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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives May 24 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 24, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia snipping i p. 0. By m Vatric Ajtaji -3ojl p t. ? p. I. ? but Muo Dob. Tinier Bokl Sun Contact Fott dispatch the a love by Ateah Hen also at Aitano. Cold no. Efti ratty. I a Pirr 1. I Aaita a he Nair. Tow. Pev�gfel55 Wiyatt a at Colombo to 83.snhi�. Aldai bed animal entreat it ctr. ? s to nem s5as� i-60 Lilii issus bus in fila to 9l fai�3� i he else fart rms to a a ibb Bibb Subb Beeb lbs Mai firn by Suasa Hla Madame Mam mme Asfaw aha Raabb in s9 .bdmjmjavljeo5lllav-t7 to ? Fos Fiji bbbblma8bba8is Ilsa by Psi �sahsimbhsha8ab3keb to cr73 by Sal or glib of China aws by smear in aos Isaiak As. Ca w3u a a a Prada see sip Fig gig & of Tetar. Marts will ban of the june Fly Wjt iia. Tej Wrt a ale and wanted. Shierlaw shipments boys & youths Winter clothing. T Fly candid Stock of durable and act fitting clothing to choose la rat lowest possible prices. V trouser suits 13/6 Sage Sailor suits 4/6 Fieffer jackets 6/9 ceits1 and boys1 hats and sj5�sisvabiety ? shipping. ? the Adelaide steamship compit limited to Dit Ratch Ete Unen from porn Adelaide As under Donna Audra Pennis tip for Albany and jus Mantle. Team Tell a Rich for Cekal Donand ail both Vest posts. Wou Johntra i Friday i miy26 i 3 . Ala Kloo. Friday i jone9 i 3p.m.iron Fth Lopert i Fth a. Fob esp Ebbace Bat Tran shipping to Funden at Albany. Woli Awra. Friday i my just i spin. Fok sex bar Kab mid st9het. foriteen1� last posts. Kaloo Faidar i mays8 �. Spec be i c1jlf. 6eryice. For Jort Ujj Kolb. Moonta. Wat Lacoq. A omit Bat. A a Aselue Mahbob. I ret it alar i i 3 . Kjk08 add sea cd Pitk. Ako a Pili with to Cunt to and Caico. Namu Caine Bator Tay i Days . Cne met lie atm cd Atoff Daamen to ta5jeiortoadttinb-.m-Ltoais=e. Simitar ticket a so Ltd a can Paar an i Tritini Tii Awn n it 11 r of ? the a no . ? ?. 5be Adieu us Skoal cup co. Itty. Rii Nii Liml. A Law. A a Oon metical Bari ? bit Addams. A a.u.3.n. Co., old. If of mifa fa6besc-Aitamtfrtt d abort ban Britt Kantat Bat to path id jt�jrmnajajffibp.1 Waro Onga tons say. Apart Plia Barra want Adf Atra Nanaa. ? pafioo.1bsia.t, jobs & k Oil Ria Faauaa rat Odma a Tecarr Opo be. In of i ? ? Ai Ujj t v Huyg get trib Tel to Durfay. Sath Wilson Ira Wokfe in. 1116, u8, Oddte Toa it Ajr a British and. Foreign. Dress merchants British and foreign silk merchants t ? v a. To Stimfig i ii. Blick Cook a letter Zvy carved on in Eidex Law Minoa Romaldy i la in i dears a tour Drea and silk Good Nihti Iatan the Market Akot Bek Westmo Naiu in try if Liyi twi Richig ? oot respondent in the 18, a a1 always commend in Sqq. By Kab for coa3s awl fat or Harir one enc baddia.4i-7 import a their on wbk ii Urey ban a la a Niuman Tirigi a to Piilini null Madesta Flat Batik Taeed soul they dip �3 10/ Lor of Gonea engus Tweed. We aim 4.t govt so too ladies. The Best and most fashion Able article moderate Price. Trade in the dress Sec Tion is very Busy and is advancing at a Gratifying Bate. Worth or dress goods. Ss.06 Worth or sucks for our lady cons Dobiers to select from. Our rapid Bat substantial growth is our Best recommendation. A tested found . By hnsdt6db of Tia Dinn of a bb1tish and foreign dress and silk novelties Wilson brige and company at their dress warehouse opposite the decade Btu Idle St get Adelaide. ? snipping. ? the Howard smite line. Leave Howard Smith s wharf a Follos permit i Gaidano. 1 Rebekah Ali. J , j kei3oubks Stonco i caste i Biu Bank i Lukso Koob i Gladstone 1 Rocha Adploh i Mackay sown Stu a i ca1bns / Gabo. Early s.8. Gabo. Wednesday May 2i. At 4 . Faa Nicen and area Gabo the Booth to Brisbane. Korbak ship left. Cargo Mut be delt wred alongside Ete Unen not Lea than of boor before advertised time of Aulne. Pm. He Ltd Snith Sou prom Betany la Mitch. X1& Stag Willuam treat Adelmo. And Kotb Arade. Fort Adelaide. I by will wraith Mceacharn go. Kosso Teaky. United we is Alchu Frijio Frfd idea Autance per Mulinio Aubart. I Kat Gooij. / Thui Cabuay May 2s, a pub. Temh Lippnik for pm but Altok. And an . Vobis a tetons a Ulla Ollamon . Cats �.o0., cafe net. An Taida a j.bawltoc6scnr.portadalaio. Sto Huddart Parker &c0.3 . Huh Bdl a my i eaten Lam Otma Iai a a j Nemesis Ikea Uumo 1 . Feii Oitt Adrae Batus at Law Mhz cob sex Azem. Var Paula a i Giatto o. Fit j. Fowlerr i a melted Goc a Klaib Ana foot and Lee. . Esris Kvid -Obc--4 Widar trader Sammee. T i Muk Jet Coli Waie Saloon 89a., wrae 1mb my ? Sotan and fart. 4. Obi . Or Issei jets shipping com a Taos Pany for 3pobt wok Girt a she or ? Pav Baraw Aua iii i at � fun a v 1 Xue Chat by a Agate ted Luck ? a Emder to Siah Bokr Tery a Bess Euci Buday and Sato Ksay Auto Aba . and to lasday. so Kkt Vic exit Rair x9esday Tuoi in. From lbs vd.4jsot who Saav. Site ital We ? a. M0ypkttb.8e-Wbby. A Otiis to to tvs iii -9fa� q 8-8 Saramma of sofa lab x w. Bohr. J j a . Martin bros., Barling Toh Loose Saje Kow of View very Large shipments of uhf Hestoft , Hen Sebolao los eau. Flu Lieis of omelettes a Dibbi Bolf. The . Househoid1-Inens, special valve. Cold matted Boedefield table cloths. 41 tank Long. 3/11 cant Lang tin. Etch. White fhin6ed Tea cloths Rich Dama deed patterns Al rain work All round s3 inches Square �/3, 2/e, 2/11, and 3/c each. A tinged asked patters d ,15 inches a try 3,11 per 4atm, Ortii w each. d of leis Nodi -0a4uaked fat Terui 11 inches Square id sch Worth id trav cloths. J Colo hed Bobd ebed Ebay cloths to ringed a Madrid patterns -29 13 inches. Eld each i Worth y each h1tk dam asked pattern Ebay cloths Frio Fea. � Zofi inches 6i& each Worth void each. Coloured bordered dam asked pattern d Oyles fringed 10 inches Square 1/11 tier Sid Eacia. Ool Obed Bobd ebed dam asked Pai Tefton Doyle tinged u inches Squire 3/11 per dozen a North 6jd each White Cali Coes. ?s/1i, 8/6, 3/11, 4/0, 1,11, 0/8, 6/6, 7/6, to 12/6 per dozen a Ardt. Special value. So pieces 2,000 cards file liken fish Ciuco. 1 Jard wide Sirtl per dozen Worth 5/6 dozen. White sheeting. Tutcher wide Loid did 1/, 1ah. 1/3, 1/c Yard � 452v. A i 1/3. 1/6. 1/9 Yards inches wide 1/8, 1/u, 2/s. T/6, 2/9 Yard. Special value. 60-Inch twill us Ketiku 1/ and 1/3 Yard Jab be shipments White and unbleached turkish roller towelling ? is to 18 inches wide. White turkish roller towelling 6/11. /6. 7/, 8/6, and 3 6 per dozen. Unbleached do., 4/11, 5/11, 6/6, 7/6, and 8/6 per ones special line in heavy Woven Check Flannelette / Saffir ticks a inches wide t d. Yard. Flannelette striped Flannelette �/3, s/6, 2/u, s/6, 4/6, and 5/6 per dozen Yards is Inch flax Axt Tes 3/11, 4/6, 1/11, 6/6, and 5/11 per dozen Yards 33-Inch, Sll 6/6, and 7/6 per dozen Yards 30-Inch, 6/11, 7/ts, s/6, and Sll per dozen cards and twill Pink flan Kellites. 27 to 36. Inches wide special value. 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, to 10/6 per dozen Yards natural and Shetland Flannelette a. 33 inches wide 7 d. And Sajtl. Yard we have much pleasure in intimating to ladies who Lave been waiting for this cloth that we Hare opened a Large shipment. Woolette sew designs suitable Tor wrappers blouses 4r., j 4/u. 5,11. 6/11, 7/6, s/6, us 9/6, and 10/6 per dozen a Ards French Moll tons Systo 31 inches wide sjd., sid., 1ow., and 11j.l Yard. French Cashmere Cottle Flannelette ?2s to 31 inches wide. 7m s a. 9d lord. And Llyd. Per Yard. All Wool French Blouse flannels. Never colors and designs 1/6. 1, and i la Yard. New goods by every mail Steamer. Shopping by Post Martin Bros system of shopping by Post offers Prat facilities to Lidia who ire unable to personally Isil Burlington House. When cont Mclalin Pix Liascos ladies have Only to write for sets of . Which will he immediately forwarded to any locality. Goods Ean be order Rel Liy dirtier and special calf will be paid to All orders Elvis received the slightest detail Mettias Frith attention. Martin bros., Burlington House. Shopping has potent attractions to ladies of Derdic Theo itch our Post order department All orders executed promptly and care Fadly by a separate staff for any of the Folio wins. / f specs la. Z.xirz.6,. Flesh 9o-e& Ella. Jas. Marshall co. 350 pairs White Wool Bloke to 2/11 per pair 35 pieces Madras clan St ustus. 54 and 72 in. Wide Wiite and Ecru Ortii from 23 to 3/6, All at one Price 1/11 per a cd double Width Venell Ciotoli foe coat and ? skirt costumes at 3/6 the i Dinesha Leng to a ? 100 dozen shaded and Plain Bavli pain sin All colors 1 in. Widef-4o 6djard a 85 pieces Guipre Lage site Cream and beige 9 in. Wide for old Yard a a 48 dozen ladies trimmed Bond Street Felt hats 1/, 1/6, 1/11 each a ,1,000/Yards silk mores Al shades for ill per Yard ladies Spiik Uil Trellas Sterling Silver mounts wonderful value for 5/11 each v Black moire ebb Tkv 4n. Wide for 7jd Yard 2,500 Yards Stripe Pali Hewiette 1/6 for 12 Yards 52 pieces Cre tonnes for4#idem-? a does 4-Button use Essid Kab Jug Futi very stylish in fawns and tans with Black or self stitched Back for 2/11 pair 20 dozen ladies Cashmere Hose no. 320, Lang try wide ribbed All Wool seamless l/6t fer pair 120 a zen ladies ilm ted Wool be pm Eai ii natural Pink Blue Cardinal All pure Wool for 6d each 67 ladies cloth coat and skirt costumes in Navy Black and Green Coats lined with fancy silk for 15/9 each. La. Boxes pins 2jd. 100 hairpins assorted boxes 2d. 6 dozen Metal boxes lined buttons 31d. White tape 2d dozen. Boot laces 2d dozen Tweed. Tweed. Tweed. 22. In wide for boys suits for 9d Yard 10 dozen men s Flannelette thiets colonial made 1/ each 15 dozen men s coloured Merino half Hose for 2/11 dozen pairs % men s Blue and Black Chesterfield overcoats 21/, for io/6 each Bois and youths Tweed overcoats All sizes ? 7/11 each gents umbrellas lexus twill very Strong 9/6 for 5/11 each gents fue lined Astrachan gloves 3/11 for 1/11 pair. Children s Plush varsity Caps for 4d each. Gents soft framed hats 7/6, for 4/6 each ladies Glace kid Button boots Patent Peak Caps a gift 12/9, for 7/6 pair. ? o the second half of the Large London Purchase of Cali Coes just arrived. On Sale to Day. For prices see Register Marshall s substantial Kitchen chair Price. Is. Lid. Modern. I suite in tapestry an Plush �5 5a. Economical Cane seat chair Price its. 9-l Bentwood Cane seat chair Price 4s. Cd. Child s Low chair is. 3d. Platform looking chair 17s. 6d. Send along tour orders to 3me is pm wimm in Ftp papery and clothing. 20 and 22, Hindley Street Bare Pleason in Annond tag their first display ? of evening Silks evening satins evening velvets gauges chiffons Chiffon embroideries and at t � latest requirement for Bali. Gowns. Bundu Fiolka incan air. Ban c8el White of Erie , Apricot. 4a so mid ? ? Toehe isaid Marxt inn Obar Mac Hok we Dayard Broth blk fat Heliotrope so Aieaz sum Cream , ois Mattad. ? if 20 special Ries la 8digub roof Fluke Ken Bixb at Hahn Stojce nil Ciao Tref for. By citing few it Codath Erafily a user Mast Stock just Eek ived is Beira. Kit a bodice piece. Black Silks a magnificent 6x0ck jobs dec eved in Peau de some Gros de aah does to Dofan and other fashion Awe Silks for evening Wear and special Occa Sions. with bodice ejecta to Black and colons. Wart fail lace go Jota. Tjho see do Toni. Black Boebe. Suk Fona Datson Gua so Kreung Badet. ? ?234n. Embroidered Chilona in Taek. White. Com and Wiite. C1na-bd-Wlrite. And Taek and White has owl of Ali. And Colon toe item pc boil be. Harrow lace Toi Natch. Lacea Al Chi Neoim Nuiloa Idun ? ewninrtao�e.,-in-8-ie-le. Beta it fiery. Ioset. Ude no lace. ,. ,. Black and colons. A . Black Ostrich Fara it by to Zub Blick and whited 17sd Crean. 13 6d fancy fume fans White Orem sky Pink and ,u-9d. I. Creun-and.whitedo.dcl.ls.6d Gaoat rum Hin rip inf 1. 10ad, ugh u 6d,17l cd. Showroom. Evening and opera de from 2�i6a to Rainear ? tone Broche silk open cd a 7 to u Trine select Stilt in evening Sioux hand Lionis. Even iut cos Nunez in Black and Colon. A special pub chasm of 6ilk 1iaxalassk and velvet castles very High daa. Dow offer info at much Obydee Taupe. D. Miller Anderson co., 20 ahd22, Hindley Street. 113c foal St up Giai. Kebic vat this morning Toule Airall the Rem anti Doc Man. Lated Durini the week. Great bargains. Oon Pont Dos with every and. Agent Ink Empanta. A me Eaket we close at 1 to Day 14. Is. It Bbrown St been 132. 132a, gouge Donaldson Andrews and company invite inspection to their Stock of blankets eiderdown quilts White and coloured flannels sheeting Flannelette Call at very special values. 22, bundle Street. 139nai67 Deap ebs on the too treat notice and on cantal Tina at the Jive Svisek Job f8ihbs0 in Mem ?-.? ? ?. ? we Are. Hammering the prices Down at 6uh great Gle age a ? a. ? ? Winter if we it if Fri ital Felt j Jim Jap t Winter sufi ? ? at ? ? in a i i t co Floii a ? ? ? my a 3 Wii a you Jpn it poll we answer Loof Lemand of ? ? ? ?.-ja. Acac flip Hiil Mihi i big. A Lyga i. By a 9 the whole of our warehouse blooms with bargains. All tastes and All purses Are considered and taste and purse together say Content with the bargains we a offering. and see what a Little Fleney will i the coliseum tents mtg he aha ? a ride i ? la flip for Tifrea and be orb a machine pm be i ? Sah Matth Mutt Emad Wilb Terai to fact Are enable i amt Ltan Rome and that Jill iltlflexjbjlip3m which Combine to the Mot degree Beeam Lity and Eue at i detachment. Tic Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co. I limited Fra Kun St been Adelaide my mfg b called to the inc Duax Wunz nip re made with a vow of nmn inf ebon Audi to 113m a Nubi 1 their Resi them Speed a to do. 1 hot Lina. Fam Mike Rar Stan. I the Dunlop pneumatic tube co. Uht teb i 69. . Adelaide. I and at Melbourne sad near. Perth and he

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