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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 16, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia the Best pm Burke s in it it guaranteed Gem Uwe whiskey shipping. 03�aktle. India China. Ard Bubo. First and second saloons Only. I teamed Tom. I Cona Snder. E. By Condon july 17 . July is aug. 14 c. D. Bennett. . Aug. A. Thompson sept " b. L. Haddock. set. � . \ndrewi.. Oct 9 . Oct. 23 Lear. Aad fortnightly thereafter. Tor Welbourne am Sydney. Mongolia. Of inc on a the july. A Steamer Are fitted with wireless Tele Graphy and Are twin Crew. Bet and second Saloon paita ranted to Europe India China Arad Western Australia a special and found the world excursions a to aged Ala through re to be York. Pas taxes Arra need from any port. Special Holiday Cetera tickets to Colomba for information a handbook apply to bluer. Smith. & co. Limited. Gasenta. I shoo 306o f. & 0. Branch service to Durban Cape town and London. One class Only. _ wireless Beltane. 11,121 ton bul 4 rat. tons Wilcannia. 5.000 tons Commonwealth 6.61 x tons bout july so about aug. 29 about sept 23. About oct. 12. Taking care for Hull without transhipment. Splendid accommodation ladds Booie smoking Boom ice surgeons and stewardesses carried. V , �13. �18, �20. South africa.-�. 16. And 17 guineas. Bound London by p. & o. Branch service Steamer bet Bino via Suez canal by p. & o. Mail Steamer bom �49 19/. Ordinary return ticket Are interchangeable with the Aben ten line. I pamphlets and All particulars on application. Georoe wills co., limited agents so Otic 33, Grenfell Street Adelaide. Orient line. Of Royal mail steamers. " for Plymouth and Naples and Toulon Calline at Fremantle Colombo Tran shipping to �11 Indian poets we Suez canal . Tona. I commander. 1 . .osterleti12.1�9 /w.t.cox,. J july 25 orama.,. It 3 a. J. Aizic 1 Ophir. I6v814i aug. 22 Orsovai 12.038 j. F. Healey. set. 5., ?orovte9 9.023 writs for Djoa rated car Enlar giving full pay. Aco Lara h liar toothed information reply m. O. Anderson agent. 6, King William Street. Adelaida. Mess Geries maritime. a in Nob a 2 a. 80 mein., Ladett a aug 5 sept 2 Ricer t Adelaide to London via Colombo \ Bombay and Paris. ? i a Jaan or mar includes table wines. English spoken on Board. Farther particular apply Tow Sec Dalgety pc co. Ltd. T Tkv d l. A Kierul German mail steamers. To London and continent. Ira Fremantle Colombo. Suez. Naples Genoa. Algiers. Southampton. Ant Werp. Bremen. Means or. Kui3t. Seyl Litt. Boon. Bieten. Cseri Knau. Chak Houst Konigin Luise Tom. I commander. I leered. 8,909 s.008 8.183 8.0c8 s.081 8888 10.785 l. Mias f. Hagenmayer g. Wittstein w. Ran Senden t. Stohberg h. Textor c. Meimers july a. 12 sept. � ort.7 nor. 4 dec t dec. 30. All twin screw. A Steamer fitted with wireless laundry on Board. Departure hour. 1 from outer Harbor. Special train from Adelaide to 12 noon. Reduced Cabin fares.-1st class Turle. �71 in. Return. �107 by 2nd class suede i4u0 return. �s0 third class from �15. la Allday return ticket issued inter danceable with All mail lines. Inter state first and second Saloon a coma St Kate Interr danceable Nith All mail steamers. U. Muecke it co Adelaide and port. Vacenta. 276cx2i8a Blue funnel Une. For London and Liverpool via the Cape. Ilk Steamer of the bore line Aro some of the Tuest und Faltot pass cancer and Careo boats afloat Canto staune will Leare port Adelaide .telam0�. 4.s09tona h about july 29. 1450 tons about plug. 0 for Liverpool and Glasgow. For Pawn str steamers see special advertise Easi Antemate a a. Tor reicht nil particulars apply t George wills \ co. Alvut cd scents Soo Isaic s3. Grenier Street. Adelaide. Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Imperial japanese mail line. Asila. China and Japan via Brisbane Townsville and thursday Island. Steamer. I tout. I com. Melb. Sydney Kumano Maro i 4,000 i Winckler july 30 aug. 6 lab Maro i 8.000 i Tonu Anga i aug 27 i sen. 3 and every four weeks thereafter. Fastest and most luxurious steamers a the Trade. Special through booking to All Paru of the East. America and Europe. All particular from Mcilwraith Mceacharn. Cd i . Limited. Agents. Adelaide. _x_27uaio australian Oriental line g. 8. Yuill & co., Ltd Wantla China and Japan Ria Zamboanga Darwin. Thursday Island and Queensland ports. . Changsha. Muir from a leery s wharf. Millert Point. Sydney. On 28th july. Also . Taiyuan August c3. For Lull particulars apply to m. C. Aud Tajon lung William Street. 3s5inc via san Francisco. To All american ports. British Isles and continent. Calling at Rarotonga Cook Groop Aad Papeete Cra Biti _ fro from Steamer. I Sydney. 4to\.mug. 3 Une. 15 Jept Hill Genra Cut. 6 Wellington. Due Taco. Sept. 12 i oct . 4 oct. To and every 2s Days thereafter. For particulars regarding passages and freights ply Unjin headship co., of n., Ltd., a.u.s.n., limited agents Sustic racist or but discs. Grenfell Street edit Burgh. A Warr Awee tails saturdays and wed res dats. Tour Rinc mondays and thursday Wajts Arr Ira 8.4s am. Express twin from Ade id is Caius h b a p e r 5" printing executed co the Thor Tost notion b4 of Esterm to tic advert web Job pbj2�shipping. The Adelaide steamship company limited ill disc stub steamers from port Adelaide punctually jul under circumstances permitting Albany and Fremantle. A. Tran shipping for Perth Geraldton a Korti. Be ports and Singapore. Makuk the slav i july 29 1,3 . Warilda 7.713 tons saturday i aug 9 8 Melbourne and Sydney trans lapping for All tasmanian. Queensland an i zealand port. I Warilda 7.713 ton i Thura. 1 julv24 i 3.30 . Steamer twin Crews wireless telegraphy Mirra Cret and second Calora and Steerage Pas Tenco. _ West coast service. Streaky Murat. Demil Carawa. &3. Rupaka. I saturday i july 19 i 11 �.ta. Calla at edit Burgh Elliston. Venus. Sceales. Streaky Smoky. Laura. Murat denial. Fowler s Bat.". Point Sinclair Carawa. A ferret wed Nadav i july is 5 pin. Fortnightly thereafter. To Spencer Gulf service. To Merport Lincoln Kirton Point. Tumby Neill. Arno Bay. Wallaroo and Cowell is. Marialta every tuesday. 4 . Lowest rates. Best accommodation. Ports Lincoln. Augusta. Pirie. A paring. I saturday i Only 19 i 6 . Ports . Tia by. Arno. , Hughes. Cowell. Neill Louth. . Investigator thursday 1 july 17 4 . Ports Turton. . Victoria Hughes. Wallaroo Broughton. Herbert saturday july 19 1 4 . Freights i repaid for Turton. Minla Cowie. Vic Toria go mein. Leo Neill. Tumby. Louth. North Shields and All West coast ports except Ellis ton. Saloon passage ticket interchangeable wit steer Jpter-8tt � co Miniee subject to condition the Adelaide steamship co. Limited Adelaide and port Adelaide. Adelaide steamship co. It. Edit Leah. Reduced fares and freights. 6.8. Rupaka leaves port Adelaide Over saturday at 11 am., and edit Burgh Fery thursday at 2.30 . Ducan a Yorketown coach meets Nucara every trip Large dining music and smoking room. Apply _ Ihk Adelaide steam Sitty co. Ltd., and port Adelaide Hie Castle Salt Coop. Co. Ltd., edit Burgh. 140a Pui a. U. S. N. Teamed leave by Mittin ton Albany. \ Pil Bahra. Fremantle. I wed., july ,10, 9 . for Perth Mundarra. 10,000 tons trial Don. . Petti i Bat. July 26. Arad Singapore. J 3 . Leighs 1 Pil Barra up my i monday july 28. �s�lf0 2 a Dada Era. 10.000 tons. See a a up 7 tonts Albany. Twin screw. Fitted with wireless. Carrying first. Be ond end third class Paa Finger a. A Oon tickets inter Ham Reable with other interstate con Janies subject to conditions full return portion of Ordinary first class return rail tickets Between Melbourne and Adelaide Are available per Steamer. Register bides. Grenfel fit. And port Adelaide lose australian steamships line. Howard Smith cor., limited awning agesta. Steamers will leave port Adelaide j permit tiny. Sydney Cycle Newcastle. I noon Tor f wednesday. July Queensland ports. J cargo Only. . End second Cla Steamer to Keb Are Arter first port of Cau with other inter state companies subject to Coa Virlor Ascarte Waible on application. Fall return portion of Ordinary first a Tai Lay tickets Between Adelaide and me Boona available by this company s steamers. Howard Smith company. Limited. ? managing accede. ͣw�jjs�1.j.i.itbtc�g9 a a 19. Sine William Street Adelaide Ana North Parade port Adelaide. Telephone . . 173 port. Al _ me Mcilwraith Mceacharn line. Regular passenger 6ervice. Albany. A _. Karoo la the Mantle. Tran shipping for Perth Kunbun. Geraldton and All sorta West ports. Mil Nouril Sydney. Transki Point for Al tasmanian. Queens land and Kew bes Tead port twin screw. 7.991 Tam wireless Telegraph a. Saturday. July it at 2.30 Queen s wharf. Carola twin screw. 7.991 tata wireless telegraphy. Thursday july 8l at 4 Queen s wharf. All a cavy baggage must be alongside at Jewat one hour before advertised Unie of sail Karoo la twin screw Steamer has to sur Pat red accommodation for first and second Saloon and third Ossa passengers. Private fates de luxe. Or third class consisting of 2, 4. And 8 berth ticket Are after first oort of Call with other inter state com Jenies. Conditions Ascetta Utate on application. Full return portion of. Ordinary first class railway tickets Betic a Adelaide and me Boona Are an Lable by inter state Steamer. Mcilwraith Mceacharn. � co. Proprietary lulled. The Uttmi House Comer King William Street and a month Street Adelaide 3. Eawl1ncs pc son. Port and Jaide Trie or. Bow Bino the son. Broken my Huddart Parker line. To Albany Fremantle . Riverine 6,000 tons wednesday 2srd july noon. T. Zealandia. 7.000 tons saturday auf 2, 8 pan. Zealandia. 7.000 tons. Thursday. August 28, 4 . Omits Albany. To Melbourne and Sydney. T. Zealandia 7,000 tons thursday july 17, 4 . Sailing from Queen s wharf carrying 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class passengers. Wireless telegraphy. Refrigerator cargo carried. Cargo booked through to pert. zealand ports. From 8ydxey-aa Uli Maroa. July e a. Wilmera. July 16 a Victoria. July 80. Fran Uli Maroa. July 3a Saloon passenger tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies subject to conditions. Full return portion of Ordinary first Ciapas Bau Vay tickets available by inter state steamers my & j. Fowler limited. Agents. Melbourne steamship co. Beg dear passenger service Rog As. Dimboola Albany. August 5. At 6 . Bunbury. 1 a8. Kaunda Geraldton. I August 19. Trans turning for Perth and w. Ports fitted with wireless. Ample Epoe fur Refl Geradot cargo. Alkyl Bortunk .1 8-�. Dimboola Bidny. Jur 2l Kew Abdul j at 3 . Karst Saloon. 3rd of Stanicle. Return. Single. Fremantle " 15 1� �816 it 12 � Melbourne.2 19 i in 0 iii Ord nay .-.� 6 0 15� Sal tickets often banged but with other enter state companies subject to Cis Titi a. Which Cay be ascertained on Appl Icalea. Mended Stock . Milfs Mourne steamship co. Ltd. Post. Coo. Wills pc co. Limited. Passenger Cento to. S3, Grenfell Street. Adelaide. A pwn a Copley. Brokaw jul 9� West coast shipping co. Will dispatch from port Adelaide As under circumstances permitting ports Lincoln Kirton Point and town jetties. Tumby Arno. Wallaroo. Hughes Moonta and Cowell. Wanda a every thursday. 4 . Waits arrival of 3.35 . Train from Adel Nide. Fricht Tumby and Ama prepaid. Passengers to Wallaroo by Adelaide and Brinkworth trains can catch Steamer on saturdays to Cowell and mondays to Arno. Tumby and Lin Coln. Reduced fares for All ports and round trip occupying Days. Elliston. Venus. 6ce\les. Streaky Smoky. Laura. Murat denial. Fowler s Bays. Point Sinclair a a Carawa land ing woo Kata. Wednesday july 16. 8 . Frenchu prepaid except Elliston. Reduced freights to All ports. I a. It k. Lemessurier. Pott. I 144 i Alt sails wednesday. R. Tricker. port , every wednesday. Princes wharf. Bros. Phones 371 and 624. sails this Day. A & s. Lemessy Riel. Pert shipping. I Yoke Peninsula and Xan Gakoo islam the Gulf steamship co., Ltd. Edit Burgh. Warr Awee. 9 ., wednes Davs saturdays returning thursdays mondays. Return tickets available from any . Ports. , 9 ., saturdays wednesdays returning mondays thursdays. Haley s coach meets steamers. I Kangaroo Island Kingscote and hog Bay. Calling at Glenelg discontinued. Kar Atta Aso ., saturdays. Wednesdays returning Mon Davs thursdays. Freights prepaid. Week end i ticket available saturdays returning mondays i 11 return. Second , 8.30 ., wednesdays returning mondays. Freight pre paid. American River Salt jetty Popoola tuesdays 6.30 . Freight prepaid. Stansbury Juno 9 ., thursdays re turning same Day. Saturdays returning Mon Day. Port , 9 ., tuesdays re turning wednesdays. Kooring fridays re turning same Day. Wool Steamer this week. Steamers wait arrival of 8.5 . Train from Adelaide Lor ports and 8.48 . Express for Gulf ports. No cargo received after 8 . On Day of sail inst. Only Peri Shanly goods and Stock received sailing Day for Kangaroo Island. Tickets on Board. Lilac a. Limes Strieb Secretary. Port. Gem navigation co., Ltd. For Wai Kerie Loxton and Denmark. The Steamer Marion Wol leave Murray Bridge at 10.30 . Every wednesday and from Morgan every thursday 7 ., Tak ing passengers and cargo. The Steamer Ellen will leave Murray Bridge every saturday evening at r30, and from Morgan every monday at 7 ., taking passengers and cargo. Fob Renmark Wentworth and Mildura. The Steamer Ruby will leave Morgan every saturday 7 ., taking passengers and cargo. Apply Cem navigation co., Ltd., Elf Piuac 44, Grenfell buildings. Jcj Euverio from York expected cc5. Wednesday july 16, 1918. Consignees Are requested to pass entries promptly. Bills of lading must be presented and Fri it paid at our port office before delivery. landed in bad order must be out on the wharf and examined in the presence of the Captain and All claims Foi damage or Short delivery rendered prior to de parture of the vessel or they jul not be recognised. All goods impeding discharge will be landed and stored at consignees risk and expense. Captain Simpson will not be responsible for any debts contracted by his Crew without his written authority. _ elder Smith & co., limited 196-8 Adelaide and port. Carriers a. Furniture stoked. Household furniture warehoused in depositories of Stone and trick. Estimates . Sling vans used for rail and sea removals. Richard Mitchell & co. Vacuum House cleaners. Depots Unley. Hide Park South-ter., and port head office-1, Corric St telephones. Central 4810 s lines. Port 517. S3io Graves Hill & company limited. Government contractors railway and general carriers customs and for warding agents to All parts of Australasia. Mail contractors coach and letting stable proprietors motor Cara motor drags and vehicles of every description supplied at lowest rates. Pic Nic parties specially catered for. Firms supplied by the week or year with horses vehicles and Drivers. Furniture carefully removed. Goods received for storage. I special attention to the collection of Pas sengers Luggage for shipment or otherwise. Huir a made arrangements with steamship companies our men Board All steamers arriving at the outer Harbor Largs Bav. And port Ade Laide for. The collection and delivery of Passen Gers Luggage to any part of the state. They also Book orders for motor cars and All kinds of vehicles for trips through the Hiller for pleasure parties tie head 0ffice-r39"&irrierstreet,. Adelaide t for motor cars drags and Light vehicles ring1 up phones 6 and 2862. For heavy cartage Luggage and shipping ring up phones 150, 431 and 522. For port Adelaide cartage ring phones 77 and 160._ _182aiuo Mcculloch Combe Green & co. John Hains & co., proprietor Globe parcels express. Carriers customs shipping and forwarding agents. Beary lifts and machinery a specially. Libe ral charges and Quick dispatch. Furniture and other goods packed and removed to any address. Horses bought sold or exchanged. Firms supplied with teams by hour Day or week. Agencies throughout Australasia and the United kingdom. Head office Austral Chambers Currie St Ade Laide. Telephones Adelaide 317, 708, and 698 pot Adelaide s9 and 324. 274ua e and seeds. Earliest Tomato seeds. Sow -6d. And 1/ packet. Flower seedlings transplanted in Best variety for present planting 6d. Dozen or pot. L. & w. Hackett 73, bundle Street Adelaide _64 62x89 4� seeds. Of vegetables and Flowers for Spring sowing Hare just arrived. Also our farm seeds for present sowing arc of Fine Fermi Naticc Quality. We Lave a Fine Stock of Spray mixtures manufactured by the leading makers of the world. Spray Pomps sprayers and Vaporean. E. B Cox seeds men. The. Corner Rundle St. And East tee. 45cx49c machinery a. Tut Way air cooled petrol engine. Al Hig class powerful Diable simple. Easy to operate. Bosch Magneto ignition. Air Cooling proven and guaranteed for hottest mid summer weather. Sizes 1. 23 ,-46, 8, sad 12 . For pumping chaff cutting sawing Etc on farm Garden station or factory. Shipment to hand and to arrive. J. H. Horwood & co., sole agents engineers Weil Boring contractors Franklin Street Adelaide. Send for full particulars and prices. Sme american split steel pulleys. Cross Leys Oil Gas petrol engines and Gas producers. Gray Marine motors & engines. Lee s woodworking machinery. Pioneer steel Shaft hangers. Charles Atkins & co. Ltd. 122 Grenfell Street Henry f. Nichols Mauger. Los Alec drapery and clothing. The color in Paton s super fingering. Stability of color is Only one of the advantages of Paton s Alloa knitting wools. There is a a a wonderfully wide Range of color and in texture finish. Quality and durability Paton s knitting wools surpass All others. Samples tree from John Paton. Son & co. Aysia. Ltd. 230, Flinders Lane Melbourne. Use Paton s super fingering. Write us for particulars of Good knitting machines. 7s�204a2/2 duplicate Bill head Check books specially adapted Tor drapers storekeepers and retailers general or. Circulars Sale Bills window tickets and every description of printing executed at moderate barges and with the utmost dispatch. J. L. Bonython at co. Pm bub and Fante streets. Dawda jas. Marshall & co s the shopping Centre where the people congregate. Stocktaking will soon arrive and yet there is much stuff to be cleared before then. Prices of seasonable goods still further reduced. shipments arriving shortly. Ladies gloves. _ 1 ladies 2-domes Lisle thread gloves in Rey Fawn and Cream 1/ per pair. Ladies Elbow length Lisle thread gloves on Fawn and Black 1/6 per pair ladies Elbow length suede finish gloves m brawn. Beaver and Blackl i per pair ladies 2-domes kid gloves in Brown Beaver Grey and Black 3/9 per pair ladies Elbow length kid gloves in Brown Grey and Black 6/9 per pair. Suck department. Clearing out the satins. 40 in. Satins the balance of our Stock to of cleared out this week Beautiful shades 3/11, 2/1i per Yard. " 0 in. Satan the balance of our Stock of Nas tort Ian shades to be cleared out this week 6/11, for 5/11 per Yard 40 in. Satins the Hera Brand stocked Only by jas. Marshall & co. A full Range of shades 5/11 for 4/11 per paid j 36 in. Black coating Satin Worth 21/, 1o/6 per Van 40 in. Reversible satins for Coats. Black with the reverse in Saxe Royal Violet Carama 10/6 per Yard. Really very double Width Toile de some an exam i site lot of shades in Pink. Blue Pale Green Grey mole Heliotrope Champagne White Cream Saxe reside Emerald ex., a very Dainty evening frock 5 Yards double Width in each 7/11 the frock. To Day at the lace counter. All silk crepe de Chene Dainty even ing shades in Pink sky yellow Pale Green amethyst Heliotrope Saxe Grey mole Black White. Cream reside v. Rose. &c., Selling Bobe lengths to Day at the lace countet.17/6 a very cheap Little evening frock a silk Crep Taline in these shades Only White Cream sky Emerald. Grey Cornflower. We sell them out in dress lengths of 5 j�8-t?8 with to Day at the lace counters la the dress. _ Boot department. 8 pairs gents White and Black Sand shoes. Bites 7, 8, 9, and 10, usual Price 3/11, Tor v 60 pairs ladies Glace kid lace shoes in Black and Tan Stout sewn soles sizes 2, 3, 4, Ana 7, usual prices 8,11 and 8/6, to Clear 4/11 a Tara ladies Glace kid lace shoes Patent and self Caps welted and Stout sewn soles 2, .3, 4, 6, and 7 Only usual Price 10/9. For 8/or 40 pairs ladies Glare kid 1-bar shoes Oles a fees 2, 3, and 4 Only usual prices a Clear 3/11 a pair. _ stocktaking bargains at the Haberdashery counter. Shaped buckram for Corse let skirts All Width. I 7�d. For 2d. Yard. Pearl shirt buttons. 2d. For id. Dozen. Sid. Or 2d., 4jd. For 2d. Dozen special line of Wool endings in Black Tan. And natural Large cards and see info 1/ dozen Filo floss and Cable bilks Una sorted shades i 1/9 for fid. Dozen _. The Empire Needle Case contains assorted sewing. And darning Needles also Bodkin. Id. Each radio sell contained polishing cloths 6id. For 3jd. Hookon Hose supports Sid. Sew on ditto 3d. Turquoise and Coral Bead neck lets 6 a a for sad. Cases Woven initials single or double letters. Id. Dozen a Job initials in larger sizes. Script and old English. S dozen for id. Carpet and furnishing departments. A household necessity is a Yarley vacuum carpet cleaner operated same san Ordinary carpet it is infinitely More effective dust raised and perfect de Salines the result of using a Yaxley the Price is As Small As the possibilities Are great Marshall s sole gents 1 Price Only 55/ each. I our Art Serge Stock is going Down fast at the the prices they Aro marked. Take this line As an instance -60 inches wide Union Art Serge which is suitable for so Many uses Sale Price Only 1/3 Yard. Another instance of on Raine-70inch Art Serge in Blue Green Crim son Brown terracotta splendid for covers and hangings Only 2/6 Yard heavy Quality. Velvet pile corridor and billiard rugs in three sizes. Red. Turkey design and a Green. Indian design size 0 it. X 8 it 36/ each Sale Price 29/6 each. Size 10 it. 6 in. X3 it 42/ each Sale Price. 36/-each. Size 12 it. S 3 ft., 47/6 each Sale Price 89/6 each 12 White ground printed Dimity Cre tonne. French trailing Rose and ribbon design s3 in. Wide usual Price 1/6 Yard to Clear before stocktaking at 1/ Yard. We Are overstocked in ladies umbrella Tot 1. 100 very Nice Good wearing cloth ladies umbrellas Strong Paragon Frame Cane handles with Large White Metal ring on top to put the hand through they Are cheap enough at 5/ each. You can have one to Day for 2ai each lot 2. It or More very Superior ladies umbrellas excellent coverings steel frames As sorted smart handles in Birds Heads Silver mounted Crooks Horn and Metal Crooks a a splendid umbrella you of always pay 6/8 and 7/6 each for them. Take them to Day Lor 3/11 each lot 3. A splendid Quality Uro Brenas a big lot of exquisite Silver mounted handles in Crooks Large Crooks All Silver handles Beautiful Taf feta coverings with tape Border 12/6 14/6, and 15/ each. Take your Choice to Day to reduce the Stock. 7/6 each. Flannelette for the cold weather for pyjama suits. A Uxa a Nice warm soft makes in striped Flannelette for pyjama suits shirts and nightshirts &c7 pretty smart stripes win Wash splendidly 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 6/11, 7/6, 8/6, 9/6, 10/6, 11/6, 13/6 per dozen Cream and White Flannelette soft warm cosy makes free from dress easily made Nice for ladies and children s Wear s/11, 4fll, 511. 6/6, 7/6, 8/6, 9/6, 10/6, 11/6, 12/6, 13/ per doze Clearing out the balance of fancy Flannelette suitable for blouses dressing gowns morning wrappers acc All at Sale prices a. 7id., 8�d., 9id., jojd., Llyd. 1/2 Yard double Width honeycomb cloth will Wash Well Bale Price 1/2 Yard Manchester department. All Wool Blouse flannel 1/11 for 1/ Yard Moleton flannels 1/11 for 1/3, All colors for dressing gowns and jackets Cream Beaver for children s cloaks 50 in. Wide 7/11 for 4/11, 16/b for 8/11 Yard nestlings in All colors so in. Wide for dressing gowns and jacket 5/11 for 3/11 Yard natural flannels australian made 1/ for 9 d., 1/3 i for lojd., l/4i for 1/. 1/6 for 1/3, 1/for 1/8 j our famous doctor Brand flannels 1/11 for i of i Yard baby flannel 1/5, 1/s, Ipi 2/3 Yard French flannel 1/9, 1/11, 2/3, 2/6 Yard Beautiful eiderdown quilt 39/6 for 25/5, 50/ for 30/, 65/ for 45/, 84/ for 50/, 90/ for 59/6, 120/ for 63/, must be cleared this week cot Down quilts he stitched frilled brocaded 7/6 for 4/11 each australian made blankets singles 8/6, 10/g 13/6. 15/6, 18/6, double 14/6, 18/0, 20/, 25/6, 27/8 cot blankets Zyl per pair 150 copies All colors 1/8 for lord. Each crash fashions fringed filled Kapok 2/11 each japanese Cushion tops 1/3 for Sid. Each Linen department White turkish towels 2/11 per dozen White table damask old per Yard Cream table damask ,8 Per Yard Linen roller towelling sad. Per Yard Check Glass towelling 2jd per Yard Forfar Tea towelling 7id per Yard in Reabuck towelling sad. Per Yard turkish roller towelling 4jd. Per Yard red bordered fringed damask cloths 1/3 and 1/6 s school handkerchiefs Sid. Per dozen Serviettes 1/6 the half dozen frilled Lulen crash Cushion covers 1/11 each ladies fancy handkerchiefs 2/11 per dozen Guipre lace afternoon Tea cloths 29/6, Sale Price 10/6 Tadji White damask cloths 1 Yards Square 7/6, Sale Profe 5/11 each a coloured turkish towels 1/3, Sale Price 1/ each spotted silk afternoon Tea cloths in red and Blue grounds 5/6, Sale Price 4/6 each a lot of White damask table cloths m various sizes slightly soiled All greatly reduced in paces. � children s hat department. 6 dozen Man of War a Fps various colors As nary Fawn Marone Green Grey and Cream usual prices 2/u, ill and 1/6, a to Clear at 6a, each 5 dozen boys Tweed Caps Well made Good shape usual once 1/11, to dear at 1/ each 5 dozen children s velvet Corduroy Peter pans in Cream Navy Brown bed and Black usual Price 1/, to Clear 6d each 5 dozen children s a Wool knitted Polo Caps in Cream Navy red Green Grey Brown and mole usual Price 1/3, to Clear 9d. Each 10 dozen men s Felt hats in various shapes Ana colors usual prices 5/11, 6/6, and 7/6. To Clear 3/llt each a 8 dozen men s Felt hats wide shape serviceable colors usual paces 8/0, 10/6, and 12/6. To dear at 4/11 each tits gents shirt and Mercery department. Small sizes in Navy jerseys reduced to 94. Each to Clear a lot of coloured King Sway shape ties usual Price 1/11, 2/6, Sale once 1/ to Clear just opened direct from York fleece uned underpants and under rests in Silver and Fawn usual once 2/11, Cale Price 2/6 20 dozen natural flannel under rests usual once 2/6, Sale Price ill. Boys clothing department -45 Only boys Blue Sergo 3-Garmetat suits in sizes 10 to 1 Only Best finish lined and Good utting usual paces 14/6 up to 17/6, reduced to 19/6 suit special clearance in boys Tweed 3-garment suits in sues 10 to 2, Good serviceable colors and lined usual Price �&6 to 17/6, reduced to 7,6 suit and 18/6 of 23 6, reduced to 10/6 suit boys and youths ova Tomta Are specially reduced for end of season 85 Only rain proof overcoats dark colors sizes 7 to 2usual pricesgo/6 to 58/6 for 21/ 29/6 to 32/6, reduced 85/6 to 39 6, for St/6 30 Only Gar Binette ,"1 absolutely water. I proot ond Unes est aria co Are with. Raglan sleeves sizes rat set is to -47/ for 32/8 our huge and up Toj str Stock of overcoats Are reduced As follows -42/ to 49/6. Reduced to 37/6, 50/, reduced to 40/, 55/, reduced to 45/, 60/, for 60/ i Bug department we arc making special reductions in bugs. 4 special russian civic cat motor rugs usual Price �35 10/, reduced to �25 these skins Are. Very Choice and Complete with head and Tail mongolian Leopard Mats with mounted Heads and True to life Are reduced As follows -�10 far �9, �11 10/ for �10, �12 10/ for �1l All our australian furs Are Belviy reduced. Men s Beady to Wear department. Overcoats. Overcoats men s tasmanian overcoats guaranteed thoroughly Waterproof special stocktaking prices 35/, 42/ men s double breasted overcoats special Stock taking paces 29/6, 35/. 38 6, 42/, 46/, 50/, 66/, i 63/, 70/, 75" 84/, 90/, 95/, 105/. I men s single breasted overcoats special Stock taking paces 21/, 25/, 29/6, 32/6, 35/, 38/6, 42/, 45/, 50/, 56/, 63/ men s dressing gowns special Stock Tatlong paces 21/, 26/, 29,6, 85/, s8/6, 42/, 46/, 80/, 65/, a to 105/ men s pyjama suits special stocktaking Quali ties prices 4/11, 6/11, 8/11, 7/6, 8/6, 10/6, 12/6, 14/6, 16/6, 18/6, 21/, 26/men s Tweed and Serge suits special Stock Tak ing paces 21/, 23/, 28/6, 35/, 88/6, 42/, 46/, -50/. 65/, 63/ men s Tweed trousers special Stock taking paces 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 6/11, 6/u, 7/6, 8/6, 10/6, 12/6, 14/6-, 16/6, 18 6 men s combination overalls m Blue it 9/6. Special rrduction3 in tailoring so single us t lengths High class suiting latest exclusive Demecs. Usual once �5 5/, special once 90/, Sac suit to measure. Me and rough Serges i Wool and fast color ural Price 75/, special once 70/, Sac suit to measure business set a Large Range of seasonable suit Ings latest designs to select from usual Price 75/, special once 63/, suit to measure. Linoleum department Stock of japanese squares in All sizes. Stock of oilcloth. Dados in 3 it. And 3 it. 9 in 6 it. Wide oilcloth 2/li per Yard 12 it wide oilcloth 5/6 per Yard 6 it wide linoleum 2/11 per Yard 9 it wide linoleum 5/11 per Yard 12 it wide linoleum 7/6 per Yard japanese bugs 1/, 1/3, 1/8, 1/11 each linoleum Mats in All sizes 8/11 each. China Glass silverware. Lamp cutlery department dinner sets Beautiful patterns just arriving 38 piece 15/8, Wedgewood & of. 66-piece, 85/, 96/ Tea sets 21 piece 6/11, 7/11, tuscan China is/6. 100 different designs. Pudding basins in set of 8, Only i of. A White and Gold cups and saucers 4jd. Large White milk jugs bid. Each alarm clocks reliable 2/9, very special. Wooden bedsteads the newest and Best designs for modern Homes a special stocktaking Sale prices manufactured entirely in our own factories including weaving and making use. Wire mattress which a included fuss of Cost Wita every wooden Bedstead eel Yoi i Are on the Best value possible 1 w footing when you Purchase As Herc Santte bedsteads Deaton As shown Indus in raised end. Cable Edge. Wir Matt rats Sale Prit of franc As follows a zealand Rima. 3 it. Wide. 65/6 s it 6 in. Wide. 75/ 4 it 8 in. Wide. 80/ in solid Blackwood. S it wide. 3 it. 6 in. Wide. 85/ 4 it 6 in. Wide. 92/ in selected Oak 3 it wide 02/6 3 it. 6 in. Wide. 97/6 4 it 6 in. Wide �5 5/. The above Sale paces Are not beaten in Nastraha. The construction and finish Are absolutely first class. Our country clients need not heat ate about ordering. Prompt attention to All enquiries or orders received per Post our magnificent display of sideboards. Dining suites. Bedroom suites and furniture generally marked at 6pecial stocktaking Sale prices. A Sale Price list in connection with our be general catalogue b has just been our listed giving Sale prices for a number of Unes illustrated a the catalogue. Anyone interested in Furni Ture should Bave one of these lists posted to any address free on request along with a Cata Logue if required. James Marshall &. Coy. C03cplste House furnishes. Drapery and clothing. Please note the special the at foot of this advertisement. Something each Day snot Tea & Camplin the store note for uniform Good values. The genuine Sale continues to-Day., everything reduced. All Winter goods at Clearing prices. Bead this list. Ladies smart English tax a made costumes in �5 5/ for 63/, �6 6/ for w 380 Yards 38-m. White Calico 10/6 dozen for. 8/8 10 dozen ladies Price a i. / " \ Ames toa3s,.twe� a Naty Serra fair Price 7at " truths Cheam Golf jackets in Chr be qty cities fair prices 2/�, 3/11, 4/n. Ladies corsets Grey and wite Faar prjee2/li a i lathes and girls h4ts, to Keady to ear is for neck lets 50dy, assorted a vote and Brown fear Price. 4/�1 fur scarfs and neck lets 60 Bange size fair prices Al ". A nets Blanket fall size 69 x 82 in average weight soft. Fair Price 19/6 pair � ? Honey comb quilts fail size. Fair Price .8/�i. Heavy Bath towels fair Rke a. A ladies Fine Lamb gloves. Fair Price in pair cooked Cashmere Hose a Wootz for Price 1/6 pair at woo ii Tan Cash Webb Host fair Price 1/pair _ l � Winter Fajr open Foy & Gibson pty., tra Raj Feldle Street Adelaide. T��jsfi.j3b�kjbmkjaau John Martin a a Pye Busy Busy always by Sywy boys All. Wool Grey and navy1. Jersey Steps a h g r a 3aul boys ,/x7 of i .i-v-5 Tweed s -. Of Norfolk ". i u " 1 1� � a �. R 4 .,�-�.-j i. " 7 suits., r of a a i my 1. R r ri�/9 for 9/11 vol a \ Ete East. We while they / j at. \ Ixl v. Of a \ j " i a. J ithe above k��pre8ents. Two Job lots Juse i and on Sale in our boys furnishing division Uthera Witt boys wis 4ft Reif to come in immediately and select a suit or two from either of die be group at these special prices the values Are really excellent better in fact than we can remember Ever having before. They Are two worthy bargains tint Mother t should not by any Means pass by. V Job bargain group i. " ,. Boys at Wool re Riley and Grey Dainty it a Gana Eitt Jit � feb a Jat Hofton should doable Collac double nabbed cuffs Knicke a sri bit pts legs with double ribbed ends shaped double ribbed Bande Well finished tins is � three piece sait and consists of turban Cap knickers and Texes re. Mzm-4 Grey l8 a 20 in. Navy l8 in., 20 in 22 in. Bargains at 3/11 the suit a and Grey Jersey suits Are very scarce and in great demand m a it be As Well for you to see this lot Early especially at us bag a Psiol Uja Job bargain. Group a \ w Boj snort pasted Norfolk baits neat Plain and Fco Acy tweeds mid an big weights stylish dark and mid Greys fawns and Browns incl dog inn Tate Harris Tweed effects. These Norfolk suits Are foil and shapely Cut Good fitting garments Well fend it detail strongly lined throughout coat with excellent Quality Black ?crom." in fangs and knickers with Sebera coat has two pleats m front and one at the Hack detachable Belt and two Patch pockets the Quality of to tweeds of which these suits Are made 13 Only to be found in garments Tobt tas in the Ordinary Way at 12/9, and Good value at that hut a.1 9/11 they re remarkably a cheap. Splendid d bargains. See our window display to Day � " j the Busy bee1 Haisty machine. Was Han Rome done cover and All necessary accessories Coati Yoi Al a a vhf tall extra parts stocked by is. � the the big Tori .

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