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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Mar 16 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 16, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. maritime 3steamships, unde Hail. Font boat Cru the French govern Adelaide to London Tria Marseilles Raff Long at Albany Seyo Belyav Aden sea and port Adelaide to London of 28 Days. Ftp sub. Jucs comm and. Leave Adri Airle. Amakdbsmcj6jkf la. Poy Denot Fri april 1 Liyim Joao. ,. Kon., May % Oca amx fi3s , mon., Hay 80 of Altsisi a u Boulard . Sat., july 2 Ama d?mcflo2bja. Poy Denot. . Mon., aug. 1 bans or pabs Asi a Loxle Wnm or Aub at teals. The Pooh of dues tics lib Hanei Lei to a room issued Here journey 24 hours Only. The company s interpreters will accompany through Pas stage to trim Maneule to Parisod Load on. Luggage Coo med fed by Steamer from Marseilles to London in Allan stewards. Milch cow carried. Find tickets to har senies from ie2o to �86. Re Tansom �34 to �106. Thud Clam accommodation unequalled. Wieand Cabin furniture included in fares. Passengers an booked through to Mauritius Tunion and South Africa via Sec heal Siai iii m booked to Bombay via eur Bachke Yat Branch Tine from Aden. Cargo booked through to Havre Genoa Antwerp Dunkirk Hamburg Bordeaux and London. Huv old Brothers. 1 a Shes p. 0.8. K. Company under Delra. J. Boyal Man contract will Dis Patkose four wig steamers Tor Londos Albany Colombo Aden. Brindisi Malta Lima liar and Plymouth. Leave a Ramunn ins. Comm Nader. Ade Outana l 6see p. 8. Dumun Ruji 3. Mar. Is tale Tia 4819 r. F. Briscoe . Max. 30 Arcadia 8382 ,?. April is Balla Abat 474s e. Aab Down april 27 fab Ramatta i 8.0. Murray. Buji May u Britanya ess7j.orman.r.n.b. Hay 25 Abr Tia u9l&,q Fraser,. Lynne 8 and second Saloon Pas Engen allowed to Frnak their journey at intermediate Pouv Cabin Tso erred on pedal terms. Liberal Oono Ealons made a fun Dulles during the Hack passenger season. I iii in from England can be manged Here. Bettae second Saloon the arrangements Haye been Tao roughly the Mannii i Iff 1 offend i ates of passage Monet to London in first Saloon. A facial notice. My. Magnificent Steamer is fixed to leave Adelaide Lor Europe on april 25,1892. The Safeer Wal Helen a. A the largest passenger to Samar no neg Between the australian colonies and Europe. The Acang Madation and table is acknowledged too Juo Rosss of. It in. I iii Nikii should Eady Witt h. Muecke & 00 b7c Addaide or fort. I. It Butsche austra Lishe 4jhrsv u jews steam communication to ant Ai a a Kip and Fine new Steamer Boix Ngen win be dispatched As above Early in March. Passages Tram England and continent can be arranged Ben. From or Antwerp 9m �12 isl. From Jjon doa �1313 a. For freight and All particulars apply George wills s co., Stimao Adelaide and port Adelaide to. T old ukr of Bobai Kibb. Jbf Tkv Elj London via Porta a required new Tan Poland fast Steamer an Sawall appointed to leave the port Adah lds Watt Aad outposts is required As of oops Woolloomoo Loo March 18. Bibb Dick Aprin. Wil Oahu april 3a Echuca May 81. In -7"naon Lor Nas Sirini in. To Nort Adelaide to London Hub or via Buzz canal and Dun teas magnificent fast Steamer Worix Oolooloo of pm 6?s line Captain a. R. Of Langton. will be dispatched As above about the 19th March. Wot freight or passage apply George pc co of Lana Adelaide or part Adelaide. M f a cd Deamto London via new Zea a bask c 9 lamp Cape Horn and calling ? new zealand ass Aslaam but Pibo oo."8 line of Boyal jail _t3je Maimi fluent steel Steamer ,474 tons a Fol leave Lyttelton of March 19, to be followed by the so. A Cahone on april 16. Fas Engen booked for London Plymouth and Bio Janeiro by this route Wei avoid the extreme heat of he bed sea and the Buzz anal bl6to Geo. Walls to 00., agents. A. Queensland Royal mail line. To Kyj London via Brisbane it Ftp a Lionett Queensland ports Java. Saws am Suez canal. Ruul i Tony. I Loati base. Haboba i 4,938 Rise Day March 16. Gaea i 4,712 tuesday april 12. Fares from Adelaide to London Saloon stogie�66 life return�80 10s., available for 12 months. Steerage single. �20. Amply Hab bold Brothers 85mo Adelaide and port Adelaide. A tar tilde a line. Fob Midi i London via Cape arts Toto and sex. Helena a has. The ship of tour end v 1,335 tons Register w. H. Cope Oom Nuder to appointed to sail from the wharf on tuba Day afternoon 7th april. Tha favorite Clipper has Superior accommodation for first and second Bajomo Paak Gera and an experienced doctor accompanies tha ship. Efficient staff stewards and stewardess. Good cow on Board. For fret get or passage apply elder Smith. & 00., limited agent. Rhinow a a Iti ii new zealand a Ibex. _ 6k_k. R. Honey 74c lion Timber Yard town and Parr. A pc. 13wr poet Wakefield. The of Lei Vij Malcolm 4eeg&wiii ail on wednesday March 16, at 4 p a Jos. Johnson fort Wake Seld. 764 b. Froker port Adelaide. Boots and shoes. Waken past limn Bibl Gikai Boot Sale How of. He such Baba in be Tobx. Rns Phonon invited. Call and see for yourselves. A following Are a few of the bed aced cat Menigo Loseo Ahn Nril to Cap 11 Hadt a in Mart leather elastic sides pegged Stout Coles 7u men Plato Tocher Splenda Awe 8 11 men ?.iwkktoeoaps. Ill men s cloth top shoe Gol shed reduced from Iob. ?Ather?,6v.nriequalled a youths leather Balmoral books and to Capa t h Booths hangar Laplace be tipi. In Yotts Leader elastic sides very Strong 611 maids leather eos to sides Etas 1 and s 8 Haida leather stockyards Spriggel Eta 1 Andl 811 children 10 to is Lea or elastic sides in Ohi Leren s 10 to 13 Jubilee Balmoral very High 8 8 children s 10 to 13 leather lace shoes 811 children s 10 to in Levant Balmoral very neat 4 11 Jold Retti 10 to in hungarian Lake 8 11 children a 10 to 13 leather stockyards 111 children s 6to 9 leather elastic sides 1 6 Chorene 6to b Jubilee Balmoral extra High us children e 6to 9 leather lace shoes. T i children s to 9 stockyards very cheap 1 6 Hildren s 3to 6 grained Balmoral. Ii children s s 1?6 Patent Balmoral m Button 111 Chi Kiren i 4to 6 Patent straps Plain front. 11l Ouren b s no 6 Patent shoes Bulues 09 ladle fancy pattern velvet Sippen j c Yenta Venatta Slippen to Dies. .29 orders promptly attended to. Gnu Perroe Lia tag Treeon application. avoided if possible. Hote the Only address us an 116, bundt istrian. 65iwili4jdie8-l2 great seduction in prices of summer boots am shoes. Tan Colo fied goods a Boi Uhal feb Loeb. Brand Obi o Hok to Rabe hous 7. Bundle Street. produce provisions. To on b a a and Bettl Butch by. Famine hotels bes Taranta and ships waited on " heat preserved. Fina. Of 1, 2, a and 8 lb., the Best in a red 40 Vaxtie cases containing 96 lb., i oases meat cure. Bacons and hams . Obtained numerous prizes and melds by tie ton or Side. Over 1.000 Well seasoned Hamlin Stock pierced Corn beef and pork in 8,2, and 1 cwt. Cask or in bag largest Stock in the colonies and by far the Best manufacturer of Small goods All the leading assortments unequalled in Quality caterers to shows picnics and a it Juljo festivals supplied on the shortest notification made duly packed carefully to ensure first Clave can edition on delivery either by Road rail or boat. Dripping and lard in tins of 40,20, it 7, to and1 tb., or in kegs also lard in bladders. Neat Fifoot Oll enormous Stock on hand. Ask Fob Fbioe-ust3, wholesale and retail. Address Hindley Street. Adelaide branches is pm Rio bib Are 292, . East peaks Poar. So Luato shipping. Of tick Bova a Smita 1.1 he. Hew service. Farther redaction of passenger fares. Fore Saloon. Return. Cabin. So Melbourne Llo 0 clo 0 �0 16 0 Sydney 8 0 0 i 0 0 110 0 freights at lowest Bates. Without to Brisbane. Tor Melbourne and Sydney bib Bank Maryborough Rock Halfton sub. Hono Warba 2.000 Mao Kay tons tuesday. March 22, 12.15 run. Geraldton Barr Abool ties Cairns Day. March 29. 11.16 poet Douglas pm. Look town thu Day is. Normanton Bork town. Fob port i Bdl and Post Augusia. As. Bab Babool tuesday March 22 i 6 . Sac cheapest and most convenient route to broken Hill. From Smith and Cave s wharf. Forf Caino passengers Are supplied with food and bedding free. Roll particulars on application to . Gave & co. Agents Grenfell Street Adelaide 826 c upon Street. Port Adelaide. A. 808 Abb o 8 a s a Veersma Mouv eaves Prince s wharf fait and Elam every wednesday at place of tuesday. Meta b. Raro Keb. Port. T aces Yorketown a aces. Notice the Steamer a ook a a Fol leave port Adelaide on wednesday. March 16, at 9 to. Conveying passengers for the Yob Ketonk race meeting and will leave edit Borgh on thursday evening. March 17. After the races. Special tickets at by diced Bates Avail Able be turn on thursday evening Only can be obtained from 720 h Muecke co. Port. Kobe Ikea from Barry Captain Young will not be responsible for an debts contracted by the Crew without his written authority. 76-7 elder Smith & co., limited. Tenders and contracts. To . Tenders received of to March 17 noon for on broken Metal. Specification at office 74-7 John Tait town clerk and Surveyor. Kensington and Norwoo corporation. Tenders for the following works will be re dived of to 6 o clock of Friday the 18u March 1892 tar paving footpaths and Wate Rabiee. Tar coating footpaths. Gerung and paving in several streets about 1,090 Yards. Supplying �00 tons Quarry babble. Exceeding Bridge on Eensington-roa4. Specifications been and particulars obtained at the Surveyor s office. By order Geo. W. Gooden. 71.4.6 town clerk. Flo Are hereby invited a for rebuilding the White House hotel Cubbie Street. Plans and Spe donation May be been at my office and tenders will be received there up to noon of monday 21st March. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. James gumming fs.a.la., architect. Alfred Chambers 11, Carrie Street Adelaide both March. 1892. 69-31 it he broken Hill proprietary Al company limited. Tenders Fob Coal. Tenders Are invited Lor toe Supply of about eighteen Hundred 1,800 tons of goal per month for twelve is months approved brands to be delivered l Fez ship s slings at the company s wharf fort Pine. . Deliveries which it Iaia " Witpen style shall be fortnightly to begin in april next. Tenders which must specify the brands Whf of will be delivered will be received at the company s office so. Queen Street Melbourne no to 12 o clock noon on thursday the 24th March 1892. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. By older of the Board we. Knox Secretary. Melbourne March 14,1892. 75-7 Ryphe Baboon corporation tenders received Unta saturday at noon for webbing paving of at Light Terrace and Jer Voie Street specifications at town clerks office. By order. A. W. Parker town clerk. March 14.1892. 76-6z wanted tenders by March 17, for cab entering and ironwork of four rooms. No tender necessarily Hearn George Street Norwood. 75-7 a la my printed Price lists for Manta to Al it at am cancelled from this data part Mars on . H. Martin North slate Yards. December 81, 1891. 37w&6 Legal notices. T e John brows to them to property act no 6of 1860, notice is hereby Given that All creditors and other persons having claims against the estate of John Brown late of Melotte in the province of South Australia station Cook deceased who died at he Rose aforesaid on the Slit Day of december. Is9i, and letters of administration with the will annexed of whose estate and effects were granted by the supreme court of the said province on the 12th Day of March 1892, to Mary Brown of Melrose aforesaid widow As Nistra trix Are required to Send their Christian and sur name addresses and descriptions and full particulars of their claims and of the securities fit any held by them to the undersigned on or before the 2sth Day of april 1892, after Obion Date the said Arminie Gratrix will be at Liberty to distribute the estate Unangst the persons entitled thereto having regard Only to the claims of which she shall then have had notice. Dated this 14th Day of March 1892. B. V. Oldham Eldon Chambers King William Street Adelaide 7679 solicitor to the administer matrix. In the estate of the reverend Michael o Brien late of Morphett Vale roman Catholic priest of administration of the estate of the deceased have been granted to the Public trustee. All creditors having claims on the said estate Are requested to Send in particulars of their a to go tie Publio trustee supreme court King William Street Adelaide and All persons indebted to the said estate Are required to pay forthwith the amount of their several debts to the Public trustee As aforesaid. Malcolm h. Diets Waymouth Street. Adelaide 70.2,6 solicitor to the said estate. In the matter of the companies acts. 1862 Poisso and in the Mattes of die Gbean Silver Field. South Australia limited. Notice is hereby Given that the creditors of the above named company Are required on or before the is Day of May 1892, to Send their names and addresses Arad the Patti of labs of their debts Hill j Tonj signed. Lord Bic Farad Howe Browne and h. Edgar Bodwell the the a Jav Kaiui us. At to. It base Gall of London and if so required by notice in writing farm fee said liquidators Are by ii i or Hal i a in and prove their said debts anal Wimsat such ume and place a dus a specified in such not toe or a default thereof they will be excluded from the Benefit of any such distribution made before such debts Are proved. Dated this is Day of february 1892. Richard Howe Browne \ f ._?.?_. 76 h. Doab Bodwell lion Nator. Re Frank Ebher Vivian edwarde3, to the property acs no. T of 1860. Notice is hereby Given that All creditors or other Persona having oluii3 against the estate of Frank Ernest vivid Edwardes late of Adelaide in the province of South Australia journalist deceased who died at Adelaide aforesaid on the Seth Day of february 1892, and whose will was proved in the supreme court of the Caid province on the 7th Day of March 1892, by Alfred he Neth of Adelaide aforesaid Printer and Albert Crocker of Adelaide Afore Sud coach sinter the executors named in the said Wol Are a chaired to Send in writing their Chritian and surnames addresses and descriptions and full particulars of their claims and of the securities if any held by them to the nude noned on or before the Seth Day of april 1892, after which Date the said executors will be at Liberty to distribute the estate amongst the persons entitled thereto having regard Only to the of which they shall then have had notice. Dated this Mth Day of March 1892. B. V. Oldham Eldon Chambers King William Street Adelaide 76x79 solicitor for the Grid executors. T e Benjamin Foster to my the property act no. 8 of 1880, bouts is hereby Given that All creditors and other Persona having claims against the estate of Benjamin Foster late of Addinga in the province of Softli Australia Farmer deceased who died at Addinga aforesaid on the Slit Day of january. 1892, and whole will was proved in the supreme court of the said province in the 12th Day of March 1892. By Emma june Foster of Aldine aforesaid spinster and Elizabeth Baker the wife of William biker of min Berra Sorcek near Parl Augusta in the said province Farmer toe executors named in the said will Are required to Send in writing their Christian and sur names addresses and descriptions Voa full particulars of their Chims and of the securities if any Beld by them to the undersigned on or before the 28th Day of april 1892, after which Date the said executors will be at Liberty to distribute the estate a moot the Persona entitled thereto having regard Only to the claims of which they shall then have had notice dated this 11th Day of March 1892. B. V. Oldham. Eldon Chambers. F kliigw3hamtreet, Adelaide. I 79 j3olicitoroothesaidkiecutorb. Drapery and clothing. James Mabr Twatt & co., a 96, 58, so . Cab bxkphen3-Plaoe warehouses a delude and Jewit ores ent London. Last weeks Lan great annual summer Sale. Marshall s specials. Blurt dress department. Ca fancy and Plain Banff bodes. Unmade thrown of on the counter snal value 16s fid to 22s fid Tobe Soldat 8/6 12/6 it ends of French food be ass Fawn and dark Heliotrope or Petona Ordinary Price la to is 3d Yard to be sold at Gid per Yard 4 \ ends British Delaine Una sorted colors Mualin my per dozen Solfi Paytal ent. Oca tres Black 80a Merra Ein snal Price jew 2g Jid Tob Soldat a a per Yard a Yards coloured Beng Allne Sok Ingnal value us is lid to be Soldato a per Yard ant Yards usual Price bal lid to i Tobe Soldat i to per Yard Mantle and costume department. Qua ladies Tabor made cloth jackets Plain of a braided and ornamented in Black and coloured usual Price la fid to sis to be sold at 6/ii 4 c dozen ladies White Hnsen Blouse shirts Linen Luj Pollare and Calls usual Price 4a lid for 1/6 department. Fia dozen ladies Fawn Oor Aeto and sizes usual us value 4s lid. To be sold at each or dozen Brown and dub corsets to be sold at T 1/11 lace department. Odd of Cream and White lace Fiou Nemour up to in lid per Yard to be cleared at go Yard Toa Yards Oriental lace Floun cing usual value is fid per Yard to be sold at twid per Yard a popular one of ladies leather belts with Tanoy buckles phial value is lid to is 6a each to be sold at q Doxen lace and Hugos squares to neck or pocket of Deach sunshades umbrella. And ribbon department. 7 c ladies coloured sateen sunshades v in colors Cream Fawn Cardinal sso., usual value is 6d to 4s lid to be cold at j / each of Ladd Fawn and Cream sateen Sun shades nasal name 3s lid tote lid to be sold at j Bijj each a Only lads Black Satin sunshades a lined White and Cardinal usual 68 6d or 7s6d, to be sold at 4/t a Only Black net and Satin Bun shades it original Price us fid to be sold at Aii each Glove department. Of dozen ladles Pun silk gloves in tans and White Only usual value is fid to be sold at a twp Ircia dozen ladies pore Bok gloves with kid tips z damask luncheon cloths a i each Worth gs6d, for damask cloths 8 Yards Long a i each pro Atli 128 6d, Lor o Al damask cloths 2x2 Long f i each Worth used for it Damase cloths 8 x so Long a f each Worth 2u6d, for adv. Just to band come really Beautiful goods in drawn work damask sets consisting of one cloth and 12 table napkins to match in several sizes. These goods Are real works of Art and ladies Are invited to inspect them. They Are very suitable for wedding and other presents. Also Home very pretty designs in drawn work in fatal goods such As tray and Tea cloths sideboard clothe a front of each. Band painted japanese d Oyles. Hand some designs Only a few left to be cleared at id. Each. Martin bros., Burlington House. 75c a t. Fitch imported Draper Clothier Abb Boot warehouseman. Half yearly clearance Sale. Extraordinary bargains us All departments Nolod Iliff special line from Hie assigned estate Ray and Richards of Melbourne. All genuine reductions. Hew Farcy prints. Onul Palm a i ? 6/9 and us 2/11 a of fancy dress materials 1/11 2/11 3/11 4/iii, sew spot to bks Auie Blus doable Width 101, for 7j? v ladies mules. A or 4/il 6/ti 10/8 Boll a Towel nos 9-1/3 2/11of Tsoh ohm nos from my Pel Dos hemp fat thl r f up pts 2i d-4j d a boobs upstream St theh ? 65? 7f a. Ool Obed quilts extra Laboe Styk. 4/9" Job uses do Cream. Coffee add beige lakes. 4j 6u to mall pet Dot Kvek Klasing trimmings. Emf 9iota off sub Ham 7T and 1/3 if Ahab ,9 d 1/ 1/3 Para a wed Bixb Altet 8 to 7, Lulb Tor 12/9 Hen s Tweed trousers and test. 10/8 be Bee for 7/6 10/6 Mars Tweed trousers 2/11 a nor s coloured moles 2/11 up a. Tailoring. Huts Tweed suits to Obder a w a of Tow us 45/ 55/ 63/ 70/ Ken s melange suits 65/ a 55/hsvb Blue Webgb suits. 67/8 hts Lor to 45/_59/6 Boot department. Men s Leattie Rea Boot e/9 Tor 6/11,6a1 Loru serfs leather Oxford shoes 6/11 for fun men cloth top Oxford Sboto pedal 7/8 per pal men is. Boots Awn the Albert 11/b far 8/11 men and youths blabber Plain and hangar Iao a at us pet pair ladies 1 Ltd. B5. Boot fancy Euto hed Elzee 8 and 4, 67u and 8/9, to Dor at 4 u ladies Ola Oseid Button boots Gouak make 18/9 for ladies Levant Oxford shoes doth top a per Palt ladies half kid ,,6. 8, v7/?Toi soc Las mtr Oxford shoes Patent Caps and brings 7/b tore/11 ladies Strong leather Balmoral High leg. 4/11 irian flab Patent strap shoes sizes s to 6. 1/11 Forl Boll Teong Patent strap Bobec Dali Talos a a Tusk of Patent strap shoes sizes 11, is a Nanal Lajos 6/6 and 4/11, to be sold at 8/11 j. T. Fitch the Corner bundle and Pulteney streets. Lovio cables Moore & co., 14, Rundle Street hits Macb pleasure in Ann Gandng Dut they Bare secured the services of Buss Munbo late of . To superintend the Mantle Anddess Makiko department. Miss Monro e j reputation As a Modiste is a sufficient guarantee that 1 Orden entrusted to her can will be turned oat to the eminent Tisl Cotton of every lady. Now showing hew season dress goods. Hew season millinery. New season jackets & capes. Our own importing. Charles Moore & co., 14, Rundle Street. So if papers printing i Jar executed on the shortest notice and on Liberal taints at the advertiser Job printing office. Drapery and clothing. J. Miller Anderson and co. T0 Abb 22, Hindley St debt in . London. Our preparations for the new season being now Complete our first show Day will be monday March u t when will be displayed in toe showrooms an immense Stock of High class Milliner to. Elegant mantles jackets and capes. Ladies and children s Ulster and cloaks ban cloaks and for lined cloaks. Of costumes we Are blowing a Large and select Stock. Very High class goods in me new stylish tweeds Cheviot Bough Serges and other new materials the styles cannot be surpassed. No two Are alike in material or design. Children s Serge and staff costumes an sizes at very moderate Price ladies undershirts in silk stuffs and new stripes. Flannel dressing gowns and jackets. Frs. A really grand Stock in All qualities and shapes. Special notice in requested to the assortment of High class furs in Black and Brown Bear Seal Sable Grey and Block Fox Lynx Skunk 4c dress department. For this season we have imported an Gnu a us urge number of single a Bess lengths in stylish weeds and orb new materials also handsome braided riots Robes we can safety assert that no Olio water jugs did la. Is6d be of Glas Stak bottles 8d each. 4,000 Yards about various patterns. Washing oath Brics m to use Doxen Sale Price 2s lid dozen Creyonne tinsel Ball fringe Ball Price 2m Yard Quantity a Milass Large sugar Basin and butter. wnite�ad4eld breakfast ones Sancera 6s 6d doa. Ivory handles table knives 6s 6d Dot White and Gold handle sucks 6 d each White Ivory handle pocket knives two Ade t d each note paper five quire us packet court shape in veto pee 4jd, 6m. 9 d per 100 64n. Imitation children 8 Silver plates is a Doz. Hair Brash looking Glass tooth Brash Nail Brnson and draw bomb is urge family imported booing farm Teapot Lod ecm2tos shot Ai serine so spoon books pair Boot laces Ltd sad sad Doc a e 0?,i 3? Siw. So Dot Peart buttons Ltd 24a, bid Doz. Thimbles so dozen Black and White Drew buttons sad Cross Oord Alexander s Cotton 800 Yards 9jd Doz. White average tape a d dozen Hooks and eyes Sid dozen packets Flibort White and mixed Fina Otoe packets d dozen Sarlitt Imit Ivory shirt buttons sad Gross Linen Button Plain or we holes e d Gross a in. Cardinal Varone ottoman Sash Blabon to to Jan an absolute lots for the Benefit of our Maderou patrons. Pm Saab comb Bart. Hunt Corry & co., importers and Cash drapers Rundle Street. Sawato drapery and clothing. Notice of removal. We beg to announce that we have now removed to our new and elegant premises no 47, bundle Street being five Doore West of oar former site and which Wai be known As caledonian House specially designed fitted and arranged to All the requirements of a rest class tailoring and outfitting Trade. A special Bhoj pent of Early autumn goods Bow Wui owed. Mcdonald & Walter tailors and outfitters caledonian House 47, bundle a treat. 48oau32ai this advertisement concerns you. The Rammer la passing and we rave decided to so of he Huu mini of ode High class tweeds at prices Tod Oak Tox a Sobuh. _ 58/6 to users 8/6 shrank us nude of by really Fiot Clag Tahon Onde premises. Our Cutie thoroughly Wen known throughout the Colony. " she test and most reliable place is Adelaide Mark Well the name b. C. Castle & compy., 87. . U7oia2o Hall Savage general drapers and tailors. 105, bundle St Seei same aide and Thiee Doore West of Adelaide Arcade. Now f Honing a pole did variety of new win mob dress goods in All Prises bom 2j4. To 4a. Us. Yard. So wait general merchandise. ? Sale and to a bib. Woolpack Goth Saoko bras bag. Potato bags floor bags Obe bags sewing twine of arrogated and Plain galvanized 1808, Black Sheet Ibon Sheet Lead and Zinc axes. Of bust. Steel standards and drop pets for fencing Kilb Dan wibe a trainers round and Oval steel wire a Baum 1808 Wise and galvanized Tkel E.K.Ike wibe a mtr fencing wibe Webb set Ting pig Leon. English Cookk. Of fib bricks. Hematite paint oath brio soda whip no sulphate of Copper strychnine Gla Kiaune Mitt and Loop reservable kerosene condensed milk states Kernel and Oak Ameri can doors shelving plaster the. Indents of Aii classes of Oahu Root does executed at lowest rebus in All Fabus of the would. A Bodge wills it co Cavendish Chambers Sonaio . Bimer Boue it co. Have of Sals on the spot or to arrive a tort go Innest a bottled by o Brien the Digger nod Edmond s celebrated " pig Brand. Whisky Root cafe Bau Artine a " Lonb Brand. In bulk. Shelving Cleat Pine Spruce deals Ash Basswood Hickory Walnut . Flooring. Jeneine Crystal water White or. Turpentine. Bean dark end heat grades. Plaster wind tar Mills Diamond Brand. Oak Staves for wine casks Champion s vinegar balk and Case. Tobago of and cigarettes of judge Brand. Aran of knee Annna la Flor de Castio soda 70 percent. Soda Ash. Silicate of soda. Felt sheathing and roofing. Dynamite fuse detonators. Unseen Oil Baw and boned. King s Windsor Asbestos Cement for plastering Wall and ceilings. Teas Low to medium Congo new season. Preserved meats All descriptions of Queensland heat Export Tampany e Brand. Indents executed. Soho in Rmer bome.&co.,w? business notices watches. Watches. Ladies Silver watches from �2, Strong and durable. Ladies Gold watches from to 10s., Unsay passed value. Gents Silver English levers from �51 Superior line specially adapted Tor Bosh use �8 to �10. Gents Gold English levees Kalthaus and . Guarantee with each watch sold. A. L. Brunkhorst later. Stevanato. 106. Bundle Street. If Rio my Abonio b e g a l i a. Aprons collars gauntlets sashes. Ribbons and All necessary materials for oxur .m.,and? 3. . Kano Iso. Bundle Street. To Lotonia dts Wobb opposite York hotel. Feathers clothes. Dresses hats and . Materials cleaned or dyed on the shortest possible notice fast oolob3 parcels collected and Denvered. _ to racism estate of late Edwin Sawtell watch Haseeb and optician. 8, Btu Hole Street Adelaide. Estate to be closed prior to March so us. The balance Stock of watches clocks jewellery photog Saphio and electrical goods. Crucibles. Ohe Vioal apparatus. Sundries and new laths to be sold in made lots or singly . For bargains. Now moving sub Taole and opt oath Branch to Toabe Bouse North ten Eppo note Public Library. Pending the final closing Bindl Stoe to sumo Viseu a notional Ocilla. In attendance 9 . To noon and to open. At Adan Boose soon to pm Alfred , executor. Adelaide february 12, 1592. 4641 Gall soap Oas is deed with cold waxes Fob coloured materials of Evert . Me Boap of reverts the lo6b Al Towb in of filing. Restores faded ool Obs and behoves tar and Seass spots. E.k.? . B i � x 8, 3 w. A Kdle Etbert. Poet free 7 Oce Peony Stamps. Pau Mallee boots Coke in Large or Small quantities at lowest current rates we. Howard Smith & sons Ltd., Coal office sort spa de. Perl Addaide a 3 Taco Deoss. Acc Obdens. A. Best Broad Reeds brass. Steel or German Silver. The largest and most varied Stookins Adelaide at j. H. Fray. 164. Bundte it regt. Ass Juno Agen Chavas place de la Boom Park agents for to a Dennehe Kip?aae., and cab Mwata i France and Belgium. Advertisements can u Reot Ivad and Tota at Tea Abw Pew Armera tone tied. Sex. Steel cram to. Fatten he adar Tom. Vets

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