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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives May 10 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 10, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia snipping. P. & o. Steak navigation company. Fob Lon Doh. Caulk a a a under Tojal mail contract will dispatch the Fol lowing teamed calling at Albany Colombo. Aden Gibraltar re Plymouth with j Liberty to Cau at Blindm. ? Vaamu 1xn� a i stare. A Rajha its a. O. Iio Gein my ii Zohe. Way � b1malata a sols w. L. Broon june 8 ?6hakmoh fish. J. Colerane St Mckaba. Tad Osle. By Start july a in Ashkia . Angus in la so India p81lff. P. G. Worker to Jang. _3 ii Rul ? i Kiln t Limi Tom attn far Arlndis t vat port said. Jar Rae to Fasson Geks. Latzl reactions to in. We to ii re Terrea Ile is both in and second saloons is unsurpassed. Usage Iron Europe &c., pm be arranged Here. Paa Tengea allowed to break their Joo Raey to mediate ports. Toriati two Eta India China. Jap a. A. Fio ond Tfaye wow tick to issued. Pass ask ba13es. Of Totti Haroed at Loven comat net special return tickets to London. �110 it �85 find books Tane Taka and All Perti Ojars Asfe Puauea Money. . Tajii Pirn. Co umsted agents ? to & o. Bjes. Anc Anju Breau trains of. For pa8sescebs and Al Stob rear ranged to Icara Adelaide for the Seand of us by jetty at ios2 and . On thursdays rat Engen by the former at gun Aflfe. The last launch leans the Stop at 1.50 Tiri. Coene Eung with the ii5 . Return special elms Otth a or looted a Orient line. The following we Umpa under Hoyal Hail cock it. Will Lear adds de Cluiss z pad. On the undermentioned dates for Pia Ink dts and iahd0n. A Albany. Holm no Ina Pinr fan Indian ports. Suez canal. . Otto altar ? Ouzabia first a. Juc Watt Jane 1 Tota Row it a. Lavin too i my oh1kmt k.s43 Priadi of bib jane29 and fort i Attr thereat Baloosh to los Dos Angje is to a. Be turn �85 to �110. Third data x15 16a �17 17a and �1s Letl Aal onto you Loo Anil. A to. Set a. �31 to �45. Lbs teen aos Baua. Solo of. �5 10a. To �7. Turd. �4 Lac. To ssh hum an port can be prepaid Here. W5st tickets to foot Loon Between Batee colonial. Posts Are now a Flable for Letam by p. And o. Ate Amera Bafile room. Macao was t. Green & co. And a Deb ?0x. And Boson. It co., Fenchurch Avenue. Stat . Nth part Tinlan on application to f Al a a Debok Branch manager. Habsh7c is. Crentell Streec. 2i s88aoebieb maeit1mes. Al in my to London to Colombo Pabis. ? set outer a 6,600 tons under postal of net with the Trench manat canine at Mil Bourke. Azetilde Albany Colombo. Suez and Pobi e Aid is Fol be dispatched monthly As t flows and Nosa tenon May Ishay Phauy m ?bbaai�ooatll1aschl june la jew 16 Junt 17 pass boobs booked to Bombay India China ,Al Japan. Passage Nosey to �70. In it to. Be turn tickets to reduced Bates. English spokes on Board. For turtbarpwfcdanapp1rdalcbtaaca.ltdade Laide co. Port Adelaide. -.-,. S3wabbs Korth Cerman Lloyd . Coy. _ regular monthly Lunf. Of Jim. F is ? passenger Ste Abies to bmj3jgptgahptqn. Antwerp. And he Blutha by win Eltiy at for uak Txie Colombo Aifiti 6aex, Pott said Kaples. And Tekoa. Coder mail contract with the Imperial Kennan Gorc Mem. Steamers will be dispatched Juja stg a Job Bay at know. A Moab I.A.Al Werner ? Altay while. J. My Rel tar a is Karlob dub ,067 0 t. Bardeleben sept is Scott cart a ots be Werner ? jct. Is pass Sce Money from Adelaide. �14 to �62.great reactions on . Available for nine or Twete months. Every facility is offered. For tainting oot Friendt by payment of Pasavac. Money Here. Cabin passenger May break their journey. Third class for Southampton �14. ? Venn apr Riahy a nixed to Anit All Lauona. All. I Cicera and stewards conversant with the go I.A.v language afar Pateta and cargo booked through i to Condon. And prix Cipal european. Asiatic and t american ports. Passengers for or Are la ded to it Hampton. \. For a reign passage and All other parti Colan v ? i h. 3cltboke & co Adelaide and port . Tuniks line steamers Adelaide Barj of Atal Cape London. 4.0u tons a ont 3rd june ?100 Lute truly. A Evsy ? o7tona, about Kytha boat my Imus 6,078 tons to follow. Mph Ruhr 6,078 tons to follow Fijoj . \ be George wills & co. Jit a Adelaide. Port . Iutva 6tee ? mariners. Wasted smart exebget1c Shoppe a to ptjscba8e third share in Schooner of 100 tons and take command. Lor Pareto Ilab apply ? Pap Tam f. B. Cah Ringtom . Of ogee 1sas0 South wharf Kilbourne. Produce for Sale and wanted. Twadar this heading in prepaid. 18 words . La three intr room. 2a. 6d cubed seed 8eedoats. Cape algerian Grey k3 beat. White tuscan purple Straw. Early pan Bluey Bay seed a Cape Barley. Joha Pinang t son Fransic at. Ate drapery and clothing. Foalts1 Srb Cial been at this morning to Dearan the remnants Accamma isted in dog the week. Great bargains. Coupon Given with every. So. Spent town Naan come Early we close at i 14, 16. Is Brown Street. 13 132a, gouge to. Vlic great bargains at . Business and Plant for Sale in g. Wadd Istok of a to thank tin Numerosi customers in Adelaide and incxj1ou\ for the very Liberal wipp ocl accorded him durin. The last ten yaks add Sim to i Forai them tint he Lias Aoee ted an Enoa Lutent in victo11i. Aug a Iber Alore decided to give up Luisiii m ail Laide. Whilst he Hopes to dispose of the 11 Facic Illing business As a Roia Raniera. It is Jua a ill that be May have to take his Luc inert Ami l with him. Be therefore is to in iii the Tual All custom to Dorrin Gooda of Hli on Man Ufi Conri a bout Send Mieir Orieus in at once a ,.rrvtiit a he Tuut a Nikoly a a a business in Adieu id during the Mvi. Twins months. All goods a marked in Plain fi.jai-.i3. Uda Liberal disco not will be Clova on All Jpn Dianos Tor Cash. G. Wadd i Smyton sanitary Glothine a and 5. A Gadz. No ulc Stuehr Fly t a Are. A j a a i cd Bew ? shipping. ? the Adelaide steamship compit limited will dispatch steamers from fort Adelaide As under circumstance for a Lucky and Fite Mantle teak ill Khz Tilor All Roeth West ports. Halloo i Friday i Tuyls i 3 . Adelaide monday i May 22 i sum. 1 Hrc nth a Felt cd lading suied to i Cruh Whan. Calls at vane and Bon Burr. Fob Bat to Flinders at Albany. Halloo Friday j May 12 3 . Fob. He Loukke. Tea ship. Risk Fob Sydney and ports. Wollow a v code Odayl my 17 3 . Spek Cek s 5jlf me vice. Fob Ort i Kooij. 1ioonta, a Trakoo. To debt Bat and Fra fixin bar Bob. Ftbbk1 tue Lar i May id i 3p.it. Fonts Accsia. One men f1u1e, with ten often and Carco. saturday May is 1 1 . Pkt Pixie to i 62vey and a Castle. Akda Uia sat Uday slay 13. Caio i list of de vend Amonde Amcis two i cars prior to advertised Lime of Day Otsa Dinc. Fum ogers Ccker is med by this company Art kith of the a cd ii. Co. To teen All Forta. For an information apply to the Adelaide co., Ltd. Currie Tret Adelaide and a ? wharf ? port Adelaide. ? leg . Co., old. Sit favorite passenger Steates of Abon Fina Mill circumstances Penn Quiat a dispatched Lor Al baits. Ohk Maytub I.A.Bias a baby. I . Farts warm anal p a r 0 0, Friday May 19. Try Fri it a s Aoa Boming. I Sydney. I Houma. i and i no Saporta. Abdaul other Forta j. Pil Barra Early. Cargo retired daily at Joe efts wharf of to on com before Aai Linc. All pc kits interchange Abie after the first port with the Steuben at the Adalaida steamship com Pany limited. Tor Tares and Foch Tapply to b w. Kac Donadid. Agent. . Asto Talde. Or Queen s a Flake pout. Al pos Idasek Eais a. To Hon Kong. Nagasaki Ami Yokohama via Sydney. Brisbane and Townsville. ? will leave As under ? Kame d sterner. A Sydney. Tawaya Maku j. Jonea May 24 May is Kasuga. Majiu in asyl june �1 it As these steamers have most Superior arcu Momoda Tina for passengers in All classes and Are fitted with the most recent improvements. Fall particulars As to freight and passage from Uell wraith Mceacharn & co. Pkop., limited. ? agents a. Grenfell Streel set uni a it Lhasa Toebes will be dispatched Tulyn Sec. X Asander to Sansbu to every my Frap to Dyrti at and Sato Dat. At a.30 a Mia i . Leavinj-10.soajs., and the spay. I Ervinjr pin to poet Dicent every tuesday at 8.30 am. From p6et Vui Eek Verr wedge soak Neavins Waua Mie ? a. Lime Ssorter. Sec Warr. 5 Crouth East Fobie. 4up.to r ? ? Saa Eikost def \ Cocket and Brach Post i wednesday Hay 10. 3. Guce up Adelaide and Kingston. Iat.fl-30 a. A. Rates Sottley. Port Adelaide. A Tihe port Wakefield shipping Waja saw a company. Fob foot Wake mama Field. The Peet Aab wednesday a loth inst at s . A. E. Lees sde1eb, port Adelaide. 1ss-30 drapery and clothing. The instant you Start dealing with Wilson brige and company Down goes the Cost of your Date by Bill to a my Datum. At the first Tike of asking you find our prices right. That s cheap say you. To scare decent people not robbers. I shall buy Froia them again and to it goes a. And Wilson. Bride. To co. Nuke frill friends every Day of the week. Directly Jiou look at our trem goods and Esquire the prices a merry twinkle in subtly appears in vol la Vur eyes. You take a seat and Trio rest h Plain tailing act Tsy enough Youk mind ii contested feels satisfied you Are at Home and Busi Koa progresses at a merry Pace. Tis so Wuh every customer that enters the Escari Usu sent. ? but the most Gratifying part of the whole thing to w1lsux. B1uce. & co. Is this. The see the Sune pleasant faces accost Minitti by Sisters Cousin. Aunts and ofttimes Irr Andoli is their establishment week in. Week out. Conclusive proof positive that the pricks charged Are what they should be a know. Chear. Now to business. Winter s Here and it finds wilso5. Br1ce. & co. Pro pared win a Magn Kice to assortment of Winter goods in their sh0we00m. Iso ladies Mackun toques u be sold at Tho absurd Price of 0,11 each and they Are no iii double As they have velvet collars and full sue detachable capes. Macintoshes and rain cloaks in All the ctr i talc and Daal prices leu 17/6, Votti 22, 27 a and 30/ to ladies cloth Cal is. In Mart Fawn brows Green and Nal Ioil Blue Priti a 4,11, 5li, , sa1. 12/6. 10,6. U / i 22.0 ecu. Very special to la life Ulasik capes with to Turr Cullu is Only 5, 11 each. Another line Pinic whirly a Titan ladies cloth c.v11-s, in Grein no Blu Only handsomely braided. Fri. Rul gift 12, j each. Hd1e.s Black cloth jackets in All the a a ship. Price s la 10, a 12. A 13 6, Hiti 10,6, and up to 57,0. fit line Fawn jackets trivia no a re it aver. Rare in 2j/u, 32,6, s ,0, is. V. . Ladies Mantl. Of . Maula. Well made and lined throughout with Hirsh a Laid to Collar a i Raed fur the dirt is a i Cli. Or Stock of mantles i by extensive Over Cio diff Chi Rit s in Sii -. Siik my Uliase. Lik velvet. And other Al ? Hinds finely Tri Ronit j Uilah Ijac . Jet. A. 1 rites ran a 2-?2 d. 3.t. In i. 4. Jijun to 5, eth. Ladin. Mir a Tania it Mai e i its sk1kts a Slish in Jii ii Maje. Sola i the smartest tis to in la and Wilcis in Australia Kis. Priorf 13 of ladies. All sizes it tit. None lined silk. Others i rain if. Price .t7,6 Ami 30,5 each. Tue i v iii and Irinio Are wort it the Money ladies underclothing. Knickers. 2 3, 2. 11, v Crim of j in i1 0 loner lot i i Oal ref ill in. 4.11,5 11. I and Oil r 1 Iviria i keat Harj , i a -. Visit. A French Ari Iliili tort. In ill. Solors. i y Oniu Meins and . In Gilt an.1 St. I. Jet . Uril Liams. Jet and St l i . . . Lin i in Luli in. Every Iashio. nov in . Us i a ii a have one a the li.= a stocks in i. . V,.ii ,.- to slut . Is until Virv frn my Uii Ici. Co. Thex Yolk i it in. Wil80k, Bryce & Goy. 1h, Billj us Auli Lallie. 1 12m ? shipping. ? th1 to Apud Smith leave Howard Smith s wharf As Tolona in Reum sterile jew in l Al Batter. \ Bun Inyong. . J Monua May i Geraldton j pasc Engros and circa this Fine Steamer has recently been thoroughly overhauled and renovated. Her accommodation is now Superior to any on the coast. Large stale room comfortable so la rooms Tutsic rooms hot and cold. Sea water Baths. Length a promenade deck electric Light throughout. Is Elbourne \ Sonev i.hewcast1.b Eris Bike Kaeyer Enoch Gla Stowe eco Dabeke Rockhampton he Oceay of was Villi Calinst Vij ? wednesday May id Carco Only. Cargo must be delivered alongside liners not 1?. The one hour before advertised time of bailing. Thu. Jbv Abo Smiith a sch3 people it or a Letco. Is sine Milhara Stre to. Adelaida. A Darth Fianu. Port Adelaide. Disc slice Schabb &g0. Soffi Letaba. Luote1x win Raa Schirer steamers circumstances permit air Albany. \ . / tuesday Uay a Tran shipping or of Seth wharf. Ger Alston and to . Posts on through Ali Luff lading w. R. Cats co. and Tulic -. Or j. Law mugs son. Port a thude. A Huddart Parker & go. Rewak Retay. Liht ted Liudis Patcha from port a Fiauu lurch nuances Semi ruin Sydney Lindus i Friday. Mav is. At noon. Be Hautle f i monday Ilia 22, ? without transhipment. Throne a Bills of lading to Perth. Freight and passage at lowest Correct Katkus. For Tud Pant cars apply to d. & j. Fowler limited Coc ? ad13.au e Ana port Aux aide. Jav c5team t0 Kiko Stok and Beacie cf5isk �3 port. The rect Riar trader . I�3ttjb� k1coll. Satins earn Day. May 13. Passage Saloon be. Steerage. Us. I or Leif tit and passage apply John Darling it . I2s-33 town Sod port. Drapery Ana clothing. 20 and 22, Hindley Street. Fashionable novelties for the plates est season a. By scat Steamer this week. Second shipment of ladies Wattul roof cloaks Kewa Larkk and Good Vovou goats with sleeves leading fashion children s a and colors. Ladies Cra Venette rain cloaks Lulack and Navy cycl1ku costumes in cloth and ladies Coats and pal tots in Black Fawn a. Ladies Fuit trimmed jackets braided jackets in Black Fawn a ? costume skirts All lined Black Serge 15/9, 25/ Navy 25/, ?j9/g coloured and mixed sedges 16/3, specialities in silk costume skirts in Black moire velour Satin. A. Evening Cost los specially selected for our Best Trade a en1kg blouses in Chiffon silk &.c. Oleka cloaks from 29 c each lox. Evening cd Iak. Paris style Long Roche silk Cio is in Var ious cd Loring up to 12 guineas silk department. For Titis season we have imported a Large and Fahiouable Slock of bilks for evening co since blouses skirts a. Many novelties to hand this week Satin and silk. Brocades new by Mumn a mo1kes, mores on do Llis new kid Cizik Mlp. In Ali . Ivory Cream and newest Avenins tints from 2/11 Yard. Embroidered chiffons Ami d oozes. For bodices Sleevi Scheum the 4 a in Black ii it. And leading colors a very Ilion in a clix Tion. Up to 23/ a Yard piece nets and i fees for evening blouses a line ornaments. Milliner a novelties. Acc Eivid by mail Liis week a Vorva Lar a selection of ladies trimmed i Elt hats in Black and color.-, newest Mljac. L rom 10, i to w g each la 1 1 us Sailor hats in the new plaits As sorted Conoit. Ret veil incs net ceilings. New shipment to hand in Black White Magpie and Jackdaw. Umbrellas. The da1n1 a Lor Sun or Shower i.a.? silk Luigi Rollas i 3 to 4.v girls school umbrellas 4, d to a. I blankets direct from la Mill. \ Erv be to value in All �iz-.-. Eiderdown quilts. J a Lar eni a Sisouk now shading. J. Miller Anderson go., j Hindley Street. 1 use the leading drapers. Marshalls. Veo Mably Tbs Best and cheapest Hock to but All Yolk . ? o ? l1djes of ii ave a almost Olissie Choice of any Thibo you May require at Marshall s. Notice to arc constantly ii Aiti in these advertise ments and would request those who seek or Sterling value to read our Price list every Day. Millinery showroom. Laws he l Skink j l Muu Ems k1. Fly Tulack Flop Felts 1/11, 2/11, 3/ 11 each fanh1oxable Feather Biol rats. Ixi., jd., 1, each a Al Eulal link of fancy Black Straw hats at 1 each I.A.a Ostl turn til a 9d 1/, 1/6 each trim mfg 15 no Street Felt hats i ii 2/11 each dress department. Col lieu coat Leo se1we, All Wool double Width 5/11 the dress Black velveteen 22-in. Wide 1/ Yard the Doblix Goa Tweed double Width 4/3 the dress the Champion coating Serge Navy and Black All Wool double Width 1/9 Yard the rom Rev a very Merior coat ing Eric Lack and All colors All Wool double Width. Ii i the dres Black f1glued sat1x cloth double Width I.A.Vard silk department. Silk a Ilkei i is in All shades 1/11 per silk mores in All shades 1/11 per Yard Black Slighs pure silk 1/11 per Yard Black Engalee Sui error Quality 2/11 shot Silks for coat linings 1/ per Yard foundation fcllki1, All Shudes 1/11 per Yard fashion Able ribbons. Choice Scarf i Kupus lllld., 1/, 1/3, 1/0, 1/fl, 1/11 per Yiirs elegant fancy Sash ebb Ops 1/3, 1/0, 1 3, jul 2 6 per Yard pretty fancy millinery rib Bons 7w., 3d., 10w., 1/, 1/3, 1/6 per tile latest Drav i i ribbons 1/9, 2 3, 2 11. 3/3, to 5/9 or dozen Dainty Bebe til lion a 6d, lojd., 1/3, 16, 1.9, 1/11 per dozen Moike Sash ill Bim evening shades 1/11 and 2.11 per Yard autumn parasols. Dark Lanot Pali ii sols 5/ 11, 7/6, 10/6 s1hjt silk parasols 5/8, 7/6, 8/11, 10/6, to 21/ a.acy parasols a ii 9/11, 10/c, to 21/ Black Satin Para soils 8/11, 10/6, and 13 6 fancy plaid parasols. 7/6 to 17/6 underclothing depart ment. 10 dozen ladles red and Black flannel Ettli petticoats 1/11 25�lto2en ladies Pink id fancy Flannelette knickers if 1/6, 1/11 31 dozen ladies p1xk and fancy Flannelette chemises 1/11, 2/1l 3/11 20 dozen ladies Pink and fancy Flannelette night dresses. 2/6, 2,11, 3/11, 4/h 16 dozen ladies Blue Linen Ger Man aprons Large size and. Each 72 dozen ladies White and Natu ral Wool vests Hatt sleeves 1/ children s warm woolly tunics Fawn and Grev. 3/11 each 32 children s Creme woolly tunics Triu used fur 0/11 each boys and youths clothing. Boys Serge Sailor suits 2/11. 3/6, 3/11, 4/11 each boys Kab suits 3/11, 4/11, 5/11 each boy Tweed overcoats 81, s/6, 10/ o each boys Reefer overcoats in Tweed and Blue cloth 3/11, 4/11 each boys an1 youths Waterproof Coats. 15/6, 17/6. 21/, 22.fi each Bush rugs 3/lj, 4/ll, 5/il, cell each men s clothing depart ment. 12 t men s Tweed Sac Coats usual prices s/6 to 12/ 6, Offerl ii 6/6 each 150 men s Tweed overcoats with Cai is 3, 4 Only usual prices 25/ to 30/, offered at 15/ each men s Illus and Lack Chester Field overcoats offered at 55/6 250ameirs Tweed Sac suits a Ual iries 19.fi to 38/t off Ivd at 2\/ each men s Tweed trousers usual prices 6.6 to so. Oriere a at 4/11 pair men s Tweed trousers and vests usual prices 15/ to 1s/0, offered at 12 g Haberdashery. Best Berlin Finger Ings. Lod. A Hank Pickle plated a Ahtty pjs id. Cord Buass safety pin curtain Hooks. Id. Card a shrinkable wools. 1/2 and 1/9 i or Haik new glow worm knitting yarn. Id. Lull hand painted Satin Wall tidies. 1, i Ach mixed is joke White pins 3d per j la. ? gents shi3t department 10 dozen a kits heavy flannel mtg s1u1--, collars or hands c 3f�t#dan men Kintore Tweed shirts colors or 2 ii each 10 dozen men s heavy flannel my hits. 1 11 each 2fl dozen men s All Wool flannel Shilkis. 2,6 each a dozen mkt s Cardigan jackets 25 Doz a heart ribbed kxi1tki half Hose. 1/ pair 50 Dozon men s Cashmere half 1k so m. Pair hosiery department. Children s wide ribbed Cash Aziere Jiose All Wool heavy seam less sizes 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Price so. Lod. 1/ 1/2 1/4 1/6 per pair boys heavy worsted Knock a Hose Lor school Wear sizes 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Prices. 1,2 1/1 1/6 1/8 1/10 2/ per pair boys heavy Cashmere Knicker Hose soft durable and non irritating sizes 3. 1. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Prices 1/5 1/7 1/9 1/h 2/1 2/3 2/5 per pair trimming department. Coli ored loot-Edge braids 1/11 coloured and Black draw Cord Lili alus 1/11 dozen coloured headed Gimps 6id. Vard Black headed girl 4d. Yard coloured Beaver trim slings 9d. Shaded Beaver trimmings 1/ Yard tailoring extraordinary. Cut style and finish unsurpassed. We offer six lines the cheapest in Ade Laide. Stylish Tweed Sac suit 59/6, to Serge Sac suit 50/. To measure Chesterfield Over at Worth 70/, for 55/, to measure gents evening dress suit 5 Pipines to measure glints trousers a wonderful line21/. For 13 6, to measure ladies tailor made a at and Skur i. In Fine Navy targe. �4 4/ household Linen and Manchester dept. 290 pairs White blankets Small size 2/11 per pair. 36 \ Egl table Down quilts Fuu Tut 12,t Inch i pairs wh11e Plank tvs full Ezic special value 13/9 or pair 40 n7pn da3iask table nations three Quarter size 4/11 per dozen 100 pieces Floral Art muslims Grood patterns 1/11 per Ion Yards 36 dozen Plain Pillow cases 1/3 per pair 15 dozen Pillow cases made i i Ireland 1/3 each 36 pieces Fine soft Long cloth Calico 34-Inch, 2/11 dozen Yards 20 pieces White fancy brilliants and fancy piques for Pinafore a usual value 1/ Yard for 7�d. Pet Boot department. Ladies All Patent is i ers liquor it very a ice Al 3/. For 1/6 pair Lai iks it Eal american Glace Goat skin shoes the Best Wear ing leather Ever tanned Button and Lai a. 15, d per pair ladies real american Glace kill shoes. Patent Cap. 9/11 Ler pair about 100 l airs of ladies shoes in assorted in size and kind specially reduced to Clear 12/6 for 9/, 11/9 for s/9 Jirair look j Couplet we Affif to Bismarck Burner. A peps a Jjlia a largest Stock Joyc Lah Wake my Ais a in ihecolonie.�. Is Fri furniture at a special offer in s Sidebo. 3e& x s. We hip Roccin re from Sydney a shipment of very Superior sideuo2ds, comprising Uoc nimbly sonic of the choicest of icons a have ver Hub titled. Triesc bid War la Arf it very size for Trnini orzame Villa Homes. The i Rili Are a Yonish Iazov loan a the a is rust i and to ii a Are excellent in every detail. A up .en-1i-l lot of Sydney Kite to Isdr ral it.0 in. Adj 5 a. In hism Unis Neil Kauri. Styli cd Walnut 2uju vat aka w jljst93 so03z suites. Beautiful occasiosal.sl1tes in silk to i Estry. In of Iua \ a vet ind i Lush Ani Many new coverings fe9tders Asp i Beikos. .\t2 fully stocked with every description of fonder kerb firc run fireguard Askew Tjo Odi Ai Ile Correct . You Usu in Breve j As the cold weather is rapidly approach i and we offer Valu and assortment in fenders and Ron real leather dining room suites. Kith upholstered backs to All chairs 4 dining chair 2 anus 1 Couch Complete �7 15s. Over mantels. A Urilli it assortment of hoj Cru tue mantels mirrors \vhai.ou. Eackels pier Gutseit. Wire wove couches Civy Tumea la. Jact and , carved scroll Cay Maeshall 4 drapery and clothing. Craven and Armstrong s. A special Sale of dress materials we have just purchased a Large lot of dress materials in All 270 pieces at Dob prices comprising the latest goods in Plain and fancy materials and the sate of these goods commences to Day 75 pieces of Melton cloth All colors 2/11 per Riocci Worth 4/11 40 pieces of Homespun 3/11 the dress Worth 5/u s3 i Ces of Knicker Serge 2/11 the dress Worth 111 it Pir Ces fan a Tweed. S 11 the Dreas very cheap 10 pieces fancy Satin cot la 6 11 the dress Worth 11 a 10 pieces. 42 in., All Wool Serge sad Yard Worth 1/3 Vard All shades c i orcs 42 in., coating Serge Bronze Only 6jd Yard 15 pieces of letter Serges All shades ii 1/3, 1,c, Yard 25 Pir pcs of 44 in. All Wool Poppins 11/9 the dress Worth 17, i Black and m colors 110 pieces of Black and Navy Serges All Wool 42 in. All Wool Black and nut Serge 81d Yard won i 1,3 Yard 42 in. Black and Navy heavy coating Serge lord Yard Worth 1/4j Yard better coating Serges very heavy 1/1, 1/3, 1/fl, 1, s 1/11 Yard Black Aii acis Plain and figured 5/11, 7/9, 9/11, 11/6 per dress a a partial lot of Black figured materials at 9/11 Aid 11.0 per dress a Speial line of cavy loth Serre in Crays. Fawns and Rbrown suit Abl for coat and skirt. Trills 1/, 1/3j, 1/9, and 1/11 Ivond Erful value in Black Ana coloured velveteen Black velveteen 7i, sad 1/, 1/3, 1/6, 1/3, and 1/ 11 Yard coloured 10id, 1/3, 1/9 All the new shades Flannelette. Our Flawse lattes Are the wonder of the cite. 29 in. Heavy Pink twill Flannelette 2/6 per dozen 33 in. Heavy Pink twill 2/11 Worth 34 Inch do., 3/11, 4/9, s/9 per dozen while Flannelette 29 in., 2/11 dozen 33 in., 3/11 dozen 34 in. 49, 5/9, a a dozen striped Flannelette 29 in., heavy twill 1/11, 2/11 dozen striped Flannelette s3 in., heavy Triu 3/11, 4/9 dozen 7s in. Coloured Taille cloth Jufer. 1/4j Jard special value in Plank cts for double Beds 9/11, 11/9, 12/9, 15/9, 19/0 German blankets for double Beds 4/11 Large size White inn Crocomb quilts for double Beds 4/9, 4/11, /9 splendid value in Grey and White twill Sheet for table Linen Forfar apron Linen tick shirting and of Luccis la Cave twill cretins 2, a 2/11, 3/11 per dozen be arc now Selling s Macint Nehus in Black Brown and Navy at 12/9, 15/9, 19/6 each maids . 9/11 each we arc Selling hundreds of ladies capes at 6 11, 7,�, o,9. Hll l a 2.h, 14/9, 15,l, 17,6, and 19,6, tie Lien value Ever offered in Adelaide. Splendid value in ?, and children s Felt Flats lat vol styles and Nencet shades. Maggii Mirent As Wrt mint of trimmed and in trin med Straw hats. A s tial line of ladies velvet houses 5/11 each Worth 100 dozen heavy Wimer blouses at 2 6 Eadi Job Good value in ladies corsets and Flannelette Cuder clothing. 25 Dean fur Collar ettes and Boas a manufacturer s a of samples very Cha �. Ladies Wool wraps tie Best value in Adelaide. Children s overalls Aud Pinafore a Choice lot and splendid value. We Are showing a splendid of of ii did and children kid and fabric cloves at popular ruins. Ladies All Wool Cash men Hose and ribbed Ai 7j.1, , 1., 1,3, 1, equally Good value in Clil arcu s Ilose. 150 pairs All Wool Tweed trousers slightly damaged. Is 6d for 4s 1 id 125 pairs kens trousers and vests All Wool 15s 9d for 7s 25 men s All Wool Serge suits 45s Tor 19s 6d 50 Hen s fancy Tweed suits 35s to 55s for 19s 6et. The balance of our boys and youths clothing to be cleared regardless of Cost. Country orders will receive prompt attention. 1 at terns and Price lists sent to any part of the Colony. ? 7aiuc do a p e it s p b 1 n to to Guj Eru Iod in the Shorte i notice and cd Liberal to Tom a the Advie msgr Al a print office. ? miscellaneous wants. Under this heading ii re i i. Is words one . -ar-n7taid7ut. And furnished Riih Malure a Elji is and to is eds. A. Vav. I. . Maurill. 6sil37 business notices. Wbkl7xsi� i drapery and clothing. J Martin bros., Burlington icons a use now on View very Large shipments of every kind household linens flannels i a Dieci t Rolt the . Household linens a Sil a Ial Vall k. A lobed ill Ali i i table cloths. 2i Vanis Lonill Cali. Is cards Lone ,11wh17k Tea c Lotus Rich Bam asked a it a a 2,11, and a j Call Ritin tied ioyi.eys,is Niello i Juau 3.h it Duze a wort i cd Caoli. d1iv1.evs, Rich Nama Skud pm t.in-, 11 indies fiure 5jd Cali Worth 71 tray cloths. Cd kid Okay cloths fringed uni Kiti Jia Llenis 23 x l j indies ism Cali a Cru 1. Each a Lilly a masked pattern tray cloths. Fringed ii x 10 inches old Cal Worth 10 w a Juliuo bordered dam asked pattern it , Irin cd. 10 inches Square 1/11 per Dozer won i Anu each. Co1.okku by jul i red damai5ker Patteuw h Oyles inured 1 inches Square 3/11 per Doz a \v\j7lli 0 a each White Cali Coes. �i1, 3.6, 3,11, i i 4,11, 0, a i 7/c, to 12,u per dozen a Ards. Special Vall e. 5l i pcs Imp mrs i Lxi. L1v4-.s finish Calico 1 Ard wide or dozen Worth org dozen. White s11ect1nus. 72 inches wide. Lord Lud 1/, a Ltd 1/3, 1/6 Yard so inches wide. 1. 1,1-., 1 3. 1/0. 119 Yard we inches wide l j. L. In. 2 3. 2j, i/9 Jard. So Krial Valce. So Inch twill siikkt1x, 1, and 1/3 Yard i I.A.iii meets White and Lobl Zacheo tit Kisu Bol Lee Tow Ellifi. 15 to 1 iches wide. White turkish roller towelling a 5, la. heodo., j. 11, i. 11, 0,0, 7/6, and s/6 Rich dozen Lino in ? heavy nov fun he a Flannelette .si11utim1s. 2s cliches wide 7jd. Jard. Flannelette St ipod Flannelette s/3, 2/0, 2,11, 3/6, 1 and .3.ti Cril Izen Yards 3j-inkllxxelettes. 3/ll, 1/6, 4.11, 5/6, and n 11 per a in Yanis 33-Incii, All i ii. And 7/6 per dozen Yards 3iinli. T i. 7 to. S ii and Sll or dozen Vard l jux and twill Pink Flannelette 27 to 30 inches wide special value 2/11, 3/1j, 4/11, to 10/6 it Yarda Kalirai. Ami Shetland Flannelette. Inhs wide 7i j. And Sid. Ard we ii ave in huh a spurt in intimating to indies who 1l.iv- he a we Tinc for this cloth that we have que Jan a a Lar a ship rut. Woolk1tes. Kev 1jes1oxs, suitable for wrappers. No Pitses a. Lush. Ii. 7. I/11, � 6, and 10/6 per rur Xii soil Letos. I i to ii India wide. D., old. 1m., and Ltd. Yard. Ski Incisi Cashmere or Elk Flannelette is to in iches wide. 7d sad. In. 10 a. And 1jd. Per to. All Wool fhkxc1i Bix Rosr flannels. 2fw i lots Sim Dps Luji. 1,0. J a. And j Lizard. New goods by every si1il Steamer. Shopping by Post Martin Hros Syam of slip Pink by Post offers Rarrat facilities to ladies who arc unable to personally visit Lurli Norton House. When contemplating purchases indies Hare Only to wilp for sets of patterns which will be I.A.mediately forwarded to any locality. Ooris can 1k ordered by letter and special care will Laid 1� All orders thus received the slightest detail Nisei in with attention. Martin bros., Burlington House. Isoina was Pyk Chaser a great bargain assigned estate. Bedsteads of hair 61zes and patterns All in Good order i and of first class Quality. Isrow we offer them at the pc Xci Sevee heard of Fob ei1sjlab goods. 13s can t last 1ong. So come at once j furnish. No Arcade j ail Leigh streets. J of what bargains you get a waggon4oad for the ancient Cost of a Basket Ful a Urce offek1hg of ladies Winter Straw hats All this season s shapes. So Doz. Black in trimmed straws canal Price la. To be sold to Day at in Etoh id Doz. Black Lori Heb straws Gnu Lurke so Tob told Dot Dij at Lea of 12 Doz. Black straws. Cecal Price ill. To be sold to Daft a Kaos s Doz. Black us trimmed straws usual Price Sal Jujj due 12 Doz. Black unt Rihner straws. Usual Price from 4/u toll lobe Soto Dayan of Job a favourable Opportunity of securing your new ? Winter hats at half Price. ? 25 pieces All Wool French Poppins a Dew shipment of All the new newest Shadea. To be sold to Day at a o the sub pfc 75 pieces All Wool coat a Serges a Good heat line in every Shade. To be old to Day at k 144 us Bibb 63 pieces 42 in. Costume cloths in every Shade. a the dbz8s 32 pieces 46 in. All Wool faced costume cloths. To be am to Day at avg Ihbe Blob 13 pieces All Wool Black a awl dress stuff unique design. Usual Price 8/11 per Yard to be told to Daj at 1a/ xhedbe8s a Good Story bears repeating. No matter How often we speak about the extra Good value of our blankets the Story loses none of its flavor or the blankets a bit of their Quality. 75 pairs of single bed blankets Tobey Dato Dasrat a be web 89 pairs double bed blankets Tobe Solute Dalai Wjk Bee rub ? 5 $ pairs full size double bed blankets to be sold to Day at a in pro pa1b we shall also offer a Large special Purchase or 7,209 Yards 33-. Heavy Pimp twill Flannelette. Denil value full Dor will be Omat Mitt pub Yoav 130 pieces 36-ir. White Calico guaranteed a pore doth and fret from Dree inc to be sold at j a their Kab Laj ies hosiery. 75 Doz. All Wool ribbed Hose. 6eauless, 6puced heels a toes dual Nuol Mitef Soldal i per pus no one Wiio appreciates Economy can attorn to Miu the opportunities offering at the coliseum ? 16 and 18, Rundle Street. True to the last Abe Hunter s boots & shoes. Ask for this registered Brand. They Are get is wearers my a at Strons As a rocks Low registered trademark. Prices. The Nelson warranted All solid leather ask for our gents welted Balmoral at 14/9 j the Nelson. Insist on having them. Obtainable Oboh the City Boot Palace next Arcade Rundle-St., Adelaide ? and am. Branches and ? drapery and clothing. Donaldson Andrews and com pah now hold an immense Stock specially imported and in All the up to Date styles in men s waterproofs Tweed overcoats boys and youths clot big Woollen underwear the very latest in Felt hats shirts collars and ties Tweed suiting and trouser Ings. Tailoring in All branches. Men s and boys boots and shoes. By All the Best makers. 107uai35 drapery and clothing Shierlaw new shipments boys & youths Winter clothing splendid Stock of durable and perfect fitting clothing to choose from at lowest possible prices. Trouser suits 13/6 Serge Sailor suits 4/6 Reefer jackets 6/9. Gents and boys hats Aid Caps in endless variety. Imus Tateo . 16 and 18, hip leg St 4 ika8k� Tbs Simns australasian Road record i loitered to 2 or. 6 min. ? by Mutt Tay adn Geb on i Multine Ujj Why a fast hex ride fast Trees. I the Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co. United i 69. Fan Klucz Street Adelaide i and at Amborne Sydney Perth and Christchurch g Bili Abitt with Comfort ? sue a first in 1888. Foremost brer since. ? the Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co. Limited s9. Frak Klik Street Adelaide. And at Melbourne. Sydney. Penh and Christchurch

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