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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia bulk the no ivc a to victa Sassy Coop Hob Best essence hot Coffee Tea & scones and Light refreshments 17a Rundle St too. Moors hectic atmosphere in Canberra deadlocks on Bills broadcast from on staff Kooima Ototivo Canberra Friday. With thru dral parliamentary a Lien and ing Iri a hectic Atmos Hurt still deadlocked 019 major Bills it was announced Ariy this morning that or. M Ohms will Mako an important statement tonight. The print minister s announce mint which wih by broadcast will a Al with the gov rih Nitt s intentions following labor s obstruction on the communist party ditto Laurion Bill. The Only major legislation passed during the session was the child endowment Chi on which. Labor opposition collapsed this. ? morning. ? by ministers have refused to give any hint on the nature of the prime minister statement. R7 or Menzies will be heard Over 81 commercial stations at 715 Adelaide time to Day. -. ? the announcement of the broadcast states that or. Menzies will also answer labor propaganda that though the government has been in office since december no major legis lation has been placed on the statute Book. K or. Mendes moved that the communist. Party dissolution Bill be Laid aside when the House resumed its sitting at 1 an. Today. His motion followed a Mes Sage that the Senate had rejected the House amendments and mutated on amendments which it sought and the House had . Menzies s motion was carried on the voices. Threat fails the Bills on which the House and the labor Domi rated Senate Are dead locked Are. The anti red Bill legislation providing for a Commonwealth Bank ? Board and a measure seeking to prevent Senate double Disso Lution deadlocks. These measures will now be shelved until the budget ses Sion probably in August or sep tember. The government will move soon to prologue parliament so that the budget session will be a new session thus enabling the deadlocked Bills to be resubmitted. This is in conformity with procedure which could be Fol Lowed to Force a double dissolution late this year or Early next year. The child endowment Bill providing lot payment of 5/ a week for the first child is the Only policy legislation passed during the present session Winch has lasted Over four months. The opposition backed Down Early this morning in the Senate and the child endowment plan will come into operation in accordance with the govern ment s original proposals. It b planted that the first payment Stiim be made on july la. The sensational collapse of the labor bluffing on child endowment followed a night of swiftly moving events which reached crisis proportions at one stage in the minds of Mem opposition conducted its Sham fight on the first child endowment Issue almost to the last minute. Tense night in House the i first move in last night v dramatic develop in cuts occurred when it was disclosed that the caucus executive had told Cabinet that unless the government was prepared to Compromise on the Bill by agreeing to a direction to the court in return for labor s acceptance of the 5/ payment the Senate opposition would delay a vote on the Supply Bui. Cabinet s reply was a Tot refusal. It said if the Senate does not passe the Supply Bill the government will adjourn ? the House of representatives until next thursday when we expect Supply from you separate meetings of minis ters and the caucus executive were held simultaneously at one stage during the night. Ministers were Adamant thai there should be no Compromise. Their attitude was that labor bad fallen into its own trap and was now attempting to wriggle out by seeking a face saving Compromise. In the caucus executive there were Streng disagree ments on whether the party Shoutd precipitate an election by withholding Supply. To test the government s re action a Rumor was spread by labor members that the executive had already decided to Force the House of representatives to the people by refusing Supply. Informal reactions from the government Side were Shor and to the Point. There will be no backing Down the atmosphere in the Lobbia Crew increasingly tense with government and opposition members discussing whether the election Rumor was soundly based. After a skirmish in the Striate labor capt United and be Short lived crisis had col lapsed. In a final fiasco labor Mem mers All walked out of the House of representatives shortly after 1 an. Today to void voting against a clause Tor the payment of child endow ment. This was the final blow to labor s despairing attempts to emerge from the session with some gain Over the government the speaker or. A. A Cameron insisted on a Divi Sion when a labor voice shouted no labor was annoyed by the government s refusal to allow the opposition Leader or. Chifley to explain the opposition surrender on child endow ment. There has been enough fool ing around already the minis Ter for external affairs or. Spender interjected. Or. Chifley tried to Call off the division and or. Calwell lab., Vic waved his hands to the Back benches in a despair ing gesture. Or. Speaker i heard More than two voices. You cannot Call off a division. As labor members filed out of the chamber the speaker ordered the doors to be locked he gestured to or. Burke lab., who was trying to speak to sit Down. Or. Bake was the Only Lacr member left in the House and when or. Spen Der shouted the boy stood on the Banting deck be then left the chamber. After the doors had been locked and the tellers summoned the speaker said there being no members to Tell for the noes i declare the motion carried labor members than trooped Back amid government laugh Ter and cries of come out of your Funk holes shortly after 2 am. Both Chambers adjourned to a Date to be fixed thus ending the session. Mov inspect new Muers at of bore i to new boiler. Operating entire on Leigh Creek Coal m a Cost comparing favourably with boilers using new Atlle Coal were inspected yesterday As the of bore powerhouse by Ibe Premier or. Play Ford and a party of 30 stale members of parliament. Inspecting one of the boilers Are from left the chairman of the electricity Trust or. F. C. Drenthe Leader of the opposition in the legislative Council or. Co Donand the Premier. Red Biu destroyed by Senate or a slav Canberra june 22. The attitude of the labor controlled Senate to the communist party Dis Solu Ion Bill Wilri no lev the communists another three months of Freedom to continue Leir disruptive activities throughout Australia the prime minister declared in the House of representatives today. Or. Menzies foreshadowed the re submission of the Bill to parliament i three months in accordance with constitutional procedure to Force a double Dis solution. The Senate opposition Majo Rity he said had destroyed the present measure not by a rental attack but by sapping and mining operations the government he added will be delighted to join Issue with the opposition on this matter government hear. Hears. The Deputy Leader of the opposition or. Evatt said provision for Banning the com nudist party remained in the Bill which the House was now in effect throwing under the table. The minister far com Merce or. Mewen Tost Are giving As the Rifle Tot no mums. Government s offer on Tasman flight Canberra june 22. The acting minister for civil aviator or. Casey reiterated today that the Minn Mwai never Ament would not allow cant. A. E. I Radshaw to Fly his family from Tasmania to new zealand in Bis single engined Perval Proctor aircraft the Hazard of such a flight was far too great said or. Casey. He added that the govern ment would allow capt Brad Shaw to proceed by him self if be wished to do so in which pase the government would Ted passages 00 a. Tainan Empire airways aircraft for capt. Brad Bhaw s wife and son. The government Wood even be willing to find Pas sages for the whole family. Inc Hng capt Bradshaw. And foam approach the no government and ask them to share the Cost of any Pas sages in Tea. Or. Casey was replying in the House of representatives to the Deputy Leader of the opposition or. Evatt. 8ydney, june 22. The department of civil aviation to Day informed capt. Bradshaw that the government had insisted that he change his tas Man route to Fly Solo from coff Sharbor by Way of nor Folk Island. Mrs. Bradshaw said tonight that she and her son were very disappointed. It would be better for the three of us to be together in the event of an Accident than for John and me to be left be Hind she declared. English Cricket critics sift Rondaan s new Bookum Aai oar Sacui . June 22 Cricket writers in most London morning papers to Day pan sir Donald Bradman s new Book. Farewell us Unkei. Alex Bannister writing in the daily mail under a head ing Bradman better with the Bat declares sir Donald fails to score a hit. Richard Allen writes in the daily graphic surely he had no need to devote a Long chapter to flaying his critics. It is difficult to understand the defensive note so strangely out of character with his Cricket that keeps intruding into his Story. His rare failures seem to have lingered longer in his Nemory than Bis Wondem successes Crawford White in the news chronicle describes the Book is a continuation of Bradman s self defence. The daily Telegraph columnist Peterborough says it has one rare distinction in this class of literature he wrote every word of it himself no personal animosities. Sir Donald is hard on some journalist critics but generous to his colleagues with whom he did not always see Eye to Eye Charles Bray Cricket writer for the daily Herald says Bradman has started another storm. Sir Donald gives his views of Many controversies of which he Raa the Centre with the same i daddy and ruthlessness that stamped Many of his innings it there is another Side to every Case Bray says. Bray then cites Bradman s mount and prints his own rejoinder. For instance concerning Bradman s statement that he refused to encourage the bowl ing of bumpers. Bray says apparently he did not Dis courage it either and he cites Fingleton s assertion that apart from setting a close leg Side Field there was almost As much intimidation in the past two series As in the body line series discussing Bradman s state ment that Hammond had not produced the tangible evidence required for the appointment or new test umpires. Bray save he omits to mention that Hammond twice protested to the umpires sub committee of the australian Board of Cricket control a to refused the request because no written evidence was produced. Hammond took the ?-1e� that it would be undo Gnu � d and unreasonable to ask him to put in writing the Kobiec tier the remainder of the eng huh tear. Nad to Scott and 3or? cd other Umpire tonci Are studiously ignored by 3radman. Atnally. Remarking that the Don has never taken kindly to criticism of himself. Bray says i have searched the Book from cover to cover to find one single instance of an admitted mistake in Adelaide last night. Sir Donald Bradman reserved com ment on Charles Bray s article. Somerton mystery revived the possibility of a suit Case and its contents found in a City hotel bedroom on. Wednesday Beine connected with the Somerton body mystery is to be investigated by detectives. The Somerton mystery arose from the finding of the body of a Man at Somerton on Decem Ber 1. 1948. Despite extensive police enquiries throughout All English speaking countries the Man s identity is still unknown. Allan Roy Walters who took Over the manage ship of the John Bull hotel Currie Street City on Well mesday told police yesterday that a former employee bad banded him a suit Case which bad been by his bedroom. Omar Khayyam the employee told or. Wal ters that the suitcase belonged to a Man who had stayed at the hotel in 1945. The Case contained letters writing papers and ration cards. Papers in the Case bore the name of j. Carlin. Wabinga via Marree Central australian railways. Among the contents of the ease was a Pai on which there was some writing and the words Omar Khayyam a piece of paper bearing the words Tamam shut was found in a trouser pocket of the dead Man. The words Are from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khay Yam a copy of which was found in a motor at Glenelg. Shortly before the discovery of the body the words Tara am shut had been Cut from the Book the pages of which were the same in color and texture As the piece of paper found in the dead Man s trouser pocket. Condemned general under guard Geu Takuma Nis Kinrara was sentenced to death yesterday for ordering the massacre of 145 australian and Indian pow. He is shown Here fac ing camera with it Gen. Yamawaki parti obscured crouched fat a track after they bad been landed at los Negros to face War crimes charges. Story. Page 3. Labor storm Over merger with up. Melbourne june 22. To Voiiso it Hod ratified the labor party s Alliance with the country party in Victoria the Secretary of the trades Hall Council or. V. Stout and the assistant Secretary or. M. C. Jordan announced tonight mat they had resigned from the Alp Central executive. Labor s pact to support a up government was strongly criticised at to night s meeting. Of the trades Hall Council when or. Stout and or. Jordan announced their resignations. The Council decided to seek a conference with the Alp Central executive with a View to having the Alliance reviewed. Meanwhile the legislative Assembly was still discussing late tonight the country party s motion of no Confidence in the hallway government. At toe trades Hall Council meeting or. Stout said that the up Leader Jbv Mcdonald andma.v5u-Gttes bad split Wiff the liberals because or. Mcdonald had wanted to use the essential services act against the unions. Von can taut to the liberals abort wages and con Tabor Bat Yon can t reason with the up because they Are too Low he sati. I think that labor Sham be strictly Independent or. Jordan said that there had been Many complaints from unionists about the Alliance. He had understood that the Alp executive had decided that it should not be entered into unless All members agreed. How Ever a majority decision was made. It was not too late to rectify the mistake. It was stated at the trades Hal today that some unions were considering a move against the political Wing of labor by running their own candidates for Alp pit selection against sitting members. In each electorate contested by an Alp member who was not connected with the Trade Union movement a purely in lust rial nominee would be put in for pre selection. Some muons Are expected u consider withholding Finan Cial support from the Alp if the pact with the country party is carried out. Last year victorian unions Laid �7.200 i affiliation fees to he Alp. The Alp branches or the same period paid Only about �600. Approach to pm her it was stated ton ight that he Premier or. Ifould tomorrow ask top 36vernor sir Dallas Brooks o dissolve parliament and order Mother election. He would mint out that it would be in Nable for a party with Only 13 members which had obtained Melv about 10 . Of votes cast it the election on May 13 to Issue office. It is thought improbable that he governor will Grant a Dis solution. The governor would then Send for the labor Leader or John Cam who is expected to say that he will not be Able to form a government but that tils party will support the up which will then be i a position to govern. Or. Mcdonald Woald then be summoned by the Gover nor and granted a commission to form a government. The debate on the Nocon i Dence motion in the legislative Assembly began at 11 an. Today but in order to delay the Rote every member of the lip Lias spoken. Or. Hol Hray vigorously slated the up for its Paet with labor. He described the Cut action As utterly discredit Able he would prefer to leave the Treasury benches with Honor the dignity than to obtain them by a shameful dishonest Oolite Al trick he added. Defeat of the government is to train. Voting with the up and labor teaming probably will be 3fi to 24 British protest on Rovon duty Lorton Tun 22aap the president of the Board of Trade or. Wilson told House of commons this after noon that Britain had pro tested to the australian government against the increased Tariff on British Rayon piece goods. The protest he said had been made through the British High commissioner in can Berra and the British govern ment is giving the matter its closest attention Hall s Lemon and Orange quench. Advt overcoats dyed and dry cleaned like new at Bronson. Advt Ghihit-hahiited9 Emmaa kills himself Helbo Fernr. Jimino 22. Fear of the ghost of an other Runman whom he find shot dead several rears Aeo is believed by the police to have led a notorious gunman to take his own lire to Day he was. Roy Marley. 41 who was found dead i room in Fitzroy Early this morning. A packet which had contained bleeping tablets Lay beside him. Police have been told that Marley recently confided to i Anncia Trot am hated by a my Laidlaw s Cost on october 29. L -4. Marley shot inn Patrick Laidlaw at a party at a House in Goodwood Street. Richmond Marley was arrested and tried for the Mur Der of Laidlaw. But was acquitted by a jury on the ground that he had acted in self defence Marley was i have appeared at court today on a charge of shop was also out on a Bond pending the Hen ring of an a peal against a sentence of six months imprisonment on a charge of brine a Felon at the end of last month he i furred in a dramatic encounter with police at Prince Henry Hospital he tool a Man who had Ben hurl in a Brawl to the Hospital for treatment. While there police came to the Hospi Tal. Marley Drew a fully loaded pistol and a i tempted to shoot the two constables. He was overpowered after a struggle. Six inches of rain in three hours Brisbane. June 22. Nearly six inches of rain Lei in Brisbane Between 9 . And Midnight tonight in a cyclonic storm. All Low lying areas were flooded. Two inches fell in Little Over half an hour. Berra pupils not healthy says report a routine medical Cheek of children at the Burra primary and High schools Las shown that a number of them Are suffering from under nourishment according to a report of an education department medical officer. A message from Burra says that the parents of about 30 pupils have been told that their children Are affected and that the Burra school welfare club has considered and rejected schemes to introduce supplementary feeding of either milk or soup to the children while at school. The welfare club has decided to seek an enquiry by officers of the state welfare depart ment and has asked the department to Send a welfare offi to interview the headmaster of the Burra primary school. s. Comment. The chief medical officer of he education department or. Of. Christie said last night hat he had seen the report ind had referred it to the Wel fare department. Although he did not know the lumber of children involved it t was less than the 30 then toned. The report had been made of or. Naomi Ryan a depart nent medical officer. Under feeding was Only one of Many things which could use signs of under nourish nent in children. Or. Christie said. Bad Teeth do lease and bad Oak in were Only Home of a number of canoes of tack of assimilation of food. A welfare department spokesman said that an officer of the department would make enquiries on her next visit to Burra. Fees maj. Spy charge Altred Dean Slack us chemist who wat arrested on june is and faces charges of having supplied russian agents with samples of a new us explosive. On june having supplied agents with a explosive. Passengers to be ferried to Otranto the 20.026-ton Orient liner Otranto. Due from the Eastern states this morning will Stav at the Anchorage be cause no tugs Are available for berthing at outer Harbor. About 120 passengers will of taken to the ship by launch and 33 will disembark. Arrangements for the Orion due tomorrow morning have not been completed yet a spokesman for the Adelaide agents m. G. Anderson & co said yesterday he could not re Call an Orient liner having in ferry passengers to the Sema Phore Anchorage in the past 20 years the disputes committee of the trades and labor Council has called a meeting this morning of about 29 tug employees who went on strike last Friday. After conferring yesterday with the representative of the tug and Barge employers the Secretary of the trades and labor Council or. A j shard said it was hoped to be Able to place acceptable terms before the men bitter Springs premiere Here Tor Fht London next month hitter Springs which will have its world premiere at wests tonight vill be Chinmin Sinh in pvt. Month. The resident minister Lor Australia in London or. E. J. Harrison says in a message to the management of wests. J or. Harrison Hopes it will be the forerunner of Many films presenting Australia to the world. Film producer sir Michael Balcon has cabled the theatre eating s policy of film making in Australia has done much to promote under standing and Goodwill Between our countries or. J. Arthur rank giving Best wishes for a successful premiere and record run in Australia. Cabled it is especially appropriate that this premiere should take place in Adelaide the capital of the state in which the picture was made. I Hope it will be enjoyed by every film goer i your coun try and particularly by those Many australians who helped in its production love to All my cobbers is the message from Tommy tinder. Gordon Jackson says in a Cable it was an enjoy Amie experience to meet the Folk of South Australia and my greatest Hope is to make a. Re turn visit thanks to the Premier or. Playford and the a govern ment for their wonderful co operation and a special recognition of the work of the aborigines Are included in a message from the director or. Ralph smart. The a agent general i London sir Charles Mccanna and messes. Ewen and Clyde Waterman have cabled Good wishes. Official details of tonight s programme appear in an illustrated sap Leneat on bitter sprints on pages 19. 20 and 2l Coal Reserve for 30 years or. Playford on Leigh Creek supplies f roved Coal reserves at Leigh Creek were sufficient to last the state 30 years at a production rate of pm. Tons a year the Premier told a party of 30 state members of parliament who visited the electricity Trust powerhouse at Osborne yesterday. Or. Playford said that in the past year the mines department had established the existence of another 5m. Tons of Coal at Leigh Creek. The Premier and my s inspected the first two boilers in stalled Hisa designed to Burn Leigh Creek Coal. Figures stowed that costs of production i the boilers com pared favourably with the costs of steam raising i the b powerhouse said or. Playford. The party was conducted on tie inspection by electricity Trust officers. Supporting the Premier s expression of thanks to the offi cers the Leader of the opposition i the legislative Council or. Condon said he was proud to be associated with such an undertaking As the Leigh Creek Coalfield. ? Power for courtly the chairman of tin Trust or. P. C. Drew who responded said the Trust de tired to Supply electricity to the Rantry areas at Tariff rates As on As manpower and a rials were available. The chief Engineer and general manager of the Trust or. R. H. M. Lea describing Progress on the port Augusta powerhouse said that work on the coffer dam had begun and would be completed by the end of the year. The water would be pumped i Ana the powerhouse out inside. ?. ? the powerhouse would Burn pulverised Coal from Leigh Creek. At present the Trust was Stock piling fines at Leigh Creek which could not be used on the Adelaide Market. The port Augusta powerhouse would consume All these fines which would mean an improve ment of 25 to 30 a. In production costs at Leigh Creek. 1 can see the Day when we win not be contest with a Muon ton of Coal a year from a duh Creek Sam or. Lea. Allowed to Canberra june 22. The development of the Leigh Creek open cat ? fold in a would save is of coalfields about half a Mil lion tons of Laik Coal a rear or . Cameron lab 5a� said in the to Soto rear sen Tatevos today. The House was debating a motion moby or. Wentworth 14b., new advocating in creased open Cut Coal production and alleging underhand sabotage by the new govern ment. Dureaf Tat year Coal strike said or. Cameron production the Mel government had de production at Leigh Creek to drop by about 50 profits capacity. got Ernert if a jew time the Ece Abaiy Flaa Aee for the Eon Traetta of a 4 n. St is. Game rms was Noce sury of Lull a Nett were to be of Talent from the new powerhouse betas shut rusted at port Augusta if the subsidy being paid on Al from South Africa and sldflsrejui5rted i a traction of the railway and other. Development of the Tigh Creek Flem a would be Ita Ost completely Independent at new needing Black Coal Only Torgas supplies. The feral government was entitled to credit for the Deve torment of the Leigh Creek Mai. As it had provided about os0.000 of capital to enable the 5te opt 0 6111 to y 1 it said or. Cameron. The debate was adjourned. More rain North East rain which started on wednesday and continued steadily in North Eastern pastoral areas Vesterdal was welcomed by Pas to rusts. Who said it would be of further Benefit to feed that was already Good. Rain was also fairly general Over the Southern fringe of the Interior the Eastern Byre Peninsula and Northern Agri cultural districts most readings were Light Bat in the North East the registrations were moderate to heavy. The Best Falls in the North Ern agricultural Rea and astern Interior were Balca Noona 44 Points. Beltane 61. Johnburg 61. And ood Lavirra 19 ram bad made most roads in the broken Hill District impassible and Outback mails Nave been delayed. Cars bogged oars Nave Deen dogged Ai Yunta and inspector j. Costello and Constable g. Baker have been held up Between one tree and broken Hill about 100 Miles from broken Hill. They left one tree on wednesday morning and were stranded until yesterday when they were contacted by two constables who left Oken Hill with food supplies. Beget ratio along the Adelaide broken Hill roads yesterday averaged an Inch. Eighty eight Points of rain have fallen in broken Hill in the past two Days bringing the total for the Vear to 819 Points at the flying doctor base five Miles from broken Hill 118 Points were recorded. Forecasts Are for further rain in the North East and Northern agricultural and hurray districts Early today but the Wea ther is expected to become Fine during the Day on other pates cables in Brief 10 boy schools 16 finance ? � raring ? 14 other sport 12,13,18,22 social notes 16 Marian March 17 gardening ? 9 weather map 18 shipping 16 Law courts ? 11 crossword ? h postal advices. 16 amusement Advt. 18 great stocktaking Sale this my Nung of Ivi Jve so map of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of so Teaf cd gom of to non Ottna Bogota or hair Pace i bread saws for Only 6/6. Pottery at half Price. 6 cake obis for Only 14/6. Ejna at half Price. R. Thustin Price Kiwi Mote Diamente earrings for Only 1/8 pottery at third Price. Diamente clips at 12/6. Crystal cars for Only 12/11. Crystal egg cups. 3/11. Dressing table sets. 19/11.a More i 34-Iece stainless carving set. 27/6. Knives table 30/- Dent 27/8 Hudi do. Petit Point Brush. Comb. Mirror. Signs. Glass powder bowls. Clearing of 3/11. Wedgewood plaques hah pric. 4/1k i and ii More. ?. / i tomorrow it 9 Sharp at wends jaw ton with tradition. 74 Rundus at w2614 Akk Oit ail fog i Melbo Irit met Bourini. Jonm 22. Me of wot mock of ool for 24 timotes today Wnm c Avo of. Ill m sis nov wow boy for 49 inn pm Motif ? 44% of jowl Opp lev ? Tim City vhf bpm Kovno m c illicit fv0f Wahidi cims a cd chem Airport Ltd 007/ 4 Mym for Lucy kmmll8s# is ill ? a Hirm ? War a raw ? imn in Viv him Highway. To o Stoh inn vim cloth if Fin of . Timm pm Podric to Boms Tsi own a Ata of a Sii Asom Oarks Hamff Ivov to in Huhta form. Woojoo ? j j to a la woo Ono raw tvo 9 we to Tofft. Two Foi too ? ? doctors my Ottaw Sot i to Jas sis so Tao Saoi Youm pm Moo ? pwn ii m%4 by he off a of Wooi two owl off Coloso Nona of Tao Amor vie Mim a i a it of Flo Koo of a Josiv 10 of Octoaf Jot Hon who Wara act 0m0 so Tad Ito i to a Roy la Notri to to kor to Koc Atmo a mems Elf Ftp Nii aia so a saas a of Voi to fun woo wot Wal Lamb Kralov tort disrupt it Sydney. June 22 x Loo a which Nave disrupted Coal production of the South Maitland Field arid prevented transport ton of Coal at. Grass will to baby Force Gaa rationing on Sydney Over the week Ond. If Melbourne s Gas Pontoo u jeep Ming desperate As the bist Wilder carrying Coal from new Castle was the River flt Sroy which sailed last tuesday with 1200 tons the Collier Beckenham u till being loaded at Newcastle pith about 7.000 tons of Coal a Ned for Melbourne and about Thalf a Docen other Melbourne Soulen Are tied up in new Astle ? ? Gen Cool shoring in an attempt to re Avci Faa Sydney a rotate bold Coal from Elrington and he Omu nines will of trucked by Road a Aqaba and railed to Sydnam tomorrow. Only 900 tons a Day an be shifted which is not of ment to relieve Sydney s Gas Xor shortage. ? of the at Rallan Gas ought co. Toda approach and the minister a works or. Cahill with Azimi to introducing Gas rationing this week end he Defo Rod a de Stoh until tomorrow. ? no Coal was lifted from the Meanock Field today bring Long the Coal production loss through flooding to t7.7i0 for the Day. Forty four mines were Idle because of flooding or because no empty Coal waggons were available for loading. The Hunter River subsided at Mauland today with flood dam. Age estimated by local officials at More than 000.000. Water is still blocking Road and rail traffic to and from Maitland. And is up to 10 feet deep in Many Homes

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