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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 19, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Orient line of Royal mail steamers. Fat London. Ria Toulon calling "�".oolombo. to All indu Louis Ead a Biz Camal posts. cogmundrt.?.m1 turn. . 12 12,12� 10� 8ms 12,088 Otranto. Osterley Orama. Oboist by. Orsovai. ,. Mar. � w. J. Jenke �.n.l4pr. A. J. Coad. . Apr. 1 my l8 All died with Wir Cotaa telegraphy. Twin few yemeni. T Tari Tomten will not be allowed on Board Witala so Amaat of time of bailing. Dartt tax Ord obtainable from agent. _ wat Melboure 8tdskt, Tad Brabban Ste Tomti jul mail bom Adelaida Cotef Harter a follow Morawa let Ato bit rear i Atar orontes. 4 i 9,09 ton i 8�mist 1 pm fortnightly thereafter Sadat to me Boona a by to 510/. Sydney to i , c3 a to a. European Tours. " oae fading rail Tea remix Beta Holiday tips to Ceylon to state Tom Wita the other Magliu fatal quoted eau Tod botel sex for to blvd Guss Patsen Fera. My Mew l%000.toa " steamers " 5ex5& &bc�w1ad music room on shelter def. I. Kay two berth mad Roar berth Cawa Atto ate Don. Main decks. do no Saloon ? a Aura deck. Worlat in Nina tratto Drealan the my Par of clan. For farther Mafona Tjoa apply a Ato emos nil c. To trauma attest. And guide. Fremantle India Caora Auto Europe re Tel second saloons omit. Moldavia. Mos Zoua. Macb Doma i Malwa. Molta. Morea. A Mora Artma. 18.000 10.001 11.008 10008 1vms lie a. K. H. J. Gaunt . A d. Umatt. . A. Ton Nab b. L. Haddock . J. D. Abd mrs . . Deb. Locky a rur Notley . Mar. 17 apr. L8 a. A slip s May june s Runelt utile 3 Vul Bombay v fortnightly thereafter. Am Melbourne Sydney. And auck Tranta Macedon a on March 29 All stauben Are fitted with Wirtz Telf Granby Are twin anew. Or and. Second Saloon a Ajege grantee the Broa India maa am Werthem Australia a ameial to ted tar world exeunt boat a Lenard Abo through to tort ? is Ali Onana from any Pont special Holiday better to Rete to Iafa nation handbook apply the a Tauth. Co., a Jota p. Tit Branch service. To Cobban. Cape1 town. And London. On class Only. Wirrie telegraphy. Allan a r. ,1� by i about apr. To. .5,000 total about apr. 9 Commonwealth -8,11toas/ about Kay l8 xae Lono. I 7.084 Tatj Abr Mjmie 8 accommodation cd Xheva Boom smoking room. Joe.8kniea Steward carried. Fari la Don �16, l8, esk Smarg Anira is. Is 17 not a. Bound London by p. Or o. Branch service Steamer returning Vul from �iai7 by p 1ua Sta feb Ordinary retard tickets an interchangeable Ith my Aberdeen une.? v -itephleb1 am All part Ralan of up Pheaton. Cleonce wills co. A enter Toi Emu tra Adeoda. Mess Geries maritime. Feb Ukoh mail 8tcameb&. In am Seifija Tia lbs Mastyk Colombo combat , exd fobs Sydney aeon. co Dos los Mer. Is a. 12 melb. I Ariel . In . Har. I mar. � l81 a. 17 _ Fabb to mambtu3ht to Clma til Toi to a 10/. To. My Ati fat ?w11 to Token a Boni int Laa Tuti parti Nilan apply j Dakosty co. Us. 1 steal n. D i Minui Mur Ludl flt batiks. To lok Dok tand Cru . Colombo by Khz. Hatley Noa alqhr8, Southampton ant Viv. To try b-r., in. Commander. Least nuts Orch on trim my Kofl Orsatt. Scbarxhob8t to tilt. i .0m Mil my 8.000 8,183 h. Flack a but Etta Benden. Btl left h. Test c. Mutt a Stu ten my. Apr. 1 May m Jim 17 july leis Era twin screw. A Steimen ted i Witt of Frele laundry Oft Bau depart an Bow 1 up from enter Harbor pedal train fret Adelaide u noon. Reduced Cabin Clara Agit a Leta me 2nd claeir8lmtle. �88 10/ Bett. 57 is Tom out from a. _ Holiday return Nickita interchangeable with All mail Idle Jnter-statk1 lint second Saloon retard Feketa Witt All mail Beamen. B. A Deckk co., Adelaide port Asento. Tie Ossmo blur funnel line. Bob London Liverpool " Tia sons canal to Steamer the abort Une Ara Tome of the Sheet fattest passenger Careo Boata afloat. Cargo Steamer will Leato port Adelaide i Abs Mardiss. �jeska6. 10,000 tons Caboot april l8. For Liverpool Glasgow. For a Akner Steamer Ace to pedal alternate Day. Bar Treibt parti Ealan apply to so sub wills co., agent Sshatto � 8�. Oread in Street. Adelaide. Via san Francisco. To All american ports. Brit18h Isles 1 Contu int. Valur Baba Tonga Cook group Papeete Tahiti Aorangi Tahiti. Moana prom i free Sydney. Wellington. Mtg Mil � pm u Apt a Doe Frisco. May 17 Sibtay g Pune l8 Aid. 17 May 15 Manila China Japan. Tia brim Bank. Townsville thursday Avery so Day thereafter far particular regarding peerage Trig kit Union steamship co. Of k2., Ltd a.u.8.�., limited. Agents. Swie Register building. Rentell Ettanet. Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Imp Biu. Japanese mail line. I br1si Uland. Tow a com. I melb. Fly ency Kukko Man my. Tad Meh. I much. 1� Zummo Mira 6.0001 m. A Lockler Lapu 8 Al be Aal Ertta four week thereafter. Fastest most luxurious steamers a lae bade. Special through booking to All part Al the East. America Europe. A parti Rai from Mcl Braith Mceacharn. co., Bop Buttars. Limited. Agent. Adelaida. _t7uio Yorke Peninsula Kangaroo Island. The Golf Steo ship co. Ltd. Job easter programme Aee amusement column. Daily paper 15th inst . 8 ., Wedoe. A. Saturday returning Troia Day monday. , 8 a.d., saturdays Eui Redaja returning Mondara thursday Bil a co arb Nietta teamed. Kangaroo Island Kingscote hog Bay calling Glenelg both Way weather per Matt inc. Varatta 8.30 saturday. Wedi Tadaj returning , thursday. Frei hit prepaid. Week end tickets Arat Wole so in fes Tutor a mondays i return. Second \ Alley Varatta 8.30 no Edma Dan returning mondays. Freight pre Bald. American River Salt jetty -kopooi.a, to radar 5 returning thursday. Freight prepaid. Tansbury Juno 8 ., thursdays re Toni urn Day. Saturday returning to port cent Juno 8 am., tuesday re tarning wednesday. Kooring Endaya. Re turning same Day. A cr.5e�r?� s On Day of Tail. Efto oly perishable Good Stock received Tao tat Day for Kangaroo Island. Tickets on Board. A. Secretary. Port. Stup wms. The Adelaide steamship company limited we of Patch Steane from fy�2\j? Ashy a under drum wan permitting. Albany Fremantle. V trans mapping for Perth Geraldton All North port Stoe pore. Warilda j 7.718 ton i Safe i �dl.? l Wanilla 7.785 ton wed. I annl 0 1 noon j sex pros leave Adelaide 2 Pun. On saturday. No cargo received after i Ai Melbourne bup try. Truatt Toofic for All. Tianjin. Quee Salaad Aai zealand Porte. �.,Wanilla j 7.786 ton i jew. Mar. To i 4 p Warilda 7,713 ton Thura. April 81 pin. Wawriw a Willu Taam ism Crew in elea telegraphy Oarr ving a a Coad Saloon Tad to Cwg Paat coast service. 8thkaxy, Murat Oesun of my s.8. Rupaka 1 tuesday 25 j 8 . Spencer Gulf service. Port Lincoln Kirton Pointe Arno Bay. Wallaroo. And Cowell. . Marialta Erener Tuet Dar. Pm. Ports Lincoln Augusta. Germen. Pirie. I a paring saturday Marca 22 6 . Ports Lincoln. . Neill Arno. Wallaroo. Broughton. Rel investigator i thursday alar. � i 6 . Ports Turton. Misla�ot17e Victoria Moonta. Wallaroo. Cowell. Arno. Neill a ferret 1 a saturday March 22 i 6 . Free the prepaid to Turton. Menu Cowie Vic Teri. I germein., Arno. Neill Tumby Louth. North shield Adall Wert cot Porta. " Ordinary Rint Claa return railway ticket tray Ream object to conditions. Saloon Usanee Holtet inter changeable with to bar inter Suto Ori Panli us Jet a condition. The Adflaide. Steam sin co. United Adelaide port Adelaide. A. U. S. N. Teamed a permitting for Albany. To Edda Bra 10,000 ton Fremantle. I largest Steamer australian steamships line. Sow re Smtth cor., limited. Managing agent. Steamers will Taka to port Adelaide or Conatance permitting us am a ? . My Bourne. I Wanilla 7,78510, Queen land pert. J Wirrie telegraphy. Deck Cabin. Cabin. Two berth 4. Cabins. Three Berh Cabins.? Lou Rico accommodation for first second steer passenger. Refrigerator general cargo can be booked. � second Els Steamer tickets Are interchangeable after ant pert of Call with other inter Stab Companie frn Bact to Diton regular Pabst Schieb service. Albany. Karoo la. Fremantle i , 7,891 Toa Tran shipping for Perth v wireless Geraldton All North wart port i Traola Zippia for ii tasmanian ouse land zealand port j Vall Mavy bag gig Mon be Lonnie least one hour before advertised time of ago Karoo la by twin Terew Stoa nor hat my plated a commod Tion for pint second Alora third Cuva passengers. Privatt suite de luxe fee. Third class sons Btung of 2.8 berth Cabins. tickets Are interchangeable after list Nott of Ull with other inter stat. Cora Knie. Fwd won ascertainable on Panl Lealoa if return Pur Tim of Ordinary first Clara railway Tirkot Between Adelaide me Boom Sydney Brisbane Are Frailam by inter state Steamer. Mcilwrath Mcra Turin. Co. Pro print by. Lim1tfd, Oom Fah Home Corner Kin William Street Way moot a Turret Adelaide j. Barling son. Port Adelaide me or. Bowering k son. Broken her. Huddart Parker line. Favorite passenger service. Circa Attaree permitting Melbourne 1 . Riverine thursday. Mar. 27. Sydney. J 4 Kin. , less. Riverine. And saturday april is Pfrem Vitle i 2 . Fitted with wire Lea telegraphy carrying flirt. Second third class Pasas gets. New zealand a ports. From Sydney a Wilmera March 28. Uli Maroa. March 29 from Melbourne a Victoria april 8.8. Uli Maroa april l8. Saloon is Spencer tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies subject to Gondi Tiona. Full return portion of Ordinary font cuu railway tickets available by water stat Steamer Tel a. P. A j. Fowler. Our pro. Asaata. Melbourne steamship co. Regular r passenger service. A % a. Dimboola. Albany. 1 p. Punch Fri. I Kada Kra Mon. J life Tran shipping Tor Perth did . Port. Fitted with wireless. Ample apace Tor i Fri Guzior cargo Kaunda Melbourne / March 81. Sidney. 8 ert Caslav Dimbo Olavito Panl flirt Saloon Ola a i Bingle. Tara single 8 48 l8 8 c3 l8 81 Melbourne. S 2 0 810 0 l18, Sydney .8 l8 0 6 16 Al 2 2 0 Saloon ticket interchangeable with other War state companies subject to feed Faaa which away he ascertained of application i splendid Stock accommodation Melbourne 8teamshd? co., Ltd., port. Geo. Wills pc co. Passenger agent. No. Us or eneu Street Adelaide. Edwin h. Cropley. Broken Hill. Be australian Oriental line g. 8. Tull a co., Ltd. Manila cd Tyz Japan. I Mambo Saga Darwin thursday Island Queensland ports. . Taiyuan bailing from Dalgety � wharf. Miller Point Sydney on wedneeda1. March also so Guthrie april a Vor foil parti Culson or pay to m. G. Anderson. 855oic 8. King . Post Lincoln. Kirton Point Tumby Bat North sails wednesday. Tumby Shields . & e. Lemes Suriel 6,8 sails this . And e. Lemessurier port. Poultry. Dogs. Birds to. Under this kneading if prepaid. Is wards Ona insertion. 1/ three insertions. 2/._ ducks for Sale Pekin Aylesbury id weeks Lawson Angus-rj., cot Tom ile_b78-s0 to r Sale Votuc fat ducks fit for killing. A apply r. Fiveash Mitcham. Outs in Sale two Bull pups. Bitches Well bred _ Verv cheap also Almog for Sale Good Ort very cheap. Apply Albert-., Hanover j Victoria Park ? pm jas. Marshall & go. The shopping Centre where the people congregate Rundle . And Stephens Plage. First autumn show easter Holiday requirements Are on View. Easter holidays. / closed on Good Friday 1 on saturday 1 Oas usual closed on faster monday. Closed clock millinery ". " tto Day costumes i today cloaks to Day furs i " t i to Day hats. M % to a by dresses ". To Day Silks \ ? / j today hosiery 1 j k ,.i to Day visit Marshall s a to Day s novelties. V r. W j. 1 hip a a ,5 mih8 Heady to web department. overee., for Oak Bank. 1/u per Isair i a Tal value 28/6, 85/. S8/6. 42/, 45/� 60/, 55/, Ladie 2-Don Nappa Glove san slate mole. I a 70 a w / Strong Durst a Tor Winter Wear 8/11 per men s single breasted overcoats Tor the easter t " Holiday. 21/, is 88/4, 83/6, 48a Dies Elbow length suede Lisle Glove in Grey 45 a. 3c 8/ r l2? by a�1.��e i a p1 of a Baiyi boats with in asian Collar Raglan Ladie a ble does Sta Glove an Calitr Imp cd. All the fashion for Oak Bank 42/745/, Mousque Taire shaped s Button Worlat 1� 0 ,s6i. Tai 7o� 7�/, 84/, 80/. 85/, 105/ mole Grey., Putty Abade 6-Button length a Antrim for the Euter holidy 89/8,4/11 per pair Ladie 6-Buttoa length a Agha Cape Sac Tyle with trap wrist in Tan Brown 4/u, 6/u-Par pair. 85/, 88/ 41/, 45/, so 66/ men pfc a Balta for the easter holidays 4/h, 5/11., 6/11. 7/6, 8/6. 10/9, 12/6, 14/6, 16/6, is a men Tweed Serge suits for the easter Holiday. 25/, 29/5 82/9, 85/, 38/6, 43/. 45/. 60/, 65/. 68/ Mea Cycle capes for the easier holidays 10/6. 02/6, 11/6, the Linen counter. Carriage or motor dust wrap 8/6, 3/6 each ladle White a handkerchiefs 1/3, 1/6. 1/11, 8/6 dozes ladies coloured Border banker Afefa 6jd., Tea. Each Swiss embroidered old., 7fd., 8 d. Each. White coloured turkish Towel. 6/6, 7/6, 8/6 dozen _ White damask Serviettes 5/6, 6/6. 7/6 Doren shirts ties half Hose. White table a masks 1/, 1/3,/1/6, 1/11 per Yard the King Sway tape tie a Beautiful coverings White Huck Abuck bedroom towels x1, 1/8, 1/6, Price 2/6 ?l/6?l/8. 1/11, 2/6, 2/11 Ewh a White embroidered afternoon Tea cloths 1/11, of a a ,2/8, 2/11, 8/6 each. Plain poplin tie in the bread shape in All the gents shirt me Brebt dip abutment. Jost opened. For Lea Ter a. Beautiful lot of leading colors Price 1/11 each gents hat department. Just arrived. Tal mole slate a jux of Cava v White embroidered Cosey covers 1/6, 1/11. 2/6, 2/11, 8/6 each d Oil Civ so. Id., id., us. Each table runners. 1/11, 2/6, 2/11 each . Embroidered bedspreads. 16 6, 18/6, s/6, �8f each Linen frilled Nibow cases nicely Enaro gent a " 9m�� dered 4/6. 4/11. 5/11 each Green. A Black 81/ 25/ each Duchess toilet Seta 1/3, 1/9, 2/8, 2/11 per cent Black hard Felt hate a All the leading makes styles Price to suit All 4/11, 6/u, 6/11, 8/6, 8/6, 10/6 11/6 12/6 no to 25/ each we Are showing. New assortment of Stetson s soft stiff Felt hats 25/, 27/6, 85/ each set Guipre lae trimmed afternoon Tea cloth 18/6 each. _ Manchester department. 200 pairs cot Blanket 4/11 pair Auer Alan made Blanket. Singles 8/11.10/6, 22/6, tres Lincoln Bennett Sac 1/, 1/6, 1/11. 2/6. Vul 3/�t 8/11, 4/6, 4/u, a to 12/8 each department. 16/ywe.pair double. 16/6, 1�/6, a 25/. G to & Floral sateen Lovely designs 7id., 8jd i lold., 1/. 1/3. 1/6. 1/11 Yard. I i he stitched frilled Pillow cases mid., i 1/3 each i embroidery frilled Efflow cases lot to Day i eiderdown quilt. Stogie. 21/. 5/. 80/. 85/. A Black Cany. A in tuna. Leather been Edge 60/, 60/ full site 25/, 30/, 35/, 42/, 50/, 60/, .bd.fp�d. Corbet so of Boomers a Ricly Upo sting the most fashionable up to Date millinery Al very reasonable prices. A silent my assortment of untrimmed Ano Jib Ady to Wear hats. In Peel Chip Felts velours beavers. _ / a pretty show of children Mil / Linery. Also _ untrimmed , beavers a. Special ? line children s All. Wool Felts in White colors 3/11 each. Costume department. A magnificent assortment of full length Golf jerseys Navy biscuit Brown Grey mole Black. P0pulab r1ces. These Are All imported there fore can be depended upon to keep their shape. Ladies coat skirt costumes. We Are showing some really smart goods in whip Ord velour sponge cloth Navy whip Ord Serges in both coating Cheviot in All the latest styles. I v from 29/6 to�10 10/. Ladles reversible Coats in All the newest styles. Plain two tone effects in he popular Shad biscuit Tan Brown Grey. Oar assortment also include Navy Black. Size , a of x.o&, 29/8 to 8/. We Are making a special show in maids garments in Robes skirt8. Coats skirts also pal tots. V see our raincoats. See our blouses. See our skirts. See our furs. See our umbrellas. The Best assortment always. And the most reasonable prices. .1c0 Yard 45-Inch embroidered Muslin Floun cing 4/11 Yard for 2/6 this line a Fol be in plied this pries for to Day Only. Country customers will be applied if order be Lent by. Fin Post after deliver pee. J drapery clothing j. T. Fitch the Corner \ what about the easter holidays thave you All your requirements for the holidays we Nave a exceptionally smart lot of Felt ready to Wear trim med millinery most reasonable prices. / full Range of style Coats in Blanket Tweed 21/� 27/6, 30/, 45/ upward. J Beautiful Assort merits of stylish Robes in latest models from 21/.up wards \ ? smart tailor made Coats starts in but Una pity Serges 66/, 75/.80/, 90/ i. I the popular warm Golf blouses in Navy Cream Grey Nice lengths -12/6, 15/8 i Long knitted sports Coats in Cham pagne Grey Saxe Navy 17/6, 25/ full length knitted sports Coats beautifully warm All Wool goods so id 52 in. Long 37/6, 45/ men s Tweed own Oats 18/9, a 30/, 35/, 39/6, 45/, so. I men s Tweed overcoats double breasted 367, 45/, 50/, 55/, 63/ men s lightweight Shower proof Over Coats in Fawn Green 32/6. 39/6, 45/, 55/. 63/, 70/ men s rubber Waterproof overcoats 45/, 52/6\ 63/ men s Black Oilskin Coats ,.12/b, 15/9, 19/0, 25/ men s Black Oilskin Coats Light weight 27/8, 32/6 men s Cream mercerized mufflers with dome Fastener 1/6, 1/u, 2/6, 2/11, 3/11 Gente umbrellas 2/11, 3/11, 4/6 genes umbrellas Crook handle surer mounted. 5/9, 7/8, 9/6, 10/8, 12/8, 15/, is/6, 2v, so. Onka paring rugs for Onka paring races. Warm comfortable excellent patterns 17/8, 21/6, 23/6, 37/6 Waterproof rugs 9, Jbf 16/9, j 22/6, so j. T. Fitch bundle is j Burka s. Guaranteed genuine. Whiskey 8soa 3h John Martin pm Pyle Jet ass brass. To Busy Busy always Busy Correct styles in dress for the holidays 1 the rages select your dress wants for the holidays the race meeting from grand. New season s stocks., the smartest the dress Iest the latest novelties of Tite Jhoo meet the a in glorious profusion in every division of the store. V " you not asked to Pat fancy prices for them. Buy your Holiday wants from a the lowest Cash prices. The fashionable Vav Short knitted Wool jackets for ladies in the Correct shades Lara r run Tea w of jacket Tor a n be or act Banes. � Long knitted Wool Golf Coats with the rolled collars Spade Collais Sailor Edo Jand others. Ladies real Irish hand knitted .double-breasted,.three-Quarter length Wool Golf jackets Long rolled a Fota Large pockets finished i Large Pearl buttons Belt . Fancy stitch shades Crema Grey Navy mole heathers Black very smart.",. ,. Handsome Long thick heavy stylish reversible to 1 a a Baatu Atnel goods latest shapes grand value. A. N a \ furs., / i _ frs. Frs. 1, in the fashionable kinds. Magnificent Squirrel neck lets. Squirrel muffs with tails. � Black Fox Neek tits with head. �. Black Fox Muff with Heads Tai is. Smart pointed Fox neck let with head trim. \ v f s " pointed Fox muffs with head Taila. " Brown Bear neck lets. ,. " � Brown Bear Muff. \ \.r,Dainty Tibet Nec Klete muffs in Black or White be Tifal Tuti Sam s j " Ostrich Feather neck lets. A big Stock very special values Fth makes prices very Low. Pretty French Greys Blade Black White. A. walking costumes or Cut trimmed in the most Dressy style made in Tweed whip cords Serges a Good values marked lowest Ash paces. V attractive Robes. V _ k a full showing of the newest models tweeds Serge cloths &., priced to Meei All purees. "1 ?.t " / luxurious Sealetta Long Coats Wrich warm various grades blk lined. � a smart Black silk Coats in the latest Cuta and. Finishes. V Coats Rich Dainty Colon built in , we close. Saturday next easter Saturn we Trie usual hour 1 o clock. An of Mads fashionable costumes in All the dainties of styles in various qualities Many prices made in Serge clothe Delaine tones Greye fawns Cream also Black. _ ladies / silk macintoshes. " stylish goods in greens Greys also best1 grades in Ira Venetter Colon Navy Fawn Green. would be As Well to provide yourself with one of the smart Coate m Case should rain. S ? blouses. Blouses. Blouses. A f our Beautiful blues. The finest display you Are Likely to see in the state cot trimmed in the Moat winning styles., f Superb Model in Breck net White net Crane Silks Black bilks Crem Delaine Creme cords smart coloured Detainee absolutely the beet possible values marked prices to meet our shipment of handsome net blouses in the Basque styles in fancy Plain nets beautifully trimmed with Light heavy Luces some worked Down the front with Bright Silks others with coloured silk insertions very strik ing millinery. A glorious remarkable exposition. A 0 / trimmed hat3 in elaborate profusion in All the newest most attractive style in Vogue in All the leading Shade effects including the popular purple Ana Moutard shades. / " a " ,. ". " i trimmed made Beaver hats smart toques with crushed crowns Saede vol vet toques. Velvet picture hat to Large Plush picture hats smart Trini roed Felt hats. Ready to Wear hats in elaborate variety. � Felts straws , a. Untrimmed straws Felts beavers Coney Seal toques.hate Black be Lora. .,.�" smart fashionable Wjt Jef kid hat with stitched brims with suede coloured leather Rand or in silk mimed Jonder brims to hate with Taitel lined brim trimmed with band Otta Gei very dreay., to v 5 untrimmed velvet Plush Satin hats. F trimmed Mot r Bonnet in Tecie silk or velvet the stylish saved lists stitched brims ready to Wear pry Dainty effects. All the season s corsets arc her including the famous British made Cor set Beauty s contour. The Manest Best shaped Best built most Comfort Able Corset in the world various styles. V / ladies Holiday neckwear. Black White lace net Jabot. Block lace coat collars \ v \ Jeweld vhf nit bands the fashionable coloured silk Forai neck bows nosegay " the Dressy Short Long Feather neck ruffles. " the newest ceilings. Fancy Tosca nets. J Black fancy Shadow net ceilings self spots coloured Chenille spots All Black Black russian nets Fine medium heavy also in colors. I hair nets., x single double a makes including the merry widow Pompou Dor make 1 hair pads All the Best makes _ hair curls switches All shades including Grey motor veils in Ninon. In All the fashionable shades Black White lace made veils in great close saturday easter saturday the usual hour 1 o clock. Gloves. Gloves. Gloves. All the latest finishes tones in kid suede Lisle. Lisle silk a Best values ladies smart stylish promenade full showing in the Best grades introducing the very latest style of handles As Ose by the leaders of ule eau lib a. A Suiwu stylish Holiday Wear for Man. A the latest novelties of the season in grades prices that Witt Appeal to All men Shower proof Coats smart hats in velours m All the leading shades soft Felt hats in the turned Back Bruns 9oft full hats in the Dressy Tough to a Fine showing of the neat comfortable lounge hats Grey Green Beare cans in Roug tweeds in the crowns men s dome Aero knitted mercerized mufflers grand assortment of sweaters rolled collars with buttoned shoulders Cream Gre � Brown end Navall the latest Stylea color in ties a Large selection of shirts in the very newest goods men s umbrellas in great variety paces ranging from 2/11 up. To buy your Holiday needs from us save on . We close the usual hour on easter Satur Day 1 o clock. The big st0ri a Mere Muf by

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