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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 8 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 8, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia sipping Mir age Ondon a Marsolee Eai Iii at Allan. Kevic relies Aden. Suez and port said a x it in in so Days. . Tii . Leave Adelaide. ii.? Fil. B Mclard la. Sun july 3 &ksa.vdkri? a. Poy Denot Mon aug. I ars ration to Jis. Didier . Thnrs., Sepo. I r it a f. Of a re. La. Mon., oct. S p. Max Ink v Koilar-1. I. V. Thorn. Nov. 3 fun it of a it a. Ii. I. Isko of alb. At meats Tuii Octis us Katasa Etc sirs alarm Mia to to Rrona la Uro Here to Lionti ii i in nth. The company a enter Preuss to i Thronton a mengers b can Iles to Paris and or Triou. Luggage Oon a sed Rax Tiv Ere aurer Trot i san i Leei to London. A Ullh Kajj Wutti. Ilab cow carried fran the tickets o Man lies from zit to �66 be re Raj from s4 to Lifa. Tit a Claxby Arcon Truro of unequalled. Wine and All Cabin rum sure i Ludeo in farm. Passenger is Are honked through to Mauritius reunion and Soith Africa via Seychelles. Pas Aemie it booked to Bombay via Kur Bachee Eer or Nob urn from Aden. Cargo booked Ihn Roth to a re Genoa Antwerp Oon Kirk. Hamburg Bordeaux and London for full partic Nurs apply to Ger harholt brothels. A Fyie p. O. S n. Compant under jul Rrex i Royal mail contras will dispatch Mes the fou owing Stamere for i Jendos Call Ugat Albany Colombo. Aden Brindisi Malta Gibraltar and Plymouth. Leave St Anri pins a of Maunder. Ade Laide. Map Iii 49lbc. Fraser june 8 Oriental 4sl. H Moule june 22 it cobia 8268 a. W Adamson july 8 Oceana. 63r?p. S Tomlin . July so Zaletta. K9l9r. F Briscoe . Aug. 3 Acadia. w. B. Andrews re a. Ang. 17 Rome 15545 a. aug. 31 first awl second Saloon a sempers allowed to break rear journey at intermediate Porta. Cabin be next on it Kcal terms. Liberal canoes Sims Mads to families during the Black passenger Nannou t ase Ages from England can be arranged Here in the second Saloon the Arronge Metw have been Iacoro Oahley Norg abused. The Yocom Rodatt offered v Tia unsure Heaed. Kates of passage Money to London in first Saloon �80 to �70 to italian ports do. _ _ �66 to �66 f o London in second Saloon _ �30 to �87 to italian Porta do. _ _ �30 to �36 tickets from _ �66 to �116 cargo received Nita s . On Hie monday and parcels i noon on the tuesday prior to steamers departure. For Riand boars and All red or Rialon apply to elder Smith of co., limited agents. Blk Llyl pm o . special. Train for passengers and visitors is arranged to leave Adelaide for sea end Largs p or at t in am. On wednesday. 16e-6 j pc Deb Smith is co United. Agents. Q Blent line of Boyal Tail by Kames. In of owing boy a mail Bur its. to the Orient and Pacific comp Les Cave Adelaide Nevin Pherril at noon on the a Dermen. Ito de dates for London via Albany ool Orabo Beer can. Naples. Gibraltar and Pryn Antti Arr a i Russ Tom if. I Luke Kunoe 18 a Boot. 3,916 " june 49 Sobota 6,067 e. X. july 18 Dacia a. 6,077 " a. W. Clarke july 87 Cam 6.566 a. G. Darby aug 10 a Tamer. 6,081 " w. K. White by b. Aug. 84 Oao Iava fast . Bept. 7 oat in 6.668 \ , sept 21 and fort Righy thereafter. Will not can at Colombo. So u x j passengers May break their journey. Gj.7l.tti Coin reserved on most Liberal terms. Text i i on return tickets at Low rates. Passage Money. A fast � Aloon �s5, �83, and �70. .-., Jid Saloon -30and �31. Tejkl and Steerage including bedding , ten ils Cal a Cabins �32 each adult r car berth Cabins _30 each adult or a Rua �17 17s. Each adult. I to ii a tacit cities Are now afforded for bringing or. Irmyr. And relative by the prepay Meon of Pas Here As above. Parcels tamed u Acy part of the United ring san at a tear Raae. Managers. Green & co., and Amle Sori a crier Tcori & co m Fentri Rich Avenne firm . Futi Pai Kulars on Ion to m. C. Anderson Bra neb manager Elc 2s. Gre Teu Katreeb. ____.-. I told debt Scheb Lloyd. Wolf St 131 regular nut Fly line Al fait Pas. Us Senger steamers to Southampton la a a9f Antwerp and Bremen calling at it Faden Suez port said and Genoa on a Cring with mail and passengers from port said to Grindol under mail contract with the Imperial Bern government. Steamers will be dispatched a Lou own steamers. I tone 1 Cotti Marler. La. And. Haes Buru 3,094 i?7. Schmald Jame so Boben Taufen 5,090 ?. Eibel july 18 Bauer it Osi g Thumann aug. Is Nurnberg 3,116 sep. 18 a Frau in Tine to Samoa Steamer leaves Sydney on arrival of each Steamer for these Elands. Passage Money from Adelaide to Bremen Iro i 14 at 60. Great reduction a on return Pas Sage available for nine or Orel months. Ever facility is offered for bringing out friends try payment of passage Money Here. Cabin pass end in a break to Weir journey. Menu specially arranged to Emit and nations. All officers and stewards conversant with the Yogi is language. Passengers and cargo booked through to London a principal . Asio and american ports passengers for a if a Are landed at South Ampton. In Fli a passenger i j land and embark at Largs a. For freight passage Aud and other particular apply to tie agents. H. Muecke b co. ?3hin?c Ade Jaile and port Adelaide. Units line of steamers of fit Ali London via ports As required these new on powered fast steam Are Oba appointed to leave the port Adelaide wharf and outport As required a fou Owa Obj look. July so. Yabra Wonga to follow. to follow. Woolloomoo Loo _ to follow. 7aaoeilent acco Renoe Ilion Lor pass Gen. gear Pluto two Leo. Wills b co., Adelaide or port. Debt Adelatde to London be a so via Suez anal. Vaa saw fat. Foil powered hew Steamer Colf of Siam Captain j. Anderaon will be data patched above about the 30_i june. For freight or Pas be apply George wills it co., b to new zealand beam Mew co s line of Boyal a dreamers. Tiki marry Chloe to Teal Stesia to Bim Utaka 8,473 tons jul leave Lyttelton on june 9, too followed Fay Roap Bic on july 9. Tonii Iii Fin Teri Ilion. Plymouth and Bio Janeiro by this route will avoid the fire me beat of my bed sea and the Suez anal to Geo. Wills it co., Agen a. A Kensland Boyal mail line. Drs x be London via Brisbane 4m_nl both Queensland posts Java amb a and Suez canal. So am. 1 Tours. I Luva a in Dob nna1 3,186 tuesday july 6. India 4,085 it Eraday August 2. Faber from and late to la rns Bro it gie�66 10a Rafatti �80 10a. is a months. Stea afe at rde v �80. Apply Fri Bothof is 86o Adelaide and port Alemda. A Titean to Singapore Java Flag a and Ca outta. Samahat b British India steam Nayh nation _ company United. The splendid Steamer War Ora. 8,920 tons Register win leave Sydney about Jone 17, taking cargo for above Porta. Good for passengers. For rates of freight or passage apply to Harrold Brothers 160,2 Adelaide and port. Jibiki and Japan. The Eastern and australian steamship company. Limit Iid. Foul a monthly line of direct St Ames from Aub Thalia to China and Japan. The following powerful steamships we asunder Mer. Gitonn Lecaptain. To sail Airlie 2.400 Winthrop Bills june 4 not brie i 2,400 of choir Oatt Bethun 2oo n. Shannon to follow Man Muir. 2,000 i Hugh Oraig to follow these steamers have Large Cooling Chambers a bring an abundance of ice fresh meats be the voyage Saloon pais Ligeia booked through to to ports Fachtna and Japan also to san fan boo. Uye Pool London and the continent of Kubove. S freight. Pasta a. And full particulars apply the Chubb Bright b co., 69, Grenfeld St agents. 4b? a a a c & Ceres will be Dia patched at Stai Buby Ere thursday Iasa Batu Day at 8 a. From Sta by Ertry monday and Friday it 11 Post Vincent every tuesday at 8a Lehi Iling same Day leaving at 4 80 . Attn a. Lack Soubier Secretary. Brj Jamesc ombjberiwexue7 a a t9 Fri to orning ten Udaya and the by Hobo Batai a at 9 am., Reti irm a Mon. T7wb Ardrossan James combis on toes f a on Teton a Lea St Sab. And Gretzon Mutt Dag. So h to oks it 00. Shipping. The Adelaide Oom Pahy limited. Mur i steamship Aei rides for Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping Tor to Queensland ports. As. Adelaide i saturday i june 111 2.16p, is. Ina Akinska i saturday i june 18 lip m. J West australian service. 1 for Albany and eaeafantt.�, Tran shipping for Northern ports. Isa Bulla a i wednesday june 8 non. J Soutth Kast service. I Fob Kingston trobe Beach port and Mao Donnell Bay. A Lubra _ _ i tuesday i june 21 noon. Western bats service. Rob port Elliston. Streaky Venus. And Fowler s Bays. 6.8. Lubra i monday june is . Freight to Fowler s and Venus Bays must be pud by shippers. Spencer s Gulf service. Port Lincoln Monta Wallaroo. And Franklin Harbor and at Tumby Bay thin trip. To ferret. Tuesday june it i 3 a. Canso received tall ii pm. Port Augusta port Pirie. And Post j or bin i . Noyes tight b 1 saturday i Rune 1116 p is. Emu i the Day 1 june 14 4 . To rear feed rail 1 pm. Day of Slung John Turnbull Secretary a Norri Chambers . Excursion trips win be from the semaphore and labs jetties on thursday next by the above company to enable the Public to inspect this magnificent warship. Fakes. One Billing return t e Creek manager 168 61 a . Co semaphore. That _408 Waterloo. Venus Streaky ___3_fc_. My denial and Fowler s Bays hmm Jef Warrn Eucla Wlk the mama tar lady Robinson will sail Early. For freight or Paw age apply Harrold Brothers Issac town and port. Lab poor Augusta direct Golf Ujj Beatrice irow loading sails Early. A a met apply b Honey lion Timber Yards 1650 port and town. Nou Ardrossan n furl i t 1 fuse Twano i a leave princes wharf port Adelaide every a a a wednesday at 6 pan. To place of tuesday. Tejo b. Frio Keb Pott. Boots and shoes. Waken Phat. Boots and shoes. We Art now showing our autumn and Winter goods which Are a Marvel or cheap Ness which for durability and cheapness oar Tot by beaten. One trial win convince. Hots the Sot lowing prices l men s leather Balmoral Goi Obed 6 t " leather lactic sides look fronts _ cell nailed or Plain Blachere _ _ _ 4 6 hungarian Bush Boot _ _ _ 6 u eat heavy watertight _ _ _ 8 8 " Satin Call Bals very neat _ _ _ 811 Strong leather oxfords doable soles. In carpet slippers and sizes _ _ _ in udies _ _6 11 " Levant elate to sides vamps 611 " lie it lace shoes _ _ 111 Levant Balmoral _ _ _ _ 611 " leather Balmoral Good Roe _ _ 411 " it or toe Yards re Fri led _ _ 811 be Rippe fur bound _ _ 11_ Felt bedroom slippers _ _ .14 " Boose boots _ _ _ 811 " Lequier Hetio sides _ _ 4 youths Strong Leach a Mcbyers _ _ _ 4 6 " Strong hungarian lace _ _ _ 611 Strong leather Bale books and Caps _ 411 maids alas 1 and 2 Levant Bals High Lee _ 6 u maids sizes 1 and 2 leather Bate High leg _ 4 8 maids Elsi and 2 leather Stocky Ards _ 811 cmdr e 10 to is Levant Bale _ _ 411 " 10 to is Levant elastic sides _ 1 ? 10 w 13 leather re grief .88 10 ?13 leather Stock res _ us " 10 to 18 Hurt tarian sailed _ _ 811 " 6to9lvmtrtjarswesor?_ _ us 6 to 9 leather Bate extra High -111 " 6td9le_tb�r? _ _8 6 4 toe a Hsi Ioe Good value. 8 8 " 4to6levant strap shoes _. I " 4to6grained? _ _ 1 8 Infante tto 6 fancy strap shoes _ _ _ 111 infants 1 to 4 fancy strap shoes _ 08 infants 1 to 4 kid elastic Side _ .18 orders will receive prompt Atten Don when remitting stomps should be avoided l pots he. Price list Post free in application. Note the address Waken past us and 115. Buntjer Street. L4ffi-a_w2ssau9 233 a n n cd a e clearance Sale. Extra Dibin Abt bargains in boots and bhoe3, Brandon a 67, Rundle Street. Fer Palm gents kid top calf ool Osbed Balmoral with extra Cork soles sizes 68 9, to Winter Wear. Gents kid top crop Gol shed Vej boots a duped Romsos to. _ _ _14 8 Genta a French calf . Boots Poutoa a make sizes Sand 10 Only _ _ 7 11 youths Tweed is. Boots elastics slightly it pad _ _ by i Laues Glace Button Boota Otto Hen make sizes 8 and 6 Only _ _ _ 18 6 a Dies Levant Bato orals _ 11 ladles kid be. Boots sizes 3 and 1 Only re do Cerf dabs. Lid. To _ _ 6 11 _ i ladies Black Morocco evening shoes sizes 8 sad 7-Onty, reduced from 4a 6d. To _ 811 ladies Frt tin Abies All colors new goods -88girw Bron Sod Black kid Sandal shoes sizes7 Tol reduced from 6a so. To _ _ _ 2 11 Ohda Glace bad Balmoral High legs sizes 4to 6, reduced frames 6d. To _ _ _ 811 Celia vim alarm is Renti Onra re Stock a sizes 2to 6 811 Childs kid . Boots slightly damaged sizes 4_b_ _ m Childs Patent be. Boots sire 4 Only _ 1 0 Childs Patent calf ankle straps in ips., sizes 8t06 _ _ _ in Cuido Patent Cleopatra shoes , sizes Sto. _ _ _ 111 Boot laces per Doz pain _ _ _0 s Brandon s shoe warehouse St. Bundle Street. 154 a � 0 o s b 4 d. Wholesale and retail Bux celeb. A mines. Hotels restaurant and ships waited a ally. Heat preserved si.," n ten _ 4.6, and 8 la Hie Best la world 40 Rie Taes cases containing 96 la i oases meat of be Bacone and bams a mar passed Omal Ned numerous prizes and medals by the ton or aide. Over 1.000 Well seasoned a main Stook. Pierced cobs beef and fobs in 8,1, and 1 cwt. Cask or to bag largest Stook Tat the redo tee and by Arthe est a a facture of Small goods All the Kad far in Quality. Oath res to shows phonics and and Nobuo festivals supplied on the shortest nota6oa_, made daily packed carefully to ensure first Hasa Eon it Lori on delivery either by Road rail or boat. Dripping and land to tins of 40,80,14,7,8, and 1 la or to Kern also lard in had dem. A at foot Oli Dormo Stock on hand. Ask Fob prior lists wholesale and Beitl. Address Adlet sri it Adelaide Branch Bjk a Ste St he by Raj Njma beast Elf a . Four. Halo Aita shipping. Phe Howard Smith line. New service. Further lib Educ on top Senger pres. Fore Saloon. Return Cabin. To melb orrne1 10 0 �2 10 0 �0160 Sydney -800 600 110 0 Winter excursion to Queensland. Return tickets available for two months win be issued to town Rilie �17 10s- Cairns �17 10s. Cooktown. �19. Feb eights at lowest Bates. Without Trau shipment to Brisbane of Melbourne and Sydney Brisbane Maryborough Bookham Zons to Nowarra Mackay tuesday. June 14. 1216 town Yilli . Gebaur Tom feb. D e b w e n in Cairns tuesday june 2l 12.16 Post Douglas do. Cooktown thursday i3d Normanton Burketown Fob posts Pixie germen and Auguista. To. Of Nowarra. Wednesday junebl9a. The cheapest and most too lenient route to broken Hill. Saloon. Beta. Fore Auto. To Pirie _�100 �1160 �0126 to Augusta 1100 8100 100 from Smith and Cave s wharf. Fore Cabin passengers Are supplied with food and Beddy free. Nil particulars on application to w. B. Cave it co. Asota Grenfel 8860 Kapsoo in treat. Port Adelaide. In Nesb Moncea. P. A. Howells and co., have removed the Stock recently purchased from or. 3. Woodman to those premises 63, bundle Street opposite messes. O. Kris it of where they win in future Cany on their a Sines. The latest music always kept in Stook. Pianoforte and organs supplied on the time payment system. Tuning and be paths on Hie shortest notice. P. A. Howells & co., 63, bundle Street. 142r1axl49o . Ladies silk a watches bom �4, St no and durable. Ladies old watches from �4 10s on Pas de value. Gents Silveti English Jeves from �6 Superior foe Elexia adapted for Byrrh use �8 to �10. Gents old English levers Walt hams and chronographs. Guarantee with each watch or a a. L. Brunkhorst tee a Pratt no. 108, . T6wlo i Oal Mallee boots Cookk in Large or earan Mutt totes at lowest . We. Bowa a Smith it sons. Ltd. Coal office hunh Parade. Port Adelaide. Tum wanted known. The american Novelty shop. 68, arse a Ruzak St ear Vamper Mouth organs bd., la a 64, 2a, very superior2a cd. Each ?,,2s.64.,two airs is. 6d three Aire to Bace game a Lee Aad Dice from 6d. To be. Of. Paide it Trees wife proof 45. Drawing blk is for enlarging futures photos be no previous knowledge at drawing no aired is. Of. All the new Winter games All the rage. Tidd Ledy winks."le-6d., be solitaire a boxes of Ood Juring tricks from is. To 255. Magic lanterns Patent safety razors 10s. Puzzle knives 3s. Cd. Puzzle Hatch boxes is. Fld. Magic pocket pipe lighter is finest Pebble Spert Olee 4& cd. Per pair Why pay 12s. And 16s. Elsewhere t fret saws so. Per dozen 2s. Ltd. Per Gross Drill and bits 94 fret work Complete outfits is. And 4s four bladed pocketknife 25., Independent pens 48. So Patent cigarette makers Lis. Kazoos play any tune. Is. Monster Piatt packet of conjuring tricks coot icing 17 grand varieties Price 3d. A articles posted 2d. Extra. This advertisement changed every Mooth. a cob Deon. A 000 by Eon a a beat Broad needs brass Hatcel or Germa 60r. The urgent and most varied sex a Madela is at j. H. Frays m. St. 1821 a exec Alystia. Eucala pads Oil. J eucalyptus extract. Emu " Abbott " Kangaroo fat wholesale agents Lor Akderson s Kangaroo Island eucalyptus Oil. G. N. & w. H. Birks 89, Bobble biblis. Tik i past of Obs l Raro Eia of decked and Etti a cry Tobt loot or Apiary and clot tag. To too Tau of Soux Aijo Itali Odb second shipment sow opened. Bx-,. Pm iras a. Winji Hli Job sky. Roo Ball Jack exp hade to Mea Bubs. Football Hose. Football oafs. Football sashes. Football Bibber. A o. Castles & compy., 87, bund Arr is Tibet. Toot Baums Call on do Early. La Aioo prize tweeds prize tweeds or South australian at the late aut on Snow of the a. It b. Society. A Baota. From Sooger report Hoe too sons Oss a tract ujativtz4wl_co_ urys in Tern of Ereat commendation. Wimstt m ed4emmeiamlot highly to our judgment. Lia Shade of Nevis Nyutu facture Wibom Paeai Stommes Teear of the event Ovas i and Good Dybbs. The Mem Winter Sua ius and truss rings Ewe in Quality end a could find favor the above stat want made by dump Festedt Perta to i Jiu it fully no Mittl to All a a Rinrin ?-laa._ Ajr to the Phuo Gera my. Gentle in Perdro it purchasing to Stew Frh Perlor goods can inspect a fall assortment at Anion St other a item following or a known Taflas a a drapers Mesa. Jobs marry it Job Idle St it. ?, Tandle Tepeti Baa. Bra it of Bunelle Street. 3. A i Rotsann it co Lindley Strett. Jan. Fsa11 too Bur Fiey Street. it do., Hindley Ruee Jos. Moss it 00, Hedley Street dour As Are a i it co., a dle Street d. D. Koulav it Boom King . G. Blown. King a Guam Street. D. 8l Moss a co., or to Strep. B. O. Cass co. Bundle Street. . Mol Ali Hindley it reel. Kmim Sti Eta it co., Sawver place. I a Bao Oft Etc port Adelaide. Jou Moa a bridle Street. Sums twas 170 drapery and clothing. To the a ? countess 0 a Martin beof., Burlington House. New dress fabrics. Martin Bros. Martin Bros. Martin Bros. Martin Bros. Martin Bros. Abe giving Abb giving Aberi Ying Abe giving ask giving this week this week this week this week this week special value special value special value special value special value to ladies to ladies to ladies to ladies. To ladies who want who want who want Bow i who want new new new new new new Winter dress fabrics Winter a bes fabrics Winter dress fabrics Winter dress fabrics Winter ribs fabrics. 1603k Charles bibs & co. Are offering at sacrificial prices goo Yards of High i is Melbourne ribbons. Exceedingly Choice goods Bioh designs. Usual Melbourne a bikes 4/11 4/6 4/6 3/11 3/6. Our Adelaide a bikes 1/6 1/6 1/3 1 3 1/. of the Bio Best design and of a Tiea Ever imported to this Market ordered Formoe to Der 9. 7s Moreen skirts Hack and colors 14s 9d. Silk skirts lined Flannelette and flannel knitted Wool skirts seed 6s 9d, 6d, loj6d natural Wool do. 6s of 9s 6d morning gowns willed flannel 18s 9d up willed flannel dressing jackets 7s so 10s, Lis fid 14s 9d a special line of Ladish striped Flannelette night dresses pm Rui Aery trim tend tall length 6s6deach House maids Caps in newest shapes 3s us to 80,7s6ddoti do. Do with ends. Ladies costumes in a variety of St Josh tweeds with material for bodice from 52s 6a each Navy Serge do., from 555. Bali room Requin a. Evening costumes with material Lor bodice a Large ejection from 2 to 12 go Arieas opera cloaks newest from ass to 12 guineas evening gloves All jew Ruhs and shades Floral dress Garni Tures Flowers feathers headdresses Pearl and ribbon Bandeaux new sequin a a Feather trimmings every hade Feather fans in All colors 10s to 82a of. J. Miller Anderson and co., i am 22, Hindley St . 166 c dressmaking. Chas. Birks & co., with miss to Bleb As manager assisted by Large number Al efficient workers an Able to conto All orders enter sted to them to the entire at a faction of their numerous patrons. I aet should place the Erder Sfer evening cof Ritums Early w Avert j disappoint heat. A Large Stock of evening a bes material to select from. Uoo drapery and clothing. Hunt Corry & co. Great stocktaking Sale. oar Bale a Bike Otto our Many Rome and the Pabl c generally we Erml remind the that on importations have Czor of our reon Irenta owing to the i Tom Fotte Yeasoo Thia causes on Stook to a Moxa heavier a Nunnal and a we always or the it a Point to dear out afr reasonable goods att Lendof each half year we Bave made come startling reductions. Oab gains oabgain3. Dab aim Price list. Haberdashery department. 600 Doten a Oord Black machine Cotton fld dozes any number Soo Gross of Black avenge tape Lees than half Price is 9d Gross or so dozen 60 Gross Black and Wudte Hooks and eyes is do Gross or so per dozen packets so or arg Art Olymp. Bookshelves 6d dozen Foo dozen is in Wood Boa hairpins,4 dozen boxes 100 Gross Blok Tooka chinese tape any Rumber half Price the 3d gnat old Doten k0 grass coat and Vest buttons Gross 160 Gross nyy and Blank Feliia gtd dozen cards Soo Gross Lama skirt braid is 6d grass fld piece of 86yards 86 Gross White single and any number la 6dgross 100 grass 6-Cord White machine Cotton is Ltd dozen co dozen Blind tar . _ dozen plated thigh los sad dozen Holyoake s Needles 4jd dozen packets spoon books la lid Oten grand line of White Sok flannel Bidin Price la dozen Quantity of Ooatha a coloured machine Cotton 7jd dozen 100 Grots Black Satin blog Bonnet wire la 3d Gros a them a Mie Une 100lb. Drab Linen thread. Is 6d per la. 1-oz. Packet Frera dozen 30 Elozene Long Fiat to Edna laces be dozen 76 grass 30 Trees. Mohair boat buttons ls6d Gross 60 Gross machine Suk. 60 Yards 7jd dozen 40 Gross 12-Yard machine twist Aid dozen no. So Joz. White machine Side so reel safety pins Auree 2 and 8, is Gross a lot of Dresa Botz Cas so per grew no. 6 tailors on Hole twist Large reels i2thjeads, is reel Worth said. Ribbons lace and Subb Oidest depart ment. Of Autty pure Suk late ribbon for biding per dozen 100 pieces Satin and Selles upon Nab Varue a Dyard worth7jd lot Rahoy beak Bibb Good Quality Ltd Yard Worth t Dyard 2,000 Yards Good embroidery be 3d per dozen 8,000 Yard very wide Imti Rodery 2j Yard ask to Aeeti Sune 2,000 Yards 4j-in. Embroidery 4jd Yard oar ant nary Price 7fd Yard 8,000 Yards of Pink and sky by attn Dery,7rd per Doren Yards 2.000 Yards Ink and sky Bejto. Embroidery 2 d Yard ask far this line by manhole Edge Chi Flod 4jd Yard. Ittai Oneby and fancy department. ,4 Dod so per 100 court shaped envelopes Good Quality cd. Of is Par 100 grand Lineal notepaper 6 quires us packet Cedar Lead pencils 4jd a an pen Sand Hoidra so dozen 80 dozen imitation inlaid Workhorse with trays also double Savin Bank with lock and key. End Esh its Marck Lam Ola saes Orren i what us dozen hair Resfa look Hig Glass. Nail Brush savings Bank dressing comb and steel watch Obain Stlot China candlesticks. 4d each White Ted Gori candlesticks bad each ulass sugar Bias and butter dish la 4jd pair grand line Large size milk and Cream jugs 6jd each a in. Tag a sky with Gold leaves vases is 64 pair ask for this line 8-Bude White handle pocket knives 4jd each plated dessert spoons and table works a 9d Elozene ditto Teaspoon a sold is 6d dozen Imit Taon out Gliss in Bott is 6d Cadi Gas Jam dishes 4jd, end. Bid each Large line of Ger butter dishes 7jdeaob Briar Root pipes la 3d Doz 4 cases of one quart fluted Glass water jogs 7jd each Tfaye cheapest line we pm opened 1,000 bottles of Eaude Ogne perfume so bottle ask for this line Nickel 83r Plutta fruit stands breach Johnson s bread knives is each Johnson s butchers knives 6jd each Large China mags with motto 4jd each 26dozen ladies leather purses Worth la Tor e a dinner knives and Forks 4s 6d dozen Flo dredgers end each fors a children Silverine plates is Eddo imitation Cut Giao tumblers is do dozen Berun conwel Wool any color is la. Children s outfit department. 60 cd Dretke Wool be sees so 6s 9d, 8s 9d, 10s fld each 400 braided frocks la us c of 60 c9_m-s Tweed overcoats is 6d each 100 of Dren e Wool hats 6d, fld is Lee Deach 60 Dor Zephyr bordered handkerchiefs is dozen Torchon Lare collars dds is is of Infanta bibs. Us 4jd, end end is etch Plash Caps is la 6d. Is us Gente wbk Han Ken Defa is is end. Is lid,2s us each German aprons cd. Is is so each in a Broidy trimmed Pinafore. 6jd, is used la us 3a us 30 fancy Cream Serge trimmed with Bash. Children a walking dresses Worth 12s cd Sale Price of lid. Underclothing and umbrella department. Wool knitted sorta la by is so is of 4s of ladies Melton Sarto a de 3 us 48 lid 6s do each Soo i diet chemises embroidery trimmed be 4jd each ladies1 nigh dresses u us la us 4s pm. 8s fid umbrellas is la us far us. 3a lid 4a lid Fis fid 10 dozen corsets cake color is fld pair counsels better,2slid,3s lid.4sud,6slid. Millinery and Mantle department. Ladies straws new shape up to is lid Sile Price la p. & , 6jd, 9jd, is grand nine widows Caps de 9d. 18, Worth stud by Strega Cashmere covered has is 9d each Feather Boas Ilia fld 17a by for 6a us ladies Ulster about Sois lid each ladies heavy med Ulster 18s 9d for 6s us 81a fld for 128 fld 60 Jersey cloth jackets no to 14s 9d, for 6s us for Quiedo a a. Fla fld 25a fld us fld so Diagonal Lodi Mantle no to ass of for us 9d Oas Mere mantles cheap hew wings Sny color lid 2jd, 4jd each 100 Doten hew quills used dozen for Victoriaa Lead the lid 3s us trimmed hats. Is loud 4a fld 6s fld 8s fld 10s fld boys ribbon Felt Hata la so each own Grey and Cream Plash Beaver brim Hata is lid 4a us lilies a ate Tae stud 3s us. 4s us girls and maids Malta towhee 9s us us 4s lid Large and heavy fire Toaland Bob boy Yool shawls Worth up to 10s 64, for la us hosiery department. Women o Navy Ham Oas Mere Hose bad 6jd, is is ,lb4tdpair ,3mrjatr women s stainless East Black Hose Job Price end pair women s Balbriggan Hose silk clocked desperate Price 4d pair 26 dozen girls it some Euise ribbed spliced Knees size 3 and 3, 6jd pair women s Cotton Hose about 200 dozen women a Garfs. And maid s it Ash a and unfit shed feet la dozen pairs 160 dozen Fin bed feet fld per dozen pair. 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Is 6d dozen Check dress Homespun tweeds 3s us 4s us dozen heavy Melton cloths 4s us dozen French All Wool Serges beat colors of us. Fly 9d, Lis fld. Men clothing depart font. Men s Tweed to sneers 3s us. 4s us 6s us 7s de Al said pair Hen s Serge Trou . 3s us 4s a a sad men s Tweed suits us us 1_ 6d, 16e 6d, Fla 6d. 455 men s Berlin suits 10s de 255, 29s de a splendid line Serge Butita our own make32s go a lot of Odd Vesta at Sale prices overcoat 0.-Eicoats for the million Serden did lines at 7s i a 10s de better goods at lbs a 19s6d, 25s 6d boy from 4s us each Oil Akina a Large lot to be cleared Taale prices men s me bar by department. 60 dozen men s Flannelette shirts to be cleared at had each about 2k dozen of better goods at la fld. Is lid 2scd, 2s lid the new leather tooth shirt at 2sud Cotton shirts is is us each Cotton or dersh its and pants is each Uoder shirts heavy is go. It ild is of Era Lamb Wool under shirts. Is us 2s lid. So 9rt men s Merino sox Jud 41d, de pair men s Merino double toes and Bee a 9 o pair Hen s brawn Cotton do., 2d, 3jd. 6jd pair lambs Wool and military do6d, 9.d, is in dozen men s Webb braces to be cleared at 3d pair 160 dozen men e Strong elastic braces of. Fld. Is pair Geof a Derby breast and knot scarfs 0d each Black Tom thumb ties 2d each 5 to 1 in a lot of gent s knots and breast scarfs 2d each bogs port Manteau carpet bags cd All at Sale prices. Woollen department. Tweeds tweeds tweeds at reduced prices Blue Serge 4jd, fid Ted Tad. Be Yard tweeds Tor boys wear7jd, Nojd la is 3d Yard better goods at Sale prices men s suits made to order at reduced prices. A bulb cd s Orrt . And a Trade through Serena Al special prices. Hunt Corry k co., 112,114, us 118, bundle Street. Adelaide. &6-6la6.7,70,5,4iu-84 drapery and clothing. B i r x 8 s tailoring department. Oar beit yearly Bale army in All depart ments on saturday heat Aad a an prepared to take tailoring orders at bedded Fiji oks from to Day la order to Rixi Deira a a what i in amount of Erk a Doh otherwise must be Nowd Edento the ts_r3? i Mesito fashion abide rough Serges. In indigo Brae and Tatt Black tout 63/ measure. On snal by Rikma value in Trouse rings at ibs 6d, 17s pm Ospa pair. Suiting including some very Choice a types in scotch tweeds lbs 6ss, bait. quoting the above Low prices swish to avoid a impression that the workmanship be a Fol be of an in inferior character. We beg to stats that the goods Wei be tamed ont in such a manner As to fairy maintain a present reputation a both olas8iailob& Charles Birks & 00. 1590 j. T. Fitch. Jaq Alt Kate ably Ftp Barance Fig Ais comm oboesv7ednesday, june 8. Dress materials at Sale prices. J. T. Fitch ?.wrri_-Rilt it clearance of ale Coa menoes wednesday june 8. Jackets and mantles at Sale prices. J. T. Fitch Etta of vre Rubly clearance am commences wednesday june 8. Calico and flannels at Sale prices. J. T. Fitch Thalf it Early to Labance Qai commences wednesday tailoring and clothing " at Sale prices. J. T. Fitch Taij it Early of Labbance q4ale commences wednesday june 8. Boots and shoes at Sale prices. The Corner bundle and Pulteney streets. La Flo this Day. Great Sale at Chas. Moore & go a 14, Rundle Street. Great reductions. Reasonable iood3. Use Hall & Savage general drapers and tailors. 106, bundle Street Bame Side and three doors Wear of Adelaide Aroda. Hows How Igar i leaded variety of hew Wobb dress Rwoods in As prices from 2,d. The 4a. Us. Yard. Fth Raie

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