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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Mar 23 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 23, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia snipping Yum by Mari tour . Unde. Blk. Mail font Bact with the French govern Adelaide to London a Maneu Lesi Faffing a Albany. Seychelles Aden. Suez and fart Adelaide to London in g Day. To . Jim. Oomman Dei. Leaveadelaid7 a. Go Denot. La Sib april 2 Aorta Una 6020jq. Diaper . Hoc. Kay ? . Joser. File Cal Man May so potty a bo2ou Board . Sat., july 2abmfp?t? a. Poy Denot. . Moil. Aug. 1 bub Iff up a include warn at alb at meals. To bods Ottun tick lib Mars Edlee to Lomo tasted Here journey 24 hours Only. Be company s interpreters will accompany through Pas Sange to Paris Ana London. Luggage an eyed fus by Steamer from Maneilles to London. It stewards. Macb cow carried. Giggle tickets to Kur Sesle Bora �20 to �85. Be torn from �34 to �105. R i in pal he Law a to l mint it cot Twyon agenta.?191 a Obi est Una of Royal Kail steamers. A inflowing cyal mail steamers belonging to Ike Orient and Pao Fig companies win leave top astir p in Tjw Wrt it noon on the a Dennen honed dates Tor London via Albany Colombo neg came. Naples, Plymouth Muana 16,077 tons. F. Dixon Hob. Is our mag . Darby april 6 on -1.081 april 10 Oao Uva &.&b1 " a Addao May 4 Oren -6,700 Hay 18 Oaxaca to a " a Hay . Fane 1 Oatt Fol " Jane 16 Oon Stu " of. Anderson Jane 29 of Ota get ?? Only 13. Anglo rms Blyth Ereller. It Boob a Tengea May break to Weir journey. Meb Maun reamed on Mot Liberal terms. Troub Sion Betmon Mcketa at Low rates. Passage Honey. Fib8t8aloon -�65,�63,and�70. Groton Saloon -�80 and so. Of Fly to and krkl3 so abiding Riff Wirg am trans 4a to berth Gatans Zzz each Arntt. Raar4ertfa Cabins �20 Paob adopt. Open berths �17175. Each adult. A hoax uis tit an now of lured Tot Bro Geog Puma and relatives by the prepayment of Pat Bab Deu earned to any pan at Tfaye untied Keg. Of at alow rate. Kan Gebb of. Green and on and Anderson 4ndrraon,??. . David Avoy town of Rwy in mag my 88. Orentell treet. Is Orizaba for London. A special 6. Train Lor pabsengeb6 and visit Obs Wui re Adelaide Tor sea end Largs pier at 9.60 . On wednesday. Ffl-3 David Anderson. Branch manager. A told Den Scheb Lloyd. Do at a beg Utar monthly line of fast Pas Al stake amen to Booth Impton. Antwerp. And Bremen calling at Dok Anbo Aden Baa port said and Genoa con meeting of Flynall and win ii Gem from port said to Brm dbl under Hafl contract with tin Imperial Gamin government. Steamer will be dispatched As pc Owa steamers. Tons. Commander Jive. And. 13 17 sort a the Mann mar. So Kaibab Wilhman. 6,991 l. Stormer Al 26 ?h Zobbi a. Yon co Eden Vay s3 june 20 a Branch Fine to Fiatoa aed Steamer leaves by nay on arrival of each Steamer for these hands. Passage Money from Adelaide to Bremen from �14 to �00. Great reactions on return Pas sages a Flable foe do nine or twelve months. Every facility is offered for Srin Gine oat mends by Bement of in Ami y ban. Cabin passengers Bay . All Filp a and stewards convey ant with Tibe a Samotis and cargo booked through to London and Prince and to Opean Asiatic and american porn a Unius far Englund an landed at Southampton. -. La fat Ore Pas Sengon win land and embark at Largs for Trel it Page and a other Partl Calar apply Toth agents h. Mueckl it co ago Alao Adaui Ile and port Adelaide. C 3 s. Kaber Wilhelm 51 Al . Us msgr event Steamer is used to leave Adelaide Tor Europe on april 28, Kaiser Mumm n. Is the largest a palengat Steamer running Between tie most san Ohio has and a rope. and table is a know a of . To of fat of Sunn is should a ii rat to Cany h. Muecke co., we Adelaide or port. .1. For Heutsche astr Alischa or a steam Coumont option to Ani top and Fine hew Straw it Chemnitz wed be dispatched As above Early in april. A sends trom England and Boontam it can be arranged Ben. From Hamburg or Antwerp _ _ �12158. Troll Tendon �isl3s. For freight and an George stills too bbna9o Addaide and port Adelaide a Ftp Elj Loh Doh Laporte As required new a powered fast steamers an to lean Tia fort and slams to Dadon Tor first and beyond Saloon and an experienced doctor accompanies the Chip. Efficient stall stewards and blew Ardnea. Good cow on Board. For Tret Efat or passage apply elder Smith.ftco., looted agents. Finn Law -1 at Queensland Boyal Kail line. In a London via Brisbane a Toms North Joe England posts. Java a Suez canal. i Tobb Ufuti Tai frit pc Cua _ 4.838 pro essay april i. Pm a 6.197 Rioe Day. May id. Fabb from Adelaide to Bondon Saloon ingle�68 us. Return�80 10s., available for is so Tbs. Keene a Nile ,�2o. 86wo ii i a and port Adelaide. Team to Sydney from port of hubs. A pibd2 and Wallaroo via i Tobx Adelaide. The Fina Steamer Kaba Xera 1,200 tone. Captain blown win Saa from port Pirie and Wallaroo calling at port Adelaide for Sydney and Newcastle on wednesday. March a. Taking cargo at throng rates for an Queensland fijian new Zea Jat 4 and other forts. Ass Hassou Box Bibb. Shipping. Fhe Adelaide steamship coi Pamy x limited to dispatch their team ships As under for Melbourne and Sydney trans Eppink for All Queensland ports. . In Kamicka i saturday i mar. 261 . &8. Adelaide i sat niday i april 3 2.16 pin. Test australian service. For Albany Freemantle. And Gerald Fox. Tor Northern words. Is. Albany i wednesday March 23 , Careo received of to 4 . Day Prei Soiu to Mailliw. For Albany . And coastal ports to Brooke. B t Strrm the nerf in t i noon South East service. For King ton Robe Beac port and Donnell. Bay. wednesday april 6 noon. Spencer s Gulf service. Post Lincoln port Augusta returning via Wallaroo calling Oft of Ankli Harb rvs. Feb set tuesday March 23 3 .cargo received till 11 mail and passengers Only. Mookta Wallaroo. Port termed. And port Pribik. 85. \ saturday 1 March 26 j 3 . Cargo received till 1 . Day of sailing. John Turnbull Secretary 82f o Carrie Chambers Corrie Street. Adelaide. A Brotice to shippers to spen Fig x l cer s Gulf. Be a alteration of service. On and after saturday april 2, a investigator Wai be dispatched for ports Augusia germ in and Pirie leaving port Adelaide every saturday at 6 pm. On and after tuesday. April 6, Febbi will be dispatched for Post Lincoln Soonta Wallaroo and Frnklin haboob leaving port Adelaide every tuesday at 3 . Cargo received Day previous to sailing and unto noon of sailing Day. Buinac John Turnbull. Secretary. A 1?or St easy Bay canine at few a. A Venus Bay and Elliston if a inn went offers the a. Dav bbb Lubra mute dispatched an or about wednesday. Sch it. 81-90 John turn Bill. Secretary. A h i n a and j a a a n. A the Eastern and australian steamship company. Limited. Regul a monthly line of direct steamers from Australia to China and Japan. The following powerful steamships will be dispatched asunder Steamer. Ito Nige capitain. To sail Guthrie 2,100 p. T. Helms april i. Catte Thun 2,200 Neil Shannon april 9. He Mui Hugh Craig May 10. a. 00 Winthrop Eui Jane i. These steamers have Larke Cooling Chambers enrolling an abundance of ice fresh is its. A throughout the voyage. Saloon patience in booked through to All ports in China and Japan also to san fran Tsoo. Liverpool London and the con Teneni of Europe. For freight passages and full particulars apply the Gibbs Bright it co 69, Grenfeu-St., agents. 48iwc jwfc.-. Cob Hon Kong via thursday Foj go a. I Island and fort ? the Man navigation company b Kne at Steamer cb3ngtu, a. Hunt commander will leave a Claren wharf port Adelaide for above ports on thursday Hirsoh 24, at Daylight. Cargo must be alongside not later than 4 on wednesday. Ibis Steamer has splendid accommodation for Padgen who on Book through to London or die continent via China Japan and America. As Moat of the accommodation is. Taken no Early application for berths should be made. The Steamer offers a Good Opportunity far a tour in Japan her time of arrival being at the Best Searon of the year. Cargo now being received. For All information apply to Lobi Meb some it co., Waymath Breet Adelaide 781,3-4 port Adelaide. Grillis . Wasj. Tit ?b3? Pany limited win Bun excursion trips wind and weather pet Wittink from Largs Bay and semaphore to Glenelg every saturday afternoon until further Node Lea lug aids Bay at Bop a. And 3 ua., Bema Phore 3 pm. And 840 pjn., giving Giassi ii i i in one j onor at it Toelg during Talon one Doe sniffing top a and 5.45 ." dares one shilling each Way. Taiwo Thos. E. Reeb Secretary and manager j i ii it win be a jul Asa Utah Buby every thu sat. At 8 Ali Stu Ilung came Day Learis about spin and every saturday at 8 Aan re inning Kan Days leaving at 11.ajn. " to foot vibe sent every tuesday at 8 an. Let mag came Day be avow about 5 Pirn. Oil a. Los Ossa Muse Ardauy. General merchandise. X Oheimer Boms it co. Have of Sais on the Ali spot or to arrive Bitont Gnu Zineb bottled by sheathing and roofing. Dynamite fuse detonators. Unseen 08-raw add boiled. King s Windsor Asbestos Cement for plastering Walls and ceilings. Teas Low to Medum Congo us hew season s. Preserved meats All descriptions of Queen Eland heat Export company Brand. Indents executed. Guio lorme?.bome.aoowaymouantrert. A h Sale and to arrive. Woolpack Job backs a Babbage. Potato bags flour bags. Orb bags sewing twine corrugated and Plain galvanized Iron Black Sheet Iron Sheet Lead and Zinc. Axes. Koment steel standards and Dropper for fencing bal Burn wire strainers. Bound and Oval steel Wibb drawn Iron wire and galvanized steel fencing Wibb barbed fencing wire wire net Ting pig Iron English Ooka fire riots Hematite faint. Oak brio soda. Whiting bul phase of Copper strychnine glacial the milk and food preservative be Robiho condensed milk Staves hand and Oaka Febi. Can doors shelving plaster to. Indents of All classes of manufactures executed a lows by terms in All parts of the world. George will it 00., son ale . Prod Nee provisions. I o i i e a White tuscan seed wheat from new Zea land and Bonith East Ako Steinweden Cape Barley and Oats. Chaff ban to. Frd3more too 4 76iu?165 fed Trees. T o o h b a d. Wholesale and bewail Boto bbb. Of Alliea it a bes Tarrants and ships waited on daily. Meat preserved. Keats in tins of 1, 2, 4,6, and 81b, the be in the world 40 varieties cases Oon Tuung 86 in i oases 81b. Me tourer. Bacons and Hamb Nasur Paats a blamed Raama prizes and in Edala by the ton or 1,000 Well seasoned hams in Stock. Pierced Uorn beef and pork in 8.2, and 1 out. Cask or in bag largest Mode fat the ook Mies and by Faribe of Small goods All the leading assortments unequalled in Quality. Caterers co shows picnics and All Public festivals supplied on the shortest notification made daily packed carefully to ans re Fin Daas Oon Ditino on delivery either by ramd rail or boat. Dripping and lard in tins of 40, so 14,7. To and lib., or in Kes Satoo lard in bladders. Heats Ooi Oil Eoo Moos Stock on band. Ask Fob Artoe Listi wholesale and address Hindley Street. Adelaide branches -12, to Holb by but 82, by i Kibbat. Was rent a Popaj. As Saturio missing friends. Under this funding if prepaid is words cos insertion u. Three insertions u. Cd. Xm7ill the person who wrote letter to it impel kindly write again give name and i shipping. No by Boward Bmith line Kew service. Farther Bedo Cuan of a Ewenger fares. Fore Saloon. Return. Cabin. To Melbourne _ �110 0 �2 10 0 �9 in 0 Sydney .900 i 0 0 110 0 freights at lowest rates. In shout a it my fat to snap anti Sydney Buff Bank Maby Borough Buck Bamfoh . Bab Babool take Mackay Day Marco 29. Ujco town Villa pro. Goebal Doh sol Buni Yoko Cairns tuesday april 6, port Douglas pan. Cooktown thursday Jud. Normanton Bubs town. Fob port Hibib. A Bunyong i tuesday i March 29 e . The cheapest and Moss convenient Ramie to broken Hill. Fran Smith and Cave s wharf. Fere eaten passengers an supplied with food and balding free. Foil particulars on application to w. R. Oak it 00, agent Grenter Emmet. Adelaide 880 lir Jeon Sheet. Port Atte Lawe. To. Latest wind a jets by Scales. Streaky denial Fowler s Grace Darling now ready Fox cargo East thur Day 24th. W. Toi och Jan 76-84 i agent. Port. Dob to Doha Alfil of Fly twing a bail sort Adelaide every wednesday at Pijo. In Phoe of tuesday. Luk a. Feb Jokob. Fart. Business notices. G. Is. & w h. Birks chemists. We Are offering the following lines of perfumes at special prices Lazell a toilet Waters 7/6, i a a Lazell a essences 4/6, for g in Mobray i Lanman Florida water. 2/8. Of Leffie t Lub lira 2/6 for 2/ Heimmel Streble Lavender water 4/6, Qaq do. Do do. A 8/6 far � Fqy g. N. & w h. Birks chemists. 59. Bundles beet. 740 estate of late Edwin saw Bill watchmaker and optician. 8, bundle Street Adelaide. Estate to be closed prior to Karob Fol 1882. The balance Stock of watches clocks jewellery photographic and Elbo trial goods crucibles chem goal apparatus Sunda web and new Iatha to be sold id tide Lota or singly at Chear Anoe prices decided bargains. How no veg spectacle and optical Branch to adage House North Terrace oppo site pub of it brain. Pending the final 3t? bundle Street practical Oculi St in Attr Artanse s an. To noon and a to6pjn. At Date House noon to 4 pin. Alfred b. Sawtell j Adelaide. February 12. 1892. Frabl goal Kallee boots Ooka in Large or Small quantities at lowest current races. We. Howard Smith it sons Ltd Coal office. North Parade. Port Artrea Irtel Gjata my Abonio regalia. Aprons oollabs7oauntlbts. Sashes bd3bonb. Marmal for of a a Mac and Blue at j. A fears. Iff Iamo 160. Inn Lii Usu Etc. %7 loom to Dpi web . In Athow. Olo Thesa Effie Brebt puffs and All Araton Matji Ole Ahod or Dyke on the Tob text possible socks fast ool Obs parcels Roll noted and Denvered. Aos Naiani a Boob dons. Alcor Deon. A. Best Broad Reeds. Brass. Steel or German Saver. The largest and most varied Ttoolin Adelaide ?.lh.rnndlfrstreeb. La goo . Toadies Silver watches from �2, Strong and durable. To Yatky Gold watches from �4 10s, Unser Faun tame. Gents Rule Kkt Koti hit levees from. Superior Fine a Sidauy adapted Lor Bush sees to a. Gents Gold Guht sctt Levels Walt hams and chronographs. Guarantee with each watch am. A. L. Brunkhorst late?.bnindtx ho.io6.buhdl&bibeet. A nolo boots and shoes. Waukena Hast unsurpassed Fob boots Aki shoes. The Buman foot a full of Grade our Best respect commanding and Waken Naef is the choicest place for walking fast great Wauke Ophat Asusta Yon to a Tittle. For boots his Bouse cant be surpassed big folks or for Little. For English French and native style. For fit and lasting Wear hone can True fashion so beguile. Or wits his House compare. I he fits tie foot he Fita the Eye in Harmony together and Emiil we Bear the wish set cry there nothing like ins Katner. For bunions with their angry pain or cons that wildly Boot nothing of All the Praise can gain like his Well fitting Boot. The slippers boots a a Graceful shoes of Waukena Hastas own tide. In Adelaide Nave a ined repute As beet that e or were made. . Hew Phi exist of our autumn and Winter goods win Appeal in a few Days. Country orders promptly attended to. Note the address Wau Ken past 113, bundle a beet. 65iwai 4aid8-142 great reduction thib Iceson summer boots and shoes. Tan coloured goods a Hohnau. Prieb Bah done Chok Tark Hobb drapery and clothing. J. T. Fitch importer Draper Clothier and Boot warehouseman. Great show of autumn and Winter goods in All departments is Cludray new pres tweeds knickers weeds the new Victoria Serges new Shade in Cashmere Cord de Bay velveteen Oor de Opp junes ladies three a waiter and Long gapes Seal jackets in All Chapes ladies Bain Glo a a Large assortment of ladies Ulster in a. Ibb new shapes. Hew patterns in Art Luauna Navy and bed spot twi to. Travelling and Bosh bags help tapestry and Brussels carpets floor Clotta and Rita latizia White and coloured bunk Eta Astrachan trimmings Black and get. Ladies Felt and Beaver hats Tunas Black Straw hats Bequm and Jet trimmings. Wing Aigi ettes and shaded tips car Wren e sell hate in All the new shapes Boyscout Hsc men s overcoats. Hen e sae and Tweed suite boys and tombs suits boys Tweed and Berlin Knickerbocker bolts new shapes in Bard and Solt Felt Bate fancy and crimean shirts Winter hosiery travelling bags and portmanteau. Tailoring department. New Winter coatings new Winter vesting new Winter Trouse rings new Winter Soi tides Kew Winter Orero Atiga. Boot department. Ladies Gem shoes. Be lid 6a lid a 8dladies kid Oxford sboes7se6d,?i 9d, 10s 61 ladies Levant Boota a sad i to tic 9b Wlla 9d ladies lasting . Boot Bella i 6a 9d, 6a lid Sud indies leather is. Boots 4sd, i acid 6s de 7j of Sam ladies leather Balmoral 4a lid so 6d, 63 us 7s fld bs9d uen Eleather almorase6a,6s lid 8s lid 10s so used Hen s leather Lake boots tit Lafed a lid 6s lid bs9d.9sud Hen s Bichus nailed 4s 6d, 6ed, 6s us 9s9d uen a Tzong 3s l d,tsd.6s lid 9a9d Hen s leather . Boots Resmi , 12a 6d heirs Oxford shoes cd lid to Twat 6d, ids 9d Hents e3. Bpecuu29&tia children by conf item feels Styf 0 f a 4d,&u�ift of. 8b lids of i c9lildnd"b Trot Milf Ivor it a math Lwow ask so the 8? is lid 5s fid 6s63t? l4nv7s6dchddre?is Strong leathers a j spies to 9, 2a 4d, As by 3a lid sizes 10 Tols of feed 4s us intents Patent strap shoes to or pair. Country orders will to ump attention. Patterns and Pribe list Post free on application j. T. Fitch the Corner bundle and Dumeney streets. Lex la Charles Loose & co., 14, Rundle Street How Bowors latest novelties. Dii esses Serges millinery jackets capes mantles Ulster laces ribbons gloves. The Best value in the n. Evab Togo l of Tyler Ploe. Llotd. Brook Catt port Adelaide. Johh Garka in Dup a two. Jteiomss3it74xsbl77 Hall & ii Avab general. Do feb and same Side and three doom est Adelaide Annie. m i a o hew Winter dress goods in All Prio go for 2ji. To is. Us. Yard. Stu by wait do a p 8s Sib b i n t i n on the Shorf Imotine and on Liberal Tern it the adverb Heb Job pub Hwy once. ? drapery and clothing. James Marshall & co. James Marshall 4% co. Win make their first show of autumn and Winter drapery this Day up to the present ire have opened 1,227 packages Valce �42,000, Lofte newest and Host fast Honable goods direct from the inspection invited James Marshall & co., Adelaide and London. James Marshall & co. Drapery and clothing. Countess of Martin bros., Burlington House. Autumn and Winter season 1892. To gentlewoman. Novelties in English and foreign Woollen dress fabrics. Exclusive designs. To appreciate Folly the artistic perfection to which Woollen Drees fabrics Are cow brought a visit should certainly be paid to Burlington House. I Hartin Kotlier Are showing in their Dreas depart ment a Jarg and valuable Cone Otam of the very newest material lot ladled Wear. They give mow m. Tew of the choicest hater Iab on View in their . An exquisite fabric thick warm and yet Light More closely resembling the Constitution of the natural fleece of Wool than anything Ever previously produced from the loom. These Are ebon in their windows to Day. The Burlington Royal Serge in a variety of different designs viz., Diagonal Zig Zag Henna Bone triangular. An. The principal Yoko Are Black Navy dark Marine Cardinal but Brown Andgree. These Able materials an Selling rapidly Are Yed by the i most durable process known and Are not affected by rain St or sea water. We bold a very urge ool lec ton of this popular material at prices ranging from is. Fld. To 68. Cd. The Yard double Width. Patterns on i term a Tif iii showing us Dat. Cra Venette proof Serge. Thoroughly Sun a Pellant. Thai new material in Navy Bine and Black Only. They Nave already old a Large Quantity it wean Well and is thoroughly enable it a really Waterproof it Dost not become Sodden with rain it is porous and therefore completely ventilated patterns on application. Shown in Zbyr windows to Dat. I he Ridge Cottle anew and wonder Why pretty material made a very wide Width to suit the new fan and umbrella skirt these an tin Meta goods and 4tfnnltkiisd solely to Burun Glun of tone in single . One dress Odom color. Co Wihs in their windows to Dat. 188 new Broadcloth. In a charming variety of new Colon. These chaise materials Are the very latest produced and an used with rough tweeds for Vesta and facing giving a very . To keep them select we have imported Ojard Only of each odor. Browh s their windows to Day. goods can be obtained Only Tram Burlington Hook. Drap. Superb. Ten Robe lengths Only a different enter made of the new damage cloth with a 4-in. Border Al Sak Astrachan. These Are very pretty simply perfect. Ladies wanting an exclusive Woolley Bobe Showa or Theta windows to Day. To jilt ii of out of Motif Ritli Woollen dress Tweed. The Prodo conf of in glib. Scotch Irish and French Insi Iti Lii Reg in a variety of new colourings a Mait in an of snort in materials a Fol probably cd they have Tal ported Aii Ini Inavon no a Over 600 different designs Jar ave Oommen eed the autumn season of 1882 excess ugly Wal and no All Dashef of their draws goods very freely. This gives them in of engagement and Plain Teh flies that their efforts m Tkv the most important department of their Busi Ness a appreciated by the clips of South thank the Patron for their Libra stir so in the dressmaking depart ment. They have an experienced English dressmaker and a Lam staff of assistants experienced and Well qualified therefore to execute with the greatest promptitude orders of the largest and most complicated nature. Martin Bros Burlington House Adelaide and port land House London . 790 j. Miller Anderson and co. ? in Shindley treat an , London. Out preparations for the hew season being com plete we an now making our first show of autumn and Winter Draper. J showrooms i v fan cow Stock of High Glass Hilu Neby 1 elegant mantles jackets. And capes i ladies and and cloaks. Ban closes and rub lined cloaks. Of cob Tumko we an snowing a Large and select Stock. Very High class goods in the new stylish sweeds Cheviot Bough Serges and other new materials. The styles cannot be Earp idled. No two an alike in material or design. Children s Serge and stuff costumes All sizes at very moderate prices. Ladies 1 undershirts in Sok stuff and new Runnel dressing gowns and jackets. Furs. A Auy grand Stock in a qualities and shapes. Special notice la requested to the assortment of High class Fronin Black and Brown Bear beat Sable Grey and Black foe Lynx Skunk to. J dress tide Seton we bin hip Orsatt a Newi Miffy hum number of Enjolie a Bess fun Gibbia stylish tube Sand Tobet new uate Bials Aiea handsome a banded cloth Bobbe. We ran Eaf Csc Ashen that no tack of these goods has been Dja Kved in London during the who a effects in Navy and Black Cheviot so bomb we lab also have been very popular in London. Single and Bobbi Wasfi dress Stofft m the Fathio Nahle materials. Patterns forwarded on ant ioann new dress trimmings and Oma menu in Jet steel braids in Sidmo leptons. A Verj arge Stock a ending dressing own patterns Tut Colon Che demand or whose was to gnat last Winter quite exceeding our ability to meet we have accordingly imported very hugely for this Winte sat tax flannels Gatze flannels and Seal Welsh. Boys and youths Austral cloth nor. Our Street from of manufacturers we Are in a position to offer goo it Ianos Thane payments. It at Al. Kuhn Cra Pir Imhee. To Oak drapery and clothing. Hunt. Cd Rry. & 00.13 summer drapery Sale. Price list i 1 a 6wa to b pm it Nameiy Toile grand line of Ohe Nywood Pipea a 6d per dozen j3 of Zymm b pm jaw i Hee. So. Y ,,is6/auudgrand Neof Glass Ink bottles fid each. Yards about various to Hurmi. Washing Oam St Sud teu6d.ee Floral Wool Delaine Sale prices As lid 8s lid doa Satin Flani a Cre tonnes 2s lid. Iff lid doa. A 4d7afiont Black and White dress Button 2 d Kress Frood Alexander Cotton. 200 Yards my Doc. Short who and to fixed fins Otoe packets d 810" Une Bottai thin. Cardinal Marone ottoman Bash by ebon. A White embroidery be u 6d, is lid Tell Dot ladies new trimmed hats is Botto 9d, 8s so. 8s 9d Gates Manolov Stintl cures is. Tobd7utl ban did corsets Good Qualia leg is lid 9i lid a 114 is ladies White Jersey gloves by so u Denis Tan Button kid gloves As lid 8s lid Naif Ufa. Tap taffeta kid tipped Spaur heals Vierino heavy do by pair Heni regatts amrt2allid, Taal Price Faitt Dolored Bradford oath models Worth Lilly White dress Brif fiant is add Oman of flared e embroidered Cashmere dresses is lid a Hydren Kimbro dieted Ocean so 41d, Tim Ems Cotton Home Teet Eizel ,4sd a Hodgert saving Banks 9d Doxen 1-quart ask jugs 9id each Erm is Dos j beat machine of 6d bottle Sid Doren Studd be Tome. 6d Battle he Chtiej Seidta m packet fat is Wex men s Flann Deth shr to wih or in int i. A school bags Watt strap cd each lot ocl ored embroidery 7lddoten Black Lead writing fences. L d dozen Large fat Mlea fans. Is Doxen. To our country common and Stonk Pat a thu Day Ute. Of Tae Viriee of some Orde Una warn eco them to be named a Pittma Andy. do Veu to remember oat ear Saui Onk Comett Cim year and at tack Sak a loot Monaie on absolute last far the Benefito cur mme rom Fot remt. Please Cocks Kalt. Hunt Corry & co., Impo Teea and Cash do apes. Waln a j. Bailey & 00. H. J. Bailey ago. O6b&k Serges. Ocean Serges. Seagull Serges Seagull Serges. Gable Serges. Cable Serges. Father thames Serges. Father to Tambs Serges. 4s inches wide. All Wool. All prices. 1/9 5/6 then is no More useful fashion than the present one of Navy Serges. We have there fore bought a very Large Lota anticipating a great demand. The effect Are Moat striking each As the Cable the wave the there and Back geometrical and Diagonal and Many new designs both in Fine and cause makes. Ladies win do Well to Send Early for patterns. Every Yard guaranteed to stand Salt water and exposure to the bouohe3t weather. H. J. Bailey. & co., bundle Street. 79.81,3 notice of removal we beg to Annc our new and elegant premises to. 47, bundle Street being five doors West of our former site and which will be known As caledonian House specially designed fitted and arranged to a the requirements of a first class tailoring and outfitting Trade. A special shots so of Early autumn goods vow windowed. Mcdonald & Walter tailors and of to alters caledonian House bundle Stoeh. 48aail8ssi now is the discontent made cd Orion by the display of our Winter tweeds. Coat ios soft Vicuna sedges. Choice suit lengths in Cheviot and Westa new designs in bilk Waist coatings Light and heavy Over coatings. All Bright. Nice new goods. Do us the favor of placing your orders Early. A Good staff of practical tailors always at wore. R. C. Castle & compf., 37. Etoile Street. ?la29 plants seeds. Seei. Fob Sale. Seed. W heat White tuscan and Steinwedel Oats Cape. Tariff ". And new zealand. Pas Garden Field sorts. Cap Babley Bye Lacem. Potatoes magnum Bonne White elephant Fluke kidney White crib Akita be suns. Wholesale prices. Char lick bros., Eastend Market and poet Adelaide. V new seeds r soft h b j3j vegetable Garden of Sam and station. Storekeepers supplied with seeds of Best Quality Atwo to Oev Stein Inbok. , 73. Bund ii Street Adelaide. Kussi

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