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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 7, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. P. & o. Tea Havio Attoh Oom past. Fob. Lok Dok of How order Boyal Juu Contact win dispatch the Tot Cwiok Ste Juen Cal line at Albany Colombo. i Bratter cat Plymouth with a berth to Call to bar dust. ?. ? i so a Sti tons Ccann Mac Van. Dimalta 808 w. U. Broun i Jim j 8hax5on. Jobu l. U. Wibmer june s a Ghana Modt e. Stewart Joty Mew mini isms is Acon just Iowa ? ? it to w. U c Worcester Raugi � i aug 17 Yaj cobia Jug e. Crewe ? Ang r ?. Brin iii t to a port Aid. Isneje to p4ssbmgebs. Eill reductions to i Milium. Al Russ Liao no Ifferte tourists tickets India Una. Japan bound tit world tickets issued. Vjl88jaox Kukets land at lowest current rates. Special return tickets to London. �u0 handbooks timetables and All is ire arranged to leave Adelaide for Fie sea end of legs Bay jetty at 10.38 and ims thursday. Pen Gers by the former changing train at was Relve the last ift neb. Leaves the ship at Iso . Amne Sttne with the 5 . Orient l.1ne. Tie feb Siriac stand lips. Under sort sufi contract. U1 1cm Adelaide 0h� Bay at i on the dates for ply Modh and Mcki Law. Colombo i trans appear Tor ally Dian Furta. Sues canal rjjj5eirissefflefcandofbraitsr-____ kid Fth 5.ms ,bhbjmw�okobaus7 Lupe Maybay i met Baliga Fis Huaie ? Anglo ? ? and fortnightly thereafter. Of .-?.? bet Tun. To us. Fallt Flat a Waaso 17 17s., and �18 iss Mirter ii Jamiran air it �90. ?t,5v�__ries. 0 to of. W1sibbh Ada Wawa. T j. Kri in of mrm nov a Sirooni de Snen ports a now Arai labels tort set it met o. Steamer Narlyn room. Of of a but put. And Alder a hot Sadi Cpl. Or Kin Sci a tent ??3dmssrnonlstas Soba. Vij -.awsiieu-Traat-. I to a. So Jim . aka Del Inna 31 his Ion it �.Jbainrt Gir Marty �5o� Nufi i or Kirri ? we �. J ass Rith ties weal Slockb Softa Esb a dispatched by to a Kjeu to 4 ffjtijagtd3ontt a nations. Atij5t jmljh5f�rmtisy�itrt5rtii insist i info i3t�ft-5rh\fs�eci for England Are ? by Rel rat Bias me and All Faer nor Hamlin ply to Flea seats ? � h. Id gab o0. Luhcs steamers Natal Cape Bletran Todt a he cock 00. Warmsl me7toas.abautlzaiansust Alq Ankita Matons to Jollow. Nai Multi St 7ttdoa,. Yausm Moha i a Matte food it Fri spa Lla for of Jtj Meti int v � Geordt. Wojs & co. Tonah East London Alcoa ? ? yet two. Fri Row of in Kowalc flirt for hons. Mot Rethu or it it apply to George wills & co. Malo am liw past or tar. My fort fire. Nippon Yusen Kaisha 1 a pedal japanese Hail Una. Sprit Mwata mail Titan value. Us tilts at Treaua Omsk and Japan Caixing at Melbo bumb. Sydney. Bbb Bane towns Tlle and thou Day Island. The Fine new Steamer Sasuga Habu 4jxx tons -.e. W. Hawril . Will be di�pte1�d Tram port Adelaide a Faux. 25th a take. This Teasel was specially built for this Trade. Saloon in staterooms with two berths Only Havine All the latest imn Orementa. Fitted Witk Etosy Light . Insp Onon coed1ally kitted. Special the Booth booking to All parts of the East. America and Europe at lowest Bates. Mall wraith. Mceacharn & co. Pbop., looted. Agents is Orentell Rurert. Adelaide or a boric j. Eau pcs be . Port. Co swung in Heb. To a befit Darwin Manila China and Japan. A kit Ikea Suebb. Win be the Guthrie lsav1hq/8ydkey, 15lh june. Cargo dec Kivko and forwarded per . Wol Lowra Jalifi Necrom port Adelaide St june to Sydney for transhipment to 8.s. Out Hris tree of additional above parts. Apply for Gibbs. Bright & co agents. U1a8.w a or leu try to. And port Adelaide. M Elbow ask exe Airship Coupat Lux Fob Bunbury Fremantle Geraldton to wharf i . Sharp this Dat. Direct without Ansah lament. For Freint and to Senger Bates apply to h. Ute cake it Cut. We ? to a and port. To. Cox Earl to Ringston and Beach Tfirn o Rob. Toe regular under . Fly Bibb bbb Ufa 8aturdaj, Jane 10. Fawn a Slowi acc Steerage Lis. John Dabling t Sou. Mai ? town and por ship Ecropa from new y0rkai1 claims and accounts against this ship most be rendered to the by 12 o clock on thursday the St or they will not be Recoe. To. P. Babbs 6cabfe, t co., agents ? stopping. ? ? the coff my lated w31 Duff tech steamers from port Adelaide As Node Drumst acce Pezolt tip or a Albany Ana Akk Hartme. Tran shipping or Yekai Ilton and All a Okwu West posts. Manloo Friday i Jane 91 spin. Adelaide i monday i june is i 3p.m. Thro Ach Bills of lading in std to Perth Waif. Calls at Vasse and Bunbury. Fob esp race Bat Trana hippie to Flinders at Albany. Halloo i Friday i june 9 1 3 pin. Adelaide i it onday i june 12 3 . Fok Melvoi Tatna and Syket Tran shipping Fob o.ueen8lakd Wollow a Friday i Jonesl spin fipe Kojek s calf service. Roh fort Lincoln. Moonta. Wait Roo to Toxby Bat and Frak Klik Harbor. Feb bet. Tuesday i june 13 1 3p.m. Fobs adgd3ta, and Pixie with Raa Esgen and ctr co. eater Day june. 10 4p,m. Cargo iss St be Cef Vered a Jossua Stea Sienna Bours prior to advertise Tinia Onoway Casa Ilisie paste neers Ticku is med by this company an interchangeable with steamers of the co. But men All ports. Fran into radon apply to Tbs Adelaide Tea Sheip coltts. Currie Ctet Adelaide and coup Neicia Wnm if. Port Adelaide. Tse . Co., to. 3ta fat Oriu passenger etea1iebb of abort Kwh i to ii r it tits permitting be i snatched Jot air Bank 1 . Wear i Mai. Singapore j paroo Friday june 16. Tran ship at Fremantle Panao Piuck. Said Nat. Hook a Rad All hair. Waro Onga tuesday Jons u. -eone4nddaqyat to shirt wharf no to one All tickets interchangeable after the first port with the at Amsco of tha Adalaida com Pany. Limited. J a far fans and Frai Fabi apply to s. W. Vac Donau. Agent. . A Mia a ? or Queen s wharf port. Produce fat Sale and wanted. Under this heading til prepaid. 18 words i insertion i. Three inst prions. Is. Of. I to cite White tuscan purple Straw Eganjr / drapery and clothing. Grett bars ins . By but is & Plant Fob Sale c. Milk Toni a tajik Obj numerous Patru Naim. And begs to say that is ins mad Amagene Nti for coat Uniac his . A pm tots Kab ? Van coeds naked in Plain figural. A 8fecial Lihe of boys Knic eeb Hose to go very cheap. G. Waddington Smi Tait clot Mno 1, 3, and 5, Arcade Adelaide. V 1m-244 in Stock of a both. Sdeo ted with the skill Zepe Risos. And Sori imitation Afta expert us or. ,3rtrfll at once be seen tre in the Trade. Every visitor is is shred of Safine Money by Purcha inc from As. Kever before bad we such tame to offer. Come at once and see what Wofter As bin non Ssu ? jul by and cannot be replaced. One to sell Boains to . A a ? babcmatspmt#e8a�lsi of ? Yamet desp eatable. � tremendous piles i Urr vef Demateo seductions the a few the Jan Dent. And the Thrifty visit to Bahwell s Aba Wariy hands bargains a Speet Allty ? Cranwell & co., of apes main Els. & dressmakers Boom Hooko setup Tore. Us if Oats of Ecial Kemp at thismor1jing. To Taraji die been arts Acuma listed during the week. Great bargains coupons riven with every of. Spent Inbe Nants. Cohe Eaket we close at 1 to Day 14, 16, life blown Street 132. 132a, gouge to. Pic Donaldson a 22, Rundle Street Winter Clearing Sale now proceeding special reductions during this Sale in Meh s overcoats waterproofs hats and shirts underwear All classes collars and ties boots and shoes umbrellas a. Real genuine bargains. Usaa Iff ? shipping. ? the Howard smite line. Leave Howard 8khtffb wharf As Hodows ? a sat. 1 Frykma mtg. Cek Alston i . Cabo. Satu lid at june 17. Tit linux die passenger of this Steamer is. Unexcelled by any on the Cost. Jet Bodyne by Dyky Stew Casteix Bris Bank Olaf Stone butt Antmin a axum a. Bjk Yorong. Wednesday june 7, at4pjn. Passengers and cargo. . Tuesday. June is. So Vrbic. Tuesday june 20. Cargo Only. Cargo must be delivered alongside steamers not ices than one hour before advertised rime of sailing. We. How Iuta Smith a sour Hottot Lim ried. Us. Dug Wail a str to. Asia Laua. I so Konh . 2t5c . . A bated to dispatch the four wisc Dunan ounces permitting Albany. 1 tax cookie fut Tantle / Early. for is bib Airton. And All a a. Posts on through pcs Boot lading. �.-Oreiifalmret, Eon. Port Adelaide. Tie Huddart Parker & go. Jimr Neft Wilid snatch from port Annam is pm it Astle Anglian Gotha Lotus j tuesday. June 6, at 4 pan. Through Bills at lading to Perl be Tabt and passage at lowest cd Keht Tau far my to d. & j. , limited Coc ? Ani Post a Delab. I few Rodth East foot adj Ystok la Eldfed Kobe. ? wednesday june 7. 1 j Bice a to Adelaide and inc ton. 1m.s a. B. Clues Susiee. Port Adelaide. ? is. Not wakef1kld rpm to Post Wakefield to i Tarp 1 Watt saps wednesday 7th but pin. A. Be. Lelless Arier port and Suidt 1e7-s j.3- attest coast ship Mhz com Tifi Firtel to Pant. For St beat and Natii Sissy Blu is Batebacbel Cohen Passana ready Tor cargo wed slay sails Hurt Esy june 8. Frei Fata must be prepaid. 1m.c8 esd bib. To to Pheba ceke3 we . M. An near to jail tag Tatj Bedat and Sai Obday. At a.80 sss1bsbss�� a trom 6lan6bueyenry monday Kyatuk last us and 9hubsdat. Catin Repjar la Post Vincent every the sat at 8.30 from put tin knt Ertry wednesday Jurin Ellajo. ? a Etc a. 1 we Albi a. Sacra Tarj. Drapery and clothing. French a Joss and a vely French silk braided Kubes trom Heddenm Fibkie Bue Ottea part to be sold by Wilson Brice & co., finess am silk experts Adelaide at a sacrifice. The announcement Neww will no doubt be heartily welcomed by ladies Tio like to dress swathe latest fashion without being called upon to spend a Large amount of their Money. Everything comes to those that wait and the right thing to do after waiting is 16 grasp the Opportunity when it is placed within your reach. Ever particle of Natter in the Ocean that is at All palatable to the octopus that dances to float near the feelers of this interesting creature Jug immediately grasped for his own Sweet Benefit. Every bargain that comes within Cooee of Wilson Brice & cos hearing is immediately served likewise but for the Benefit of their customers hence the Neces sity for the below announcement of dress and silk bargains lot no. 1 consists of it pieces of Boche silk in 17 different colors. These will be cleared at s d. The Yard. Lot no. 2 consists of 12 pieces of fancy gaze silk in 12 different colors. These will be cleared at 1, of the Yard. Lot no. 3 consists of 27 pieces fancy two Lone Broche Floral. Silks in 20 different colors. The same us lies Hare been sold by Adelaide houses this present season at 2/6 and 2/11 the Yard. We shall Clear them at 1/4 the no. 4 consists of so pieces of coloured silk mob ettes. It inches wide in 12 different colors. These fashionable Silks have been a Armav used by Mercry up to Date dressmaker during the present season and they have been freely sold throughout the colonies by Price cutting drapers ourselves included at 1,11 per Yard and by so called fashionable houses at a of the Yard. We shall Clear them at 1/3 per Yard. Lot no. 5 conyets of 16 boxes of crinkled Broche Silks in 16 different shades for evening Wear. These we shall Clear at 1/11 the Yard. Lot no. 6 consists of 29 pieces of Cream and White Broche Floral silk. These we shall Clear at 1/9 the Yard. Sow some Lovely Quality French braided Kobes. Lot no. 7 consists of is fees cd Robes handsomely braided with self col Arvd russian silk braid thew Iverc originally 37/6 each we shall dear them it will each Kobe. Lot to. 8 consists of 10 flinch cloth Robes handsomely braided with Black. Price Oriffin Olly 4i/ each. We Dull Clear them at 22/6 each Robe. To no. 9. C handsomely braided cloth Robes that i talc be a Selling at 50/ each. We stall Clear them at 25 in Eidi Kobe. Lot no. 10 consists o 13 ext nne Quaty French cloth Bobbs very beautifully braided and trimmed Atli moire velour. The. Hive been sold at St of each. We stall now Clear them Al 27/6 the Kobe. Lot so. 11 sons is of 10 of the very Best of exch braided Robes that hive come into tiie Adelaide Market this season. Man ladies hive Given 3 guineas each for Unm. We shall now Clear them Ai 30/ each Kobe. The above Short Liot Are Barg Alvs that you Don t often have offered you we can assure now ladies As the Supply of these Partick fairy Choice goods at Sudi absurd figure is Limi ted to so Small i quantify you arc advised to buy Early Uliey will be gone which will Lead to especially if one of your friends Chintis to buy either from by. Wilson brige & co lift 116, 118, b anole Street Adelaide. To fidime Marshall s Winter Sale to Day gents umbrella department Black twill ombre was 2/3 for 1/6, 3/0 for 2/6, 3/11 for 3/6 lexus umbrella very Strong 6/11 for 5/6, 8/6 for 6/6, 9/u for 7/u splendid value Gnu twill umbrellas the Boulevard steel Sticks 7/6 for 5/11, 9/6 for 6/11, 12/6 for 9/6 All our splendidly assorted Stock of Best Quality levantine umbrellas to be cleared at the following reactions 15/6 for 12/6, 17/6 for 13/c, 19/6 for 14/6, 22/6 for 17/6, 25/ and 30/ for 19/6 real bargains gig umbrellas Large sizes 9/6 for 6/11, 15/6 for 10/6 gets Deab Pullover hats. Special reduction. The balance of our Stock of gents drab . Hats sizes 6jj, cd Only usual prices 10/6, 12/6, 15/6, 17/6, to be cleared at 2/11 each College Caps with Tassel 10/6 for 8/6 Tweed hats. Boys Tweed hate 1/3 for 10d., 1/6 for 1/. 1/9 for 1/3 men s Tweed hats c.b., Strong working hats to be cleared at the following prices 1/11 for 1/, 2/6 for 1/11, 2/11 for 2/6, 4/6 for 2/11. Travelling Ware. A. Our Marjre and wed Asmi ted Stock of Saratoga. Overland and steel trunks Gladstone bag suit cases. Brd7f bags kit bags and leather Ware of All kind to be my at greatly reduced prices. School bags. Black blocked school bags 7w-, mm., 1/, 1/3. 1/6. � soft Basil school bags mhd., a 1/3, 1/6, solid Leffier school bags 2/11 for 2/3, 3/3 for 2/9, 4/6 for 3/fl solid leather blocked school bags 5/u, 6/8, 6/11. Furniture to Day s special Sale. Wire Woven couches a great bargain 8 Strong wire Woven Crochet heavy head scroll. Uss Sive legs Good spindle bail Bicks. Usual Frise 27/6, to Day 13/9. Beckwood frames carpet seat and Back usual Price 23/0. To pay 14/6 Over mantels in addition to the extraordinary seductions we have made in our own Stock we have purchased a Largo shipment of English goods at a great discount. As an example of teas splendid advantages we shall offer to buyers to quote a Lew prices but we must impress upon our customers Itiat whilst we hav Many equally As attractive and cheap Tot advertised it will be Wiser to make a prompt selection to avoid disappointment. Walnut Flem Rawels. Walnut Over mantels 49/6. 55/ for 25/ Walnut pc mantels 65/ for 30/ Walnut Over mantels 97/6 for 45/ Walnut Over mantels �6 15/ ror w Walnut Over mantels. �8 8/ for 90 a tint to our warehouses will remove any doubt is to the intrinsic Worth of these Coda. Per ambulatory. Per ambulatory. Thirty one per ambulatory Are sorted out and mat feed at Lees than half Price. As an instance we have 7 Only usual 95/, to Day 29/6. 11 Only 97/6. To Day 35/ others at proportionately a Tractive prices. These Are a of american Alan facture. . And Sterling finish. A like it chairs. Kow this is an item that Tuut demand your attention. A High Back Elm Claitt. With spindle solid Vood seat a tarted antique Oak. A most Bervice ble Andis Ahtl tji air. We thu offer you Only �7 dozen. Our Price was 5/9, our Bale Price is 2/6. You must order Early. Austria Bem Hood Arm chairs. We Are throwing oat �7 armchairs. Oar usual primp was 16/9, we offer Niheu during the first week of our a Sale at 7/6 Irh Gem i i Oil . We Are this Day throwing out of Xii i32 Osir genuine Oil pain ticks in Rich Kilt frames. A variety of charming subjects the prices of these were �3/3/ �4/4/ �5/5/ pick to Day at one Guinea each this list Fli be altered Doey and articles sold oat will be replaced by fresh lines. Dress trim Minig department belts beets belts. 200 ladies assorted belts Black elastic Black webbing Black Tan and fancy leather belts usual Price 1/3 to ill each now All one Price 1/ each. Fancy lest aware . Ladies hand Iiams s to Clear \j6 ladies hand bags so to Clear 1/ ladies hand bags 40 to Clear 1/11 Lou assorted Maud itts to Clear 3/11 Lor 2/1l 5/11 for 3/li, for 4/6, 7/11 for 5jg, 10/6 for 7/6, 16-9 for 9/11 33 Only ladies fish hand bags to Clear 2/11 for i of i 10 ladies Chatala Rife. Or bicycle bags in real leather to Clear 3/11 for 1/11, i of for 2/c ladies purses 20 dozen assorted shapes to Clear 1/ ladies and gents car gases 12 dozen to Clear 1/6. Young ladies music cases 2/6 for 1/6 each ? 260 ladies folding clasp purses to Cleat 1/6 a few Only writing cases to Clear 3/6 for 2/6, 5/11 for 3/11, 7/6 for 5/6 gents Cigar cases 67 real leather Cigar cases usual lice 6/11 each now 4/9 each Bushware. Hair brushes All bristle 1/6 for 1/, 1/11 for 1/6, 3/9 for 2/9, 4/11 for 3/6 each 10 dozen gents military hair brushes to Clear 2/6 for 1/6, 3/11 for 2/6 e dozen gents All bristle military flair brushes usual Price 6/ each Sale Price 3/3 each or 5/11 pair 6 dozen left Strong hair clothes brushes without handle a. Each 3j dozen ladies or genes clothes crashes with handle 1/6 each ? 25 dozen assorted Cothes brushes to dear 1/6 for i 2/6 or la 3/9 for 2/9, 4/11 for 3/6 a dozen very Superior and Large size Crumb brushes usual Price 3/11, Sale Price 1/11 27 dozen Kail brushes Wood Back to Clear 3d. A dozen gents shaving brushes to Clear 9d. 32 dozen Strong toothbrushes to Clear a. Parasol and umbrella Sale. 5 fancy plaid silk parasols 13/6 for 4/11 2 i Ancy striped silk parasols 10/ti for 4/11 1 Heliotrope and Turquoise shot Broche parasol 13/6 for 5/11 1 red Blue and Green shot Engaline silk parasol Gilt Frame 17/6 for 8/11 1 Black and White striped silk parasol with autumn Leaf Border slightly soiled Gilt Frame 15/c for 5/11 1 Iron shot silk parasol with shot Green Ruche 15/6 for 7/0 5�Back-and-White striped silk parasols slightly soiled 15/6 for 5/11 2 red shot parasols with frills 15/6 for 7/11 12 assorted shot silk frilled parasols 10/6 for 5/11 1 each purple reversed. Gold and Brown reversed Green Duchesse Satin Para sols 15/6 for 5/11 1 each Heliot Oiw Green purple and elec tric Apple Green and Salmon and Plain Black Empress parasols 12/6 for 4/11 2 Black Empress parasols lined Pale Heliotrope. 32/6 for 12/6 1 Brown and Gold shot Empress parasol lined Apricot 32/6 for 12/6 7 assorted shot puckered silk parasols git frames 27/6 for 12/6 Eliot pc and Brown shot silk parasol 27/6 for 12/6 1 Black Satin parasol lined Cau de nil 17/0 for 10/g 5 Black silk frilled parasols 19/6 for 13/6 5 Black Aventine silk frilled parasols 11/6 for 7/6 20 assorted shot silk parasols 5/6 for 3/11 8 do. Do., Sll for 6/11 18 do. Do., 10/6 for 7/6 7 do. Do., 13/6 and 15/6 for 10/6 1 each Heliotrope and Black Stripe and Check parasols 15/6 for 10/6 25 Best Quality shot silk parasols 17/6 and 21/ for 13/6 a few slightly damaged parasols shots and Black thrown out at less than halt prices 3 Black Crepon parasols special Sale Price 4/11 4 Ulack Broche parasols special Eale Price 5/11 12 Black Brooke silk parasols Sif and Silver tip. 10/6 for 7/11 3 do. Do., 12/6 for 9/11 6 Black moire parasols Superior Quality 17 6. 10 6. And 21for 15/6 Victoria twill umbrellas special Sale prices 16, 2. 11, 3/11, and 4/11 ladies Lavelline silk umbrellas exception a value at 4 11 and 5/11 ladies Satin de Chino umbrellas Choice handle. 10/6 and 13 6 for 8/11 ladies super Aventine silk umbrellas very pretty handles 13 6 for 10/6 extra Quality ladies Satin de Chine t7m Hrc Las. 15 6 for 13 6. 19/6 for 17 6, 17/6 for lf-6. 21/ for 19/6 great ale of ladies collars Aud offs tie fir to line s3 dozen of ladies habit collars lots of shapes and sizes ted. Lor 2sd. Each the second line 133 dozen Wolseley Linen guard collars 2j-Inch deep stud Lilor at Back 1o .-1. For 6jd. Each the to Laird line 94 dozen new Galon turn Down collars Pood fitting shape and wide. 1/ for go. Each the fourth line 134 dozen new detach Able pure fourfold Linen guards sell ing it the special Cut Price. 10w. Each the fifth Kino &3 dozen new Mona cuffs pure Linen. Lold. For 6d. Pair the sixth Lino 34 dozen the sister Nightingale cuffs 5 inches deep turn Back 1 ii for Lold. Pair the seventh line 31 dozen the Kew ,?d motor cuffs All Linen 1/ for 8d. Pair. Marshall s. Inc drapery and clothing. Martin bros., Borling Toa House. Winter Sale. This Day s bargains. Dresses. Of luvs Dros fabrics new designs fresh in Pool this usual a site Lund Yard � be b0T -i/11 dozen was coloured on fabrics including it Boude my silk mixture fabrics usual value 1/6 Jwj. Sale Dpi e 10�d Yard Kun s Veiline. In every fashionable Pottor pure woo wide Width Siul Lufi 1/3 Yard to be cleared at 9ld 3rd Black Kancyr Uiva Odds eff did pcs is. ? Donal Width we Mlih 13 i re Sale Pijoe Sid Jard Binic silk and Wool dress fabrics won 2/6 Vird to be sex red it 1/6 Yard dads diff Rod bin Gaiines a Xii 2/u a re Sale Price 1/11 Yard 6 Only Het to veins Oast incs Wanh 37/6, must be sold Ettle ph-3c 7/4 Euini of lord Surah nil. Work to 1/11, Bok pit 1/ Jurd fancy and Sui cd pc Vons. Thoc were on pc in by i in and 3/11 Yard Only a Tew Boies to be sold a. 1/ Yard Oor Durour Drc Nib by Correct and Fisi Uon Abl Worth 1,11, talc i Ioe 1/ a re pain Oul ared vol Wrens 23 in. Widet a Worth 1,11 . Iii Jivis 1/ Yard jackets gowns a Buck bilk Veicl russian jackets prettily Irma a Jet and fur Wurth 3,c, tale Price 23/6 each also a better Quality and More nicely trimmed Worth so Sac Price 3j/ each Sciric Seal capes up undid Quality very warm and comfortable Worth Sale i 25/ cacti a Worth 3/ti, tale Prii a 2u 6 each lkes5l.\ci gout s. In colourings Pic ucal Cit Aud prettiest and at prices to suit All a full Assoun it of far 4ji�a�inc Mojo Vas of which we have Solu hundreds at 7/11, our Sale Price 5/11 each better qualities reduced from a/6 to 7/11 each and from 15/9 to 12/6 each ladies jackets. A very special line in curl cloth jackets Worth 9/11, Sale Price 6/ti Cadi an assorted line of jackets in Black cloth and Serge with stitched or velvet collars. Some of these Are silk lined Worth 2j/6, Sale Price 19/6 each a smart fashionable jacket in Black cloth with velvet Collar North 1h/6, Sale Price 13/0 each Black cloth Chester Fields the very newest coat Tor ladies Worth i Sale Price 15/9 each Green Cashmere Tea towns lace trimmed Worth 47i, Sale Price 32/8 each very fashionable Tea own in bed Cashmere trimmed with lace insertion a Worth 49/0, Eale Price 37/6 ladies macintoshes. Martin duos leading use in Light and Park Check Worth 10/6, Sale Price 5/11 each ladies Crown and Grey macintoshes with Vel vet collars North 16/tale Price 12/9 each ladies capes. Coloured cloth capes in fawns Karys and Browns Clearing price4/11 each a line of Fuu sized cloth capes in navys fawns Browns and greens usual prices la Sale Price 7/6 each ladies Navy and Brown cloth capes usual Price 15/c, Sale Price 9/11 each coloured cloth capes in Beds greens and navys assorted Plain and fur trimmed Worth 35/, Sale Price 15/9 each. Millinery. Ladies Black Sailor cats usual Price 1/ff Andl 1/11 to be cleared at 6d each girls Black and White seeded Sailor Hals. Trimmed corded ribbon bands Worth 1/11, reduced to 9d each Hie balance of our fancy untrimmed hats usual prices 1/ to 1/6 each to be cleared at id each usual Price 1/11 to 2/11, to be cleared at of each children s French Felt Flop hats to be cleared at 2/2, 2/6, and 2/11 each Lyre Erim Felt Sailor hats Worth 5/6, Sale Price 3/11 each Worth 6,11, Sale Price 5/6 each Worth 7/11, Sale Price 6/11 each. The it of our French and English a hungry to be cleared at ridiculously Low prices. We mention a few hats. Usual Price 59/6. Sale Price 27/6 each usual Price 45/, Sale Price 21/ each usual Price sif/6. Sale Price 19/6 each usual Price s7. I. Sale Price 10/6 each. Bonnets. Usual Price 47/6, Sale Price 32/6 each usual Price 42/, Sale Price 29.6 each usual Price 376, Sale Price 25/ each usual Price 27/6. Sale Price 15/6 each. Underclothing. Ladies Flannelette night dresses a ver special line in Small neat stripes assorted colors Plain turned Down collars trimmed frills most exceptional value Sale Price Only 3/11 each ladies Flannelette chemises in fancy stripes Plain Pink and White Worth 3/ii, Sale Price 2/c each a Laj Are assortment of ladies striped Flannelette Knicker Worth 3/6. Sle Price 2/3 pair ladies Melton cloth skirts in Black navys Kucys and cardinals with frill trimmed braid full Silt reduced from 3/11, Sale Price i/11 cacti ladies Fleecy Wool skirts in All shades Good value Sale Price 2, la each ladies pure Wool to. In Pink Creme and natural with sleeves Large size. Bile Urice 1/ act tic Well fitting tartar Corset in Fawn Only special value Sale Price 2.6 pair the Long waisted Devon Corset with corded hips in Prev Sale Price 2/11 pair Flannelette a fancy Woolette for blouses wrappers a 27 to 20 inches wide Worth 4/11. Reduced to 2/11 dozen Yards Worth 7/c. Reduced to a a Dorigen Yards Worth s 6. Reduced to 5/6 Down Yards double Width tuck Druciel 40 inches wide Worth Lold. Reduced to 7id Yard Diagonal Serge Woolette. In Pink White Cream Maroon a. 2s inches wide Worth 5/6, Sale Price 3/11 dozen Yards pkg Flannelette. 27 indies wide 6ile Price 2/11 and 3/11 Down cards 33 inches wide Worth a 6. Reduced to 4/11 dozen cards 33 inches wide Worth 7/6, reduced to 6/11 dozen cards 36 inches wide Worth s/6, reduced to 6/11 Down 36 inches wide Worth 9/6. Reduced to 7/6 dozen cards special inc in natural. Pink and Shetland flan Tonc. Guaranteed Wool mixture is in. Vide Worth 1/ Vard. Sule Price b/11 dozen Yard Shetland Pink and natural Flannelette heavy warm makes. 34 in. Wide Worth 8/6, Taie Price 6/ 11 dozen Yarda be Kvietok a Lar Fri size. Worth 5sale Prici 3/11 dozen Worth c Cate Price 4/11 dozen Worth 7/6. Sale Price 5 11 Down Wonhas 6. In 1 Prico 6 11 dozen heavy Linen finish Calico. 32 in. Wide won 3/11, Sale prices la dozen Yards 36 in. Wide Worth 5/6, Sale Price 3/11 dozen Yards 3g in. Wide Worth g/6, Sale Price 4/6 dozen Iilda stomped Flannelette. 27 in. Wide Worth 2/11, Bale Price 1/11 dozen turds 27 in. Wide Worth 3/11, Eil Price 2/11 dozen cards 33 in. Wide Worth d/6, Sale Price 3/11 dozen cards 33 in. Wide won 6/6, Sale Price 4/11 dozen cards furnishing. Blankets. Wpm Deroui Vajic in Witney Welsh and Seoul makes Rankos at talc prices from 3/6 per pair kid Crown quilts. Vav social value to be cleared Rcpt Rel is of Vya Art muslims usual Price 1. 11, Sale Price 3d dozen Yards Art muslims do jul wide to. Sale prices 2/11, 3/6, 4/11, 5/11. Andvi1 dozen cards far a Art muslims. To e wid h. Sale prices 1/11, ?111, 3,11, and 4.11 dozen Yards Orron rom. Rur Width. Amie prices 3/6, 4/11, 5 11. Jih a fid Izen a Ards lace curtains Sale Firios is i la 2 11 30, 4 11. Up to to. .11 pair oilcloth. A Splond d vanity of styles . And a tuts. Sulc Prce from 71d per 8juaj% Ard Lina Unm Sale prices 1/6, 1/9, and i la per litre Vard carpel.-. To be Sii Ould he seen. Best Brussels epic Oil value. Ail to be cleared from 2/6 a Vard ribbons a. Silk Chiffon Kuc Luns. All shades 5/0, reduced to j Saizon Yards cv.l./d silk dress trimming t/6, reduced to 1/dzn Arris sequin and lao dress Tii Midg 1/11, reduced lord or a Satin Drain . I i Shade la. Ndu a to 10. Izn Yards ii it Lucid to 1.3 dozen Yanis 3 11. Rcd oed to 1/6 dozen Varda All silk chiffons. Black and All colors be price2id Vard ladies White Linen finish handkerchiefs Worth go Aih tale Price half dozen for 1 Sik fall we Rte Lold 1,and 1 3 reduced to 4 id and 3jd Jard Ladi Linen Cul Hira by St Quality Eaje Price ted martiitbros., Burlington House. Drapery and clothing. Winter Sale has Kow commenced. A Laitgue and fashionable Stock of this season s importations. Wool dress department. Double Width Blue mixed tweeds 2/9, for a double Width Fawn fancy Seise 2/6, for 1/3 double Width Green and Black Broche Satin cloth 3/6, for 1/9 double Width Fawn and Blue Covert coat Ings 3a for 1/11 double Width Tweed coatings 2/9, for 1/h double Width All Wool Cheviot coatings 2/3, for 1/9 double Width new Blue faced cloths 2/6, for 1/11 double Width All Wool French coatings 3/11, for 2/11 13 pieces Fine faced French cloths All Winter shades usual value 4/11, now for 3/b double Width Brown heavy Cheviot Serge 5/. I. 2/6 coat and skirt lengths in Browns Navy dark Fawn Green to 37/6 39/6 45/ 42/6 for for for for 27/6 27/6 29/6 32/ French dress goods in Robe lengths fancy brocaded repsg.27/6, now 19/6 i ? ind Grey Bayadere rep 37/6, now 29/6 Black and Green silk mixture 42/6, now 31/6 plaid silk reps 57/6, now 39/6 Plush striped Corduroy 67/6. Now 49/6 1 Ulack and Silver Grey silk and woo Kep 59/, new 42/ 1 Blue and Brown silk and Wool keep 52/8, now 35/ 1 Black moire velour 79/, now 57/6 1 Brown and Ulack silk and Wool Check 69/6, now 45/ 50-in. Lambswool cloaking White Only 3/11, now for 1/11 Yard 50-in. Lambswool cloaking White Grey Fawn Gink Bluee 5/11, now for 2/11 Yard 50-in. White Bearskin cloaking 17/6, now 109 56-in. Scarlet Saxony cloaking 7/6, now 4/6 48-in. Black Astracan cloaking 9/6, now 3/6 54-in. Best Melton cloths in Browns and maroons reduced to 2/6 33-in. Welsh flannel slightly soiled to be cleared at 1/2 Yard �in Blouse Jeannel Moss Green and Buck 1/11, now 1/ Yard 27-in. French printed flannels reduced to Flannelette Superior goods for blouses gowns wrappers a Jncy coloured Flannelette reduced to 3/11, 4/11, 5/6 dozen reversible Flannelette now 6/6 dozen fancy coloured Woolette 1 now 9/ dozen 304nv coloured velours now dozen fancy Cashmere , now 8/s dozen 46-in. Grey Flannelette reduced to 1/4 blankets 1jlankets. All at Bedu Oad prices. Single bed size 10/9, 13/9, 16/ three Quarter size 14a 16/9, 23/, 27/9 full double bed size 21/, 22/6, 32/6, 39/6 tora Lium Down quilts a very Large Selec Tion in a sizes covered in Satin and sateen All at reduced prices full size sateen covered from 27/6 showroom. A Large Stock of latest fashions is being shown in this department and to now offered a substantial reductions and in Many instances at half the original Price. Millinery bonnets hats and toques All recently imported and now reduced to ecu prices As should ensure a clearance. Fancy Straw and new Felt hats trimmed or Untrif Minnii All now at lowest Sale Sailor hats 1/11, 3/1l. 4/11 ladies travelling hats trimmed from 2/11 t mantles and capes. 12 Black silk velvet capes trimmed Jet and fur 45/, now 32/g 4 do., do., 59/, now 45/ 5 do., mantles and canes 69/, now 52/6 5 ladies velvet mantles 79/, now 63/ 6 Virv handsome do., 95/, now 84/ 2 Only do. �6 15/, now 87/6 newest Model mantles up to �6, All reduced to 95/ 6 High class velvet mantles embroidered and fur trimmed to be cleared at �5 15/ and �6 17/0 Black silk and Wool Matta Lasse capes and mantles trim med Cui pure Jet and fur All greatly reduced. Sale prices 25/, 37/6, 49/6, 63/, s4-/ 12 Rich Black Broche and Plain silk mantles quilted linings trimmed Jet Aud fur greatly reduced now 55/ 3 silk velvet jackets last season42/ now for 12/6 2 silk velvet jackets trimmed Jet and Best fur �6 10/, now 65/ i Adies Waterproof special bargains. Ladies Winter costumes with bodice length 2 Black silk and Wool Matta Lasse 84/, now for 45/ 4 Black silk and Wool Matta Lasse 85/ 89/ now for 69/ 3 Black silk and Wool Matta Lasse �5 10/ now for 81/ 4 handsome Black Broche silk costumes very newest styles �6 Hist 15/ a 10/ a 12/6 for for for for .�5 5/ �6 15/ �6 6/ �7 15/ 9 coloured costumes 47/c 7.5/ 84/ 92/6 08/6 110/ for for for for for for 27/6 35/ 52/6 75/ 79/ 79/ 6 evening costumes in newest Silks nets ic., to be cleared at exceptionally Low prices 38 costume skirts in coloured Serge line usual Price 16 9, now for 10/6 a line of Black Lustre skirts at 8/9 surpre costume skirts Black 13/9, a. Serpe costume skirts Navy now 21/ and 8 ladies Long cloaks in Navy and Cardi Nal red cloth trimmed Black fur 37/6 for 23 6 13 Black ladies Lone cloaks 37 6. For 256 ladies underclothing department. Winter undershirts frilled and braided coloured cloth to Clear at 4/6, 4/11, 5 6, 8/9 Winter undershirts extra sizes. 7/9. 10/6 Blick Lustre a carts lined Ceylon flannel to Clear at 9 i. 11/6 13/0. 15/6 Black Moreen skirts 9 6, 10 6, 13/6 Moreen skirts lined. 11 6. 15/9, 16/9 coloured Moreen skirts unlined 7/9, 9/6 ii .9. 13 5 colorc.1 Moreen skirts lined 12/9, 14/6 Black Mirette skirts with coloured and Mack Satin stripes usual Price 35/. Now sent Clace silk skirts lined. 37/6, for 25/ Ricoli coloured Satin skirts lined 32/6 for 21/ stockinette petticoats Sale prices 2/6, striped Flannelette petticoats 2/11, 4/11 fancy Flannelette morning gowns Sale prices. 7/9. S/9. 9/6. 11/6. 12/6, 15/9 Marone to led flannel morning gowns stylish morning and Tea gowns at special Tawlu irions during Sale child tvs Wool Box its and hats at half Price. J. Miller Anderson & co s Winter Sale 158c. Clear the decks. We Are going to throw the whole of our Stock 1 overboard and make a Quick passage through the season. B ? ? ?I a ? new Silks 1 from Paris to be sold at r y Little Ai Ove Dalf Pace Queeb Good news a happening Lik to site a december. Oar silk Bayer went throng fris a Jils g Way to Lyons talked with three wholesalers if it 1 vide Silks and find Silks for the great Frea of a makers. Novelty is their aim. To Beslow meow a a end to their business. So they were pm to thigh sell us for you the seven Thon and tards pm mately left of their gatherings. For r they la say How d do ? to you and mk�0al�je7ib of to a or Are Apt v we be Cut the Price of the first Uhl right in half. Don t be too late to choose. 750 Yards 24-iii. Shot Shah Sills \ usual Price 1/0. To be sold at 1o� per Yard. My the better qualities to go at makers Cost 1,500 pairs a Wethi Mph assorted tans stitched backs four Button. By were made to sell at 2/11 retail. How did it happen ? thus the makers wanted to liquidate and retire. Prices must evaporate when firms liquidate. Ioc t0 0iv1i half Price of Jet the Ortlief 3alf is vapor tall to be sold at 1/6 part f % blankets ? buhket8, Blanket feel the need of them these Nippy nights ? come to Vay for the Var Mali givers. 390 pairs to go at mercilessly Cut prices. Reduced prices make them doubly comfoptiagjt3il8 Zero what in dress goods. The makes held this lot just a few weeks too Long. The fabric is heavy with a splendid finish. 2,500 Yards 44-1n. Twill Cheviot costume Clotil usual Price 1/6 Yard to go at 5/11 the dress an Avalanche of adjectives would t do this line Jast Tei. ? Law Blue usual Price 35/, to go at 19/6 each. There s a Charm to the coliseum waterproofs. They re spick and Span new every one of them. Bos Ibby feast. One item Only but if s an Indica Uon or the Polo Ftp a values always cropping of for the Patron ? of the coliseum. I 75 Dozea All Wool sea Cless Cassa webs Boss w be Sou a 62 Perpar. A or Price bardic Worth be Hudaa Sydir but me pm t pc tub All the Good . It would Lake . Abs be. Vat r so. The coliseum. 16 and 18, Rule Stroeb Lii ? Mai Litif Fafian Steb a mid with ? View of running thou soda d ides on rough not Tralin roads. them Reli their Redli oct null no them speedy and comfortable to rid a. . Foremost sir Sianoa. The Boohlop pneumatic Tyre co United 9, Fra Kun steel Adelaide. And at Melbourne Sydney Perth and Critte Hrdi a urine in pocket and irony to a by cute ibo idea Cycle the give stir Faucon. We before a Tunini Cuite Fiat Azorr it Mut be fitted with Tara that Are capable of within diff it touch Austn Lian roads and the Tyrea Beu bolted to australian conditions Are a a pm a by multiplex atiiigiiiismiriflibmp9isbe-9sssl. Which Combine to the fullest decree reliability and Esse of

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