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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Mar 12 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 12, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. . Fremantle India Otoya and europ. First and second 8aloc.nsonlt.coane Madec. A mar. U mar. �7 it. Apt u May 8 Var june 5 Simelt medina.�. Moldavia. Mov Folia. Macedonia Malwa. Molta. Morea. Marmora. 12,600 10.000 10.000 1000 11.000 1000� 11000 Losco . Kotler. . K. H. Gordos j. Gaunt. cd. Bennett . A. Tromp n r. U Haddock. Is a j. D. Audrew. In a. H. . a. Yoi Bombay. ,.� and Fortig Najy their aft. ,. Fob Melbourne and Stoney. Bet0bs pkg Vit?,u. Saturday a Stamm axe fitted with wire a Tel cranny and Are twin Berew. First and second to Europe. India. China and Western aus Calia or fee Cul and round the world Eico Sion a Ranwei Al through a Kew tort a wait a Nuttal from any port special Holiday been Titi Colombo.,. For information and handbook imply elder Smith co., limited agents. P. & 0. Branch service Durban Cape town and class Only. Wireless telegraphy. Ballart Wilcannia. Commonwealth 11.120 Tom j Atrat ape 10. 5,000 Tosa i about apr. 29 6.c11 tons about Mir 137,964 tons f Aboff just 8 splendid accommodation ladies Boom smoking Boom pc ii surgeon and carried fares London �jj5, jc1% 420. ? South Africa i l8, and 17 Guinea. Hound trips London by p o. Branch service Steamer returning via Bidez canal. By p. & o. Mail Steamer from �49 1/. Ordinary return ticket Are Intel changeable with the Aberdeen line. Pamphlets and All parti Eolan on application. George wills & co., agent soon air 33, Grentrup Street Adelaide. Orient line of Royal mail steamers. Ror Plymouth and London Fri Naples and Toulon Callina Emanull. Colombo Tran shipping All Indian Pobis and Suez canal ports. ? . Tom. 12.� 12.123 12,823 Ora 12.03d Otranto. Osterley Orama. Orontes. Oboya. Commander. ,,. 1 w. J. ,b3.b. A. J. Coad. . , a fitted with wire telegraphy twin Crew Tamera. T triple fe-.,. Via ton will not be allowed on Board within so minute of time of ailing. Admittance card obtainable from agent. " for Melboorne Sydney and Brisbane be amen will All bom Adelaide outer Harbor. ? a follow ? 5 Al a a Ai a a 10raha a a ffl8 tons j orontes. I 8,023 tons j san Ray a april or and fortnightly thereafter. .?.wknwdtomu�r�l of for a 1i�l�". Of a i Sydney �26/ to 9 10/. ?Bri Bane. �82, a Biotope an Loubov y ?. A v.? for Fordina. Bail travelling and Betel if Olipant i trips fuck Texo 53. In conjunction with the other mall vllnei.-, rare i jilted including Ray and. Hotel is. ?. ab�.? a a. . U ? "".-1 Mundon i fares8ingle. �1t, a �21. bin �82, �38. T �3. A Doug pro Menade decks smoke Boot is Ladiet ? music room on shelter deck i ? 4 join a. Two berth and foor birth Caffina " situated ?.on-.atanr-r ? a a Large. Dinino a Aloois 1.\n- ,.deckv .4w---.- Ivy. Write fax Orcolar in Tang Lilli Pik Benucci a .-?.--- a. ?.-."? for further information apply. C7 ? ? a by andersonagfebtf�.rici Tonc �. King William mess Filipi ? ? ",-.?if.iz.-. A to i or i _ a ?. ? in ,f1ench mail steamers i re Itaf Reilles i Ayi fre aunts Colombo. Bombay Aden. Be. And port Teaman. V Balkin caledonian Sydne Jisoon a i or .15 a. 12 � Mett Tia efe 1 pjs ,i? mar l8 .i2a ap�17 a Imperial German All Teaters. ,4,Lom a i Post Fri Stantis Colombo \8uke. Kaples Aotoa Iao hrs. Southampton. Ant we. Bremen i Steamer. Iwed Shin Deb Oro Soo. . Surls Balf. Boharxh0r8t bed . Boon. Ton. 10.m a 8,068 8.0 1 8.131 8,000 Soomaa adar. Leans. B. Ivack o. Altu text w. Most Nuez t. Stop Flati ii. Pestot _ Allu odt8,131 a of Tatj m � my at. 11, All twi Rae. All. 9teasicn fitted Wita Wii Cleb be Sadr As Board. Depart an Bow i ., from outer Harbor. To ecu trate from Adelaide Boob. By Docobo cab jatt�stit Daw Una la 00 retard Jad clan single. My Tura. �57 is third cum bom a. Colombo by Etui. Holiday return ticket named with All maa line enter state pint and second 8aloon Barara ticket interchangeable Witt All mall Steamer. Be. Mob ski 00 Adelaida Aad port. Agent " a Tiente australian Oriental Unea it. Toll co., Vul ans Aad " � Aak Bairoa Darwit thursday Bustard Queensland ports ?. 4 a Olaf ran Dalgerwharf Molefe Ratet. Of Bat Boay Lun & / a Taiyuan. March Par fall Cert Tcolar ppr. Ander905. Kia wite Ohrena. Via san Francisco. So a America ports but ibo Ules Aad continent. Mua Baba Tonga Cook group Aad Papeete Tahiti. From Sydney tee bar. Aorangi. Mum. Moana. Met Apt u my 17 Wellington mid. 28 vol a mar s3 0. Ona frito. Apt 17 mar 15 june 19 and Sreiy 28 Dara thereafter. For particulars regarding Paca Agea Aad Ful Gnel a apr onion steamship co of r2 . A.u.8.k limited. Agents. Mio Breister building. Grenfell rect Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Nip Rul japanese mail Une. Manila. China and Japan Ria Brisbane Townsville de thursday Island. Steamer 1toob. Com. Melb. Sydney Nikko Maro. Kumano Mara in Coom. A i tech i much. 1� 5.000im. Winckler Al 9 capt Ani Grerr Foar Wecks thereafter. Fastest and most luxurious steamers a the Trade. Special through booking an Perta Al the East. America Aad Europe. All part Ira rom Mucea Clarn. co., proprietary. Limited. Agents. Adj guide.x7oaio Blue funnel line. I for London and Liverpool. Tia Suez canal the steamers of the smote line arc some of the feet and fastest passenger and cargo boats afloat. Carn steamers will leave port Adelaide Hector. I.6ba tons i about March 25. Neas. J�.000 tons about april is. For Liverpool and Glasgow. For passenger steamers see special advertisement alternate Day. For freight and pastic Olirs apply George wills co. Agents jooaic_38., Grenfel Street. Adelaide. Cowell. Port Lincoln. Kirton Point. Is 1�awk sails thursday. Cowell Rel Ripic for. Que usland ports the snows&?".?". Wand Illava r785tona g nipping for Perth ? a air arid .or�i.portaxl-. ?.%fdnesda,y mar. Ll.n6on." ties Day mar. A 4/p.ri�jt Eck Catts state berth. Mahtat Obert a. ? Cabins,.th Ruberth Cabin. F a. for first Secona and i Sik ? no ?." Schig Fratori a adj be booked�5 .sts�.f � fax. I . �vjbeccidcleoi5 Tanner Hurket re Interr Hsney Mealter Rrt port Jot tet with Tler 1riisraticom-Wniea subject m Tami Dot a a application. To rent my portion of order birr. ?. Font clue n us a 6��mcr� s ? of Howard Smith company,/"limited,."".,. ? Vii ? " ? ?. Man Dang a bobs adeside ? .1 a so nah nor Dei port Adelaide., Telephone .noaadeide. 87. 73 port Ibl ? ?. Siri ii ��v3to. 1 my Lwi lift . #4 a. Tni�rtrjr7,Tntab. 8atobday, Maiisha bus Nying a ten a by in aut ser4. A a lava ,- Sydney Tum ship Tasman i Vaad a. ?--.--. I. 1si- a Gpe Aal express , by a Olja leaves Adelaide a for port Adelaide of Nithus Day Chr is Fiat 8p.hi�� t i i all1 of or to Aloe Araidean least one hour before advert item time of Aal a aioqy.atiewhlm4 aunt my a Var Var a i v --.-a. Notesaloon Nickita Are Itrat Echane table after Fht port of Tan with other interest a Panie. New dior racer tenable of application full tetanic portion of Ordinary first visas railway tickets Between. Adelaide. Melbo ame. Sydney aed Brisbane Airi in my by. Inter4tau Gas Eitt ii c.a i. ? a. 1 Mcilwraith Mucea Ohair. � co. I .t.? proprietary Aust ted. ? i Jeo Tbs House Comer. Kinar i him Streett Aad i Wayra onto Etreyu Adelaide a a a. A a Foj Bawus son port Adelaide the . Bowering a son. Broke Huttl line. I\rav0blt �pasb3fgesbryica. ? -.-.? -.eanjtaa�e. Pennis big � a ski. $ a ii a. Us Yetna wad ? a a saturday March a ,.- i / i Ivy rail iii i. �. Selb00bitsvavto a so rlverr5a,i. I Odd Attu Baljay. Mat.87�surv Vavor a a pm ? ? Sydney an i Cicorio � a few Ali ii i s monday. March 17. ? eur 3vriuf Xvi Maleea Telegraph. " cafe Uteg Itrat second and third Clasa Paw Sceri. V4 irnw2aiiand posts. A i Tram Sydney Victoria of March Ali mime Marmarth Ultra Boa a Taieb is. .from.tmkioubses� Ulim Aboa. March 12. .-.?. ?. Re i ? say on Paa Enger tick Inte thaa other interstate companies subject Waadt Ucic " full return portion of Ordinary first Exiaa railway Toke available _ try. Inott Twana Foxe Macri ? a. ? " " ? " aft. Mit d. j Fowlar. Lair red. Rawate. Melbourne steamship co. Regular passenger service. F ans 1 " a Kaunda gust Tubb. Trumbl Pitog far Perth Tod new. Porto fitted with Wiclest. Ample Pace Tot tit of Aerator care. As. Dimboola \ 17th March Melbourne / Sydney. I South shed no. 1 Newcastle Quay. V a Kaunda. J Marca. Frat Saloon. A of sting pc Marc Lucia Vernatte _�5 10 s �8 m. �3 1 Melbourne. 2 2 s10 0 lit l8 0 iii i 220 Saloon ticket interchangeable with other later stale companies subject Oona Tiona Whick nay be ascertained on application. Splendid Stock accommodation Melbourne steam she co. 1011, Post. Ceo. Wills co., passenger agent no. Grenfell Street Adelaide. Edwin h. Cropley broken hol 8 Yoke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island. The Golf steamship col . Kditububghwarrawee, � a.m., Wedada. Ays saturday Retora inic thursdays mondays. Ardrow an Kooring. 9 Attu saturday Zeune Niay. Returning mondays thursdays. Hil a coach Meeta steamers. Kangaroo Island ladies stylish Black and Navy costume skirts 10/9, 12/9, 1579 " ladies if avy Serge 5 arid cloth costume Skirls. 21� is 29/ft. Ladies warm Flannelette dressing gowns .4al, -6/1118/11 ladies warm. Flannelette dreasnig7 Jacketsill 2/11, 3/11 % to does new White honeycomb Wool Shiwo 2/h, 3/11, 4/lfer. Go Rev and maid �li5ujter Pale eiw�4 m�id4f a sergences�1 Ost Meb a a a is ,21/r. Girls and a a of Styes Navy-t5oat and skirt costumes 29/6, 39/6, 49/6. S booted shoes i j 330 pairs ladies Glace kid Aida shoes Stout sewn sole usual Price 10/9, for �. 6/11in j 360 pairs ladies Glace kid. Bar shoes pump r Lea usual Price 8/11. Torv4/ll 146 ladies Glace Button boots Plain lamp a tout sewn soles usual 14/6, for j � 58-Glace , usual 10/9, ill 24 bar Trinity shoes pump soles usual a for Gai x of 96 Glace kid Button boots usual 12/8, Piara Yamo for ,7/h 1c pairs Only Derby shoes pump soles All sizes usual once 12/9, for 7/11 16 pairs ladies Glace kid lace shoes welted Solea sizes 3, 5, 6, 7 Only usual Price 12/9, rior Syll 43 Tan Glace lace shoes pump soles usual 10/9, for 6/11. 351 youths Box bale., leather lined usual 1 m2/9. For 8/11 l8 ladies Glace kid bar shoe pump 1 soles usual Price 8/11, for 5/6 14 ladies . Shoes pump soles size 3. 5, 6, 7, usual Price 12/9, for 8/11 8 pair Only ladies Tan Derby shoes Stout sewn soles Sites a 3, 6, 7 Only usual pnce1 10/9, for 6/11 w 6 pahs Only ladies Black Glace buckle shoes Para soles taxes 2, 3, 6, 7 Only usual Price 14/9, for 9/9 8 pairs Only Gibson tie Glace kid Shoespump Oles Sites 2, 3, 6, 7, usual Price .-15/b, for 11/9 7 pairs Only Glace Tan Courte sues 3, 6 usual Price 14/9, for w8 160 pairs ladies Sample boots and shoes size 4 Only prices 5/11 9/11 Rivair 26 ladies Button kid shoes Plain Vamp All sizes usual 13/9, for 8/fl 1c pairs ladies All Patent Derby Boote welted Voles All Azes usual s price18/3, for 13/9 a pair _ gent s Mercery and so tit Job pavement. We have opened a Beautiful Range of shirts ties and half Hose and Are sell Ide them Sale prices. All our Stock of 2/6 King Sway shape ties in Lovely colourings and designs Sale prices 2/3 i a Beautiful lot of Plain coloured poplin King Sway shape ties in a the leaning colourings viz., purple. Brown Myrtle Reseda Bine Sale once 1/9 each. Men s ready Wear depart ment men s Tweed suits still Sale a Ces very special values 21/, 25/, 29/6, 35/� 3s/8, 42/, 45/, 50/, 55/, 63/ men s washing suits the remainder of our Stock be cleared special Sale paces 18/6 21/, 25/, 29/, 32/b, 35/, 38/5 men s pyjama suits thousands select from prices. 4/11, 5/11, 6/11, 7/6, 8/6,10/6, 12/6, 14/6, 16/6, to 32/6 men s Tweed trousers All sizes special Sale prices 2a1 j 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 7/6, /6, 10/6, 12/6, 14/6/ 16/ we have just received our first shipment of overcoats rain Coate macintoshes Oilskin Coats a inspection invited. Boys clothing department a few specials in boys thug buy now and save Money. Boys Navy Serge Sailor suits a acts Aid reliable Excelsior make usually 9/6. Now 6/11 suit a boys Serge and Tweed knickers a Lei celador Brand,1 All colors and Good Cut from 1/6, lil 2/11, to 10/& / very special line in knickers All bes Best worsted in Grey stapes. This line one week Only,4/ 5/6vnow,2711 pair " " � boys scoot suite in All sizes Rora 8, Tus Sorette and Light Galatea stripes must be cleared from 7/11 9/6 of 6/11 suit with Belt i a Linen department. M. 72-in.4all-Lineb White table damask �/6, Sale Price 3/6 per Vard 100 dozen All Linen White damask ser five tics 8/6. Sale Price 6/6 per dozen Coloured japanese tablecloths 4js, Sale once 3/6 each White Duchess sets 1/3, Sale once Jed. Per set a 42-m coloured dress Linen 2/6, Sale once 2 l/6 per Vard v7k lot of Cream and White spot and fancy dress Muslin Hwd and 1/, a a s. Being cleared Sid per Yard Vij 52-m. White table damask 1/3, Sale pne. 1/ per Yard " ,. � coloured turkish roller a oid., �� Brush and comb bags 2/11 a for for Loid ?40� for cushions a a a 1/llmlk 3/1l 4akeaeh Tel Orang � " great reductions for last Days of Sale 84/ 2 for 70/. A Good selection of serviceable Sui bags must be cleared. 75/ forja sae suit mean Hurt Mcl uding several patterns of Donegal Tweed andother useful materials w3 i �5 5/ for �4sac suit measure. Tvs Lina. Comprises single suit lengths of the finest Quality tweeds and West of England worsted. Australian tweeds greatly reduced " prices �5.ior 90/, 95/ for 8/, and 75/ for 70/ Sac suit measure \ fine1 twill Navy Serge sae suite Mea sures. 70/ for 63/. 75/ for 707 these ars Lill Wool and splendid shades. Smart worsted Trou Sering 15/6 for 13/6, trousers measure. Linoleum department. 1 12 it. Wide linoleum 7/11, 9/6, 10/8 per Yard " 9 it. Wide linoleum a/11, 6/11, 7/11 Piar Yard ,. Cd 6 it. Wide linoleum 3/5, 3/11, 4/6 per Yard 12ftx 9 it. Linoleum Bunare with Boc Der 35/ each Clear. 12 it. X 15 it. Linoleum Square Witt Bor Der 55/ each Clear. 10 it. 6 in. X 12 it. Pm Olen Square with Border 55/ each. 13 it. X 12 it. Linoleum Square with Bor Der 70, each. J 17. It. 6 in. X 12 it. Linoleum sonar with ?. Border 75/ each. 15 x 12 linoleum Square with Bor Der 85/ each. Remnants of linoleum special Sale paces. � bargains m basimtw�be.2/dress baskets Complete with straps and handles for.2/3 each larger sizes 2/8, 3/3, 4/3, and the largest sue for5/3 2/dress baskets leather Corners com plete with straps and handles for 2/9lunch baskets with straps and handles other sizes 3/9, 4/9, a 6/9 lunch baskets with straps arid handles special for the last few Days of Sale. d . Roll baskets in very Fine Wicker 12 in. Long by l8 Inaround, a splendid line far 5/11 each a marketing or potato baskets extra Strong White Willow three sizes 3/3, 4/3, furnishing a Home is a most delightful task when one know that the beat Tarne possible for one s Money combined with the newest Designe is being obtained. James Marshall & Goy s conclusion of Sale prices affords this Opportunity. Those about furnish Are Weil advised make enquiries now while the Sale prices Ace still obtainable. The famous Handy Telescope Stretcher. The Best yet invented. Visit Adelaide before Tea Vii she old see thai least one of these stretchers is every Home Shofel Hore them Yon will never regret their Peg Ehase. 19/priced most reasonable-1 a/6 James Marshall & co sole agents in South Australia Poe the Handy Stet Crter. Drapery and clothing. Please Hote the special line foot of this i advertisement. Something new each Oay bitk0 the store noted for uniform Good values. A s key a be Jali i � of a. If. Tis for a i i in a a a i i " j. � a vat � a � a w u raft Hll Fedo a tent. Sale a thrillers % � i Sample so i of m ,1.5. 5 we a ave purchased a Viv 2 a a a a 3 a a s8f a Obj Sands be Flat first of ,a41t1-1tel�sses.pp these Ope some Bettl Tefol c Square % i High class Cre tonnes tape tries cd these will be on Sale Loureng the next Pew Days Tut our Puk nishid Depa tent and " will offer an Opportunity � All lovers of Pancy work so cure some Lovely " Sample pieces absurd prices. Samples of Cre tonnes. I. 4 samples of tapestry. Samples of Art Serges. " samples of lace curtains. V samples of lace nets. Sample Moquette ,. Sample Cushlen covers la Sample bed spreads. Sample damask Contaj Telb. Sample saddlebags. Samples. R of Vel vets Anu damask ? samples of fancy linens. \ I Sample Cushion Sample table covers. Thousands of samples a absurd prices. Come Early and secure theto dozen ladies coloured lace and fancy Lisle Hose 1/6, Vii. 2/3 pair for wad. This line win be supplied this Price for Day Only. Country customers win be supplied if order be tent by first Post after delivery drapery and clothing. Open Friday nights. Till 9 J. T. Fitch the Corner " i first showing of new autumn goods. 1 new costumes by ii. Anewooa.1b?new new by Olla lunge new dress. A new suiting. New goods in All departments. We still have a few Odd lines i summer goods for disposal. the prices they Are marked will pay you buy now and put them away until wanted a t. Fitch Rundle St. Joh n Marf is ? m Busy Busy always busy4 Brilliant opening Expositionka of new Winter fashions Dalr. First grand divisional display of new Winter prob Tassel i " 1 ,. Of gems j a. \ \ r it., t or \ j41 " a � 1 a "%rw0rl0ps Fash Tolk ? pick of the best1 a ? Here will Bei seen run glorious array the most Channin creation is. Beauty ii Evja ing gowns. " \ a a a \ millinery trimmings in unit jilted variety. Feathers of a 7, berries " � i l i " Jii Owers j of or cd ? " a a Feather Rushings. " rvn1. Ands . A x to k1 \ of once dress goods. Al .,.,Rich Silks. Of new belts. _ i. New umbrellas. A ? _ new Meta Luvall Over nets. I " � Beautiful All Over Jaces " delicate Clousing nets. P 4 pretty Cashmere Kembro Derrea. Magnet cent Floun cing laces. Fancy coloured All Over Lacea i " coloured silk and Metal embroidered Brussels net Floun cing. The new flan Nel and Wincey embroidery trimming. New veiling in elaborate variety in Althe latest colourings including the fashionable Violet fancy Flannelette. J new flannels. New Clousing flannels. New Clousing Al Annj ettes. " dress trimmings a in every kind be worn a wonder Ful display., dress buttons. Smart fashionable neckwear acc. Sythe finest opening display of new season s goods that we have Ever you Are cordially invited be present on that Day whether you wisc Purchase or not. Avery special showing of extra High Grade Calico purchased Job in. London. Ladies will no doubt be interested m this Large assorted collection of High Grade Cali Coes which Are showing Day in our Manchester division on a counter especially set aside for this purpose. This particular lot of excellent Cali Coes was recently bought Job in London 5r our Home buyers and sent us As As something out of the Ordinary run though we Are noted for excellence in Cali Coes never have we shown such splendid grades As these never have we handled such beautifully Woven Fine makes before they Are exquisite. Made in England from the finest bleached egyptian Cotton free from As blemish a thoroughly. Shrunk arid of a Fine soft velvety finish suitable for machine or handwork you win be with these Gooda. The prices Winch we have marked this lot of Cali Coes is As follows 36 inches wide 6/11, 7/6, 8/6, 9/6, 10/6, 11/6, 12/8 dozen. 42 inches wide. 8/6, 10/6, 11/6, 12/6 Dozer the by g Morer is by Toast . Rwy Midk

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