboile and Well selected Stook of mess. Wolfs celebrated boots and shoes which we Hall have on View this and following Days. N.8.-Ledles Teal ring a Njoe fitting Boot would do Wen to of and inspect this sew shipment. Hat department. Fast arable Black stiff Felt hate 4s lid Hack Susie Sthats Broad brims 8s lid boy both p. It a maps Tot boys cloth Man of War Caps is Tweed oafs. Olds Tweed Caps for school Wear 6d boys Tweed Caps 6d men s Tweed Caps is is 3d the largest Stock to select bom Ever submitted to Public of Broth Australia. hats. Black stiff Pelt clerical hats usual Price 10a 6d, for half a Crown. Gents gloves. Marshall s lined gloves ss9d Manh atts Tan kid moves so by Mareb Alft White kid gloves is6d. Important notice. Rheumatism. We Hare Tost received a few pair of lined gloves made without fingers for Comfort and convenience of be natio patients. Trimming department. We have Nat cd Vesper p. It o. Was Tibia Aston Han edgings Taall Colon. Is Yard Asgarhan trimmings in All Holowis cd Yard Belt Gas Sand Belt bookies. The latest Fawn Beaver trimming la 8d and is 6d Yard Cream. Brown and Hack a do. Is 6d Yard Buek Feather edging As now won Llyd Yard Black floes inns Ron trimming ,-Abeaatiftiloordedeak,6? Black Satin is 6d, is us is 64.2s us. 3a us 4s us Black by loaded Silks very Choice goods from 8s us to Par Yard co lobed silk a lashes a in. Coloured wbk Plash is per Yard every Shade 18ia coloured silk Plain is us per Yard every Shade a in coloured bake Tab is lid per Yard every Shade 21-in. Fan tire Floh. Is us per Yard every Shade coloured 81lk velvets. Dec Ufa and my 6d Black silk velvets 3a us 4s us Fis lid. 63 lid of to 218 Bealetta Mantle pushes 7s lid and lob evening Silks in All the newest shads a really splendid variety to select bom. In All prices tinsel bbocade3. Shot Silks brocaded velvets to a. Latest novelties Oon Sanuy arriving per Man Steamer coloured Sarah stud and 4s us per Yard coloured faille 3s us and Fis per Yard coloured Engaline. In All Colon the i d coloured Liberty Silks is 3d and 2s 3d coloured Pongee Silks Saud and 8s 6d coloured gras gain silk All colors 2s lid watered Engaline every Shade. Is us coloured satine is lid. Cashmere department. Coloured Cash Mere double Width in Navy Brown Myrtle Claret flan Insl and baby is per Sard also the same colors at is 6d. Is miss 6d per Yard we bowing a special line of All Wool French Cashmere doable Width splendid value in Navy Brown. Claret Myrtle Kun ii and terracotta at of per Yard Abo the above colors at is lid 3a 3d, is fid is 6d double Width. 10m, is is 3d. To a. Is us 2s a 8s a 3a 6d, 39 lid is 6d, 4s us is us per Yard and upwards Rynd t of up lid 6b - 78 James Marshall & co. Hsa2fl9? drapery and clothing. A special Purchase of dress materials area comp smog my of the test scotch and of Bench tweeds Black Havy and Cardinal Serges a. Diagonal figured Black Cash herbs an to be cleared at 15/9 the Lull Dan length. Many of these goods Are honestly Worth doable the Money. We eat hmm Miry hmm. T f the cheapest dress of the season. Over go patterns to select ibo. Choice varied. Select. Chas. Moore & co., a . Uso ratio footballers of South Australia our Fibbi a Higuert How offered. Football knickers. To Ribau. Jesset football jackets hade to Hea surb. Football Hose. Football oafs. Football sashes. Football Bibbo. B. C. Castle & compy., 87. Bundle St Kei. Food when fall Odd Early. La Samoa Hunt Corry co. Are now ? lid Dox. Bexhet Toolate bsw4slld7fldsa 6-4 Diagonal Mes Senss is lid 2s lid As lid raid 64 Frech Corduroy dress u lid cud Jarob in. And Wooi French Serges is 64, is lid Yard 6mn. A Wool Freob ,u6d, Bok foe Plu a any color is Ltd Yard wbk velvets any color. Is lid Yard hew Back velveteen is is cd. A 6d, 9s lid Yard ,?o\.deeperats club Crewdson Calico bel4d Dot Orew soca to. A Stiv 9s 7td 4os Hott oort 82-in Al White taboo. 8s add of. Brown Hod add it so a sad. I of Seddon. ?7 flannel to Sid liar hew crimean shirt pcs Var Steblai. Is Yard Hack and Brown american leather 4td Yard 8 Yards wide Hood oui. New patterns is us Yard 8 Yards wide fainted Back floaloth7l? 6# Yard Henis Tweed Fiatt mss so 17s so sgt so i 9d my heavy ont Nata us 9d, Jasd 1859d,56b93 men Brown Beaver males very ape Oil. Is lid pair men s Gold Merino sox 4jd.jd, Isab dams Beaver brimmed Hattje 8s so each ,id,,tt6q a sold a and satay doth jacket a Trohan ,,7a?d,,us?d Ladie 1 cloth jackets ?,lsa9d is sub sir ladies circular fnr4dgc cloaks us so us so Laffles-tomtngterhits7ir the hew spa Cazmere trimmed hat Sod he the Mmahat a 9a. Ids so. Is so 31s so two oases Slaper it a oof look Stit Obed under dotting Nat opened Sameal ladies Morseta la lid is lid is lid As lid hew umbrellas la lid 2s lid is Ltd 6s so 7s so hew Jersey Cashmere to Fovea Aid 8 0, s t a is used hew Gauntlet gloves 1b so is id is lid. Stud Dent celebrated gloves stud a lid As and women amb Moreho end la a sold is lid is lid girls Cashmere Hose 6d, so la Isid Ohonnas Wool hats so la is 84, is lid stud a is the Ararat an trimming 4td,6,d,, to Yard child part Plash Hao a . 8s so children s White Camel s hair flashed trimmed overalls 8e 9a, i�s9d Back for Victoria Cohan is lid 2s lid Meta non Adriss la Ltd Laud is Laddos. Our celebrated knitting tarns is lid 2s 6d per in. Of Gss Jol ass Esse std in Bismarck lamp Gla Teea is 6d Dot fattes sent Post free anywhere. or Send As their Cash orders win be served with Bast value and Dis Patch. A Large somber of Zinc lined and other oases from Steath. Hunt Corry & co., in poetess and Cash drapers Adelaide and London. Swat dressmaking. Chas. Birkby & co., ten mob Porter As manager assisted by a Large Afa Berot efficient workers an Able to execute All ers ent Onsted to them to the entire Satis Taosuan of their bume rons patrons Udine should Ordendor evening of Ostomel Early to Avoil disappoint Nentl a Large Stock of Eveh djo dress material to Sesoi from. 1800 Hall & Savage Genera drapers and tailors 106, bundle Street name tide and unas doors West of Adelaide Arcade. How showing a Sale did Vandety of hew we teb dress goods in All prices from sad. To As. Lid Yard. Twale prize tweeds i prize tweeds or South australian manufacture exhibited at the late autumn show of the a. A. Society. Extracts Horn judges Benti Batine Woollen com emf to tend and coating a tamper the Tyre dus Areitio ar4them the Fisse a Biz the above statement made by disinterested experts. Is respectfully submitted to an patriotic Halo Batand tote Nubuo generally. Gen Osmen desirous of Pardi Asing these Superior goods can inspect a full assortment at amongst a end the of Dowma Well known to on and diaper ears. Jom Muton Oono n band he Simet. Halls tabs bundle Street. Chas. Inn Fcook Bandte St set. J. M. Ass Saa it co Jhin Datev Street. Jab. Sunn it 00, Hindley Timet. Shullaw it you Hindley Street. Job. Mobs it co Stodley Street. Doha Moa Annm Etca . D. D. It mint it both King William Ltd Yeti. I. O. Browb King off Liam Strees. D. H. Mold Tomb too Grenfell Street. B. O. Oab Tui it 00, bundle Street. . Molas Hindley Street. Evakbftce., a water Joe. I Ion Brook it Catt port Adelaide. Jobs Moah a Bondley Street. Bgjnie9awxag-170 a ooobdi6hb. Ayoob Doha a. Bats Broad seeds brass steel or Oen aaa Elver. The str asst and loot varied Type a Adelaide at j. H. i Baa la lust he Bah drapery and clothing. Bibb b How room. Important notice ladies mantles Chas. Bibs & co. A to jut received and naked off ready for inspection 35 elegant mantles Mode of the richest qua Jtj materials also the newest and most approved styles. Reg far does q guineas to 12 guineas reduced prices 4 Guilhas to 8 guineas. Also 60 elegant cloaks undoubtedly toe Moat exquisite Good to be seen a the oily an betas the newest styles produced by the Best Mah fac tub la Paw and by but. Regular prices 3 guineas to 9 go Ihab. Bed need Price 2 Jih Kas o 5 guineas. Superb mantles. Superb cloaks. Birks s showrooms. U6o h. J. Bailey & co., bundle Street. Important announcement. Important announcement. Dressmaking. Dressmaking. H. J. Bailey & co. 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