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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 22 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 22, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia tapping. Mrs age us ?itl-11_ at Riann and i Nail. Font Bali with toe French govern Adelaide to London via Mare due Salleg at Albany. Seyo Faella Aden sea and fort id Adelaide to London in dats. A its . Leave Adelalde. A list a he Boulard . Sun., july 3 a. My on Bogia. Pop Denot l.t.imon-, aug. 1 Fao jog. Digior . Thru sept. 1 Ocala no _403sif. Fischl . Mon., oct. 8 Pat miss Fco Gull. Boulard. La. A thurs. Nov. 3 Bam or a sales include wms or aus at meals. A hash of Rland tickets Marss Jil to lob Dob Taa oed Here journey 81 hams Only. The company s Fate ureters will to company through engers bom arte Les to Paris and London. Luggage Oon Rayed Faaa by Steamer from Marse Lei to London by a stewards. Lunch Cowo red. Single of Odets to my or Lea from �20 to �86. Be Tornbom Otto Len a lass Lommo Dalton on a a led. Wine aed All Cabin furniture included in fares. Parr non a Are booked through to Mauritius bunion and South Africa via Bey Chene to Faase Egras booked to 80-Bat, via Kur Rachee. Per Bra a a line from Aden. Cargo booked through to Havre. Genoa Antwerp. Dunkirk Hamburg Bordeaux and in Adon. The Qai to n it Bop Broth a a the p. n. Compant. In Mdse kits a. 6gffig t j is avs commander. Ade Romm rat. 6045 1. H. Moule june 22s___a _ Fesal Adamson Only 8oci__ , jury so Ota i % f. ?. Aug. 8ibcadia toihw.b.a-Jdrea-.ang. 17 Bome b6-sla.b.danif_l aug. Is it a be Rolar monthly be of fast Pas 9__s?-__mam_ to Southampton a twerp and Bremen. Maleng at Colombo Adas sea fort said and Genoa con. Of stir air with Man and re eng Era from port Aldo eur Odis under mail contract with the Imperial by a governor or. Steamer will be Dir paed As allows Steamer. Orn ii ande. 1 la. And. Hohenstaufen 8.090. Boben july 18 Bauer 8,081?. Tunmann .Ang. 15 Kub Berg s.u6 sep. 12 Hohenzollern 13, r3? Ivon Cohen oct. 12 a to ranch Tine to Samoa and Steamer leaves Sydney on arrival of each Steamer for these . Passage Touey from a1 -1- a to Bremen from �14 to �80. Great it Ottona on return Pas sages available for cd nine or Twive Ino nth a. Every facility is offered for bringing out friends by payment of Page Mey hers. Cabin Paa Engen Bay bread their journey. If Eon spec Fly arranged to a an Caos. All officers and Ateward conversant with the f_g-8b Tan Gnage. Past ogers us cargo booked through to London and principal Emolean Radatto and american ports Faa Sengen for fog-"1 an landed at Fec Hampton. In Footie a Angera win land and embark at Liuigi /orght,p-_3agandanmh_parncalan-ply to to agents. Boob Mac a and port Adelaide. X Uno s line of steamers. Few of cd Ali London i apercu As required u these new Fau pow a fast Steamer Are a Bibb appointed to leave the fort Adelaide wharf and outrun As required a Footra Oulu of _ _ july 30. Yabba Wonga _ _ to follow. Mubbub Midgee _ to follow. Woolloomoo Loo _ to follow. Xxx event for pc senti Forfragl_Otpaskige-4mlyto of lao Geo. Wildfi a 00., Adelaide or fort. It Tobx Adelaide to London of or Kiasue canal. Ass the fast run Pua died new Steamer Gulf of Siah Captain j. Sanderson a Fol be Dos patched a abort about toe 30th june. A re Fos a co ulnar Adda lds or port Arlo ads. _-_.-. _ team to London via new Zea i bins a. Is land Cape Horn and Wahine at it i to new zealand Sharpp dog 00.-s line of total Kail steamers. Then let steel Steamer by Pehu 5.163 tons will leave Lyt ton on july 9, to be followed by Kainose on August 4. I pm in Nurmi Plymouth and Rio Janeiro by this Routs will avoid the Extrema heat of the Bol and Toast Aca Bolfio Geo. Wills 00., agents. Queensland total mail line. Gulisk a London via Brisbane be i both Queensland forts. Java a a and Suez canal beam. I Fobb. I Kiwi 3,136 Itne Day july 5. India 4.065 tuesday an Rusti fares from Adelaide to London Saloon to Arygle �56 10s. Return 10a, Ava Abl for 12 months Flie Adelaide and port Adelaide. A Bina and Japan. The Eastern and australian coi Pant looted. Be Gulab monthly line of direct steamers from Australia to China and Japan. Rrt following pow rest a of Lee As under beam a. Tonnage. Captain to sail Guthrie c.400 Only Oatt Bothun 2,200 n. Shannon to follow Menmuir _ 2.000 Hugh or us a Jjo Bibl it i 2.w0 we fils Trofo of there steamers have Large tool Csc Chambers. Snura Rhth an abundance of ice fresh meats. A Kroo boat the tags. _ n Saloon fast Engels booked through Tau Portt inc of Japan also to san Ftp Misao. Jive Pool London and toe Pontine in of for freight Ems Salem and Fau parse Pere up Tje Gibbs. Bright a of 69, Grenfeu-St., agent. S9jwibi. ten duty Obst Fiand Fowler s bats the Woll omai now loading Ami Friday the 17th, at 4 p in. I Flo w Piru Joch. Joa agent. Port. I Rios Ardrossan n. R flee Wing Qew n Prince s wharf port Adelaide every wednesday at zip in Plaza of tuesday. Mela b. Frio eeb port. 7ior repairs to of v the Larooka toe thur Dat s at a Tripton Abd Osban will be disown we a a a tin Jed until further Noti. 169-75 h. Witecke & co. La i of. Ceres wih be dispatched Asb to Stansbury every thu sat and saturday at 8 from Stano jury every monday and Friday at 11 . To fort Vincent every tuesday at 8 am Reto Raing same Day Lea ring at Poao. 3 0io a be Secretary a Uono neers Fos Tebb made a speciality at a. The advertiser general . Bend enters for Fostos with advertiser meets. Snipping. The Artur Mie steam hip Oom fast limited. Will dispatch their steamships As Ondr i for Melbourne and Sydney Tuvoa Wiippa in for All Queensland ports. As. Add Laid 1 saturday i june is i. 1? a. -5.5. By june 88 4p m. _. Nam Noea i saturday july 2i cum. For Elbourne Only. West aus Tkai an service. It Albany and Fremantle 808 Northern Poth. . S. Australian i saturday june 23 i . South East service. Fob Kingston Bobe Beac Hobt. And nov. Jonnell Bat. Sal Bra i tuesday Only sl4i m. Western Bays service. Fob Fob delusion Streak Venus and Fowler s bats. . Lubra i tuesday june 28 noon. Freight to Venus Bay must be paid by Bippus. Spencer s Gulf service. Fort Lincoln Moonia Wallaroo and Franklin Harbor u. Ferret tuesday june 23 bps. Gar go reel esd till 11 am. Fob Augusta port Pirie and fori Hermein. Am. In be Tio Ator i saturday i Jane 251 6 p a . Emu i tuesday 1 june 281 4 . Cargo received till 1 pm. Day of Kaiung. John Turnbull Emy is Larriec Bambers Norrie a eau a slams. General merchandise. Lorimer. Rome a 00. Have of Sale on Tbs spot or to arrive Stott guinness a bottled by o Brien the " Dagger Edmund s celebrated " Fig Brand. Whisky scotch Ballantine s club Brand. In balk. Shelving Clear Fine Spruce deals Ash Basswood offic Ory Walnut . Flooring. It Rosme Cryst a water White of. Turpentine. Besin dark and Dight grades. Plaster Windsor Mut Diamond braid. Oak Staves for wine casks. Champion s vinegar balk and Case. Tobacco and cigarettes Geb Aldion so. B o o n of air no in essay. July a 12.16 port Douglas pan. Cooktown thu sat is a. Normanton Burketown Fob ports Pixie and Verhein. . Rodondo. _ tuesday Jane 28 5 pin. She cheapest and Moat convenient route to broken Hill. Saloon. Be torn. Tot abm. To Pirie _�1 0 0 is 0 �0130 from Smith and Cave s wharf. Ter Trca bin Patac Nicra a supplied with food and eur no free. Frai Clareon a Plica onto w. B. Cave & co. Agent Oresar of a As i site i or on Eletr porn Adelaide. Conveyances and livery notices. Biol h. Graves and go., railway Abd general Karrl custom House and forwarding Woeso to nil parts of the at Al noon Al. Goods received Fob Fri Orab. Str Patten a or nto Theo Sot Ian of go for sir it othe we. Having nude a Pectal a a a ments with tits Tesa. Ship Oon pallet on men Board All be Anim a a arrival at Largs Bay. Sona bore and part la of a fax Aad i rag it or it a a. Head off los to. Ouille Laeva. Fxlpson4t-reet.porii ads Ida. Huhta of goods she. Hod a nos. A Argei Meln. Hori Daso by Aey. A Broadbent Bros. Melbo Anis. ? Are a re brow i a the. And Bret Hill of drapery and clothing. Jas. Marshall & co. Clothing and merchant tailored a department. On View this Day saturday june 18. We Are offering to Day a special Purchase of 44 a pairs Meks Tweed trousers. Usual Price. To Day s Price. G a 5/n � _ 7/6 s � 8/11 j a men s Weed trousers and a Vest. Usual vane j to b of ice. � to j 7/11 � is. J 9ig 3 " 12/6 it 05 5 pm u in g 290 men s Tweed suits. Usual value on Price today. Sy6 15/6 _ j 17j6 i i 19/g a 1 j 27/6 i 32/6 a jct test Fpo oot la or South aus thu a our second he St now opened. Football knickers. Ido Ball a sets. Football jackets made Tomeasue football Hose. Football oafs. . Satanist Foo Ball ribbon. B. C. Castle & c-pmpy., 87, Btu Idle Tret. Footballers Call on 08 Early. 123-Usi i Oieu dts Loub opposite Tor hotel. Feathers clothes dresses hats All materials cleaned or a ted an the Hob teb io6s-_-e i Otisi fast 00-Obs pare constr. And debt Neo. Abm a drapery and Lothi a. Hunt Corry it co. Great stocktaking Bale. In Rabbit big on Sale Price list to on Many custom ere and the in blah generally we would remind them that on importations Hare been somewhat in excess of our require Oriento owing to the lateness of the season this causes on Stock to be much heavier than snal and As we always make it a Point to Clear ont All seasonable goods at the end of each half year we have made some startling reduction "oargain3. Naboian. To Aro Ains. Bicel by a Byrnat i department. 600 dozen 6-Oord Black Marble Cotton 9d dozen any number 200 Gross of Black average tape Leas than half Price is 9d Gross or so dozen 60 Gross Black and whits Hooks and eyes add Groa or so per dozen packets 60 dozen Art Gimp for trimming Booksh Ives fld dozen Coo dozen 12 in Wood Box ,4_dd---_boxes 100 Gross Black blocked chinese tape any non Nebr. Half Price 4s so Gross 4jd dozen a Gross coat and ve--_to__b-,00--Po-tm, la---m-1f-gr-L_Lna-ay-_Blai-Mtmling,Ahn- cards 200 Gros Lama skirt braid is fld Gross 6d piece of St Yards 35 Gross White Shude braid any non Nebr is of Gross to Gross 6-Cord White a thins Cotton is lid dozen 00 Dosen Blind to Nola is dozen fused Abs 3jd dozen Holyoake s Needles 4jd dozen packets spoon basks is lid Doton Gnu id Lino of White slue flan a bhang a Price. Is in e,2.-_-d, Worth 7_d a lot fancy neck i Hon Good a Liy Lydya a wort end Yam 2,000 a is Sooder Broider is 3d per dozen 8,000 Yards very wide embroidery 2d raid ask to see this line 2,000 Yards 4j-in. Earn Broider 4 Yard oar Ord by Price 7 Yard 3,000 Yards of Fink and sky Bro. Dery,7ldi Don Yards 2,000 Yards Fink and sky 3x-tn. Embroidery 2jd Yard ask for this Fine buttonhole Edge Chiffon 4jd Yard. State inert and fact department. Commercial envelopes 4jd. 6d, 9d per 100oourt �a_-ped_v-k-p-9, t Odds is per 100 Dpnna it Tuita Cedar Lead pencils 4m dozen Pei us a holders 3d dozen 30 Oai to on inlaid wot a boxes Wito trays also double brings Bank with lock and key. De each Bis Marck ump glasses ls4_ddozen i rep Wicks,6jd dozen hair Brash look Golase iii Brash savings Bank Dressig comb and steel watch Chain is lot Tobina. A and Lester a 4jd each when and Gold Ccu let taks bid each Glass sugar Basin and Batter dish is 4_d pair grand one Large size matk and Cream jogs. 6jd each Al in. High sky Wito Gold leaves vases is 6d pair ask for this line 2-Btade White handle pocket knives. 4 each plated Bert spoons and table Forks,2s 8d dozen ditto thai poom la by 2s cd dozen Imit won inv Glass Ana bottles 6d each Glass Jam dishes 4jd, each Large line of ?,7.deaob Briar Root pipes la by dozen 4 oases of one quart fluted Glass water jogs 7_d each toe cheapest line we Ever opened 1,000 bottles of Eaude Cologne of in a bottle ask for this be Nickel Silver plated Erm Tabunda Deach Job arson s bread knives Leach of __"__l3at_her- Shires Budeach Large China Kings with Hotto 4jdeaob 2s dozen India leather pones Worth la for my dinner knives and Forks. 4sm dozen Fox Drejd ers 6jd each for sad children s Luverine fates is 60 dozen or if inf ii cat Gss fat i 2s 6d dozen a crewel Wool my color is la. Children s outfit department. My Adren a Wool or Lime. 4s 9d. 6s 9d, is 9d. 10s 9d each 400 braided Tacka is lid he a 00 children s Tweed Over Oata is 6d each 100 Ohil Dren Wool Hata eds is. Is fld each 50 dozen Zephyr bordered Wai i olb la dozen Xor non lace ors. So is la fld i Dante bibs sad 4jd, end 9jd, is each Plush Cape la is fld is lid gents Folk har Rachle is is fld. Is lid a sold each German aprons m. Is is 3d each ores. A is is fld is lid 2s lid 30 fancy Cream Sage trimmed with Tach or i a Waring stews Worth Lis fid Sale pries file lid. I clothing trip umbrella depart Oist. Wool matted skirts be 9d, a Sam. Send 4s 9d a Jie a Teton skirts 28 fld As lid As lid. Fla fld each 200 Ladha Cha data Embr Adery Trimmel. U 4 Deab ladies nightdress a is lid stud 4s fld. Fly fld umbrellas is is lid 2s lid. Is lid. 4s lid Fly fld 10 dozen comets cake color is s4-m_c_-_ta,l Ett Anu Hill inert and Mats la department. I Dies straws new shapes i to to us Sale Price la p. It , 6_a, 9m, is grand value widows Caps fld fld is. Worth Ssu to songs a Here nov ered hats is 3d each Feather Boas ice of. 17a fld for Fly lid ladies Latera about 20is lid each ladies heavy trimmed utters 16s 9d for 6s lid 9d for 12s 0d 50 Jersey cloth jackets no to its 9d, for Fly lid pm toe cloaks iss 9d, 26s 9d, 81b 9d 20 Diagonal cloth mantles s 9 to sea so for 14s so Cashmere mantles cheap new wings any color Ltd cd 4id Paob 100dozen Haw quills is dozen Fox victorians lid a sold stud trimmed hate. Is is us 4s by. 6s fld. 8b fld. 10s so bars Blabon Felt hats. Is so each Fawn Grey and Cream Plush Beaver brim bats is us 4s us i ales Mac Tothea 2s lid 3s lid 4alid girder Sam Aidha of beb. Stud 8a lid 4a lid Lane and heavy Queensland Bob boy Wool shawls Worth top to 10s fld for 4s lid. Hosieb department. Women s Navy ,,9id,, is 3d.ls4j4pair wcmrsst_&cot-Xmhoa-3ru- women s Sud Lesa fart Black Hove Job Price 6jd pair women s Balbriggan Hose docked off Perate Price 4jd pair 26 dozen girls Cashmere Hose wed spliced Knees Fize 2ands, 6ld pair women s Cotton Hose about 200 Dren women a girls and maid s finished and a nil Wini feet is Loze pairs fwd a 3toacliudren,, finished feet 9d per dozen pal. Glove department soot it Light Oloti Dent Fri Button Kyj Volovei a raze is a were As lid Xan sur Demosquita Lre gloves 2s us for loud pair gents 2-Tatton Light bid gloves 2s us and 3a lid any size Tor is pair 4-t-Ratton Tan eid gloves is old us 3s us 4s lid Black and coloured Cashmere gloves. Aid 9jd. Is i in. Xan taffeta gloves fljd.9jd, is pair Ladiser driving gloves it Worth 2a 3d. Linen Calico and carpet department. ,"u-ud,ss9d.3b9d,4s so dozen Oom Farinon Pant Crewdson Sand Horrocks s Al Halloo Jud dozen 30-ln wide White Calico la us dozen cwt of sheeting doable Beds fled old 10m, is 4jd Yard Boarnet Turkey twid is ,2s9d,baud dozen Brown Hoo ands fld,3s fld 4s so is 9d a Auto to to t 4h679id, Flannelette a sold 2511d,3s lid heavy in fun Idette 2s lid 8s us 49 lid dozen of Cream its fld 8s of. 4s 9d dozen Brown table damask 4jd,,7ld,9jd, �100 Worth Art Mantle tapestry Kir Dering sad 4 a fled. 9jd. Is Yard the Kareda per Ateva in Wool Creyonne Ball fringe cd Yard ask to see this line 2 Yards wide floor wifi both Ltd Yard Aper a Crapet new patterns is Yard 3c4n. Art bunds no hand 4jd Yard White a nets base and heavy 2s lid 4s 9d, 6s-9d,,loe9d, m pair 72-fii.liuoleum, merr aare cd. Dress and Cashmere department. Striped prior fled Yard 40-Inch All Wool plaid for thu Derrs artems is Yard Black based Cord 4ld Yard a Quantity of narrow Blok Cashmere 3d Yard Blixie Laok car Ungere grand value 7m, is is 3d. Is fld is lid Yard Sok pile feb ool -4u 3 dyad set vet Verj wus no to 6s lid Yard Sale pries is fld Ike Rue Width Fondue cloth is lid Yard Sale Price is 21-Inohgre Nate ,6jdyard to Fordom ties be u4aaleprioemag--r__-Yot Plain Art Muslin is so dozen 2,300 a Rda Check Drees Homespun tweeds is so dozen striped Diss tweeds also diagonals 2s fld dozen Check dress Homes a Weech Lead 4s us dozen heavy Melton cloths 4slld dozen French All Wool Serea Best colors 6s lid. 9180,118 Al Hen a Jothi a depart a a. Fen stweed_ror_-ei_3slid,4slid,,7a fld Fla fld pair me Safe be Rotare 3s lid. 4sfd,s93d men St ?,9sllill2s6iias64l_s6d._sslien s Berwin suite 19s of 265, 29s 6d a splendid Lias Serge baits on own make32a 6d a lot Todd vests at Sale prices of Verona a Over Oata for the bullion2 of i ended Lues at 7s lid 10s 6d, better goods at 16s fld 19s 25s fld boy from 4s us each Ous Uii Large Otto died As Deprair be. Men s Mercery department. 60 dozen men s i in elects Suris to be cleared at a Derach abont2wdo?rad"o., better goods at la fld u us 2sfld, us the new leather Zoloto Hurt at Duck to a shirts la is fld is us each Cotton used a Orts Anda ants user a Heriot und a Soiree heavy.ls6d.lsud._sodeach Imbs Wool under Werte la us 2a lid 3s fld men s Merino sox bad 4m, 6jd per men e Merino doable toes and heels pair men s Brown Cotton . ,3i_, Piir lambs Wool and military 6d, 9id, be 40 dozen in s Webb braces to be cleared at 3d pair 150 dozen men s Strong elastic smoes 63, of la pair gent s Derby breast and knot scarfs of each Black Tom thumb tie 2d each j to 1 in a lot of Gene knots and breast scarfs 2d each bugs port manuals carpet -c.-c, All at Sale prices. Woollen department. Tweeds tweeds tweeds at reduced prices Blue scree 4 a fld. 7.d, 3 a is Yard tweeds for boys hearted Nojd is la 3d Yard better goods at Sale prices men s suits made to order at re need prices. All hawkers and the Trade through out seized at special prices. Hunt Corry it co., 112, u4. Lit. 118, bundle Street. Adelaide. 16t,-ei,3,6,7,j0a?jd66-h drapery and clothing. Charles Birks half yearly Sale now in Progress. Great bargains Are being offered to All departments com Pelling a thorough clearance of the Winter season s goods. She advantages to be obtained at Birks s half yearly sales Are worthy of the attention of All buyers of medium and Good drapery. Although very Low prices Are quoted the goods May be idled non to give Complete satisfaction Samater Labouf alow Quality Are at an times rigidly excluded from the Stock hence we ask for your patronage and support with every Confidence As regards the value we Are offering. Dress Vla vials. For several seasons on dress warehouse has taken toe leading position for Quantity Una to and variety of than at a is shown in the City. We Are now offering to balance of our porn time of Melbourne dress tweeds a follows 3/8 for j if per Yard 4j6ter Al Pervard Tetor of per Yard the above have Cote handed a very Lares ale during toe first week the qualities Are very Superior having been in ported for the highest 3a-a Melbourne Trade. All Wool Ettamene Serges l/9for Oid. Double Width Natt sedges 2/dtor jugs i Jan leading dress warehouse. Ladies costumes. Assortment of very Choice Rostames made of new Tweed and other All Wool French materials some with bodices unmade hm2sj t4ls/ a i is than half Price. Stylish Tea gowns. 90/ for a High � guineas for _j5/ each. Capes cloaks and Ulster newest styles All at Large red Fotjon a Complete clearance being on object. Russian dress nets for evening Wear 1 Yards wide in White Black Cream sky. Pink Coral Light Gold and baby 4 id. Per Yard.2 6-bc_to_i Black French kid gloves on regular make All sizes perfectly new and fresh _/9 Tor Joli Birks s half yearly Sale now in Progress. 17-Aioc Martin Bros., Burlington House. Winter Sale now proceeding. Great bargains in ladies stationery. Boxes of writing Fafel re need for the Sale to 4 a. 6 d., jd., 10 m. Is. First was writing paper reduced for the Sale from Jig Tot is Sheet to 9 a far 120 sheets. 250 Best Quality new oped envelopes for 1 / All oar Best envelopes reduced to i and o per packet. Ladies Are advised to visit the stationery Depatt mint at Burlington Bouse during the sate. Sew Ildze Riesco ions Elsadie s notepaper in highly scented boxes beautifully designed in natural Flowers the new Gold edged notepaper the very latest productions. Notepaper in every fas to me tint stationary got top in unique boxes an inexpensive yet useful present Nete paper and envelopes for foreign correspondence. A Large Deli debt of new correspondence cards specially produced to meet the requirements of Liose to tiding Only to Send just a few hundreds of different varieties of stationery to select from at is. 6a. Per Box. Lakin Bro s. 171 c wadding of first annual Winter Clearing Sale commencing monday june 18. Large Stock of a kinds of knitted cloth ing Hose socks Acta cleared to make room for summer Stock. The whole of on goods an marked in Plain figures and a Dicou Nof 10 feb cent allowed on a fan bases of a and upwards. This a genuine Sale of first class goods and Ftp Loes who cannot be beaten. G. Waddington Arcade Adelaide. first Sale and for one month Only. 16f-aiw26_ Hall & Savage general drapers and tailors 106, bundle Street same Side and three doors West of Adelaide Arcade. Now showing a Plec id variety of new win Ike dress goods a All prices from 2jd. To As. Us. Yawl. 61wri matrimonial a widower Over 40. No family wishes to correspond with respectable , nth comfortable House or business with View to mat Camosy a Home c.f.0., Adelaide. 1u drapery and nothing. Sale Sale Sale Chas. Moore & co., 14, Rundle Street. Bead instead of spending Money to lavishly on Adver to wich has to come oat of the pockets of the Pui be a we tend Chinng the amount in the form of desperately cheap lines. An inspection will con. Rinset Hatalla seasonable goods Are marked at prices that most command a speedy clearance. We Here with give a few quotations As an indication. Striped dress material is fld dozen flaked Weed material 2a fld dozen Diagonal Tweed material 3s us Dor in double Width Melton All Colore bad Yard All Wool Bene an shades. 7jd Yard Cashmere double Width of i a a Davys sad Yard dress tweeds. Dress tweeds double Width is Yard. Iii Isery at Job prices. Straws Bond of treets so untrimmed straws newest shapes Hast is Arcade for in band a a sold. Ulster. Jackets. Matt inks. Cloaks at Clearing prices. Cardinal blouses is fld 2s lid 4s lid. Best makes of Manchester goods at Sale prices. Flannelette loud stud dozen All Wool Scarlet flannel fled a Wool imitation Welsh flannel Nojd la eiderdown data 12s fld. 17s fld 19s cd. I boys glazed Straw hats is. 6d. Boys Fth Muriette spurts 10id men s Plant Dette shots is 3d.carpets, floor cloths Uko lems at desperate prices. Chas. Moore & co 14, rc2o . 163 c j. T. Fitch the Corner Rundle and Pulteney streets. Talf it Early alb. To placing this list before on customers we wish it to be nude stood that an Educ Lions shown genuine and that the goods uttered Are new and fashionable striped dress tweeds is fld dozen fancy Drees tweeds 2s lid 8s us. For la us dozen heavy dress stall to dear 2s lid dozen heavy Melton cloth Sid for 2s us dozen self med Melton eld for 4jd 40-ln. Heavy dress weeds a Hwy special line 43d Yard 42-in. A trip Edd rental Reedt end said fiends Only of the new Zigzag cloth in Myrtle and a to Ope is Yard 8 ends of Sena Amazon cloth loud for is 3d Black Astrachan from Aid. Per Yards in. Kavy and Brown Astrachan to Clear is Ltd 84 it Obj by Ong to been Aaric on us 9d for a 144. Three Ricarter length Jao kete 16s id for 12s fld 19. So and 22a fld for life fld Cedren a Ulster from is lid a pwt is ,2slldfarlaud Wool Clouds to wraps to Flitar from is fld each Grey far tippets 2s lid each Black far capes 7a lid for 3a us 9s fld Tot stud 10 dozen Moiseta to dear is fid per pair striped Wincey skirt 8s us for is lid Meunier Bibbons in a new Alhades Sid 6d, so Jud per Yard a Large lot of velvet Ned Bibbons id per Yard moire Sash ribbon Green Only is fld for 4jd children s coloured bordered Hai Chi Tell of of us 2s 64 per dozen ladles silk Hall Keramefs Odd lot to Clear Nojd each ladies clash Mere gloves fld is is 3d pair ladies taffeta gloves tans and Black 9d, is a sold ladies eid gloves 4ntton, is u4d for is fld ladies eid gloves Al clasps 4s us f or 2s us Fren millin Yanneta i for 10s fld 30s for 18s fld about so to select trom 80 Only Cream Cashmere Caps to Clear and. Black and coloured Gem and fancy shape Straw Hata is is fld to 8s lid to dear cd Black and coloured better shapes. 2s us for is 3a us ,4bfldnpfor2bfld 20 boxes of Birds toc Leai a follow so Ford ls3d for lid for of is 6d for la -Jta-Hjedflannelettse,Lsu-,2gjd ba6d 9ddo.tn White i Anneleise 4 14 4 dozen special line Bever Elble Creyonne 4s 9d dozen Bougert -w?2lji--g.9d.lliayar_ White blankets 2s lid a sold be 6d i 7 my Model mantles my handsome a Al 9.gna Sale Price _ _ _ _ Wio Cath a sep Marioaa styles 49s fld a ale Price. _ of i 18, a different in sle 90s Sale Price _ 42/6 ladies macintoshes and Tel Steps. prices for these goods. Sol of it to Cay we Are Clea Matte who s of our Hlub Dass Stock at prices am idea to to Taco Cal of i Rolt tax 37 Fri Ltd cloaks. Lined throughout what far a Riim Ler 2_6d. I i ii Bale Price _ _ _ _ _ i i 29 Idalia Boas in Black for Only v id. ,2la. Sale Price _ _ / 0 opera cloaks. 6, various styles Ana colors 57a cd Bale Price 29s 6d 8, " 759 Sale Price 42s fld 4, " 9-s Sale Price 5-j 6d 5, " to is be Price 635. 16 Only bonnets newest styles 32s fld Sale a a u Udy highest class 42s is Price in Floris glazed school hats Sale Price _ to White Ebbo Der be. value. 1,200 Tarda rear Lar Price is Sale Price 7jd 1,400 " regular Price 1/8 and 1/4j Sale pries fld 900 regular Price 1/3 and 1/9 Sale Price 1/. Ribbons. 180 Tarda Kaal � inches wide y6 sate Price a 272 " Al " b6 Sale Price 1/s 206 " shaded s 6/6 Sale Price 1/6 press materials. 680 Yards Cheviot Diagonal Weed 42 in. Wide self Solo is 1 1 id. Season Price a sold Sale Price let 2eo Yards Ocean Serge Navy and Wool 44 in. Elds. Season Price 2a till lid Sale Price _ _ 1/ in 450 Yards frieze Diagonal Serge in Navy and Black Only 44 in. Wide. Season Price 3s 61 Sals ill 390 Yards Neptune and to Zag sedges Navy s Only 44 in. Wide an Wool. 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