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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 15 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 15, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia nipping. Message Kiev Kammes steamships and i mail contract with the French govern Adelaide to London Ali harm Fles nine at album be Cheu Eaden sea and Pott Adelaide to London in 88 Days. Ilbj3. Sij Oomman Derl 1 leave Adelaide. . Bousaid . Sao july 3 a Poy Denot Han aug. 1 Aneus ibo song. Didiez . Tour sept. 1 of Arav _o3s f. Fuschi la. Hon., oct. S Pult Babici Tiwu h. Bowl of la. Ithure., nov. 3 bin or i Saai inc Ida wins or als at meals. Tox Riard tick is Marseilles to Londos issued Here journey 84 boars Only. The comp ankh Tater pretend wed accompany through Paa Sengen Tom Marsen Iee to Paris and London. Luggage too myed fun by Steamer from Marseilles to London. Blahs Ewaida. Wiloh cow carried. Stogie tickets to Marseille from �20 co �6. Be Fern 6cm �34 to �w6-" Ohhi Hrabb unequalled. Wine sad All Cabin Foroi Tore included in fares. Passengers Are booked through to Mauritius to chitin. Us South Africa via Seychelles the Teigen booked to Bombay via Etc Bachee or Branon line from Aden. Cargo booked Tara iwo to Havre Genoa Antwerp pos Kirk Hamburg Bordeaux and London. S. Tan Par to la n la a bold a a Tosolini Steamer Tor Loh sont leave teamed. A Oomman Dei. Obie Tai. A t6 l. H. Moule june a of no la Adamson july 8 Outana 63bsp.s.tomun..b. July so Talotta _ j9is of. By Toscoe b. Aug. S Arcadia 8m2w.8. Andrews Jtj. Log 17 bomb 6646 a. B. Daniell aos. 81 pnpatu74al e. Ashdown sept. 1 first Ana beyond Saloon Pas Sencen allowed to Fetcak Tkebi journey at totem estate pita. Cabin served on special terms. Liberal Cono Assoni Mads to tomes during the alack passenger Yam Faa sages from kor and can be a mixed Seconda Oon the have been thoroughly nor gassed the offend 1-" it Tolj a a of passage Monet. O London in first Saloon _ �80 to �70 of italian forts do. �51 to �9 feb London in second Saloon 0 to �s7 in italian ports do. �30 to �31 yes ticket from _ _ �86to�u6 Taizo received until noon on saturday and far oets ctr noon on tie tuesday prior to Oriental s and All my mation apply to Deb Smith a co., umsted agents. Q81" a Muffi. Boat m follow it Royal Man steamers belonging to the Obi stand Pacific comp Anis will leave Adelaide Fife Maynore at noon on the in Edimea. Saaed latest for xon Dost via Albany Colombo sentry. I i e . And Plymouth a a. june u coot i Stu i. ? Lime is Tom Al sect july u Ochaba -8,077 " a. july 17 of amt. T sb6 " h. G Darby aug. 10 Tara i Oil " ,. Aug. 14 Taon a Ika m , 7ssi its ? . Sept 81 ats who not Call at Colombo. Await me Fawn reserved on most title terms. Tea. Passage Monet. Of test Saloon -�66, a and �70. Mood Saloon -j3oand�37. So fran and tee ease including bedding sow utensils to two Bertt. Cabins a each Arntt. For berth Abms �20 each adult. Open berths �17 17s. Each Arntt. A Flaxta Cuitee Are now a flooded for bringing of friends and relatives by toe prepayment at Pata cd carried to any part of the United King Omat alow race. Managers a. Green it you and Anderson Addeson. It co Fenchurch Averrie London . Re Iman mob. Ai Bibal Lor special train Fot passengers and visit Obs jul leave Adelaide for sea end Largs pier at 8.60 an of wednesday. We m. O. Anderson Branch manager. Tat obd debts Heb Lloyd. My. \ be Trular Montuy Fine of fast Pas Sale steamers to Southampton Ila Antwerp and Bremen Alfing at Solo Mao Aden sues port said and Genoa con Seoung West Maxand a Stofil under mail of tract with the Imperial . Steamer a Fol be dispatched at Ludowe it in. Tonk i commander i la. And. Babs burs t7 3,004 w. Lohmolder june so Hohen Stafek i.090 j. Boneo july 18 Bauer ?,08i. Thursann i aug. 1� Hurst Era Mai sep. 12 a Branch Tine to Samoa aul Steamer inns Sydney on arrival of each Steamer Tor these wands. Passage Money from Adelaide to Bremen bom eur to �00. Gnat Redan Foiw on retain Pas Santa. Available lot six due or twelve months. Snay fad nov is offered Tor bring by out Fri nosby payment of passage Money Here. Cabin Paa Engen Ama break their Toumey. Nations. To conversant a Tab of Mas fish Badan Aee. Fis Engeland cargo booked tar tract to London and principal Eai Peao Asiatic and a Merican Orta Baa Engert Tor Englund Are baled at out Hampton. La intake Paa Sengen we land and embark at Large passage and and other Partsch jul App tet agents. Obj Bukk a 00, ass Mae Adelaide and Adelaide. -. T pops use of stramkr3, 4dlt?v i j London via Perta As required a these new full powered last steamers Are v appointed to leave the port Adelaide wharf Sod ont Porta As required at Ltd rows of Goa _ in Lap. Tab Awonga to Folio. Hobby Midgee to follow. Woolloomoo Loo _ to follow. Tor passenger. I. Tobx Adelaide to London of via Suez canal. Hub fhe fast full Mirend hew a teamed Golf of sum. Oakoam j. Banderson will be dispatched As above about Lac 80th june. "-"sbsgswb.oo, Filma Adelaide of port acetal it. A cd Takamio Posdon Tia hew Zea a Omsk. It land. Cape Hon. And of Albs at lots 810 new zealand so shipping oo."8 line of Boyal a Arr. Greti Ricu the Macon event steel Steamer by Aleho ,163 toot a Fol leave Lyttelton on july 9, to be followed by Kai Sobha on August 4. Passengers booked for London for motto and Bio Janeiro by tvs route i avoid the sex Tom beat off Gas set co., age Ruke Blahd Boyal mail line. Job so of London via Brisbane posts Java in slav am Suez canal. R Mart 1 toss. Cuts ads Barb. Do Chiu i 3,136 tuesday. July 6. Don n i sjo66 tuesday am nuts. Faber Bow Adt aide to London Salon tangle. A ids. Cos Pant United. A Koslab monthly use of direct steamers my aus Baua to China and Japan. powerful asunder Steamer. Tonnage Cay in. To Sari 6pthbds 8,400 july 4 Tsoo n. Humo Towlow Mew Muir _ Uoo Hng Bonig cob Dow Aribuk of Weihs Kofonow obese Quamer. Have Large of Vouno Chambers Al Hartegan abundance of ice fresh meats fax. Saloon raise wis oked Throupe to All ports in China and Japan Atoo to 6ab fear Jisoo Uve Pool. Londos and the conic Ninx of Europe. For . Paf Saen. And full particulars apply to Subbs. Bright it co 68, Grenleu-st., agents. A twin Adl. 170 it Baba Han Tasmania. Of flt i 1 Lilue Hawkins i Jane is. Can Lake a Asp loves. Apply on Board or m6-7 b. Boitet port. Flo cart Abb of bibs and agents to Apsis sife a a i to suppl Tuit Ftp lotto Nittin ii ? booze to. M. To Tan Woff to Gas noted. M8.7 w. Jacobs is remap bus. Shipping. It xxx Adelaide steam brie Oom Pasy. J. Limited a dispatch Thelt steamships a under i for Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping Tor All Queensland ports. i sated y i Jane 18uemb. Eve. Adelaide i saturday i june 251 ? Pau West australian service. For Albany and fre Mantua Tran shipping Fob Hob then a Obb. 6.8. Albany. I Friday Joem in. . S. Australian i thursday june 23 \ 4 . South East service. Fob Kingston Bobe Beac Hobt and Mao Donnell Bat. Sol emd i tuesday Jane 211 noon. Western Bays service. Fob foot Elliston Streaky Venus and Fowleb-8 Baya . Lubba i Thun by i Jane 16 i a a. Freight to fowler1 and Venus Bays must be up by shippers. Spencer s Gulf service. Robt Lincoln to Vjneta Wallaroo and Fra Kun Harbor and at Tumby Bay this Trio 8.8. Febber _ i tuesday Jove u 18 pm. Harp received Tui 11 an. Fox Aoudia Post Pixie As fobs emd a wednesday Jane i i . 8.3. i saturday 1 june is 6 fun. Cargo received All 1 . Day of Effing. John Tuen both Beo tary cute . , c s. Heres will be Dispa died Ai Jug Jar a Jonder a gift a to a Tansbury every thursday a by and Bat Deday at 8 Tom stans Bury every monday and Friday at 11 . To Post Vincent every tuesday at 8 a no returning Earne Day leaving at 4 30 . Stoio a. Lemessy Bukk. Secretary. Juja Ictor Abd Bossa whim p Fleetw djo a Lur leave princes wharf port Adelaide every wednesday at i pin. To place at taraday. Std . Business Hoti cos. Ruhe Standard Handbe ooh Panf of x South Australia lout a. The above company is now prepared to Supply their Patent blood manure and a bashed Bones As per circular at to per ton prompt net of Peid Jobe to co. Or a w. Sandford & co. Leseao to Loiou Dii w o 8 8 opposite York to Tel. Fax Rhebb a we Khz Debs sea Bat All mate Biam olb ared at died of int foes blk Bork is Fabi of jobs Marceli eone Tad and delivered. To to nit rival malls boots Loki ? tug or anal quantities at lowest current rate m. Howard Essna Boss. To adj goal ogee Hertt Parade. Port Adelaide. Bow oboakpbaoh3k or lab sons pipe on Oom pet two Manoal Lur frament wit a pedals 17 Tope. College of organist . Fray s j. H. Fray. Orga Moi and Cboin Imater 8b Peter of Feneli Octan St who. Iso. Bandle Street. Fun Pard Colare acc prospectus. 182ahio p. A. Howell and c3., 63, bundle Street oppo Ute messes. A Birks & co. Pianoforte 1 organs on the tune payment system. Pianoforte from y / per month. Violins a 30/ a ?io/6?. A the latest Kov wee in music received every month. Tuning a repairs on the shortest Botic brass Strina band 3 completely fitted out. Prices Aid Cau Laguee on Papfi cation. ?acx9a violins cases bows and strings Complete out fit from 268. Mandolins me latest English craze Tram . Zither harps co lot Bates a Beau Organ ettes Banjo Gnu an Zaphyr Cornea mutes Etc., a. In great variety just opened a h. Fray to bundle a treat. Day wanted known. Che american to Veldt shop 66, kiss i Utah nit ask Idi. Tamper mouth organs sd., is., la. 6d to Verr rape Riosa 6d each ?l?Oxee,l?.,As.6d.,Tro am a. 6d., three Aba it. Race game hones Aad Dice from Puzzle pones wife proof c. Drawing a ticks for enlarging pictures photos Etc no previous knowledge of draw my require Dis. So. And the new Winter Ramea All the rage. Addle by is. 6d., Tea. Solitaire is. Boxes of Oon Runng tricks bom to. Toss. Magic lantern Patent safety Baton 10s. Puzder knife As. Of. In Arje Hatch boxes la. 6d Alago pocket pipe tighter is. Finest Pebble Spe Otaolea to. By. Per pair Why pay 12a. And ibs. Elsewhere fret saws 3d. Per note a so. Per Gnas dry and bite m. Net work Complete outfit is. And 4a four waded pocket knife a. Independent pens As. 6d. Patent cigarette makers is. Kazoos play any tunes. Moester giant packet of conjuring tricks containing 17 grand varieties Price so. A articles ported so. Extra. This advertisement changed every month. 126iwaeiwoxl28o . Ladies Billeb watches from �2, Strong and Sara be. Ladies1 Gold watches from a me., Onner passed value. Cents selves English Levels Boms Anterior be specially adapted for Buah use �8 a Cia gents Gold English levees wait hams . Gnara Otee with each Watrob emd. A l. Brunkhorst late h. Krasto. 106, . Lowly drapery Aad nothing. 4/v ? countess of Martin Bros now on. Sale now on. Sale now on. Sale now on. Sale now on. Sale now on. Sale now on. Sale now on. Sale now on. Sale Koav of. Sale now on. Sale now on. Sale now on. Sale now on. Sale now on. Sale now on. Sale now on Sale now on. I if Fly j shipping. Ryphe Howard Smith line. New Beby Ioe. Further reduction of passenger turn. Fore Saloon. Return. Cabin. Told none _�1 10 0 �2 10 0 �0 u 0 Sydney _ 8 0 0 Soo 1100 Onmi rift excursion to Queensland. Return tickets available Lor two Mouths will lie asked to Towne Vule �17 10s. Cairns �1 Lite. Cooktown �19. Freights at lowest rates. Without transhipment to Brisbane. For Melbourne and Sydney Brisbane Maybo Rocob Bookham xon is. Debt e n c. Mackay tuesday. Jane 21, u. 16 Townsville pm. Geraldton . Babii Book cab no tuesday june 2s, Zilb poet Douglas . Cooktown the Bedat id. Normanton Burke Tobt j foe poets Finkie and Beruein. . Derwent _ i wednesday i june 16 8 . Hie cheapest and most convenient route so Bobeen Hill Saloon. Return. Fore Amu. To pole too a o �0 v c from Smith in Gate s what. Fore Cabin Pasee Gera be supplied with food and bedding free. Fan particulars on application to w. B. Gave co., agents Franlel Atnel Adelaide my upon Street. Port Adelaide. A Miod debt Parker sad 00, limited. Will dispatch for Albah fee Hantle and going through to Geraldton . Nemesis wednesday june 16,4 . For freight or passage apply u7k d. & 3. Fowler. btrkat., denial t t and Fowler s Bat the Woll Omal now loading Zeafla Friday the 17th, at 4 . Zoo n w Tulloch jos., agent fort. Drapery and clothing. Public notice. J. Miller Anderson and co s Winter Sale to Day. Genuine Winter drapery Sale to Day. J. Miller Anderson and co. 088 usual Winter drapery Sale to Day. High class and medium Quality goods Only. Immense reductions in All Bewab tents. Sale Bice books on application. Winter Sale to Day. Winter Bale to Day. J. Miller Anderson and co. 30 act 33, Bike by Burket. Who b i b x 8 s tailoring department. Onry a eerie site la a depart Bents on saturday sat. And we ate prepared Totake to Oriner orders at seduced Proffi born so Day in order to moderate somewhat the amount of work Umoh otherwise inns be crowded into the brat Tew weeks at the Bale. The special feature of thle Sale will be the fashionable rough Serges in indigo Bow and fart Fyk per co to butt 00/ measure. Our usual striking value in Trouse rings at 136d, 17 6d, per pair. Suiting including nine very Botoe Stylet in scotch tweeds me 65a, 76 the suit. John the above Low Prim we wish to avoid toe impression that the workmanship fto., win bad an inferior tractor. We beat state that toe Good win be toned oat to each a manner at to Arsoba 11 a want a Pasaoa " Mph charle3 Dirks & co. U9o drapery and clothing. James Marshall & co. Annual stocktaking Bale this div. Baseball s in introducing this Sals Hab shall s important and in inv Sale Mab Khall a Recti he event we beg Sale Hab Shari a to Point oat out owing Bale hash us to the severe de Salb a behalf pression of Trade Bale Marshaus in great Britain Sale habs Ball s Europe and the and Sale Hubshall djament Colon Ike Balb 11abshau/8 Cash buteo Flahave bad Sale i Abhau sekt a Ordinary is Sale a Boball s duo Ehnis held out Salb Mab Shalus to them by hang Fao Salb Hab shall s treebs to Fob has Sale Marshall s excess Quak Trueb Salb Hab shall s of the merchandise in Salb Hab shall s Bioh they Trade and Sale Hab shall s Needles to Bay Salb Marshall s j As. Mabb Hall & co., Salb Marshall s being the largest Salb Marshall s Cash boyer3 Trad Bill Hab shall s ing directly wits Salb Marshall s the Poslof of South silk Marshall s Adb Bali a have Balb Marsha los freely availed Sale Marshall s the Beltes of Bale Mabbhall-8 eve by Opportunity. Salb Marshall s and As a oon6e Sale Hab shall s a Deuce All at ladies oort Mea f ? j Large re Duclona an made on the told Nolner inn ladies stemmed cloaks a holed lined Chiaki Colsten and Tweed water proofs. It a fobs. Foes. Black Par Pelerine 8s lid each ladies Sile umbrellas from 5s m 8tyllh Tweed Clotere from 21s blfie6"6 Sale today. Mill Esery department. Ctr tuned Straw bats seed to Luis m for Sass us very Fine qualities 8s 6d and 9b 641 or 3j lid Condo Luebs from la each Best quilt French Felt bats from 3i a French of Loery Bonneta Ana hats Tram 10i61 to 30 each trimmed eats from & lid cart. Bibes s Sale today. Ladies department. Of beets. Odd rises la lid per pair an sizes2l 61, stud 4s a and no tolled corsets in very Good Quali ties up to ass for 15a Laok corsets. 8s 8d for As us per Palm Ladiet Sitt dresses 8s 3d, 8s Ltd and 4a lid ladles chemises 7s 6d for 3s lid Tea gowns 848 for 455, 6 guineas for Ess. T do. For 7es Wool ekirt6 i s6a each. Bibes s Sale to Day. Furnishing department. Blankets from is lid per pair ten Quarter size from 10b fld eleven Quarter from 14a 6d All qua Tiei have been cd need in Price her Down or fits i rest took in Adeuse the Best Goa to bilk covering have been led oed from 9 gains to f Gran was bad Sels cafets targe Vasor Lent with Borders a sold Yard Wool door hats As lid for stud each aft Borde togs from w to bad Yard. Bikes a Bale t a Day. Lace ribbon and trimming department. 1,800 Yards striped velvet and Shn ribbon 1j inches Wio Navy Brown Pink sky Coral 4a, Opsaal value Sjo for sad 2,600 Yarda striped velvet and Satin ribbon. Sinc Bea wide Havy Brown. Pink sky corel be a anal Vitae la or 3jd in Inchan Sok coloured Bibbons Una Vilue 7 a Tor Sid is inca All silk coloured Bibbons usual value Nojd for4jd 2, 00 All Siik coloured Bibbons be ability silk Large Range of colors usual Price is 3d, Faro id cards High Bibbons. Purchased at an enormous Teu Yuul Choice designs Anderb qualities usual values 4s lid 4i 64. Saud so fld Sale prices is 6d, is 3d, u Colo aids High class ribbons at Leas than halt prices by a dress trimming Gimps is for 6ji is6ifjr9l ss9dforlsed great been Cottons on Lite timings 9d for is 3d, is lid for la 61 Beal Linen Tor Hon lakes. An immense Stock. In All a Cutie Sand prices very special value Sale prices 2jd,,4 d,6id.6jt co Yards coloured and Black evening Drem nets various Colon 46 inches wide Worth Nojd vie Price 6jd �00 Yards coloured and Black even a us for 5s 6d, 6s lid for cd lid 8s 8d for 7s so 10g 6d Lor 9s fld us 6d for Slid 12s6dfor loved 16a6dfor used Large sice 7s de for 6a us 10s 6d for 9s 6d. Us 6a for Sau a 12161 for 10s so us 6d for 13s 6d, life 6d of Calm a 1086df0r1636d, 21a for l�s6l it bin table dui asks. Special lines at 7jd and is so per Yard is 6d for 1931, last Forl cd is for is by is so for 2a, is 6d for said stud far a 6d, 8s 3d for is so Linen Tea doth with Border very special stud 3eud, and la 6d per dozen Yards. Flannels. Flannels. Flannel Fine a Wool Nojd Par Yard Tor 7j4, la so for 11 i la 4d for la so la so for la 6d, a for la sol it 3d for is a sad for 2a dad Wool colonial flat9nelb, very special coed tvs weight is id la 4jd, and la 9d satan Wool flannel ten Dye flannels for tjader Wear is 3d and is 6d per Yard Fink edged Saxony flannels extra wide soft finish Nojd 1?, 1b so Jim. Is so Floral dressing gown flannels Ziti for is us per Yard. Birks s Sale to Day. Gents Mercery and hosiery department. Men s ambulance braces is for is 3d per pair men s Argosy Brace la so Lor is pyjama suite 7a de for 3s us is fid for 6d Hen s Tweed suits us so 13a de 25a 9d Hen s Serge suits 87a de for 17a de Hen s Berlin Suita 19s 6d Tweed trousers Belld 6s us 7eud, is 9d. 10a 6i Tweed thous bib and vests 8b us used let a Engineer s overalls to us men s Beaver holes in us per pair Bever Ethle Seal Carriage bugs 8b us 12a 9 a 16i 6i t Bibb s Sale to Day. Hat department. Hen s ten bats Black ted coloured. 6s 6d for 2s lid Buck stiff Bate Large cues 7a is for is lid los 6d for stud Black soft Offett bats stud for is us gents timbre uni u 3d, 2e fld 8e us 6s us 8s lid 10s shop to 26a 3d lunch bags 1 34, 2s Ltd. 3t us boys p. To. Caps. 6d t 9d, boys Aoth Tarn of Heater Caps la u 31 is us Boya ?.mlldforxilld Chur to s Sailor Felt hats 8a 69 for is us ladies Tweed Cape us for 7jd, 2a a Tot la Birkess Sale today. Boys clothing department. Boya Jersey suite email sizes 3c lid for la 3d, 6e us fort old boys Serge knickers from is pair 400 Tweed Knicker suite to be cleared at is6d, 33 us. My 4a lid children s overcoats Sale prices is lid to 3 91 youths merge Ooatha us. 4a us Lorn and Eavy Queensland Bob boy Wool shawls worm no to 10s de for As lid. Hosieb Deyab theft. Women Havy Ham Cashmere Hose a sad is is 3d,ls4jdpair ,3hslr women stainless fast Black Hois Job Artoe eld pair women s Balbriggan Hose Elk docks desperate Profe 4jd pair is dozen Gills Cashmere Hose ribbed Apnoea Knees Abe s and 8, eld pair women s Cotton Hose about 200 do we women a girls and Malifa finished and ans laced feet i dozen pairs a Godoen bto6 ch9dren Lavatt inbox fax bed feet so per dozen pair. Glove Deyab Tuett 300 pairs Light colors Denva 4-Bntton de gloves All sizes s a were stud Tan suede moan Altabe gloves Saud for la us pair gents a Buttan leu bid gloves stud and Saud any size for la is 4-Bntton Tan kid gloves la us Saud Saud 4a us Black and coloured Cashmere gloves end sad is 14-in. Tan taffeta gloves end. Sad u pair ladies driving gloves la. Worth a sad. Linen Calico. Abd carpet depart Metz. Grey Setfa alld. Said. 38 Sec 9 1 dozen Corn Narwin past Crewdson a and Horrocks Al Ca of slim dozen 30-Lnwide ? sheeting. Done Beds end sad Ltd is old la Dot 1 wifi Flum Dette a lid 3s us. 4a lid dozen Cre tonnes b de 8? so 4s so dozen Broam table damask 4id, sad 7jd, sad la Yard �100 wort Art Mantle tapestry bordering sad 4jd, 6jd, sad la Yard these an desperate value Wool tonne an fringe sad Yard ask to Ace cams be s Yards Jud Yard tapestry of vat new patterns la Yard san. Art kinds Boda Iid 4jd Yard White blankets Lam and heavy. Stud 41, esfld.bssd.lossd.l2s my pair 7bx Uno Laum la Stan Aveyard. Press and Cash Meek department. Striped Price 64 Yard 404nch Al Wool Haid Fotss Edreia Dressea la Yard Black ,4jdyarda Quantity of narrow Black Cut Merak so said Bow Blok Cashmere grand value 7id, la u 3d, la de la us Yard silk Poe Nih a Ocolor Jud Yard bilk velvets Verr wide a toss us fwd Sale Price u so double old Cha foully cloth is us Yard Aale Trioa la 34-Inch Gre Nate velveteen end Yard . Ove u 4w, Sale Pri esd a Quantity of Plain Art Baaun Tal Docan too Yards Sheok drama Homespun tweeds is by dozen striped dress Tweeda also Dlag Onala a 6d dozen Neok dress Hom Sapun ?,3aud t 4auddo in heavy Mejiano a 4s us dozen French a Wool Serges Best colors i kits . Men s Tweed trousers baud 4s us 6a us 7a 6d, se6dpair men ,ssud.4ssd,sj9d menu Tweed Suita stud Lafed Leau used. Ass ?6ssa.r% Asplen Didline Serge Suita our own make3fe de a lot of Odd Yew at tale prices Ort Tomm overcoat for the Anions splendid lines at 7s Ltd ids de Bette goods at lie de used is de boys Tram 4s us each of Lakins a Laj Gek to be cleared at Aale Proea. Hen s Hub debt Deyab then. 60doaanmen% to be Dean Dat ill dts abort attn a better goods aued is lid Saed 9a lid the new leather tooth shirt at salad Cotton shirts la is fi3, us each Cotton dude Rahta and pants is each Herino tend Eralita heavy used. Laud.se6d each lambs Wool under Torto it ? fld Heffs Herino so bad 4m, eld pair meals Merino doable Tan and heat i

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