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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jul 19 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 19, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? shipping. ? p. & o. Steam k \ v i g a o s o o m. T a k y. Fob London. Aden Marseilles. Cil Killar and , ii Liberty to Call to Brindisi. ? steamers. In. . I Mac. Brit aka li52i k. Ii. Syr our july 1kdia ? 17911 t. A Gigli u1uental 15 j. F. Jinson ? Victoria. Io2 e. Trou a Australia 16901 i. Pc Eves up ? Acadia i a a. C. Rosyln t Home ? Law 3. Ciric a. Himalaya i6s38 w. L. Broun ? of a passengers for Brindisi Tran ship at tort said. Notice to passe hers. In belial reductions to Johi a. Whole Cabins reserved. The accommodation in both first and second saloons is Massage from Europe a can be arranged Here Pali engers allow Vul to break their Jour icy Ai intermediate ports. Tourists tickets India China Japan so. Bound the world tickets issued. Passage rates. Ticket issued at Lon rat current Rales. Special return ticket to London �110 & ? band books. Time tables and All particulars a to passage Money &c., forwarded on application. Smith. & co., limited. Ascents. 8iwcewnn Abe a o . up Filiai. ? trains for a sex ticks and visit us Are amused to lavs Adelaide Lor the sea end of lands Bay jetty a 1us2 and 114s . On thub3day. The lust Launchi leaves lae Slit 150 a pectin with be ii Mac turn special from Lares Bay to Adelaide Elderk Smith t co. Usu ted. Asunti Orient line. The following steamships under mail contract will leave Adelaide Lares Bay in a on the undermentioned rites for 1 i 1iouth and London via Albany Colombo Tran shipping for Ali Indian port such canal Kan Les car Giuca. And Gibraltar ? of Luz 16,387 tonal. A. Veale. 27 Alj steal it ii4 Tolic to s. Syrguna Lauc. 10 Bombam 18291 Toos a. F. Ruthven i aug. 24 it Loco. 13,318 tons . J. Coad. . Sep. I and fortnightly thereafter. Twin screw. Baloon to Lonbon Sinele. �35 to �70. Return. �65 to �110. Third Dan �15 15/, �17 17/, and �16 is Saloon to Colombo single. �22 to �3u. Return �33 to �43. Westers Australia. Saloon �510/ to �7. Third. �4 10/. Passages from any port can tie prepaid Here. ? be turn tickets first Saloon Between bteecolos1al posts Are now available for return by p. And o. Steamers having room. Managers Green is co. And Ander son Anderson & co., Fenc Leurck avonae London . Fall particulars on application to 1l g. Andeks0n. Branch manager. Ilttre lira a ? 8. Grenel strict. Hui k s 18 a g e r i e 8 11aeitimes. Jill . Steamers of . Under postal contract eth to French government Cadir at Hel borne and Kluge Albany Colon to Suez and Post my. Trill a dispatched monthly a follows noon. I x in. I l Amado but Poy Denot aus 7 inc. To up. 12 Attr Tullen Vemon 8p. Sep. sep. 8 pa6schgebs hooked to Bombay. India China. Batavia and Japan. Passage Money. Is to �70, Jet Domig table Uvea. Re toe tilliets As re vote Baxes. Elk guru spoke3i on Board. For apply d Dalgety it co., lid Ade Uda Roba Fergus of s co., port Adelaide. ? trails . Coy. Be galah to a that line of it. Fast passenger St Eaues to tntm60uthampt0s. Antwerp. And 4hhhe Boeken. Calling to fkoiakt1e. Colombo Aden Suez port said Kaples and Genoa. Under mail contract Vita the imperil German Oover Amenu steamers will be dispatched Strollo i ? Cav pro tabs Bay at Nook. A ? i ice. A it is t Terr -�.o12 a we Hahn ? Auer. W Luik dub a 6,057 Bardeleben sept u ,.i 6 Braet oct. U Elk. ,djw6 Luitpold .71 es�8 h. Walter ? Sov. 85 passage Money from i �14 to a great reduction on return passages available for nine or twelve months. Every facility is offered Lor Bringier oat Friend by payment of passage Money Bare. Cabin passengers May break their Lom Ney. ? turd last for Southampton �14. Venn ape Dally arranged to suit All nations. All Meers and Stew a conversant vits the englisha Seuss. Pasa censers and cargo booked through to London and principal european. Asiatic an american ports. Passengers for England Are landed at Southampton. For it eight passage and All other Tarti Cululi apply to the agents r. Midecke & co. S2su�a2ssc Adelaide and port Adelaide Lund s Une steamers Sleat new fun Imp Rcd fait Etra mers Are appointed Ulea eth sport Adelaide wharf Natal Cape town. And London 21sss ,s7li�.abootisuiausust _ b07s tons about 2nd sept.? 6,078 tons to follow. Cwajk Aqa 4, e0t8tbn. To follow corp a Ern. I might to George wills & Icomala Adelaide. Pert i inf and ton Bra e. & a. &scompaky. Lihi teb. Poet Dae win Manila China and Japan. Next Sepa Tobb will be to . Menmuir leave Fig sygnet 2nd August. Of boo received and Fob added Pes . Pil Barra ailing bom port Adelaide 10th july to Sydney for Aan shipment to . Menmuir. Free of additional to ight. Amen Gas booked through to above ports apply Lor pud Culan. Gibbs height & co., agents,1s3-w0 68, Grenfell treet and fort Adelaide. A hippos it ka1shx in Manila Hon Kong and a tax via Sydney br1suaxe, and town Ille. Vrell leave a under ? i cum Mel name of Steamer j . I Bourne. I Sydney. Futami a tattle Hill Natl july 2ii i up. ? Yaw Ata Maru moms j aug. A i aut. 30 these steamers Hare most Superior Tion for passengers in All Cliss. And arc nuni with the must recent Emprow Simiu. Full panic Urb As to a Curt Russave from Ucil Karth ii Kachan t of. L bop., limited. Tirento. 51. Grenfell Street. I73naic a. Dort Wakefield shipping Cou. Vhf Fly i Pant. For Post Wakefield Jebel or Ankie h att. Saiu wednesday. 19th int. At s . A. & e. Lemessurier Pott Adelaide. ? 199-Sou i. Row a Ceres win be dispatched mask x asunder to Stansbury every us .Irr Day and saturday at 830? Tiroui siak Buky every monday Tea Vine 1030 Aja. And thursday leaving s to Post Tik cent every tuesday at �.30 from part i Kokx mar Werkl Bidav. ,. A fisc a. T ref Soubier. Secretary. A cd out East ports. Russ is to for Irra Kingston to Isa Nnathan . Lukl1m2mm Bear poet wednesday july 19. J. Grice t co. Adelaide and Kingston. To Moo Al e. Lilies Subiel port Adelaide. ? Plata. Seeds. ? e. & w. Hackett. Lucern seed Broad Leaf Mustard Mangold finest varieties jct to hand. Uso fruit Trees. A Tea. Maj does and wheat Doe sinc. 73, bundle Street Adelaide. Duke of Albany pea. Shis splendid pea is unequalled As a main Rcv Mekled variety 9 to 12 peas in each pod 3d. Pint also Blue Peter a Pic Jidi Early Dwarf pea. Willuam i1urst, yoek3h1u1j . And others 6d put. Lucenne tee seed i wheat Oast Barley fbu1c tests and i Baku re xxx. Is o 3c is co East Tad Markei East Terrace. Telephone 00t has j or a p life s printing executed on the shortest notice and on Liberal terms at the advertise Job pad mag office. ? soup pm. ? the Adelaide steamship company limited will is Pauli steamers hum love Adelaide As for Alii Asl 3iid Frei lastly. Tea Skull no Fob Perth ��Ali�t9 a and Alii of Xii a i x posts on through Bills of . N Oll Oliu i Iris by july in 3 . Tills at Nymry. For Fca ask fit and without . ? ?. La. I5 . Tallinn at sink aka and i a . If mar in l i inn ,.Irr for and Sydney for Queen Laeo posts. ? i or Ida j july in u . Fee Knelt s a Vav Sei vice. Foe Post i scold. Ilo Onta Wallae Tolj i \ Hay. Ami iia1i1hiu. Fekrat ? tic in july i . Ports Augusta. Term tax and i it i p. Nilli asst users and Carro. j saturday july 22 i 4 . Cargo roust be delivered Ulun of Side steamers two hours prior to advertised time on Day of sailing. Passengers tickets i Sud by this company arc Lutc Tchai Cable a Atli Etca cites of the aus1t. Co. Between All ports. For All information apply to the Adelaide steams co., Ltd. Currie it ret a Dalaidi and wharf port Adelaide. 02c . Co., to. The favorite passenger stea1ujis of above line Aill circumstances permitting be dispatched Freud Nils. 1 Perth whaler get Talton �.w. Ports .Al and sing Porr waro0nga, f1uday. Jojy2i Tran ship at Fremantle s1hnz7. J Hou Jelsa i sued \ Brisbane. I Oad Stu Olur Queensland ports. J Pil Barra wednesday jul yes. Cargo received Dady at Queen s wharf up to one Horn before failing. All tickets interchangeable after the first port truth the steamers of the Adelaide steamship com Pany limited. For fares and freights apply to b. W. Macdonald. Agent 15. Cirrio Street Adelaide. ? or Queen s wharf. Port. cite am to Kingston Robe and Fly asks j9 Beao poet the Reelar trader bin . Helen in Roix ?.-mi/y Bathur is Tunny. July 2i? passage Saloon. 25a. Ste race 153. For freight and Paisaje apply John Darling t . 13s-m3 ? Citti and port. Wjk a nearest route to the Walt Cena Goldfields. Site Early for Streaky a heat. And Smoky Bays. Freight and passage apply a. W. Sandford & co., City soon ? Prin eem wharf. Port. Baht it 3 \ role Holme from to to Ign lies Are requested t. Pass entries at once Bills of lau1m must be presented and freights paid at our port offices Luforte delivery. No claims Grill be acknowledged ulc a damage has i n i in out on Landing and ship will not lie for abstraction of spirits or other bonded Khz us a acc t from Paw Atres pointed out on in bad order 3n4 subsequently examined in the presence of the Cap Tain. All goods impeding discharge will lie landed and stored at fans Irnee s risk and expense. Captain w. Cobb will not lie for any debts contract no by tie Crew a it Lieut he a titter author ii. Clorel Hills k co. 1��city Aad pert. ? stopping. ? the howae25 Smith Lyste. Leave Howard Slutins wharf As follovt3 Pun Nittin Albany. I / Meu Bourne -. Aintney Kew caste Eli Shane Mayeo Booth Gladstone Ednaj Bleeg Kocham Pooh Macbay to Wen sown Vuja c a Evvs Douglas. Wallaroo Early. . Esa. Wedue6day, july Ift. At 4 . Cargo Only. . Era. Friday july a at 3 . Cargo Only. For Sydney and Queensland ports it cargo must be delivered alongside steamers not less than one hour before advertised time of sail ing. Pc turn tickets Are interchangeable Wii i the steamers of misses. Huddart pay k1�r, & co. And Ucile Laitu . And co. Gym. sons Piton Ifrat. Ltd. Is. Of Raj Wiliiam it ret. Adelaide. ? and North Parade. Port and Laid. Sjo Mctaw filth Mceacharn co. Propri Teaky. Limited. Will dispatch the following task Ngor steamers circumstances permitting Albany Cool Garbie. To Mantle f mos Day july 2. for Fhb-t3 aij3ton. And a . Posts on the Rooff till of lading. Sote. Return tickets Are interchangeable with messes. Howard Smith & sons and Ilu Daix. Par Ker a . W. K. Cave & co., arc fell Street Adelaide or j. Rat things & son. Port Adelaide. 2e Edda St Paserb & co. To Petetsky. Fiot in kill dispatch from port Adelaide circumstances Pannit tinier ports Only Nemesis monday july 24. Anglian monday. July 31st. Broush Bills of ludic to Perth. Without transhipment. Return tickets interchangeable Vith Hill wraith a Dearham it. Co. Proprietary limited Arad Howard Smith & sons i Oprie tary. Limited. A & j. Fowler. Limited. 60c Adelaide and port Adelaide. West Australia. Joint. Weekly service. For the convenience of shippers and passengers the undersigned have arranged to Bun the following stea11ebs at regular intervals . Coolgardie i monday july a. . Angun. I monday july u. A. i monday aug net 7. , monday August 14. And leg Clabby every to Dat thereafter. Lowest fares and freights. Beuten tickets Diter chargeable. Mcilwraith Meea cuban & co., pbopy., Ltd. Suddart Sabeer. & co., propy., Ltd. To to Ward Smith & sons1 proxy Ltd. 165c supposing. Only supposing mind you could save 3/ in every � you spend by purchasing your drapery clothing and boots and shoes at Chas. Moore and cos gouger Street it would mean an item in a year s buying would t it but knowing As we know and As most of our customers know that you can save 15 per cent., Why is it then that you do not Avail yourself of the advantages we offer. At the present moment we have a Busy stocktaking Sale in Active Progress and it will be an opportune time to Call 4 boxes Only Brown Blok and prune Corduroy velveteen usual value. 1/11 Yard for Aid Yard Stockla Ehud Sale 1,171 Yards Navy Green and Cardinal coating Serge Lontie Width usual value Loid Yard. Now old Yard. Every Shade in Lister s silk Plush 22 in. Wide usual value 2/11 Yard to go at a / 1 Aid Yard Chas. Iscoe so cos 1,77v Yards Grey and Pawn Wincey 2o-in. Wide usual value 6d Yard Clearing at for full dress of 1o Yards 963 Yards Cream willed Swan skin 23 in. Wide usual value 4 a Yard to be quilted at Voltl the doze i Yards Sto Stasing Sale 314 Yards a Wool flannel 28 in. Wide usual value lord Yard quitting at cd Yard t0-da. To Moe sow the balance of our fancy Flannelette blousing3, usual value 6d Yard to be cleared a i dozen and 38ext sat. 4,131 Yards Cream and Pink Flannelette. 27 in. Wide usual value 2/11 dozen to a sold at / 1 old dozen st00st Asi a Sals. 59 ladies Brown Navy and Grean Vicuna cloth capes High storm collars laced velvet 15/6 for seasonable Sqq Viz. 37 ladie3 heavy curl cloth capes in Black Only. Velvet storm Collar usual Price 12/6, now of 1 must be sold. 17 Only ladies Brown cloth jackets storm collars double breasted. Large Pearl Buitoni 13/6, now to a each stoc to stg Sale. 134 boys Brown Moleskin knickers lined throughout All sizes 3 to 11, usual Price 2,11 for j pair futher seductions. 24 ladies Navy and Black coat and skirt costumes usual value 32, 6d, to be cleared at j a i in All depart sets. 22 dozen Eoys Biack Plush varsity Caps All sizes up to 6, usual value3d, reduced to a each adj. Country of Oaks have gu3 cake . And Pec Bept attention. We trait f you to write to us for your requirements \ Anil tee feel sure you will write again and again As in i Wert instance ire Trif and give that satisfaction that will retain your Confidence and patronage. Chas. Moore & co., 70,72174,76, gouger St. Marshall s finish stocktaking August 12. To Day we draw your Atten Tion to numerous cheap lines we Are anxious to get rid of previous to our annual stocktaking which takes place on August 12. Tiff -�q�3ge-g3j a ? great lace Sale. Job lots. Job Wajts. 90 dozen pure Linen habit collars Wellins today at six collars for 1/. Job its. Job 1ots. 87 pieces wide oui Are dress trimming lace 9jn. Ride at lid Yard. Job lots. Jos lots. Iso pieces Beautiful Drees trimming lace in White Cream or Batter colors laces 6d. Tor ii Yard laces 7j-1 for 3d Yard lace. Sj1 for 4jd Yang Job . Job lots. 231 boxes it Keck frilling in cords beads pearls Fie a up Tom and 10�d Yard All to so out to Day at 3jd Yard. Melbourne bargains in our Maine fit showroom. 1,416 dozen pretty soft Feather mounts to go at so each is dozen Black Cream and Grey Ostrich tips for 3d each so dozen Black Sailor Hals to go at id each �30 dozen Slack Osprey Mounta 3d. To go a id eacb104 dozen Fretty Coque mounts jul to to at id each co dozen Black Stridi tips to go at 6d each 17 dozen to tuned Bond by Felu to go a 1/ each64 dozen handsome Feather mounts 2/11 for id each 138 dozen Black Osprey Uoung 1/, to go at 3d each 360 Black Osprey a Jour is 1/11, to go at id each 6s0 dozen Lovely artificial eat Hants to lie cleared Atod i and 1/11 each goo dozen Beautiful French Bosca in a colors 1/u. Fored Spray 36 dozen Black Ostrich lips to go at i each 3 dozen Long Black Ostrich feathers to go at 1/u, 125 dozen Black jumbo gems for 3d each 7� Doz a Flag Broo Tea logo at fid per dozen 10 dozen Black velvet shapes 5/11 Lor 1/11 each 116 dozen Black Straw rials to go at id each 75 dozen Black Sinaw Hau logo at 3d each 47 pretty trimmed bonnets to go a 6/11, 0/11, 7/11 119 style vhf trimmed hats in the show Case to go at 6/11, 11, 10a and /9 each 16 dozen girls Crevani and coloured Xam Caps suitor 1/11 each to hand to Day big weeks later than arranged Lor a Large Purchase of ladies Glack kill Bux Xun boots Peak Patent Caps also lice boots to int a or e do not want to take these goods into Stock vre have therefore decided to charge 2,/g per pair for these bean Tipul goods Ordinary Price 27/ii. The above Are direct oui Fhi Ladelphia. Chika. Lass sub & lamp Wak Jupa a of list. Sad each Glass Lemon squeezers Only 3id each Bufi each fancy Cut Glass decanters 5/e each a Large Stock of fancy vases 1/0, i 2/, a s/6, and 4/, All to Clear at 1/ each look Ibe wonder lamp in Kickel look 3/ with Shade and Burner Complete or 3/ 1/3 Only veg. Dishes bed band with corer 179 each Wicker splash Hilts or is/6 for j/6 each look tid per pair. Large adze Ultine it just Ora Only cd per pair Large size fancy flowerpots 5/9 for 2/11 each fancy shaving Lings 1/ each ,4or i a each. Such Estes department. Clearing oot the blankets. 100 pairs White Wool blankets 2/6 per pair 75 pairs White Wool blankets 3/s per pair �5 pairs new zealand and Tasmania Buu kiets. Single bed and lie he car tar Cize usual Price 275 per pair to Clear nou Job a. 17/ per pair Tukki i afr Lei aug. A 1 .1. Wool. 40 pairs full size blankets to Clear at 1316 per pair Oke at Silt of kbl�ache1 self tunes. So pieces a in. Twill usual value 1to Clear at sad per Yard so pieces 72in. Fine heavy Crewdson s sheeting with Centre beam usual value i of per Yard Tiou to Clear it 1/1 per Yard is pieces 72-. Crew sop s Sott unbleached Sheet in with Centre seam usual value Yard now to Cleu at 1/3 per Vaitl 10 pieced White two Yards wide sheeline. Sood Douce Warp Cottons Tio Clear at 1/u per Yard Elk aging our Tucau Coli. �0 pieces Crewdson s waiter Wei he sn., a dozen 10 pieces Fine Lon Colb Clearing at 211 dozen a pieces or july pfc Liui a Clearing at 3/11 dozen 100 pieces Job White Calico a Carpi at to dozen �5 pieces scoured Grey Calico Winter Snake ii Clear i at 4d, 5d, and id per Yard. Ladies Black cat Duvere gloves Fine make lined with milk 3/0 pair Black Casa Uherc gloves Fine make 1/ pair Button franc i kid Black studied i Rares Yery speciali/11 pair Bnuob Nede gloves. Tans and fan a 2/9 pair4-Liurtou White kid Pioves Black or Plain t arks from 2/9 pair Battod French and Brussels kid gloves in Fann teas Aad Browns 1vi1 pair Long Venius suede kid Grocea. Stove the Elbow in Cream Fink. A title and , 4/u pair blot Gaivs. Of do its a is tue bilk 2 hot. Liberty Silks All hade. I per Zartl Sahot bilks Una sorted Colon 1/ per Yard satins All shades Bright cow. 1 per Ard it a. Brocade Jap. Billit Liitt Cream quack and colors to be cleared at 1/0 or Yard add Fuents in Trancy velvets ran in in value from 4/11 ios 10 be cleared a 1/11 and per Yard oddments in coloured silk velvet usual Price 4/11. 5/11 per Yard to be sold at 1/ per Yard fancy shot Jouse silk full Range of Bhules pure silk our Sale Price 1/1 1 Yard striped washing to us for movies shirts or dresses reduced to 1/0 per Yard Marshall s new list fou town & country buyers. When ordering always state fully and plainly what you want and be sure to include prices sizes colors and so Forth then we can Tell just what you desire. Coloured dress materials. Exclusive fabrics. Bae gains in Ide dress department. 300 Yards coloured Cremons fill Wool and double widths in Heliotrope Oranee Pink and Maize for evening Wear a .Al Price 1/b Yard. Sale Price older Ard Coj Yards in Pink ski Cream Nile Heliotrope. Grey Coral Crepo iss a Wool double Width usual Price i of Yard furl of Ard 30u Yards Black velveteen Sale Price Lod per Yard Sou Yards Light coloured velveteen 1/ per Yard extra heavy Kavy scr a 4s in. Wide Sale Price 5/11 Uress length s00 Yards Navy Cheviot Serge All Wool double Width and warranted fast Dye reduced from 1/6 Yard to i in dross Lencki 1,000 Yards real French poplin French dyed and French finished double Width in All Colon usual Price 2/11 Yard for 2/4 Sou Yards coloured tweeds All Wool and wonderful value usual Price 4/6 Yard Tor ill per Sard goo yanks Reiane tweeds for coat and skirt Wear All Wool and everlasting Wear 2/6 for Sll Yard 300 Satin Amazon cloth finest Quality. �2 in. Wide usual Price 4/0 for 3, j per Yam umbrellas and parasols. The following lines will be sold this week a Spe Tusl Purchase of ladies levantine silk urn Trellas. With Sterling Silver mounts usual Price a of. Sale Price 5/ maids Strone school umbrellas to be cleared at 1/6 ladies Satin-3e-Chine umbrellas excellent Wear selected frames and handles 13/6 Lor 1q/ j ladies levantine silk umbrellas very special value at 4/1l 5/1 u c/6, 7/6. Sll. And 10/6 a . Of Sample fancy parasol a to dear As follows kto4/,u/?-r8/,w6 or5/ 32/6for j2/6j 85/ a l2jqf /6t- 5/ 1v6 for jry6j 15/6 for of a s7/b for Jaq ladies1 shot silk parasols. 6/6 for 3/yuor611 10/6for76 13/6 Anci 15/0 Tor Jug 17/6 and 21/ for Liq shipment at special prices. The club tempos eat Tex Liq each the Champion do. Do. A a each Ortr county a do. I a each the Wimbledon do. Do. Of in each the he Pekoe do. A j9 each perfect te5w1s balls covered with the Best Melton doth and under Seirn. The tiptoe Ian Al each the Champion j 13 each the Clave nov special a 1 each selected Jim. Cocoa Altti kits. To Eollo 364n., ism. Per Yard. Is45-in., 1/operyard. 10 mini/11 per Yard. Linoleum. 20 Rolls 6 it wide 3/11. 10 12 ii wide 3/11 per Square Yard. Flo Otic in the s. C it. Wide 1/11, 2/6. 2/11 per Yard. I of Vil 2. 3/8 each. Is Nnttie Holke. 64 cases linoleum and oilcloth in Ike latest patterns in carpet and tile designs All widths. Men s clothing department. Special Purchase of men s Paramatta Waterproof overcoats prices resin from 421 to is to be sold at 25/. S9/635/. 42. Special Purchase of riots twee Waterproof overcoats prices rangier from 25/ to 55/, to be eld my is a. In 25/, a 35/. 150 meal s Black andg3�y Waterproof by Chufi capes boys & y0uths cl0thin& coys Eccker overcoats tuned and serge3/11, boys fancy overcoats to fit Bays h Yean to 4, 27/tf, ?, Lajti 17/c, 12/0, 10/ reduced to Hall Price Bush il3s. -2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 6/6, 7/b,9/8. 10/6, Lig 1zj6. A Truo Linary value to reduce Bukk. A nos Ancy Tweed Sailor suits 3/11, 4/11 boy . Suits 4/11, 5/11, cell Lovs Uver coat 4/ i 5/11, 6/11 youths overcoats a ii for 7/11 boys trousers and vests sizes 8. 9, 10, ii 12/6, 10,0, boys Wibroe Armit Tweed suits sizes 3, 9, 10, ii Tail 1 i a. 12/j, 16/0. Boys Berlin Klou suits 5 Only Bize 12, 21/6 for ill i Cross aaa x a cd is jes s spectate value drawing room suites at Marshall s. Fenders tire Irons at Marshall s Sale. Over mantels Wall brackets whatnot greatly reduced at Perlmu mitosis 4 Mali is at Marshall s Sale. Kitchen dressers tables chairs ? special a bikes. At drapery and clothing. Martin Bros., mouse. Winter Sale. Fresh Ustorf bargains. Dresses dross sor2v-. In navys on a il-.-k3. We lilo a Uli rank if Elliis class Foj Rii. And Are now Oliver our it at to Willy Rcd. Privis. Rem a Rici is. Smrt Wool. in_ wide on i Lully of. Sale i of 1/ Vard coatings tits pure Wool warranted fast colors originally 1 u. A i Ricc 1/ Yard orig finally i Sale Price 1/3 Jard originally 2,0, Sale Price 1/u Yard a Sale mid Range of Kliot boucle fabrics Worth ill Sale Price by Yard Covert amazons and Correct in. Wide sold at 2, Yard Sale Price 11 i dress heartier fabrics splendid value originally 1/6, Sale Price Aid. Yard ,.coloured or Cecli or Lions evening shades a Wool. Sriri itally 1/11, sue a / j Ard 2 Pii Ces . Eau Dikil , originally 2c talc Price 1/ Vard Silks. Silks. Black brocaded Silks wort i 4/11, reduced to 2/u Vard Black mar Veilloux Silks Worth 2/11, Sale Price 1/u Jard and All other Silks equally reduced. Jackets a. Warm Wooleuer and divans gowns in Ali dark colors ii cd to tic Waist very spot us Lints at 411 and 7,11 cacti Alacli clot ii capes at 7,11, kill 10/0, 159, l.,6, is i. Up to a each Corduroy velveteen so dirt blouses Sale pecs a ii a Tew Only Black Hussian jackets in pure Wool Beaver Toth beautifully braided 39/, reduced Utah a Kloc i Usdan jackets in Black Serge cloth very comfortable and warm Oje Ducco to 12/6 each a be incr Lio Joi jackets is a very or Buss an Sale in Lacu venetian Moth will Lianfun a fur collars specially reduced Unis week from 4 pc to 23/ each o03tu4ies, a ,, Kaw and Black to and skirt costumes in Uhlry Easiod an a Lufler Field bibles to be offered at 25 for 13/c co tunic. The Faalii Snible coat and skirt costumes in the newest lyrics in Brown. Ugnit and dark Tawa. And Kavy cloth Sale Price 3i/0 costume .ii- him rom a i in so f?,0111 double Ekaete Wilb real Bear or Euars special tale i 25/ each Fawn jackets three Quarter Lens Ali double breasted usual Price a Sale Price i2 0 a blk Siik velvet blows. Lined Black silk and handsomely to Inicie with braid and Jet reduced rom Kili to 2 i rach Lames cloth Winter jackets in Black Only i .Al prices. 32i,and Swap Ialy reduced to 13/0 Adi ladies Black curl cloth Winter jackets usual Price 1u, to Dar at s/0 each millinery. Exceptional value in lady. S Ana girls Felt hats fancy shapes Lill reduced to 2/11 Cali 13/6 reduced to 1/11 each ladies coarse Straw cycling cats trimmed Nar Row corded ribbon bands reduced from 1/11 to 3d. Each a. Splendid line of housemaids washing Caps without ends Sale Price 4�d. Each children s a Cecli fit Flop hats usual Price 3/u, Sale Price 111 Cadi sequin and lace wings and crowns a splendid As a uncut usual prices a u and 2, to lie cleared at 3d. Each 31ack and Speek lid Sailor hats for girls usual Price a i fice Price so each ladies soft. French fell or cling ills reduced from 4 ii and i to 3i fac i underclothing. o\e11alls. The balance of our overalls to be sold Recard Irv to. A special line of overalls in fawns blues and greens Large Bailer collars trimmed Beaver Livial ii a. Vi. .Al no s. rach Lafaire Woulni Lenl , Wittl shaped bands 7/0, Sale Price 2/c each Ai vol h it a ii. . Slipped bands reduced from 12/6 to 6/6 each Lauhus per Cmys Ioil ride skins. All Fli Ajes. Shaped lands rth 3/11. .Al Prici 211 each Jorli it dirt a 1 m1krss1utk. With bodice originally Sll Sale Price 4/0 each mlii., Lii ii Lii i. N. stripes originally us Sale Price 1/11 each ladies Kintli cd clips Lix Ickles Well Cut Prie .-,1, Aie Price i j pair Lailius Pierpo cycling , Navy and Black Liutas 11 n. s 31 i a splendid line of ladies corsets Worth 2/11, reduced to 1/0 pair special reductions in flannels. A Wool Saxony Welsh flannel 24 indies lid a cult i to Yard to inc Lic a 1. Reduced to to d Yard. I7-.his i/1. Uruu tvs to Lam. Yard is inches 13, reduced to 1/ Yard 52 inches , reduced to 1,11 Vard h inhers 1 a Itoi urd in i/j1. Elrd heavy Imit Al a i Kiinni. Suitable for gentlemen s Wear special widths t3 Jelits a -. Oij in \., i Ijulia is Ducco to 1 i Yard All-Wjrno Rural a Lennels. S7 inc is 1rcdu-.Vi to 1, 25 ii in. 11 Illo t. Vard in Nelies 1 Rcd ird to i a Jaid in.-. F 1 i. Rluc. 1. 1 Var b2 int pics ill Vanl to i Ivd ti 17vari Jii blur ill Wij,. \0jll. I so hcs 1rdu rl -. 1 i Yang i hcs ?. Rciu.-.-Ila Vard ill-v.-,-i tick Dkl. flannels a indies i lid. R i Khz to us Var 2i- in is in. he lard 27 in-4is 1 .1 i. to 1/ Yrd 2 Inch 1,1, ii a cd to 1/1 Yard m finlus a i. Sci Ivd to Yard i inti ies 1/ j. Rxiued to i of Yard s2 incl ifs i rilu.-� to 1,7/ Yard 33 Init hot 2i .Incil Yird ribbons a Satin draw is Blun in every Tolor Scira in 1 i. I. .rc a Din Yards Oisiruiiy i f., Wjk a a s a Zin a Ards . I i. 1/rt Iun Var. cell Feln Al i a ? Latcd Chiffon Reu Euvle Ivry . 211. Rel Oil to 13 Yard Iuch a. In Fujiu Kulil cd in a ii e i us and Vii. A n. ,.--,-d ,., i a Vard 4h ii Cli Flonory Ilu Liv i a on v 2m Var ? a lire --.-irs, 1/3. In Judd to i Yard ui.-. Or r i is Trinin a Iucci from t o a. 111 Ji.Vi--. Martin Bros. Euelhtet017 House ? 193c dressmaking. Our dress Maldon is the clip pest or its kind in South. Australia. In Beauin efforts have been de to secure a first class dressmaker and we Are in a position to say our miss t a Gusson is the Best in the Trade. Ceasi wt/jfcj3lvi a cso., 11kapebs, ail Seks i dress Maytlis. Bonanza. Honse semaphore. 1m-2u sh1erlaws stocktaking Sale. Boys St youths clothing. Dob new and Well selected Stock at enormous . Hio tests suns i a in. It a who Serge Karlob 4/c, 5/, 6/u, 7 Reefer jackets 5/0, c/3, Bli Seege knickers. 1/6, 2g. 3/j, s/3. All or him Esse Stock. Be i red to Ciliak. Send for our illustrated i it. Post free. Large Stock of fits & Caps is latest shapes at Sale prices. I 16 and is hex Ley St. I a Csc drapery and clot facing. The federation or Australia and do v,.ii alis1 Uzial i mean ii Adelaide and Meixiu True iradrs in on we get it the Phil limit any Canter ail Opal i a vac of tie Ijar Cost Iitiijoiiisi is. Vhn Are to i om7y fright old at the prospects of new Gide it of th1vgs. -Vlin tie heavy duly now imposed in so1th Arstsai. in. Vuk Kuia on ail Mai Imp ohm kits will lie a Nisi Kodl ced co is Jii Tilv if stocks of the car Hulti Are carried Over Hkavc Io is must wlm rather Tolian Lake ill risk this firm have Wilu at a Sacri fice Lor i Dompol Casu to Wilson brige and company 250 ladies Winter capes a .vx5i, fa1vxs, a avs am lacks. The whole of ilk.Irr Mainier Stork of this list Ful Bartni is for ladies Uver identically the same a iia lilies have Owen easily sold this season at 15 a each. I son Ricc i co. Can now give 7 11 each garment. To is is the a kicks bargain pro curable in inns or any Nilica t Ity. In times Don t miss tills i ass Fotek Lomei Iauco Kauai. 196 ladies Check Mackin tosses with full Cape and velvet Collar originally sold at 10/6 in can now Gire them 4 11 the Complete Gahm ext. Pay. Fair Reaues. What Al out your Kew frock and who will pet your order if you have not already Litrun Iamb Wilson 6rige, & go. Tupi we you commence at once to Day if Possilic Bee Audi we fell pretty dresses Coli Quality and cheap. Among the Many Good things we have for you Ibe follow Are Worth immediate attn a. Lot of for braided Bobes originally 37 0 each now at 1u,11 another handsomely braided Bobes in these qua Ilire Safi 45and 47/6, now for 22i Aad 25/ each Hob the u Hou Stock of Black dress goods valued at .�50tan immense assortment All reduced in Price stains at 1/, 1/8, 1/6, it . 2 6, and a on up to �3 3/ the dress length some Beautiful Quality ladies Plak cloths. 47 in. Wide reduced to to Colic Ard Here is a bargain for you 12 pieces of Plain and fancy Cream dress mate Bials double Width and All Wool originally 2- to and 2 11 the Yard As they arc slightly iop. Soiled you May have them or 1/6 the Yard under English Cost Price. 21 pieces of All Wool French popups full double Width originally 2/11 and 3/6 per Yard now reduced to 1/11 and 2/6 per Yard. We cannot again repeat these same qualities at thie Price. These prices Bill Hake Trade Pemba West. The nest line of the list buckles galore. Bukics Are one of the a incest Sellers in the Jewell cry line to Lay. Ladies Des Ruut to make Irir own Kielts using1 the same buckle to various coloured ribbons our assortment of Hose goods is very Large containing All the latest rates isms at prices the most reasonable. Notch ice of Ever description from tie tiny ornamental Bucie for trimming purposes up to the largest buckle for Colu Are Selling Well be have to firm All kinds. Steel Ress-slides, at 3d, 6d, if 1/ij, i a and 1/u Earli. It do., do., at in. Id. M. Jow. And 3 Sach fancy it an Nickel no Ckles,.Al fiid. Ofiu. 1. I 1/9, 2a ii. And 3/0 Rai ax1 bkits. The. Assortment is i Meuse Black Sec juin belts at 2/3, 2/0, 2/11, and 3 orach do beaded do., at 1/11, 2/0, 2/11, and 3, do. Elastic do., at 1/0, 1/9, ill 2/c, and 2 ii each do. Velvet do., at 1/3, 1/11, 2/3, and 2/6 each Fob Best goods and latest styles always at Wilson Brioe a opposite the Arcade in but Idle St 196c Witer Sale. Axxel Stockt Akl a. Durin the no a lira i eks we shall offer the balance of Winter Stock a . Liui Iury it Luriiii a to As to effect a Complete clearance in a Linb Lii a iahies Niack kits from 7 i each Iauiius Hiaf k .Al is from Ling Caell ladies \Eivkt mantles from 2s/6 ladies velvet capes from 29/0 ladies Mattaiassk mantles from 2v \l�.vma1taiasse capes from s5 Ladi Coats an i skirts, from 290 lad i s Siil to. My from 10/6 ladies . Al cd a King prot i the Lulam a .1 Inteli i Deri kits further ii ii i in 11. 4 to. 5 7 i 1ievvy St i Kini Litti boats. 3/fl for 1,11 v i Lancelette mokv1nm Cowns. Pcs. A u. V2 i a trial Miuiioiis in Tea gowns All Choice Renai to Lra Olenis and floor cloths. Pm i vlalit1es. 1 lr.= ? it. In. I 12 ft., for 23/ 1 Lnirsh a ii. It. S in., for 23 c 1 Ornith . I in. X 12 ft., for 15 g ?2 Iwihs 1 i Owr 15 x 12 tt., pm qua Liiv. For 70/ j in-.h x r. Ft., Hen dual ii for 4 / Nih Rio Rhollie 1 x u to. For 23/ 1 length Fljin-�., b it. 13 ft., for 47/6 i pieces Yard Wilt pah Sape Clollis at 1,3, to in. Lar1 at Lar. Remnants floor Cix this an linoleum. Short Lei norths f a loner its in at very Low j. Miller Anderson go. Winter Sale. 19be general merchandise. A Sale As d to a Kive a Loop Iron pig Iron Slu it ziu2 sailsc3 strychnine Sara sized Iron Cement Semper Dolce Issaic fending wire barbed wire Kettin steel droppers Iron of Naff. Posts superphosphate Cave guano Edwinc twines Woolpack of elect Ore Bagi Bra baes con Acks Castor Oil unseen of Hematite Paia Lillian Shine engine line Canary seed rolled Oats wills & o0. Getting Rici is easy enough if you begin rightly. Save some portion of your wages weekly and but your drapery at the coliseum. This Esi Essres at our great stamp Sau 246 pairs ladies Black Cashmere a gloves a Sui i Vul. To be cleared at and Hebeur impairs Childre s fabric cloves Umal Price 1/, lobe Deanda Flo Lebbus ? the balance of our ladies Black Sailor straws. Icko Deax 1,900 Yards 46 Inch heavy dress series, 1 ? usual Price s/6 to flu ? ? these Cioths have beak throws opt of pub. Com mag and will by sols to in at be Xuoi. 163 Yards 48-Inch faced costume cloths. Purple Only toe leading Shade Tutu prices Jan to be cleared it to tube a the balance of our to 46-in. Coloured costume cloths. Dial Price. 1/5 to Jig to be cleared at o a the Obb i 12 Only ladies Fawn cloth capes. 5 Ignal Price 211. To be Eom today t in of t 15 Only ladies Black cloth capes 1 5 Datul Price so Deal in Poi Jjlia 21 ladies Black velvet capes3 dual Price 35/, to in cleared at in feb Eua i,50d Yards Black and White Flannelette. � usual prices i to be cleared at 4/ ibb a heft590 Yards heavy Cream do Hettes. A Donal Price old to Bedeared to n 3hb Tysom bargain fever 1 among the blankets. These Are the symptoms. 49 pairs Large sized White blankets 1 t to be Eland at a of but 52 pairs extra Quality Large size White blankets Osmul Price 1v6, to out Euk a 43 pairs White blankets. ? marked from 25/tom/, to be dared at Onci Wui pm grease most be used in the working of wools and itt troublesome to get it a out. If the grease stays in Hie Flats gathers. We know just How perfectly this cleaning and was Fafnir of the wools is done in the Mills we gather blankets fens. We know that purer cleaner better blankets Are not those we offer you to Day. ? a Here s the Climax 1 of crowding big values info Little prices. 36 Only men s dark Tweed Over ats tip Browns Greys v�wat�4axaaui�num. -4 54 Only youths dark Tweed overcoats i Browns and revs Imti t 50 a ��.�?� Cie Edt ? � Ems the balance of our v gents silk scarfs Totca. Figure it out for yourself it is not Ali Adymt earn it is what you save that makes Yon Rich. A the Cott Semul 16 & 18. Rundle Street. I drapery and clothing. Remnant week Birks Sale. A phial attention is iliac Ruml to or Sale of remix arts and oddments. And far As possible a clearance is made of All Short Leng Llis in every Deji Art ment a Fon Stoekl Aldno and tile icons arc marked at sue i prices that there is it ally no Choice incl to Imp if you love any use whatever for Llie a material. To arc assured in the testimony of our patrons As Ivell As Liy our Ovin Olison Alion trial to Chi he is Sulci a Complete car of season s Ock of felled at the close Charles Birks & cos 49, 4s, 50, 52, 51. Rundle Stra i. great bargains . Business & Plant Fob Sale. C. Waddington los to thank Hia name Road customers for ref Liberal patronage Sod Bega to say hat he has made arrangements far continuing Hia Sale for a Short time longer. A discount of 20 per cent allowed off a cosh purchases. A goods marked in Plain figures. A special Mke of cots a kicked Hose to g. Waddington smut by cloth inc 1, 3, and 5, Arcade Adelaide. � 1h-2m drapery and clothing. 1 Foale so ? up Cui Bah Kasz \ x this so Ninfi to Clear a the Bem Nanta the lated during the week. Great bargains. Coupons Civen with every 6dancot come Early we close at 1 to a 14, 16k Bbown a Tenet. 132. 132a. Gouge to. Hie i boots and Shoeswitk larva go Toffi a. The Federal Boot Compaq arc cow shown lip Bush blvd checks c especially for these Fidda. Price 6/6. Of Iafrat 1 rough stale of Che country of Frinc but now a i boots arc of any use and they Are to be obtained ram the Federal Boot oompa1t, ill Ecksl Street. Adelaide or thro Oett pm � branches and Egenes Turoa Bont the comr. I 1iinees will please note that we Supply a Mesa name Blacken to the ka1aoobue ten Reg Al throng i our we Fri Aast Ndiaga Branch. Inc boots & shoes 1 ladies Clace Button boots pm. Jui i a 1-� i Hajj its Clave balmoua1s ram 6 u or Nassr Lauier Glacki Surron shoes from Tyll Pafait ? Brandon s j cont ranch and livery Hecea j Lete Twne a Deuire. Iso port Flo Etalon. A m h. Graves & Ca j Bai Wiy Aad general Warrien Oom Toat out m end on arding agents to All part of to als i Ralian colonies. I goods Csc tired Tor Storace. ?. Fim furniture Caref Coly Semmy. _ale Epe Cul seation Given to the Job Croaa Jtb a steers Uig Gap for a moment or is Sec &3m Uanno nude nmn Remenyi with the6te�ssl, companies oar men Board a it Saiben a Tisell u lairs Bay or Pont wjm. Fig the aka aaa Sybi Jsifjltlsn,. To Bead office 8r. Cd bin so sex. Sea of weak Sho sep the Wrast Points in cheap Grade Tyre. Lut Only no to ?.tnpharire the Miny Telix Fjultiflex the Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co. United 53, of Bakulin Street Adelaide cob1fort in Todd song is assured to All Cedis the who Hart multiplex kilted to their cycles. Roadster tyres guaranteed for j2mts i is the Dunlop pneumatic ttbeco., Ltd., s9. Lankus treet Adelaide at Melbourne Sydney. Perth. Nee. And Brisbane

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