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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Mar 15 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 15, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? ship pint. ? p. & o. Team navigation co Spaht for . Calling at Marseilles. Bete boys mail contract Tell dispatch the Long Stamen re i kit Albany. Coto 4dec7cteilet. Gibraltar Tad . Wati lib a to All at or Nai. ? Meambra. Ta7 onor Nimet a Are. Oaki wira e. Hnin 2j ?mctou1a _c5 7e crave mar ?i?1mjia Tsai . I. O. Worcester april r Australia 6901 l Reeves pan Lacadia Leao a. A i oks a a roue. Pm Cowie my Himalaya of afr Vav. I groan ? Jone ? Cailin tat Llo Barl Enro Ute. Raises can Lor Iran Fin attorn 6alo Notias to paste Geks. Libert Irenc Tanii to Bim reserved. Tue Accunzo Capon i froth pint and Recend saloons is unsurpassed. Ruup from Europe to. Can be Irtel be. Putinti allowed to break Lair i Cornej a. ports. Tourer to tickets India China Japan. Chaid the world tit Fiam. Passage Bates. Tickets i Suett. Owe iii Cit. I Orient Lin the following steamships under Boyar a a contract Mil Leare Adelaide lines Bart to t pm. On the undermentioned dates for Luj mosh and Dosdos. Til Albany. Colombo Tran shipping for All Indian ports Ornex can. Kap w. I Reihs. Ana i Benatar ? ?Omia,6,ss7 ton k. A. Veale. . Mar s a Okah 3,3o ? j. F Ruthven Panl ?aubtka1j5 52j j. F. Anderson Aurum ? h. E. Inskip my quota v a .6.657 j Lin hater ? of it and fortnightly thereafter. Calling at Hobart in route from Sydney. 6aloon to Pondok Sinarle. 435 to �70. Rstom. �65 to f.lv-. Third class. �15 lit., �17 17s., and �18 Las. Loos to Colombo single. �2s to a return �33 to westers Australia. Saloon �7. Third. Is. Fuad hrs from any Piti can be proud . co. And Ander Anderson co. Fench at Ciuti London . Of us aug Susi Vana or. Luexu7e ? a. Greffen Street. Mess Geries maritime for Ltd Suomi a Colombo and of Wev steamers of 6,800 tons under postal contract with the French government Cattus at air Baxt. Colombo. Suez and port Bald. Will he i patched monthly As follows ? to Tjuana. Of under. 1 pm j j pm. Role Utsick Bollard mar. -.0 car. to Enot april 17 april .9- april k Aua tralies Verron my 1� May is May so june to Jone 15 Jane 17 pass Sceats Uoo Ved to Bombay India by to Vii. Phi Jeff and Pipii. R passage Tonev �3s to �70, incl dint uetur5i tickets Arti Lable for 12 months ii be suced rates. English spoken on Board. A Sunc Money an be paid Here Tor. A from Europe. Liberal concessions to famine. Upon arrival at Marseilles English interpreter meet the passengers for London and give theme err assistance in Undine and Passine their Hng nge acc thro iii the customs and also to nun any them to Paris and Camii. . Passengers Luggage conveyed free of Cost from Marseilles to London by Steamer. Fra Elnyr Cikraji us Rrapi. Davenport Chambers. 24. Cume Street and ceo Ferguson & co., port Adelaide. Sywai Loffl Hurth Celiman Lloyd s.8. Goy. A Ait Eullar monthly lib of Fig me Sifas Cassin Gutt Stramera Toto ratan Mit in i a Antwerp and 4bb3i b9w up Man calling at frk1iamtle, Colombo Aden. Suea. Fort Eaid. Naples and Cesta. Under Mau contract with the imperil German government. 8teamera will be i pit Rev a me Avic Caltra a at Hook. Tto imers to too win Brt a. It a Munz Regent. J Lur fou e,8 h. Walter Apfl 1 Kaust tuck t,7 c Bank celebes april so Ktut Toast s,0t8e. Werner May 87 old buro 6.006 a Olfie Rone is u Buhlak �.? 4.wsf. Mente july s2 Getta 6, tic asset ? an a pts sue Woey from Adelaide. A to Tea. Great Radii cant a return passages available for nine or twelve months. Ever facility is offend Tor Brinins but friends by payment of passage Money Here. Cabin passengers mar break their journey. Third class for Southampton. �14. Menu specially arranged to suit All nations. 11 Meers and stewards conversant with the English language. Passengers and cargo booked through to London and principal european. Asiatic and american Porta. Passengers fur England Are faded at Southampton. For freight passage and an other of Eck o0� Gaia Waago Adelaid and port and Lilito. Lund s line steamers in tit new iull4-omered last Skucon Are appointed it leave the port Adelaid Bari Natal Cape town and London. Nauru no s.078 Lorn. About ath Maich. Warrnambool 3.51s tons about 6lh maj Farr Arouca 4.011 tons. At it sri june Makool , too now. A Ari Cal _ my cola. Coi Tuow. Ivy Cuini accommodation Tor pass genk Titbit or a wac to t to a tobit wills & Cut. Agnalt Lii Elaine. Vote Adelaide sad port Hula. A tips be of sailing ships Sailer to London. The Fine 100 Al Iron ship t e Al at t a 1,718 tons. Captain j. Partridge. Tell be dispatched from Ocean Steamon wharf. Fort Adelaide for London via Kingston about ens of Marge. For it eight and toll particulars apply to \ George wills & co., Muse Adelaide and port Adelaide. Hina and Japan. The Eastern and australian . . Fast and favo Butk steamship australian Ril Incavo Sydnet on 30th March next for an excursion to the above countries calling in route at Queensland ports and port . The above Steamer has been specially built for ? this Trade the Pasa Emier accommodation receiving special attention. Carco Tor any of the above ports win be for. Warded per s.8. Bothwell Castle leaving port Adelaide on the 20ui starch Tor Tymo shipment to the u. Australian of Sydney. For rates of freight or passage apply Gibbs. Bright it co. 7--g s3, Grenfell stent and port Adelaide. To i p to n yes in a is k. To us Gkonos. Nagasaki and Yokohama , Brisbane and townsv1lle, will leave As under name of Steamer. I ser. Boose. So 1 8? Masuca March Haskeu afar. 2 Learcha Futami Mard april i May 3 these steamers have most Superior accommodation Lor Para Eggers in All cd Sari and Are fitted with the most recent improvement. Full particulars As to freight and passage from Mcc Acharn & co. Prop limi1ed. ? agent 61. Grenfell Street. Ss7naic to team to Wallaroo. Port a. O Cerii Ein and port Pike 4r.tfstj� the As. Beagle sabs3bsv sailing thursday March the Aoth inst. Cats now being nce ived at a Basra. Boward Snaith s wharf for freight apply to -6 ? John Clark co. Port. It he port wakef1eld shipping Figa Rcv j. fort Wake toss pal Fuji. The Perot sails wed ? Assy no Day Isth Tost at 6 . A. A a Lrich Shurler port Adelaide. ? 7m _ out he ast ports 3�t�& for 1 la Rusk a Aakre Beach port. / wedge Agar March 15. J. Grice � co. Adelaide and kor 70,2, a. At a limes Sulz. Port add mid. Volt a. Ceres win to Yuspa Tchad saw a x under to any tat eat tray. At to so Bow a a. Iron Stansbury a Ramona at Leav Hii Laso an. And the Kussat leaving i to Kurt Vincent every tuesday at so pm. Fiodi 1-Obt y1ncekt Cruz Wxbe Ebay. 361c a. . Sec Recarr. v a Kaulla and no Emanville. Jagy x Success Elf Flag wed Nodal 3 . Ashlar a h. A7rices3. ? shipping. ? the Adelaide steamship. Coffi limited Iff St Jatres from port Adelaide As under. permitting i for it lit any and Akk Mantle it Lor All Koktish West i outs. Adelaide monday March 20 i 3 . Call 21 Vii aae and Bunbury. Through i tills o lading issued o penh wharf. For a re Kake Bay to Ansili princ to Flinders at Albany Adelaide monday March 1u 3 Fot 3helbolkae. Tea ship a Lii for m Day and i Veksland i outs. Adelaide i wednesday March is 10 . Spencer s Culf sew be. For i Ort Lincoln. Moonta wai.1jiroo. To mud Cay Aku flank Len Harbor. Fee Hal tuesday Urich 21 j 3p.ro. Ports Rixie gee Illus and Augusta this a Eek with parted per and Carco. Mite Nicator saturday March 18 i 4 cargo meat be delivered alongside steamers two Toun prior to Adverl a time in Day of sailing. Assam tickets iwed by this company Are inter chs Ceable Nith steamers of the . To. The the eau ports. For All information apply to the Adelaide Bleam ship co let. Tume Greet Adelaide and commercial wharf tort Adelaide. 62c . Co., old. The favorite passenger Steputes of above one will arum Stavac permit tag be dip arched Ifa aka paroo and so Gap Oke j Tran ship at fran Uncle. . \ Sydney. J or Pil Barra flow Sabalu monday. March so. And All other i a Duland Porta j cargo received daily at Queen s wharf up to one hour before saying. All tickets Intel chargeable blur us first port with to weamers of the Adelaide steamship com any. Smiled. For fare and Frei its apply to b. W. 1lacdonalb. Agent , Adelaide. ? or Queen s wharf. Port. Suddart Parker & go. Fk.op1uktaky. Usu ted. Let dispatch irom port Adelaid Orcus stances i 1 a and Aav a. monday. March so. At 4 . Through 8ius lading issued to oth. Hts lust and 1-Absage at lowest current Baik for full o. & j. Fowler 0c ? Adelaide Ana poet ask Laid. Barque Cio Batta Beverino from Newyork. All claims and accounts against above vessel roust be rendered in Duple ate at our port office on or a fore wednesday 15th inst., at noon or they ill not be Mccog nixed.3-s ? p. & j. Fowler agents. Or req to pass Entjes at once. Buis must be presented and feel Glare paid at our port office before de j livery. No Zlabis will be acknowledged unless damage has been pointed out on land Fin and the ship will not be responsible for abstraction of pc qirits or other bonded goods except from pack Ages pointed out on the wharf in bad order and examined in the presence of the Captain. All Cood imparting discharge will be landed and stored at consignees risk and expense. Captain Hustede will not be Respo Ssterle for any debts contracted by the of w without his written authority. ? ? 73 feb Knob h. 6xow. City and tort. Ship eat Knock from sink is Are requested to pass entries to once. Bills of lading must be press cd and fkekht3 paid it our port office before delivery. No claims will be acknowledged unless damage has been pointed out on Landing and ship will not be responsible for abstraction of spirits or other bonded goods except from packages pointed out on the wharf in bad order and examined in the presence of the Captain. All goods impeding discharge will be landed and stored at consignees risk and expense. Captain j. W. W. Yatos will not be re sposs1ble for any debts contracted by the Crew without his written an Thorit. S5- a Kobe wills co. Cost y and port. ? shipping. ? Howard smite line. I Fate Howard Smith s wharf As follows to Iro Tufan at i Ermitt in Albany. A Gabo. Of Feu Nixe i saturday. March is. Bum july. J without Trau hip menu cera1btom, j Ras in Are and Carco. This splendid Steamer is filled with electric Light throughout. Lar a Cabina and lengthy promenade decks. Smoke loom music room. A Ali Rouffa Bills of lading Iea cd to Perth Melbourne \ Sydney i Kew Castus i ski Snake i arg of give a tube Archib. Bocha Filton i cargo on -. A Cray a1rhs j Steemer Early Circo in two he delivered Ajo Ceide steam Nolles ikan in hour Oclon adv erased time of sailing. Pm. Rcw by Smith & sons proprietary Lam ten. J pc for flu Faro Street. Adelaida. ? and Yorty i ankle. Fort Adelaide. 2t5c by Mcilwraith Mctear Karn & co. Recife Leaky. A Miteb. V 31 dispatch the f o3wmg Rasaen Jer steamers circumstances Perl thing pm a it str j Kal Gooke. Cuba Stok rai�ay.17lh March. 3 . Hirough bids lading issued to Perth whirl through bookings to x. W. Forts. Sb3z.bo-7kkel botsw5xl casted Sydney f monday 20th March. W. R. Cats at co., Tell stat. Adalaida or j. A wuss & say. Port Adelaide. Lie. To. O team to Kingston and i1eacu qw6s. I3 port. The regular trader . A i Jujj Heles i cold. ? sailing saturday. March is. Pac Seges Saloon 25s. Smeenge. I. T or freight and passage apply John Oak Ling & son. -7 ? town and port. Missing friends. Under this beading if prepaid. Is words one insertion. Is. Three insertions. 2s. 6d. 5x or. Robert Kici ious late of Cuba Silver mine. . Kindly rail on write the undersigned at his earliest convenience important. Harrold e. Turner solicitor Way mouth Street. 73-5 will late of Union Street u.a., writ eat once to j. Ii., mount Lenoia West Australia. She will Bear something to her advantage. . Wasted. Mrs. Jones to return to younest., North unify at once very urgent. J. V. Hogan. Drapery and Clat Hiag. Shierlaw8 boys & youths suits. Splendid variety of latest goods to choose irom. Gentlemen s Straw and Felt hats in latest shape 16 and 18, Hin Levst. Ca Malocu sent Post free. Loease if we did not give tip top value do you think we would be. Able to draw people irom North Adelaide. Walkerville Norwood Hyde Park Hindmarsh Bowden and ail the other suburbs ? answer the question by purchasing from us to Day. A Vii of for 39 tily ladies Black lace hats. Bichun ? trimmed coloured ribbons and Floi cers usual Price 10ft reduced to Ola 31 ladies fancy sunshades in shots stripes and satins. Usual Price 10/5, Clearing now c 2t%1asvebckaijl-Wool fre a usual Price 1/6 to Day i the balance of our Check Cambric in pinks blues and navys j fall dress 3,000 Yards fancy Chuck dress stuff in Browns navys greens and Greys usual value 10/6 dress quitting at g the fan dress 1,400 Yards heavy Cream Pink Edge Flannelette splendid cloth Worth end. Yard our Price to Day ? a dozen 49 Only men s printed Blue cloth suits. Up top value usual Price 19/6 offering at k to suit 200 dozen. White fancy lace i in. Wide various styles and Patten to be cleared to j per Yard 1.64=0 Yards coloured millinery ribbons. I Sod 5 in. Wide marked Sid and 1/ Yard Clearing now at j1d. Per Yard 28 dozen ladies Black and Tan taffeta gloves stitch backs usual Price i pair offering now at ibid. Pair 3, 000 Yards Pink Flannelette is in. Wide Wei Worth 3jd Yard to be cleared at at dozen Yards special Purchase 100 dozen ladies Blank Cash Mere Moss Broad and fancy ribs Well Worth 1/3, to be sold at a1b pair 100 dozen men s coloured Merino socks double ? Heel and. Toe Worth 6d pair to be sold at Jib pair 91 dozen men s Black Cashmere half Hose usual Price 1/ pair to be quilted at alb pair 394 fringed Hearth mugs 5 it. 9 Itu Long usual Price 1/11, quitting to Day / each cox7rtes7, Chua Jbf fuss. Chas. Moore & co., i 70, 72, 74f 76, Gox Jaer w 8 0 \ a b. Is i b 8 � Bantjes is Bibb saw a Affler season brains a7ill be cleared. Experience has proved to the Public . That the very a scat value is Only to be obtained Affine leading drapers jas. Marshall & co. F Fob ii cd Rzar ois Rirs. Postal Odic is for any of the follow ing goods should be sent at our dre6s department men s Clothil department. Retains the Pride of for cheap m useful dress materials. The undermentioned lines for this week Are ouly a few Sai Pulca of the Many a that arvantes to in secured in the closing Days of our cheat su11meb Sale Suo Yards Only Small Erarte Check double Widli 3/11 dozen cards in Black Only. Double Width. All Wool Foule Serge of the dress length checked Sorrento cloth in dark colors double Width g a the Betis lengt1i Al Wco double Width. Cashmere series in nearly All a bade / toe does Lefotu double Width silk and Wool Chaly in Light colors is ofor 5/jj the dress double Width a Wool beige 1/3 for 1 of the a Yard 300 a Ards fancy Black Satin cloth in Small patterns 5y11tuedses& a ves. Ladies White taffeta silk gloves plated finish. Mack studied backs to pair ladies Button Black taffeta Suk gloves j a pair ladies Black taffeta silk gloves i and Iju pair ladies 4-Bntton White taffeta Suk gloves Block hitched backs j pair. Underclothing department. J Cross children s illustrated Nursery feeders 2d each 5 dozen children s Snail size White Muslin Pina Lotes 6dach 10 dozen ladies White and Cream under vests lace fronts a Eccli 10 dozen ladies Pink Flannelette petticoats i each a dozen ladies White knickers and drawers. 1/ u dozen ladies White chemises lace and embroidery ill 8/u, 3/n each u dozen ladies White . Kigh dresses trimmed embroidery. 1/u, Sll 3/11 each 36 dozen ladies striped Cambric washing Peu coals la each u ladies Superior coloured fancy silk petticoats. 6/11 each 5 dozen ladies Superior pint Creme Blae Wool code rests i each Lodo irn children s and Boj a washing and other tunics 1/, nil 2/u, it each Boot department. Bostons a boots and shies. Syst to Luaao. Ladies and gentlemen we yol k inspection of tuese goo Lis. Pasent3. Be sure and get a or of Marshall s shoe for baby. They Are perfect fitting ,sizts2j3l 4, 5, very Broadice prices f&0h Tyg to 2/j Manchester department. -5 Doun Cue Ione frilled. 10/4 for 4/11 each b0 my who a Xiu Sheelei k. Fresh shipment lug Yard a dot5 in � i a anti macassar. 1/6 Tor 4jd each 36-Jn. White Cauco. Fine make. 2/11 dozen 60-in. Unlike acted Snee Tinc 4/11 dozen b Only Guipre lace bed spreads. 2a/ for 12 each10 pieces while Flannelette. Laucy patterns so 15 pieces silk Stripe Blouse shirting. 7/6 dozens dozen coloured toilet covers v each of dozen Iri Itu up of cases hid each. Of us unequalled o1? Bead the following. Toe whole of this set consisting of 1 dinner eel various Colon. 26 pieces 1 White a com Yel itfieajofg3 jus8 be 3eiofg a. 21 pieces for 0/6. Consisting of 6 rft.118 Tumbilis. 6 Plaia Crystal sugar dish. 1 Glass carafe and up 1 Gliss ? ? s.1. Glass decanter. 2 class Salt Dart 1 gis watch the Milliker window ? his week. The balance of All summer millinery is being uck eted up at Auto Nishind Low prices. Just to band. Another shipment of the Brown Straw Droop hats for the Seaside 1/ and 1/3 each 27 Only a rom map Biack lace hats. Worth Bil to Goat j Ujj s sateen Coats size s Only. 6/6, now 2 a j Jinx s elite Tox lounge Coats sizes a 4. ? 5. A Ekowo 11 tests coat. Usual Price now usual prices a. How 4 / j 1 Mek s tents Sutts. Usual Price li/6. Sow g usual Price 2v. Kow 15/g Jriek s terms Tro Seils. Usual Price s/6, now 4 m 1 a Val Price 10/6, now g 7� flannel set and print i department. 32 pm emcee of rink Flannelette .7/11 for 12 Yards p is fancy Floral Tennis cloth i it for 12 Iso pieces of tripe Tennis cloth o it 1 for 12 Yards pedal French Cambric in Stripe and Floral designs 4/11 for?.yarqs. Special a splendid lol of Loop zephyrs Check usual Price a Jorgu per Yard special Check can Aripoth 1/3 for did per Yard special Navy Amdx Tiit ground Cambric Buciu Tinl designs la a dozen special Small Check a Lettes 1/3 forged per Yard s Ecial Silver silk sateen Rich designs to to special Xavy ground sateen Floral Desten. Did and 1 1 id per Yard usual Price 1/3 and 1/44v2 in itch Ard special dark to round Stripe Canvas cloth 1/3 Forvil per Yard special Doub a Width Cotton Chene 1/6 for of Pervard. F �7j Plain Black Lustres we have just received another shipment of the above Beautiful goods direct Arlin the locals. The of a Are 1/, 1/i. 1/h,\�ft. Of. 2/11, 3/c, sell per boys1 . Boys Serge Sailor suits lined sizes 0 to 10, 5/11 for for 3fancy to trend Sailor lined � 10 s/11 boys fancy Tweed snicker suits lined Iron re. Otobio. Cd for 4/11 Wool shawl tugs full size 13/6 for 9/6. Offs Glot Kinf department. Hen s Tweed to sees usual Price 5/y. Kow i 1 ? a 1. 1. Usual Price 7/0, now i i usual Price s/6. Kow it usual Price 10/6, now Foj men s Tweed thou sees and vests. Usual Price 14/6, now a h usual Price. 16/c, now Jaq in usual Price is/6, now Oja Mevs Tweed suits usual Price is a. Now it a usual Price 25/, now 15/g usual Price 32/6, Kow � i usual Price is How 3 / mess Tweed Sac Coats. Usual Price lir. Now g la usual Price 15/6, now g Vij usual Price 21/, Kow 10/ j hosiery department. Children s Lilek or Tan Cashmere three Quarter Llone. Doug la tops All sizes 74d per pair Couldren a All Wool Black Cashmere docks All sizes 3d per pair ladies embroidered Cashmere Hose so and 1/ per pair ladie1 Black lace Hose fast Dye 9d a r ladies Plain Black coital Hose last Dye did per pair ladies Plain a act Cashmere Hoe. Cd per pair for club Ken s school wea1l special line of Cashmere Hnis hed How soft elastic with extra a Piipo and above All a Hose that will retain its Colour under All circumstances Bizet 2 3 4 s 6 prices 5jd. Cd. Vod. 0j. Lord. Per air. Thrown out to say. Manufacturers samples. �00 pairs children s k1ubed Black Cotton Hose Miil wed. Paie. Haberdashery depart ment. Naif an ounce of Best Black Saxony lending for 2a ladies flexible curlers. Ltd Cox la ies Toni shall my kid Cullers at Pale prices Keal Silver thimbles rather Small sizes Load each resolve cases containing a useful assortment 3w each Sojet pins Black or White. Id Box Laroc feels tacking Cotton 3d reel Baldwin s Shetland and lady Betty wools Marshall s scotch fingering 1/6 and i/1i per ban Marshall s Premier hairpin cabinets id each. Goto James Marshall go. Haberdashery fur 3st ure. Astounding Sale i of i Bentwood chairs and. Toilet Ware. Nearly 5,000 Walnut Bentwood chairs 4/41 each. No rebate. Cash Price. Bated and l5ne to. Let sets i of five pieces 5/9 each set.? o ? a deduct ions 1 elegant per ambulatory attest cd Raj. And All classes of i i i bedsteads of. 0 drapery Aad Glot Hiag. Martin Burlington House. Autumn novelties in the irm depart edit s50vs00hs, so. Deess fabrics Woolette costumes umbrellas Coats and shirts gloves mantles i buns jackets i laces capes collars Fues ties. In. under skirts Straw cats ii Osier French flak Sels corsets a to a Xiv unix Eton an a Presse flannel Tor de1 info Governa. Frencis i Lann Kijja for blouses. Flannels for i Jamas and underwear. Hous. H linens comprising Best you Sevoid eau ask cloths Ai napkins he stitched linens. Sheet and pills caws. Table 3akasks. Medium and Best Irish table Damits. Towels. He stitched Linen Tow i. Llu Kabick and Turki towels. New goods in the fur Neshine department a isl a Cziok lnv1ied. Just aka tried. A v a file Assort of Neil styles ax1 Uesi uns in Klica Swiss lacs and other c obtain prices from 1/4 to 2 a pair. New shipments of Cre tonnes. Draping Goslins bund eol Jolani Art s2bge5. A. A. Eau sales carpets a special prices. New season s designs in floor Lotus and Limo lems ? Al most moderate prices. Blankets. Eiduk Down quilts. Frilled Cream Muslin curtains. 1i.vndso1ie Clie ajl Madras fb1lled cubta1xs, and Kunch Cre tonnes flex cd Kil i , sex. It department 0iastin Bros Tiave pleasure in annoy vein thai their does a Kab u lion using Orden. L the approaching season. Coats and skirts to order costumes to order cycling skirts to order4c.pc beak ten Beds bes to state that in Liis d Star tent the Nwosu Thorou to attention is invent i detail and a very care devoted to style and lit by a experienced tall the department Kow offer for inspect to one of the finest assortments of gentlemen s woollens they have even a How. Gentlemen should a aspect Tsie Wini lows or will for patterns. By be and Blue Smilgis Vicuna Over coatings Elladge suiting worst a suiting. Wets suiting. swi Tings 3oatings. Venet1ak cloths cd newest and most fashionable designs u Trouse rings foe autumn am Winter Wear. Perfect fit and Best workmanship guaranteed. Patterns and estimates Post free. Offart intros by iii Koto ii ouse. ? a assigned Stock of suburban drapery company 3eing sold at Haifa i prices 1enry0rqnin and co., 76, 78, 80, 80a, Halifax St. Luoi Nanoz k a p e p. S prism is executed on the Short Cost notice and on Gnu turns at tiie adverb Tissy Job unto in of face. _ drapery and clot him. ? j. Miller Anderson co so abyss hex Del Saleet have pleasure in announcing that they Are now making their first grand show of latest 2j or Al ties for the j autumn and Winter seasons s specialities in dress fabrics costumes Coats and skirts mantles capes jackets under skirts High class French and English millinery. A Choice assortment of blouses. Hosiery gloves 1 corsets and ladies under clothing. And dressmaking. Every Effort will be made to give Complete satisfaction and maintain the High s Tana we hold for style fit and Quality. J. Miller ? Anderson gd., 3. Adelaide. 59c Wilson brige and company dress silk mergers reliable ladies tailors 114, jl6, 1 8. , a.i3elaijjjj.choice Aaitui iii i novelties Siles velvets i Woollen dress fabrics Kow on View. J i Nice class Unous at popular prices. C i Wilson . &. Com pan v Are now making e an Txton Sive and by Eilent. Display of be autumn to on Wii dress t St iia. Amongst which Are m inc Lucca All the very latest i productions of fashion to u tile London Market the Xun Eul goods com prise the following Kava and Biju k coating Serges naw and Black see gics Pyrle finished i a Dis incl Antl oct material Tor ladies coals and skirts All Wool Gigogne cloth Satin finish a civilly Fine clot ii in sixteen Beautiful new shades 47 in. Guide cd ii Viot suiting All Ture Wool in eleven Lovely new 1 inu4s in. �1dc, & lid the Yard All Viool Saliu faced in 13 new moorings no Aud pretty to Jwo 1-Urplf, and Kojak Blue. Said. A 110, and 1 is 114 Yard Covi Al coatings All Wool leaving the wrong i tide Woven with Audif Ferth color to contrast Ami _ Taki Uii Ilace of silk lining id in. Misc Aud Price ulily a lid Vard ooh. Us Avult cloth 9 different shades Clit and skirt Len a s Only of Tach color. I vah1ega1eu Box Loius Verj new c different colourings 1 dress of each � to Koteeu Woolin heps in 6 different colors. 1 dres Only to a color to keep i Ciu 6e Cal coat Incis in 10 diff rect Shade All to 1, in in. Wide a fid Jar Yard i cvc1.inu cloths milled a in. Wide a scud. Is Jin and if ii us Yard 10 colors a yaks dy�1 Woollen 1-opl1ns in Kava t 1 uhe Lirou i Acack Ilous lieu dec a Bronze it i Cam Illint coatings Fin twill in 10 different colours Cui Viot tweeds in Art colouring very c Cloice Al clotted Woollen Dess goods from 9m d theyardtoo/11 Van All double Width e Pat Tettis at now Liady. Olacsi a lists goods. � the Iliadi ices one in on Dre Coda Uei tarment / is scr Brite it turns have Kode up with a 1 bound. Multi fourfold. Consequent y for uie approach thine season we hive in period Viniey heavily pipe i scially i Lack materials. We Ore now in a position to show our a by t i erds a Manfroi Wicent assortment of n atrial and a wide ran a o Pai Terus. Amour i them Are several de Bina real Licu kickers. The class of design and Quality that would Only be offered by the til top shops of by Juenst Sitki . London. I he firms who Cater or the of England. Of course we have Jinn re our Roc iii to Oati i less Only of it sign in tic most expensive Valerii in All milk and silk and Wool and we i True a cordial invitation to Imd Iea to cume and infill ibes extensive mat rials. If not e is i lle Mcd never mind you will lie Able to View the san c i soda thai Tiave been told to the upper ten or Lon lion and you can then form your own conclusions. Some one will Purchase sube enough. Dressmaking and tailor made garments. Wilson Bice &. Cou1-anv in two Yea have established for Triem Sylvea a name second to none in South als Tiama As High class Presb Marllis and ladies Tanix jobs. At tic head of of Jour we employ an engl Lisl lady of wide Lor this responsible position and Between 40 and us skilled assistant the e Cost for Lavint your dresses or Coats and skirts Maue Aud rim used As they should he thoroughly and pop Emily. Is a ileum to Liiri. You need not Cive it a second thought. Absolute per Cclia of Cut fir and Cua Kantelis by Wilson beige & go. 2co garment is allowed to leave our establishment with a Imit pissing uie critical Eye of our Sipeki. U Complete garment made by us during 11-9s. And from present appearances we Hare j now 35 orders in hand already this number will be a Nice trial Dunn it99. T patterns of a the new dress fabrics Silks. Velvets. Trimmings a. It aug in Esu mates for tailor made and other costumed Post free on application to Wilson brige & co i dress filth & Boies ial0l3. Re Idle Street. Ade Lailie. 70c coat Yansa and livery Motice a Tolep none Aje aide. Iso port Adelaide 77. H. Graves & co., railway and general carriers customs House of and forwarding agents to All part of the am s Taliau Culon Iea goods received for care i by of removed. Finns supplied by Day week month or year 1 Vii horses guides Aud Drivers. In Eul attention Piven to the collection of pass Ting to Luggage for or of Henrik m having made arrangements Ith the stud ship companies our men Board All steamers on arrival to at Lares Bay or port Adelaide for the collection v a Ela ? Lunease w Bead office 39, cabbie Street a ? and. O Divett a skeet Post Adelme. Jis iks Iao or the Cou Seum. Special bargains to Day. S Pace Mil not allow us to catalogue our immense be w1& Content ourselves Ivy giving you pointers. 3 Tselee 6rbat Bab Giul 1 2.s00 Yards a Xiv coito2j laces i to sin wide Al a Jart T 1.s0o Yards White Val. Laces j j per Yard k Doran ladies1 White handkerchiefs. O done 3 three a by valued prices. 3 20 dozen ladies Fotios dose fast Dye 1j per pair i 35 dozen ladies Lisle Turead Hose fast Dye i j pair so Doren ladies plats Ca Umeke Hose All Woolf 0id Der Ai egg Gjek per gel olt rings. 3 Best Quality Ball Mesud kist la per eau. A my kiuks1 Good Hauty milled soaps 1j per cake All shades in crinkled rates of per Roll _3 three attracti7e qu0tati0�5. 3 75 dozen ladies1 Black Sailor straws qts Mvi dozen ladies to Niue bold Street Felts 4 each 15 dozen ladies umbrellas of each 3 three of paralleled sagrifices.3 100 pieces Stripe Flannelette ttys j domn T it 75 pieces heavy Pink twill Flannelette n a Doren 25 dozen White Hose Tomc quilts o/3 3 three desirable lots. � 12 Doren ladies l2fdressedeia cycling glovetpsir1T ? so dozen ladies scene gloves assorted lans a i per pair. 75 ladies Black Cashmere cd ves Gljo per pair 3 three Trade or erasers. S i 7i dozen Broun Turk towels Oil St 0 j 65 dozen White Turk towels Lull size fill each i. 120 dozen White us Ceaback towels c1j each in gag Sim tsmptati0l� 3 7s0 Yards Akk Blouse Silks a a it Jait TTT111 1,09 Yards fancy Silks very goods f per mid. 300 Yards Jap Akse Siles. A shades. My per Yard 3 three excellent Vattes. ? q k dozen boys Tweed 3 to 10, lie per pair T 75 dozen Mes s All Wool Cashmere half Hose Naff for 2/625 dozen men s 1iebiso half Hose a per pair 3 three Little surprises. 3 pieces Satin Bebe , us Fop go 75 piece coloured Swiss ribbons All had a for Yards 120 pieces coloured Satis ribbons a shades lobe cleared at q i j per Yard Doit miss the Opp utilities we in i Affif Flat buy All your drapery at the coliseum ? 16 and is bundle Street. Drapery Aad clo Lnag. Great bargains ? at s7 a a e3 a Star x Ozirus 8us1ness Afi Plaht for Sali in just it 3 a. A 3b. G. Wadl Luix begs to thank his numeral 2ustoniers in Adelaide and uie Rolay fihe very Liberal support a or etl him Juhn the Laj res yeah5, and dim to inform hem that he in accepted an engagement in viu1ouia, and Luh Refore decided to ave up lust Fei in he hosts to dispose of the Jiaxu fact Huixi Jua iness a a Soini concern in i just in Ibl Bat he May have to take i is Mac birr and Pia Tith him. He diet fore Wist Teti to intimate that Alu Tomem Der Fri hoods of i own Manula Tui houl.1 Send their of Kueltz in at once to prefer Lisai Point enl As be must positively a business in Adelaide during tue next three Mon Lis. All goods Are marked in Plata figure ind a la Cral discount will be Given i ill purchases for hash. 2. Waddington Sahita flt clothing Kakora Tuker 3, and 5 abrade. a ? s Avi a a a a a pm 56-Uliei 1 Foale s an dual stocktaking Sale this Bay Aho daily. Bargains in All departments. . To give our assistants the Benefit of a. Week i v half Holiday we close to Jav at one Oclock. Gom Early to Day. 14, pc 18, Brown Street 132. 132a, gouge St. Inc T hotels a for Sale or to list. Luer this heading ii prep Jiuji 1? Turja. On insertion. Is to lice Inger Lirui. I. 6d. ? Oval mail hotel Ujj Ourn ii lease on 1/ any Tunas. With first cars Trade. I to liars can be . Apply j. C. Just chamber. ? 72e to lass a and of Promise hotel port Road i Manli. At per a. Rank Ioc or j. Cd just Ware Bra. Adelaide. 05c o let. Pald1ng hotel heart 6undaleer works. Terms can be arranged. J. C. Just,s3irai52 u Ake Chambers. Reduce for Sale and wanted. Ice this treading if prepaid16 word of a aeration. Is. Three insertions. 2s. 6d. Eed Setd sced.-oate7cape, algerian Grey wheat while tuscan. Purple Straw Earb in Lucy. Uay seed to. Cape Bricy. Johann t . A Nuin it. Feb ? business notices. ? and daint5t prams Aix greatly reduced at furnishing Arcade Hindley and Leigh streets to induce As Many people a pos Sihu to see our a jew and ii Bor Dpi Mise Saad magnificent Stock is the. ? shortest space of time get our Al the me Tybe. The Nolop company beg to in form All their Patroni that the improved pattern Multz Abts he Brj of is a for flex vmhbbc8asw w can now be obtained inn All Vacenta. The finest Tyro Ever Ridden Safe and resilient. The Dunlop pvt mitc Tyre co. ? �-6b_ plea Rijs Stites Adelaide. ? ? Anil at Wellbourne Sydney. Venn. And Christ Barch a took abeab.-s9 out of every my cram win tide the reliable. Light and easy a Andlor. The Lyre that will satisfy mini w note t or descriptive Pami Orriet of the new Tyre. First in 1s8s. ? Foremost Ever Sloe

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