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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 14, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? shipping. ? Orient line. Rbt Jollo Winc steamship under Foyil 1uu costict. Will Leite Adelaide Zuiss Bay to t u. On the Nade mentioned dates Lorma Houts and London in Albany Colombo for a Indian ports. Soer canal. I6a5es7lu5ebles. Ana Gibraltar n Tiofil fit Unk. E. Laparl Ngoa Jones Keiek Tejes 1 a. X. Pritch re bbl Jones Obeba us Budi a Bay july i Obacz sir in . Boje. July St Immiti. 6&u e. Boan Lang to and fort Ithily thereafter. Loob to los Don Sieu. .�39 to �j0.r. ?. Return �65 to �110. Am Dan jul. �17 17a., and �18 is. Aloon to ovum co Sinisc test to �30. Beters. �33 to is. Western Australia. ? soon �5 us. To �7. Third. Is. Flis Nitro any port a be prepaid Here. Kroth iia he Saloon Between inter colonial posts Are a an ble Lor Retarn by p. And o. Steamers Bavins room. Tax Ages t. Creek of. And Ander .c9k. Aside Bosh k of Fenchurch avenge London . ? we on application to. H. O. A Pessok. Branch manager. Haeiu7e. To. Get Feu Anicet. A special trains for passengers and ski 3 jobs to tie . Oboya u1 leave Adelaide for the sea end of Lares pier at .10.32 us Uhlott an. On thursday. Irith june. Hie inst launch for the Shore with leave the Bova at 1.s0 -, to Connert with a Cecul train which will Iete the sea end of Jurgs her at �.46 pm. � w p. & o. Cubav navigation compact. For Loh Vovk , Otter Royal Kail contract will dispatch theft. My str to abit by Natal. ? ? mss Smi pm Conan Unrur j Leaf. Fat nov _ l. M. Jentnor a b Kaka is u to Caw lord Joiy a Bilakhia a test Sanaa Ionly ? Hama put. Ayawo Crestar Aue. � Wottowa Estt Contra Jangro. A Biaua sept. � it i Trubah a Polo Boto Sakouta. Glsslliijltor1�rint-vnat.port Otu. 5b%5bry\nt0fjntortwfi be from Suomi is be ert. Of a i ii pub. Fee apr Tii vt1iio wit Jill in Jerri to Ai ?rrr.- � to it ii it Stiim i by a. And Lam e a go my tfn5 by up a of torn u Ion. 17 asj�lasr5sar7amamsaomctsto�7i�. to axum be lip in Abr no Bibl snit an a sons. A face a i few Rah it�i�4il i tic to to Cutie ind s line steamers Felss cjpetown.and1jondo�i Susji. ? As of Tiv a i \ a Jujj my1_ j8umsvabirl ra9aatiist if sirs �,07stobs, lot Odow. Ata1, ast London Alcoa is. Dungaree ? Ukoh Aii. A Jit Ebai Una Ocean set Amer Tarl Hiram Twila shots ports about or Tarn to Llilas. N4r to George wills & co. Feb a port port pm. Hip fun Yusen Kaisha we Tejal japanese Hail line. Corp bibs Kail and passenger service. ? ? Between. Australia China. Ass Japan Oak Flo at Hel Bobke. 8v0key. Bris bake t0wn5v1lle, and thu slav Island. Tufe Fine St or a Sega mad -,00 tons e. W. Big we. Com mud. Will be dinner tire from put Adelaide wharf. 25th june. Tvs vessel was special a Boot for this Trade. Fly Loon Udd ships. Sut rooms with two berths Only. Bating All the latest improvements. Fitted with to qts i int and refing Fratori. Deep econ cordially dotted. Rectal the Bough booking to All parts of the East. America and Europe. At. Lowest Bates. Hill Wrath. Mceach Aby. & co. Prop. Limited agents. Sec Renfan Street. Adelaide or in comic ? j. Rawljngs son. Port. Thursday Island port Dar win Hon Kong China. Lapan. Ubota Hatton troit compact. La fixed. . Changsha Captain Hoar will Taan Sydney on tuesday. Totth . Cab co to catch Heb will be for warded to Sydney free of chares pet a Pil Barra m 8aiuboay, 17th Boh at Ludins mine do in exe Bange Tor a Flarra receipts for Beight or passage apply to Umu Iier. Roue it co., Lav Waymouth treet. City Lipson Tret port. ? ims. It he &s7ceres Oba Dlapa Thad Laflin All Al asunder to 8iaksbost very ubf�tbur8day Aad eat boat. At 8.30? from Szan Buby Everyll Day. and thursday. act Obj Vincent mar tuesday at s.30Rsm poet us cent every wednesday. Tai it i ? 6lc a. . Secret Ait. Ask. Cjouth.ba8t p o b t a i a ass bsds Kingston 1 Cygnet. And f wednesday. Jane 14. 3. Orick Cou Adelaide and pm cup. a. E. Limes Sobiev port Adelaide. .-3,-. Isis coast sul Pika couj3a-. Fast Fob Eluston direct Aqa Lillie bawk1ks will sail wednes 1o.8 a.fce.tlmes8ubieb. 7zt Robt Wake fold shipping cok j8a hot fief port Wakefield ss3r Washik Watt Aasu wednesday ugh int at i . E. Lemessurier port Lim Simi ? my to a Dcorey a. Postbox. A Mealii Carro wed Osdal sails Thors. I ? stopping. ? the Adelaide steam sep Compaq limited will dispatch steamers from port Adelaide a under civic mat acc Pannitti intr a for Ali Tam and fee Hautle. Tran shipping for be Balleto and All Koktli-we6t posts. Wol Lowra 1 Friday 1 Jane s3 1 3 . Adelaide monday july 3 i 3 . The Ouirt blk of lading issued to penh wharf. Rob Epe bake Bat to Flinders at Albany Woi Lowuna i Friday i Jane s3 i s . Aoela1d� monday july 3 3 . For Helbo Tibke. Trans Nippur for Sydney and Queensland ports. Adelaide londay Jowett 1p.m. Rape Keck s calf service. Ice tort in Coln. Soonta. Wallaroo. And of Baklik Harbor. Ferret tuesday june 20 1 3 . Rokis Augusta. Geblein. And f1rie, with Fawe Xeo and Canto. saturday 1 jnnsl7 up a. Cargo Tanosi the Edre red Alcor ski steamers two bears prior to advertised Lime on Day of Aasine. Raft Iscra Xic Keu Iund try ibis company an with sum cars of Tbs . Co. . Fri �1 1bk Adelaide Etta Muhip co tfx. Curri stent. Arts lamp. And commercial who. Port Adelaide 63o . Co., old. Ike fan rite Pasee Ngek etea1iebs of abort ice win Draa Atances Permutt Boxt is discs tuned Lor Ais Friday. Joe 16. At3p.m . To Juu pal Barra saturday Jane 17. daily at Onsen Marl of to one . All Skata alter Tbs it port web the ate Amera Otth Adalaide Sta Mamp com Rany limited h it. Mac Dehaux sent. A in fish a it Ade Ulde. Crqpbem-8 Babp. Post. A Cox Tel id Post of and Beach. Sosa Bow Sisac Satar Dar. Jane 17. Pass Jess Saloon sea. Steerage a of Tam = 16m ? ? Tofta bub Oakhurst. From Liverpool. To consignees Are requested to passes bugs to once. Bills of lading must be presented and freights paid at our port. Office before delivery. No claims Wal be Abw Wiedem unless is Muse has been painted out on him lip and ship will not be responsible for abstraction of spirits or other bonded goods except from package pointed oat of the wharf in bad order and examined in the presence of the Captain. A0 goods impeding discharge win be landed and stored at consignees risk Aad expense. ? Captain Kovaks will not be responsible for any debts contracted Liy the Crew without Bis written authority. ? George thus it co. 5 ,. Ctr. And port. Drapery and clothing. French Silks and Lovely French silk of cited Abl sees trom a stems Meket. T Rue d l pcs Paris. To be Solo by j Wilson no a co.,. Is Tiv Sakes its. at a sagr fige. The tour win no doubt be the Fly Wulc bed by latties so i Fate to Drea in be test Buhion without being called upon to spend urge amount of their Money. Enry think coma to those that Vermi my the Ritt thing to do Alt to grasp the wben4t is Pio Dri in jobs re Jelu. Every particle by Mcbrin the bran that is it All a to to octopus that a ascus to boat near the feelers of this interesting creature is immediately grasped Lor his own Sweet Benefit. Fives Correi within Cooee of Wilson Brice & hearing is immediately erred likewise but for the Benefit of their customers hence the Neces sity for the below announcement o dress and silk bargains lot to. 1 consists of it pieces of Rocee silk in it different Colon. These will be cleared at Oid. The Yard. Lot no. 2 consists of is pieces of fact Gauze silk in 12 different Colon. These will be cleared at 1/0 the Yard. Lot to. 3 of onsets of 27 pieces fancy two tone Brogue Floral silk. In 20 different colors. The same qualities hate been sold by Adelaide Bouses this present season at 2/8 and Sll the Yard. We shall Clear them at 1/jj the Yard. Lot no. 4 consists of so pieces of coloured silk Moriette 21 inches wide in 12 different Cohorst these fashionable Silks Hare been largely used by every up to Date dressmaker daring the present season and they have been freely sold throughout the colonies by Price cutting drapers ourselves included at 1/11 per Yard and by so called fashionable Bouses at 2/d the Yard. We Sabau dear them at 1/3 per Van lot to. 5 consists of 16 boxes of crinkled Bro be Silks in 16 different shades for ? evening Wear. These we shall Clear at 1/11 the Yard. Lot to. 6 consists of 29 pieces of Cream and White Betoche Floral silk. These we shall dear at 1/24 the Yard. Sow some Lovely Quality Vreneli braided Frobes. Lot to. 7 consists of is French Robes handsomely braided with self Colo Ivd russian silk braid. These were originally 37/6 each we shall dear them at Yll each Bobe. Lot to. E consists of 10 French cloth Robes handsomely braided with Black. Price origin ally i Lesco. We shall Clear them at �3/6 each Bobe. Lot to. 96 handsomely braided cloth Robes that have been Selling at 50/ each. We shall dear to in at 25/c each Kobe. Lot no. 10 consists of t3� Eraa Fine qty Lite French cloth Robes Viry beautifully braided and trimmed with moire velour. These have been sold at 57/6 each. We do Clear them at 27/6 die Rob. Lot to. 11 consists of 10 of the very Best Fekech braided Robes that have come into the. Adelaide no rect this season. Mind ladies have unhesitatingly Given 3 guineas on for them. We stall Clear them at 30/ each Row. The above Subt list Are bargains that uni Don t often have offered you arc can assure you. Kow ladies As the Supply of these partial Terly Choice goods at such absurd Nguc is Limi ted to so Small a Quantity you axe id Vised to buy Early otherwise they will be gone which will Lead to disappointment especially if one of your friends chances to buy either from a. Wilson Brice & co., 114, 116, 118, Rundle Street Adelaide. Ski us a Bap by 8 Phi Matiko my executed on the shortest notice and on Liberal terms at the advertiser from Ira Oraa. ? ? tee How aped Smith line. Leave Howard Emith s wharf As follows Aav baits. I . Gabo. . F tuesday. June 20. The passenger accommodation of this Steamer is unexcelled by any on the coast. Kkt Leodine 1 Sydney Mew Casnave Ehi Bakx j i Gladstone Buno Babbo i Bock Hamptom Mackay Samts Volle ca1bms j a. Bobbia Uon Dav. Jane so at pm cargo Only. Cargo must be delivered alongside steamers net of i none born Bryon adar third time of Maui or. Return tickets Abe with the ate Amera of hears. He a debt Parker and co. And male Kain Ilce Achan Tco. Itu. Kozabo Smith & soms pop Betake Lam info is. Kins Nilam sex att. Adtawn ? ? and Yonh Orade. Port Adelaide. Disc Mcilwraith Mceacharn cd . Tjw ted viol dip such the f Onowu Rasse Nurer St cams Cir a in Funao Albany. \ cools Ardix. Ilok Dar. Jones. Wranau for Perth Ald total and All . Fobs on Bro orb tul Ajol t by note. Ream tickets an interchangeable with messes. Howard Frimith & sons and Goddart Parker and co. A steamers. W. K. Cats co. Dalam w j. Bawukc8 Boh. Port Adalaide. He Huddart Parker & co. Tori Banc a. Let tried. Srill dispatch from port to Fiauu permit inc ? a Oliak. July 10,at noon. Trona ii Bis of lading to Perth. Betnun tickers interchangeable with Ifill wraith ten Kex furn. & leu Propri Eury. United and Howard Timity & Ca proprietary limited. A & j. Fowler United toe a Laide and port Aasa a a. West at Eteaua. Joist weekly service. For the convenience of shippers and Passek Gebs the under Sigried have arranged to Rock the following steamers at regular intervals sj3cabo, i tuesday. Jane 2tt . Cooj Gasdie i ii Day. Jane 26. A. Tax to tubas. I a Okdan. July s. A. Anglim. Monday july la. And ? regularly every monday thereafter. Lowest fares and freights. Return tickets interchangeable. Mcilwraith. He Alhark & co. Prompt Ltd. Wit Howard Smith & sons fbopt., Ltd. Huddart Parker proxy Ltd. P. It j. Fowler. 165c drapery Ana Clou Attig. White toilet quilts. Is Sass sub subs is so we Are offering a Large wholesale Purchase of above goods at prices Hugh below Bagula values. We quote tie following few numbers As indent in of the Parhms him White Satin quilts. Full size Fob double Beds a sub Lorig it full size for double Beds. 36 for s a a White toilet quilts. Full size for double Bess. 10/8 for g a j ? 8/11 � i5�for12/6 ? �te15/6 a Lor 19y6 sr/blor22/6 White grecian quilts. Full size Fob double Beds a Otot in a q m lwior13/6 ? i l4/6 Charles Birks j. Miller Andersons co. S wi1ster Sale. Great bargains in bojs9 and youths overcoats. Tweed gape overcoats 21/ 23/6 25/g cow 12/6 13/1� 156 boys and youths sleeveless gape Tweed overcoats. 13/9 18/6 22/6 19/6 21/ 24/6 s g 10/6 12/6 13,6 15/ 16/g note. The above Are our regular Stock and should be seen at once. Men s Waterproof goats a sewn seams. Heavy reductions to Clear at once. 49/6 42/ 63/ s5. Now for for for for 32/6 37,0 42/ 03/ 2 Only 67/6, 37/6 Black reduced to 27/c, 35/, 57/6. J. Miller Anderson co., .20 and 22, Hindley Street. Marshall s Winter Sale to pay China and ulan Sharfi depart ment 50 cheese Wells Floral decorations 4/6 for 1/11 each so cheese Wells Gold pern decorations 4/6 for 1/11 oct 50 21 piece Green and Gold Tea sets. 8/9 set so dozen Plain Crystal t amblers j pint polished Bottoms a fat 3/8 dozen 50 Doxen Emall ise Fern tumblers polished Bot Toms 7/6. For 3/9 dozen 1.000 Sancers. Assorted All colors id. Per dozen so dozen Cut barrel tumblers 3/11 per dozen 35 dozen Plain pint tumblers 3/6, for 5/6 dozen 40 dozen Plain pint tumblers 4/9 dozen 100 dozen children s toy tumblers 1/ per dozen 100 dozen fluted gobblers moulded 1/6 dozen 25 dozen half pint Bell shaped tumblers 8/6, for 4/6 dozen 50 dozen Plain gobblers 2/9 dozen 100 dozen bound Glass Bird seed glasses 8d. Dozen Sample 2 dozen Kev pattern Baccarat Champagne classes. 16/, for 12/6 dozen Sample 1$ dozen key pattern Baccarat custard glasses. Is for 12/6 dozen Sample i dozen key pattern Baccarat wins. Claf firs is for 9/ dozen 25 dozen very Small Plain Kob blurs Sll dozen 100 dozen Bismarck lamp glasses 1/3 dozen 200 dozen Bismarck lamp glasses urge size 3/ dozen 100 dozen White Gas globes 2/6, for 9d. Each 200 dozen lamp glasses for screw burners Plain or frosted 1/6 dozen so Doten sip lamp glasses 1/ dozens00 dozen Summers 1/6 dozen so dozen 7clly glasses 1/6 Doit n 15 dozen Jelly glasses 7/6. For 4/ dozen 14 dozen Cut Glass Salt cellars so for 3jd each 3 dozen Cut Glass Salt a cellars Small Ltd for so each is dozen cot Glass Silt cellars 6d each 4 dozen English 1 gallon jars with Hole for tap 1/ each 5 Only Large filters a Fallon 90/ for 49/ each 50 dozen urge fluted cups and saucers Green 6/6 per dozen so dozen Large fluted cups and saucers Brown 6/6 per dozen 60 dozen Borl shaped dark Willow cups and saucers 6/6 per dozen 25 dozen Large fluted a Tut acid Gold cops and saucers 7/6 for 6/ per dozen 25 dozen lame Blue Daisy Caps and saucers t./6 for 6/ per dozen we v 25 dozen Inch White and Gold plates 7/6 for 5/11 dozen is dozen Inch White and gom plates 5/6 Tor 4/11 dozen 25 dozen each Pink and Green band Inch Platea 7/6 for 5/11 dozen is dozen each Pink and Green band Inch plates ski for 4/11 dozen 25 dozen each Pink and Green cup and saucers Large Sll dozen 25 dozen each Pink and Green cups and saucers Small 4/11 dozen 10j anus panic globes various tins 1/ each 2 dozen Square Blue pheasant vegetable dish covers 6d each 86 dozen Plain Crystal Sherry glasses 8/ for 3/11 dozen 25 dozen Plain Crystal port classes i for 3,11 dozen 26 dozen Creen Claret glasses 1/8 dozen 32 dozen key pattern port glasses 7/ for dozen 13 dozen key pattern Champagne glasses 12/ for 7/6 dozen 6 dozen Cut Champagne glasses 12/ for 6/ dozen 58 dozen Cut wine glasses 4/ for it dozen 45 dozen Plain wine glasses 3/ for 1/3 dozen 7s dozen Plain wine glasses 3/ for 1/3 dozen a very Larch Stork of lamps. Globe. Shades. And Gas globes All to be cleared regardless or Cost 50 White rash basins 13 inches 3 11 each 50 Whitewash banns 13 inches 1 9 each 50 Whitewash basins 12 inches i of cat 60 Whitewash basins 12 inches 1/3 each 50 Whitewash basins 10j indies. Lid. Each so Whitewash Baia is 10 Inch. So each 50 Whitewash basins 9 indies 6d each 50 dozen White Ironstone cups and saucers 3/ dozen 200 Seta Jurs 3 in set. I/7j set 200 sets jogs s in set 1/11 set 200 sets justs 3 in set. 2,3 set 200 sets Jucs. 3 in not. 2/6 it 200 sets jugs. 3 in set 2/9 set �00 sets Jug. 3 in set 3/ set linoleum matting and mat department passage and Stair oilcloth. Bordered. 30 pieces let m. Wide usual Price 8kl, for 6m. Per Yard 20 jo., 7 do. Do., lord. For 8jd 50 do., 36 do. Do., 1/3, for Lud. 25 do., 45 do. Do., 1/6, for of 3 so do., 51 do. Do., 1/11, for 1/6 75 do., 2 Yards wide do. 1/9. For l/5i 80 do. Do., do. Do., 2/3, for 1/9 40 do. Do., do. Do., 2/6, for 1/11. Floor cloth squares. In. Carpets and tile patterns. 12 it x 9 ft., usual Price 21/, Sale Price 15/ 12 x 12, do. 28/. Do 20/ 12 s 13-6, do. 31/6, do. 22/6 12 s 15, do., 35 do. 25/ 20 pieces oilcloth 2 Yards wide usual Price 1/11, Sale Price 1/3 per so. Yard 50 do., ? it wide linoleum do. 1/9, do. 1/3 Square Vard 25 do. Do. Do., do. 4/6, do. 3/9 16 do., 12 feet do., do. 4/9, do. 3/11 i Iko Lelm Ca Pkt squares. 10 it. 6 x 12 ft., usual Price 65/, Gale Price 50/ 12 x 12. Do. 75/, do. 60/ 12 x 13-6, do. 80/, do. 70/ baskets. Lidies scope Boob Bush baskets. 4o Only usual Price 1.3 each to Clour 7$d each 51 Only usual Price 16 each to Clear d cacti 43 Only usual Price 1/9 each to Clear lord Raih c5 Only usual Price 2 3 each to Clear l3 each travelling Beds baskets wit ii straps Ai Tacbad. 11 Only usual Price 3,3 Ezrh to Clear 2 0 each 15 Only usual proc 3.3 each to Clear 2.11 Epieh y Only usual Price 4/3 each to Clear each 15 Only usual Price of i each to Clear 4 f cab 13 Only. Usual Price 5.11 each to Clear 11 Bacn 3s Only usual Price i. 9 Scicli to Clear 3 11 each 37 Only usual Primo 7 1 each to Clear 6 11 earn 22 Only usual Price f3 Cadi to cd car 7 11 each. 11 Only soiled baby s Linen baskets a jul prices from 45 to 6 11 each to Clear 2,11 Eide. Co carts. Ladies Fahoum Call and be these go carts with out delay. The prices marked for this Stock taking Sale Grill brine All our Hish class Cootu within i he Roach of every customer. 6 Only Winslo Stromer Wilker. Wilh Buber tires. Usual Price 25 o each to cleak/6 Cadi Only single Strong Wicker rubber tires. With Hood Complete usual Price 35 each to Cloar 21 0 each 4 Only double vory Strong Oral Frame. Wood. Usual Price so each to Clear a 6 each 6 Only single neat and Strong Cunt. With Lea ther Cushion usual Price 37,6 each to Clear 27, 6 each 3 do Jle very stylish Wood truth Well front 25 in. And 9 in., rubber tire wheel usual prior 4f 6 each to dear 32 6 each 3 Only double very stylish. Wood. A Rich we. Front usual Price 52 6 to Clrar 3o5 each 4 Only single very stylish with Hood in Best leather and Kiriss fittings upholster a through out. 2o in. And 9 in., rubber we is. Usual Price 57/6 Carh to clearn/6 Corfi also. 12 assorted go carts Sale juices from 17, Al up to 45. Each. Flannelette an Tendis cloth 32 Picas 1.474 a rdc it wed and fancy design Fum flairs suitable for dress Iier cows a Resburg jackets wraps. Blouses a fx., 1/11 for is Jwuc Worth 4/6 per dozen 39 i Incus 1,350 Yards Cream Hanne Kate. 38 in. Wide soft make 1/11 for 12 Yards Worth 3/11 per dozen 16 pieces 900 Yards Stripe it Anulette 28 in. Wac 2/11 for is Tarda Worth 4/6 per dozen14 pieces 324 Yards Stripe Flannelette. 33 inches wide. 3/11, for 12 Yaz a 45 pieces 4,700 Yard Stripe Flannelette is Uncle Ide a Beautiful aft make t Nice doth for ladies and children Wear 4/11 for 12 cards 110 pieces a a Jar is Stripe Tennis cloth suit Able for arcs sine towns blouses morning wraps dressing jackets 4/6 for a Yaros. A rth from t 6 to per dozen 13 pieces 760 ads . 32 inches wide a Rood useful a the. Sll for 12 cards. 82 pieces 1,99 Jaro Stripe klan Clette. 33 inches wide a very in by make. 6/11 for ii Yards s6 pieces780 Yards Stripe twill Tennis cloths a soft Finis i. 7/11 fer 12 Yards. Pink and creak . 24 pieces 1.140 Yards Ryk and Cream Flanni ets. Very soft make of inches wide 2/fi for12 Yards Worth 3/11 Jar a dozen 3s pieces 2,2s0 Yards Kak and Cream fund Ette. 2s inches wide. 8/11 for is Yards 17 pieces 1.020 Yards and Cream flannel Ette. 32 inches hide. A Tell Tor 12 Yards 6 pieces 460 Yards Cre Airi Flannelette 3s inches wide soft or acc. 5/11 for 1� Yards s pieces 540 Ards to kind Cream Flannelette full 33 inches wide. 6/6 for.12 yards8 pieces 4s0 Yards Pink and a Cream Flannelette. 33 Inch wide 7/ for is Yards. Furniture t0m5ps spew Alsale. Wire Woven touches a great bar sin. 2j Stroo were Woven Coochwa it head Kyrou. Lion Iva a com. Good Epin Dlo bail tack. Usual Price 27/6. To Day 13/9. Bookwood Frame carpet seat and Back usual Price 3/a, to Day 14/6. in addition to the extraordinary reductions we. Bare made in our own Stock we have purchased a Large shipment of English goods at a great discount. As an example of the splendid advantages ire shall offer to buyers we quote a few prices Bat Wpm that Imren upon our customers that whilst we have Many equally of attractive and of amp Tot advertised it will be Wiser to make it prompt selection to avoid disappointment. Walnut of Erbil Vitels. Walnut Over mantels 49/6. S3 for Psi Alnut Over mantels 65/ for 30/ Walnut Over mantels 97/6 for 45 Walnut Over mantels �6 15/ Tor 75/ Walnut orc mantels �8 8/ for 00/ a tint to or warehouses Kin Remore us doubt u to the Bui Tulc Worth o these Roods per ambulatory. Per ambulatory. Thirty one Peram Balaton Are sorted out and marked at less than Lylall Price. As an instance we 1 Only snal 95/, to Day 29/6. It Only 97/e, to Day 35/ others at proportionately attractive Are All of american Afan facture Uigh Lara and Sterling finish. Fancy Cane Wicker and Rattan c 3s ask. X Xci s in very Chic to design fancy colors in Plain and White Kaitan hollow cats blvd ugly nude a very in prior lot. These a have thrown out to dear. 35/ and 45/ 65/. 0?/ 25/ 30/ splendid Dha wisc both chairs. Gem Pivk Oil Palm rings. To e Are this Day throwing out Genilke Oil paintings in Rich Gilt frames. A variety of charming subjects the prices of these were �3/3/-. �4/4/ �5/5/ i pick to Day at one Guinea each i Thia list will be altered Dally and articles sold out Rill be replaced by fresh lines. Marshall s. Ims drapery and clothing. Martin Bros Burlington House. Winter Sale second week. Fresh bargains. Dresses. Coloured Drc tweeds usual Price lord Yard Sale Price 4/11 dozen coloured nun s Xiii ups a splendid Ranee of Corora by evening wow wide Wodtli Worth 1/8 Yard aide Price Sid Yard coloured silk Inisi dress fabrics Worth 1/6, Sale Price lord Vard cd clinic a Tai fabrics Worth 1/c, Sale Price had Black Amazon cloth pure Wool Worth 2/3, Sale Price 1.3 Yard Lack silk and Wool Bafs fabrics usual Price �,6 Yard special sae Price 1/6 Yard coloured French Ali Wooi Topps of every color Price 1/6 Yard Kavy and Black ail Wool Coatine series War noted fast color and a shrinkable Worth 1/11, Eil Price 1/3 Yard phosphorus Blouse fabrics originally 4/11, Price 1/11 Yard Oris Nauy Sale Price 2/11 Yard special value Frendin Box cloth reduced from s6 to 1/11 Yard velveteen. Be Annable and fashionable Colon 22 inches wide Worth a ii Yard Sale Price 1/ Yard striped vol Petrens Only a few boxes left Ori email 2/11, reduced 10 1/ Yard Odd colors in figured Silks Worth up to 2/11 Yard thrown out to Clear at 1/ turd remnants of coloured and Black dress fabrics Silks. Velvets Vel Eteen s. Ladies Tell would inspect our remnant department. Owing Tut he accumulation of remnants recurring from the Larch Sale of Dias Lla Toriati .aac., during the opening Days of our Winter Sale we Lave derided to All ce1i-vants at sacrificing p1ucks, which will of Toun merely nominal. This is an excellent Opp Unity to acquire Mudi for one s Money costumes a Black fur neck to usual Price 2/11 and 3/6, i a Price 1/1� each coloured and Ruck father Boas 21/, reduced is 12/9 Cadi a very special line of ladies Black curl Cioth jackets Dihle breasted Semi air and Light fitting backs Sale Price 6/6 each t ladies coat and skirts Green Lic by ind dark Greys Blacks and nans in cloth double masked and Tok Sterheld Izyle to car at 17/6 the costume ladies coat and skirts in Navy and Black Serge double breasted Only Sale prices 25/ the cos tume Flannelette dressing gowns All colors. These Ore very Good value. Sale prices la and 7/11 ladies Check mackintosh.-?, with detachable capes to reduced to 6/11 each ladies Flannelette and Woolette shirt blouses with self Collar and with White Linen cuff and collars North 2/11, ? Sale Price 1/11 each ladies shirt blouses in Corduroy velveteen All shades with cuffs and collars of same and of White Linen special Eale Price 5/11 each a few coloured cloth capes usual Price 7/6, Sal Price 4,11 Cadi. A splendid line of Black cloth three Quarter capes collars trimmed braid special Price 7/11 each an Odd lot of shot velvet mantles trimmed fur and Jet Good value Sale prices 19/6, 25/l 27/6, 29/s, and 32/ii each. Millinery. Black Sailor hats in All the popular straws and shapes Worth 1/6 to 26. Reduced to so each lace and sequin a Vitus to be cleared at 6d pair ladles l trimmed fancy Straw hats usual prices1/ to 2/11, Pale prices id and 3d each ladies Felt cycling hats in Blacks navys. And Browns reduced irom i 11 to 2/11 each our Stock of Gold and Silver jail Minerv hat and Bonnet crowns to a cleared at 1/ can omit Nal prices 2/11 to s o each underclothing. in manufacturers Sample oors cts in the following Well known makes the. -iv.nv. . A Prima Dona Clutha guarantee and habit ? to be sol half the visual Cost. An exceptional Opportunity of buying Standard i Safe my enor Fri onsets. ? ?.-? All our clip Larch s Donn cd and hats to be cleared regardless of coct. A splendid line of ladies Bool vests with a ves. U p no Only Worth i/6, Sale Price 1/9 a Rood line of children s overalls and Pelissey in fatten. Grey Cardinal Blue and Creme. Is ? a Ca Taid Jed origin Lilly z6 reduced ladies silk skirts in Ell slides lined Wodtli. Reduced from 12 0 to s 11 Cali ladies Moreen skins with deep double Gritl rimmed bands of velvet shaped band original s 1�,6, Sale Price 7/11 each pm in furnishing. Hemp carpets from cd. Jard tapestry carpets Sale Price from 1/ Yard bust Ujj Russu carpets tale Price from 2/0 Rard we each 7ii 1u 1/3 1/6 Anil heart drugs Bale prices 2/11. 3/6, 4/6, Sll and ti/11 each to Onnes double Width Sale Price from 5/11 doicn1 Dele Width me from 3/ bugs site 00 x so Sale Price 3,11 each Colleton blankets reduced to 2/n a sjs5 ,?,1 ? me Prii c from n a i wadded quilts full sic Price from 10/y each Eider Dou a Juilu All St Ost prices Cosmos reduced to 1/ each Hall curtailing Sale prices from 9d. Vard ribbons a. Tie in Lance of this season s fancy brocade Andl Loral ribbons to be sold regardless of Cost. Worth 3,11 and 4/0, Sale Limrite 1/ Yard Worth 2/11 and 2/0, Sale Price ted. Yard evening costumes. A. Silt net Chenille up it evening materials re Dix a from 2/11 to Luis Ard Siik Kavc Nice nets reduced from 3/c to 1/3 Yard silk Gau a and know Rcd then eng Keck North 5/11, Sale Price 2 6 Yard silk embroidered Lisnic fur evening Wear won 7,8, Sale priv 3/6 Yard braids for dress Tri aiming Worth 7/6, reduced to 1/11 dozen Satin Bebe i Blum 3s Yards for lord. Patent Torchon lacks of Yards like the reel Turchon usual Price 1. 3, Sale Price lord. Down Yards usual Price 1 0, suit Price 1 dozen varas i sual ii Rice 1,11, Sale a Rice 1/3 do2cn Ards l sual print 2,0, Sale Price 1/6 dozen varies usual Prico 2/11, Sale Price 1,11 dozen Varda gloves and hosiery. Ladies Buiton Black kid Tilves slightly Pictish cd to be cleared of. Luis ladies Button Blair kid Silures. With coloured til chinks2 11 for 1/11 pair ladies Bullon tin kid gloves Black it itching a Good Winter Glove Worth 3/11, for 2/11 pair the balance of our i Button coloured the cult 1 Lic. For 3 11 i in in Iris Tan Cashmere Glove 1,3, for Nojd. Pair ladies Allum a no Matt l Laiu Firack Cashmere Hose i Miccu Viluci Worth 1,3, Loid. Iii ladies wide rib a Liutik Cash Marc Lloyc All Wool 1,1, fur 1 Muiir Ladin Plain a Lark shr arc Hose full fashioned hand Seacurd , North is Lor 1.6 pair say and Black i Lloyc double ribbed tops size 2, �id., Lor 3w. Pair site 3, jjd., Lor 4jd. Air. Haberdashery dept. Note the . Ladies would do will to by y their iia Beh Dashky from Spirtis Bros. The Princess bodice. Slrl sets in Black ind Wilile my i Price he Sile Price id Tot Boi 1uj soul rior Uji Ity hair joins in Ordinary or Fairure pin assorted in norths in the Box Usu ii prici.1 lid Box do Rieur the Sale id Box the Bur Lonrlon mending Wool in Halls full 1 of. In weight Black and colors 3jd Lor 3j Bill the Gem and Falcon Patent dress fasteners in Blaik while and Grey 4ld for a Sot the by lice of our Sonois Hill Back Combs to be cleared to rules of Cost Huj and 9d for 6d cedi 1/ and 1.3 for 9d i soap and perfumery dept the Hur Lincton soap 2,11 for 1,6 Doz. Tablets Oatmeal or 3, 11 for i. 11 Doz. Us Lyls Sharp Bros Wii ii. To an1 Cucumber mavfm1 and Hull Levin in 1,0 and i la for 1 3 Box of 3 tablets lieu de Cologne in Basket bottles 1/11 for 1 3 bottle fancy goods Bept. Musio orcs to for 1,11, i u for 2fi, to for j 11 Stirp books. I for 41.1. I old for ted each Maud mirrors. 9d for 7 a j for of Ich 4 jewelled Glass or Nanku 1 6 Lor 1/ Lommia i Raj ii H.K-. A go each l Rinkle i a incr Ojni i Miades. 1, for Jed dozen Lipen hand Justus. I d for of 1/ for a cacti clothing a Little boys Fez Caps All colors Sale Price 6j liitle boys Caoili Sailor Caps to Clear at do. 1a a 1 3jcli gentlemen s i umbrellas Sale prices i la and i to 17.6 each i genl Man s White shirts Sale prices 1/11 � j 3.11. 4 c to cd each scotch Wool Tri Ccllins bags Sale Price Sli gentlemen s silk ties and bows to Clear at 6d Cath. \ Waterproof out in fancy tweeds in Blue j and-blatl., Natii Jojn a Sale prices a to 13 i a i to. And in each j boys Blu. It Lack. And Grey serac Sailor suits. I to be cleared at 3.11, 16, 4,11, up to 12/6 i each Blue scr re for boys Wear Worth 1/, Sale priced Yard 56-Fneh Serge Worth 2/6, reduced to 1, 6 Yard. Martin Bro bubl Ingolf mouse. We drapery Ana clothing. V Winter Sale has commenced. A latiff and fashionable Stock of this season s importations. Wool dress department. Double Width Blue mixed tweeds 2/9, Tot 1/6 double Width Fawn fancy Serge 2/8, Foi 1/9 double Aridth Green and Black Broche Satin cloth 3/6, for 1/9 double Width Fawn and Blue Covert coat inns 3/3, for 1/11 double Width Tweed coatings 2/9, for 1/u double Width All Wool Cheviot costings 2/3, for 1/9 double Width Blue faced cloths 2/6, for 1/11 double Width All Wool French coatings 3/11, for 2/11 13 pieces Fine faced French cloths All Winter shades usual value 4/11, for 3/6 double Width Brown heavy Cheviot Serge i 2/6 coat and skirt lengths in Browns Navy dark Fawn Green a 37/6 39/6 45/ 42/6 for for for for 27/6 27/6 29/6 32/6 French dress goods in Bobe lengths fancy brocaded Beds 27/6, 19/6 Black and Grey Bayadere Bep 37/6, 29/8 Black and Green silk mixture 42/6, 34/6 plaid silk reps si/6, 39/6 Plush striped Corduroy 67/6, 49/6 1 Black and Silver Grey silk and Wool a Bike and Brown silk and Wool rep 52/6, 35/ 1 Black moire velour 79/, mow 57/6 1 Brown and Black silk and Wool Check 50-in. Lambswool cloaking White Only 3/n,- for 1/11 Yard 50-in. Lambswool cloaking White Grey Fawn Pink Blue a 5/u, for 2/11 50in. White Bearskin cloaking 17/6, 10/9?56-in. Scarlet Saxony cloaking i/6, 48-in. Black Astracan cloaking. 9/6, 3/6 in. Best Melton cloths in Browns and maroons reduced to 2/633-in Welsh funnel slightly soiled to be cleared at l/2i Yard 27-in. Blouse flannel Moss Green and Black 1/11, 1/ Yard 27-in. French printed flannels reduced to Superior goods for blouses a we Wipper. Act coloured Flannelette reduced to 3/11, 4/11, 5/6 dozen reversible Flannelette a. Now 6/8 dozen fancy coloured Woolette 9/ dozen 30-in. Coloured velours 9/ dozen fancy Cashmere of Ann Jettes 6/a 46-Ih. Grey Flannelette reduce to j/4. Blax1um.u Blanc \5alt reduced prices. Single bed size 10/9, 13/9.18/ three Quarter size 14/9, 16/9, 23/, 27/9 full double bed size 21/, 22/6, 32/6, 39/6 tora Lium Down quite a very Large Selec Tion in All sizes covered in hatin and sateen All at reduced prices full size sateen covered from 27/6 showroom. A Large Stock of latest fashions is being shown in this department and u substantial reductions and in Many instances at half the original Price. Millinery bonnets. Hate and tones All recently imported and reduced to such prices As should ensure a. Clearance. Fancy Straw and Felt hats trimmed or untrimmed All at lowest Sale prices Sailor hats 1/11, 3/11, 4/11 ladies travelling Hau trimmed from 2/11 mantles and capes. 12 Black silk velvet capes trimmed Jet and fur 45/, 32/6 4 do., do., so 45/ 5 do., mantles and canes 69/, 52/6 9 ladies velvet mantles 79/, 63/ c Verr handsome do., 95/, 84/ 2 Only do., �6 15/, 87/8 newest Model mantles up to �6, All reduced to 95/ 6 High class velvet mantles embroidered and fur trimmed to be cleared at �5 15/ and �6 17/6 Black silk and Wool Matta Lasse capes and mantles trim med Guipre Jet and fur All greatly reduced. Sale prices 25/, 37/6, 49/6, 63/, 84/ 12 Rich Black Broche Vand Plain silk mantles quilted linings trimmed Jet and fur. Greatly reduced 55/ 3 silk velvet jackets Laet season42/. Now for 12/6 2 silk velvet jacket trimmed Jet and Best fur. A 10/, 65/ indies waterproofs special bargains. Ladies Winter costumes with length 2 Black silk and Wool Flat Galasse 84/, fur 45/ 4 Black silk and Wool Matta Lasse 85/, 89/ for 69/ 3 Black silk and Wool Matta Lasse �5 10/, for 84/ 4 handsome Black Broche silk costumes very newest styles �65/ �7 15/ �8 10/ �8 12/6 for for for for �5 5/ �6 15/ �6 6/ �7 15/ 9 coloured costume of 47,6 75/ 84/ 92/6 98/6 110/ for for for for for for 27/6 35/ 52 6 75/ 79/ 79/ 6 evening costumes in newest Silks nets arc. To be cleared at exceptionally Low 38 costume skirts in coloured Serge lined usual Price 16/9. Now for 10/6 a line of Black Lustre skirts at s/9 curse costume skirts Black 13/9, a. Scree costume skirts Navy 21/ and 8 ladies Long cloaks in Navy and Cardi Nal red cloth trimmed Black fur 37/6 for 29. 6 13 Black ladies Annc cloaks. 37/6. For 25/6 ladies a Derc loth tag department. Winter undershirts frilled and braided coloured cloth to Clear at 4/6, 4/11, 5/6, fill Winter undershirts extra sizes 7/9. 10/6 Black Lustre skirts. Lined Ceylon flannel to Clear at 911/fl. 13/6, 15/6 Black Moreon skirts 9/6, 10/6, 13/6 Black Moreen skirt 11/6. 15/9, 16/9 coloured Moreen skirts unlined. To 9/6 11 0, i3/fi coloured Moreen skirts lined 12/9, Haj Black Mirette Skirls with coloured and Mack Satin stripes usual Price 35/ 25/ Slot Glace silk skirts lined 37/6. For 25 coloured Satin skirts lined 32/6, for 21/ stockinette petticoats Sale prices 2/6 3/11. 5 11 striped Flannelette petticoats 2/11, 4/n i inv Flannelette morning a towns Sale Price. 7/9. S o. 6. 11/6. 12/6. 15 9 Mamne willed flannel morning gown 15 3. In s stylish Mornine and Tea gowns at special re vim hons during Sale Chilnmcs Wool bonkers and hats at half Price. J. Miller Anderson & of s Winter Sale. Of Lurtis is Coati Femly Cohl Milf at our. Great Winter a a a if a 1 a a a a ? 9 of a a ? ?. ? --0 ? ?. Frev see those fixtures reaching from the frp5b. The shop right away to the Back they Are ii a ing with their burdens stacks upon stall set a. ,?.j.%r- a i stylish dress materials Blaek coating Serges fancy Black Biate i coloured ?oati3cygi coloured faced go the coloured Cost us Glotnis. I every Yard has to be pm. We press of advert Sinis Button you 0b&0� fihs a Why should t you ? for birr Erl a talk never goes beyond actual fact. We Quot pcs one line Only the value of which is an ind a to every other line. ?. ? a ? 7,20fl Yards a pah .m0m All Wool Golf no we navys Browns Blacks oar Aii Fly Tig fawns and Many other shades a to be cd abet Mimi mob Man extensive a my my Purchase of a blah lamp a Jyh Titi How Jyh. ? Jii you fool like rolling Sotir self up in them i it away said a Cuto aur a sturday Hwi Loo Kaai team stacked upon our co tutors away. A Tsip snowy whiteness if you Are to iii blankets the Best advice vre live i Roa you to mks lies in this a entente see these every pair to be cleared at prices ranging from 3/11 per pair. 35ft pairs Law Wiwik corsets sizes 19 to 24, to be cleared at 1/ per pair. 4,200 Yarls heavy Creado Iffus. Usual Price 3/6, to be cleared at 1/11 Doz a Yards 28-in. Hem ple mme to usual Price 7d, to be cleared at 41� per Yard 4,800 38-Io. Heavy twill Flass Lettes a line that you would consider Good value at 6/11 the dozen Price to Day 4?� per Yard. The attraction of a real bargain lies in other things than the Price. Yon can t shoot peas through the cloths we sell. 1,200 Yards 36-in. Heavy H.K and White Tow. ? usual Price 10d per Yard to be sold 72� per Yard. 175 pieces heavy Wiite my Cream Leiis in 28-in., 32-in., and 36-in., All Odd pieces thrown out to Clear we Start the Price at 2/11 dozen. -3 tie bargain8t ice Seu we stand by. We Are rms of them. They Are us Good As human hand can Man facture. Trade should be held As Well As made. We act on this thought. We succeed by keeping it Ever a View and our shows in its Complete Ness the Golden idea the Coti Sny at Alfinn a called tothe fact that to Absher tied with Rie of Manninj thou adj of poet on rough making them reliable and1nra1 be their Reiff Imit Makine them a peed and comfortable to ride. Flat Inisss. Foremost Ever since. The ooh top pneumatic Tybe co. Limited 69. Fran Kun Street Adelaide. And at Melbourne Sydney. Perth and Christ Church want Musty mum actins in pocket mud worry to a Are Liana to tide Amia Tadios and a fam Amae toe Tan be Aviata Etty it Traat be fitted Cap ask and thetra Bat Aud to australian condition the mul irix ffire9�9 Ira web Combine to the Fol list decree rely filmy Sade a d i detachment. To a Huip pneumatic tire co. I

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