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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 11 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 11, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Burns Philp s c0" limited. Teb progressive tour a3�d Tratos agents. Book passages for Pacific Island cruises. ,. Bound Australia Toura round the world Ion Rel Winter trips to sunny cakes full particulars on application. Burns Philp. Co., Ltd.,Ftp Nowc Grenfell it ret Adelaida of shipping. Orient line. I of Royal mail steamers. Tor Plymouth and London i Naples l and Toulon. Calling at Freha tie t. Colombo. Tranumn pins to All us dial. Poets Ard sues canal ports _ of Torero. F Otway. T Otranto opt rely commander1 . V b r. June is , a june 27 d r p"taons. r july u w t a xxv 25. A. A. Coart. us 8 a fitted Wita Wirrie telegraphy. Triple screw. Twin Sere steamers. Velto will not be Allried on Board within to minutes of time of sailing. For Melboure. Up a. And br1sbahe bar Amer will nil rom Adelaide outer Harbor a follow i Otranto i 12,1 tons i saturday i june 14 Osterley 12.120 tons i saturday june 2� and fortnight thereafter tort to Melbourne �1 8/ to �5 30/. Sydney. I 67 to �9 10/. Brisbane. �8 to to �11. Etta Opfar Tours. Byln Dunz rail and hotel accommodation to Stoat trips to Ceylon xxx in conjunction with she other mail Linea rare quoted. Including rail and hotel sex Pentes. R Tor third pass passengers. Special Accinno Darion in Kew 12/x�-ton pet Aires us nov far a single. 7. File ans not in �32, �38. �89. Snap it i 0 hey lots Dick to smr�kf-room3, ladies / my bkvio0moy Shalt for deck. Kane Twa Herth and four berth Cabina situated in Maiv Dicks i Faroe. Will Vij related dining Saloon of Mux Pant. Jiwu Tor illustrated circular. Chug full Par Tita further information Epplerm. A and Fursov �.sent, rtwca2c8e �. King Willuam Street Adelaida. A it be Matlz. India China and Europe. First and second Saloon Only. V tens i commander. Armosa. Medina. Moldavia. Maloa. Macedonia 10,900 s. Deb Lockyer rur 13,500 �,500 10,000 10,600 halw4, 11,000 f b s. Notley rur e. H. Gordon o h c.wcton. r. Aclewellln..b. A d Bennett b.. A. Thorr son mooltay.l0, i � b. Leares june 19 Jules july 17 july 81 Auk h a 28 sept a sctf.25 and fortnightly thereafter. Tor Melbourne and Sydney Moldavia. To Fillig Orr 21st june. All steamers Are fitted with wireless Tele Granby and Are twin screw. First a a second Saloon Patsale granted Europe India China and Western Australia i the. / special and round the world excursions or ranged Alto through Pamlea to new York. Paa sages arranged nun any port. Special Holiday turn tickets to Colombo Tor information an handbooks apply to ewer. Smith. & co. Limited. Agent cs3ci303o p. To. Branch service to Durban Cap town and London. Y a j be class Only wireless telegraphy. Geelong. 7,954 tons benalla11,1 Tont Bel Tanai. Ims � tons 3t "3allarat� clip ton Flenoid accommodation Laffi to Oil to 11 " j8�0kiko room a. Surgeons and staff Ardesser canted. Farea to Dol �18, �18, �20. A 1 Outh Africa-1 15, and 17 guineas. Round Toups to to of by p it o. Branch. Service Steamer returning via Suez ugh Une Patna beef and All particulars on application. A George wills fat limited agent a Bosje it & Adelaide. maritime Teenie a Fidela coat nor a .v.,. Adner noon. Jane t july . In. I Viel. 1 pm. A . T i june 10 june 12. July 8 july 10 i e to London. Via Colombo Bombay. And Paris. V Vav i passage in met includes table wine. Engle Spain in Board further Paitl Ulaj apply sic Dalgety it co., Ltd w ? Imperial it Erma har. Steamers. A to London and continent , Colombo Suez Naples be of. A1gifrsv Southampton. Ant off cup. Breme june 17 july 13 Auk is sept. A oct.7 . 4 Dee 2 � use Esau. ,081 to Stollberg re wet. 8, l. Amass u.yi8.0lftml Enden jct Ebenau 0fl t. I Tolbet h of h Textor Aji Tuin bar All steamers fitted with we Reefe Yate Eranuy " laundry on Board. Departure hour 1 , from outer Harbor Teet Lal train from Adelaide at 12 noon. A red Sci d Kinin k of arcs it class ande. \ in 1c/ by Tim. 1 6/ 2nd Oma piffle 40 return. A. Third class from �15. a Sperino ill Ida return ticked tuned with All mail urea. Lyra a Stark fir and Send Saloon return tide to inter danceable Nith All mail Steamer. B. My Coke it 00" Adelaide and port. Agente. I "_273er2jc Blue funnel line. ?. Fob tool and / via. The Cape. I r the steamers of the above line Are some of the \ of test stud fastest raw Nyer end Careo couts afloat cargo stunners w11� rare port Adelaid Anchises. Of Iocono tons about july 0.rtelamon. I 4.6� tons about july 29. For London an passenger Strasters Seo special advert Peirent automate dus ,. For Reichl my Nartic Ulara or nor t George wills i co. A cited conts i Sou Vuic i As Are Nell a tract. Adelaide. V Nippon Yusen Kaisha. V. Imperial japanese mail China and Japan Ria Brisbane Townsville and Thura Day Island. Steamer. I Tor. I com. I melb. Sydney Naba Maru. 0,000 Tominaga i june 1 i june 11 Yak to Maru. 0,000 m. Yagi / july 2 f june 9and every. Four weeks thereafter. Fastest and most luxurious steamers. To the through booking to All parts of the East America and Europe. A11 particulars from Mcilwraith Mceacharn. It co., limited agents Adelaide. I r _ _27naic Anglo australasian steam Navi gation co., old. To Durban. Dunkirk. And Antwerp. Fitted wit wiretap telegraphy. Fee soft. Tons. Commander. Sails. Robt Macquart a 0.509 Warren i june 13 this new Steamer accommodation for s to mixed number of passenger for abet Perls and London. Tares and further particulars of application. Gibbs. Bright. & co. Adelaide and port Gem navigation co., Ltd. Fob Wai Kerie Loxton and Renmark. The Steamer Marion will leave Murray Bridge at 10.30 . Every wednesday and from Morgan every thursday 7, ., talc Teg passengers and cargo. I the Steamer Corowa will leave Murray Skidge every saturday evening at 8.30, sad rom Morgan every monday at 7 ., taking passengers and cargo. For Benmark. Wentworth and Mildura. The Steamer Buby will leave Morgan every saturday 7 using passengers and cargo. Apply oem navigation co. Ltd.,its Mac it. Grenfell buildings. Or Tot navigation company longed. Toe poo Carie Menc die sad Wilcannia Tver Darling. Steamer taking cargo for the Darling will leave Horgan on 19th lust. _. J Sta ship . The Adelaide steamship. Company limited will dispatch steamers from port Adelaide pane tally As under circumstances permitting Albany and Fremantle. Tran shipping for Perth Geraldton 11 North West ports and Singapore. Warilda. I 7,713 tons sat i june 14 i 8 . Warilda. I 7,713 tons i sat. F july-12 8 . Melbourne and Sydney. Tran shipping for a tasmanian Queensland Ana i new zealand ports. X Wanilla 7,785 tora i sat june 14 4 . Warilda t.718 tons 1 Thura. I june 28 14 . Queensland ports without and Wanilla new steamers twin screws wireless telegraphy carrying first and second Saloon and Steerage passengers. West coast service. _. Streaky. Murat. Denial Carawa. . Rupaka i saturday i june 14 i noon weekly thereafter calling at edit Burgh. Spencer Gulf service. port Lincoln Kirton Point. Tumby. Arno Bay Wallaroo. And Cowell a Marialta every tuesday 4 . Ports Lincoln. Augusta. Germen. Pirie. . Paring. Saturday june 11 i 6 p. Al. Ports Lincoln. Tumby. Arto. Wallaroo , fill. Fht Elds. A i thursday Joneli i 4 . Passengers for Cowell can leave Adelaide by saturday s train to Wallaroo and arrive Cowell sunday morning. Returning from Cowell to Wallaroo monday morning. Ports Turton. Victoria. Moonta. Wallaroo. And Broughton. .6.8. Herbert saturday june 14 i 4 . I freights prepaid to Turton Minla Cowie Vic Toria germen Arno. Neill Tumby Louth North shells and All wet coast Porta. I Saloon passage ticket interchangeable with other interstate companies subject to conditions the Adf Winf. 8tfmmp co., limited i Adelaide and port Adelaide. Ryphe Adelaide steamship Coy. Ltd. West coast service. For Elliston Venus Steales. Streaky Smoky. Laura. Murat denial Fow Ler Bays. Point Sinclair and Caraway As. Ferret. Wednesday june l8, 5 .,. And Fortuni imly thereafter. Lowest fares and freights. Rupska also makes weekly trips to Streaky Murat and peril Bay. All freights except Elliston prepaid. Apply _ the Adelaide steamship Coy., Ltd. Adelaide and fort Adelaide._141e Adelaide otfamsh7p co. Ltd. . Saturday 14th june and we Elroy thereafter. Rupaka trill Mil at Edithb Reh. Lenvin port Adelaide at noon. Mid Retner none from edit Burgh every Thura Dar at larva it Steamer in the to nov. Vast crr Juneann led. To Wpm to rates of Fiti Rbt and passage Money. A Fly a toe teams tin co., Ltd. And Lifie and port de fade the Castle sat t Coop. Co. Ltd., edit Burgh. Hus of Phi a. U. S. N. Steamers leave or Mittic for Albatt. F i Lakra. i. June 17. Topi Werth. Ki���5gav10i2 pm Tronn. \.1�. Ports i saturday. June 28, k1 fun Ore. J Natae cat. I1 Ingarra 10.�oo tons. In mrw for Fin. 1t0rs a. 8 a to Suvania. New Zeaf Prana uni port my a neck und monday. Jun 30. Twin Crew. Fitted with wireless. Of cargo received and Bills of lading signed by australian steamships. Ltd. Carring first Seoti and third jas Paa enters. A i n tickets nor a Anerable with other n inter Tate con panics object tit conditions full return Nortin of Ord Miry first Clews return Rai tickets Between Melbourne and j Adelaide ire n Valla Bli. Per Steamer. Register , and port Adelaide. K w3c_ australian steamships line. Howard Smith Cor. Lin item Var iodine Acosta. Steamers will Leaf port Adel a h i circumstances Ner Liri Vav % ten a a Kun ton. . I thursday. June 12. Queen and ports. Of j wednesday june l8. Cargo Only fitted with wireless telegraphy. Corr ing 2nd. And Frd Els a in com. Note for to i macs und Semi Ela Stromer to kelp Are Arter first port of Call it either Init soft j con Ranit Subj Cut to Cut Obi Masoero insole on Upell Rahorn. Kuli return Partlon of Ord Arr first class railway tick it in Adelaide and Melbourne Trail Lyle by imn comr a � steamers. Howard Smith . Limited. Managing agents. . Buildings i 19. Kane wills or Street. Adelaide Anas rth Ponde. Port Adelaide Telephone , 373. 4173 port 6l24c Mcilwraith a Dearham line. passenger Purvice. . 1 Karoo la. Fremantle. I twin Crew 7191 ton for Perth 1 wireless Telf Raph a Bunbury. A Fieldton. J saturday. Inn 21, Ead All Korth West i at 2.30 �. Queer s wharf. Melbourne. � Karoo la. Stdot. I 1 twin Terew. 7 Soi tons for All i wireless Telegraph task Anian. Y Queens i their Day. July 3, land and new Zea i at 4 . Land port. Queen s what no Caren received after 11 . On Sailma Day All a fave baggage must be alongside at least one hour before advertised Nie it Eail in. Barcola new twin screw team a in sur paned acotto Jattan for first and sect id Galoon id third class passengers. Private Butte de Lutc a. Third clan consisting of 2. And 6 berth Cabins tickets Are interchangeable after first per of Call with t a attainable on Anoli cation. Full return portion of Ordinary fint re railway tickets Between Adelaide and Melbourne Are available by inter state Steamer. Mryl Wrath my each Arn. It co., proprietary. A i ted. Pc twi hoops Romr Kim William Street and . Saloon passenger tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies a object to coalition. Full. Return portion of Ordinary Flat Ela railway tickets available by interstate steamers. _ s41rc d. A j. Fowler. Limited. Agents. Melbourne steamship co. Regular passenger service. For Albatt. Axtle. Bunbury. Geraldton. J july 8, u. P trans Imine for Perth and . Ports. Fitted with wireless. Ample space for re Fri j Serat Careo. 1 Melbourne. J . Dimboola . Monday june 23, Newcastle. � at 12 non. First Saloon. Sri class. Single. Return. Single. Fremantle. -�5 10 0 a 16 6 �8 13 Melbourne. 2 i 0 � 1� 0 110 by nov j a l8 0 6 6 0 2 s 0 es1 � h tickets Intengan Ceabolt with other interstate companies subject of. Condit Ioui which no be ascertained on application up Elidio Stock accommodation. Met Bourne steamship co., Ltd. Port. Geo. Wills k co. Limited. Pat Cnorr Arents a. S3. Orc full it ret. Adelaide. Edwin h. Cropley. Drohen hill_8e_ West coast shipping co. Will dispatch from port Adelaide As under circumstances permitting -. Ports Lincoln Kirton Point and town jetties1umby. Arno. Wallaroo and , thursday. June 12. . Or richts and Arno prepaid. Pcs .tr on this Steamer is first Elua. Reduced farms for All ports Ana round trip neck Pirint a Elliston. Venus. Streaky. Smoky. Stu Bat. Denial Fowler s Bays and Point Sinclair woo Kata. Wednesday june l8, at 8 a freights prepaid except Elliston. A a in mjc63ubieb, fort. " Ute via san Francisco. To All american ports British Isles and continent. Calling at bar Tonga Cook group and Papeete Tab to from Steamer. I Sydney. Aorangi. June 1 Tahiti. July 12 Moana aug. 9 from Wellington. June 20 july l8 aug. 15 due Frisco. July 10 aug. 7 sept. 4 and every 28 Days thereafter. For particulars regarding passages and freights apply Union steamship co., of n.z., Ltd., a.�.s.n., limited agents 267ic Register buildings Grenfell Street. Australian Oriental line g. S. Yuill it co., Ltd. Manila China and Japan via Zamboanga Darwin thursday Island and Queensland ports. . Taiyuan i sailing from Dalgety wharf Miller Point Sydney on tuesday june 17. Also. . Guthrie july 4. For full particulars apply to m. G. Anderson King William Street. _353�uc Yorke Peninsula my Kangaroo Island. The Gulf steamship co., Ltd. , 9 am., wednes Days saturdays returning thursdays mondays return tickets available from any . Ports. , 9 ., Asatur Dyg wednesdays returning mondays thursdays. Hiley a Oach meets steamers. Kangaroo Island Kingscote and hog Bay calling at Glenelg discontinued. Lakatta so ., saturdays wednesdays returning Mon lays thursdays. Freights prepaid. Week end tickets available saturdays returning mondays 1/ return. Second , 8.30 -, wednesdays returning mondays. Freight pre said. American River Salt jetty Popoola Ved Neslav. 11th, 4 freight prepaid. , 9 ., thursdays re turning same Day. Saturdays. Returning Mon Tys. Port , 9 ., tuesdays re turning wednesdays. Kooring fridays re turning same Day. Wool , wednesday. 11th, 4 lim., via american River. No cargo received after 8 . On Day of Al nor. Only perishable goods and stack received Ling Day for Kangaroo Island. Tickets on Board. Lilac a. Lemessurier Secretary port. Dort every wednes. A Day Prince wharf. Tainsh bros., phones 371 and 824, canal wharf. S Alt sail . Frk3ker, port. Tort germen port to sails saturday. Germen prepaid. 162,4 a. & e. Lome Soubier port. H Lobo will sail in about a week. Freight and particular George wills it co., Ltd., agents. To tooth general pc tors to above Are informed that refund3 Are now payable at our port Adelaide of face. Geo. P. Harris Scarfe it Coy., limited carriers. The. Furniture stored. Household turn Turc War used in depositories of Stone and Brick. Est males Given. Song vans used Irr rail and be removals. Richak q Mitchell & co. Vaci Nim House cleaner depots Unie. Hide Park South-ter., and port head Ornee 1. Cupric it telephones Central 4s10 5 lines. Fort 617. Hie Graves. Hill & company " Liin ted. Government co Tryc Tara railway and general carriers. Customs and for wards a is to All parts of Contr Comra coach Ard Lettin stable pro Pictor. Motor car. Motor docs. And i vehicle of " description Tiplic front lowest rates. Pic Nic parties Poci ail catered for. Finns supplied by Aie week or year with horses. Vehicles and Drivers. Furniture carefully removed. Goods received for Setji Flor. Special attention Etc re to the collection of Pas Senger luf Rattre for shipment or otherwise. Haying made arrant cent with companies our men Board All steamers arriving at the outer Harbor. Lars Bay and port Ade Laide for the collection end deity per of pascan Gers Luggage to inv part of the state. They also Book in dvrs for motor cars and All kinds of vehicles for trips through the Hills for pleasure parties a head office-39, Currie Street Adelaide. For motor cars dross and Light vehicles ring no phones 6 and 2s52 for heavy cartage Lucr Cace and shipping ring cd Phore 150, 431, and 522. For port Adelaide cartage ring up phone 77 and 100. 182alue Mcculoch. A be Green & a John Hains it Ca. Proprietor Globe parcels express camera. Customs shipping and forwarding agent � heavy lifts and machinery a speciality. Libe ral charges and Qin k dispatch. Furniture and other goods parked did removed to any address. Hire. Braucht. Sold or exchanged. Firms supplied with Tes uus by hour Day or week. Agencies throughout Australasia and the United kingdom i head office Austral Chambers. Cupric St. Ade Laide. Telephones Adelaide. 817. 70s. And by port Adelaide. 69 Aud 32._ 271uaio plants and Sebesi seed potatoes on Sale. Tasmanian bismark. V Victorn Pink yes. Victorian it to Date victorian Carmen victorian nov flakes. Sejd peas and Beans. R. Briant & co., new Market. Grenfell Street. Adelaide. Be seem egyptian Claver trifolium inca Natum trifolium Subterran Eum White Clover Lucero Westen month s giant italian Rye grass tree or Vetches Broadleaf Essex rape. L. & w. Hackett 73. Bundle Street Adelaide. T 04 5�xfl0 49 Thiol ice Subterran Eum. Broad Leaf Esse Skane. White Mustard. Perennial Rye Gran italian com Cape Barley. Crimson c1 ver bred wheat All leading kind of farm Ste i tx., ice. E. B. Cox & co., sep sex. Etc Corner bundle St. And East Terrao. Mem Ioc Xuc matrimonial. A professional gentleman Steele 48. With to. Good prospects Dairea meet refined yours lady about 25-so, View Matrimony. Address Prospect Liis Farmer 88, sober industrious with Means a to correspond with respectable work ing girl 27 to 35 Mut be a Good Coote fond of borne and country life View to above. this office. Two Young ladies wish correspond two respect Able gentlemen about 3a-"chums," -gjp.o.,Adelaide. Drapery and my own work with patrons super fingering i it is a pleasure to knit Paton s sup fingering and the Gan tint give plei ure right Fli rough. In color in texture in finish in Quality Paton s super fingering in always the Nyht free from John Paton. Son k co a Sia. Ltd. 280, Flinders Lane Melbourne. Use Paton s Alloa knitting wools. Ferrite us for Perii Culaw of Good jetting Semoe. �sj20iava j jas. Marshall. & co s great Clearing out Sale 9 f Xuy the whole establishment continues to Day wednesday millinery department. Lovely soft velvet hats Airai trimming 8/11 for 4/11 Black Mirror velvet hat smart shapes Tagal lined 12/6 for 5�.l ready to Wear Corduroy velvet hats silk Tagal trimming 6/11 for 3/11 girls stitched cloth " hate smartly trimmed 5/11, 6/11, for 3/11 ladies Mirror velvet hats Small shapes 21/ for 8/11 Black velvet hats new Long shapes 13/6 for 8/11 Lovely Plush hats Blacks and Whites. 19/6 for jo/6 girls Lovely velvet a clone hats stitched. Ready to Wear 17/6 for 8/11 Lovely smart Mirror velvet hats Small shapes trimmed 8/11 for 4/11 i smart Corduroy hats ready to Wear self a trimming. 5/11 for 2/11 i velvet ready to Wear hats soft Crown j trimmed cords la for 4/1.1 household Linen department. Bine damask fast color smoking room table cloths. 45 in. X 45 in., 10/6, Sale once 7/6 each 54 in. X 54 in., 17/6, Sale Price 12/6 each 66 in. X 66 in., 22/6, Sale Price 14/6 each 66 in. X 68 in., 27/6, Sale Price 17/6 each 66 in. X 79 in., 22/6, Sale Price 14/6 each. Linen Pillow cases. 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Girls and ladies Beaver Coth hate smartly trimmed with Cord Wavy. Black. And colors Worth 6/1l for 1/11 each. Girls and ladies corded silk hats smart new style trimmed with Cord Worth 5/11, for 1/11 Earh. Read poplin silk motor Caps splendid value. 4/11 for 1/11. Girls knitted gof Caps in Navy Grey and Cream Large shapes fashionable Worth 3/11, for 1/11 each. Giris and ladies knitted motor nets 3/11, 4/11, for 2/6 and 2/11. Lazier knitted motor bonnets. 8/11 for 4/11. Lovely knitted silk motor bonnets 5/11, 6/11, for 2/11 and 3/1l. The Black fur hats. V i the Black fur Seal. Able and Squirrel toques. Lovely Black fur toques 12/6, 14/6, for 4/11. Black fur toques the latest 15/6, 17/6, fur 6/11. Beautiful Black Seal toques 15/6, 17/6, or 4/11 19/6, 21/, for 6/11 27/6, 35/, for 10/0 45/, for 12/6. Black and White Seal toques. 15/6 for 4/11, 21/ for 6/11.3 Only real Squirrel toques 49 6 for 19/6. 1 Only real Squirrel Toque 45/ for 12/6. White fur hate 12/6 for 2/11. Ladies Lovely White fur toques 21/, 251/6. For 6/11 and 8/11. Special ladies real Seal Caps 45/ for 15/6 each. Smart Astrachan toques 2 Only 19/6 for 1/1i each. Smart Black Seal toques 19/6 to 35/ for 6/11, 8/11, and 10/6. Lovely Black fur toques Worth 15/6, for 5 11 each. Real Squirrel toques and hats 49/6, 59/6 for 19/fl 25/. Brown Sable and Marmot to incs 19/6, 29/6, 39/6, for 12/6 each. Girls White fur hats Worth 15/6, for 2/11 each. The Black fur hats. Black fur hat 18/6 for 8/11, 19/6 for 10/6. I Large Black fur hate 21/ for 12/6, 25/6 for 15 6. Lovely Black fur hats 29/6, 35/, 39/6, for 21/. I girls Black fur hate 15/6, 19/6, for 6/11 and 8/11. Great Clearing millinery Salb now on. Fashionable ready to Wear hats. Girls Navy Felt ready to Wear hats trimmed velvet 8-11 for 5/11 Lovely Plush Rodr to Wear hats Tilk. Lined 15/6 for 6/11 Beautiful suede velvet hats trimmed Rilk 13/6 for 8/11 suede velvet hats vary smartly trimmed 15 6 for 4/11 Mirror velvet hats trimmed velvet 18/6 i for 4/u Ai 9u. Cat ii t red bordered fringed damask cloths 45 in. X 45 in., 1/6, Sale Price 1/3 each 4s in. X 48 in., 1/11, Sale Price 1/6 each 50 in. X 60 in., 2/6. Sale Price 1/11 each 50 in. X 78 in., and 80 in., 3/6, Sale Price 2/11 each 5s in. X 79 in., 3/11, Sale Price 3/6 each 50 in. X 70 in., 2/11, Sale Price 2/6 each White Valence for draping bedsteads 231 Yards 20 in., with lace insertion ., 1/6. Sale Price 10�d. Yard 21j Yards 22 in., with lace edged and insertion 1/11, Sale Price 1/3 yard500 dozen Job Serviettes slightly dam aged in manufacture 50 dozen White damask Serviettes 17 in. ? x 17 in., 2/6, Sale Price 1/6 the half dozen 20 dozen 17 in. X 17 in., 3 for 1/ 20 dozen l8 in. X l8 in., 2 for 1/3 20 dozen 20 in. X 20 in., 3 for 1/6 20 dozen 20 in. X 20 in., 3 for 1/9 20 dozen 21 in. X 21 in., 3 for 1/11 20 dozen 21 in. X 21 in., 3 for 2/6 20 dozen 21 in. X 21 in., 3 for 2/3 Cream Tab e damask.7 pieces 1/, Saje Price 9d. Per Yard 7 pieces 1/1, Sale Price lord. Per Yard 14 pieces 1/6, Sale Price 1/3 per Yard 3 pieces 1/9, Sale Price 1/6 per Yard 4� pieces 1/11, Sale Price 1/8 per yard2 pieces 2-6, Sale Price 2/3 per Yard 2 pieces 2/11. Sale Price 2/6 per Yard 4 pieces 3/11, Sale Price 3/6 per Yard 4 pieces 4/6, Sale Price 3/11 per Yard 2 pieces 90 in., 5/11, Saie Price 5/6 per Yard White table damask. 9 pieces if Sale Price 9jd. Per Yard 5 pieces 1/3, a Price 1/ per Yard 4 pieces 1/6, Sale Price a a per Yard 3 pieces 1/11, Sale Price 1/8 per Yard 2i piece 2/6, Sale Price 2/2 per Yard 4 pieces 3/6, Sale Price 2/11 per Yard 6 pieces 3/11, Sale Price 3/6 per Yard 5 pieces 4/6, Sale Price 3/11 per Yard 3j pieces 5/6, Sale Price 4/11 per Yard 2 pieces 90 in., 5/11, Sale Price 4/11 per Yard glas3 towelling. 4 pieces 3/3, Gale Price 2/6 per dozen 5 pieces 3/6, a e Price 2/11 per dozen 1 pieces 4/6. Sale Price 3/6 per dozen 16 pieces 6/6, Sale Price 5/6 per dozen 3 pieces 7/6, Sale Price 5/11 per dozen 12 he stitched White Union sheets for double bed. 8/li, Bole Prie 7/11 each he stitched White damask tablecloths. 2 Yards Long 5/11, Sale Price 4/11 each 2j Yards Long 6/11, Sale Price 5/11 each 21 Yards Long 7,11, Sale Price 6,11 each 2i Yards Long 7/6, Sale Price 5 11 each 2? Yard Long 8/8, Sale Price 7/6 each 2 Yards Long 9/, Sale Price 7/11 each 21 Yard Long 10/6, Sale Price 8/6 Ach 2 Yards ung 14/6, Sale Price 11/8 Aoh 4 cards Long 32/6, Sale Price 27/6 each 3i Yarda Long 36/6, Sale Price 32/6 each 50 dozen ladies White . Lawn hand kerchiefs 1/11, eak Price 1/6 Ead drapery and clo Kinq. Please note tee special like at foot of this . Something new each Day. Coates. The store noted for uniform Good values. Furnishing " department. Job Purchase of Sample carpet squares rugs and Mats. We have bought at very special prices an immense parcel of the latest productions from one of the Best British carpet manufacturers. Designs that have not As yet been shown in Australia Wilton carpet squares Axminster carpet squares. Wilton rugs. Axminster rugs. Hundreds of pounds Worth of Beautiful carpets and rugs to be sold at bargain prices these Are Sample for the coming seasons and Are til most up to Date designs of 1 trainable. There is one Only of each be Early and make you Choice. Wilton carpet squares. Size 106 x 9, �11 5/ for �8 8/size 12 x 9, �12 12/ for �9 9/ size 11-3 x 12, �12 12/ for �9 9/ t size 12 x 13 6, �13 10/ for �11 5/ size il3 x 13.6, �14 14/for �12 5/ Wilton rugs. Size 4.8 x,2 3, 16/6 for 12/6 size 46 x 2.3, 29/6 for 21/ size 56 x 3, 52/6 for 39/6 size 6x46, 70/ for 55/ size 6x3, 39/6 for 29/6 Superb Axminster carpet squares. / size 106 x 9, �5 17/6 for �4 10/ size 12 x 9, �6 12/6 for �5 10/ size 136 x 10 6, �8 10/ for �6 17/6 size 10 6 x 9, �7 7/ for �5 15/ size 12 x 9, �8 15/ for �7 7/ size-10 6x9, �9 9/ for �7 10/ size 12 x 9, �10 10/ for �8 15/. Axminster rugs and Mats size 6.6 x 4.6, 49/6 for 39/6, 39/6 for 32/6 size 6x3, 32/6 for 25/ size 5.6 x 3, 30/ for 22/6, 29/6 for 21/ size 5.3 x 2.9, 27/6 for 19/6 size 5 x 2.6, 25/ for 18/6 size 4.6 x z2, 19/6 for 14/6. Axminster Mats. Size 27 x 12, 4/u for 3/11, 4/6 for 3/6, 3/11 for 2/11 size 33 x 15, 6/11 for 5/11, 7/6 for 5/11 size 36 x l8, 9/6 for 7/6 size 32 x 16, 10/6 for 7/11 size 32 x a a 12/6 for 9/6 a size 36 x l8, 13/6 for 10/6, 14/6 for n/6.% j 25 dozen i ladies j j silk bows 1 1/, 1/3, 1/6 each for 6y2d. Thia line will be supplied at this Price for to Day Only. Country customers Weh be supplied if orders be Eert by first Post after delivery drapery and clothing. J. T. Fitch open Friday nights he. 2i great Sale to Day. Quilts. Quilts. Quilts Job. Sale Price quilts. Quilts for single Beds. Quilts for three Quarter Beds. Quilts for double Beds. Marcella quilts. Satin quilts. Dimity quilts. Choice pattern quilts. Light or heavy quilts. Quilts at paces and sizes to suit any bed. V having purchased a Large parcel contains my manufacturers samples we Are pre pared to sell these 25 to 30 per cent lower than our usual Stock. Come in and select your quilt it will afford a Chance for you to select a pattern so different from what you see elsewhere White sheeting Brown and White table damask All at Sale prices. Willed Pink Flannelette. 36 in. Wide. Heavy Quality lojd., reduced to 8cl tapestry table covers. Tapestry table covers 64 x 64 in., 4/11, re. Induced to 2/11. Fancy table Baize in assorted patterns 52 in. Wide 1/3 and 1/6 qualities reduced to 9d Yard. Coloured tabling red and Black Green and Black 1/1j, reduced to had. Yard. Job matting. Job matting coloured 36 in. Wide 1/3, reduced the 8d. Per Yard 1/3, Plain reduced to lord. Per Yard. Creyonne. 27 in. Wide Creyonne 7jd. And 8jd. Quali ties reduced to 43d. Per Yard. Wool Fleecy Wool Mats in Green ,. Old Gold Maroon and. Yellow 2/6, reduced to 1/11 each. " Cushion covers. Embroidered Cushion covers Strong color Only 3/11, reduced to 2/11 each. " White lace curtains. White lace curtains 3i Yards Long 576 for 4/6 pair., White lace curtains 3i Yards 45/11 qualify reduced to 5/11. White lace curtains 3j Yard 10/fl Quality reduced to 8/11. Floor cloth. Floor cloth 6 it. Wide various patterns 2/3, reduced to 1/11j per Yard. Remnants. Remnants. Remnants linoleum and floor cloths All severely dealt with for speedy clearance. Bargains in men s Wear. Men s striped Flannelette pyjama suits 3/11 for 2/11, 4/6 for 3/11, 5/11 for 5/6, 7/6 for 6/11, 8,11 for 7/11. Men s Fleecy lined under shirts 4/6 for 2/11. Men s Lambswool under shirts 3/6 for 2/6, men s natural Cotton under shirts 1/11 for 1/6. Men s natural Cotton under pants 2/3 for 1 9.men s flannel under shirts in White natural and dark Grey 2/11 for 2 6. Men s heavy Black Cotton half 7jd. For 4id. Pair. 4 men s All Wool Black Cashmere half 1/ for 9d. Pair. Men s heavy ribbed Black half 1/3 for 1/. Men s steel Grey Cashmere half . 1/11 for -/6. Coloured silk Broad end handkerchief ties. 1/11 for 1/.men s White Cotton handkerchiefs 4d. Each Sale Price 2/11 per dozen. Men s fancy bordered mercerized hand kerchiefs 7jd. For 5jd. Men s fancy Floral braces 9_g guaranteed genuine l j to if whiskey 3� John Martin and g met i mrm Busy busy1 always Busy visit our. It. I " a it. V i v ? i great Winter Sale a % today. ? Ujj .v.--. A. A s is i St i �. Jav it i i r � ii.". A plenty of bargains i0� still. Here my Mem of. S ill my ill a a a big qua nor Robe 1-1 of r � a f goods have been disposed a of by us during the. A he last few Days and b�0 / �1 quantities Are yet to be cleared. � buy your Winter want now while our great Winter Sale is booming �1 a j the biggest Sale of All is 2ss /

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