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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 25 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 25, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia is$33 7 weeb.1 if�., j b � j guaranteed be engine. J " w in .?�5v x. Shipping. A a a of steamers a qty to 12.1?j Sec ?0bama. 12.p in sop Hibi by cd Rinnander. f.esytnom.r.., june 27 d a n Ai j. w be Baynham ? 5�l\, eth Vire to Teles Matiy. A. rtt hta san tis to to a Europea v tpors.x�. %. Row Kat to id smog a Iti to hot Elfe ref the 1% r4 mrs a a a Zimm ii Mph. Tra Wmk. T. Snap into p�o#4 i Sivit 15 Nick smoke Tooms. Ladies v Aversi too Tock. to tort i by far berth Cabin situated tirus Tateo Torciva. Baltos 1�hwhtr\taj��ra �.1 i Tell Par b f in data . � Osly. 1" 1�ii 1i 1 Stiim � %. Rimu Jander. R Les is u f of a gt3lmhai� a a tar. i5wj he Raj Coni Manider. Pvt a Fox tier. Nril a Gordon � r s Rio . Leaves juju 3 july 4u1t 81 ukr. H were Les Tele a go try Fly As be corp Sartov a Irron Btl Western ust Lis Evcic Iloni a ?sttam�bwur5litr� 0kaiisa�p0.vmalt� Steamer _ in a Sjaast 8.0 c. Abndt n w a so be s.061 to Ollie nor _k388.h. Tittor of july 1, is oct run a Wiwi Hitti Rith Nav oin1 Attar a Vest Taft ear i a ? 1--. A v Iab through books pkg to a pan. Alt Pard Colin Viront " l % #.n.wr�u�bv1�beachar30 Koo Jar an Oriental Lwe Jav to o. . Fttc0., Ltd.1, to Paula China and Jafa Vul Zalf Boanza. -Aoab,w�k.tthob3ba� Island and j a i tue land Boris i Iusi Nehf mfr Civ dance tvs Tchart mulch a Botet. 1 ? sat a july. A by . August a Star Lull Tiari Rulam top Elk tet 0. Aah Loii Isug Wiliam treet up g -. % 35siuo dast shipping co. Aroma Poi Adelaide a urdu Cir uni once ire Kurtov Phijit cd Tovok jets iii Tumby \r\0. K wvll\r0o. Tuc Day. I Ryti. Via Ste Arr of r zealand Warilda i 7.718 Tona i Thura. I tune m � p4 a to sterner twin Crews a Rel Tel West coast for vice. _ step by ,.hfvit. . Rupaka i saturday i june 28 11 . user est or. Rawn Edith Wen . Venus / so Falls. Streaky Toky. Laura. Murat Deni Al. Fowler s Bays Point stncm1r, and carawa., is. Feb bet a. I wednesday i july 2 5 . X re i ? torn lightly thereafter. _ h a pincer Orr Surv apr. " port ,n Kirton Point to by Arno he Wallaroo co flu Moriatta tvery.tuenl-. 4 be lowest rate. � Best accommodation. ? port a prols Augusta. Garmein. Pirie is. Pabi a i saturday j jnoe23 Lipa v s a. Port Lintot n Tumpa Arnow Mhoo Moonta , Neill North tells. investigator the Silay june off \ 4 pin. Ports Turton. Mph Cottet Victoria. I vo0vt\ Wall Aro Avn not Spuron 6s."herbertsaturday june28 i 4 . nor paid to Turton. Minla Cowie Vic Toris. German most . Lou North Shields and All Wert coast parts except Elliston. 7 Filoon pc ticket with Ether interstate compar lies a beet to Evn Toni. The , ? port Adelaide. J to Ujj i i i i _ meat and Exah a next sir co., to. ,tatlb8 ago her Ghotb. T Rupaka Leiv part Woer or san Dor /11 . Awl of Ith Bunrith a or the Lav a 80 .. Duc Stiar yorker torn Coati Greet Rupaka of Cir i to x � Tarife Dir Mir. Music and smoke not rooms flirt mfr. To firm to " ted Etc Fkret leaves Edith Urier. Saturday. June. 28, Tavel a a. ". The co. Ltd. Adel nude a Pott Adel Ide l co Opi co. Ltd. If a 1mfthhnrn to Oketa Intel him Crawe with the inter a Tate Jinn part an. . A in r 3�ansc�n r Ayenul Jim -. Pittl Linos. 1 � 19." Kunc unit bar Trutt Adelaidea -ttan�15tlw1n Frari to two Anian Queen a and ii Ruidi a a 7h in report a. My Al a Len Eaf firn line. A v, pa9sengek am, Karo . I v frftftivtrx1 i two Nerew. 7 Tor Ilot Prhne Tot Perth. Of a Fri. T i p nor � / Baryl buy. July 19. To if 2 so n "�ne1 a turf \ is Root twin Orrew. 7 s01 to Teleta a Day. Jwili s. 41 in. Queen what Yali. He Jay baggy of. My tic alons1de Lea Tose nor before ortvcrti6cd4tir Letof All iljtv�.1 s f a Karo qty twin Sere a a Narx harm Orrl after a 0 for first an second pcs Loon id a third Clara Paas Era pro vat Niitme de.utc.11. A. J \. Third Clasa. Cons Sttne of 2, 4., and 6, Berta Cahir r a a " 3rotf,iia1cm top feet free Chane Eive after flirt rot of Rall with her inter a step corp a nth a Roth Moor Kirbert aflame on"1 . Fill Kerhim portion of Onlin air fir to c1� Ball tuft he win v Arlen my and incl born tre a by in Steamer. I \ \ Ami i Pajni p v Ca Whitn Street and Al. Tit of tenth a Turret. Adelaidle or to too Xii Ion Anft Adelaide 77e j No Krino &50v. Broken no. R Huddart Parker line to .1east, be Matte. A 8.s-Zbalanou, 7,000,. Ton. L i Canadian Roval Mau liner. Tuesday 2snd july a 2 . I zfju.aia1tl7,00"?. A s saturday Raugi 2, � . ,. % Sydney. V , 7,000 ton�,1 f � thursday july 17, 4 . � " i a i j j Sallier front Queens wharf. � Canyne. 1st. 3rd Czas " -�s.4 wire Lea telex Raphy. ? ref Aerator cargo carried. J v Casutto booked through to Perth r j2- Kew zealand ports. �_from�bttaey-is.s. Victoria july a s 8 Uli Maroa. July 12 As wimme a. July 16. V Freir Menifi Pursif a s Ulimano i june 25. Saloon Ipa Fen or tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies subject to conditions. Eulit turn portion of Ord Naru fir to c As Ball Way ticket available by inter state Steamer tiled. & j. Fowler. Limited. Gasenta. Nie Bourne steamship co j regular p�8sengfr serice Kap Ixida. Attic in v i thursday 2flth. For urfi i � Noo. Nuni by " i upper co what for iii a u i a Dij Boom ,gf.raldt05. J july a s p to. ,. to Perth n�1 . Porta. A fitted with Wir Eltsa ample Pace fur a Fri or Tui Caren f Vina a f y is a bit i . Dij Louola in " Yirtie Saloon. Re daa .hi1- i single. I Lum. Sinn Ltd. Ferraino. .�5 to Cas l8 o �813 s Melbourne ,. � a 1c_0 110 bail Nev i. ? a. 3 18 � 6 6 0 ss0 i �1 � n Tikot with other inter Ruth Coni Panie subject of. Cadi Tiiu Tiki be ascertained of application v j bile Iffat lot . I Ile Bourne steamship co. Ltd port. Ceo. Wills to. Limited. Par Cnorr agent. \ of. 38.a notch i net. Adelaide. Edwin h. Noi sky. Broken Hill. Via san Francisco. To All american p03ts, British Isles and continent Cauin a Rarotonga Cook group an Papeete Tahiti. From Steamer. I a Ducy. Tahiti. July u Monax. A. 9 from Wellington. July is due Frisco. Auff. 7 aus. 15 willochra1 sept. 6 sept. 12i oct. J \ and every 28 Daya thereafter. For particular regarding passages and freight a plur 1r a Nide of team sep co. Of hjs., and from Morgan every monday 7 ., Tak Inte passengers and cargo. For Benmark Wentworth and Mildura " the Steamer Ruby. Win leave Morgan every saturday 7 ., taking passenger and cargo. Apply Gem navigation co Ltd.1 Liao 44. Grenfell building. Yoke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island. The Gulf steam shh . , 0 am Widnes Dar saturday rectum by thursdays monday Bettu a tickets available from Ansty p. Port. Day Island Kingscote and to Bav calling Glenelg discontinued. Mahatta 8 30 ., saturdays wednesdays returning Mon Days thursdays. Freights prepaid i week end tickets a liable saturdays returning mondays 11 _ i second , 8.89 " wednesdays returning mondays. Freight pre paid. ? i american River Salt jetty no Steamer until further 0, 9v ., thursdays re turning same Day. Saturdays returning Mon Days. / i port , 9 ., to Udaya re. Turning wednesdays Koto Olaf fridays re turning same Day Wool bay_k0p0�l4. To a sundays re turning mondays. No cargo after noon Satur Day v � 4 l to cargo received after 8 . On Day of ail ing. V Only pen Shabie goods and Stock received sailing Day for Kangaroo Island. Tickets on Board Linne a. Or mesabi be. I Secretary port. T30bt sails this Day x r., Flicker . Lemes Subiel i port re i. Tort Victoria Point Turton. Port to Lewis sails thursday. \ fre Itrat prepaid a Fricker port Salt sails wednesday. R a frock or port. Tjo Ort , every wed a need a. Princes wharf Tainsh beos., cans a wharf phones 871 and 624. Of comp Nee. Our Mea Board All Steamer Arr Vinsor Lal the outer Harbor. Lora port hide,1 for the to Heck Fen and deliver of pit Mcne Erst a Luceo be to am port of the tier Otoo Book dvrs for my cars and air kind of Ive Hields for trips through the Hill far pleasure portiemte.1 4 ?. Head 0ffice-39r Currle Street " i s. Adelaide. /. For Yma Jota. Dran and Light vehicle Ling no Ali Ohio and 585t" � ? t i � for .henvy1" cartage i Lveta ctr and shipping Rise up pm Yorimi Ivy 431, and ss5� v v for port Adelaide cartage ring no Penn i 77 and 160. ?. " Isa Ahie Mccu Hrh c7mbe237f�er�,, ,. John hat coproprietnr1. J ral Chane and Quik Dispa teb. Furniture end other cod coded Ord removed to any Adil reas. Bar Ftp. sold or exchanged. Firm suppl Fri Wius Lewus by Hoar Day a week.1 " ? a Encie throughout Aas Tulasi and the United Kin clout a 7i or a head office Austral Chambers. Currie Sti Laide. Teit pm 817, Jos. And Yeob i port Adele me. 8� us 321, a s74ulo furniture stored.1 1 household Pamir Wor housed in tone and Inck estimate . Sbani von used for rail and be of Titchell & co., 11 � a Vaci Nim House cleaner depots Unley hide pork South Ter. And port. Head Odich 1, Cupric Etva Telephone Central 4610 6 lines. Port s17. I _ a. Plants and bed. A 1 seed potatoes v of 8al&tasman Tate by Marks r victorian Pinkul eur " v octorian i to Date. Y i 7 Victoriani Carmen Xiv. Victorian Snowflake i seed peas and Easl if Briant co ,. Kew Market Gre fell Street. Adelaidel a �phcme4. ? v o v \ " firm earliest Tom Ato seeds sow Kow by. And j1packet. V Flowers seedlings transplanted in % Best variety planting of. Dosen or pot i. & w. Hackett the. Bundle-Street., Adelaide. _4 52x60 48_ to Folium Butek Laneum. Broadleaf ease Kane White Mustard. Perennial rec Grain italian love. Are com. Cape barter. Crimson Cliver red wheat ii Lea me kind of farm Scheja a. The. � b. Cox & co., c off Nomen. Fee. Cobweb bundle . And East Terr Xoe. Patent. Provisional Protection. Letter Patent and Trade Mark regt nations obtained throughout tho1 world. R c. Stanley Burgess Patent and Trade Marks Atto Mev. Rational Mutual building. King to Illiam ctr ret. Inventor s handbook nest free on application. We patents. Design3, and Trade mark3. C Llison & co. Registered Patent and Trade Mirk a Turney Eagle climbers Kim William to. Adelaide end 4s3 Collince Mel Mourne. __123siuxls�o drapery and clothing. My own work with Patron super fingering is a pleasure to knit Paton s super fingering and the garment give Piea 3ire right through. In color in torture in Fum i in Quality Paton super fingering m always the right thing " samples free frown John Paton Sou & co. A Bia. Ltd., �30, hinders Lane Melbourne use Paton s Alloa knitting wools. Write a for particular of Good knitting machines 78i204al/2 Dup Zatk Bilu Iead Check books specially adapted Tor Draper storekeeper and retailers Cene Raur. Circulars. Sale Bills window tickets and every description of printing executed Moderato charge and with the utmost dispatch 3 l. Boxy non co. Kiss Wio Kub Ead mount treats Aito grishk. Sh��iffll1 a or a via a a " 7�� v ? a Foft re Ife Foft a ��0kim& ii ,. Miu Snerr show bpm. Job ssh jobs Purchase. a in Trimne a. Felt hits Alp zip . ,- a 5/li-otfll/l� r 6�v 7/ll� for52/ui /8/n .9/u�ffoj.3/i. � a a by i a .?in Sale . Plush velvet and velour hats smart i / � 21/ftt�/xf�r/li��i/llft1 ft6/jea%aa�a in is or lamps Solo children a Tilves in blown cart an � a and Navy is per up Arr vat i Ftp. Al Ftp � ghtldredrak14aolov� 8butbtitaia4�m Aall a Al i dress silk mittens of Tab ii a Wear in ? re spa. Ladies a a dome kid gives a matched back7 in br�wna�8vyi bl�ekmd�wnlte2/6 a per Lipai a a i ladies lbs a a length White. Kid gloves a i do is inbox Leil a pm abet cloth Vittes Dawe due eds from j7/6a per Yard tto Gili or Yard i toy a Woit Van Etian Otis to double Wii Tbs flt Tler . We is i special in Wei trib I�rnp�i-mtt3l in supt come arid tee Triem before is Joe . We Tare showing.�iv�ry"�spec�al"4i��e�iii if Tingyi Oral Onist Oil " suit Lej ? gown a Fernine Robes \ blous6s�\-,,ftte�. Aft ?. To a pretty Desigio. This sea ten Sale Price 6�-. A in Man so Tweed sets ?fl/�v-2o7. Is men Xor a Shlit anon Mergey de Pakuc a ? iwo Hay Al Tol coloured Tunis sir tsp 8/llft�nd 2/11u Sale Price ?j.aiid2jb is usual fat Rice i ill a Sale under Yeats usual Price-2/0, Sale Ftp hcs life a a of a a 4 fih.r8kes- Rev of carpet silkth�9 a Faith ice � make so table for part Jorr Chi Aljy of d��utfc2/xz�bai-�w�. Shall Unow Peli at�6d dozen a �5 my Peers Fiji a cftb1e� Sill i Ray comm a a we lit Andis Elf Rapij Stout j sew soles u3u�l= Pear pairs id i to Kyj Fiss a a �&f�ifllttfti2 t9.s& hade 9dv. Dozen a ss�f-�5vvys 1�0 pairs mom pm tit and Elf a Mukand Igwel welted solos lace usual Price . 49,Paira gcnt3i.bott�clcboxcalf lace and Derby i i Soini usual Price 21/�.Tor.i.,? -.&vi?i�-sxlits-7 �rueld�10iias�de�2sa�� pric a ?%176 per Yard v a a = v. A ? v � \ Browtt tweeds All sizes usually 13/6 and All Linen Forfar eel let Twe Wipff i of Salev Price by Tot 9/u Sitio i ?.186 i or Victer 20sonlyvi�boyfegr�flamelstrip�scon� go lord Psi a towels Peci Albea a suits sizes 3to 8. Usually orig for 11/6. Vol Asalet race of Anil lfv6-fnr 12/6 Siita a cd 0 la cd Bower see hand"8/6rsate Pri off a i .8fx 43 in Ftp Debord fringed Dan ask clot bys�/9saie/ rrxel/6 4s 3c-. 45 iii. To a ,darnaskcloth3, a i = i i i a i coloured Gap Frei Derf Narinn , Pink l Saxe jct vyv. . Marked Down f of Civ this Solo. . Jer Fard i Effii i a a � lot a -oricntav�tn8e we no mar Ull i Lehr is a have a i rated do from a to to ,1/11= per Rard a. " a another otii�i.674� .v4/8vtar. ? a a Vav a a Iai of dash Tiv ,. in Inis ulzame -. A fer i cd to Tariff up into colors Grey.1 a Kory i 1 Tkv. Emerald and sex to ? & to for j. Full per Yard a. Be ? s a 5 Widi Xavy Oriental Tom Montr v.6 in., �"4 of my by a priv a in per i a try Vav � 1a�." a usually 18 6sr�du��dto -6 Uit 150 boy so the 0 All Wool Serge Sailor suits in fire f will. Excelsior Fhy Ike sizes 3 a 11� usual Price 8 of reduced to5 11 suit. 30only, Serge Sailor suits Rall sizes. 10.8 a�0c 8/11a -v4"�asaj . Of. Balance i of our Excelsior make to be cleared As Fri rows 13 6 fori 10/6 15/8 i ,12/6l6�6, Fortl 6, 21/ for. 18/6, 238 for"20r6. 25/6 for?21/6�it. A a a a .20 to nov smart Menean Atonic so a ooze pc Otto Juenal a 39vchoice�iin�c suit a with Lars Ina Good heavy tweeds. io/eror/8/ii a Acci a a. A a pvt Abts &fm,adres3ee3 Cuini or tji in set ? a a a a i a a a ? a re is 8nown, a a " a a Al pc noir a a. Ivy Thotis drawer Sile Prie a a Ilia Wei a i of Ali Pax Duchess pair., is shown 3 . 6m. Wide on castors. The Marble ton washstand has Mirror in the Back. The dressing table has four jewel drawers and two Jar earo�e3 the water stand Al of has two drawers. This Fine Duchess pair in solid Blackwood or Huon Pine priced in the catalogue �8 10/. Remarkable bargain a special Sale list just published in connection with our a Gessei Ottel Foo b of 1913. Saiid for one?-.. ?.-.-aft .-.? a a i a drapery and clothing. Please note the special use foot of this. I a j something Newe Aghdas. V if a -. To. A. The store noted � t i " -. For of 5 a uniform Good values. ,5. T a j i Virg f " Fate Masr of 1 1 Ahja Autwel evening shades in. " All Wool Cheviot. Of f " -3eautijtn / all1 Wool venetian cloths. Beautiful evening. Shades in Satin charmeuse. All greatly deduced is the time for evening dresses. Ball dresses opera cloaks a buy while you can get a first class Quality a very moderate Price. ". " All Wool French two pretty shades of Putty. Two Dainty shades of Grey. Two charming shades of Pale Blue. Two Exon site shades of Pink. Two Beautiful shades of double Width x All 3/11 for 2a1 Yard All Wool French Chiffon Vene Tian cloths biscuit Putty Saxe Blue French Grey Vieux Rose Shell Fink Emerald Green Itale Bine double Width a 4/6 for 3/6 French Satin charmeuse \ Cream Ivory Vieux Rose Peacock Turquoise Saxe Blue Pale Blue Pink Grey Tan and Black \ " double Withall .4/6 for 2/11 Yard. ?. Dressmaking under Tius expert charge of miss Nimmo. Coats and skirts a speciality. Myu Pihi. 64 ladies Tweed pal tots j fewest styles 29/6 for 15/6. this line will be supplied this prior for to Day Only. Country customers win do supplied if order be event Byfus Post after Deli cry of paper. _ drapery and cloth incl j. T. Fitch open Friday night ,9. Great Sale r to v \ i of High class Navy Long Coats Low prices. The Best value Ter offered in Adelaide.-, a warm Navy and brawn of Tell Len tit cats Szmet lose backs. Others fitting backs.-15/6 Tovy ii 15/6 for 6/11 \ Superior Navy Coatsell Ince styles in pain and braided effects 18$ Ato 22/�, All for 10/6 l i w9 to 22/6 fbrjo/8, smart nato Coats Many with Large colors and coloured piping also to raid ing in f variety real Bonnie Coats 25/. To 30/, All for 15/ / j " a j � ,25/ to 30/vf/ a High class Navy Coats up to Date styles usual values from 32/6 to 45/, Al for a j a Alf " 32/8 to 45/for a. In i � h see these values in our windows. If you want a cheap and Good coat to finish the Winter buy Ondrof these bargain Coats and you will Riget & big lot of warmth value and Cocoa Ai the Cost of very little1 Money � a. ,1� \ ii or h�el6, y3/3for\if�l\\ of ladies Glace kid shoes. Wood heels a a or Ollir is ladies Glace one bar shoes cuban Beete r machine sewn spies 3/6 for 3/3 ladies Strong leather lace shoes tout soles wide fitting a 4/ll % ladies Glace kid gibson1 tie shoes eel toe Caps cuban soles. 6/11 for 5/11r ladies Tan hide three bar shoes toe Caps cuban heels 7/u "fore/h1 j i ladies Glace kid one bar shoes Plain fronts cuban hereto sewn soles 7/6 for 6/11 � i ladies Glace kid lace shoes Parent toe Caps cuban heels 6/11 for 5/11 ladies Glace kid Gibson tie ties plan fronts cuban heels 8/6 for 7/6 ladies Glace kid Oxford shoes Patent toe Caps Stout Eeles cuban heels/8/6 for 7/6 r ladies Glace kid two bar shoes Patent toe Caps sewn soles 7/11 ladies -. Glace kid Gibson shoes straight Patent toe Caps cuban heels 9/11 for 8/11. -. Ladies Glace kid Oxford shoes Patent toe Caps cuban heels 8/11 ? ladies Glace kid Oxford shoes Patent toe Caps wide toes Low Broad heels "9/0 for 8/6 j " t j ladies Glace kid Aida lace shoes Plain fronts White kid lined wide fitting 9#11 ladies Glace kid Gibson Button. Shoes toe Caps welted soles 12/9 ladies Patent Gibson tie shoes toe Caps welted soles Grey kid tops. 15/9 ladies Fine leather High leg lace boots Stout Spriggel Solea rivets m seams 7/8 for 6 11 ladies Glace hide High leg lace boots Plain fronts wide fitting 8/11 for 7/1j ladies Chrome kid lace boots toe Caps cuban heels 9/6 for 8/11i ladies Box calf High leg lace boots i Patent Caps 10/9 ladies Patent Golosh lace boots Patent Caps kid leg cuban heels 12/9 ladies Black Felt slippers Felt poles 1/ ladies dark Felt slippers carpet soles 1/6 for 1/3 ladies bed Felt slippers string soles sizes 4 to 7, 2/6 for 1/11 ladies Navy Felt slippers leather soles 2/b ladies plaid Felt slippers turnover tops Felt and leather soles. 3/6 for 2/11 ladies Blue and Pink Satin slippers string soles 3/3 for 2/11 ladies plaid Felt slippers turn tops Felt and leather soles 3/11 ladies plaid Felt boots warm lined Felt and leather Solea 5/6 for 4/11 ladies red Felt slippers fur top Felt and leather soles 3/11 ladies Patent one bar dancing shoes Wood heels sizes 5, 6, and 7, 4/3 for 3/6 a few pairs of ladies Satin court even ing shoes in Heliotrope and Cardinal to be cleared 4/11 pair j. T. off a a 1 m j pm a i Busy Busy always fcusdllfh4� to v4is set extra orig is Btu f extra a six a Miil Tel Al Lff f_1 j i . I i a v my. See the big . .these1 fashion shr to a. A in on Lwi-t3rwb5� clearance of cheap i in watches � famous make 1% a a a we Nave decided to Clear the our Rema Aung s1od�?Ril Ansonia Jund Derby. � in watches Alrh is follows pass Ansonia m Nickel and gunmetal Ordinary Sperai a of Vii or or Ance once Only ,.t. A ",., ,. ,. ",.w to a Derby watches by the same maker Silver dial i sual we special clearance once Only 0/lleac�i" �., " see these watches Early a limited number of � r jewelery division re Al a our great Wemmer a i Juii of Imti Ippu I"Bi��miliin Bow ssi a bus _ a i thin ii in i a i j j there tur Wooten Hsy r . A3 j Mit. S

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