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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1925, Page 6

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 4, 1925, Adelaide, South Australia National Library Australia Public notices. Feb Thodis Church South Australia conference. Pirie Street Ciu Rich. Wednesday. March 4. ?.3f ? addre.-., her. 5. D. Session. Of. So sex i Kent to ? Trailov it. Hobik Pok. Adeside Cie cub. W. Lull attus Uon. Occina ii a Mae thai Wiiri y t Bice ? to. Al res Matute Bod Luff North Terrace. Adeh to s?151 c Ite vague nations some 1 ? x593 Ems Fiss is Ash reduced fare 10/6. setts Mhz Brtko Taota Cand store it. So Liua Tad bin lev Anneis. Phone Central c 39.msls?e?e Troy is ?3/ Adelate Victor Harbor. A. Motor service Hiona Cenfah 2800 ski Faerie. A a Coote prep Ritter. 7t = ? Victor Harbor. Phone Only. W. Lenolan from pro act 84c. Keo \ my Anri a. It ski pc Tob. Harbor care Leare q.p.0 eff Tibia. to leaves to out office o . Dad. Tare 10/? v p sask = iss stiff mpg Ufi leaves . Dally Job. 2o . To a. ?g4? ass is it is wok. Bniss.?n76yrt?m without Tak me a. Open uly. Ii Baths. _ Flange baby six tickets. Cd Ladia hey. Fonday Fen Aimai to doric and ?11 Day wed Nedaye. Sonday Vlamings Tor Ceuta. S/?.?b.? k61.z.51 Marj. anywhere by motor. ?3tmdr? b m.mia.sd72vi Ai Inaten js/6 Yorketown. 27/6. Port Xoa Bedoka Toca Wrev from ,. To today. 5 pin sundays. I . Mondays. Frisius Sjo 0. St Tartari imn Adl War. booked for All Holiday Harbor motor Usu Ileal a. La go j daily. To saturdays mo.-,?m7rie.ve. Tot port Reed it fits Board. Sani so Bakall Payung Cirinc ses the dried Forniti act pot Evert be Ksyk who Paskit dried fruit Oranett Ata. Leiota. Masai us and dared Llam to Register his shed with the Board. Form application Lor Raj Strahm Auy the 1 to Tetany. Tamte Buntag Panea Anite a Ait Bert rt7btae to Sarsos stede Oran a. N?3l/ iss Pipis self so e sate lao to doctor be i a tired mrk. He Gaw a a thorough kind inc and Bdl. Could Tad not Htee Wurme with me. And Brainy Addrea Froina Tafa Mya Tara Horn Jar Oto. ? y?4lvicatf6 District you Kcal West Torres closing Fijon Road Xoinis i Ulitin Luau. A clerk 1 Surveyor. Dressed poultry. Slaters Fishers. Phone Pentad inst Bai int Tor goad Taloe. Oms limit Ohanyan " m. Sac Wullen to it Crolli bal discs. Agency Public notices a test anti Ait a flirt re it Wool Rel Ria inc 31aaju\ club. The first i buc meeting wet Adelaide soccer Nixb will be held at Theta Tox town Hall thursday. Tt7i51 to Carton. Cumin ?. I is Vuss. Ecru s half yearly report consider Aew Tbs so a i a Al sync. Kor Wood Ovat thursday. March s. Adoption annual report and Bounce a. Ktst.?jm3 the. Show. Satorday.march7.i92s. Cease Motoe Parade. Cheap Jack -15 ?-.- Tel .Iw Ziy t4n/ Piloni 41 a 10? k6- _.-,.,_ -.-. Australia. Vepa Behest works and a ways. A Sam. Leiwat Henderson base Are Westera a a Tobitt by drawn Ptons a tend a Fotja no Wuh Huin Efrom the a Worix. Department Bsho it. a Minuter state for works and bail Aye. Y? Toiata Tiv til i it College us Nixon. Theory Examina hons. I / april 19z5. W sit i is Jsse a to a a fess a that will be . Tor any debts .r.o. . 33. Ann treat Stepney a . , 10. Franklin. Scg-5/ k to Bettt Tood. Tabor Jamel bet rued Shiu Diews off marked priced?2-s/ i7tosihh at Haip Ca 89 cooler it. Cath jew sins a sri a 2?3sfpasrorxt Imbot Pas Tobat . a . Withdrawn from a Leenta to Minnie Wood a. Langman. Vij Liry property. Day-., Wlaton. Withdraw new from All agents after thu . J. Ell tour. Yet prop hts Fuh Arton re Myrtle Bank. Ith a f ? Altaie Jit to is. Ott up i orc married woman desirous venting enc land near future. Bri fit company scots and a if ? and Jle a i to the matter the sew South a Wales corp kiss 1899. ?.i.f ?-siat5c?-?-v-Rpreliminary a retention it it a rate persons v ?.r? " refer Thomin ale by Robbie tender Star Al Tiqui Saioc bile seem Taat. Oil Lac Home . Sydney. Of i pm a 0s_j 11j e Jik the Bice ? m . Thomas ? . It it owl Ali Adi Ai i c,-nu.-r. U 3rd ., the i v w i 1 ? . A Hll Jupa Are its is j p whip t i Ivi to v b�2?�e%zjssz� Alfred lt3ss� crier. 1 %1 Akkusu a jew add tit Jenco. Cordon Road. Mark a to p.,% j Sie a we a informed Barte funeral Bis late wife is Elizabeth will Lea he.-Sidence. Sis. Hali a net City thursday. At to the cemetery. West 7"49 a a a Frank j. 61ebert. Tender to Lier re a. 47-49. ?-t. V7rd arts Fidel preatto Tot re Namy. We Rai orate Artof Licul Wreitha to look like new. Pex Goat s. Florist. And . Federal Bood tos. Cart to. Photo. ?06 j. ?. A. ? g a i Schuon Ilsio school 3nd teach Iri g but so Reimt to i ? r to. T a a pc at nam7. For. Go i . Woluns. ? to Xor a june is withdraw from . M. Brock. ? a to teen wed a and pin method will saw your cracked a Oluic. Written Pau Antee. Of Stone Adt Goodwood. Thone Cole Yogg jtsb6s/ licit instated. 32/0 per. 1 j4, Britian ? a Elmic f. A. Bjane w Jesse is fess ass Al riil.?. Fri Good Eno Peb to male end. C. Sbs7. K59kig a by to once is a Ruby give that Underford and j9 Sisr Tori i re i. J s2dl poultry Birds a. Of Sei tvs c,.n Tutti s ?k1? Feal. 20 b0 and by by Oti spl"1"1 -1 con Ditmon. Apply 19. Virtona Ter Linley i , after 2 wednesday and Friday. I a Ter. Nor Ood. X i a Terr cd is Tiu fwd and at 483. Collins to continued from Page 20. " auctions. Eco a 5101181.v . Tuesday tic Lois March at 11 o slurp. 11 Coles Brost United. Mill sell auction ? r untl.,r \ 1214?" 1210 i Cludine t 50 prime Wethers 100 fat Wethers. ."0 Foj Jim i. 5? far Enn. 100 kor eard i tin Flo Merino ewes Lamb to me Rino ewes Lamb. 300 wik. To Ewe hopi to 200 miss i up to lie drafted. 60 cattle 60 10 it Stern and heifers so mixed cattle. 70 Pios 70 70 fat and store pics. 1 5-ft. Tame top Hay Wammen. 1 head de livery trolly i water cart i set fixed harrows. Terms As i Baal furl ice entries invited. a. E. Rawolle is acres land. 1 mile from eur Trada. mor join Road. which is reeled a roomed Hou e. 9 fowl pens Aud run 2 Iron tanks. Warren water Laid . Account 3. A. 3. Pitt Zoeb 197 across perpetual lease situated c mile eat Suther land being Section x.?. 92, Hundred eng Lish which i erected 2-Toomed Stone Houe. Underground tank Cood dam Well fenced 2511 i acres ? cleared carrying a Tri Leuid coating grass and Budi. Terms at Sale ? j c3.6i1?6 Gex Rixe Sake j. Of the farm i situated main Road Midway Between i Point pass Ash Roberts Toivo. Mondat. Ai Iril fat 12.50 non. Coles Bros. Ltd., care rec ivc a instructions from . F c i. Whose farm Lioy have Soldo K.I As above the whole his me Stock and far mix Plant. Comprising i 12 Francht mares and geldings reliable worker right ago i single harness Pony Mare. 1 child Spony j 3 Jilch cows order May not Ter. 5 it. 2 Jawn re Bagshaw winnowed and Nicator. Cra Iloner line Sii Rinc no Tiratur e i is .Iw Sec Cunnick Drill Chain 3-ft. S. Hooili . Cultivator nearly new set 8-Lcaf Barros and fat Arn t it 4-Leaf tar a and beam 1 set 4-Leaf heavy . Roll a 1 Sprinc Hray. . Noack he mop i Veiline troop i sack Nirk. Baff lifter ? i. Galvanized trough ins to. C pump and 25 it tilling 18 it. 1 . I Picur Ila Niess for 14 Hornef. Quantity swings 14 Scuri Plouch chains i liders set single harness c Princl rav. Saddle and Uree Diug Riding " a a bridle Hack bands. Buser pole 100 Iron hroppen., it. To. 1? wire 1 Cut Kuril wire. Vici Anvil Blovir drilling machine Ca Raat no Kial Iolo Siena razor Nev. Sll Cral Louif Bleyl and a Quantity Elul sundries. 20 tons Hay. Terms As usual. J Lon Dieon. Rias oat Oak base Clearing Sal the property at Macej Fidd at 1.ia. Sharp. Bem Jett Liam Ltd., litre been Fai ored with instruct if from sets. Lon tit & Louden. Who live told Iligir .Ipcr To fell by auction All to Weir livtstor.-. Fanone imply Wnenta. Play and Suin grief. As under sex give and Citter to 3.p. Allen Oil Eugine to Ralile. Pex fort order with to. 4 Bik .Iw Cutter Aud Filev Tor. Nil Emerts it Disc Jacc ?.k sad Drill a practically Are Sec Ormara . ? it. Cut. Good order. Motion cultivator. 17-Tine Spring tooth i jeering liver and pea Harvester potato planter s4ur. . Shearer Plouh. . Pouru. 5-f. Harrows Lla Hatt Power com Cruz her. I ill Komer 3 2 ladders 10-1s it. Sack track Wool table. 9 a i does. Winni War awry Talles. 2 sets a Hor p\tinj.-5. 5 it Itu bar. 5 and 4 11. .ings. Vehicles Spring trolly tto i and run Frame. So cot. Tiiu order Wilt Hickory wheels Sprinc cart. Lis it trolly so Cut. With Pic Frame Jle and i was collars 11ir0.5 and tin kits Odd Winkers Hunting Saddle and bridle. Set Siulc Lyamets. ,.uprli Beius pole strap. i Ai plot chains Heck Bop a. Talv. .i, doors bar . Hay Forks Shoi Els i Ost Nole tit Spades Seydie mail and wedge Slasier ski. Folk. Bakes. Iron and word droppers Spray pump Bordeaux p a Der Ray knife augers. Rifle Block. Is Salt if cig us Parr. Nine can and buckets. Block and tack a. Sup ladder. Fire Box. Tin branding Oil. A jul i to is a Timber Kaif. Str ii troupe a Iii i and wire s. . Unlit has ?. Belting is and 36 it. 3 Ute. Muturi Oil Quantity Oil tins petrol Vina. U pack Stencil branding Wool to tact. Split ecu strainers paint. By were dime comb Bunim. Iuo plug glib Nite Detonator a and fuse 20 fowls. Al tax Ltd Tawe. Safe draining Luck. Cup Boal floor cuts Rivici for three rooms inns., and mais t pm Atid sundries. 421 weep 421 ending 101 crossbred Wes. 2. I ? and f.m., Lamb to Bonier a til eau a Dor it cams 320 Crosibre-1 Lamb Good for order. Houses Good Faun sins suitable for All Arm work. 25 wg625 including 1 Tam Ortli sow and 1.-Ttrr, 1 Berk fire sow and litter. Sow. 1 Berk flip re boar. 14 months Stirling ? Biml Almut Eio tons u Heaton Hay. . M Tor car. 21 . Wolsley 6-Ian, ? a wonder High tension teas net Pood order. Terms As Nuil. The auctioneers Call special attention to to Sale As Ilie implements and Stock to class Ord being Well cared Lor Liv h hrs. I unit it i Jondon. continued from Page 19. Cycles. Motor cabs to. Aka he bargain Storrar Niue i , australian a Hindl a t.4. J Tate models seater Ford done 6.t. He �.30 Vonlil v2.tra? any trial Deap at t to. Holey. Mari ii st Ali Jnis-4 / i Larivie Quantity ?. Diioria win rows window shatters Vann is. Flo Imit skirting. Mitra a i. A Rudish?.ip. I Hoorin joists. All firm Clas t. Afro new and secondhand Oregon Ami strip -. Cat to Iii �125 Don t miss.l3s, Flinders st. C. 7?8.%. A two j . Dougls. 4 months de make , " ?.i ? . ?t"-1 a i Champsi i i . I australian body Lor a i h i it. R. I j Nell i Moore motors Epp. Sli-1 Arl Marvu hotel. _ Douglas Ilio Throe sowd Poar. Til a Brood Oiler. �.30. 12. Palty . I ?55? Bowser Pikol pump for Sale 2so gallon tank. 1 gallon draw nil it tips. Can be my h worker at i Milluk is i City motor auction up. Adelaidev . Sal Man. I King Wil uasi a thee Opp. Huldon f. I Central 7550. N i t = 1 insurance companies. J guardian Assurance co., Ltd. Fire. Accident. A a Marine. I Soltiz str alias boar. Linn Lansda llonytl.. . Clair Man 11. Cra for. Esq. E. F. Ojile et-., f. W. Hold. re. foe age to invited Cor try. Set Borse chamr.f3t=. Pixie st. Adi3.aide. Lu6iac c. G. Hack Ura Aai manager. Houses and land for Sale. 1 continued from Page j a 1 t .iik"?.itmi?3-rt-Umed ??-.ji,i ,. ialu.-. Outi, . Ishii Wingk. K a Illiam Ariit. To aim a lion evs ?.-.to, Lar i 1.1.,., j a . . No 2. Kin Williana a. _ at ?-i.--Rijftot ii Cromi ..Ltn a fill .?. Only to ssh. innit Larry . 30king Venham . To a cd vhf it i Awal. A Tylli Luiu Valoir. I no. A rooms motor anti to Jean uni i1.1 i.-. A. ?."io. Term. Mamou 1. Carries a. To to. A �100 Deik Isit pro it to Sale and a i ick 4 room Aud Kitchen j Lei lib rat �.125. I North Umi y.?tone Villa. 5 rooms Excel Lent to it inn. Oulu �75 . �120 Dei Osit. Freak file Domac Franl. Room. K.I-. Gay sect at once. W. Smith & co. Central 5321. . Building. At s. Land & Homes co Ltd., Veroo built line. To curse a jars. Natty solid. Dry Tott Afie. � 150. _ rash . Pater Lelvin Ohi Niber. To d a Waif a �133 deports Lina a -1, 5 Ticic rooms. A st fitting must sell a 1.075. V. Bullock j co., Civ Chat brr Spiri it a Fob Sale. Huns wit i Arres at Findon. I Milt farm a liars lire. Ice i / Pitok rect owner Levi apr i Jot. Scio. Mangiore. To tax Lviv Bauble front. Friss Tenne Roll u prior ail. 1. Qwyn . A bile Vij pfc. To to Tonj Tell Soldier s Home Sreiy con Mai knee. Splendid locality Tail did out Garden. Apply this office. To 150 Deposit solid Bluestone 4 booms and 3j Conr. A a and " Eiery Modem convenience. Cat Turdin Luck Vea Natili Lamidin a. Ila Jan is a Tatj Aie Patuc room. 27 it . X 17 it. A ., suitable for a Marc. Rudio ii Jarmom. Tie Pirden Laid out sit i raised flagged Litras. And there is a Large Sarace. Frith pit. inc to the Numier Kri inc for Effland the prom to is for immediate Sytle. And from approved put Hiser "�5oo Deposit Wold a a opted. Wilkinson Sando & Wyles limited so u a mount Street. I by direction messes. Rei Wibu Nelow t to burp. Us actors it ij., the late mrs. C. 11. . A Solo tront ii Freestone i Cathy a risk Boa i a Jar , Imp Ofin Apih care Titi Pitej the i --Iii.=t part Fisher Paik Rul .i i there Are 7 up Lekius room a pm Grilles. Foldine doors Miall Neirva wry Ilromi tic conveniences a Clais Hub Urban run Mojo. To void up this estate �2.000 he offer will be accept Levi. And immediate inspection is ii i. O. 11137. Wilkinson Sando & Wyles. J limited . Was Moitis Iii act. Park lands frontage Beautiful Bungalow. 5 Lane room bathroom Vii Doul Imi . Header and Lavator Bakin. Laid re. Troupis. Oppor. And tank to Ava Drain Myrd a Lydien. Pas Sto -. Lii . Pm Laid out Nice . Land. I dude Aik puca.c. Macormac. A j. King Wiiliam Street. Rose Park. �1,850. Situated Beautiful Alexander a. A c nil. Nua s Huiai dance if 7 we room. Best modern i no Nimox a Grace. Elf Dutiful Garden. Cood Toorak gardens �1,450.j i and for Tennis court Bare Lue. . I a ree rm.-. Oil f4? front f om1-. %,.iiv.ii , ?. Well Tiv cd ton. A Tau j f7w. Bullock & co., Loei Lity. Full Jiricek. Of. Stei eve i roomed Rita fee. Laree Block a Cal s rat. Dearth Impf ing. I7sr? burs the. Uin Demarsi 5 rooms. Cooil Sitoa. Chalice for work Iii Man. Ofle a Intel tokrkxsmllc4 rooms built 3 years i. H. I m Ina Jite run �123 Deimit. Ote Mary arable Homes a Piek a local tis. Vijh to lion appointments. Full Prid �i?. Bum your rent Book and Bank the Diffor Tice. Clients motored to inspect a order Pirn for your inspection a. S. Window & co., 111. Kino William Street. Auctioneers i estate phone Stii. T nearly t. Iia Jestic theater t houses and land wanted. I cent Siruc to frown pan i. Alb kaon Hruse 4 run. Up -Iii."uj Davil co pct Giurick. To Nia j if he to Ronia be rent stale Pike and Tif Uhar any ? the ? i . 4 .iw-. ? Back. Sun order. I f we to �90v. Apply i i to a lad. Immediately. Hwy Lynns. 3?a. Hire William it. P. . Rooms near about ill �i4it. Pay Rali. Must be clean and Boivid. Arb ?." bus Lacapro sect Small House.i More Coo. Ino terms ,? Tufa office. I Wax Tiki. North Adelaide District new Modem House 5 Al rooms will ?3 �1.000 to �1,500. Write this Osco. Is wanted to Jea a two rears lev. Near tint Section. Honse. 6 rooms Kitchen can . Hellers Thea office. P63-5" 4.-Kooued House All my Vilry Hytie Tait. To this Effiee. A houses and land to Lett re Larrold 27. Waymouth to. A Dupuich modern unfurnished Home live rooms every convenience. Bine Central 2? i Ive roomed Bungalow at Beverley. Near he. A Kenny. .so/.tc. Gs3. Wood Lile Goodhouse to . 5 James. Croswell it. . Clifton st. I her sort Ltd. Conan hence. App v Diart this office. J Al to i Tot Ichii 4 monies. Slav \ to Ansu is. 1923, two Xor red Hoosoc v room bathroom cellar 2 Pant if. Wood and Kern stores Olor Trie and fewer Rhora Hont. Telephone. Rorr room Etc optionally veil fur Nidick 1- loony a looking a within half Irli and tour minute train. Pic cd pot tsp Laa Ade. mini attractive grounds. ? Jitt to approved tenant Timur children. Rent. �5 5/ weekly. Apply j Alfred c Catt son. & co. Limited / a me sets Abbas mixed business Mii a stocked Dutton tallies lino., doing Eood Trade shop and 5 rooms cheap rent lease har Cafa �110. J Nak court t co. A j Abi by suburban mixed Bop nicely . Fitted with All no to Ite Fiu Inre and for j Neil hints. Almost Nair Omier Selling account Olmi Salui. La �s3 terms. Frank Johnson 105, Keogh Liam st. A aaa Ahab text House. 7 Nice rooms furnished Unrur for Turr Oak i ills a situated East-Ter., House has Nice appearance Garden front and Back lease �335, terms � 125 Deposit balance Johnson 105. King Willlam . Btl Bosies Ith i crore Xiv Rada Fountain situated one die City arcades very iras Centre Ili Damion Scales Large mock 5 rooms. Liam rent Chance Tor live couple to make Money takings �40 bargain �350. Horace lev. Iwo. Gym both iat it. A a Dainty suburban cute Dionery cake , Busy spot Lea a. Room. Cicci inst lollies jars rent 25/, sacrifice �05. Horace Ibex. 22. H Ainuu imnet. Of a Lovely guests Home nicely famished.0 Large Roony. 4 permanent Mercry con ecu hence. Best position dose Park lands rent to take �75 Cafa finance balance Price �1-25. Hahn oct t co Alfred Niam Lars. Currie Trefet. V a i Lam i Board and apartment , City. Ast. Best Bitou 7a Mizanin boarders and Losert. Moderau rent Price �300 Utu Rifet. A Abab gain Best Civ. Position roomed apartment Jio Osc full Parma menu a housing �3 Clear Ovett rent trill take �75 Deposit balances weekly Price �110. Harcourt Lee & co Alfred chimbers.cuttietrtft. A at so tii teb Xiaoe it Board and apartment Louw. 7 Laija rooms kit chm to. Rullar Ewry Ronor Niece dose Tram Price�300 can finance ran. Luro Pitit Lee it co., Alfred ?._ciirne-tract. If at iks Ruty him and i ind hindbuship9. To rounded iter Large fic tortes. Cd upside nor. Lease shout �7 ?7cck profit any trial Cay terms . Amie Sok. S3. Waymouth Street. Of a compact milk round. 11 Gallons att growing suburb Plant is int horse cart and Liaros Chon and measure a any trial �95. E. Adders . 2s._wayni a Chance smart Man. Old established vows 3 Ard Ity Doin is tons weekly Cro Loy Wolne. 2 horses trolly carts Cleafe and i Vellior Wood and stomps cheap rent saw Bench a � r0 Harcourt Lee t co. Alan a Chambers. Can a Street. A mixed Hui nits. 3 Ito it stove lease All fittings. Hit h he unit sell to Day inspect now Cli Oso. We a mice. To incr Max i 22. Was Mou link Trow. _ v ill Fine suburban Rupery bum a ?., 7llcaiir, Al. Same owner 20 years 5-Nmmcd Luelling Isaore a Flop a Stock Worth Monir. This is a bargain pro �250. Lia court Lee i co. Alfred Chamlers car Tyre t. A at �35aliusy suburban .Ky Ando Erc ral Ore. S rooms rent 30/. I. any Raul. A Liaty week i Pinion uric. �2? Jam lbs. I tailing. Kidir William a. i i look a. Dainty Uty Wrispus Titus. Jyz Ellior. Lease. Oat halos ice a her Tiv prompts �5. Regret Liing Prici James cams build inc Umlor valuation snit smart Koopu look �75. Horace Ivren. 22. A Tonth treat. V old established .-.3nrro=try bound with shop attached Lii pair note Scales Cash Register. Profit a prior. �110. Finance trial. 1 Ceorge Hahrold 27, Watin Onti Elrodt. I " my i a established Cut Berin Bui tiie a 2 i bodies. 15 Smalls. All counter t a a Itaman Scales electric motors. And extra Bis Plint Profir to Clear Price �3 to. Url is a it Lan Hall and Rii a. Proli s i 1 a Kanrr. Haries jam., c.11.5. Kiiu Wili site.ik2� is test so a rooms . K. T her s a jaw. / a thoroughly i porn Date it Sikini ? heart Day. ,.&"?.?, d0b1e," this office. .3 a t Tram terminus a re. Mixed . A i c Plant profits t Price put Ai . A ont sos George i Iak rold 2t . V8jault rim Mii ?p-&i7rj a Jfft. a i i offi inn a a Aster a ?lhp7 a cred a lucrative my Adelaide orc. A / Sisr a t?5 Fri it hut go. It our w.s- a-m. iter s e pub a Fin. Meta . pro flu a. Price. Tick and Plant at 1 to Nikon bout 2.5. fat be. Be org Habbous. 2i. Waymouth not. Of Utun Errig oldest Andl Ibea table died Lutcher i Kri Otas Mcarthur a. ? heart mount Cambier. A Dan Opportunity offering. Owins to Pira to Sll pm it a a a is 5" t Kropt and confectionery by Isles far commercial re. Port Adelaide. Apply by f Vuner . Proc narc from & Cam Neld. Comic real re. Port Adelaide. ?-4 you Are a it fiume i not. Call w red Isu Folly and a Bood return , is Osi--.-. 1 Plaj Riri grocery and -p.-Ry Basinet Ato Ujj nation about �?30? Laviner. ? a. 65 wkly. Aleut i a a incs for Flo . Fhi office. Of Cru Cross i to inn forsake no Friss is Isa to-iand."bon this 1,63-i/ Taufen sell 1,-t. a. P to Hill be. A a Ducat "i.kmkfmentr"souths? Kaua. Arr cations from women to Allyl. Central lion tank no nol. Salary. �150k a Frid a Virth l?", a the a w it Vckov to list ?i a Sll ?1. U. to a mrs a. Of. .?.?,.? 0., a run Woodlands. Plemic. Church englandcirls1 grammar school. A and Day 9chool. Der the a Fig from the Burr. R c. C. Hodge a Edt to " a ratio a Ott Rte p a health lost and found. I 0.mm. Urns and do if. At adj at l.,.?._ 1 f Aiken .?.i?i u i t a i Luht. 1 turn is. Little archeri., Ortli Adelaide. It Ock Afoo ."t-� Hite. To ? is is rate ti7irkir?"-r i is to Sajt is a Fel a Febu pm c g a. To g. Imus Ltd 0.5. .ard.2?. A Tow st c Iteli ,1-Litricrai Jav Bwint. Torr ill i 3 re. 1/ ? a f to Vatu fat Sii hit com Llama 11-ro., army. I Bra a Fol Tost Bewon a her Rand Jota Lay. Cold bled Al finder re Rin Central 2dso. ? i Al Riaia not Cirii a. Hit. It Tiv Tiwi. T Ost. Child s old Chain Llaurie Friday after Oon. handle. King will Lan. A i 8 Star kit. Gout re Reet . Mana Street. That anon. Lf.s-3 by up j kit nil re it. I?.?l? a gig Beward. Phone c?Itrah?a3/ t Ost Unda. It Een Adelaide and Allenl Taij ? cent earring regard whittle. Federal Mot. , a Fssit-Pis containing note and . &. Toy Park. Swiss. 1 i ill is Rusac 6?65-" a 15s ii indie a it 1 t it id Jil h outright sell Jcj auction for Yon. It will by you ,3ndng?i autom and Kokes we top and the Adelaide chemical cot. C2?3tojc Corrie a net. A fail Altoe ssh Eivina ill i by your a . No lure. Man Nesman will sell your uni. Hire. Advise and i will attend your Home res Law the a mature. Secondhand for .ltov. To. To Conley re. Phone 1?75 Unley. C6l--,/ Tsosey win buy for a. Clioin.? Prog Gss pfc los til. One s? Tou Lort Nxin 6 o.? semot.i loll. Of 1 edition. About this office i to 062-8/ piano Plajer , tie note.1 Airt. Co Kapok a slut cd. Ade Siide Cuiji v?2tt�.%?�2& c?5-/ p is pm p i ? ?7 to e a Filc a Ere Wass a Jav a ?os4/ taxted Large ice Dion chamber Scales a to suit Ham and cake Ham . Bread. Cuter. Cake Distie. Pc 79. Jse Acu Al Mue alms am Kerm Bui latib. ? Frank t. Reed government advertisements. C my Fth Lluc Rolion flus Railan nov emment. �01.111" vol Fol Kmit Soith Ai Tkai Jas Hatt us j3oaro i i jul much. 19�6. For a Fiill ran a under i wot Cidh. Assr. Its Khz v. V. Itil. A non. J a = ? a i ? Annilo . J Sab to so Hus i j � is is a Jas a is v " f is 1up. Tirend Elsham den.11.44 ? had Nwart . 12.14 a i seer Mei,., so id ii. i lians by. Calanan. A i i ? k go. ? .-c 5 i its race i Leo sri Canles Brindar he i . B. Obtained at tto Isris is i ?3sfm. delivery. K tender once barfly a pm to this 2su. Day feb Mary. Isis. _. J. Cois esders. If i it. A & &5 off t mos Brick Worms i. Kubil pct lob a. Ftfe 30 a. Of a Iowa is if and i Roncea oakum. to kiwis snit i for Ore. his Verj a a old to Btu i to is Rose at s Cloctt pal . Us be co Law Vad. Day few by i. We = Coad its f f i to Fri a Solis atm at Rea Donabie Broa Camp cell oct. Phone Kon?Ood"gq4l f36? your next joinery Omir it Ith a. Special mob Tolona for . Of Flag per ref. R5 a a psf i Luna sgt shout Cambiero Recto be. Rooks 1 . Umi Bijj

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