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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jul 20 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 20, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. My but bum Avam Rynta Awa Marpa in diet by mail font Bax wit the French coven. Adelaide to London via Marsef Fles Jan Linfa Albany Bey Belles Aden Suez and port Adelaide to Loncon in 88 Day. Jalaa Jim . Lauraa Slama. I.?Immi 1028 a. Pov Denot rues. Aug. 8 tar juju to o. Didier . Thurs. Bept. 1 of urea _ 4838 f. Fiaschi . Hon., oct. 8 to Roma 60�0 l. Bollard . Thurs nor. 8 a map i Icib Assandra booked to Bombay via Kubba Ohbok of Branch line from Aden. Obago booked through to Havre Genoa Antwerp Pon Kirk Hamburg Bordeaux and London. Rat bup m Itou h by Kimmit p. & o. S. N. Co. Under Boyal Man contract a Fol dispatch to a wows of Aden i Dro sir Malti Sibai Tab sad ply Mocta a most Tsvi can Mandy. \ leave oos Aifa r?b6b.tewart july ? Zaletta _ 1918 b. F. Btl some Bijj b. Ang. 8 Acadia h6s . Andrews Brijl Ang. 17 bomb 5646 a. B. Darnell Ane. 81 1748 b. Ashdown Seph. 14 fab Ramatta p7l b. Murray b. Sept. 88 it no .4919 0. Fraser Goa 18 Britannia _ 8267 j. Orman by. Oct. So Carthage tol3m Dehorne Inot. 9 Lii jul Llu Jurij Del Sun Hammi 1m talk jct . Oab fas ans. Bera concessions Mads it Ami is Dato the Slack Pas Winger season. Russ ass from England can is arranged Here. Att Nuu oud Saloon the Anam Emonts have been thess Madation offered log lllil3al?or pay Bank Host. . F6otowcbltadanporia do. Fht ogs to London in second Saloon _ to to �s7 a italian ports do. G.??from�66 to �116 astr Soelv a in Fol s pm. On the onday and Dayl Prioto Stante Rdv ?.apply to Bleb Smith it co., Edh cd agent. 81010 to to a Oceana. A special by Bain for passengers and visitors to arranged to leave Adelaide for sea and Largs ?so?.m.oiiwedne?Day. , Smith a 00, limited agents. 200-8 Orient line of Boyal mail a Teames. The following Boyal mail steamships Lotins to the Orient and Panfic companies will Veavea Selaida semaphore at 12 noon on toe dates Tor Plymouth and London via Suez canal Naples Sod Steamer. Tons. Commander. I Date Sobota t 6,067 Lavington july 87 oust 6,886 h. Darby. Aug. 10 Obitz _ &081 White. 8.n.8 aug. 84 Omiaga fh66 w. Waddilove . Sept. 7 Obruba _ 6 668 hay.bjj3. Sept. 81 a Btu 624 f. Intake oct 6 Orano _ 8,916 oct. 19 Ochaba 6.0j7 u. W. Oltre not a and fortnightly thereafter Saloon of Assong a bowed to break their journey. Anti of Abib need on Moat Liberal. Jiuu passage Money. Batoon �63, and �70. Thud and Steerage Atea Lacade being meal a tenses. To. Exon ski return Tso Keto at reduced feb. Prepaid passages from London. Special facilities Are now afforded for bringing out Trien Ossad relatives by the prepayment of passage a son co Fenohr Troh Avenue London to. Fall i Lull and on a Nch manner boo 28. Ore fell Stre to. -b4xord-Deutbohkb Lloyd. Leahra a. A i Beular monthly one of fast Pas i Amera to Southampton. and Bremen. A lung at Ooi Ambo Aden Suez port said Genoa ceo pm iii. With Man and bom port said to Brohl under Man of Toast with the Imperial German government. Steamers will Ditapat Hedaa Labows a Tamera. Tons corp madder. La. And. Bauer 8,08 g. Thumann Ang. U Braunschweig 8,079 a. Meier sep. 18 Bohen Zollers 8,092 Yon Coden oct. 12 bab6bubo 8,094 Schmouer nov. 9 a Branch due to Samoa and Steamer leaves Sydney on arrival of each a teamed for Teaa hands. Passage Money bom Adelaide to Bremen Tram �14 to �60. Great reactions on return Pas. Argea available for six nine or twelve months. Svery facility is offered for bringing oat friends by payment of passage mercy Here cab passengers Bay break to Roamey. To of Laeri my Tewart Coom Paiit with the flask am Mcnease. Iss Genik cargo booked through Tol London and principal Emolean Asiatic and Amensa Orts. Ras Migera a England an landed a Odt Hampton. In Futon pase Gen land and embark Larga a free the passage and a other parti Hojara apply to do scents. H. St Oboku it 00, Adelaide and port Adelaide. To Sosno to t a Hub line of steamers. A bask. Al a London via ports As required 4ass?3kw the a new Fah powered fast steamers an by appointed to leave tote port Adelaide wharf and a Orts As required As follows Oulgha. July 80. Bobbu Midgee. September 7. Woolloomoo Loo. To follow. Hoybook to follow Zoti passengers. . Dobi Adelaide to London a Viand Roahal. Shaw the fast Fob powered new Steamer ctr Goa of land s line. Captain pank Farst will u at patched m above about the 90th july. ass 1 too la Onslo Adelaide or port Adelaide. To at team to London via mar Zea Sura. A land Cape Horn and Camf new zealand Szaat by shipping Una of Boyal mail steamers. The magnificent steel steam at r Eai Kooba Ems ism a Fol leave Lyt Teton on August 4. To . Passenger booked Tor London Plymon i and Bio 9s?Ehe beads note Avo the extreme beat of ceo.? 001. Agena. A Jtj Erbsland Boyal mail a London via Brisbane posts Java Salav Arja and Buse St hrs. 1 mob. I us ats by _ 4,065 tuesday Augusta. Taka. 4,712 run essay. Anga Atso. Fabes from Adelaide to London Saloon Faigie. �68 Vav retain 10s available for is Evont. Uvea Gewing Lefao. Apply Bobio a. In per Hajj to l o s. Ceres will a sent Krs under Judis to a Tansbury every the Bedat a Hess and Bat Obday at 8 an. From Stane. A a salsas to Volt Vincent every tuesday at 8 a a. Err Estwald Streaky my big. To denial and fowleb3 Bays Amsso the Woll Ohall ready far cargo monday tails thursday 21st. 4 . 197-208 w. Toll och. Jon., agent. Port. A to o b p Oitt Augusta. Tyls a Capella Mem loading says Early. Apply b. Honey lion Timber Yards 198p fort and town. Pali Arp Bobba n. Sol a Kojl Fleet wino ? princes wharf port Adelaide Eric by sea jew wednesday at 6 pan in pipes of tuesday. Male b. Froker. Port. Ship Myrtle Bolme from an requested to pass entries at once. Bill soft in to Peri Enteon will not responsible for any debts contracted by the Crew without Bis written authority. 8014 town and port. Tit Iosia Dye works opposite York hotel. Fat hubs clothes Bleb hats and All mat meat Ole Abby or dyed on toe Boob debt pobbd3le hotk3e fast colors. Parmele code Otto and tend. 060a12m shipping. Tax Adelaide steamship Oom Panf limited. Wei disc Audi tote i steamships so under ? Tor Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping for All Queensland ports. Cd. Adelaide i sat i july 23 12.15 . 8.6. Bout australian i sit. J jots 301 2.15 pm. West aus Baijan service. For Albany and Fremantle Tran bad Fiss Fob Northern posts. i Thui Aday i july 21 i 10 . i tuesday july 26 1 4 pm. Cargo Only. South East service. Fob Kingston Kobe Beac Hobt. And Mao Donnell Bat. . Emu _ _ saturday july 23 6 . Western bats service. Fob Fob delusion St beat Venus Ard Fowler s bats. .Llbha saturday july s3 6 freight to Venus Bay must paid of shippers. Spencer s Gulf service. Fob foot Liro Oln Moota Wallaroo Abd fans Xii Habboba tuesday jul y26 bp4l. Cargo received till u . Ports Autrata Pribik. And vein. 8.8. Invest Gator _ saturday july 23 j 6 . Cargo received tin 1 . Day of Saluny. Johr Tab Knoll Secretary ate Carrie chamber Currie at Reefe Addalma. By Ine notices. P. A. Howell and co., 68, bundle Street Opp Oate messes. . Pianoforte 1 organs on the time payment system. Pianoforte from 30/ per month. Violins from 30/accordion from 10/6and the latest novelties in music received every month. Tuning repairs on talc dirt gab Dodo brass string bands Price and catalogues on application. 148uaibactl49o Rivau malls boots Ooka v urge or Small Quantity tee at lowest current fatal . Howard Smith it . Ltd Coal office Kurt Parade. Port Adelaide. Taa to anted x n o . The american Novelty shop. 66, King William Street. Adelaide. Tamper mouth organs 6d, is la 6d, and 2s very Superior 2s 6d clockwork Hioe lifelike is each cockatoo Calls is each musical boxes la 256d,3s 6d, and Fis Paide purse 4s wife proof paste knives new kind 3s 6d, 4s 6d, at d Patent safety razors a 6d and 10a Bazor paste puts an Edge on a razor that Cut a hair in two9d finest Pebble spectacles 4s cd repair Why by 12s and 16s else where. All the Winter games race game 6d to 2? 6d snap 9d tiddler mks is 6d dominoes and bound cornered playing cards is per pank Good nine Antom Stio pens three extra Ink tubes 12 nibs is6d letter locks. U 6d six Penny savings Banks All the rage6d fret saws so per dozen 2s 9d per Gross splendid Fretwork out fits from used to 9s 6d Drill and bits 9d american air Rifle kills up arrows cats &c., 7s 6d feat valve bound Elestio or bhang am 6d Karoo Guys any tune is magic pocket lamp 6s Complete boxes of conjuring tricks full instructions from la american folding pocket so shots is 6d and 2s. Every line of Best cutlery kept. French goods. American Cement mends everything. Is Mario Tinner mends tin iroc Copper of la per Bof Eue. All Art Folee posted go extra. L?2iwaawokl2ba or lessons pipe on Oom Plet a Wadnal instrument with pedals 17 tops. College of organists . Frays j. H. Fray. Organist and choirmaster a Peters Tenek Orean studio. 160. Bundle. Street full partly lareae tape out. Zalno violins cases bows and strings Complete out fit bom 268. Mandolins the latest English craze from . Zither harps piccolos flutes Pha unix Organ ettes banjos Iru iian Zephyr Cornet mutes co in great variety just opened. H. Fray. Iso bundle Street. 182inae now on View a Large shipment of James Dixon & sons and other celebrated makers Sterling Silver and Best electroplate afternoon Tea sets Len Odeon orovets. Butter plates. Claret jcg3. Biscuits jams am a most exquisite assortment of afternoon Teaspoons. A. L. Brunkhorst i the h. Inf finkk106, bundle Street. 16 Trio . Shilt the of Gawle place Behoved to Grenfell Street two door East of Simpson s. The whole of the valuable Stock of watch and clock fittings electrical goods Fretwork machines band and foot. Tools patterns and fancy goods watchmakers latte&?., at considerably below Cost prices. Most said giving up business. 1951w233 a auctioneers posters made a speciality at a Tbs advertiser general printing office. Send orders Tor posters with advertise meats. Boots and shoes. Ball season. A splendid assortment of ladies and gentlemen s evening and dress shoes just to hand and suited Tor the season. Ladies Satin shoes All Colon. From 5/6 per pair. Brandon s shoe warehouse is. Bundle Tekei. Tblbpbokino.4l4. Ls2da Waken past. Boots and shoes. Are How showing our autumn sad Winter goods which Are a Marvel of cheap sess which for Daraff Fityani Flea Plata of Anat a beaten. One trial will convince. Note the following a. Alert i ? _ _ s 6 ? leather Kusuo sides Bioko fronts. In " hailed or no Hera _ 4 6 hungarian Bush Boot _ _ .6 11 extra heavy Waters hts _ _ _ 8 9 " Batin calf Bate very neat _ _ _ 811 " Strong leather oxfords Danble soles. 1u carpet suppers All sizes _ _ _ 811 ladles Rideu Loades seam to toe _6u " vamps _ _ in " Levant lace shoes _ _ _ 4 u Levant a Norato ill n leather Balmoral Good value _4 11 � leather too Yards anew Nalls _ id Felt bedroom Shiner 3 it if " House boots z i i 111 leather elastic sides _ i z a 6 tout is Xong leather Toohers. _ 6 _ _. Cd rna Glestie Bate Hooka and Caps _ 111 Maldof aia Eal and 2 Levant Bab High leg .811 maids Atassi and 2 leather Bate a Hui _ 4 6 maids visas lands leather stockyards _ 811 Ofa Odrun Anotol Levant als _ us Totol levs Atela to ids i 4fl " 10 to 18 leather Bals High leg _ a 8 to i _. Is Uto 18 or Marian nailed _ _8 la 6to 9 Levant elastic sides or Bala _ 8u bios leather Bala extra High _ 21l to Fleatter stockyards _ _ 2 a " 4to6hh?Hoe?, .86 to 6 Levant strap shoes _ " 4 to 6grained a Tanons 1 9 infants l to 6 fancy strap shoes. In infanta11 to 4 fancy strap Noee .09 Aluta lto4kufilaatto&ide. .11 orders will receive prompt Atten Ruoai when Remi Tung Stamps should avoided if a Aoatua. Price list Post free on Appu option. Ote the address Waken past it Asplet bdhdle4sxbeex. Uawuw236xllb 238 shipping. Ree Howard Smith line. Wow service. Farther seduction of passenger fates. Fore Saloon. Return own. To Melbourne .�1 10 0 �2 10 0 co u 0 Sydney .800 100 Iso freight at lowest Bates. Wet Trout aran Driemen to Brisbane. For Melbourne Tai Sydney Brisbane Mab Borough Bookham Pooh Baer Abool i Hack at tuesday july 26. 12.16 town Billls . Yekai Juton . R o d o n d o. Air no tuesday a Gueft 2, 12.15 poet Douglas . Cooktown thursday iffy. Hob Santok Burketown Rob posts Fibre and Verhein. 8.8. Rodondo _ _ tuesday i july 26 g , Abc cheapest and most convenient route to broken Hill. Saloon. Begum. Fore Man. Tofu _ �1 0 0 1 u o Sou t from Smith and Cave s wharf Rore Cabin passengers applied wit Rood and bedding free. Roll particulars on Watt Patton to w. X Cave it 00., agents Oren Feo Streec Adelide us a noon us Fuji. Port Artri amp. General merchandise. T cobweb bomb it 00. Have on Sale on tie Elj spot or to arrive Bitont Guinnee bottled by Obrien the Dagger Brand Edmond s celebrated pig Brand. Whisky scotch Ball Antinet club Brand in bulk. Shelving Clear Pine Sernoe deals Ash Basswood Hickory Walnut . Flooring. Kerosene Crystal water White 160. Turpentine. Basin dark and Light grades. Platter Windsor Hula Diamond Brand. Oak Staves for wine casks. Champion s vinegar bulk and Case. Tobacco and cigarettes old judge Brand. Opus Choice Lavanna la Flor caustic soda Toper cent. Sod Ash. Fun Boafo of soda. Fek seat thing and boo no. Dynamite fuse detonators. Unseen on Baw and boiled. Keg Windsor Asbestos Cement for plastering Walls Ando Zuinga. Teas Tow to Hedbom Congo us sew season. Preserved meats All descriptions of Quee Daad heat Export company s Brand. Indents executed. 8161 c in ,Bohe,&oowaymonui-6hreet. Sale and to a Bivi. Wod Packe steel standards 1 Bluestone porn sacks Steri droppers strychnine beanbags wire strainers Glae Laline potato bags steel Kereine floor base Iron wire Oak Staves Ore age galvanized flooring i sewing twine barbed deals galvanized Iron wire betting shelving Flat Iran pig Iron american doot Black Sheet Iron hoop Iron plaster Sheet Lead English joke Sheet 2no Hematite paint Oatmeal axes Thuu soda of to. Dement Whiting indents of All classes of Hanu lactate executed a lowest terms in All parts of the world. Georoe wills it co., Cavendish Chambers Tousic Gre of Ell Street. Plants seeds. It w p a 8. Sib habit alkyl not abundant bearer Large peas delicious flavor. Large sealed packets is. A Hableb Triumph exquisite flavor Long Weum led pods. . Is. Duke of Albany Nyrl called for Prodo Etive. Seas and flavor. Sealed pint packets la. E. It. W. Hackett seeds men Norb Beymen. In bundle Street. Adelaide. T Aeok Stock seedling Olive plants Elj Fob . Staunton bidge Park Glen Osmond. 197-203 drapery and clothing. Hall & Savage s stocktaking Sale. All goods marked in Plain figures. quote a Fyk w of the reactions made Tweed dress std dozen a doomed to id Yard heavy striped Drees 6s lid dozen reduced to 28 us heavy Drees herringbone 6d dozen reduced to 4s lid i i Superior Melton 10 cd Yard reduced to 7jdamazon cloth is Yard reduced to 9jd Knicker Check dress is so Yard reduced to 6jd heavy Tweed Diess double Width la lid Yard reduced to Jud b by Tweed dress doable Width 3s 9d Yard reduced a Bevious Tweed double Width is lid reduced to la lid Yard Corduroy dress double Width 8s 6d for is lid 8s 6d for ss6d Navy and Black Serge double Width reduced to 2s very Choice unmade Robes a Beautiful dress with trimming 47s 6d, reduced to 27e 6d Dolored Cashmere double Width le3d&md, Rednold to9fd two marvellous lines Black Cashmere double Width. A 1, our unequalled so lid line reduced to 2s l a no. 8, oar unequalled 8s 6d line reduced to 2s 6d Black Broche Cashmere double Width 2s lid for is lid ladies Ulster 12s so reduced to 4s lid ladies Ulster 16s 9d, reduced to 7s lid ladies Ulster used reduced of tied ladies Ulster 26s of reduced to us 9d Giris and maids Ulster from lid to 9e6d. In Clear ing lots at is lid and 2s lid ladies cloth jackets 12s 6d, reduced to 4s lid children s Reefer jackets 4a us to lag fid All to Clear at is lid and 3a us chs diet Ulster sizes 27 to 38,8e6d. Ledu oed to 48 lid Hood Erie Ulster sizes a to 84, seed reduced to 3s us fur tippets 2s us for is us 4s 9d for 2s 6d indies Flannelette skirts is each ladies jerseys coloured se6d to is Dall to dear at la lid ladies Jersey?.blaok, 4s 6d to 7e6d. An to dear at 2b lid ladies jerseys Black and coloured 686d to 106 6d.au infants Wool hats 2s 9d for is 4s us for a 6d Infanta Wool Pesses is 6d for us Wool Clouds Dolored 4s 6d for 8a us 9s. 6d for is us Cor ets Clearing 6d pair nonet u6d for 9d, 8s us for la us children s trin med turbans Lead or is. 8s 6d for 2s 3d children s Felt Sailor hats 4s lid Tor 2s lid i children s ast Chan Caps is 3d for 3a us 1 children s Black and Navy Hose All sizes cd for 3d ladies Gauntlet gloves u d for 7 a la 9d for is 3d heavy Flannelette 8s us reduced to is lid dozen heavy flannel fee 9s fid reduced to 4s us dozen heavy Flannelette Floral patterns 9s us dozen reduced to 6jd Yard Flannelette shirting 5s lid dozen reduced to stud White Calico our Superior Wear proof 36-in. Wide is us ily reduced to 4s lid Brown Holland 4sd, reduced to 2jd Yard Cream Holland 6fd, reduced to 3jd Yard Brown . Towels 48 us Tor 3a us 6s us for 4a lid dozen Bro a Turk towels bad each reduced to 5jd Creyonne stud dozen reduced to is lid Strong Cotton shirting b d Yard reduced to 5s us dozen diaper is Yard reduced to 7jd hates Leeia 4jd, reduced to 3d Yard Bush bugs is lid reduced to is us men s Beaver moles Best Quality stud pair men s Tweed shirts 3s reduced to is lid men s Linen collars 2jd each men Justin Coats us 6d, reduced to 8s lid men s Oilskin Coata 17s 6d, reduced to 12a 0d men s Superior Tweed suits Lancy patterns 335, reduced to s4s9d men s Bliss Tweed suite 35j9d, reduced to 25a 9d boys Tweed trousers suit 6s lid tooth 1 Tweed suite 7s us boys Good heavy Tweed suits 17a 6d, reduced to 12? youth Good heavy Tweed suite 18e 63, reduced to iss fld boys Tweed Knicker suits 5s lid reduced to 3a Udall sizes men s soft Felt hats is 9d. Reduced to 2a 6d boys Caps 7jcl Tarn of Shanter 2ec3d or is 6d. Tailoring. Trousers to measure 21s to 265, reduced to 6d pair trousers to measure 27e 6d. Reduced to 6d pair a Large assortment of tweeds including Superior lot thales g Foj / Sac suit usual prices 84a and 90s. All goods marked in Plain figures. Hall Savage do apes it tailors 105, bundle Street Adelaide same aide and 8 doors est of Arcade. Go wait do a p s p b i n t in on the Eho test notice Andani Hoenl terms at the Job pal Relba Ornis. Drapery and clothing. Charles Birks & co s special notice to gentlemen. Are about to Sumit the balance of our very Superior Stock of water proof capes and coax at seduced prices As per following list. These goods Are new and in first data order and there exists no reason whatever Tor their a except the bulb which applies equally to All departments of our business and Winch is rigidly adhered to in All oases viz., that seasonable too do Musi not by carried Over from one season to see these excellent goods without delay. Inverness capes. 6 Only single texture tweeds 47/6 Tor Ogg 2 Only Black a rehmers _ 60/ Lor of i 4 Only do. Do. 67/6 for a in 6 Only Tweed Challenge 76/ for Ctol 1 Only Check Tweed. _ by for Kviz the colonial coat a 81eevejesa coat with deep Cape. 4cnljtted_ 63/ for Akl 6 Only Black Cashmere 75/ for in in 8 Only Check Tweed 90/ Hegel Only Dada _ _ 106/ Forso dozen 60 dozen Art Gimp for trimming bookshelves 6d dozen �00 dozen 12 in Wood Box hairpins 4jd dozen boxes 100 Gross coat and Vest battens composition is Gross 160 Gross Navy and Blade mending 4jd dozen 200 Gross Llama shirt braid is6dgross Loo Groese to l d dozen Holyoake s Needles 4�4 dozen packets 100 Gross Black Satin Bing Bonnet wire 1m piece oz. Packet pins 9d dozen no. 90 i of. White machine silk 3d reel safety pins sizes s and 3, is Gross. Bd3bon, lace and embroidery department. Pare silk ribbon for binding Masio so dozen 100 pieces Satin and faille 2 in. Ribbon grand value Sid Yard Worth 71d i Ocoya Rosgood embroidery is 3d per dozen 3,000 Yards very wide embroidery id Yard 2,000 Yards 4 in. Embroidery. 4jd Yard Ordinary Price 7jdyard 8,000 Yards of Pink and sky. By in. Embroidery so dyad buttonhole Edge Chiffon 4m Yard.statiokab7 and Fanon department. Commercial envelopes 4jd, 6d, 9d per 100 oort Efan Ped envelopes,,6d,9d, la per 100 grand line of notepaper 6 quires 6td Palokat Cedar Lead Penesh 4td dozen 80 dozen imitation inlaid work boxes with Tiara also double savings Bank with look and key 6jd Eash Bismarck Lampl is to 4jd dozen Hairbrush looking Glass Nan Brush savings Bank. Dressing comb and steel watch Chain to lot China candlestick 4ideach White and Gold candlesticks 6jd each Gia sugar Basin and butter dish to 4jd per pair Large Eize milk and Cream jogs 6 d each imitation outclass Ink bottles each Glass Jam dishes 4jd.6ja.bjdmch 4caaeaof quart fluted Glass water Jug 7jd 1,000 bottles of eau Cologne perfume 3d bottle Johnson s bread knives to each Johnson s butchers knives 6jd each leather pores Worth is for 6jd. outfit department. Co children s Wool Pelissey 4s 9d, 6s 9d, 9d 60 Camlaren b Tweed Over Oata to 6d each 60 dozen Zephyr bordered handler Omen is dozen German aprons 9d,, to so each. Hostet department. Women s Navy Plain Cashmere Hose 6m, my. To 3d pair women s stainless fast Black Hose Job Price 6jd 26 dozen girl Cashmere Hose spliced Knees Bize s and 8, 6jd pair about 800 dozen women s. Girls and maids finished and unfinished feet to Doz a pahs 160 dozen 3 to s children s Cotton sox finished. 9d per dozen pain. Glove dip abutment. 300 pain Light colors Dena Button kid gloves All b Zes to pair were is lid gent s a Button Light eld gloves 2a lid and is lid any size for to pair 4 Button Tan kid gloves to lid. 2a us. Is lid. 4a lid pair Black and coloured Cashmere gloves 6 do to pair 14-in. Tan taffeta gloves 6jd, bid is pair ladies driving gloves to pair Worth is so. Linen Catoo and cab Pei do part ment. Grey Silesia it lid is so is by 4a 0d dozen Oread Eon Sand Hocks Aal Calico is Lud dozen 80 Lalioo mud dozen twill Sheet inc. Doable Beds Eft my Nojd too a Yard Scarlet Turkey twill 9d, 8s lid Dor a heavy White flannel. 4id. 63d, 7jd, 9 Del d Yard striped Flannelette to lid is lid stud dozen Brown table damask 4jd, 6jd, 7w, 9u, to Yard �100 Worth of Art mantel tapestry bordering 3 cd 43d, 634,9, is Yard these Are desperate value Wool Creyonne Ball fringe sad Yard White blankets Large and heavy 8s us to 9d, 6s 9d, 9d,us9d,l2s9dpair. Men clothing department. Men s Tweed trousers. Stud 4s us 6s us pair men s Serge trousers 3i us of is 9d pair Hen s Tweed suite 9s iss 6d, 16s 6d, 19s 6d, overcoats overcoats for the million two splendid lines at 7s us is 6d. Hen s memo est department. 60 dozen men s Flannelette shirt to dear us each new leather cloth shirts at Saud men s Webb braces to cleared at 3d pair 160 dozen men Strong elastic braces 6d, 9d, is gents Derby breast and knot Sparta 61 each Blank Tom Thome tle%2d each i to Len a lot of Genta knot and breast scarfs so each. And hawkers. Storekeepers and the Trade through out served at special prices. Hunt Corry & co., 112,114,118,118. Bundle Street. Adelaide. 177m0 drapery and clothing. James Marshall co. Continuation of Winter Sale. Special lines for this Day. 7kn Yards All Wool naw French Cash jul Meek Serge did. Yard cd \ tarts All Wool but of Bench Cash of a Mere Serge 7id. Yard d. Each. Ladies 1 silk scarfs. A Liberty silk scarfs All 1 i each us Colon. A 200 Ray in a scarfs All 1/1 1 150 r ii silk fic Aars Aii 2/ j James Marshall co. Mason drapery and clothing a 4 Toth Tryl Martin Brothers Burlington House. Navy Blue Serges. Messes. Martin Bros have just received Mew and Large shipments of Navy Blue Serges at very Low prices. Navy Blue Serges. The pro Pridon Burlington Bouse invite an inspection of their new shipments new shipments new shipments of of of of of of Navy Blue Serges. Navy Blue Serges. Burlington House. 8080 j. T. Fit g a the Corner half yearly clearance Sale. Revised list. Bargains in All department go pieces striped dress Tweed 1/9 i or n fashionable tapes Massif iolent variety adv 87a6d,,8u6d,ail ice sub 6d, ass 89s 6d, All i 7jq 425, 468 to bos an 211 ladies Black russian cloaks. S7a6dfor 12 /6 ladies bulb term and cloaks Superior qualities. Newest shapes s2sd,4sa 47sd. 62a6d my 66a for for for 28/6 32/6 35/ velvet neck ribbons cd. Per Jaid. Ladies Cashmere gloves 6 d 1/ 1/3 a ladies Tan kid gloves 4 buttons 1/6 fit. Striped Flannelette. 1/11 2/6 3/6 pm roller towelling. Jed Jid per dozen. White blankets 2/11 3/11 5/6 Persia White blankets for double bed 14,9d,0r n9 heavy All Wool flannel 10j d i 1/3j coloured quilts 1/11 2/11 3/11 hemp carpets 3 3d 4 3d �0 in. Twill White sheeting la3illor a men s Tweed suit 3, i a 9d 19s 9d 35b 6 1 for for Tor 11/9 16/9 2/6 Hen s Tweed trousers. 6a 6d 8s lid for Tor 4/11 6/11 men s Tweed overcoats sizes 5, 6, 7. And 8, 14s9d 19s 9d for for 11/9 16/ mans coloured holes 2/11 3/11 Boot department. Ladies Strong Lauier and Levant Lake shoes 3a lid per pair ladies kid . Boots 5s lid 6s us 7s 64,8 a lid ladies str Oder leather Balmoral big leg. A d.fie6d,Ella tntantb1 strap shoes Dace 1 to 8,6 d infants Patent Balmoral sizes 2 to 6, la 9d pet Pai ladles Felt sote suppers is sir i children Eleather?,,7to9, 9a 9d,10 to 18,8s by. And maids land 2, 4b so men s and youths Plain Blu Hen 8s us said 09 j lid 1 men s leather Oxford shoes riveted lid for 4s lid 1 men s watertight Boota heavy nails 89 9d, 12s 6d, men calf Balmoral Fig 6d Lor via 9? men Patent leggings 4a 9d, is 6d men s Levant leggings 3a lid per pair the Corner bundle and Pulteney streets. R. C. Castle & compy Abe off Ebina to the Public scotch and English. Tweeds j cot in the fashion and made up by first class workmen at the following j reduced prices. Trousers sgt. For 18a 6d. Sac suit 90s. For 665. Sven no dress suits �6 103. Footballers Fol please notice that our last ship mental football clotting has arrived sons being of jerseys Hose Caps bashes and ribbons in All the club colors. R. C. Castle & compy. Tailors and Sbur taken 191waiewcxl91o 37, bundt Sheet. Waddington s first annual Winter cleaning Sale commencing monday june is. Large Stock of All Inda of knitted cloth ing Hose socks a. To Boole Abs to make loom for Bummer Stock. The whole of our goods Are marked is Plato figures and a discount of 10 per Oknox. Allowed on an purchases of 6s and upwards. This a genuine Sale of first class goods. And at prices which cannot beaten. Waddington abrade Adelaide not out rots Sale and for one month Okly. Los Kiwi drapery and clothing. Termination Winter Sale j. Miller Anderson and cos his dle a a beet. Ladies Waterproof cloak. The balance of one season s Stock of styka dad waterproofs to doled m follows 10eedandl2s6d been Cento Alti 18s hand 9s reduced to "7/ft 865.425.4f1s reduced to 47/ it Best silk Boobe waterproofs Kewest shapes and patterns original Price. 57a m arid 67s fld a at 97 Al each Job inv a special line of ladies dabs Subbit fur lined Black Ca Bhebe bub Jan cloaks 6? Tobe cleared at Jug a a. Fcb lived cloaks. Hew goods at immense reduction in Price. Regular Price 6gs and 67s 6d, to cleared at 39/6 stylish Boche and Camel hair do., 8 to 10 gun Eye each now reduced to �4 17/6 �5 17/6 final reductions mantles and capes prior to stocktaking. 8 Seal flush tapes 87e 6d, now for 4"7/g c Black and Seal a 669, now Tor Sqq i Only Blok and Gold. Mati Labbe and Plush last season s �5 10, now Lor q"7/ 1 Only Blok and Brown ao., trimming 85. Now to 3 1 Only Rich Black a Boob Elk Vasils. A drifted lining. Ostrich fatties trimming Las Evaeon 7 10b, now for a Al a 1 Only Black velvet oafs with Hood and rogue edging 6 guineas now for Qaqi 1 Only Beal Brown Plush and Beng Aline 89s, now Fargo 1 Only do. Do. Mantle with Brown Squirrel Tada �6 16b, now for 04/ 1 Only Black and Plush Hablig �810 a now for Fig i Only heavy Black cloth Mantle 70s, new Lor a Seal Plush jackets. Hoit shapes Only a Tew left 89/b 66/ for for 21/ 25/ a now Tor a coloured cloth jackets Short shapes 32/6, 87/6,47/6, to cleared at a " w fashionable Black jackets at sate 9/6,15/ 2l/, millinery apartment. A goods in tide department at Clearing pricks regardless of Cost. Wylli Huby bonnets from Fqy Foj Eaon stylish hats from of each Ball costumes. All Kew goods with Matt that. Fob bodice. 8 Cream Oregon 455, now at Sqq Jet 8 sky Buttercup and Pink do., Ess for q7/i? 1 Only White do., 67s 6d, now Tor ae4 s silk Sana Lemon Sunj Pink 6756 a now for a Fig 1 Only of am Surah 79b, now Al a 1 Only Haa Titian Surah and antique lace 84b, now 10157/6 1 Only Batter cup figured net on Satin foundation 7t0180w57/6 1 a y Buttercup stocks Satin �6 my sow St 97/6 save bal specialities in Eveh Iha of Sumes at Clearing prices. Opera cloaks in the fashionable three Quarter Ano Long shapes to dear at follows 7/6 72/6 79/ 95/ for for for Tot 47/6 59/ 69/ 75/ children s Ulster. Smuch 8s a 12a fld 17s 6d, now a off Dooe to Oll Paoti 87-Inch, 16s 6d, 188 6d, 238 6d, now cd a do Edo 9/0 each so is 86-Inch at similar Redd Otiss. Floral Garni Tures in sets Fob Everina costumes. A Large selection to is Arad at 2/9 3/11 4/11 5/118/9 10/6 12/6 above Are All new goods. Pobe Woollen sanitary undo clothing highly boo wended and excellent it Wear. The following Are a special Purchase and Are to cleared at about half Price. Ladies pub Woollen ban Izaby a hubs skirts in White and Kate Al regular Price 10s 9d, nowt orgy Ladiet pubs Woollen sanitary night dresses in White or nac aral color fall sizes 18 of Tor a Tyg above Are All in medium weight and Well made. Great bargains in ladies knitted Wool skirts 2/11 8/9 curtain department. Very special bargains in lace and Madras curtains. Most geared before the annual Stock taking. Dark Coffee lace Curtika beet Quality 4 Yards Long full Width 37ebd, Tor 12/9 tinsel led Madras Muslin curtains Solo a very Banda 87s 6d, Tor a 7/g tinsel Ltd striped Zohaib Costa sat quite new. 358 6d, for 25/6 hew Plush striped curtains fire Aux one 4c, 29j6d, Tor 24/6 fancy Madras cd Taina. Oriental colourings 39a so Toto a Large assortment of creak and White lace curtains to cleared at Omi and 7/ j pm a j. Miller Anderson and co., 30 4kd 22, has let so tweet 8008 a Laso Verr inst Anent Gna Steed lowest it Cash easy . Loli Iafa produce and provisions. O of b a d. Whol Salk and retail Bux Ohab. Hamlet hotels beat Manta and Shin a atom or . Eata to Una of 1,.e, the world 40 varieties Carea Oon Taidt 98 in cams 481b. A comb and Hamb . Thu Refl name Rona or Lea and Medala by to ton at sad. Over 1.000 Hama a Stock. Tiro cd open a Kef and bobs in 8,1. Sad 1 Laigast Stock by far the beat Manuta Otono Al Small Good All tha leading Assn Lent to. Oa3cebbrb to shows phonics and a Vulto pm by Atli Flo sided Fly nor teat Anil to to a made Dally packed Cue Tuhy to ensure first Hausa of Duflon on Ivey. Letter by mad tall or boat. ,9u j u.7,s l Baacl t ib., or to Kes also lard in bladders. Oil a ukr Roua took hand. Us i a pict Lota Hoij Taal and add Naa Aid let a in. Adelaide branches us wish i Tali Musil till Fiu a . ""-nn.,.-

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