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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jul 27 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 27, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia . Mesbah Ezieb Mab times steamships under Luu font Bali Witt the French govern. Adelaide to London i Haneles Aulne at Albany Seychelles Aden. Sites and pork Adelaide to London is Day. . To so Oomman Deri leave Adel Auel a minis Bio Susla. Poy Denot tues aug. 3 autaum a090o. Didier . Thurs., sep. 1 of Oahu io3bif. Al Sci . Mon., oct. 8 Potts snap eoe Oil. Boulard . Thure nov. S am top Micikas a. To depot .lsat dec 8 bins or pab&4ss include nos or Ais at meals. Feb ods Obsi Kab Tichun Marselles to it Roca Tau de Here journeys hours Only. The company s Kiter pretend will accompany to rough Paese Gera from Tai seizes to Paris and London. Luggage Coo payed bbb by Steamer from maa Esles toll a Btesh Steward. Milch now carried. Ancle Tio Keta to Kate Eules bom �20 to �65. Bata from Moa lo6. Limmi clubs to commodario in equalled. Wins by a Cabin furniture included in pare. Pm benders an booked through to Maui tub but Union. And South of bios vul Seychelles. Ransom is booked to Bombay. Vul Kubba Heb e Branch line from booked Hrosch to Havre. Genoa Antwerp Dunkirk. Hamburg Bordeaux and London. P. & o. S. N. Co. Eol Omro Aden. Brindisi Malta Gimbal Tab and Plymouth teamed. Its. Commander. \ leave Taletta t i Blel b. F. Bite one b. Aug. 8 Boadu . Andrews . Aug. 17 bomb 864s a. B. Darnell Amr. 81 Pau Apat 174s e. Ashdown sept. U pah Pavatt i Fri r. G. Murray b. Sept. 88 Masilia _ isi9 0. Fraser Oca is Britannia _ 6267 j. Oman. Bjsi3. Oct. 58 carte age foi3h Dashonn nov. S Victoria w. Adun Saa nov. S3 7bwb and second Saloon a smites to flowed to tweak their journey at intermediate ports. Babiss served on a pedal terms. la families during the Slack passenger season. Passages from England can be arranged Here. In the second Baloon the an Tremonta have been thoroughly reorganised the of offend Tarenc Nannas Al of passage Monet. To London in first Saloon _ Ewt oot to italian ports do. _ is too London in second Saloon _ pm to it to italian port do. �30 to a _ _ Tefu. Cargo received until t . On the monday Aad raroe6tflpoonopwhtne? Rio to Steamer a Nita for handbook and an Tio by bib. Narmir. It co., Tjit Tren agents by Lerf Bint line of total mail Tea Webb. A the fou owing Royal Man steamships be sin to the Orient and Pacific of Mewies will leave Adelaide semaphore at 12 noon on the undermentioned data for Cutie and London via Albany sues canal Naples and Etc altar t Steamer. Tons. Commander. I Date. Yokota _ 6,067 g. E. Lavington july 27 okie it 6,5?6 b. G. Darby aug. 10 Oracz _ w. E a byte b Job. Aug. S4 Bouva. Bibl b. Studdert sept. 7 Ocba _ c 652 l Hay. R Jib. Sept. 21 Ace Xiali 6,6 f. U. Take oct. 6 Orzco 3.916 j f Anderson oot 19 Omza a _ 6.0j7 a. W. Old Steamer leaves Sydney on arrival of each Steamer Tor these islands. Passage Money trim Adelaide to Bremen from �14 to �60. Great reductions on Teton Pas Aseep available for six Bine or twelve months. Very facility is offered for bringing oat friends by payment of passage Money Here. Cabin passengers Agar break their journey. Item specially arranged to Euit an nations. A officers and stewards conversant with tin passengers and cargo booked through to London and principal eur Ocean Asiatic and american sort Pas Engen Tot England Are landed at Southampton. In future passenger will land and embark at Largi or freight passage and All Otter particulars apply to tie Arent. H. Muecke co Adelaide and port Adelaide. Ali lao or i ends line of steamers gris Ali London via ports As required flues these new full powered fast Ete Amera Are a appointed to leave the port Adelaide wharf and outposts As required As follows ocl Goa _ july 30. Murrumbidgee september 7. Wooll Oolooloo _ to Tuow. A Tjerck _ to follow. Alcoa Modalion for Ras Sengen. For freight or passage apply to Lasinko Leo. Wills & co., Adelaide or fort. To Nob Adelaide to London Ujj. F i. Suez canal. Bukas the fast Fantt powered Kew steam cd Goa Olund s lice Captain a a Hurst will be he patched c above about the 30th july. For freight or passage apply a Fonalo Adelaide or port Adelaide. Set a team to London via new Zea. A disk. O land. Cape Hon and calling at Days 810 new zealand Jbv shipping of s Adje of bo7al Matt. A reamers. The Mamie iolent steel Steamer ease Cuba. ,16s tons we leave Lyttelton on August 4. To be followed by Ria Fink on september 1. Passengers booked for London Plymouth and Bio Janeiro by Ous route will avoid the extreme beat of the bed sea and the Baa canal. Brio Geo. Wills it co., agent. A d us Island Boyal Hail line. Tow a a London via Brisbane jul North Queensland ports Java Nam up Gugg canal. . 1 toss. I Tkatz Subbase. India tue Day August 2. Lak. I 4,712 tuesday. Aueut3o. Fares from Adelaide to Londoff Saloon single. �56 10e. Re Tull �90 10s., available for is months. Steerage single�20. Apply Harold Boot hubs stoic a i i .m1 port Adelaide. M a otk4h to Sydney Bov Wal a Reg ? a Koo and Pobi Steamer a Kab Weera 1,200 tons. Captain blown we Man from Wallaroo cab � at port pint for Sydney and hew Amite co cd Neslav july 27. Taking cargo at through rates Tor All Queensland fijian new zealand and other ports. U-Bweosos-9 Hab bold beother3. Foal g a Ceres wid be dispatched As Abl a 6tanbbubt Taxaj thu sat w?i9 and sax boat at 6 am. From Stana Bury every monday and Friday at 11 . To Pobi Vincent every tuesday at returning same Day leaving at 4.50 . Aspic a Ijmte Spurier Secretary. 171 Oit akdbo6sa n. 4ubsm?.x. Fleet Wiko a la Del ave princes wharf part a every Weon today at e pin. In Plao of tuesday. B4ete b. Of Bicker. Port. Juji Goa pout Broughton. Tae jul of Al recur wa4er. Pm Elx a Routon ast. Tajar Jils Friday. Eo9-u c. X Cooke & co., port a guide. Novi Tiren Alid line for Ellis flit ton vekc3. i at. And Fowler a . Merein usury will Tail for bore ports on or about Taes Dar. A d Auto to Capi can Row be received itto no. 4" said Sockren wharf. For for High or a s ure apply old Bros. So9-15 town and port. Look Invar. From Liverpool l cd Al a and a Flah sides Cam to toe. .611 " ramps _. U " Levant Laos a Bee _ _ _ All n Levant Amorata _ _ _. U " leather Balmoral Good value _ _ ii " leather too Yarde a equalled _ _ 811 " Felt sunken far bound _ _ _ s u Felt bedroom Flippen _ _ .16 Haase boots _ _ _ _ _ 811 " leather euro Cadet _ _ _ c Yocum Strong leather Blucher _ _ t Al h Strong hungarian Laos _ .6 11 Strong leather Bate books and Caps _ All maids Sices land i Levant Bale High leg .6 1 maids Sites lands leather Bate High leg _ b maids Oatzes Lasz leather stockyard .8 11 child Rete 10 to in Levant Bale. _ a 10 to u Levant Usu Smee. A 8 " 10 to 13 leather Bate High Lef .81 " 10 to 18 leather stockyards _ _ ?11 " . 811 " Eto als _ by " 8 to 9 leather Bate extra High _ us n 6tob leather stockyards _ _ j 8 t toe Hail shoes Good value. .16 " ito6 Levant strap shoes. .88 4to 6 grained Balmoral. _ 1 s intents t to Fanoy step ones. -11l infants l to a fancy Ebarp shoes _ .00 id. .11 ,.oouiitiry orders win receive prompt Atteo Uon when remitting Stamps should be avoided it possible Price list poet free on application. Rote the address Waken past Ubaid Lis bundle Street. 14fltwa?w235xl4fl-33a Ball season. A splendid Assoc Pheni of ladies and gentlemen s evening and Fiess shoes just to hand and suited for the season. Ladies Satin shoes. A colors. From 5/6 per pair. A Baboon b shoe warehouse 17, bundle Street. Telb Phoeb no. 414. Issow in mess notices. P. A. Howells and co., 63, a Kdle Street opposite messes. O. Birka & 00. Pianoforte 1 orig ans on the Tuce payment Settem. Pianoforte from 00/ a month. Violins from 30/ each. Acc Obdens from 10/6 each. All the latest novelties in music received every month. Tuning Kepa iks on the shortest notice. Brass a string Barf is completely fitted Oab. Prices and catalogues on application. U2uateacxl49o or anted known. The american Novelty shop 68, King Wilyah Street Adelaide. Tamper mouth organs cd is is 64, and 2s very Superior is 6d clockwork mice lifelike is Cash Coceto Calls is each musical boxes is 2a6d, 3e 6d, and 6s Puzzle purse 48 wife proof Puzzle knives new kind 3s 6d, 4s cd and is Patent safety Baz crr 3e 6d and 10s razor paste puts an Edge on a racer tact will Cut a hair in twos finest Pebble spectacles 4s cd per pair Why by 12s and 15s else where. All the Winter games race game 6d to 2 6d snap 9d u6d dominoes and bound covered playing cards is per Pak Good value Antonutti pens three extra Ink tubes 12 nibs in cd Puzzle Nickel letter looks la 6d six Senoj savings binks All the ram6d fax Ettawa so per dozen 2a 9d per Gross splendid Fretwork out fits from 23 6d to 9a 6d Drill and bits 9d american air Bine kills sparrows cute a 7s 6d great value bound elastic for Shanghai 6d Kazoo. Plays any tone 1b magic pocket lamp 6s Complete boxes of conjuring tricks 101 l instructions from is american folding pocket scissors is 6d and 23. Every line of Best cutlery kept. French goods. Amprin Cement Menta everything. Is Magio Tinner mends tin Iron Copper a is per bottle. All articles posted so extra. Ls2iwacgwcrtsbo to began practice or lessons pipe on Oom a Plet two Macnair in emment with pedals 17 stops. College of organists . Otsye j. H. Fray Organ Iati and choirmaster St. Pettix Ole Nelt Orean studio 150, bundle. Street. Fun particular keep jump Utas. Ls2alnc 71olins, cases bows and Etri Tigs Complete oat v fit from 268. Mandolins the latest English craze from sue. Zither harps piccolos flutes Phoenix org netted banjos True cars Zephyr Cornet mutes ic., a. In great variety just h. Fray 160 Bonille Street. Linao to tube Standard Manuke compant of Al South Australia limited. The above company is now prepared to Supply their Patent blood manure and crushed Bones a per circular at a per ton prompt net Cash. Apply to pin mohe&co.,-Ora w. Sandford k 00. Sdao Troal Mallee boots. Loeb in urge or Small in Naties at lowest current rate. We. Howard Smith by Bons Ltd., ocal office. Kerth Parade. Port Meuse. Gnat now on View a Large shipment of James Dixon & sons and other celebrated makers sick like Silver and Best Elecia Plaxe afternoon Tea sets luncheon cbcet3, butter plates Claret Jug 3. Bia cuts Jahs and a Mart a Quie be assortment of ate noon . A. L. Brunkhorst late h. Sreiner10c, Eua dle Street. 16vio we. Sully Ute of Gawler place beloved a to Grenfell Street two doors East ots Impson s. The whole of the valuable Stock of watch and clock of swags. Electrical goods Fretwork a Ahmee hand and foot. Tools patterns and fancy goods watchmakers line. At considerably below Cost a Bice. Most by sad err log up business 185w233 shipping. Fps Howard Smith be hew service. Further seduction of passenger sum. Rot Moon. Return. Cabin. To Melbourne -�110 0 a 10 0 0 16 0 Sydney _ 8 0 0 0 0 160 fre Tohtz Aiu web Bates. to Brisbane. Sydney Bri Bank Maby Borough Boreham Pooh . R o do n d o. Mao Kay tuesday August 2, 12.16 sownsvii2jc . Goebal Doh . Bun Inyong of ibb tuesday adjust 9, 12.16 Fob do Glab . Look town thursday id. Normanton Burketown. Fob posts Fikis Andge Mirin. Bus. Bun Inyong _ tuesday August 816 . Be cheapest and most convenient route so broken Hill. Saloon. Benm. Vorako bul top Rte Loo 11s 0 dui Flam Smith and gave wharf fore Cabin passengers an supplied with food and bedding free. Fall Patten Lars co Anu Patton to w. & Oak it co., agents 1260 Upson Street fort Adelaide. General merchandise. Cobweb Bohe it 00. Have on Sale on the i spot or to arrive Boot Gui Liebb bottled by o Brien the sagger Brand Edmond a celebrated " pig Brand. Whisky scotch Ballentine e club Brand id balk. Shelving dear Pine Spruce deals Ash Basswood Hickory Walnut . Flooring. Kerosene Crystal water White to. Turpentine. Bain dark and Light grades. Plaster Windsor a ghz Diamond Brand. Oak Staves for wine casks. Champion s vinegar bulk and Case. Tobacco and cigarettes old judge Brand. Cyrus Choice Havana la Flor de caustic a 70 per cent. So a. Silil a i soda. Sett sheathing and booting. Dynamite fuse detonators. Unseen on saw and boned. King s Windsor Asbestos Cement Tor plastering Wall and ceilings. Teas Low to medium Congo us hew season s. Preserved heats a descriptions of Queensland meat Export company s Brand. Indents executed. 8180 ,,&oo.,. Of b Sale and i o Abbi 7 s. Woolcocks steel standards tue atone porn Acks steel droppers Stobo Hanifie beanbags wire strainers Glaria Une potato bags steel wire Efrosine hour bag Iron wire Oak stave Ore age galvanized win flooring sewing twine barbed wire deals galvanised Iron wire netting shelving Flat Iron pig Iron american Root Black Sheet Iron hoop Iron plaster Bee Lead engus Booke , Sheet Zino Hematite paint Oatmeal axes Aust Voboda to to. Cement Whiting indents of All cd Seelof Mann factored executed at lowest terms in All parts of the world. George we lab it go., Cavendish Chambers Oato Ore Feu Strees. Plants seeds. It b w p b a 8. Sib habit Atkinson abundant bearer bugs pea delicious flavor. Large sealed packets la. Sea Bleb Triumph exp site flavor Long Well filled pods. Sealed Plant Park to. Duke of Ai an univ area Lor Provoo Tiff of and flavor. Sealed pint packets la. E. It. A Hackett seeds men nurserymen 60., 18, bundle a beet Adelaide. Money. To securities offering in the town of be Teneberg. J. W. G. Alt Ord auctioneer end financial agent Petersburg. 209,11,4 it Kkt to lend in sums from �100 to �20,000 fam. At lowest on rent Hardy Aoud. Tors 62, King William Street Adelaide. A Silwio moneys lend at lowest in rent . W. Bullock & co. Frank a Street 176-176?a1n Al 1 Afta a lend on first Date free-Xfl-4\fv\fhou Security at bom c per cent in sums to suit borrowers. Also on Sharks a Bose Bill mines at lowest interest. Trans fees leases mortgages wills and other documents under the beat property not prepared. Bente collected. House property Lei or Sou. Selectors Henrren Deiling under the new not reps tented. It. Kingsborough a sensed land broker and estate agent. Kcf Siuao Unity Chambers Curie Street Adellide. Okey to lend at Tjo weat Bates. Shuttle Worth & Letchford. Land and lout agents King William Street Blaito Odon loan. Discount and mortgage bans Pixie Street. Opposite onion Bank. The Bank it now prepared m make advances of Freehold to unities on exceptionally Tavo Rabat terms at 6 per cent per no repayable As per out tables which can be obtained an application at the Bank. The special advantages cd aimed Are to commission. To a Duvet fees but the rate of interest six pet Denb. Net annul which is included in the repayments. Advances made without delay and repayments of Loans to extend Over any number of Yean Euita Bli to the Borrower. Advances an also made in personal Security Bui of Bale Deposit of deed and bonded be nil dates from �6 to �6.000, at very moderate b&xs8 of interest repayable by weekly monthly or boat advances hade on shares. Bills disco opted daily. For farther information apply to the manager. Bank hours a Tot daily. Mondays and thursdays too. I7buato i drapery and clothing. Martin Bros., Burlington House. Special notice. The proprietor of Burlington souse having purchased a manufacturer s Stock of Sample of fancy goods comprising Tea cloths cloths sideboard cloths. Tor lbs jul Meson. Martin Bros intend 3 the whole Stock at 30 per cent. Less than actual English. Prices. To quote the various prices Tegould prose perhaps rather misleading. Ladies Are invited to inspect he Burlington House window today where they will see Ait the goods tit ted with Plain figures. See windows. Tea & tray cloths sideboard cloths d Oyles cat 30 per cent. Less than actual English prices. Martin Bros. 208 c drapery and clothing. Hall & Savage s stocktaking Sale. All goods masked in Plain figures. We quote a of Tow of the reductions made Sweed dress is 6d dozen re need to id Yard heavy striped dress stud dozen reduced to is lid heavy dress herring Bone 8s 6d Dosen reduced to 48 lid Superior Helton Nojd Yard reduced to 7 Amazon cloth. Is Yard re need to Knicker Check dress u so raid reduced to 6 d heavy Tweed Diess. Double Width is us Yard reduced toll d heavy Tweed dress double Width so 9d Yard reduced tols7 d of Hevont Tweed double Width stud reduced to is lid Yard Corduroy dress double Width 8s 6d Tor is us 8a m Forse i hair and Black Serge doable Width reduced to 2 6d,b?6dyard very Choice unmade Bobes a Beautiful dress with trimming 47s 6d, reduced to 27s 6 j coloured Cashmere double Width it 3d Bard reduced to cd two marvellous ones Black of Stamere double Width no. 1, our unequalled is lid line reduced to is Ltd to. 2, on Neq nailed is 6i line reduced to 2s de Black Bro be Cashmere double Width is lid Tor is lid ladies oysters 12b of reduced to 4s us ladies Ulster 16s 9d, reduced to 7s lid ladies Ulster 19 6d, reduced to 9s lid ladies Ute ers ass so reduced to us m girls and maids Ulster from is lid to 9s 6d, in dear. Ing Lota at u us and 2 lid ladies cloth jackets is 6d, reduced to 4s lid children s Reefer jackets u us to 12s 6d, All to Clear at 2s lid and 3e Ltd on Udien s Ulstein Sita 27 to 88,9 a6d, reduced to to us Ohn Droit Ulster sizes is to 4,6s 6d, reduced to 3s lid for Tippet stud for la us 4a 9d 2s 6d ladies Flannelette Skirls is each ladies jerseys of loved ss6d to 8a 6d, All to Clear at is lid ladies jerseys Black is 6d to 7s6d.ah to dear at 9�ud ladies jerseys Black and coloured fls6d to 103 6d,Al to dear at Saud infants Wool hats 2s 9d for a 4s us for is 6d infants Wool Pelias is 9b 6d for 49 us Wool Clouds coloured 4s 6d for stud 9s 6d for 6s us corsets Clearing 6d pair corsets is 6d for 9d, stud for is us children s lid for is 3s 6d for Chi Wren e Felt Sailor hats 4s us for is lid children s a Bachan Caps 5s 3d for 3a us children e Black and Kavy Hose All sizes pm for Sid pair ladles Gauntlet Clove us Tor 7�d, is 9d for is m heavy Flannelette 8s us reduced to is us dozen heavy Funn Letre is 6d, reduced to 4s us dozen heavy Flannelette Floral Pat Bros 9s us Dosen reduced to 6 d Yard Flynn trip to Mii Langy Fig us Dosen a danced to 33 lid to eco White of to our Superior Wear proof 36-in. Wide is us dozen reduced to 4s us Brown Holland 4d, reduced to 2 d Yard Cream Holland 6jd, reduced to bad Yard a 6s us for 4s us dozen Bro a Turk towels bad each re need to bid Creyonne 8s us dozen reduced to is lid Strong Cotton shirting b d Yard reduced to 69 us dozen diaper is Yard reduced to 7 d slate Silesia 4 cd reduced to a Yard Bush bugs is lid reduced to is us Lien s Beaver moles Best Quality 6s us pair Lien s Tweed Hirte 3s by reduced to is lid Hen s Linen collars 2jd each Hen s Oilskin coat Ibe 6d, reduced to 8s lid men s Oilskin goats 17s 6d, reduced to 12s Ftp Hen s Superior Tweed suits fancy patterns 355, re dncedtos4s9d Hen s Bliss Tweed suits sss9d, reduced to ass 9d boys Tweed trousers Bui a 0s us tenths Tweed suits 7a us boys Good heavy Tweed suite 17e6a, reduced to 12b youth Good heavy Tweed salts 19s 6d, reduced to 188 fid boys Tweed eni Oker suits 6s us reduced to stud h sizes men s soft Felt hats saw be duped to 2? 6d boys Caps 7jd Tarn o Shanter 2lud 0 a Yards All Wool double Width Navy of and Black French Cheviot Seeger 1/6 7rd Worth Worth Lex Only boys Blue ser3e Sailor suits f Putnal Price is old and 5s 9d, to be cleared at 2/9 boys overcoats with or trip hot capes sizes 000 to 2, usual Price 9d, 6s lid 6 so to be seated at 2/ 6 3 / u 1 = Only youths Tweed overcoats without ? Wapee Nepal Price 103 63, 1b by to of cleared 5/11 a a special lire of 850 pairs Pood he by Tweed to users 12s i to be created at 6/11 Kab a special like of 120 men s heavy Tweed to uses and vests 15s 6d, to be created to 0/ it men s dark Tweed overcoats with or j without capes to Cleat at 7/11 Worth 16a 6d. Ladies ihghlesk2ed Glove kid Laos boots 93 110. For 7iq ladies evening shoes 3s lid 4s lid 5s 6d. 63 6d,. Special note. Clerical hats. Just opened fresh 01 soft Felt " clerical hats. Jus opened fresh of gents twill umbrellas. On account of lateness of season in be cleared at a gents Alpaca umbrellas 10 ribs 6s 6d Lor 3/ll. 789dt05/ll children s school bags 7id. 2 just arrived 100 dozen of Wella sorted Straw hats Eastbourne and " Henley Leeatta Black Brown Navy and mixed rang ing in prices la is by is 6d, Lead is lid k \ Grannie bonnets in cloth and Cashmere us usual Pijoe a lid and 48 lid to Clear at 1/11 a special line of Garni Tures for evening Wear usual Price 10s 9d and 12s 3d, All 10 Clear at k /11 a Oft Only millinery bonnets in colors original a prices 9a lid lie 9d, All to Clear at a i i 100 a tags t0 Clea at id-2q1 d 2q do. Do. Do go. Children b ribbed Cashmere socks size 2,3,4 6,6,7. Marked Price up to ibid per pair. Gale Price and. For All sizes children s Plain Cashmere Hose sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, nursed Price up to lid. Per pair Sale Price Tor All sizes cd. Per pair just opened a splendid assortment of Chisa cake Aid fro it baskets flu ii dishes dessert sets & a also 23 cases japanese Ware. These should be seen. James Marshall & co., Adelaide and London. 263 x2390 rape in and clothing. J. Miller Anderson and co s Winter Sale. Last week before Stock taking. Final reductions. For department. In veg bit j a Large Stock in the Vic Tobise shapes which we we determined to Ide to this week the following extraordinary be notions Haw been made � Mouflon _ _8/9 for 4/9 8 do. 9/8 for a a 3 Brown 15/9 for of 2 Silver _ 18/b for 1 a i 2 Brown _ _ a far in it 1 Silver _ _ _ 21/ Lor j2/9 2 obey aet Bacan _ _ 8/6 Tor 4/9 1 so 87/0 for org 2 imitation Black bear18/9 far 1 a a a Beaver _ 29/6 for no a. _ 32/4 Tor j2g 1 imitation Seal _ 25/ for of i Black opossum _ 23/6 a j2/9 1 real Bear _ 3?/8 far. 1d0 _ _. _. 35/ Tor 17/g 2naiuballynx 85/ for jg7g s Black opossum85/ for a gym 1 Blue Fox _45/ for 25/6 1 Fawn Lynx _ 88/8 for Jug g 1 Seal Seal 37/ Tor �1/ 4 Brown Baboon _ 37/6 for �1/ 1 Black Fox _ _ _ 65/ for 32/ j Ibeal Eab _ _ 87/8 for 32 g 2 Light Fawn Lynx. _ 62/ Lor 37/g 2bebibe&b. _ ? 85/ Tor 55 Long shaped Boas. 3 Mouflon _ _ 25/ for 14/9 1 Black opossum _ _ �57 for 1 a a 1 so., Flat shape 63/ for go 1 Long Lynx 89/6 for �2/6 1 extra me do. _ 67/8 for 42/ 1 Bear ? _ 110/ far Jyi 1 Brown Baboon _ _ 115/ for go 1 Light Lynx. 118/ for go i 1 Snow Fox _ Jeb far �5/5 1 Blue Fox. _ �8/6 for of 1 Seal add Black Fofo afe �5/10 for g c i muffs. 1 Snow Fox Muff _ 13/6 for gig 5 Lynx. ? 46/ for 27/6 2 blown beat _ _ 67/3 for 37 a 2 do. _ _ 65/ for 42/ evening dress materials. All new goods. Great seductions a Solloi. Bronze Oom and teen a de no us Oneo 4/8, to be cleared at 0/9 4-Ioc i silk spot oos Sames in tin Foo Oiring Black and Cardinal Blade Ana Buttercup White with Gold spot Cardinal sky 6/9, to be cleared at o / o 46-Inch Kew a Tagabi gauges with be Nile and Gold Loop in Black. Gold and san de nil 6/-, to be cleared at a a 48-Inch jewelled nets very handsome inc Ltd ing Htu Teope. Esa de Kun Black and ,e/6, to be cleared 4 to Winch hew Feench go3samers. In by. With Silfer Gold electric Sod Bronze sequins or spangles 6/6, to be o eared at 0/9 jacket cd Tbs. Whitecap cloth _8/6 Lorg a card Tai and to Ane do. Q id _ of 60in. By ack Astracan 8/9 for g/9 do. _ me Tor 10 Tyg do. 19/8 for in Obamdo. _ _. 11/8 for to Ryjer met 2070 f Ianos a a largest Bert and Moat oomph Sygit Wodkin an a Krie Hysee Lollo to a r a a p h i a i s a of not toe to Donhou terms at see Job be ibid o Oknox. Produce and provisions. T o o b b a d. Wholesale and a Kail Bux Cheb. A Menec hotels. Bes Tarrants Ami ships waited on my. Meat . Keata. In tins of 1. S. L so Sifes a Betta Cne world 40 varieties cases cantata Der 98 in k Oam bulb a Kabourek. Bacons and mar Pasma of fort a Nam Eros a Rares and medals to is ten or Side. Of a 1,000 Veu seasoned Hans in Stock. Zeroed Robn beef and Fork in Saddle Ewt. Cask or in bag largest Stock in the Solonus and by far the Best manufacturer of bad goods 1 an urn of of tuft Sjem in Yosl fact. A r kit Kim to shows Pio Hios and an Nubuo festivals an phed in the Gbo Steefe Botu oaten made Dally packed oar Touy to eos re Nam Tasi Oca. Del iii in de firary. Either by Road rail boat ? lib., or in kegs also lard in bladders. Keat Boot

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