Adelaide Advertiser in Adelaide, South-Australia
13 Mar 1945

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Adelaide Advertiser in Adelaide, South-Australia
13 Mar 1945

Read an issue on 13 Mar 1945 in Adelaide, South-Australia and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Adelaide Advertiser.

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 13, 1945, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Tuoi Kabuska cigarette papers 1/3 Box 120 paper tubes with hygienic filter tips. Metal fillers 1/9 a. Wholesale distributors Cornell limited. Adelaide. Bros3ons renovate old j i clothes like new. Haus bubbly soda 1 if ode from pure Spring water. S. O. Beilby a form ? Tor such a blow. There i do Tibt a wat the Oenn Tua a bitty to move a major Force to the danger spot through the amen bomb screen according to latest reports read hmm supreme he the Ger mans have. ? not attempted a. Counts attack since. The two drat a they made yesterday and they have failed to Cheek me expansion of the Bridgehead though resist Ance on the perimeter has stiffened. R3ght. Towns i an arc. Est four. And three a few North Eor rth and East of Erpe have been absorbed into uie Bridgehead ought cum trance the americans m the Remagen Bridgehead pushed their Way 400 Yards to Haut last night says a at. Tif Brish United press Rhiette is report in resist Ance at ome to its the Ameri cans advanced to take rights. German arts Lusty fire cont Snipes though it is or rowing lighter Dally. The German new Agency says the tvs is army has thrown Bridges Over the Rhine North end South of Rheta Breitbach two Miles South of Honnef. German coun ter fire has reached Hurricane strength and is subjecting the american Pontoon Bridges to incessant fat one the americans now Nave two armoured divisions and two infantry envisions across the the military commentator of the German new Agency says that the Remagen Bridgehead established by the allies is now 12 mites Long emf Holt room. Jomn and 2j3sxl a acts strengthening their forces across the new Agency also reports that German troops Between Bonn and Remagen have been withdrawn to the East Bank of the Rhine. Security troops who held in gluons in Bonn up to. The last moment Nave also crossed Hie River. Pockets squeezed the German forces have been cleared bom the 3rd army front West of the Rhine and lie Moselle River except for two Small pockets say Agency correspondents wife the americans control of the North Bank of the Moselle has been won except for a 15-mile poc Ket Between. Trier and Coc Bem. Armoured. Divisions Are squeezing the pocket from both sides. Renter s correspondent at supreme he says that the collapse of the pocket can be expected to a Day or two. Other Eure Jan. Debts state tint All the West Bank of the Rhine in the 3rd army Sec Tor is held by the americans except for a pocket less than two Miles Square five Miles West of Andernacht. A " correspondent of British United press with the British forces opposite Wesel says that British gunners who played a major role in wiping oat the last Ger Man Bridgehead on the West Bank of the Rhine have taken the bigger task of Knock ing out the Ruhr. Their batteries Are ranged along the Rhine Bank and Are now exchanging fire with massed German guns on the High ground opposite. The German new Agency says the Baltian 2nd army has intensified its preparations to Cross the Rhine Between Wesel and Emmerich. Transports Are moving along All roads to the Assembly area from which German civilians have been excluded. Strong Artil Lery formations Are being placed in position to cover the Crossings. Major British fighter formations Are protecting the prospective Rone of operations against German reconnaissance planes. 1 Bridge begged to be crossed colonel s account of Remagen feat London March 12. It col Leonard Engemann of the us. 1st army who ordered the crossing of the Rhine at Remagen has now told his Story. There it was almost begging to be crossed so we crossed in be said. Our orders had been to capture town of Remagen. We ? then found the Bridge St standing ? a. About 4 am. I. Received word that the Bridge was going to be blown up Ana about that time one charge went off but i could see wit my glasses that it was still of for foot traffic there we were sitting on the Bohme with an open Bridge Star ing a in the face. We bad been aiming at this Bridge Ever since d Day and there it was. To we went Over it. We got a whole infantry battalion across and it was then that i really began to sweat it out. The Bridge was too damaged for tanks i obtained a Engineer and he quickly checked the Bridge and re ported that it could be got ready for tanks in two hours. Then Jerry woke ii and started raking us with Small arms and machine gun fire. Three engineers were wounded and the repair of the Bridge was considerably delayed. Those were pretty Tough nmn tic but the Bridge was finally repaired and the first tanks crossed it. 1 fanatical resistance urged on germans in Italy London March 12aap. Kesselring the German com Mander in Italy in a recently captured document issued to the War weary German infantry urged Tjem to continue fanatical resistance. We Are not defending Italy. But German itself he said not one Inch of ground must be sur rendered to the enemies without a Battle. I know you Are convinced of the necessity of this vigorous patrolling and increasing artillery fire have stepped up the Tempo of the action on the italian front according to Agency correspondents. Enemy shelling has been intensified West of ver Cato. Which is now surrounded on three sides by the St army. Shell kills War correspondent two others in Remagen Bridgehead . And our special representative London March 12. Peter Lawless 55 or the daily one of Britain s Best known War correspondents has been killed by shrapnel within the Remagen Bridgehead. Walter fair special correspond ent of the Dally mall wipe Dis patches Are frequently quoted in the advertiser and William Troughton. Of the Dally who were with Lawless were both slightly wounded. Lawless was a Well known All round sportsman and played Rugby for Britain against new zealand. Shrapnel bit Lawless in the leg and stomach and. Although be received immediate medical Aid and a Tourniquet was applied to the leg he died within 15 minutes while on his Way to a first Aid station. Farr was wounded in the Back and Troughton was wounded in the leg. And both were taken to Hospital. All had been in the thick of the righting in the Remagen Bridge head since saturday. Their jeep Driver said shells were coming Over like april showers. The sky was full of them. One dropped within five Yards and i decided to try to run across the Bridge with Lawless after he had ? been air Blitz on again Baltic coast Ruhr hit australian associated press London March 12. In the most Brilliant weather for some months a great Fleet of about 1,350 us heavy bombers and 750 fighters set oat from bases in Britain today to Cany of the offensive Over Ger Many. Targets included military and naval Meta Suttons on the Ger Man Baltic coast. The bombers also attacked she railway marshalling Yards be tween Franf court on main and the Ruhr. The greatest Daylight bombing attack of the War was made on Essen yesterday says the press association. More than 1.000 Lan casters and. Hail faxes with an escort of Mere than 200 Mustangs and spitfires within 30 minutes concentrated Between 4,000 and 5,000 tons of bombs on the Krupp works and Essen s marshalling Yards and docks. The air i a Drift spanned Over the Ifor Mote Ana last planes. ? a correspondent stated that toe pilots of one Squadron after their return said that Krapp s and Essen must have received a terrific plastering. A total of 35.000 tons of bombs has been dropped on Essen during the War. The object of yesterday s attack was to write s and make sure that Essen would not be used for Industrial purposes and remove the possibility of its use As a Supply source Lor the German front line. Pilots reported that flak was particularly Light and none saw any enemy a a nets some Crews said that smoke was rising to a great height. Another Pilot said when we left smoke covered an area of about four Square Miles above the the assault was backed up by Loo fortresses and liberators escorted by 750 fighters which attacked targets at Hamburg Bremen and Kiel some forma tions., reported intense flak. One bomber and three fighters Are missing ? ? mosquitoes last night for the twentieth consecutive night kept up the offensive against Berlin using 4jboo Pounders. ? the Small German town of Remagen has become a Channel for vast quantities of material flowing across the Rhine to the american Bridge head on the East Bank. This picture shows a Long line of us half track vehicles in Remagen s main Street waiting to Cross Over the Rhine Bridge captured intact by the us Phonogram. Fascists in Rome sabotage body Active from our special representative London March 11. The existence in Rome of an Active underground fascist organi station is now admitted by the com Mander of the Allied forces Brig Gen. Thoburn Brown says a Spe Cial correspondent of the times in Rome after referring to the arrest of 28 persons who were Given the. Task of continuing to keep Hie fascist party alive in liberated Brig Gen. Brown said that among the various activities of the association were the publication of a subversive Clandestine journal and the organisation of action squads charged with sabotage and other secret missions aimed at threatening the Security of Allied military operations and establish ments. The correspondent says that further arrests have since been made and a search is going on for. Stores of arms believed to have i been accumulated by the Arganiosa. Tion membership of which is variously estimated at from 6.000 to 20.000, Many of whom Are said to be Young men evading the Call up. I two branches j the movement it is believed says the correspondent has been organised into a political group whose task is to spread alarming defeatist news provoke funds and print Clandes -1 Tine propaganda and a military i group for training men for Sabo -1 tace. And for organising terrorist ? activity. One of the objects was i he assassination of leading anti fascists in liberated Italy. 1 there is evidence that As the ? underground activities of the or Eanis Tiou became increasingly Cliff cult and dangerous its leaders decided to mask it under a move ment with an officially approved Label. Italian unionist party an 1 office was opened from which was ? issued a manifesto asking the 1 United states to receive Italy into j a confederation. A Rome news -1 paper asserts that the organisation ran a Small radio monitoring and transmitting unit which frequently changed its Home and wave lengths to escape detection. Landing on Mindanao control of sea route to South from Frank Dexter Manila March 12. Philippines and Are advancing on the san Roque aerodrome and Zain Boranga township which Are their principal objectives. The san rogue aerodrome Welch has two 6,000-Ysrd air strips is of particular importance since it Domi nates the Sulu sea Between min Danao and Borneo and the Pron i Oal pre War sea route Between Australia and Japan. Its capture which is imminent will give the allies another advanced air base for raids on. Borneo and the celebes. The Tarakan oilfields in Borneo Are Only 350 Miles from san rogue. The Zain Boranga Landing also gives the americans control of the entire Western shores of the Philip Pine islands from the North West tin of Luzon to the South West tip of Mindanao approximately 800 Miles. It also adds greatly to the blockade of the South China sea and cuts off from the japanese Homeland All the enemy s Southern conquests. It is almost impossible now for the japanese to receive any of the products of malays the dutch East indies. Borneo and the celebes. Light opposition there was Only Light opposition in the Vicinity of the Wolfe Aero drome and the of troops have taken the villages of san Mateo. San Jose. Calabrian. And san rogue and Are advancing on Zamboanga City. Reconnaissance planes Are already operating on the captured strip. Ithe bulk of the enemy Karri son. Caught off Euard. Fled to the Hills in disorder. The communique adds that cavalry continued the systematic reduction or enemy Anri Pill boxes along the Antipolo Wawa line on Luzon. Heavy bombers attacked instal lations in Balete pass and fighters destroyed Many Supply fuel Dumos. Other heavy bombers dropped 80 tons of bombs on Takao on for Mosa i wins docks and adjacent areas. A patrol plane off North West Borneo Sank or damaged one freighter and five Small Craft in another brilliantly exec Ted move american troops have landed on Mindanao the second largest Island of the the Allied Bridgehead on the East Bank of the Rhine has expanded to nine Miles in Width by four Miles in depth. It extends to Honnef in the North and Unz in the South. The americans Are squeezing the German pockets West of the Rhine and the Moselle River. Progress in Mandalay stubborn enemy resistance australian associated press Bombay March 12. Troops of the 14th army have made further Progress in Mandalay but Are still in countering stubborn resistance in the fort Dufferin area the enemy s main Centre states a com Munique from advanced Allied he. Japanese suicide parties in Tate neighbourhood of mandate Hill Are being mopped up. West of Man Dalay troops of the 2nd British division Nave gained ground East of Kyau Talon. Troops of the 20th Indian division Nave made Good Progress and have captured the Vil Lages of Gyo Gyo and Nat Thadav 16 Miles South West of a gang. Prom their base at Meik tila our armoured columns Are striking out in several directions and inflicting considerable casualties on use enemy. Troops of the chinese is army in the Northern combat area have advanced five Miles from Lashia on the Lashio a Slaw Road. Men of the 18th division Are dressing towards the Centre of Mandalay in what is officially de scribed As the closing stage of the struggle for Burma s second the japanese appear to have made a recovery from the disorganisation and bewilderment caused by the Swift lunge of Dagger Divi Sions into the City and Are strik ing Back with vigor. Street fighting from Well concealed positions the japanese Are using anti tank weapons against 14th army tanks operating in the narrow streets snipers seem everywhere but thase Are difficult to spot As the japanese Are known to be lighting dressed As burmese civilians. They Are resisting stubbornly from Well dug in positions with artillery and machine guns inside port Dufferin. A Pilot of a patrolling spitfire flew Low Over Mandalay and saw shells pouring into the Northern part of the fort. There were a series of Small fires which had spread into one great Blaze by the time i came he said. Lan Morrison special correspondent of the times writing from near Mandalay yesterday. J said that apparently Mandalay would not fall without Ahard 1 struggle. Goebbels full of Hope offensive will bring Victory australian associated press London March 12. Within the next few weeks or months. German divisions win launch a great offensive and i firmly believe that we shall then defeat our enemies said Goeb Bels in a speech at Gorlitz last thursday when he was visiting the Eastern front. The speech was broadcast throughout Germany last night. ? the world bad anticipated Vic tory too soon if it thought that the German people were not deter mined to achieve what their fathers and grandfathers bad achieved to secure their Liberty declared Goebbels. The merciless enemy had avowed that his was the biological extermination of the German people by the wiping out of men women and children. he added we have been prepared to conduct the War according to rules of the utmost fairness. But h today the German people and the wehrmacht Are raising cries for revenge they Are the cries of the tortured soul of a nation which demand an outlet. It is no Mere Chance that when our soldiers on the Eastern front turn to the offensive they no looser Trow there. The divisions a Beth in the next three weeks or months will launch major offensives when hey shoulder their arms will see Only their martyred children and raped ghost voice British United press states that a ghost voice at this stage intervened with the words the com Mand of the hour is fight against Hitler " Goebbels continued in the Days of the struggle for Power three five or seven stormtroopers often fought against a superiority of 100." the ghost voice this will make even the chickens laugh. Goebbels let no one Tell me that we have no Chance left. I can Only Appeal to All hold on the enemy can be beaten. The purer said to me Only the Day before yesterday a believe firmly that when we have thrown in our new offensive armies we shall beat the enemy and i believe More firmly than anything i have believed in my use that one Day we Shau pin Victory to oar the Stockholm newspaper Dagens Nyseter quoting a re port from Berlin says that Hitler is at present at his Headquarters near Berlin leading a big staff of engineers and Industrial experts in what is believed to be the final preparations for the Battle of Berlin. Is general Hoefle commander in Slovakia speaking at a heroes Day ceremony in Bratislava said the Fuhrer with Iron nerves and firm resolve is preparing a great counter blow which will Mark the turning Point of the speaking at a. Memorial meeting for heroes Day in the front line town of Frankfurt on Der the Gaul Elter of Brandenburg province said. We know we have Burnt oar i boats end out there is no Way ? housing shortage terrible no answer says Federal minister Melbourne. March 12. The housing shortage today was terrible and the filthy conditions under which people had to live against their will was undermining them mentally physically and morally the minister for labor and National service or. Holloway said today. Or. Holloway was replying to the representations of a deputation from a citizens housing commit tee under the auspices of which a Large meeting was held last month in the Melbourne town Ball. It was particularly severe on the younger members of the Community. Or. Holloway said. Public opinion was the Only thing that woul move governments and the meeting must have some effect. While admitting All this there was no answer. The government had suggested that the War service Homes com Mission should build some Homes for refine and apply Uip needs test to Homes As they became available he would place before Cabinet the deputation s request for or creation of a ministry of work to we if some release could be Madr to Rase Tiv housing Posi Ion. Even if Only slight la. Or. Attlee Back from continent London March 12.Aap. The Deputy prime minister or. Attlee has returned to London after visiting the continent in con Section with supplies for liberated territories. Nagoya left flames second big . Fire raid australian association press new York March 11. The Guam correspondent of United press says that five Square Miles of the Centre of Nagoya were converted into a sea of flame Early this morning by 300 super fortresses which dropped 2.000 tons of incendiaries. The commander of the of 21st bomber com Mand maj Gen. Belay announced today that super fort resses based on the if Arianas bad embarked on an air offensive contemplating toe total destruction of Japan s War Industry. It is disclosed that saner fort resses dropped 2,300 tons of fire bombs on Tokio on saturday. The raiders which a Tiberto bad been attacking from 304 00 it roared Down As Low As 5,000 it. In the fire raids on Tokio and Nagoya thus tog japanese a emmets who had their fuses set Lor one higher altitudes. The Nagoya attack started at 2 an. And the botnet Wen dropped visually against a triangular Sec Tion of the City embracing the Cen trial District vie Muni Cipal buildings and the to Tyr important Industrial areas including vital plane plants. An Eye witness said that the Day was an inferno it was off Dau dts dosed that the attack was o Rig Fri to born oat most of Nagoya. Which is Japan s third City with a non upon of 128.000. Gen. Lemay said that the Mack repetition of the raid against Hon Shu was planned in order to take full advantage of the Mit prise ele ment the raiders met Only Light flak because of Japan s Scarcity of automatic weapons against Low Altitude attacks. Gen. Lemay emphasised that the incendiary raids were not using place from a High Altitude. Precision bombing was designed to Knock out heavy Industry. I do not think that burning All the japanese cities would end the he said. However we Are increasing the number of planes on every Mission. The Only thing the japanese have to look Forward to u the total destruction of their in fires in Tokio a reconnaissance plane today re ported that seven fires were still burning in Tokio and another was blazing in the Harbor area. Smoke columns were spiralling 7,000 it. Up the reconnaissance plane flew Over Tokio at 690 aided by a 200 . Wind. Most of the earlier returning super Portress Crews reported that the Nagoya fires were not so urge As those at Tokio. There were no fighters and Little flak Early Mobe raid but pilots in the late Waves said that the flak was heavy and searchlights numerous. One Pilot reported that the first japanese fighters which be saw did not seem to know what was going on but when the plane left the japanese seemed to be getting on the the Guam correspond Talent of the new York times says that the same Crews and planes that raided Tokio attacked Nagoya. The ground Crews worked 36 hours without sleep preparing the super port resses. Associated press of America says that although Tokio was modern ised after the earthquake of 1523 Nagoya was not. And it is believed that the City is of 90 or 95 a. Wooden construction. Nagoya Nas no firebreaks other than that provided by the winding Shontai River. Hori River several canals and some wide Ucucu connecting be City with War plants in outlying districts. Tokio radio said today that Japa Nese planes yesterday attacked a naval task Force massed at Ulim Island. 100 Miles Amhi cast of tap and wanted four Carrier. The 30th air Force he announced that about 40 India based super fortresses bombed Industrial tar vets in Singapore in Daylight to Day. Gaol break in Victoria 7 criminals escape car missing Melbourne March 12. One of the most sensational gaol Breaks in recent Yean occurred Between 10 . Yesterday and 7 . Today when seven prisoners broke out of the Beec Bunrth reformatory Pilasu. All of Ttoe escaped men bad served terms of Tinawi Wilif lit at Partridge gaol and had Ben sent to Beechworth for de Tention. They Are George Rede Rick Fisher 23 Leslie Gardiner. 25 John Bethune Hutton. It John Lees. 33 James Toni bail. 29 Victor Burnard Lestinge. 23 and Bobert Stanley Turner Williams. 28. About 3 ska. A car was heard speeding through Beechworth and later it was discovered that the car of the Licensee of the Hiljer Nian hotel Beechworth was miss ing. Tate car bad contained about eight Gallons of petrol last night and was left in the Yard to be used Early this morning. A 22 Rifle Vas in the stolen car. It was discovered when an inspection was made at the prison at 7 an today that the locks of the cells of the seven men had been manipulated by a key made from a piece of Iron. The Mam Gate to the cell Block had the pad lock broken and the prisoners bad evidently climbed Over the inner Vail using blankets As ropes into the outer Yard. They used a pole and Bench to scale the outer Wall. I the key used to open the cells was found jammed in the lock Oft Lan eight cell the occupant of Whir a Cas f till inside. Number plates and Tan lights of the stolen car have been found on a Road near Tarra winged. Is Miles j on the Melbourne Side of Beech Worth. The criminals were wearing White Moleskin trousers Blanket Type jumpers and heavy military Trpe boots. From police Bead quarters All police stations were advised by radio of Tate escape and Mobile police units sex out immediately in search. Tank Battle in Hungary flare up at enemy s Back door australian association press London March 12. As the red army ? its ? and Stettin and continues to map up in ? ? Battle it ? Germany s Back door says Reuter s Mascow correspondent. The germans ? Are try Macj to a Cark hos Jayli to Mac Owa Ahe of claw Tarfa Pujat. The German Unk lanes in to pfc Saat Bem Taat de Are Narton ast and East of Lake Balaton Hare risen to a High flare for what is still a secondary front despite the Fero City of the fighting. Hie reason Lor the German Mcaa Nomiki Uii Uwins Saab a Ijima of Tiff i into a Back door Battle voile the bed army is battering at urn Frant door remains a my Terr which even the importance of the Vienna approaches fails to expiate. Mos cow observers believe that the Ger mans Are seeking a pro Pafanda Vic tory which they Are to mutely to achieve. The Othman Are Cang tog to Manira titty Between the two a. My tit Che Cmich Ion tit to. Uey axe under constant attack by armoured forces of the bed army and by the red air Force. The germans Are also trying to Utu Oug the i if for Vergi and Are reported to be Brig ing up from the sea. The by is now a battered and smoking wreck. Swilck of forces the Ato scow correspondent of Aisne Tea press of great Britain says that the Bussian Streme command is a a big shift of forces to the Berlin front Toto inf the smading of German reals Tance Lufuma then Nehf at Che Oder and Varia. The Hijii Iii Dart a up Reyes the Anta an oat Marshall pc flt Ajr return to int it not flank. Atone . Oder he Mai filial 7niiai Aitt in the Northern end of the Island Chile Betth def Efon by Phi ? a a go a off Filfli a rec stance Taich was still bad dog out. Other troops with heavy Artil Lery and naval support were advancing slowly northward against heavy resistance. Fighters bombed the Airfield and Barber instal axons at chichi Jana and of Infra targets on off Jinx Chedaker not to go to England London March 12.Aap. The Home office has refused per Mission for Maurice Chevalier to appear in London. The French comedian had been engaged by Jack Hylton to Star in variety at the Victoria Palace in april at m salary of �1400 a week. Will Hay. The Prea Kleota of tic variety artiste fed Radoo. A ats yesterday before tie Home office derision had been announced that the question of whether Chevalier was affected by the Fede ration ban of variety artists ram enemy occupied count ties might be considered by Bis 4 Bat the fact that Cher aider bad been cleaned of Eba ices would be sufficient for the majority to artists. Acute situation of Belgium Power sought to Deal with Black Market London March 11.-Aap the belgian prime minister m. Van Ackerina a ? from Brussels today announced that the government would introduce in Day. M bid or if Lam a moves to handle the critical in at die soon try. The was a Faaafe so mylar Powers Liat a Lviv. When the Senate rejected a my which the chamber Tod passed. The Couit. Tote tape we make the better a vote of aaa Dence a old at. Van Acker. Tbs Hamwi Ilii Bas ? Tam Telaj Attaie a a pfc to Vituli the Kut 6w too fee Watt Tad teen cd. And at the sad i lit a i Pat fat met Black avar keeters Only 90 Imam Fol k Nnami sent. Nov Meneou be Aoa a Onkle thereat and al Jug lots car a if Utt offal Iwu Tai ass Takt of Fps and i to Nurt Deli Cit. A pc Nam iced car Dey Oie ton. And Dejaml that the aware the at Awty of be franc the pact format Jet. Do no Cuba 0imwl? Bdl b w produce Soj Oag tons of to x there were Mai Jet Coal Hie Bakx wre read to help Watfa it Agate rial for Taat uhe 2mb aaa of a Otto As tt"1. At Greot but week Bat Leo tans of cad w needed to Ozafee it into text Flo. Goal or Tad he Hack Tarket

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