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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 13, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Maritime steamships and i a Gail. Font Rani with the French govern. Adelaide to London fret Marseilles Allig As Albany Seychelles Aden sacs and port Adelaide to London in 88 Days. Janst Oom Mandet leave Adelaide. Majum Tea . Poy Denot Taes aug. 2 Abbu Lub 020g. Didler . Thurs sep. 1�ssl. 0s&1f. Fia Cal . Hon., oct. S folks iss Koil. Boulard . Tbun., nov. S a an b Bic?obbla.po3denot,.jsat dec a Bam or passes include was or Albs at meals. Cd Boob on Iiah to curb Marseilles to lok Doh lawful Hen journey u hours Only. The company s Teterus Rouaa Wei to company through passenger from Maneule to Paris and London. Luggage con wed Msj by Steamer bom Marseilles to London affect Ash stewards. Miloh cow carried. Single Mckee to Marseilles from �s0 to �66. A tnrnfiom�b4to�lo6. A bid Abb unequalled. Wine a i Kurtos to Havre. Germ Antwerp. Dunkirk Hamburg Bordeaux and Lonnon. 3 to Gold bb0theb& p. & . N. Co. Tontar Raval mail contract win dispatch follow tat men to London. Call tart Albany Oslo . Malta Gimbal a. And Plymouth flints ens. Com Maniet. Leave Oceana r sea b. Stewart july so Valetta ,b,. Aug. 8 Abadia bm2w.b.andrews,. 17 Home b645a.b.danleu aug. 81 Salla Arat. 47488. Ashdown sept. Uzawa Maxia ?. Sept. S8 Mabilia _? oct. 12 Britannia 8287. , 8.h.8. Oct. S6 Carthage Goi Sll de Home nov. 0 " urn and second Saloon passengers allowed to re Akselr Tesney at intermediate Porta. Cantos sir Doias terms. Liberal Oono?8lons made of Taota Date the Daok passenger Aea aon. I4aafromet Here. Fatte beyond Boon the arrangement have been if Coto Reo Kassed. The offered Ullin Fol of passage Honey. Of London in Fin Saloon _ nto 7o Kusja Porti do. W?2 _ ?.j? Tuaua sports do. Of _ of. Cam Noe ived unto c pm. On tiie monday and take a noon Thamert de lbs. Sitao Boaks and All info Mason apply to a Job Smith. It co looted agon bunt line of Boyal mail 6teamebsu four fog Royal mail steamships be Soesma to the of enl and pad Etc companies be Maybore at 12 i Oon on the dates for Plymouth and London via atbai7 sue canal naps and tons. Commander. Date. Tel i. 6,07 a. W. Rowrke july 13 Toota _ w67 b. R vim Ron july j7omst 7. . Darby aug. 10 Oxtot z Tim w. E Walt. B-n3. Aug. ? of Shiva 6.tew.waddllove. a sept. 7 Ocba _ 66k. Hay. Jbf a. Sept a act Blu 6.854 oct. 6 Catob i. 3.915 5. F. Anderson oct. 19 and tort Bighum thereafter. Saloon paste Laws allowed to break Pineir Toomey. Anti be Cabins reserved on most Liberal terms. Passage Money. Saloon ��5, ?3. And �70. Good cd %��&.�. Act ,�2oeach adult. Sle erace open berths �17175. Each adult. In regular monthly line of fast Pas to Southampton of Usawa a twerp. And Bremen calling at to combo Aden sea port said and Genoa con passenger from port said to or tres. Under mail contract with the Imperial Serma government. Steamers a Fol be djs patched As mows. Steamers. Tons. Commander. 1 la. And. Hohenstatt Fen . Boben july 18 Balds s,o8 a. Tunmann aug. 16 8,116 sep. It Hohenzollern 8.092 Yon Collen pot i " a Branch Une to Samoa and Steamer leaves Sydney on arrival of each Steamer for these Sands. Passage Money from Adelaide to Bremen from �1 to �60. Great reductions on return pjs bbses. Available far six nine or twelve months. Kra facility is offend for bringing out friends by payment of passage Money Here Cabin passenger Nav break their journey. to Eft an nations. A offi Rosand stewards Oon verdant with fee is others and cargo booked Bro Urh to London or a Vinci pal Emolean Asiatic Aad american Bod passenger lot England an lulled at Boc Hampton. embark at laight a freight Pae age and to other particulars apply t a Robcke it co Adelaide and port Delams w -. A Tjho Loffl Init a to lain a disk Elj London via ports n required 4sala these new full powered fart steamers Are ass a appointed to leave the port Adelaide wharf and out sorts As required As follows ocl Goa july 30. Murrumbidgee _ september 7. Woolloomoo Loo _ to follow. Hub Buck to follow. St in it for passenger a. Snacadctwxgw., Adoui Deport. _ St Obj Adelaide to London Atel. It via Suez canal. In bbl rhe fast full powered new Steamer Cul Goa of Lund s line Captain Pankhurst win be dispatched As above about tiie 30th july. 190oate Adelaide or port Adelaide. Cite Amto London via new Zea Tamla a land. Cape Hon. And calling at new zealand a a Vav shipping pcs like of Boyal atari. A Teames. Tit y Lam my Kai Kouba ?.m3 torn pm leave Lyttelton on August 4. To be followed by Tok Habibo on september. Pas Engen booked for London Plymouth and Rio Tae Tooby tins route a Fol avoid the extreme beat of malted sea and the Seq pc up agog Boyal mail link . A London via Brisbane lib North Queensland posts Java saw am Suez canal. Mun. 1 toss. I Uati a Subasi. Ism i 4.055 tuesday August 2. Laii i 4,712 tuesday August 30. Fabes from Adelaide to London Saloon bungle�56 ids. Return�90 10s available for is Twat firt of fwd Urago Ujj mfr apply Obote Adelaide and port Adelaide. At i Job poet Vic Tosja mo9sta, 3aa h Lefile Jewit now Toad inc sails Early. Apply lion Timber Yards j90. Port and town. St thou. Abd Bassah m flak twin Garfitt Prince a wharf port Adelaide Wreay a wad esd Pun Oft Igny. Produce provisions. Y o o m i i b. Whole Sam and retail Butcher. Fam Mes hotels Bee Taranta and Sulpi waited of meat preserved. Heats in tins. ,z,4.andblb., the world 0 varieties oases containing 86 it i Onset Tetuo of de very. Either by Road my or boat. Dripping and lard in tins of 0, so u. 7, a and 1 it or in kegs also lard in bladders. Kat Syfox Oll Eno Noo Stock of hand. 4mx Fob per Oil add eat Bindley Street. Adelaide is Bohia stub i Rex do Aisuss Eiser Kan w port. Sea lows shipping. The Dkl air gtd Sambhu compant limited Wittl 63spatch their As under i for Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping tar All Queensland ports. . Albany i wednesday i july 13 111 am. A inn Minoka i Bat Arday i july 10 1916 a by -1.8. Adelaide ban Day i july 23 ?.l? pin. For Melbourne Only via South East ports. West australian service. For Albany and it Mantle. Tran shipping Fob Koether posts. 8 j5. Colac i wednesday july 20 2 . Cargo Only. South East service. Fob Kingston Bobe Beac port. And Mao Donnell Bat and Melbourne . Albany _ i i Only 13 111 . ". S. Australian thurs Day i Jolt 14 noon. For Beac port Only. Western Bays service. Port Bluston Streaky Venus and i Rowley s Bays. . Libra i wednesday i july 13 i Midnight. Freight to Venus Bay must be paid by shippers Spencer s Gulf service. Port Lincoln Moonta Wallaroo and a a Baez tuesday in y 26 1 8 a i oreo Reo tved till u . Rob auou6xa, port pub. And Pobi . Emu _ tuesday i july 1914 . Cargo received tall 1 . Day of sailing. John Tubb Tell Beare tary he Panto Chambers Onrie Street. Delams. A3fev of Goddart a Bleb & co. Jug will dispatch for Albany Vasse Bunbury us Fremantle the . Wen Youree with passengers and cargo on saturday 16th met., at noon. For freight or Paige apply 1833 p. K. Fowler. We. Flint from new claims and accounts against Ala vessel must be rendered in duplicate at our port office on or before noon of wednesday the 13th instant., or they will not be recognised. 191-5 p. & j. Fowler. General merchandise. T Orimer bomb it co. Have on Sale on the Ali spot or to arrive Stout Gummess a bottled by o Brien the " Dagger Brand Edmond e celebrated " pig Brand. Whisky scotch Balantine a Lonb Brand in bulk. Shelving Clear Fine Spruce deals Ash Baa Wood Hickory Walnut . Flooring. Kerosene Crystal water White to. Turpentine. Besin dark and debt grades. Plaster Windsor Mills Diamond Brand. Oak Staves for wine Gads. Champion s vinegar bulk and Case. Tobacco and Ogar Ettee " old judge Brand. A tears Choice Havanna la Flor de Clostio soda 70 per cent Eldaah. Silicate of soda. Felt sheathing and booting. Dynamite fuse detonators. Linseed of raw and boiled. Sing s Windsor Asbestos Cement for plastering Walls Ana of Ings. Teas Low to medium Congo us new season s. Preserved meats an descriptions of Queensland meat Export company s Brand. Indents executed. 81810 Lobi Meb. Bomb. Tco. Waymona treet. It n Sale and to Abbiati Woolpack steel standards Bluestone Oom sacks steel droppers strychnine beanbags wire strainers Ladaune potato bags steel wire kerosene flour barn Iron wire Oak Staves Ore bags galvanised wire flooring sewing twine barbed wire deals galvanized Iron wire netting shelving Flat Iron pig Iron american doot Black Sheet Iron hoop Iron plaster Sheet Lead English Coke Sheet Ron Hematite paint Oatmeal axes caustic soda in., to. Cement Whiting indents of All classes of manufactures executed at lowest terms in All parts of the world. George wills & co., Cavendish Chambers Voualo Ore fell Street business Mot aces. It b. Sidly late of Gawler puce removed of m to Grenfell Street two Doort East of Sam peso a. The whole of the valuable Stock of watch and clock fit legs Kleo Tricsli goods Fretwork machines band and foot. Tools patterns and fancy goods watchmakers late. 4 at Oon Euer ably below Cost prices. Most be sold giving up butane. 1851w238 now on View a Large shipment of James Dison Tsokos and other celebrated masers Sterling Silver and Best electro plate afternoon Tea sets luncheon cruet 3. Butter plates Claret jogs biscuits. Jam Sand a most exquisite assortment of afternoon Teaspoons. A. L. Brunkhorst late h. Seis Kloc bundle Street. 16wic wanted known. The six Penny saving Banks have arrived at last. The american Novelty shop 68, King William Street. ?woxl2bc Roan Aba Knob or lessons pipe on com pet two manual instrument with pedals 17 tops. College of organist specifications. Fray s. H. Fry. Organist and choir a Ter. St. Peters Henek Oran studio 160, bundle Street. Foil particulars see Prospe tag. 188alno Oal Mallei boots Loki & Large Esmao quantities at lowest in int . Howard Smith ii sons. Ltd. Goal office North Parade. Port Adelaide. Boas violins cases bows and strings Complete out fit from use. Mmajin., the latest it digit craze from 205. Zat Faer harps piccolos flutes pin six of gazettes. Banjos irn Itara Sephyr Comet mutes fto., of in great variety just opened h. Fray. U0 bundle Street. Isaako it Ictoria Dye works opposite York hotel. Feathers clothes dresses hats and All materials cleaned or dyed on the shortest possible notice fast colors. Parcels collected and delivered. 20501 20 p. A. Howells and co., 63, bundle Street opposite messes. O. Birks to co. Pianoforte of Gates on the time payment system. Pianoforte from 30/ per month. Violins from 30/ each. Accordion from 10/6 a the latest novelties in received every month. Tuning a repairs on the shortest notice. Brass and string bands completely fitted out. Prices and catalogues on application. M2ualsacxl49o shipping. Ree Howard Smith link new service. Further reduction of passenger Tana. Low Moon. Betnun. Cabin. To Melbourne _ �110 0 �2 10 0 co u 0 Sydney _ 8 0 0 too 16 0 Winter excursion to Queensland. Beam tickets available or two Montin will be toned to towns Ole �17 10s. Calms �17 108. Cooktown. �19. Be ohis at lower abates without transhipment to Brisbane. For Mil Bounk and Sydney bib Bane Maryborough Bookham ton Kongo Abba Hao eat tuesday july 19. 18.16 town Voll pin. Goebal Doh 8.8. Babr Abool cat bib tuesday july 36. 12.15 port Douglas a Cooktown thursday we. J Normanton Bubke twit Fob poets Pribik Gemein. And Augusta 8.8. Babr Abool _ tuesday july 19 16 . The cheapest and most convenient route to broken Hill. Saloon. Betula. Fore Abl. To Perla _�1 o 0 a in o 10 1 1 to Augusta 110 0 210 0 100 from Smith and Cave s wharf. Fore Cabin passengers an supplied with food and bedding free. Fuu part Eure i application to w. B. Cave 6 00 agents Grenfell Street Adelaide Etc Upson Street. Port Adelaide. a s. Cubes will be dispatched Ai Alws a under leg to Stansbury every thu sat Sass a and Batu Dat. At 8 . Bom stans tour every monday and Friday at 11 an. To poet Vincent every tuesday at 8 ., returning same Day leaving at 4.30 pin. 330t0 a. Limes Subibi Secretary. Boots and shoes. Waken past. Boots and shoes. We Are now showing Odb autumn Aad Winter goods which Are a Marvel of cheap Ness which for durability and cheapness cannot be beaten. One Bill will convince. Note the following prices d. Hen s leather Balmoral Gol shed _ _ b 0 " leather Elasko sides Block fronts _6 u v hailed or Plain Bla Ohen _ _ _ hungarian Bush Boot _ _. Ill extra heavy watertight _ _ -88 bad Call Bate very neat _ _ 8u " Strong . U " carpet slippers All sires _ _ 311 ladies kid elastic sides seam to to full " Levant elastic Siree vamps _ 611 " Levant Laos shoes _ _ _ _ 11 " Levant Balmoral _ _ _ _ 611 " leather Balmoral Good Vahow _. 4u " unequalled _ 8u Felt slippers fur bound _ _ -111 " Felt bedroom Slippen 1 8 " Shotae Boota _ _ _ _ 8 u " leather elastic Side _ _ 0 youths Stron Eleather Blachere _ _ 6 Strong hungarian i of _ _ 611 " Strong leather Bale Hooks and Oapl _ 11 maids 1 rises land 2 Levant Bals. Ugh leg _ 611 Maidre Ezra 1 and 2 leather Bate High leg _ t maids Sites land 2 leather stockyard _ 8 11 children s 10 to 13 Levant Bals _ All " 10 to 13 Levant elastic sides _ 8 " 10 us 13 leather bal i pfc leg " 10 to 13 leather stockyards Sll " 10 to 13 hone Arian nailed _ _ 811 " 6to 9 Levant elastic sides or Bab _ 811 6to 8 leather Bals extra High _ 9 11 " to 9 leather Vitoo Yards _ _ s " 4to 6 hair shoes Good value _ _ 3 8 " Ito 6 Levant step shoes _ s 8 " 4to 6 grained Balmoral 1 8 infants 3to � Fanoy strap shoes _. 1u infante11 to 4 fancy strap shoes _ _ 0 8 infant Ito pm elastic sides. _ 1 i Ordera win receive prompt Attea Don when remitting Stamps should be avoided if possible. Price list poet free on application. Hote the address Waken past Usa Ollif bundle4treez. Ufflwaaw23sxu9233 balls Eason. A splendid Assoc Tameni of ladies and gentlemen s evening and dress shoes just to hand and suited for the season. Ladies Satin shoes an colors from 5/6 per Par. Bait Don s shoe warehouse 57, bundle Street. Tale Nosb no. 414. 182 pm Money. Monet to lend on Good Freehold Security. City preferred Uii nearing & Andrew tote was mouth Street. 185-7 Monet to lend at lowest the Worth it Letchford. Land and loan agents King William Street. Blaina ask aaa lend on fint class free Soosu venom Security at from b pet Chou. To sums to edit borrowers. Also on shares broken Hill mines at lowest interest. Trans Ferb leases mortgages wills and Othet documents under the Beal property act prepared. Bents collected. House property let or sold. Selector Tamo Dering under Tine sew act rear m. Kingsborough Hof Mfd land broker and estate agent. La Nao Unity Chambers come Street. Adelaide. Monetto lend at lowest current . W. Bullock & co., of Tannin Street. 1761765f11n Londo loan. Discount and plus Street. Opposite onion bans. Terms ate per cent per annul repayable As per am tables which can be obtained on application at is Bank. The special advantages claimed Are so come Sion. To Survey fees but Hie rate of interest six pet see nth pet annul which ii a in it Fify Numi adv Noeb made wit Farat delay and repayment at Loans to extend Over any Nam her of Yean emt Aua to the Borrower. Advances an also made on personal Sec Nulty a fils of Sale Deposit of deeds and bonded of Ruff Cates bom �6 to �6.000, at very moderate Bates of interest repayable by weekly Montuy or quarterly in ulment. Data nobs made on shares. Bills discounted daily. Tot farther information apply to the manager. Bank horns to 6 daily. Mondays and thursdays to. Of Tate of of Oney to lend in sums from �100 to �20,000 Jim. At lowest current Hardy solid tors. 82, King off Liam Street. Adelaide. B3lwio drapery and clothing. R c. Castle & compy. Abe of Rebino to Tab Public scotch and English tweeds Cut i the Plu if fashion and made up by first class workmen at the following reduced prices. Tbou6ebs, 365. Lor 18s. Of. Sao suit 90s. For 655. Evening Debs suits 10i. Footballers will please notice that our last shipment of football clotting has arrived. Tyrnn sync of jerseys Hose Caps sashes and by tons in All the Lonb colors. R. C. Castle & compy. Tailors and shirt makers 191waimrcxl61c 37. Bundle Street. Wadd is goofs Fiest annual Winter cleaning Sale commencing monday june 18. Labe Stock of All teds of knitted pm Hose souks. A to Boole attend Tokuuke loom for Behmish Stock. The whole of our Gords Are marked in Plain figures and discount of 10 Peb finl allowed on All purchases of 68 and upwards. This a genuine Sale of first class goods and Nauty considered at prices Whitfi cannot be beaten. G. Waddington Arcade Adelaide. of Bax Sals and for one month Only. 105aiw256 drapery and clothing. Marti Bros. Wessof millinery department. The proprietors of Burlington House beg to inti mate to the ladies of Adelaide that Durier the remain ing Days of their successful Sale they will offer their 1 wire Stock of trimmed hats and bonnets at prices that judging i y the styles and qualities of trimming seem ridiculous in the extreme. Descriptions of these hats and bonnets Are unnecessary udies have Only to look at the goods in i the window and showroom to be f idly convinced of toe great bargains being offered and the genuineness of the reductions As Given below. 21 Only 8s us tolls 9, reduced to 4/11 18 Only 12b 6d to 19s go reduced to a a 20 Only 21s to 27a 6d, reduced to 10/0 21 Only 27s by to 35s 6d, reduced to 15/6 19 Only 86s 6d to 4es, red cd to / each 1 Only Bronze Engaline silk list season a�8103, now for q3 1 Only Black Mascotte silk i a Brochi Vest All Woor Haw. Cashmere Serge Aid Yard Vest special Sqq Sards double Width strife Oxford Tweed 4\. Yari Worth la lid of pieces 1,740 Yards coloured Cashmere in Navy Brown Ruby Myrtle prone Sage and Claret thrown oat to dear at did Yard to pieces 2,660 Yards Flahn Lettes at 1/11 30 Piexote 2.400 Yards do., at so lid dozen co pieces 4 000 Yards do., at 3s lid dozen 29 pieces 2.320 Yards do., Kavi Biri Ped twill at 4a lid dozen 13 pieces 3,040 Yards do., line nuke at 6m Yard in fun Yards 16-in. Silk Plush usual Price 18, 9uu i ?6 a tote cleared at and per Yard tothe following Solon Only w Rosed Vieux Rose Grey Fawn Hetto Pink coloured silk velvets All Colon now 5g lid Aale Price 4a lid Yard now 10s 6d, Sale Price 8s lid Yard 250 Yards Worth 4s lid to Clear at 4hi a d. In the of now of colors bronze1/ii dark Moss Seal slate Only sin. Fancy ribbons Nanai Price Nojd to is lid Yard All to be cleared at Cid Yard Anotol remnants Good Quality Sash ribbons from h Yards to s Yards Long to be cleared at bout half usual pbicj3 Caa ladies Seal Plush jackets Worth Usu 21s, e/4 each Cal ladies Fife Princess Mackintosh Ciufu cloaks 4q/q and 15i, to be cleared it 3/11 he Chi Den s Black twill school us Bellas go each ladies Brown levantine umbrellas celluloid handles. A ii a \ ladies millinery bonnets really very a Good value original prices Cay 21s to 268, to be sold at 4 a in a ladies and children s Straw liat3.xov St veil shape chiefly Black and dark colors thrown out at of a and Fra Ann ladies coloured silk scarfs this us season s fashion each. 7fiaa Yards shot Chiffon usual prices juju Sid. Lor Aid. Yard men s Tweed overcoats usual Price 14s 6d, 18s by 21s, out Prica to Day 0/14 10/6,12/6 8/m Good heavy coloured mole trousers 3/11 special line a mixed lots of boys Jersey Sura anal value 7s 6d, s3 lid 9s 04,12s a a 1 thrown out at a a bcy6 ,2s lid Ani so fid sate Price a a heavy Blue Grey blankets Large time 50 pain to be cleared at 4.4 in per pair coloured quilts in great variety single sizes. Is 3d, std. 3a of. 4s 3d, 5a6d,6a6d Large sizes. Seed 4sed, is 6d, 6s lid 7s 6d, is 3d, 9a 3d, u/6 Oca do Leys in Cream and White Bay from 0 a thu to 12 in. Square usual value 4jd to Lyl Paoo All thrown out at Aid. Set coloured Boeder while damask Tea Loots 3s 6d for a each. Children s . Lace boots Patent toe preserver 6 to 0, of it men s Blucher c to 10, q 144 of Oceana French kid gloves a Tan colors Tinea to , four buttons of ladies in and so Button length pure silk gloves Lor evening Wear in electric Green. Terracotta and crushed Strawberry usual Price be 9d and 4s 9d, to be cleared at 1 1 a pair Tweed sums to measure. Present season s Price. Oar Price to Day. Ass for 42s the suit 63s for 45s do. 70s for 50s do. 75a for 65 do. Iose for �1 do. Trousers to measure. Of cent season s Price. Our Price to Day. 158 fld for 10s 6d 17s 6d for 129 of 2ls Tor 16s 30a for 21a men s Tweed overcoats to measure. Present season s Price. Our Price to Day. 63s for 45s 70s for 50s 80b for 63s men s Melton overcoats to measure 115s for 81s if tapes Are desired re 6d extra wiil be charged. 4c Doz single Peak Caps boy and Meas men s Black Sofi Felt hats lived English make 4144 each the balance of our Stock of Black .v, obey and White fur he the yd., All thrown out on Oke table at a cd 4kn dozen japanese coloured Pambi i3u Fass. To dear Aiu. Doz. 6n a pairs ladies corsets Coop rising Tju All our Lieut makes or eater reduced matrices Unrine the Soe. prices 6? lid for 4.4 i 8b Len for Ca lid l9j for he lid 15a or ,11 lle a. 4qa dozen ladies White and coloured pm fancy aprons Worth is us and 2s lid to Clear at and. Each special value.-85 Doz. Ladies Cash Mere Hose regular Price irs of Sale 1/4 pair Ery a ribbed Cas 11 -11ebe Hose colors Black and Navy a realty Good useful a Hoahng being soft a Ilartio and will , izes % to and 4 All one Price pc dozen men s heavy Wool crimean of shirts colonial make usual Price 3s lid Sale Price of each coat gents silk a scarfs to be Uruu cleared at popular prices usual prices 9d, our Price to Day cd is. For 61, is 3d for 9d. In 6d Tor is la lid 2s 3d for air be Early. Be Early. James Marshall co 9630x569e drapery and clothing. Chas. Birks & co., tailors by special appointment to his excellency the Earl of Kintore p. 0., g.0.m.g., Are of Erin it special value in the new make of rough Black Serges rough Blue Serges 63/ 75/ 85/ the suit. New Winter suiting including some very Choice goods in scotch tweeds 55/ 65/ 75/ 85/ the suite. Scotch Trouse rings new and fashionable goods i 21/ per pair. quoting the above Low prices we wish to avoid the impression that the Workman ship fee., will be of an Interior character. We beg to state that the goods nil be turned out in such a manner As to fully maintain our present reputation As High class tailors. Chas. Birks & co., 46, bundle Street. 184 c further reductions at Chas. Moore & cos 14, Rundle Street. J no misleading advertisements. Comparison the True test All we ask. Dress materials. Dress materials. Must be sold. See our is 6d dozen dress materials Bee our 2s us dozen dress materials see our Black and Navy Bevirt Serges 53 us dozen Bee our a Wool Melton 4jd Yard see our dress tweed2? us to is 114 Yard of Clear 1,6,1/11 we Are offering special inducements to reduce our Khoeery Stock prior to stocktaking. Women s Black Cashmere Hose very special 7�d, 10 d women s Black Cashmere Hose fashionable is 4�d for is women a Black Cashmere extra Roper fall of Moneo spliced Ankles is uld. For 18 6�d. Send for a ample pair of this line. Women s ribbed heavyweight. Is women s half ribbed heavyweight be 6jd, Worth 2s 3d, Calico. Calico. Calico. Pure makes our own importing. We Are absolutely offering these goods at Cost pbice3. Sheeting 6jd, 6 bid 10m table damask find 7jd, 10id Flannelette Good to steins is us 2s us dozen Flannelette self colors All he sirs As 6d, 4s 6d dozen White Tuik towels 2 lid dozen Brown striped Turk towels 3s 6d, 3 11-1 dozen flannels. Floor cloths carpets greatly reduced gloves laces bib Bod at Sale prices still Selling Cardinal blouses 1b 6d, 2s us Ctet Ceat millinery and showroom goods at absurd prices. 14, Rundle Street. 191 c. T. Fitch the Corner Rundle and Pulteney streets. To talk vre ably clearance revised list. In placing this list before our customers we wish it to be understood that All reductions shown Are genuine and that the goods offered Are new and fashionable bbl peddles tweeds is 9d dozen fancy dress tweeds 3sud,3sud, Tor is lid dozes i heavy dress stuff to Clear 2s us dozen i heavy Wincey 4a 6d for 2a lid dozen Belf Stried Melton 6 d for 4jd two. Heavy dress tweeds a very special Une 43d Yard 42-in. Striped dress tweeds 6jd Yard 8 ends of Terra Amazon cloth la us for la 3d a in. Navy and Brown dear is old extra special lines. About 60 fashionable capes magnificent variety at the following Redan 1 tons 27/6, 2/8, 31/6. All 15/ i 82/6, 38/. 39/5 42/, 46/ to 55 All All 17/6 21/ ladies Black russian cloaks 24 Only to Clear �7/6, Lotin � the attention of ladies is directed to these genuine bargains. Millinery ribbons in All new shades 3d, 6d, us 11 cd per Yard a Large lot of Jeuet seek ribbons id per Yard moire Sash ribbon Green ouly is 3a for 4jd ladies silk Haode Erchete Odd lot to dear 10m each ladies Cashmere gloves so is is 3d pair i ladies kid gloves 4-Button, is la us9d,lfo9dforlgs men s coloured moles 2 3/11 ,e3d,7 d,9m,,ls3d.ls6d, dyad tweeds u3d for is. Is 6d for is 3d. Is 9d for lied suits to measure 6ss for 4ss, 63s for 555, 75a for 07e 6d,bosfor7os trousers and Vesta to measure 29s Fri for 23s , 33s millinery and Mantle department. A Large Purchase of French and English trimmed hate 6a 9d, 8a 9a, 10a 9d ladies Straw new shapes by fld 9d, is oar Stock of women a . Prices lid. 4 in 6a lid. 83 9d to Clew 100 Girla and maids 1 macintoshes unto 45-Incb, 2s lid each Loti be monies. A plasm by for 7s6i each Queensland Wool fish Amie up to10s fld for 4b lid. Dress and Cashmere departments. 1,000 aids of dress Tweed is 9a dozen striped dress tweeds ss6dd,.zen heavy Helton cloths,4s lid dozen Blue Black Cashmere 7jd, i is 6d,is lid Jard Black a nest Oord. To Clear at 44d Yard. Habeb Dashev department Coo Dozer 6cnrd Bladt machine Cotton 9d dozen 300. Gros of Black average Tipe so dozen 50 Gross Black and White Hooks and Eye 3d dozen 50 dozen Art Gimp for trimming bookshelves fld dozen 500 dozen 12in Wood Box hairpins 414 dozen boxes 100 Gro a coat and Vest buttons composition is Gross 150 Gross Navy and Black mending 4�d or zen 200 Gross Llama skirt braid la 6d Gross 100 gro888ord White machine Ottoo is lid dozen hoi Voake s Needles 4 4 dozen packets 100 rob3 Black a in Bine Bonnet wire d piece 1-oz. Packet piu9d dozen no. 39 Joz White machines la 3d reel safety Ping sizes 2 and 3, is Gross. Ribbon lace and ebb Oidest department. Pare silk ribbon for binding music 9d dozen 100 pieces Satin and fail a 2 in. In bin grand Rale 2?d Yard Worth a i 2,030 Yards Good 3d Pel dozen 3,000 Yards very wide embroidery sad Yard 2,000 Yards -ia embroidery 4jd Yard Ordinary Price 7id Yard 8,000 Yards of Pink Ami sky -in embroidery 2jd Yud buttonhole Edge Chiffon 4jd Yard. Stationary and fancy department. Comm trial envelopes 4jri, 6d. 9d per 109crart a hoped envelopes Good Quality 6d. 9d, is per Ico grand line of notepaper 5 quires 6jd packet Cedar Lead pencils 414 dozen 30 dozen imitation inlaid work boxes Vruth tray also doable marines Bank with lock and key 6jd each Bismarck Lam glasses is cd dozen Hairbrush looking Glass Kall Brush linings Bank Dre Sahur comb and steel watch Obain la lot . 4jdeacb White and Gold candlesticks fled each Large Ezze milk and Cream jogs sad i. Imitation Cut Glass Ink bottles 6d each Glass Jam dishes 43d, 6jd, bid Rath 4 Cise of 1-quart fluted Glass water Jug. 7jd logo bottles of san Daco Logne perfume 3d bottle Johnson a sred knits la each Johnson s butchers knives 61d each leather poses Worth is for 6jd. Children s outfit Deyab trient. 60 children s Wool Pelk 4s 9d, 6s 9d, 8s fld go children s Tweed overcoat. La go each go dozen Zephyr brr Derod la dozen German aprons 9d, is is 3d each. Hosiery department. Women s Navy Plain Cashmere Hose 6m, a u so pah women s stainless fait Black Hose. Job Proa 6jd 26 dozen girl Cashmere Hose of esd. Eif Floed Knees size 2 and 8, 6jd pair a int 200 Lozen women s. Girls and maids finished and unfinished fees. Is Doz n pairs Iso dozen it to 61chimrei/e Cotton sox finished fld per dozen pain. Glove department. 300 pairs Light colors Dent -. 4-Button kid Giorei All eff i 18 pair Mere 2a lid Gem a 2-Buiton of Crit kid gloves 2s lid Sod 8s lid any size for is Pur 4-Button Tan kid gloves la lid 2s lid. 3 lid. 4s a pair Black an a coloured Cashmere gloves 6m, 9jd, pair 14-in. Tan taffeta gloves fled 3jd? pair ladies diking gloves is Pur Worth 2s of. Liken Lalioo and cab Pei depart ment. Grey is Esla it lid 2s a 3s 9d, 4a 9d dozen Oread son and Horrocks Ai Calico 2s hid dozen 30 in wide White Calioo is lid dozen twin Sheet ins double Beds c d. 9jd, a fled is old Yard scar let Tiu key twill. 2a a 38 lid Doz a heavy White flannel 4d. So f 7jd, 9k hid Yard stupid i Anslette la lid 2a lid 8s lid dozen Brown table damask 4jd, sad 7jd, by u Yard�100 Worth of Art Mantt-1 Tipe Auy Boid ring. Sad. 4jd,6jd,9lj, is Jard these Are desperate value Wool Creyonne Ball Fringi 2jd said White Mek 3 clothing department. Lien s Tweed trousers 3s lid 4s 114, is lid pair men s Serge trousers. 3, lid. 4a 9d, 5s 9d pair men s Tweed Syntta 9s lid 12i 6d, 16s 6d. 19a 6d 25a overcoats overcoats Lor the million two pm did lines at 7e lid i end ral men s Mercery department. �0 dozen men s flannel the shirt to Clew Vii each new leather doth shirts at 2s lid men s Webb Brace to be cleared at 3d Piir 150 ooze men a Strong elastic braces by 3d. La gents her bar breast Ana knot Scarf. 61 each Black Tom to bomb Shifs such. 111 lot knot Dan hawkers storekeepers and the Trade through out served at special prices. Hunt Corry & co., 112,114.116,118, bundle Street. Adelaide. 177alo Hall & Savage s stocktaking Sale. All goods marked in Plain figures. We quote a few of the reductions made Tweed dress 3a 6d dozen reduced to id Yard heavy striped dress 6s us dozen reduced to 2s lid heavy dress herring Bone 6s6d dozen reduced to Superior Melton 10� d Yard reduced to 7m Amazon cloth is Yard reduced to bad Knicker Check dress is 3d Yard reduced to bid a go Tonia Tab Arabu Width v us w heavy Tweed Drese doable Width 2s 9d Yard reduced Cheviot Tweed double Width 2s lid reduced to valid Yard Corduroy dress double Width 2s 6d for is 11d,"3s 8d for 2s 6d Tavy and Black Serge double Width reduced to2s fid 3b 6d 3ard very Choice unmade Robes a Beautiful dress with trimming 47a fid reduced to 27s i coloured Cashmere double Width 2s 3d Yard reduced two my venous lines Black Cashmere doable Width. No. 1, our unequalled 2a lid line reduced to 2a Ltd 140.2, our in equated 3s 04 line reduced to 2a 6d Black Roehe Oish Mere double Width Saud for is us Lades dealers 12s9d,reducedto4alld ladies costere 16s 9d, reduced to 7a lid ladies Ulster 19a fld reduced to 0a lid lao us Tjolsen 259 so reduced tolls and girls and maids Ulster from 3e lid to 9s 6d. In Clear ing lots at in lid and 2, lid ladies cloth jacket Lis 6d, reduced to is lid children s Reefer jacket 4a d to 12a de an to Clear at is Ltd and 3s lid Obdien s teis Tinea 27 to 38,9s 6d, reduced to 4s lid children s Ulster sizes 21 to 2i, 5a 6d, reduced to 3s lid fur tippets 2s lid for la lid 4s 9d for 8a 6d ladies Flannelette skirt. In each ladies jerseys Colo Zed Asod to sign All to Clear at is lid ladies Jer Eye Black 4s so to 7s 6i All to dear at 3a us ladies jerseys Black Sod coloured 6s 6d to 10s 61, All to Clear at 3a lid infants Wool hats 2s 9d for is 4s lid for 2s 6d Infante Weol Peh 9s us for 4s lid Wool Clouds coloured 4s i t or 2s lid 9a go for is lid corsets Clearing of pair corsets is cd for 9d, 2s lid for is lid children s trimmed turbans is lid for is. 3s 6d lot 2s3d children s Felt Sailor hats 4s Ltd for 2a us children s Astrachan Caps. 5s 3d for 3s us children s Black and Navy How All sizes c men s Bliss Tweed suits. 35s 9d, reduced to 25s 04 i Beyst eed trousers Suic of us Youther Tweed suits 7s us boys Good heavy to eed suits 17s cd reduced to 13a 9d i youths Good hear Tweed. Saits 19s cd reduced to 13b 9d Boj b need Knicker suits 5s lid reduced to 3s us aus Zei men s sett the bats 7s a Reda oed no 2a fld by Caps 7jii Lam o1 shifter a to for is 6d. I tailoring. Broneer to me rare Zis to ass reduced to ass of pair trousers to , 27s 6d. Reduce to Irsel a iii a Large Arbor Menc of tweeds inducing Superior la butt Ala g � / Sac suit Usua prices and 90s. All goods marked in Plain figures. Hall Savage drapers & tailors 30-, bundle Street Adelaide same bide and 3 doors West of Arcade. Slaw in the ban dad manure Chi trans of x South Australia limit id. The above company is now prepared to Supply their Patent blood manure Aid crossed i Bones As per circular at 4 per too prompt Neo Cash. Apply to Psi Dubb & co. Or a w. Said food & co. 165da0

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