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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 23, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. _ Orient line of Royal mail steamers. For Plum Oittis Ami m n Lov. It saw i and Toulon. Wallins at Frohma Tab Colombo. Tra Nehler Inirio a Indian ports id Slez can"4l . or jct. .tiir. Orsovai tons. Co Nymn scr. J�.l9 . 12fta a. J Coart. cd j ij.c3 3. T. Calov. 1 . Jav 25 Ai. 8 or. 22 pm t. 5. ept. Lyl i n h with Wirrie Telegraph to. 1 triple armr. Twin screw Steamer. A win a in not t e 3 Law a on Board within to Minn of Ritre of Shnir. For Mil Porrie. Sydney Ami nil stunt str Trrry will tall from Adelaide outer Harbor of i in Ophir. I m4 Tom Rita rear Jav 29 ? 2. A torn i sturday aus 3 and fort Temov thereafter kit to meth Urne �1 3 to c5 10/. Fed nor. �2 lit to �0 w. Bra Hane. Is v of �14. Prop fax Tours. Including rail travelling and hotel. _ a War Oil atop. To today. Trips to Rellox. A conjunction with the other Hall Lima for third class passengers. Special accommodation in new 12,000-ton Steamer. Of Avidov . �17. �10. Tit or turn. �.-r. Be. Eso. Spacious Pio my Vlok Dicks. Smoke rooms ladies of shelter deck and two Herth and four berth Cabin situated _ in it in Dick Large. dint no Saloon in Mux prot write for illustrated circular. Pm nor Roll Par Cilam. For further information in per v. A . Tent fllwfiac5c e. Kins in Liam Street. Adelaida. In Makels. India China. Ard Europe. First and second Saloon s Only. Halo a. Mongolia. M ick Donia Malwa. Wolta. Jford Svopa. Moldavia. 12.500 10,500 10,000 to nor n.5o0 n,0 commander. , a. Il.g.levrellin. a. C. I .ett. . A. Thorr i on r. L. Haddock. it s5 .i.d. \"drew, a. Ort 0 �dcb.lri-kvrr..r. It 21 e. H. Mcdon Inot. 6 Leaf m july Siau. 1 a 28 sept. 11 and fort lightly thereafter. For mtt.b01trne ant Donia Sallire on 2nd Auguat. All steamers Are Fotte i with were Lea Tele Raper and Are twin and second Saloon granted to Europe India. China and Western Australia a special Ami each Union a nored also the Rouah Pas eares to new York. Pas a Ces from an port special Holiday ate tits ticket to Colombo. For informs la a handbooks apply to Elue. Smith. & co. Limited. Ayenu.su3i x308s p. & 0. Branch service to Durban Cape town and London. One class Only. Wirelean telegraphy. Beltane. 11.11 ton about july 30 . 11.12" ton about up. 29 wit Ixta. B.ij00 ton about sept. 2j. �ommonttealtn__6.6u Tona about oct. 12. Taking Careo for Hull without . Splendid accommodation. Ladies e0054 smoking room a. Sorrel is and 8tewardecn carried. I , �10. �38. �20. South africa.-18. 15. And 17 Cru teas. Bold to ps.-t0 London by p. O. Branch service Steamer returning via Boez canal. By p. & o. Mail Steamer from �4� til. Ordinary return ticket Are interchangeable Frith the Ben Lien Une. Pamphlet and All particulars on application. George wills co. Limited. Agents St Braio ? 38, Ore fell at rect Adelaide. Mess Geries maritime. Taney. Rol Seslen. Zylner. Noon. . I . Ans s i Ana. 3 a. 831 sept. 2 dec. � dec. 90. Ail twin Stew. All earners fitted wit War tar laundry a Board. A departure hour. 1 from outer Harbor. A Toul train from Adelaide at i noon. Re dlr o cams Tia Sincle. Sawl if return. La a Sud class single,�4n return. �00 third clan from �15. lit la Zlidar return ticket Imi Ului All mail ure. Toter that k fir an second Saloon return till to particular to George wills % co. Tull cd. Agents Judi Pic s3. Crentell Lireet Adelaide. Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Imperial japanese mail Une. Manila. China Aud Japan via Brisbane Lowns Volle and thu Apay Lalann Bitumen. I iii. I Tom. Mob. I Sydne Rumano Maru i 4,000 1 Ina Maru i 0.000 i Winckler july s3 i aug. 6 ronuaii7 i Aust i sep. 3 and every four weeks thereafter. Fast tat and Moat luxurious steamers la the Trade. Special through booking to All pax., of the Hast. America and Europe. All particular from Mcilwraith Mceacharn. & co. . Limited. Agent. Adela de. Iii Ala a a san Francisco. To All american posts British. Isles and continent. Ruling at Araton a Cook group and _ Papette Tahiti from j from 1 due Steamer. Sydney. Wellington. I Frisco. Tuna. Wil Lochra Tahiti. Aug. 9 line. 15 �ci.t. 0 sect 12 oct. 4 of. 10 it. 4 s oct. 80 and every is Days thereafter. For particulars regarding passage and freights a ply onion pm Tiship co., of . Ltd., a.u.s.n., limited. A1.1-nts, awl a Gleister buildings or Cavell Street. Gem navigation co., Ltd. Job Wai Kerie Louon. Anu Uhn Makk. The Steamer Marion will leave Marrat a Biol at 10.s0 . A cry wednesday and Tom Morgan Ever thl usual. 7 ., us in or and cargo. The Steamer Ellen will leave Murray Bridge Sierr saturday evening at , Saul Iron a Monda St � ., taking l a Tii Gui and cargo. Fob Renmark Wentworth. And Mildura. The Steamer Ruby will leave Morgan every saturday 7 ., taking Pas engers and cargo. Apply Gem navigation co Ltd. Its use _44. Grenfell building. A St coast Shippings ill dispatch Rora port Adelaide As under Cir him iii a i running. Ports i Horton Point and town �ktt1estumby. Arno. Will Iron. Hughes Colona ond Elu Wanda a very ulrso.�,. 4 . Twaits arrival of s.s5 . Train rom a Klaic. It Echt Lumby and Amo prepaid a on get to we Roo by a guide and. Bank North train Tan Cash Teamer on saturdays i Cowell id mondays to Arno. Tumby and Lin. Coln reduced fares for All ports and round trin a Cupina tis Dai. Elliston. Sex if 6cevles, ctr try Smoky la a Mur it denial. Bays. Point Sim i Vin a or re . Ing woo Kata. Wednesday. July so 8 . _ Breien. Prepaid except eur Litou reduced Streigle to Ali ports. A. & Lemessurier. 144 edit Burgh. L8. Warsaw it ail save Days and wednesdays Murrina mom avs and thur Adara aits arrival 8.43 am. Express train from Ade it is Riuo shipping. The Adelaide steamship company limited will dispute steamers from port Adelaide punctually As under circumstances permitting Albany and Fremantle. Tra Phippins for Perth. Geraldton All North to a in ref. And sin wre. Karoo. Saturday aug. 9 i 3 pm. Mel Bourk and Sydney. Tran shipping Irr 2ii tasmanian. Queensland Ani few Zeal Nurt port Warilda-.713 ton i Thura. I Lair �4 i 3.� . Teatter. Twin of Tot. Wireless Tele Granny famine test and Saloon and tet rare Naa enter Are. \ intending Parr merry to Eastern and Werthem ports must or oui certificate of vaccination endorsed by health authorities. Melbourne Sydney. And Newcastle. Of aka i tuesday july 29 5 cargo Only. West Cost Fertice. i it. Denit. Cart a. . Rupaka. I saturday i july 26 i 11 a a. Can a Edi-1" "___.,. Elliston. Venus. Scale. Etc Cazja Divoky. Laura. I r to. Deni to. Fow Lar 3 rays. Point Sinclair. Carawa. Ferket i wednesday i july 30 i 6 . Fortnightly thereafter. Up firer per Virtu. Port Point. To vat. Neill. Arno by. Wallaroo. And Cowell. 8s. every then a 4 . Largest Steamer in the Trade. Lowest a Tea. Best accommodation. Ports try Hje Augusta. Germen. Pirie. 3.a paring. I saturday i july �8 i p-10 port t i of \ tuvo. Trio. Tvs to o0., nut ifs. Cowell Neill. North Shields. . Investigator i thur Day july 24 . Port-11 to t ton Victoria no ttys. Wallaroo. Pro photon. . Herbert. I saturday i july 26 i 4 pm. Of Relff repaid to Turton. Minla Cowie. Vic Toria. Cd mein. Trio. Neill. Tumbs. Louth. North Chiel if. And All weit coast ports. A kept Ellis Toa Liloon passage tickets wit the perj5tnti com Mic. Ii Mart to Eon Kitiona. The Adelaide steamship co. Limited Adelaide and port Adelaide. T he Adelaide co. Left. Edit Burgh. � rpt Parr farms and freights. . Rupaka loaves port Adelaide Avoir Satur Dar at ii and Edith Tirc Hercer thursday at 2.30 . Duran. Yorketown coach meets Rupaka cd Rev trip. Marc dining. Music and smoking rooms. Apply the . Team bunt co. Ltd. Adelaide and port Adelalde tub Castle Alt Coop. Co. Ltd. . 149o a. U. S. A Reamer Leare Drc instance tar Mitsuni for Albany. Ingarra. 10,000 Fremantle. Run ii Plenc for Perth. Offal inn. . Pert and Singapore. A Vrue 1 Pil Barra i v Tritt i wednesday. July 30. A a to is Ris Darba. Toni. Ports. J s Tomta Albany. Twin screw fitted with wireless. Intending passengers for Queensland ports must produce certificates of successful vaccination. Carry two to to. Be Omi third Cass Pas Smen a on tickets in Len Han came with other inter Punte Cou panics subject to Tondl tons full return portly of Ordinor first Cik return rail ticket or two Melbourne and Adelaide Are Avail Ahli per Steamer. Rechter bides. Arc fell St. And port Adelaide 103c australian steamships line. Reward filth cor., limited. Mana Eroc Anta steamers a fave port circumstances Demilt inv in vat i Cycle. Newcastle. I noon. for f Wenc slav. July. 30, Queensland oorts j Corso. Only. and 6econd-cla� St Merti kete re in tar Herrn a after first port of Rall Ith other inter Trot can Nile pm Micro to ton i top in . Full return portion of or Dinar first clan Dallura v tick my set Cen Adelaide and Melbourn Hrim company Teamer. Howard Smith . . Van Nins Arrota p. Ettl digs. Klinc Willian treet. Adelaide Ana North per Var port Adelaide. Telephone . 873. 4173 port. Is. Tie Mcilwraith to Taofo Arri line. Regular passenger service. At a. , ,. I Baroota for Perth i twin pc Rev. 7t11 tons inn Terr. Oral Piton. I thirties Telegraph. And All f port. To by. I _ it it Vita. Tran Lipin intr for a 1 twin Crest. 7.sm tons to i Solan. Olieen i wireless Telegraph land Ard near ten i land port. To a Hail tvs tickets available Hunter state camera. Lie & j. Fouler. Limited. Aguta. Australian Oriental line g s built. & .0 Ltd Manila. China and Japan Tia Zamboanga. Darwin thur div ice and and Queensland ports. . Changsha. Pm inc fron Dale Etc s wharf Miller s port. Sid nov on Rev Teil g Anderson Haug William treet is Jiuzo j. & a. Brown line nil circumstances permitting dispatch the Fol lowing ?. Vul. Melbourne. 1 6ydney. Is. Cadmus and f Friday s3th july few Castle for Freigh i apply j a a Brown hmm Wil liar tract and company a in to t Adelaide Tek phone Adelaide 1s6s. Port Adelaide 197 j03- Tor other shipping advertise ments see Page 2 jas. Marshall St co s. The shopping pm Tel where the people congregate. Stocktaking will soon arrive and yet there is much stuff to be cleared before then. Anew shipments arriving shortly. Closing weeks of Sale. L. Millinery Sito room. Special display of fashionable Felt untrimmed hats. Black Navy Grey Saxe cinn., Worth 4/11 to 10/8, for 1/, 1/11. And 2/11 just Ari cd smart stylish Tara hat silk Satin crowns velvet crowns. Tasel Bruu Worth 15/6 to 29/6, for 4/11, 0/11, and 8/11 special clearance in trimmed milling re very cheap Worth 21/ to 63/, for 4/11, Gil and 8/11 the balance of our fur Seal. Rush and velvet hats smart styles Worth 19/6 to 50/6, for 3/11, 6,11. And 12/0 just arrived for Between season Wear. Fashion Able Chip and Tagel Straw hat new Gaby hats 5/11 for 2/11 each Juki arrived smart High. Feather mounts new Ostrich mounts smart vulture and Osprey new mounts Lovely sigh silk velvet roses for evening War Mottle and costume department. 75 ladies Navy Serge Winter pal tots 4tf/6 for 21/ 109 ladies Superior heavy coloured pal tots m for 21/ 100 dozen ladies fancy Flannelette blouses for 1/, 1/6, 1/11 175 ladies Long knitted Wool Golf Coats 21/, 25/. 29 6 120 ladies coloured Tweed and cloth Prince costumes. 12/0 for 6 11 500 ladles or Avonette Gabadine waterproofs 33,0 for 21/ 250 ladies stylish Navy coat and skirt cos Tumes. 63. For 29/6 iii ladies stylish Tweed coat and skirt cos Tumes 49/0 for 21/. \ 75 ladies Long Black fur Roxaline stoics 49/0 for 21/ 260 Creme flannel and Delaine blouses 12/9 for 8/11, 21/ for 12/9 211 ladies Lovely coloured Delaine blouses 12/9, 15,9. For 8/lt 12 Grey and Navy knitted Wool Norfolk jerseys 12/9 for 8/11 29 Superior Creme and Navy knitted golfers i 21/ for 12/9 1129 ladies stylish Tweed Prince Robe costumes l 21/ for 12,9 ",." 48 Superior Navy Serge Princess Robe costumes i 42/ for 21/. " 22 Lovely silk Jap wadded dressing gown 03/ for 29/6 75 Lovly coloured silk Jap wadded dressing jackets. 21/ for 8/11 50 ladies stylish mixed Tweed costume skirts 12/9 for 6/11 ". 75 Superior Navy and Black Serge and cloth costume skirts. 15/9, for 8/11". _ 100 children s Creme Beaver Muff and stole sets 311. 4/11, 6 11 set �.,=. 27 ladies Crey electric Seal Muff and stole sets 49/8 for 21/ 42 ladies quiet in Rene and Brown Sealetta Seta Muff and stole. 12 9 for 6/11. ladies underclothing department. 50 dozen ladies heavy Creme and Pink flan Nelette nifjhtdretse., 2/11 and 3/11 for 1/11 i 25 Doren ladies heavy Creme Flannelette combinations. Torchon lace 1/11, 2/6. 2/11 12 dozen girls Creme Flannelette pyjamas 2/11, 3/11. For 1/11 ". " ,. 15 dozen infants Creme Corduroy smocked frocks. 2/11. 8 i1. For 1/11 _ " by 60 dozen ladies Grey Fleecy stockinette blur Mars 2/6. 2/11, for 1/6 " _ 75 Doren piles fancy Pink and Grey Flannelette petticoats. 2/11 and 3/11, for 1/11 60 dozen ladies Grey Fleecy stockinette Petti Coats 8/11. 4/11. Tor 2/6. ". 25 dozen ladies Fleecy lined bed sock a Tor a a Bess department. A Che with Tweed ?1 1 0 it a no reduced to 4/11 the Are. So in wide striped scotch Wincey. A.-rra1 Eood Quality that will Wah without shrink log and Ive almost Beierla Tine Wear usual Price 1.9, Sale Price 1 6 per Yard double Width Nam scotch Wincey Uttal Price 1/9 for 1.6, 1/11 for 1/8. 2/6 for 2,2. 2-11 for 20. 3/3 for 2,0, 3/9 for 3/3, Aud 4/3 for 3/9 tier a Ait Cream Radia double Width that Wash Well and Rod Wear usual Price l/4i for 1/2, 1/9 for l o. 1/11 for 1 8, 2/8 for 2/3, 2,9 for 2/6, 3 3 for 2/9. And 3.6 for 2/11 dress remnants order 4 cards Are half Price. Ladies gloves. Ladies suede finish gloves to the Elbow. In in a ck.-1 8 per pair ladies silk mittens above the Elbow in White and Mack us. Per pair ladies 2 Home kid gloves in Beaver Brown new. And Eren 2/6 per pair \ Tadite Merili kid cloves in Cream of Lille and Whit. 3/11 per Zirair ladies Elbow length suede gloves in Black 4/11 Oer Nair ladies Chevrette suede gloves 3-Button, with Broad Points in mole and Grey s 6 per pair. Silks and satins. All Lent is of 4t in. I k and Satin 2 Yards and under at exactly half Price see our silk windows. We Are making a special Effort to Citar out our evening Satin and silk Stock. On thursday we remark All our 40-in. Satin Rvin is and Day shades s in for 1/11 is the lowest Price All the higher qualities are1 reduced to a tit half Price. Blvd department. Is dec Ltd Btl gun s. Ladies Bostock Glace kid Derby shoes Patent and self Caps welted soles All sizes Price 18/9. For 12/9ladies Patent to Tot walking a hrs soles. Cuban heels All sizes usual Price 18/9, for 11/9 gent Bostock and Crockett 4 Jonev eng ish boots in Box calf and Glace kid usual prices 21. For 16 9. Final Clearing lines at the great lace goods Sale. Let no. L 100 Beautiful Black Chantilly lace veils. 1j to 2 Yards Long. These Are the real French veil and exquisite picked designs marked now 10. 12 6, 15/, and 17/6 each to dear them 4/11 each a Chance to get a Beautiful fashionable an Scrable veil Verv cheap lot 2. 10 Only real Irish lace sets coat Collar and cuffs nil band made. 23, set for 13/fi-Thi set. Ann better ones Large. Car collars and cuff to match 50/ set for id 6 the set lot no. 3. 6 Only All Sik hand embroidered Box Robe in Cream Jap. Silk Lovely embroidered bodice and skirt to match All unmade. �2 Irr 29/6 the frock lot no. 4. 20 Only Beautiful b ack lace and net tunjos., smart new styles Verv Good Quality Sio for 29 6 each and be Ter ones � ill .c4 10/ each for 30y6 each All in Cream or White lace it the ame Price lot no. 5. A table Ful of very Good Muslin r Lonn ctr. Vohr hire Ollil in marked up to 5 Ard 6/ Yard 27-in. Wide to or them ill Yara. � a. Jt5 trimming department. S Black frogs for l the tvs from sad. To 2/11 each White trimmings 1/. 1/6, 1/11, 2.3l und 3/a per Ard children s ribbon hair bands 1/ for Sid. 1/6 for i a. 1/11 for 1/ each i beaded Garn iture for dresses to go at greatly reduced protes. A Clearing it a lot of ladies handbags at half or Ces. A to Ece Ade and gents dressing Case reduced to halt Price. Coloured dress fringes 1/, 1/3, and 1/0, to go at old. Per Yard. Blick silk braid 2 in. Wide 9d. For 4m. Per j Ard. Coloured Guipre edgings 1/3 for of. Per Yard Oriental dress Tom Ming 3/11 and 4/6 for 1/11 per Vard. Flannelette. A pm cosy soft est ire Aro and White Flannelette for Lades and s Wear free from Dre easily made up 3/11. 4. A .5/11, 0/6, 7/6, 8/6, 9/6, 10/6, 11 6, 13/6 per dozen. Pretty striped Flannelette for boys. Youths and mens pyjama suits. Shirts nightshirts. Vc., be. Will Wash splendid la 3 11, 4/11. 3/6. 0/0, 7/6, 8/6, 9,0, 10,6, 11/6, 13/6 per dozen Cream Pink and sky wave cloth or pyrenees cloths Nice for jackets and children s Wear reduced to-1/ per Yoni dub la Width Cream honeycomb cloths for ladies and children s ear pole Price 1/2 per Yard Tenn s clot i for blouses dressing gowns dress ing jackets lie Sid. 71d., sed., 9�d., lord. Per Ard. Manchester department. Warm flannel. Australian made 1 / for did., 1/3 for 10,d., i i for 1/, 1/6 Tor 1/3, 1/u for i of our famous doctor flannel All Wool recommended 1/11 for 1/0. 2 2 for 1/11 Ard special line in Navy for bloomers 1/11 for 1/0, Ard 23 crash Cuth Loni. Filled Ropoc. 3/11 each Warra nestling for dressing gowns and jackets a/11 for 3, h. In color.--, 50 in. Wide Nellas in Plain and stripe., 2/6 Yari crimean sorting for shirts and pyjamas i a 10d., 1/6 for 1.3, 1/u Lor 1/6, 2/3 for i a 2/� for 2/3 Yard All Wool Blouse flannels stripes and Floral 1/h White Swan skin 8/6 for 5/11. 9/6 for 7/6. 10/0 for 8/6, 12 o for 10,6 dozen baby flannel Light and warm l/3,s 1/6, 1/11, 2/3 Vard Waterproof sheeting special for to Day �/3 Ana 2/11 Yard. Warm Blanket for single Beds 8/6, 10/6, 13 for double Beds. 14/�. 18/6, 20/, 22/6 25/6, 27,0 per pair. _ gents shirt and Mercery department. Gents coloured tunic shirts stiff cuffs Sale Price 1/11 to Clear .,., Grev herringbone shirts Collar and pocket lined. Backs Eale Prce 2/6. Tah our coloured stud knots clip and stud bows Lod. Each to Clear. Our entire Stock of gents collars consist inks of Over a thousand dozen Sale once 7/0 the dozen Shaperd Srery barg.ain6. Filo floss and Cable Silks Una sorted shades 1,9 fir of. Dozen a racial line of Wool endings in Black Tan and natural Large cards and skeins 1/ dozen the Empire Needle Case contains assorted sewing and darning Needles also Bodkin. Id. Each. Radio self contained polishing cloths 6 For3m Bookin Hose supports 5 a sew on ditto 6jd. Turquoise and Coral Bead neck lets i or so of cosh s Woven initials single or double letter so id. Do7en.a Job lot of initials. In Large sizes. Script and old English. 3 dozen for id. Ladin to umbrellas. 7/6 each ladies umbrellas Strong taffeta cover Ings. O Mir cd Designe. 9/6. 10,6, 11,6. 12,6. 13 6. Llyn 15/6 special Sale Price 7 8 each Sll each ladies umbrellas Good taffeta cover. Ings assorted designs usual Price o/6 a. With l8 in. Bonier. In one piece no join. 10 it. 6 in x 12 it. 55/ 12 it. X 12 it. 05/ 13 it. 6 in. X bedsteads design a shown including raised end. Cable Edge. Wire mattress Sale prices now Onorine As following new zealand Rimu. 3 it. Wide. 69/6 3 it. 6 in. Wide. 75/ 4 it. In. Wide so in solid Blackwood. S it wide. Of 3 it g in. Wide. S5/ 4 it. 6 in. Wide. 92/6 in a elected Oak. S it. Wide 92/6 3 it. C in. Wide. 97/6 4 it 6 in. Wide �5 5/. The above Stile prices Are not beaten in a str Ilja. The construction and finish Are absolutely first class. Our country clients need not hesitate about Ord Rinc. Prompt attention i in to All inquiries or Olirs recent per poet. Our magnificent display of tres. Dining suites. Bedroom suites Ard Furniere Larrr Fly no worked at special stocktaking Sale Prill is. A Sile print lift in connection with oin Bic general catalogue b a Fust been publish cd. Civins sets prices for a number of Lints la it rated in the Catal Cne. Anyone interested in Furni tur should have one of these list posted to and address free of request alone with a Cata Locue if Rea Uirt. James Marshall & Coy. Complete House furnishes. Drapery and a thing. Please note the special to the at foot of Thi advertisement. Something new each Day kmxu8 3wrk0 ? & Mai the store noted � for uniform Good values. The genuine Sale continues l i to Day. � everything reduced. Clearing lines for today ladies All Wool knitted Golf. Mits 4 and full length 5/ for 15/b/ a Foi 25/ Iso Yards japanese Kimono crepes Ltd. Yard for.6 do 12 commenced crash Cushion covers with materials to finish 15/6 each for. 8/11 46 Only ladies coloured Satin undershirts assorted colors 12,6 and 14/6 Tor. 6/11 200 Yards Cream casement cloth 50 in. Wide 2/11 Yard for. 1/11 10 dozen ladies Cream mufflers with dome fasteners 1/u for 1/ ladies evening Coats marked 75/ to 30/, special Clearing Price. 49/6 120 Yards Cream coating Serge 5/6 Yara for. 2/11 30 Doren ladies 2-dome Lisle loves in Navy Brown Green and pastel 2/3 Nair for. 1/6 ladies Queen Adelaide cob sets Quality a sizes 20 to 30, 15/6 for. 10/6 50 3 bed size White toilet quilts i 17/6 for. 10/6 i ladies Grey striped Tweed Coats and skirts 35/ for 19/6 150 Yards Cream and Black Jap. Crepe de Chene silk 3/6 Yard for. 2/6 15 dozen ladies Patent and fancy belts lord. Each for a. 260 Yards striped Blouse flan Nelette 8ad. Yard for. 4jd. Ladies untrimmed Felts 6/� to 1u/6, for. 3/11 380 Yards Bolton sheeting n Blue Brown Grey and Green 2/6 Yard for 1/9 120 ladies fitted handbags 1/11 for. 1/6 ladies corsets Warner s Quality 365, size 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 33, 35, 36, 17/� for 10/8 1,206 Yards Cambric embroidery 4/� dozen for. 3/0 300 Yerda Pink storm flan neleiti2, 8/6 dozen for. 4/11 ladies Black italian aprons 9d. For 6d., 1/6 for 1/, 1/11 for 1/6, 2/11 for. 2/3 20 Doren ladies ribbed Hose All Wool 2 pairs for 3/ 3 ladies Navy Cheviot Serge Coats and skirts Button up to neck 35/ for 25/, 42/ for. 35/ 50 double bed ize White Satin quilts 19/6 for. 12/6 bargains in trimmed Milli Nery 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 6/11, 8/11 290 Yards Black Reselda Clote 3/6 Yard for. 2/11 ladies evening frocks 9 Only s4/ to �5 5/ for 49/6, 4 Only 105/ for 63/, 1 each Only 39/6 for 25/59 6 for. I. 29/6 i 37 men s dark Tweed i . Overcoats j 50/, 52/6, j for 27/6. To is line will be supplied at Thi Price for to Day Only. Country customers will be supplied if order be sent by first Post after delivery of paper. Drapery and clothing. Foy & g1bs0ts Toter fair now open. Big bargains in All blankets blankets. Our own manufacture. At special fair prices. A Wool blankets largest double bed size 96 x 82 in., 27/6 pair 96 x 76 in. 25/ j bed size 84 x 70 in., 22/6 pair " the bargain of bargains. Largest double bed be White blankets 96 x 82 in., weigh 8 lb., lfl/6 pair our famous . Wanket noted for their warmth Wear and value. Largest double led size. 96 x 8� in., 22/6 pair 96 x 76-in., 19/6 pair f bed size 86 x 72 in., 17/9 pair 78 x 62 in., 13/6 pair. Single Ben size 72 x 54 in., 9/11 pair our Grey blankets noted for the genuine value. Sizer and dark Shade largest double bed size 96 x 82 in., 19/6 pair 96 x 76 in. 17/9 Nair ? bed size �6 x 72 iu., 16/9 pair. size78 x 62 in., 11/9 pair 72 x 54 in., 9/6 pair special line fringed travelling Rug a fancy Check and 6tripes"our own Manu facture 10/6 each. Big bargains to furs and Tom \ Trellas. A few of our specially reduced lines of fur in Sable russian White Stone mar ten Oroline with tills and shaped at the bask 60 in. Long usual Price 5/11, 6/11, 7/11, to dear at 2/6 each a big assortment of furs in american opossum with head and Tail shaped stole Ato shaped at the bark. 45 in. Long " usual Price 9/11 and 13/6, fair Price 4/11 each. Also in Salde Zumari b1a-�k, White shaped with Shoul of id Sticks or Needle Points mercerized covering Silver mounted Crook 2/9, 2/11. 3/6, 3/11, 4 6, 4/11. 5/0. Very Cood Jualita umbrella taffeta or Aventine co ering taped Border Crook of fancy handle Olid Stiel or Needle Points Silver mounted a splendid bar gain 6/6. 6/11, 7/6, 7/11, 8/6, 9/6, 10/6, 12/6, 19/6 each special bargains in boots and shoes. Ladies Glace kid Derby shoes Patent Cap stylish round Tow very penal machine seen. Fair Price 6/11. We Are show i a very special lot of Lade Tan and Black shoes in different Stolcs and shape a Ual Prie 10/f12/9, 13/9, All one a up Ial l air Price 7/11. Ladies Glace kid Button and lace Bott boots round toes no Cap neat shaped Heel very special 10/9. Men s Kangaroo Derby balmoral1, Stout 3 Deeker Eales leather lined Styli a too for Winter Wear welted 15/9 also in Stout Box calf waited 17/9. I men s overcoats. 100 Shower proof Tweed Chester Fields in brmvn8 and Greys fashionable tween by i a no prices 36/, fair Price 21/. Shower proof Cra Venette finish Tweed Che Terhell in dark Grey our own Mann Victore All sizes 25/. Shower proof Tweed Chesters double breasted smart patterns usual Price 50/, fair Price 35/. Men s rain proof Coate fashionable colors a roofed Woollen Cheek lining smart Eug so shapes prussian and step Collara 40/, 47/6, 60/, 67/6. Boys suits. All Wool Serge 3-garment suits in Grey Brown and Navy sizes to fit boys of 5 to 12 years usual prices 19/6 and 21/, fair prices All sizes lu/6. Special bargains in dress department. Special bargain table of double Width Winter dress goods comprising All Wool venetian cloth All Wool Foule Serge Amazon cloth Grey tweed3. Fanty Cream voiles and Marquisette sold Dur ing the season up to 2/11 per Yard Spe � Cial Lee for this week. 1/ per Yard. Spe Cial line of double Width dres Good a ranging in Width from 42 to 50 in., in Good heavy makes a big variety of colors to choose from these a Luce our very .Ett anal Jav dres goods sold in the Ordi nary Why at 3/6, 3/11, and 4/6 Yard our fair Price Only 1/6 per Yard 27-ii-. Bronsing. In Good dark j grounds with neat effective stripes a Fco lately fast washing colors suitable for present Vear. Sun i Rice of Thi line 7�d our special fair Price 4l.1 boys j Tweed Nob Folk it ? surfs. 12/9 for 9/11 while l h last. The. Above represents two Job lots just purchased and now on Sale in our boys fam Ishing division. Mothers with boys will a Well to Bornean immediately and select a suit or two from either of these group at these special prices. The values Are really excellent better in fact than a can remember Ever having Given before. They Are two worthy bargains that Mother should not by any Means pass by. Job bargain group l boys All Wool Jersey suits. Navy and Grey Dainty Little garments in a Flat fatter knit Button shoulders double Collar double ribbed cuffs knickers have shaped \ legs with double ribbed ends shaped double ribbed bands Well finished this i a three piece suit and consists of turban Cap knickers and Jersey size Grey l8 in., 20 in. Navy l8 in., 20 in., 22 in bargains at3/1� the suit. Navy and Grey Jersey suits Are very scarce and in great demand so. Thai it Wool be As Well for Yon to see this lot Early especially at this bargain Price. T Job bargain. Group 2. Boys smart pleated Norfolk suits neat Plain and fancy tweeds mid and Bear weights stylish dark and mid Greys fawns and Browns including imitation Harris Tweed effects. These Norfolk suits Are full and shapely Cut Good fitting garments Well made to detail strongly lined throughout coat with excellent Quality Black Verona 4 linings and knickers with Selicia coat has two pleats in front and one at the Back detachable Belt and two Patch pockets the Quality of the tweeds of which these suits Are made is Only to be found in garments sold of is in the Ordinary Way at 12/9, and Good value at that but at 911 Windl Street. And Eudell j

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