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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 9, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia in Irpino. Orient line. Of Royal mail steamers. For Plymouth and London. Vena Piffl an. Toulon. Calline at Fremantle Colombo. Tras merring to All Indian ports re Suez canal b.x.8. / Tom. Commander. Orb Ajeto ,l?4 .08terley/l2,129 . Orama. 12.c.28 a. J. Coad. Ophir. / Csc Nham Orsovai 12.o� 1 j f. Healey. 1 . July 11 Jolt 25 Ai. 8 of. 22 sept. 5. All fitted with wire Lew telegraphy. Triple screw. Twin screw steamers. Tiritas will not be allowed on Board with 90 minute of time of sailing. For Melbourne. Sydney and Brisbane. Steamer will tall from Adelaide outer Harbor a follow or amt. 12.�26 tons j saturday in t a Ophir i 6 s14 tors saturday jul 26 and fortnightly thereafter. Fare to Melbourne. �1 to to �5 10/. Sydney �2 6/ to �9 10/. Brisbane �3 2/ to �14. European Tours. Mondinz Hail travelling and hotel Holiday trips to Ceylon in conjunction with the other mail line rare Otei. A Dudicz bail and hotel or for third class passengers. Peels accommodation in hew 12,000-ton to Toon Fanfa san glib. �17. �18, a a Ettern �s2. �s8, �80. Spadoni pro Menade decks. Smoke rooms ladies mu8ic-Ioom of shelter decs. Haar two berth and four berth Cabin situated in mais Dicks. _ Large. Well ventilated Dan Esq salvos of main deck. Write or flu started circular air info Oil Par Mulata. For farther information apply m. G. Anderson gent tiwez2cso t. King William Street. Adelaida. & fwd Ahtl Fndia China. Ato Europe. Ii flt and second saloons Only. Its a. Moldavia. Daloja. Songhua. Calwa. Wolta. Korea. Marmora 10,000 11,600 10,000 10,600 11,000 10.000 70.500 Cemma Ader. 1 Lea k. H. Cordon ,. ,. C. D. Bennett . A. Thompson a l. Haddock. . Drewi,. . Only 17 july 81 Aue. 14 auks sept. 11 sept 25 oct. 9 oct. 2s and fortnightly thereafter. For Melbourne and Sydney. Mongolia ailing on 19th july. A steamers Are fitted with Mirele Tela Washy and Are twin Crew. A flt and second Saloon passage granted m a rope India China and Western Australia fee. Special and bound the world excursions Are through passage to York. Paa Cea arranged from any port. Special Holiday Letura ticket to Colombo. For inform Tica be handbook apply to Staeb. Smith k co. Limited. Gasenta. _388cxs06o p. & 0. Branch service to Durban Cape town. And London. One cuss Only. Wire los telegraphy. _ bunilla.111,120 tons Beltane. 11.120 tons �hllarat.11,129 tons Wilo Myyia 5.000 tons about Jelv 9 about july 31 about aug. 29 about sept. 23. Taking Carero for null without Granshi Parent splendid accommodation ladies Book s smoking room a surgeons and stewardesses carried. , in. �18, �20. Booth . 15. And. 17 guineas. Round trips to London by p. Be o. A Twanoh service Steamer returning Vul Sci canal by p. B o. Mail Steamer from �40 1�/. Ordinary return ticket Are interchangeable Frith tit Abe Jeen Une. Pamphlets and All particular in application. George wills co., limited agent sosaaic_33, Grenfell Street Adelaide. Mess Geries maritime. Stauben. 5 Sydney. Sydney. Noon. Aug. 2 melb. 1 . July aug. 5 Adel 1 july 10 aug. 7 Adelaide to London Vul Colombo. Bombay. And Paris. Papaas a Moncy includes table wines. English Pokea of Board. Farther particular apply Wal Dalgety co. Ltd. A wpbria1 German mail steamers. To tvo Toon and continent. " a pcs Austub. Colombo. Suez. Naples gx50a. Algiers Southampton. Int a Blip. Bremen. Klut. 8,019 l. Maas Serdutz. 3,008 f. Hagenmayer Roony 8.133 c. Titt std Tieten. I 8.066 of. Tau Senden in Kusnac. S.0bl t. Stollberg 8.sm h. Pc Tor Konigin ��isei10.7a c. Meimers july 13 aug. U sept 9 Ott 7 not. 4 dec. 8 dec. 30. A twin screw. All a Tamera fitted wit Wirrie telegraphy. " laundry on Board. Departure Hoar. 1 ., from outer Harbor. Special train from Adelaide at 12 noon. Cebu old Cabin fares.-1st class Angle. T1 10/. Betula. �107 of swi Clara single 40 return. �0 third Clara from �15. Holiday return tickets Assn interchangeable with All mail urea i Newt a tar fir an Send Saloon return Nencet faster changeable with All mail steamers. B. Muck a it co. Adelaide and port act Gnu. O Ai l i 3� a n Tiok. . By Falla. Paic engers Are 1 notified that the Abor liner 3ail my the outer h Arbor about 1.30 p.u1. To Day oved Newray. To Row leave the cite As under -10.35. 11.35 vin., and last train 12.38 . Of oboe wills & co. Limited. Agent 1 33. Grenfell strict. Adelaide. J Blue funnel line. For London and Liverpool via the Cape. Tit steamers of the above line an of the seat and fastest passenger and cargo boats afloat cargo steamers will leave port Adelaide Telamon. 4.509 ton about Only 29. Nestori h.2s0 ions \ about aug. 0 for Liv Creol and Gla a Tiv fag passenger steamers see special advertiser rent Ute Matt Das. For freight my particulars at ply to George wills.co., l it cd. Agents iqonaic_33, , Adelaide Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Dope rial japanese Mau line. Ian la China and Japan Ria Brisbane Townsville and thursday Island. Steamer. Ton. I com. Melb. Sydney Rikko Maru i Coco m. Vagi july 2 july 9 Rumano Maro 4.000 i Wencmer july 30 1 aug. 0 and every four weeks thereafter. Fastest and most luxurious steamers i the Trade. Special through booking to All Paru of so East. America and Europe. All particulars from Mcilwraith Mceacharn. 4 00. To Petary limited. Agents Adelaide. _._2"uiio 7 via san Francisco. To All american ports ski blah Isles and Pontine St. Calling St Baba Tonga Cook group and Papeete Tahiti. From 1 from i due Sydney. Wellington j Frisco. Tahiti. Moana. Wil Lochra 1 july is july l8 aug. 7 aug. 0 us. 15 sept. 4 sept. 6 i sect. 12 i oot � and every 28 Days thereafter. For Parr Eulara regarding passages and freights us ply Union steamship co., of n.z., Ltd., a.u.s.n., limited agents .28? Register buildings. A Mcniell Street West coast shipping co. Ill dispatch from port Adelaide As under or 1 in nuance permitting ports Lincoln Kirton Point and town get tues. Tumby. Arno Wall Hoo Moonta and Cowell Wanda every thursday. 4 . Waits arrival of 3.35 . Train from adv attic. Freight Tumby and Arno prepaid. A avengers to Wallaroo by Adelaide and Brinkworth trains can catch Steamer on saturday to Cowell and mondays to Arno. Tumby and Lin Coln. Reduced fare or All ports and round trip occupying six Day. Clubton Venus. Sceales Streaky. Koky. Laura Murat. Denial. Fowler s ays Point Sinclair and Carawa land , wednesday. July i. 8 . Freights prepaid except Elliston. Reduced freights u All port. A. A lb-me9sukieb, Pat _144e australian Oriental line g. S. Yuill & co. Ltd. Ius la. China and Japan via Zamboanga. Darwin. Thursday Island and Queens last ports. . Goals Crusha. Shihng trom Dalger wharf. Jer Point. Money. On 26th july. Abot s. Taiyuan. August Jug. For fail pair ulary apolite vol a Iderson King Wiliam Street. San Prat ship my. The Adelaide steamship company limited. Wal dispatch steamers from port Adelaide poo tally As under circumstances permitting Albany and Fremantle. Tran shipping for Perth Geraldton ii Lott West ports and Singapore. Warilda i 7,713 tons i sat i july 12 i s . Melbourne. Sydney and Newcastle. Clan Boss. I thur. 1 july 10 1 4 . Cargo Only Melbourne and Sydney. Tracei tipping or All tasmanian Queensland Ana zealand Porte War huh i 7.71� tons thurs. I july 24 i 3.30 . New Steamer twin screw Circlio telegraphy carrying Tret end second Saloon cod Steerage Pas sengers. _ West coast so Rynce. Streaky. Murat denial. . I Satu div july 12 i i . Calls at edit Burgh. . Elliston. Venus. Sceales. Streaky. Smoky. Laura. Murat denial Fowler s Bays. Point Sinclair Carawa. Ferret. Wednesday i july 16 i 5 . Fortnightly thereafter. A Spencer Gulf service. Port Lincoln Kirton Point. Tumby Neill. Arnob a. Wallaroo. And Cowell. So. Marialta every tuesday. . Lowest rates. Best accommodation. Ports Lincoln Augusta termed Pirie As. Paring. Saturday july 12 i 6 . Ports Lincoln. Tumby. Arno. Wallaroo. Moonta. Cowell Neill North Shields As. Law estimator thursday july 10 4 . Ports Turton. Minla Cowie. Victoria Hughes. Wallaroo Broughton. . Herbert 1 sati Irav i july 12 i 4 pm freights prepaid to Turton. Minla Cowie _ vis Tona Gemein. Emo Neill. Tumby. Louth. North so Icide and All West coast ports except Ellis ton. Saloon passage tickets interchangeable Wita tier inter state of Minniea. Object to conditions. The Adelaide steamship co. Limited Adelaide and port Adelaide steamship co. A. Edit Burgh. Reduced fares and freights. . Yupari leaves commercial wharf. Port Ade Laide Ewry saturday at 11 ., and edit Burgh every thursday at 2.3 . Jugan s Yorke town coach meets Rupaka every trip. Large dining. Music and smoking rooms electric licht. Hot and cold Baths be. Apply the Adelaide steamship co Ltd., s Adelaide and port Adelaide the Castle Silt Coop. Co. Ltd., edit Burgh. Upe a. U. S. N. A Tamera leave permitting Tor Albany. � . Fremantle. I tuesday. Job-15. Tran shipping for Perth Mudarra. 10.000 ton Trimton . Porta i Bat. July 26. De Singapore. J s . �3�52hrne a Ingarra 10,000 ton kswforflji.1 it t " to it Zzz a Pil Barra. Ports. Ouse Naland von Yiyi Jniya. Twin screw. Fitted with wireless. Carrying first be Amil and third Cjase Pas Senger. A Oon ticket with other inter state Compaq a subject to Condi Tion full return Porlick of Ordinary first class Beran raft tickets Between Melbourne and Adelaide ire available net Steamer. Register bid. Grenfel St. And port Adelaide. _108c australian steamships line. Howard Smith Cor. Limited. Managing Agente steamers. Will leave port Adelaide circumstances permitting Melbourne. I us for \ to Queensland Notts. A -. sad second class steam ticket re Arter first pert of Call with other inter site cd meanies subject to con cations ascertain Abl on we plication. Full return portion of Ordinary first oses railway ticket Between Adelaide and Melbourne available by this company steamers. Howard Smith company. Limited. Managing agent. . Buildings. 19. Eine William Street Adelaide and North Parade. Port Adelaide. Telephone no?.-Adelaide. 373. �73 port. W. Mcilwraith Mceacharn line. passenger service i Kroola. Twin screw. T9t ton wireless telegraphy. Stu Fodat. July my at 2.20 pm. One is s wharf. Karoo la. Twin Crew t.591 ten wireless telegraphy thursday july 31. At 4 mu., Queen s wharf. Albany. Fremantle. Tran shipping for Perth. Banbury. Geraldton. Adn Sorth West. Porta. . Sydney. a tag Martzia. Queens and and Zea Uri Parta. All Keavy baggage artist be alongside % at la at one hour before advertised Odie of my lae Baboola twin screw Steamer hat a a waned accommodation for first and second Baloo and third a passengers. Private a Bitch luxe it. Third class consisting of 2, 4. And 8 berts ote.--6aloon ticket i Are enter changeable after first port of Call with other inter state com Pheniea. Cond Tiena the trainable on apol Catlon. Full return portion of Ordinary Firat Clem railway tickets Between Adelaide and mesh amt Are available by enter state Steamer. Mil Wrath. Mceacharn. 4 co. Proper Start. Uv1ted. Beet the Mise Orner King William to Tibet Aai wat Mouth treat. Adelaide 3. Rawlings the son. Pert Adelaide oct i r Bow Usino if son. Broken Del Huddart Parker line. To Albany Fremantle. . Race Trina 6,000 Tona wednesday 28rd july noon. . Zealandia. 7,000 tons Canadian Royal fail liner. Saturday. Aug. 2. 2 . . Zealandia. 7.000 tons. Thur3day. Vag Rrt 28. 1 .omits Albany. To Melbourne and Sydney. T.s.9. Zealandia 7,000 tons thursday july 17, 4 ". Sailing from Queen s wharf. Burying 1st, 2nd, and 8rd class passenger. Wireless telegraphy. Refrigerator cargo carried. Cargo booked through to Perth. New zealand ports. From Sydney-8.s. Uli Maroa. July 12 . It Merv july 16 . Victorov july a. Frt in Melbourne.-. Uli Maroa july 30. Saloon passenger tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies subject to condition. Full return portion of Ordinary first class rail Way tickets available by inter state steamers. He & j. Fowler. Limited. Agent. Melbourne steamship co. Regular passenger service. For . Dimboola Albany. F August 5. At 5 . Fremantle. J Copper cos wharf. Bunbury. 1 a. Kaunda Geraldton. I August 19. Traza Hipnar for Perth and . Porta fitted with wireless. Ample Pace fur re Fri ser Tfir cargo. Jetoa Odink. I tues. 15th july is Ivi a f Dimboola. Newcastle. J Jui a Brut Saloon Ltd Gaea. Single. Return. Siegle. Fremantle -�5 10 �8 16. 3 is. Melbourne. 0 s 10 0 Lia eydaay.3 is 6 0 s 8 0 Al in tickets with Ether interstate companies subject to conditions which n Ajr be ascertained on application. Splendid Stock accommodation. Kef Ioune steamship co. Ltd. Port. Geo. Wills is co., limited. Passenger agents. No. S3,. Grenfell Street. Adelaide. I Tiit Nabejar Aji Doho v _ Yorke Peninsula and Ean Craepo Island. The Gulf steamship co., Ltd. . 9 ., wednes Davs saturdays thursdays mondays. Return ticket available from any . Ports. . 9 ., saturdays wednesdays returning mondays thursdays. Hiley a coach meets steamers. Kangaroo Island Kin a the and hog Bay. Calling at Glenelg Discon unused. Karate Aso ., saturdays. Wednesdays returning Mon Day thursdays. Freights prepaid. Week end tickets available saturdays returning mondays 11 return. Second , &s0 ., wednesdays returning mondays. Freight pre paid. American River Salt jetty Koppola tuesdays 5.30 . Freight prepaid. , 9 ., thursdays re turning same Daj. Saturdays returning Mon Days. Port , 9 ., tuesdays re. Turning wednesdays. . Fridays re. Timing same Day. Wool , sundays 10 a. Cutt Rasa ived till noon. Saturday. Siaana ers Waits arrival a . Train from Adelaide for . Ports Aid s-4s . Sex eras for Elf ports. A cargo received after t am. Of Day Al sail ing. Only Ner Shanle goods and Stock received Saljr Day for Kangaroo Island. Tickets on Board Lei a a. Lemessurier Sec Starr. Port. Edit Burgh. 8 s. Warr Awee sails saturdays and wednesdays Retan acc mondays and Thun slavs. Waits arrival s.4s . Express train from Ade Laide Issaic for of tikk shipped cd Al webs afis nth use Piyne 3 a i a tit Mem a _ Sale time. Jas. Marshall & co the shopping Center where the people Conge Gate Clearing out Sale Dies gloves. Ladies 4-Button suede Lisle gloves in Beaver and Fawn with stitched backs. 1/3 per pair ladies knitted Wool gloves in Cream. 1/ per pair i ladies 4-Butlon kid gloves with stitched backs in White. 1/6 per pair ladies Elbow length Lisle thread gloves in Beaver Black and White 1/1j per pair ladies Elbow suede finish gloves in Al cite Beaver and Brown. 1/11 per pair ladies 2-domes French kid with stitched sock in Beaver Brown and Black. 3/9 per pair. Mantle and costume department. 1250 ladies stylish Navy and Grey knitted jerseys. 21/ for Sil " 48 ladies fashionable Navy knitted Wool Norfolk jerseys. 25/ for 12/9 a ". " 84 ladies Superior Black knitted Wool Norfolk jen35 of 21/, 25/ 60 ladies Superior coloured mixed Tweed pal tots 21/ for 411 32 ladies smart White Mackintosh Coats 55/ for 25/, 29/6 " t78. Ladies heavy coloured Moleton and flannel Ette dressing gowns for 6/11, 8/11 49 ladies smart coloured Serge and cloth one piece Lobos. 35/ for 12/9 10 Only ladies smart Black Serge coat and skirt costumes 21/ for 8/11 60 ladies coloured Jap. Silk 2-tone wadded dressing gowns 39/6 for 21/ 89 ladies warm coloured Jap. 2-tone wadded dressing jacket. 29/6 for 12/9 100 ladies stylish Creme and coloured mercerized Cotton and silk and Cotton mufflers and scarves for ii. 1/11. 2/11, 3/11 4/11. Underclothing and baby Linen department. 100 pairs ladies White and Creme Flannelette combinations trimmed Torchon lace and Inser Tion 5/11 for 1/11. 6/11 for 2/6, 8/11 for 2/11 75 ladies Superior Calico night dresses trimmed Torchon lace. 3/11 for 1/11 100 pairs ladies heavy natural Merino combinations Short sleeves. 3/h for 1/11. 94 ladies heavy natural Merino Vesta Short sleeves. 3/11 for 1/6. 3/11 60 pairs ladies Superior Serge bloomers Al for 2/11 97 ladies heavy Grey Fleecy lined stockinette petticoats. 3/11 for in 44 ladies stylish coloured Satin undershirts with pleated frill 35/ for 15/9 108 infant Superior White honeycomb and Muslin bib at 2d. 3d 6d. 78 infants and children s stylish Linen and Cam brie Kimono tunics. 4/11 for a 94 infants and children s Creme and coloured Cash Mere frocks. 2/11 for 1/, la to infants and children s coloured Serge cloth and Lambswool Winter Coats and tunics of 4/11 Al. 8/u. In/9. showroom. In trimmed Felt hats Lovely Quality in Navy Black ease Grey Rimo 4a1. 5/11, for 1/11 in. 8/11 fsr i/11 10/9 for 3/u special ele Ranee of samples and oddments in in trivia med Felt hat Fps candid Talue Worth 4/11 to Al. Tor 1/ and Lal clearance of fashionable trimmed millinery usual prices is/6 to 63/, to be sold at 2/11, 4/11, and Soi each Lovely fur Bester and Black Seal toques and hats Worth 18/8 to 69/6, to be Clearing at 4/11, Sll and 12/6 Beautiful Grey Squirrel toques 57/6 for 18/8, each., smart Tweed cloth and Corduroy velvet hats ready to Wear Worth 6/11 to Sll to in Eye Fri ? some Hina special. I 30-aaly Beal Irish Huirt made lace s�t8mrgs coat cottars1 and cuffs to mate Lovely Good a air is Imide usually very expensive 30/ it Fer 38/6 set and same at "50/ set for 19/6 set tas collars and cuffs to Maten. 190 pure silk crepe Chene Robes exquisite Quality Lovely to lariats in Pink sky helio., Blaek or Xiv mole amethyst a be Green Saxe White Cream Reseda v. Rose a Clearing to Day 1176 the Tobe length at the lace counter. 100 or Raote Lovely silk Toile some French frocks splendid Quality Lovely colors in Pink sky helio., Pale Green Grey v. Roie Cham pagne amethyst mole White Cream Black a. Lots sold at 17/0 the Robe take 9/6 each for them to Day at the lace counter 6 Yards double Width. 1.co0 All Wool and silk Delaine unmade Box blouses to Day i i each. Linen department. Ladies fancy handkerchiefs lace edged lace insertion Corners embroidered Comers also appliqued with scalloped Edge very pretty goods 5/6 per Dosen Sale Price 2/11 per dozen. 600 Yards 54-in. White table damask being sold at Loid. Per Yard 250 Yards 54-in. Cream table damask being sold at lord. Per Yard 500 Yards All Linen Forfar roller towelling 3/6 per dozen. 300 Yards Check Glass towelling 2/6 per dozen. 100 dozen White turkish towels 2/11 per dozen. 100 dozen White . Lawn handkerchiefs 8 Per dozen. For smart footwear visit our Boot department. Ladies american Korosis boots and shoes biscuit mole Grey and Black tops newest styles also Black and Tan golfers from 27/3 ladies Satin shoes to match All colors from 6/6 ladies Patent assorted shoes usual Price 17/6 and 22/6, sizes 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, All to Clear 10/6 ladies Glace Oxford and Ruby shoes usual Price 11/9, for-0/11, sizes 2, 3, 4, 6, 7. Ladies and gents Felt slippers All sizes from 1/3 to 3/6 gents Glace Derby bals., Stout soles Crochet and Jones. 22/6 for 18/9 gents Glace bals., self and Patent Stout Winter soles 15/9 for 12/9 gents Patent evening shoes Tram 10/6. Manchester department. White twill sheeting special for to Day 54 in., 1/s for 10d. 72 in., 1/11 for 1/3 80 in., 2/3 for 1/ specials in unbleached twill sheeting 54 in., ? Loid. For a. L 3 for 10 a 70 in., 1/6 for 1/. Lal for 1/6 so in. 1/11 for 1/3. 2/s for i it Yard special line White twill sheeting 64 in. 1/ for 8jd. Vard 54 in., lord. For 6ed. Wardall Wool flannel. Uli for 1/. 2/3 for 1/6 mostly stripes and Floral natural flannel. 1/ for 9w-. 1/3-for lord. Baby flannel. 1/3.-1/6. 1/11. 2/3 Yard Swan Down. 8/6 for 5al. 10/6 for 8/6 dozen White toilet covers. Lord. For old. White Marcella quilts. 12/6 for 8/11, 15 6 for 10/6. 217 for 12/0 each none comb of Niles full size 5/11 for 3/11, 8/6 for 8a1 each eiderdown quilts at special prices 35/ for 21/, 88/6 for 23/6. S9j6 for 29/fl each builders Ironmongery Raleigh Paragon Gas could nor stoves Large stocks on hand. �8 and �9 15/ Bath Heater fuel from �2 10/ Gas from �4 5/ Gas fires 23/. 2�/6. Just shipment american Wall paper. Bean Tipul and exclusive design at moderate prices. _ Flannelette. Fancy Floral Tennis cloths All pretty Signe this season Nice for morning gowns Drens incr jackets bed baskets. Cd All re Dued in drice for this Sale old 7 d., 8 d., or. 10w Ltd. 1/ per Vard Doul the Width Honc comb Cream cloths will was splendidly Gale Price 1/2 Vard Cream and White Flannelette Nice Oft warm makes suitable for ladies and Ceil Len s Wear free from dross. 3/11. 4/11. 5al 6/6. 7/6, 8/6, 9/0, 10/6. 11/0. 13/6 per dozen for pyjamas. Strong Wann Yeaw makes in striped flannel ettes Juet the Noke for the cold weather. 3/11. 4/11. 5/11. 6/6. 1j6. S/6, 9/6, 10/6. 11/6. 13/ per the trimming department. Coloured Suk dress fringes if. 1/3. And 1/6, to co at or ver Vard Black silk Milf birr braid to go to Day 9d. It 4m. Per Vard. 2 in. Wide coloured Guipre edgings to go to Day 1/3 for 9d. Per Van. Orienta Dregoi trimmings 4/6 for 1a1 per Vard. Be have a full Range of Gold and Silver braid Galoon fringes a tee for trimming fancy dresses. Ask to see them. Children s ribbon hair bands. 1/ for o�d., \6 for 9d. Each Toba co pouches with 9-ct Gold mounts to go Al half Price 10/0 for 5/3. 11/6 for 5/9.12/6 Tor 6/3 each. Gents Mercery and shirt department. Gents coloured print fronts id. To Clear gents coloured print cuffs id. To Clear gents coloured print cuffs double shape 6d. Per pair children s Navy jerseys of. Each to Clear children s elastic braces email sizes2jd. Per pair Cream Cord shirts Collar and pocket usual Price 2/6, Sale Price 1/11 each fleece lined under vests and underpants usual 2/6. Sale Price 1/11 men s ready to Wear department. Overcoats. Overcoats. Men s double breasted overcoats special " Sale prices. 29/6. 35/, a \ an automatic drop head. A l. That is one particular Point we wish you to take great note of Wita tis Busy Bee there is no necessity for you to hit the head of the machine into Posi Tion Thia is All done automatically merely by raising the Extension Leaf which act causes the head to Rise into position Locking itself securely ready for working when finished of simply fold the Leaf Back again and the head gently Lowers itself into its receptacle out off sight leaving a handsome Golden Oak table which May be made use of for Oma mental purposes. J the Cabinet work of the Busy Bee is of very handsome design and a built of dark american Oak and polished whilst be Metal part Are in Best . Japan and Nickel. For Over six years we have been Selling the Busy Bee automatic drop head sewing machine and 6uch satisfaction Are they giving the Many hundreds of housewives using them that we extend our usual invitation to All ladies / who May be interested m sewing machines to ask their friends what they think of their Busy Bee machines their answer we know will convince you that to invest a a Busy Bee is the Heit thing you can possibly . R buy f that was. R v �1st-you a & a � a Busy Bee. " a tried and pm o Ved worker f Here Are the prices � 3-o.rawer treadle Busy Bee a. ,.,�415 0" 5-drawer treadle Busy Bee a li15 0 7-drawer treadle Busy Ibee ? a �5 15 0 with All i hand machine with dome cover and All necessary accessories j�2 19/1 " also t the rotary special " Busy Bee " " v automatic drop head treadle machine Jno better machine made on Earth absolutely the limit in perfection and value highly geared runs at lightning Speed built for heavy work noiseless easy Ruh Ning easy to work no friction Carrie a Large Lound shuttle which holds a Large Quantity of thread a Beautiful eau stitch Price Complete with heavily Nickel led accessories in a handsome of steel casket. �7 15/ Busy Bee drop head boudoir Cabinet machine in handsome Golden Oak with All accessories remarkable value. �7 13/ a extra parts for the above machines stocked by us All repaire done when necessary. Ask us to Send you a Busy Bee Booklet pct free the Prince of Low priced sewing machines j the Busy reliable machine of Worth. See our stocktaking. Bar gain windows he photo Charles streets. Bundle Street. Adelaida

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