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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 22, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? shipping. ? Orient line. I Jun. On the undermentioned dates for Fly Looth Tad los Doh. A Albany. Colon cute Stuppino Lor All Indian sorts. Suez canal. Kapler Marseilles inn Gibraltar ? ?ob�uzm6.ss7 . A. Veale,. Cow Bali 3,850 a. F. ap2.s ?aubtbaike2 j. F. Andeona aprils ?opji1h le.910 ii. E. Insl rip by Cutata tg.857 in Unk Uter ? or 18 and fortnightly to Cuba. Cahier at Hobart in route from Sydner Salo Oitto London single. �39 to �7j return �65 to /u10 third class �15 int. �17 17s Ndu s&loo5 to Cox us sire. Cd to return. �33 to a ? ? Western Australia. Galoob. �5 10. To �1. Third 10s. Thug from any part can lie prepaid Heric Luffa cars of Besk & co. And Asder a. Asbeb5ox. & co. Fen buns menace lob Dos. . Toll bar Beulaa a application Tom 4 . Branch manager. A up ecu teats ? Lor passe Gebs and Omez at 1.s0 to connect with a special train. Which Wol leave the sea end of largest or t &3s . ? so a i p. & o. � us toss i it Stiitt to Flat i to to s ,. Toner a Jil 3ba contract will vk3xdbia Tobbe Crewe l?2i i Kwa. _ to ii. �. C Worcester apr m aos Kaua 6w1 �. Beeves. Pra some. ,.6m-.cowle re. B1kalaya. , a Chi Ketai. _ 55sf. N. A Eymond Jonm 1 jcalhncath4artenrobte. Rimassi foam Enrose. A. Can be Unn ced Here. Toss Tiss Jinou Ota. 1s. Josm Smout a forwarded an Caput tue. Of to Safieh a Mah Tifis 7$ the demos. I of Hob mad paw3.twfasiiitwsT toil on flex postal coot rate ass �ws3lo. 80sz, and Ppck said. Of. A is a. Jot Towi a ?. Iclet Titt. Oam Jer. Son i Jpn. Kljun. ? -jf4jisgabts.4kea 10 Bot dwt. Tedi. Crates. My he u Monot Maui if Aeh Hunt boxed. To Ltd i gift lib in tit for a � Weie in to Nodl Job Tiili i it a 1 i so la futz. Mil ? massing their r Suffi Rirs by Camii. 3k Pabe Nieta lost rage conv red Iree of Cost Franr of a in to of a Dob 7 a Bay Tiwi foot is Mootrie ref Tow w Otu deos Bov porr\adeu3de.-.-? ?. ? in 3msssvchseksh. Cal unit. To of Flash Al by Cowam. Adatto ported. A piss. And Marr under a till contract Witt the Imperial Taka Onad Nunt. Steanus is Assn. May up Wyar i fac and. Is Essrick of �. Bardeleben april � Esaue Noney Iron. Adj Side. A to a i a Jont pc eods no Whf nabs a a Bube butt of Breitk Uwar goavsic9p but Tel Sifor a Liuia Nipton. �14.vemneelaur a rancid to fait All nations. All ssce7p�aen and cargo booked to roast i and pan Eitl to rope. And a Wafa Porta. Assens Jan end ans Boom Southampton ? is Bow puus4 and All Ether putt nun bawcx2j3e Adelaide and port Adelaide. Lund s like steamers 3tae Alicw my vowed Toat to a luf 14atal, Cape town. And London. Marfino _ �.ora�mis,. 1 Wanmui Ambroi. Aja ton Bonheu us Abr Awonga 4,011 Tooi. About 3rd Jane i Katool . Toto Dow. War Rwal. B7�ds, Tol tit Corpus to a tto George wills & co. Tomla Fujah i fact Adelaide. Nip Ottine. Wills Une of 8aiui1c ships Sailer to London. She Fine 100 Al Iron ship vhf Al at t at 1.t4s tons. Captain j. Payee Tyge steamers wharf port Adelaide i at London via Kingston about25th March. For or eight and Lull particulars apply to George wills & co., Tome Adelaide a Jed Post Adelaide. Tippon t d b e it Kaisha. So hos Okoko. Nagasaki and Roe Ohalia. Of esd by. Bis Bank and will leave As under Kan of Steamer. Larne. A East Joa Icara Haswell mar. S2 i arch29 Futami map april �6 May 3 these steamers Nave most Superior accommodation Lor Punn Gers in All Russim. And Are fitted with the most recant improvements. Full particulars As to reicht and passage bom , uce Achaius t co. Pop u1iixed, ?. Agents. 61. Or Enlil Street a stymie j.-4a to test coast 6h1ppu.g cos pm i w . Or denial i bsds. Woll omai Laura f March 23. Smoky j a.4e.lhiessubieb, 04 port Adelaide. I Mee poet a Enfield shipping if inti j company. Fob poet Wake Field. The Percy sails wed lbs sir Leaday Send lost at s pm. A. A & hmeb8tjbikb, port Adelaide. ? we .-1� a or coffins and ho0ht Dutton Affen Bays. John and May will mail ital Prtrt 111 March 22nl a. & e. Lemes. Ass Swarr Mugg in j.i.-. Gq.2 la. It the ceu3 will Fca Papst cow sir Oak i a under to a Subj and sat Day at t.30mssv am Tan sinks Btry Orrl Torbay anal thursbay Leatine spin a Robt Tab cent Crerar tuesday at Rob ski Obj cent Ercer Webkes Bay. Learn Bellaji. ? J.I. a. Utes Yukiea. Dec retard. A tji Outh East phobia Kingston. \ Cygnet. Beac Hobt / wednesday March 22. Apply j. Orick co. Adelaide and Kingston. 7ta8i a. & e. Limes Sobiev. Port Adelaide. 5tt nos coffins and mount 4a, f dts took Bays. Of Bess bios sewing a san rat. Ssh. Gals ? b. Of Bicker port. -. Tob . Port one meow. S9fk a and Post Pixie. The . Off Fry Beagle a saw easing posit Relt noon on Friday the it Nina. Ite re hts i to shipping. The Adelaide steamship Compaq puffed till dispatch Etea Merg from port Adelaide As under. ? for Alt Taat and okeh Ianire Tran ship pig for All North Vest ports. Fot Wowra i the radar i March 30 1 s pm. Through Bills of lading issued to Perth whirl. Fos Bay trans pippins to Flinders at Albany. Roi Towba i thursday i March 30 i 3 pin. For helbo1trke As Sidmey. Tbakshippih6 Fob Beeks land posts. 1abloo 1 monday March \ spin. Spek Cek s calf service. For Rort Law cold. Moonta. Wallaroo Asp Habboba. Treet _ tuesday March 2s i. Pm. Of poets , and Augusta this week with Rosa Ettgen and cargo. It Snatos i Ata Dart urea a bom poet pib1b to Sydney and like. Castle direct. Ondani a i Sounlay i March a. Carco must be Deur ered air Mairie atm Wrob two Arera prior to admit ised time on Day of so iii passage tic web issued a Tufa company re inter Kiang table with it Emmen of the . Ca be seen All port. � Rue co to. Crim Tieu Adelaide. And comme cuu wharf . Co., old. The favorite passe Rideb steam Kes of above Ine Psi Arcutt Acom permit Tizie to distal Ned taboo is a Simca Pokoj ? Tran ship at few Mantle. Oamka a i Pil Babra ssh Ink Satu Bratt. Lurch s5. And All other i Token Lauid ports j cargo retired Day at to Vetri Fobart up to one mind of Ore is qty As Lekeu altar the. Hat port Rich the steamers Ottha Adelaide steamship con by. United. Tar rans and Febi pity to b. It. Macro Kain. Goat. alb Lalifi. ? or to Beira wharf. Port. Huddart Parker & go. . La Arrab. irom Bon Adelaide permit inf it duh bit Wadloe Tacad to Perth. Or Kloht Odsess Abb at 1owest ctr est h lab Fot Ion it Ichuan apply to o. & j. Fowler me Adilaide Ana fobs a Klabik. Ska a to Tassias and Brach port. The regular under . Asb is fins saturday March 25. Paisa is . For apply ? Johh do bijole it sou.w-84. Town and port. ? drapery and clothing. 6l#efites Rie Flaifel to far Houise be offering m Aulii Becht assortment i Liew. Sessons . Under lot Liing l i flannels. ,1-Jy i a Rod hit army flaunt a j gah Wooi Natal flannels i a All Wool Halml Flanda Jug All Wool natural flannel. A Rke flannels for Labi Sahd children. Vine Peotr Pink Edge flannels f / Fine soft Pink Edge flannels j of Fine soft Pink Edge flannels 1 a Fine Bolt Fink edec Fis Anela 1 a Fine soil Pink Edge flannels o / Fine Sott Pink Edge flannel 9/3 self color Flannelette 2,000 Yards cram Funne Leue is Loro i Doten h.jl1. A Coo Yards wide Cream Flanne Leue s/6 for g a j 3,700 Yards heavy Cream Flannelette 6/b lot Ajr Dexeo. Tzo the above three exceedingly unfold and special lines we Are offering at extremely Low prices the goods Are sound and Reli Ihle and trill give Satie action in Wear. Flannels and Flannelette. Charles Kirks & comfy. ? 80c j ? l Foale s annual stocktaking Sale this Day Ani daily. Bargains in All departments. . To give our Aasi Taota the Benefit of a weekly Kalf Holiday we close to Day at one o clock. Gom Early to Day. 14, 16. 18, Brown Street. 132. 132a, gouge to. ? shipping ? the Howard Smith Lens. Leave Eow Abd Smiths wharf As follows a1bany. 1 Gabo. Prebi Maxx i sax cd a. Match 55. By Buky f without transhipment. Wbk Auktor. J Pas Engen and cargo. Thu splendid Steamer i fitted with electric Light throughout. Laree Cabina and lengthy promenade decks. Smoke room music room a. Through Bills of lading issued to Perth. \ Sydney i Ixo Casno i Lockham Tow i cargo Only. Lackay was Vituj cauu1s j a Trakoo Steamer Early cargo Nijst he Denre Rea my onside Etea Asan not Len Tan one Hoor Belore advertised time of ask line. We. Murn Sam Tusow a tatted. Us. Sine in Ivain a Tricot. Aje Ida. And Borth made. Port Adelaide. 2i5e mall wealth Mceacharn co. . Whiter thelo twine -circoic6taiices permitting Albany. Bomb Wei Castle. Tseu Antlej / tuesday april 4. or Debth a baby. Ceca in. K n. And All . Poets on through Bills of Wuhan w. B. Cats to l. A Renfan oct Adalaid. Or j. A Wukob it Sok. Port Adelside. To Romanoff from Austh temp. All -3xms against this vessel must be rendered in dus-ttca3bs to oar pore Adelaide office on to bars Day. 33rd Insl or they will not be Reorg need. ?k1btkb. Smith. & co., i.tmttta-. A Jaide. So a hotels for Sale or to let Dibias this it a i inst if prepaid. Is words Obs ios Cjiodi 3&� throw insert Ionia a cd. To Al. I t. Spalding Motel. Heab bus Valeer a bks. Terms can be Miran ged. J. A just ss�wai3s6 week Chambers. Drapery and clothing. Hush Jost lend Rayon ears for a moment and listen to what we have Tossy. ? we . Epe Jlas Gire Yoo the Best Tilock Tor Yoor Money because we have perfected of ext system Tor the Najj Lyol All demands mide a Ponds. We sep from the great european manufacturers direct. Why�,.v ? ? of t Wii see it Yon Carthe mid Oteman s profits and re Peke Lolly 50 per cent yes. Save Money bit purchasing from Wilson brige and company the do top Tah jobs. Who at bed Rock prices a Tor Yeadt mosey. Of ?2 guineas Only. Guineas Wai by Yon a splendid Sac suit made and finished off Best style end newest design in pare Wool scotch or . Tweeds. So better elsewhere under seventy shillings. We Are prepared to execute is Dow Stella 7 got seas Price of or i or it can go a step a / Richerand take an order iii i / for a. Nice Sac suit Vulor say then again on famous a i ? Sphinx indelible dyes guineas Are Crailing quite a waa furore and our Fox s he i Sereja and All Wool tweeds Zuj Are readily Selling. Be be diligent and save Mokey. At Wilson Bice k of s you get a Well Cut Beady made suit for you Seltor the boys at almost the Price of old songs. Men 6 Sac suits 10s 6d \ ? men s sic suite 15s de i men s and boys Ethaw uen s Sac suits is so hats cd la us a men s ,2t8 i 9d,si9d.3sup men s Sac suits ass a j men treed trousers at is lid is 9d, 3i lid 45 lid the lid 7s lids lid the single pair Isis Sotl 1 White dressed and on. Thousands of Kice splendid Sac suits 17s go bows and scarves loj splendid Sac suits. 21s pick from. J splendid Sac suits 25a. Wilson brige & go. Are Best and cheapest. \vb1te that motto across your loosing Glass. Pin it in your hat. 60c great bargains a Iva Didio or Tours. Business in a 3e5. C3 a. 23 3es. G. Waddington begs to to link Bis no Meroth customers in Adelaide and throw about the Colony Fol the very Liberal support accorded him during the Lasi Xen years and desires to inform them that he a accepted an engagement in Victoria and a therefore decided to give up business in Adelaide. Whilst he Hopes to dispose of the m As ufactcr1ng business As a going concern it is just possible that he May save to to Eins machinery and pm Al with him. Be therefore tubes to intimate anal Al customers desiring goods of his own Manu Fartun show la Send their orders in at once to Preven i appoint diet As he must positively conclude Al business in Adelaide during the next three months All goods Are of arced la Plain Figaro and a Liberal discount will lie Given of All purchases a Orcas. A Waddington sanitary clot him manufactures 13, and 5, Arcade Rundle Street ja8. Mt5alt& Ca. Beg to announce their first grand show of autumn and Winter novelties to Day and following Days. New 9hllinert. Exquisite models from Paris and London. New mantles the very latest styles and shapes. Hew costumes from the leading centres of fashion. Hew Coats and skirts. Y grand wearing fabrics of the newest Cut. Kwiw dresses. Rich up to Date textures specially selected for j. M. & co. New trimmings. A magnificent Range of furs Gimps at moderate prices. Be Silks. 1 marvellous creations of softness aril delicacy. New ribbons. 4 Beautiful Rich effects in Plain and fancies. New umbrellas. The latest handles and textures in every Quality. New laces. Novelties Bare and unique. Designs Lovely. New Glotsos. Of specially manufactured for us from skins carefully selected. New h9siert. Also specially made for j. M. & co. Values Unap preached. New Felt hats. Very latest shapes from London Correct styles. Ney clothing. Men s and boy newest Cut. Immense assortment. 3wew tweeds for tailoring to order. Genteel up to Date patterns. New carpets magnificent designs the most recent. Kease inspect household linens imported direct. Every conceivable necessity at moderate prices. New blankets full size and weight specially made at the looms for j. M. & co. New boots French English and american styles. High class goods. Dressmaking. Orders for easter and Onka paring should be put in hand at once to avoid any possible disappointment. Mrs. Denning and miss Eddy two first class Modister Are in charge. Prices moderate. Be in to want today to see 1/ftop old to a -9k t t Fig autumn and Winter novelties. Fur 3stittjite. None or goods and latest design Best finish and construction. Charming modern furniture. The Public demand for Novelty and originality in artistic furnishing is As distinct and imperative As the search Tor fashionable Dreis. The household and its contents Are a More eloquent Index to the refinement and character of its occupants. Messes. Marshall & company fully realising the trend of modern requirements have exerted their resources to place before tie Public during the autumn and Winter season of 1s99 the very latest choicest and to it distinctly unique designs of furniture obtaining in England on the continent and in America and Bave carefully selected the chefs d oeuvre of the world s markets. Whilst claiming the most prominent place As vendors to the Public of the cheapest and Best valued goods Tor least Money anywhere locally obtainable messes. Marshall & company have at All times and at the commencement of each half year More especially a most valuable and comprehensive selection of distinctly High class furniture fittings b ornaments pictures statuary Chinavare a to for the nest few weeks 1 special i will be Given to the display and introduction of the newest and Best pro curable House hold furniture and furnishings. Estimates for All classes of work and illustrated catalogues posted free on i application to j. Marshall co. Bravery and clothing. It Aid 22, Bim Ley Street having received their shipments for the autumn & Winter season from London and the Continental markets Are showing the latest fashions and novelties is All departments. Dress materials. Black and coloured single lengths very Choice. Black and coloured faced cloths. Costume Serges. Black and Navy French Popli netted repps and Epin Gles. Specialities in single costume lengths. Flannelette in stripes and fancy designs. New furs i furs fur neck lets in russian Sable French Sable Stone Marten minx Blue Fox i White Fox. Marmot Musquash and Spain various lengths. Muffs in All varieties of fur. Feather trimmings White and coloured. Fob trimmings in the leading kinds. Umbrellas a Large stoc unpacked direct from tile manufacturers. Specie. Value stylish department. The season s importations Are to hand. ?.? Black brocade Silks for skirts and costumes.?. Latest novelties in fancy Silks for blouses. Black and coloured mores fancy designs. ? embroidered chiffons and gauges a very choke lot just received. Showroom. Choicest French and London millinery ladies trimmed Felt hats girls and maids trimmed Felt hats untrimmed hats in Felt and Straw. Mantles jackets and capes. An unusually Large selection including Many High class novelties handsome mantles for elderly ladies. Ladies coat my skirt costumes. All the latest shapes Are being shown in the fashionable cloths tweeds and Serges. Additional shipments to band this week. Note. These Coats and skirts Are tailor Cut and Are equal in every Way to tailor made. Maids1 Coats and sports cos Tumes and fashionable smart Coats All sizes ladies evening costumes with bodice length very novel Black silk and Matta Lasse cos Tumes Black Satin and fancy silk skirts. Opera capes & cloaks a magnificent selection and on View to Day. Autumn and Winter novelties. J. Miller Anderson co., 20 and 22, Hindley Street. 80c drapery and cloth lag. Martin Bros., Burlington House. Autumn novelties the season s Model dresses mantles Tea gowns millinery. Bukley Cox House Soyal coating Serges a Ecung cloths Houe Sprks dress fabrics. Tahoe hade skirts p1rle costumes for lady cyclist. The Mantle department. Now contains a Large and fashionable Stock at the most Modek game hts to snit Era taste. Smart capes and Coats for Young ladies Wear. Useful Miotla and veto lbs do Kobe. And Othee uaktle5, ? for matronly ladies dark of even tag and Opeka bacs Fues and Fob garments at All kinds. Smart tailor made suits quilted silk dressing jackets Faketty Tea gown crinkled Chiffon blouses. Shot silk bustling skirts bustling Clace Silks Mackintosh Coats with Bishop b so Ecru and veh it Collar Golt capes to Beve table to Ceda opera Doakie in Belga line 611k, trimmed for Sanaa Tobea. Unmade in Black steel and White and Silver Blackt Rencz Oread sets velvet hats. Smart Trelawney shape trimmed Ostrich Fem Tybera Black Ostrich Feather the ounce shape umbrellas. Poke durable silk covers Fox s Baue Ash Sec mod hts. Face be Luhcs department is showing hundreds of Mew of signs. ? ladies ties Rob har Yogian ? the parisian tie the Derby knot. Hod Seholt Unks Conn prising Best Boas bold talk cart ii and Napkin Liana Sheet and Pillow table 9amasbb. Kedian and beat Inch table Damaska towels. He stitched Xoi rela. Fiu Kaback and Turkian Tow Eta. ? damask table Unzens. Made from beat Irish flax. Plain and he stitched is brokered teach pah Duchess and i Deboard cloths towels quilts. Toilet covers. Our taxis. 8lakeexs, and general household goods. Kew a oops in the. Furnishing department. An los polio invited. J a debt arrived a Vest fake absorb then of sew styles and designs in Bich other Coso tasks prow irom 1/6 to 30/palc hew shipments of cab Tokles. Draping kit suns bund bollards ast Skages. A. Fee. A busses carpets at special Pricita. Liew season s designs in floor cloths and linoleum at Moat moderate prices. Department. Martin Bros. Bae pleasure in announcing that their does Sakek u taking Orden Lor the approaching season. Coats and sebits to order costumes to order cycling skirts to ordered Martin Bros Bee to state that in this department the most thorough attention is Civen to detail and Ever care devoted to style and fit by an experienced Etaf tailoring department. Sow offer for inspect Fox one of tee finest assortment gentlemen s woollens they Bave even shown. Newest and most fashionable designs of Trouse rings Fob a icon and Wikter Wear. Perfect fit and Best workmanship Nara need. Patterns and estimates Post free. Martin Bros., bdklik6xok House. ? 76nalc Shierlaw boys & youths suits. I pleaded talc to i latest goods to choose pm. Gentlemen s Straw and Felt hats in latest ship a 16 and 18, ii Dudley St. Ilist Bate cat Locie sent Post ? free. ? oct he bapebs1 Piht is i Eluted on the a acts Notree and a published daily Price one Penny. The Cal Seum. Every line we advertise is an Index to the value we Oiler right through the warehouse. Special pointers for this week. 175 pieces coloured saudi Bebe Bibbons All shades 4 fold foe 38 Tabus s20 pieces coloured ribbon velvets an shades 4 Fqy foe is tabs 275 piece Black ribbon velvets 4 1q foe is Yards 3 three necessary items. 3 75 dozen ladies Black and Tan eur gloves 4 per pair is dozen ladies foe neck lets. Blacita and Brown 9 Kab so than Ramt tar ten Man Bond Street Felts 414 Adi a Loolen 3 three specimen Yattes. If tsraaj10 tour he or 1,250 Yards 42-Incb All Wool French to pins in an shades 4o/0 a Dan u 1,600 Ards to Ian All Wool Black of Atria Sebes 5-/3 Pec J.I. 3 three Peerless attracti01ts. 3 76 Domi ladies jj/j4 add 100 pieces Nabow White Val. Laces 4 to tar of Yards. A Tahle of ladies and child bed s to sight to be dated at 4 / Perpall a 3 three irresistible Bargai isl 3 a a second Large pm haae of Kubr a noon Mun Staeb. A to a j � 1,000 cd prob tablets to be Soh thees 1ablb3s Tor a a All shades in crinkled papers of Perron a 3 three Trade revt7s.rs. 3 1 n Only boys Blue Webgb Sailor sobs a 4 each j 84onltgehtbbilveb-lioontedohbbmafi.irqntrame�,i7/g�a 1� dozen Hen s All-wo0l Caso Hebe half Hose q j a fit % 3 three More surprises. -.3. Ii Nimmi lamp Fth Mioi we a i flt it Cirr a Al 1ttt to 72 Donai ladies Plain handkee0h1ef3. A Haa 18 Doiban ladies he stitched silk at a. \ Here s big interest for 70ub s a it. Tit _ at Raj Mill at i it in Stii 7 a pieces a French when eahdpiottwiiilannew33re,n Worth . R a z so pieces ind heart trax pm i Ike Isact ? t s m 3 three hoop offerings. 8 m 12 pieces Inoh Cream and fancy Madea Stoms of snut ? ? y of White lace a obtains to u a m 1/il to 30/ ,. It that s in reason we Adf Rols. We value your steady Dayib a Day Trade but we have no right f ask 1 unless a a Mcelra am a equal amount of Benefit. ? our Vaures Haye a Degi Ped lean or wat Mohei ice Yob bu1i\g to a at a \ t3eieolp sum16 and 1j3 of Ufi dle neet. ? a coliseum Boot department 1 4 prize compmtitlblt.1 the Peize of one fail of our Best Quality trat Tia so ques favas been awarded to Mian j. Till to Papfi Street Cohin Wood. 18 aka if . Do a a we Are buying. We Are Selling. We Are bum. Duess foods. grand line oth a Coe tune cloth innate and Benin. Ana Tuila n t Yard in Niue Xoi i. Dress �00�s. Special value Buck . Geromi. Bub electric and item Green. An Wooi of attn top dress oops. An Cut Date line of Check teds in nays Browns Oreja and orator. 45/11 thellll1b� Eili Coes. .00 piece 38-Inch White Calico a splendid tooth. Pink fl1melbtte. 3,000 Yards 28 inches wide crash value give Ever it ten Tiptn 1/1� -iu-4olell7atda Apu Hollands. 40-Inch Holland in Blue and Pink with White Border to dear at a Yard. Siree to is. Special Purchase heavy Grey sheeting 70 inches wide a. The Yard. Cre Tompis. 100 pieces fancy Cre Tonna All the newest style. 8t0 Kiev a. So Doxen ladies Blade Cashmere stockings fancy botox a thu paid gloves. Sod dozen ladies Black and Tan battened gloves stitched backs. Lines. 300 dozen wite fancy lace very wide and Buyoc i th1sverybeg0ming _ it ladies1 2. D Black Cem Jill Al o hat Jethal if i ii i i i Fri i j Bicht to quoted kit i a i Mercury Wircs vhf ? i Black of coloured a a Asa a ass Sosa his 9 1 As Sample. A Hhd Ofa s/11 my a look ahead. 99 oat of every u9 cye Taa will ride the ?99 Mol Obj Foffi ass is a. Xyz Folsz. Juialah38v syllable. Light and easily fan Row. The Tyre that will satisfy minion. Write Tor descriptive pamphlet of the Tyre. First in 1888, Foremost Ever since. Akk a jew Dulip Canaan 6r to ass spies Sissas a can be obtained from All apeman. Tom Flor to try Alai tit Ami at Mej Bonne Sydney Perth and , tc7t

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