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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Mar 8 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 8, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? ? shipping ? i Orient line. Tow following Sci Duna under hour Mia contract will leave Aue Jude Luiei by at i . An Ilie undermentioned dates Lor Puy South us los Dos. Via Albany. Colombo Tran shipping Lor ill Indian pan. Sue cask. Katiea. 3ur�eiles. Ann Gibraltar ?. Cuba .,t57 Ion. Lindsay Lulaj mat s Olin id. B.9st in. A. . Pet of Luau 9.cw j. F. Ruthven Agni a ?,is4 1 j. F. A Aenon aprils Worhle to 10 jul e. Imily i a Koiva -&.857 Ujj Linklater ? it and r Ort ugh l the realtor. Calling at Honart in route from Sydney. to London Sinele. 35 to �70. Upturn. �85 to Tom. ? turd Clayal �15 15a., �17 us., and �12 a. Ia1xxhv to . To �39. I Clurn. �33 to �13. aunt Biaua. , �5 10a. To 7. Third. �4 10s. Pasta Gei from any part Tan be oreo Ald Here. A sacks of. Zoiaw & co. And a Der fish Asdot . Co., be Arco Rene London. Dec. Full particulars on application to 1l q. Ande usos Bunch manager. Tlfau7o � a. Grenfell treet. I. Train Tor passengers and a. Visitors to the . Oil a will irate Adelaide for the sea owl of Lares pier at 1l46 . On ti1uksdav. Jul. Insl. To last in ii. Fur the Giorc ill a Renjie at lao to connect with a special train a Nice will Irac the Sra end of Lark tier at 2.z5 . & o. I title save option Coppit for lox Dok. Cluj no . Odder Boyal mail contract will a titter of twin steamers Cali is to a vol . Gibraltar cd Fly Oao. Witt jibe try to Call at Briam. ? Stamm Tatj commander. I Leare. Oceana rc80�e Stewart Jur. Victoria _ Oit Fie. Crewe mat to ? ikd1a 79u w. apr m i aos Baua Mph l Bee a Jap f Ocaola Fitu a. O. I Eirlyn Imay 9 ? bows a a Talaya . Bronn pane 8 calling at Hobart in route. Face Nim for urto Disi Mcaa voip at port said. To tics to Pabst Hlebs. Of Liberal Leduc oos to Limi gift. referred. The u Teri Slat and Rie Cood Paloona for . Para car Nan Europe. A can be Are arsed is allowed to teak of Weir journey at Porta. A Odom to Teffeh India China Japan. A � boost the world ticket famed. Pas sack sa3ws. Tickets tend at a turn not rates. Special of Tom Tsuta to London. �1m a. Stat la. Co., ohm a engl for Lon Dob in Coumbo and of Kii sifea�sb.-Fsd-p5in. Be Dapat Ched monthly a Tollow r in a 8ydaey.�iw��f. And Jaide Roi Rotsten Boa land Hie 0 Mac Baut 16. Ai Road due Poy Mcnol april k april so pal m Aua Ralien Verroco. Uay is May ls3uy so he Delauso Atli Tacui guat a Jura la june 17 i Asse Nobbs booked to Bombay India by juje1 mks Jas of �j0, Sno Tadije table wines. ? ? v gab thur jhcket8. Available Lor 12 Tonuu Bed Joed sates. Egush spokes of Shabd. Passage Money can be paid Bete Lor Pua Tsea ? trom Boope. Liberal Oane Sadou to families. ? upon Usa to Utallia Englmin interpret a meet the Paosen Lor if Lidon. And Eite them Terry Tod stance in Undine us pasing their Ringsage it. Tar one the Catteau. Aad also accompany them to Paris and Calais. lug age Conre Jed free to Cost bom Matahei to London by ten mar. Stu pasta a cobe Parott huns do ? oath non chamber. A. Oorrie-5�rt. ? and ceo. & co. Port Aden aids 1. ?. S2svail89 _ car of a fast passe Noel win Okiw to 3qe4--80cthamptok. Astr exp and bbb uen canine at. Fee Mantle. Colombo. Aden sue port 6aid. Maples. An4 a Genoa. Osber mail contract with the Imperial German Loren Dent. 8teunerj win be disc Tatchell Satoro ubc8 Bay a moot. Pri pfc Yrra Mirtl Luitpold 0,186 h. Walter april 1 Eael Brohe 6,067 0 v. Bardeleben Laprel in Tedt Toast 6,048 e. Werner Llvy so olokm8uho 6, Uane m wku1ar _ -1 r. Menu july is Reba ? s.006 w. Alenel log. U 1 passage Money from Ade Tolde. A to Orett Benc Tooi on recant Paas aies Avail me Lor Nina or twelve months. Ewy Jac Allty it offered 1st bringing out friends by payment to passage Money Here. Cabin pm Sengens May break their Rosmey. Turd daa ? for. Southampton. �14. Hena specially arranged to wit All nations. All at Cess and stewards mme taut with the in git Lainuee. Phase set and Carn booked Tea Josh to London and principal Sor Opeai Asiatic and Americus Porta. Fun Fca for Fng Linof an loaded at 80uthamftoh. Far to eight passage and an other parti Cuury apply to of agents. ? ?t�iam3s33c . And port Ade Bud. Lund s line steamers Ibette thu to ered fast Stenen anal pointed. To i Etc the port Adelaide wharf Natal Cape town. And London. Nahrung Boot stood. About shh arc. Warrnambool 8.61s tons about St May Var Awonga _ 1.011 tons Boot Sal june Tea Koch. Cure Ana of follow. In arrival ijb7 ton to Fonow. ? pc Alt la so of a 1pth d tvs George wills & co. Itt naia Adelaide. Port Adelaide and Pott Perla. Wills Une of 8aiung ships Sailer to London. The Tine mq0 Al Iron hip Thalatta 1,748 tons. Captain j. A Babidge v wharf port . For London rat Kingfoo about i end of 2cabcb. I for freight and toll particulars apply to. George wills & co., 0idac and pox Adelaide. It Nippon Tusek Ais uak. Honcho g. Nagasaki and Yokohama Siasy Amtey bib Bank and towusv1lle ? will leave asunder ? name i Steamer. . Bourne. Tokio Habaj it feb. A March Kasuga Mab Haswell alar. A Marcha these teamed ban most Superior accommodation Lor passengers in All risen i. And Are fitted with the not recent improvements. Full Par Tinlan a to Frekot and passage Tram , Meta Chan. � co. Prof a muted. Agents 61, . Set Nail drapery a cd to lung. Shierlaw boys & youths suts. 6pleddld variety of latest goods to choose irom. Gentle Stelts Straw and Felt hats in latest shapes. 16 and is Hindley St. Illustrated catalogue sent Post Riff lot Blic ? Subj . ? the Adelaide steamship Compaq limited to dispatch steamers from port Adel Ide a under permit info for Albany and Freak the Tor All Korob West ports. Alas Loo i Friday i March 10 1 3pjn_ Adelaide monday March a-3dju. Calls at Visse and Bunbury. Through Bills of lading issued u Perth Bart for up bake Bay to Flinders at Albany. Halloo _ 1 Friday March 10 i 3 . Adelaide _ 1 monday March to 3 . For Helmbol Juie tra ship pig Fok Syd Kev acid Veek slake pouts. Adelaide h today March is i spin. For Sydney and Newcastle. La Kaca i thars Daj 1 March 9. Spencer s Ulf service. For kit Lino Olk. Soonta. Wau Jetoo. And Fra Sun a Abbot. Febbie Sueada i lurch 11 3p.m. Robsa Dcosta. Cek Heik. And i Irie with Fasse nmn and Carco. A Teeth Otoe 1 saturday i March u i 4 pm port p1&1e to Sydney. i tuesday March 14. Carco most be delivered alongside steamers two Boiz a prior Toad Ert de time on do of aniline. Passage ticket tamed by lib company Are inter Banc Earl with steamers of the . Co. Be Tweena Lirou. For an information apply to the Adelaide be Ashir co. Ltd Carru Street Brm Sirp. And commercial Bart. ? fort Adelaide. ? be . Co., old. The favorite passenger steam lbs of anon line will permit ing the dispatched Nutem Miako i Paroos a 2s%.f March a. � Iraa Bip at Frex Nanelle. Cd both bib i Tysnes. I z?3& Pil Barra and an other i Odesm Blind forts j cargo received daily at Queen s Bart up to one hour before mailing. All tickets Indef changeable alter the dust port Iritta Oliea kaisers of the Asels Jde steamship com Pany Jim mrs. / for fates and Freak its apply to b. W. Uacdokau9. Jugeat a Currle Trest. Aaela lae ? or qpeemt3 wharf. Port. Huddart Parker & go. . Puetx sax irom port aiieujda1 of Iminta Iii ? to Mitt try it a Jim f him bsds . March is at noon. . Hoogst and passage at lowest cd Best Ataye sry Sqq part emf Usif ii to d. & j. Fowler 60c ? Adelaide Ana Post Asklar jew cd team to most of and Beach i Fucks. T3 poet the Renslar trader is of. Hub Nice a. So a ailing saturday. March 1l fun Antis Sloon. Ass. Athenee. Us. For reicht and passage apply jobs Rabung 6o1t. By to ?. ? town and port i 3�-k the poet Wak Erteld shipping Bmat. I cd poet Wake. 33j9fixqx Tjie pc but a a wed a pfc retd a file inst at b . A. & e. put Adelaide.66-t a Dob Tii East r o b t &jfi3.�s for ethos ton. A Kasib Laos s Beac poet. A misty j. Bice & of Adelaide. Kingston. Tafi.7 a. Pc e. Lohes Spatea. Port �h.i.h. Vav Nohe Kos Oeken full w dispatched c30bks-. Al asunder to Jas thu sea Tad Sato Day at s.3d Vav by u., inn . Las, tub slav. to kit it Kent Tarr tuesday a 8.30 . From vex Yms Eki Crerar wednesday. . ? 361c ? a to . Secretary. 7xz coffins and mount dctt0n Thini ? bats. Jau a Blok sewing set is sails to Raday. 5 . 07 b. Of Bicker port. Shipping. The s0�abd Smith line. 1fave Howard Smith s wharf As follow Albany. 1 Gabo. Fb3skatm.it. Saturday. March 25. . I without Granshi Meol cekau9ton. J passengers and Carco. The splendid Steamer is fitted Iritz electric Light throughout Large Cabins and lengthy promenade decks. Smoke room Marie room a through Bills of lading issued to Perth. Melbourne \ Sydney i Gabo. Newcastle j Friday. March in. Brisbane passe Serc and Carco. Maky Grotch splendid passenger Maccoul i age Macbay j Friday. March 17. Towns Luab cargo Oulu. A Abms j i a. Age. Wai Yakoo i Friday March 10. V cargo Only. Carpo Nat be delivered Alon Kaide steamers not ten than one hour before adder deed lira of tailing. We. Foward Skital sons Propri Etain a hinted us Elco a mimic by remit Adelaida and Horth Parade. Port Adelaide. Disc my wraith Mceacharn go. . Us thebe passenger steamers off. Al Glt. F k4lgooeui, of i tuesday. Huh March. Thro oth Bola lading issued to Perth wharf Throan to ounces to . Porta. V. R. Cave it co., . Adelaide or ?. Raw likes t gos. Port Adelaide. Me ? plants seeds. ? e. In. Cox so co. Offer for Sale How vegetable. Xxx web. And Agni Nav Naai. Seeps skid potatoes. All funds. Mss . Try the big note Max Titue or feeding canaries and other Small Biros. 6d.perbas. Catalogues Gratis. �ast-�n1 Labeet East Terrace 19-11u Adelaide. Telephone 9hi e. & w. Hackett offer for Sale Arlemon. . Hyacinth bad Fob. 73. Fondles Tebei. Ma3xs635 hotels a for Sale or to let under this heading if prepaid. 18 words. Oas insertion. Is. Three pm in my a. ? Ansted. An Hotd town or country. State Price rent and amount of business done. Hotel this office. ? a to i it lard of Promise hotel port Road Fri Namarah. Apply a bin sir or j. & just. Ware chem Adelaide. ? a town and country business Exchange 20. Waymouth Street hotel in doers a deceased Val nates a hotel Freehold one of die Best heat Rowin Diat Ricsin the Colony in rooms a average draw ing lib Oghda. Per week bargain. Comfortable Bouse in prosperous country town. 4oins mod steady tide lease Al Low Rabat. Attilo Avion. Root is Finitia beginner. 4c ? manager. B. A Swan. To let. Spalding hotel near Buh Valeer works. Terms can be arranged. J. C. Just 33bwai 33b Wabe Cha Hlebs. Produce for Sale and wanted. Coder this beading u prepaid. Is words one insertion is. Three insertions is. 6d. Recd seed seed. Oats. Cape. Alexian. Grey of wheat Vav Tjit tuscan purple Straw. Early Para blues Hay seed a Cape Darling son fan Kalb it. ? t 2c we do the thing Vert right. Grovu its of tvs Tjell a a read our Little list to Day. 39 Tody ladies Black lace hats Ricky trimmed coloured ribbons and Flowers usual Price 10/6, reduced to i Siladie fancy sunshades in shots stripes and satins usual Price 10/8, Clearing Klutt 2,200 Yards Navy and Black All Wool French coating Serge Tje Ual Price / Yard 3,960 Yards pure Calico 3g in wide free from All dressing 3/0, reduced to Alt dozen 2,56o Yards Myrtle and Brown co a.ti1tg Sel tax double Width Wen Worth lord. Yard to be cleared at go. Yard 3,000 Yards fancy Check dress stuff in Browns navys care end and Greys usual value 10/6 dress quitting at e it t the fall dress 1,400 Yards heavy Cream Fink Edge Flannelette. A splendid cloth Worth 5l Yard on Price to Day ? in i dozen 49 Only men s printed Blue cloth suits. Tip top value usual Price 19/6, offering at jct suit 200 dozen White fancy la get h m. Wide various styles and patterns to be cleared at a per Yard 1,640 Yards coloured millinery ribbons i and 5 in. Wide marked 9jd and 1/ Yard Clearing at mid. Per Yard 28 dozen ladies Black and Tan taffeta Glo ves stitch backs usual Price 1/ pair a Serog at ibid. Pair 3, 000 Yards Pink Flannelette is in. Wide Well Worth Sid Yard to be cleared at 4 Al dozen Jagds special Purchase 1oo dozen ladies Black Cash Mere Hose Broad and fancy ribs Well Worth 1/3, to be at Ala pair 100 dozen men s coloured Merino socks double Heel and toe Worth 6d pair to be sold at Jib pair 91 dozen men s Black Cashmere half Hose usual Price 1/ pair to be quilted at Aid pair if you keep Olts pening you keep on saving. Chas. Moore & co., 70, 72, 7a 76, go toes Street. week z a. S 3? a St is s3 ess1 s great Sale. Rel Lar int week o ? ? ? remnants in All departments thrown out at clearing1 prices. No half measures. They must be sold. See our windows for after season bargains. Postal orders for any or the following oeds promptly executed. Write at once parasols and sunshades. A 1 Dean till Quality Duchesne la 7/11/ .2? 7/11 sell 1 f ,11 for ladies White silk and i Cor 5/11/ Fth. 5/u 12/6 i ladies Black and Whit f lift for i striped Harasck i for to 1 i All silk. \ Al d/11 . I0/1? t 16 \ f 5t/s for i Black and coloured i for 13/6 i Bison tired our shades j 1 if 2/11 -2jutor Cream parasols i for Inq Sproal Job line a 2ti-6 i 2t/b or fancy gathered shot silk i for 13/6 j sunshades very Choice 1 Jurj a 17/6 1 / 17/6 for 1 fancy plaid silk Lor Tyg / Par Aeota very special i Jaq t i cil Lor i ladies shot silk parasols. I for 4/6 j a colors a a gloves. Ladies heavy Cotton gloves double perforate Palms in Tan shades sizes 5j,6i, 66j, usual Price is and 1 pair. Lor cycling or Dri in ladies fasteners dark Tan kid cloves White stitched backs. Quite the latest. O/1 i pair i udies 4-Batton White eld gloves Black dutched Backa 2yg and 3y9 pair ?.ladies i Button aos Ian kid cloves in tans lir Ovra. And Lilak. Ii Pir ladies Black taffeta Sila cloves j / and j 17. Or. Ladies 4iuilon extra Quality Toafitu silk gloves 1/8 ? ladies 4-Bottou Black Lisle cloves Plain Orch it Milch so to treks 711 Pur ladies silk lace tails in Cream White or Black. 1/5 Flannelette & print depart Flent. So pieces Pink till la Nuelene. A or 12 Yards so pieces Stripe Flannelette 1 i Lor 12 Yards 40 pieces fancy Floral Tennis cloths of 11 for i 130 pieces Stripe Tennis cloths Ujj j for 12 Yaros special French Cambric in Stripe and Floral designs jul \ or is Yards special a splendid lot of Loop zephyrs Check usual Price us Lor o1i per yarn. T special Check Canvas cloth 1/3 for q1d per Yard special Navy and China ground Cambric Beautiful i Minn. Al 1 per dozen special Small Check Sok ettes. 1/s for Oid per Yard special Silver Fiill sateen Rich Des Gru a per special Navy ground sateen Floral de Igns. Oil Aua u per Yard Quai Price l/3and a la i -i2 per Yard sped liar croon Stripe Canvas cloth. 1/3 for old per Yard special doubt Width Cotton Chene. 1/6 for old Iier Ard. ? 2 men s clothing dept. Alen 6 Bummer Teca to Uusen. Very special usual Price 7/0, 3/11 Slen a summer Tweed trousers extra values a 4/u uen s Luj it Tweed trousers and vests sizes 3 to 7, usual Price in. Now Tju Llen a Tennis Susita usual Price is 3yil men s Cood a Elul Tivee bits usual Price 25/. Now 1v6 uen s Tweed unlined Sac Coats sizes 3 to 6, usual value b76, a/11 men s Tweed Sac coals lined usual Price 12/6, 6/1 gents shirt depart ment. So dozen cents Cream to Ainis shirts 1/11 each w dozen cents fancy silk Stripe shirts 2/6 each 15 dozen gents fancy silk tailor Nade i each 6 dozen cents Oxford shins Toft fronts dressed cuffs. 4/u each so dozen Aten a Bine. Suite Engineer shirts 6ale Price 1/6 each 50 dozen Llen a colonial made Strong Cotton shirts 1/6 each 20 dozen Jaa. Marshall s Excelsior White shirts undressed ski each 5 dozen gents summer Ceylon shirts collars or bands Sll each. Watch the millinery window this week the balance of All Bummer Milliner is being tickled up at Stoiu Hii Fly Low if rices. 3,600 Madagascar Faks to be cleared at 433. 5e.a.c53hc. Haberdashery dept. Corset books usual pee 41 a for id each Rush top Metal pin Boies usual Price end and 1/2. Sale Price sad and Ted each acetal boxes contain info an assortment of 6 dozen Linen buttons 2 d each packet tapes containing an assortment of is pieces Deach ii in. Strong mohair Boot laces. 2d dozen ladies Tortoiseshel Imide comb usual prices 9d to 1/2, All to Clear at 4ld and 6d per pair dangers and hair or Nunen usual Price 1/ to 1/6. All to Clear at i each Ocie s Corset shield 1/ per pair clothes pegs id for in dozen. Manchester dept. So in. White Tail sheeting. 7m Yard 7i4n. Do. Do. Do., Sid Jard 80-in. Dada d.-, a bad re to in. Do. Do. �7. 1/3 Yard s64n. Fine White Calico Sll dozen so dozen fancy toilet covers 1/ each Cey Louette shirting5/ll dozen honeycomb shirting 6/11 dozen frilled lounge cushions 3/11 each special notice. Dress department foe this week. 500 Yards Union Check to teed a 1 the dress / 2 in i 000 Yards Check Sorento cloth in dark colors double Width fold Yard 300 Yards very effective shot silk Lustres makes a i Retty underskirt 5/6, reduced to if Yard s Only silk embroidered French Boik. In electric Fawn. Grey and Gobelin 45/, reduced to of of 400 Yards Slack figured Satin cloth double Width a useful Between Teason dress a i for x a i the Dregs length special bargains at the lace counter. The last Opportunity Fob the follow ing likes. The 7,000 Yards Bretonnel and Valen Denne laces sin. Iride Sid and 3d, for q1d Yard the Iso dozen pure Linen habit collars every size a for of Eich the so pieces double Width chiffons 45 in. Wide lots of colors 2/h, Jor j a Yard the go dozen edelweiss lace scarfs finest Quality s Yards Loog. 3/11, 1 or / each the 100 pieces White washing veiling with Borders spots or sprigs. 1/3 for 1d Yard the 30 pieces White Bussian fall nets is in. Wide 1/, for 1u Yard 12 the Beautiful All silk Torchon laces very very Fine l/3 Jor old and Lye for g id Yard the planet lace pointed collars for children 1/, for old Carfa the 100 pieces Eta Torchon laces hand made at 1/6, 1/11, 2/11 d Ben j1 1 the Beautiful Complete lace dresses unmade35/ Lor Jaq dress the spotted Gossamer in Black White spots White Black spots White White spots 1/3, for 6ld.Yard the Job lines of laces hundreds of patterns up to 6jd Yard Nowd. Yard the All Linen habit fronts for cycling of 1/u, for Tyg each the pre Yunen sets turn Back Collar and cafes. 1/11, for j d. Set the pretty like the real Torchon laces Ati i 1/3, 1/6, 1/11 the Black 3-lace, for capes 22 in wide a/6, for 1/3 � Boot department real Kangaroo Island Wallaby Skuce shoes. Give endless Wear. Rolbin use class. Fit like sellout Glove have excellent appearance. A Tuy Vlis liable shoe to have. No lady should be without t purchased 275 pairs this week. Worth 11 per pair of Yunc at 7/q trave lung Ware. Up Lento assortment. Best value in town. Strong tin trunks. Sizes 20 22 St 26 is in pcs. 6/0 7/6 8/9 10/6 12/6 Tan leather Brief hags. Sizes 10 12 14 16 prices 4/u 6/8 8/0 10/6 Louo leather Gladstone bags. Sizes 20 22 h 2e prices 19/6 2u 2i/ 27/6 steel mail Cabin Teiwes Siz 26 18 30 33 38 prices 11/6 13/6 15/6 Llo 20/ Send a postcard for one of the trimmed bonnets at la. You will be surprised at lie value sent. The silk depart Flent Jas. Marshall & co s. Ladies will be interested in the arrival of another shipment of White and Cream japanese so zips. the Falvi Sinif a of a is per cent Advance in the Price of All japanese silk goods we purpose keeping to our Sale prices. 24-in. White and Cream 1/6 per Yard 24-in. White and Cream 1/9 per Yard 27in. Olitte and Cream 1/11 per Yard. 27-in. White and Crevani s/3 per a 27-in. White and Cream 2/6, Sll per Yard St in. Write and Cream 2/3 per 3rd 45-in, White Only 3/6 per Yards in. Black Floral silk. If 1 per Ard 27-in. Livack brocaded Jap. Bilk 1/11 per Yard 2. In. Plain bide. Jap. Silk. 1.11, a/3, i/6 decorative silts Plain colors All shades,-l/3 per Yard trite Indian silk for ladies underwear 1 of per Yard i of hand Swiha machines. We have just received a Sample lot of these goods which Are equal 10 any �7 30s. In the Market. Oor Price 636, list of attachments with each machine. 1 Needles a Orud 1 cording a Saei so. 2 0 shuttle Lioums 1 braider 1 tick intr Gutt ill 1 frill or thumb screw 1 adjustable Binder 1 adjustable Heuner 1 quilting gang 1 Nutow Sleumer 1 screwdriver 1 medium Hemauer 1 Oil can 1 seam Feller 1 Emery Stone 1 Ordinary Presser 1 instruction Book. 1 cording Premier fur Nitura. Decisive Sale. 3xto in Ltd age 3sares.a.s bts8, to Dat. To. 14, color Walnut 4.7i2 Clairs nearly 5.00u Clairsa 4.44 each to rebate to wholesale buyers. Cash Price. To discount. Bont Force Marshall s sell the above. A. Bixxie lot at sol Cal pk1ces. Ask a7bs?as3 a inc pcs is wonder Pul reductions. Fou All classes of Furni turn the most advantageous prices. Variety durability finish obtainable at a los a a Lav ise so is a Csur from bbb so s5 drapery and clothing. Bros., Burlington House. First display or autumn novelties this Day in the Iress departments ss0vb001is, a Duess fabrics Woolette costumes umbrellas Coats and sebits cloves mantles Bibbons jackets laces capes collars furs ties. A millinery under skirts Straw lists hosiery v French flannels corsets ix., to Kewan fashionable goods Ope Hinc each week by mail steamers. The � tailoring department at Burlin Tonhouse offer for Issue chios one of the finest assortments of gentlemen s woollens they have Ever shown. Inspect the windows. Write for patterns. Bisick and Bottje Gss Vicuna. Overcoat cogs to Yuange s0ittmgs. Wok step spite mrs. To web suiting Koh spun suiting coatings. Van Ethan Chat Jas. Pc. Kkt Cesi and fashionable designs in Trouse rings for autumn and Winter Wear. Perfect fit Sod Best workmanship guaranteed. Patterns and estimates Post free. Martin bros., Bublik ton House. ? 63c assigned Stock of suburban drapery company being sold at bankrupt prices by Henry Cronin and co., 76, 78, so 80a, hal1fax-St. Lu5iwa 102 great bargains at . Business and Plant for Sale in g. Waddington begs to thank Bis numerous customers in Adelaide and throughout be Colony for the very Liberal support accorded during the last ten years and a fires to inform them that he has accepted an engagement in Victor to and Fau tiie Refo e decided to give of business in Adelaide. Whilst he Hopes la dispose of the manufacturing i business As a Yoino Cooke ext it is just possible that he May have to take his machinery and Plait with him. He therefore wishes to intimate that All customers desiring goods of his own manufacture should Bend their orders in at once to prevent disappointment As be must positively conclude All us guess in Adelaide during the Dext three months. All goods Are marked in Plain figures and. A Liberal discount will be Given on All per cases for Cash. G. Waddington. Sanitary cloth inc manufacturer 1, 3, to 5. Arcade. Frundle Street a Bra tit a. 56-146ew do a p e s p e 1 k t i x g executed on tip slur test notice and on Liberal terms it the adv Tiser Job footing oct. The coliseum. Speaking values. Special lines for this week. O 3,200 Yards heavy Pink twill Flannelette 3 per Yard. 1,200 Yards 33-in. Heavy Cream dimettes 6�d 120 pieces 33-in. Heavy twill Flannelette 6dperim 1,800 Yards 42-in. All Wool French coating Serges All shades Ign a Abe offering Altje in this cloth. 2,400 Yards 42-in. All Wool French coating Serges All shades Superior Quality is 6d 1,250 Yards 46 in. All Wool French Black coating Serges is lid 720 Yards 52-in. Faced costume cloths All Wool 2s 3d � unequalled values. 1,500 42-in. All Wool French reps All shades 2s 3d per5btd 10 pieces 70-in. White twill sheeting 8d � a Large shipment of White lace curtains newest designs will be offered at very lowest quotations a Choice assortment of 54-in. Madras muslims creams and colors s 3d to 2s 6d Peryma a. A Bacxa pc Ajao i of Horrocks s and Crewdson s Cali Coes just opened sex . Nahrung. We Are of teeing these a w jjloxa3ess.ajeaae5 a xxx oxus. Reserve your purchases of Winter goods. We shall open our premises in a few Days when extensive shipments of All the newest styles in Winter season s goods will be offered at prices. The coliseum 16 and 113, Rundle Street. Drapery and clothing. ? balances. Stock tajik a for Eammer hair 189349 is Over balances will soon appear. Some firms will Home out All bight of tigers my word Ali Bosa during the next Lew Days Wilson Brice & go. Win offer their Nomerine patrons the balance of the summer Stock still repair unto Onsom in their Suo Koom. Kot a big 6iock certainly Bat Waal s left is very Choice and it will be overed very cheap. Homer Don t believe what n Tell too Bat came and inspect come tip see then you will do what we want you to you will buy for the prices will not let you do otherwise. Where can you find a i by who does not wish to be dressed in Silks and satins nowhere. Ladies Yon win be afforded an Opportunity of Gratifying Jour Auelio at a very rifling expense by visiting us Wilson Brice and company the Balasck left is Only. Ladies silk . With White collars and cafes. Assorted colors originally 12/8 and 15/6 each 5/u ech the left 39 Only ladies silk blouses St Iiah Liapes Sarf Rcd colors those marked let of u 15ytf Tan to be cleared cheap 7/11 each the balance left 10 Only. Ladies Sile blouses marked 19/6. �-/6. Up to it a each All to to at 10/0 each the balance left 10 Only. Ladies White pique Coats and Shilkis. Double Bre meted jacket and full skirt marked Price 15/9, logo at kill each the balance left is Only ladies tailor Mai a Coats and Skikus. In Black Serge and cloth Short jackets lined silk newest shape. Cull skill marked Price 32/6, ail to go at 15/6 each 3udozeo ladies suit blouses Plain White Kain Sook Henslin with embroidered fronts and it pipes. Vith White collars and cuffs All in perfect condition usual value 3/11 to 4/6 each All to go at 1/11 each 131 dozen children s shirt blouses Plain \\1iite Nain Sook and Famy Colon an Crepon All with White collars and cuffs Maried 1/1 1 to 2/u each to go at v each marked 3/6 to 1/6 each to co at 1/6 each 213 ladies Garibaldi blouses made of French Cammic mayor Ted Colon in checks and strip a wide turndown or stand do collars ordinal Price juju sell at 1/ci Cich la our Showe ooh at Sale prices. Wilson Brice & compy., dress men and silk merest 114, 116, 118, Rundle Street Ade Uidl of inc drapery and clothing. J. Miller Anderson co., 80 us 88, his my Street have pleasure in anus dancing that they Are making their first grand show of latest novelties for the autumn Mil Winter seasons specialities in dress fabrics costumes Coats and skirts mantles capes jackets under skirts High class French and English millinery. A Choice assortment of blouses. Hosiery gloves corsets and ladies under clothing. Dressmaking. Every Effort will be made to give Complete satisfaction and maintain the High Taoda we hold for style fit and Quality. J. Miller Anderson go Adelaide. ? 49 missing friends. Under this heading if prepaid is words ant insertion. Is. Three insertions is. 6d. 1r gentleman who called at 137, Gitben-St., of tuesday will Call again we might come to terms. Cobteyanc8 and livery notices 1flsi1e. Iso port Adelaide. 77. H. Graves & c0m railway and general carriers customs Llos and Lorwa Diris agents to All part of the australian Solo Nina. Goods received for by orate. Furniture carefully Sci cured. Finns supplied Dlf week kontl., vital Rith horses. Vehicles and Drivers. Special attention Eiven to the collect passengers Loggie for shipment or other i w having made arrangements with the steam Shin cos ibanies our men Board All strainers on arrival St Lars bar or port of for tilt Coll Crioyo and deliver of parcels and Lageana a to fart of the Colony. Bead office Oddle St been. ? ? sad Day big Street. Post Adelaide. 2flijsksp eel an Othera Lor Speed. Milk Uyi 03cfc, lightness and Dora a i Mac Aasia Iam by ability. J&svvv9 yes3sxe the most difficult Bijl a us bus a to inn Conre and the bdsi55r eager Etc Keplar. ire grab Attreed Lor is by l�htjs�fcmh3jfe months. First in 188s. Foremost Ever since. The Dunlop pneumatic Tybe co United i9 fan Kun Street Adelaide and at Melbourne. 8--hne�. Pert and Brut Church Aro fax Casa to by outta Tod can obtain Astop the f0llow1kg Bike accessories fou any respectable Cycle agent Dunlop midget outfit ? ? 9ft. Dunlop inflate is. Vith dips. Email 2/9, Large 3/6 Dunlop inflated cups Loa a. Dunlop solution tubes 3d., 6a. 9d. Dunlop Plain wearing strips 3/6 Only accept those that Bear our name or Trade Mirk As there Are May worthless imitations on the Market

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