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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jul 6 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 6, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Mat Bissau Bibb Mabie Mibb spam amps Midei Jyh mail font Bali with the French govern. Adelaide to London via Marseill sailing at Albany. Seychelles Aden Buzz and port Adelaide to London in 88 Days. Mas. Oslo Mander leave Adelaide. A Mabb bo2bia. Poy Denot tues., aug. 2 annul of. Didier . Thurs., Bept. 1 Noaim a _ 1038 f. Fia Sohl . Mon., oct. 8 Polt Tresiah co Oil. Boulard . Thurs., nov. 8 Abmad 6o2b a. Por Denot . Sat., dec 8 Birs of pass ass include worn or at Matot of smote Obe Iiah ticks Maneule to a am issued Here journey 84 hours Only. The company later Reters will accompany through passengers from Marseilles to Paris and London. Luggage con Nye Dru by Steamer bom Man Eltee to London. Inrush stewards. Milch cow carried. Angle tickets to Mars effies from �20 to �66. Be ttmfrom�s4to�los. _ _ accommodation menu area. Wine or Brandi ene Tram through to Havre Genoa Antwerp Dunkirk Hamburg Bordeaux and London. A fun Apparao mmtfy3 go Bbott p. & o. S. N. Co. Toss tvs a of Satin to Taiba c6lombo,Aden. Bib Dibi Maia Gimbal Tab and Plymouth by new its. Oomman Dei. Leave Tio Tobia -16268a.w Adamson july 6 Oceanak Stewart july so Talotta _49wr.f. Bra some b. Aug. 8 Abadia _ 8562 . Andrews by Fol aug. 17 bomb 665 . Daniell an f. 81 j748 e. Ashdown Berb u Parramatta 71 b. G. Murray 8.n.8. Berb. 28 Mab Otlia 4919 o. Fraser Obj 1 Britannia _6267 j. Orman 100. 86 first and second Saloon Para Row anode Date break air journey at me mediate ports. Oab his Ese ived on pedal terms. Liberal Oono Slons made 4s Jaf Flat do Ftp Tufi Juc a Boob passages from England can be arranged Here. the Anan memento have been Oro my leagans a. The accommodation offered Btag i go of passage Money. To London in first Saloon _ 0 to a ? italian ports do. To cos to London in beyond Saloon _ Robatta sports do. _ �s0 to �8 beam tickets from _ _ �6to�us Oano received a Refl 6 . On Hie monday and Panesi to noon on flu tuesday prior to Ete Amert and an information apply to Eldib. Smith it 00., in ted agents. Bisio of o. A Victoria. To special or. Train for passengers and visitors of arranged to leave Adelaide for sea end Large pier at 8.50 . On wednesday. Elder Smith & co., limited agents. Orient line of Royal mail steamers. The following Royal Hail steamships be longing to the Orient and Pacific companies win leave Adelaide semaphore at 12 noon on the undermentioned dates for Plymouth and London via Albany sue Hansl Naples and Gibraltar Steamer. Tons. Commander. Date. Orduba 6,077 a. W. Of Rke july 13 Leota _ 6,067 b. E. Lavington july s7 of but 6,846 h. G. Darby aug. 10 Obetz _ &031 in. X Wolta . Aug. 84 of Votava 6,66t w. Waddilove . Sept. 7 Secba 5 66s . Sept. 21 a Tkal 6,684 f. oct. 5 Cuzco 8,91513. F. Anderson oct. 19 and thereafter Saloon passed gun allowed to break their journey. Entire Cabins lessened on most Liberal passage Money. Ssi Ood �66, end �70. Second cuss �soand�37. Third two berth Cirtos �22 each adult. Do. Four berth Cabins �90 each adult. Steerage. Open berths �17 he. Each adult. Third and Steerage rates include bedding meal Treen filst . Excursion return tickets at reduced rates. Prepaid passages from London. Special Facil Itin Are now afforded for bringing out friends and relatives by the prepayment of passage Tobej Here at above rates. Managers of. It a a co and Anderson Ander son it co., Fence Czuroh avenge Load on . Fou particulate on and nation to m. G. Anderson Branch manager. Lie 28, i. To told Lloyd. To Hail Egolar non Tiluy one of fast a Southampton. Tkv Antwerp and Bremen owning Ai 3olwnno. Aden son port Smyd. And Genoa Oon betting wit Man and passenger from port said to Brindl under Han contract Wil the Imperial . Steamer a Fol be die patched Aste own steamers. Tons Oomman Dar. La. And. Hokk Taufen 8,090 w. Boben a u ? a Obi q. Tunmann aug. 16 Stjan beg 8,116 sep. Is Hohenzy Ollesh 8,092 Yon cot Len oct. 18 a Branch line to Samoa and Ete amex Taures Sydney on Ards Al of each Steamer for these a Al i passage Money from Adelaide to Bremen bom a team great reductions on return Pas. Pages available for six nine or twelve months very facility is offered or bringing out friends by payment of passage Money Here. Cabin passenger away break Taffler journey. Earn aped any arranged to Eft All nations. An office and stewards Monte taint wit As a Jun a and cargo booked of enough to London and principal in Opean Asiatic and american Borts Carmn for England an landed at Southampton. In feta passengers a Fol land and embark at Large tar to eight passage and a other particulars apply h. Muecke too any i. Adelaide and port a hungarian Bush Boot _ _ _ 611 m extra heavy water gets _ .99 ? bating of Bab very neat. _ _ 8u " Strong Lauier oxfords double Zeolei _ 611 " carpet slippers All sizes Sll ladles seam to toe _ _ 611 Levant Bestic sides vamps _ _ 611 " invent Laos shoes _ _ ii " Levant Balmoral -6 11 " leather Balmoral Good value _ _ ill inti hair Henrj Artw. " i _ 811 " Felt a uppers fur bound _ _ _ us " Felt bedroom suppers _ _ in " House boots _ _ _ _ _ 811 " leather elastic Side _ _. A a youths Straw leather by Atheni _ _ 1 Al " _ _. A m Strong leather Bate books and Caps All aids Taal and t Levant Bals High leg. Ill maids sizes lands leather Bate a i leg _ 4 6 maids Fesl and s leather stockyards _ b 11 children s 10 to u Levant Bate _ _ _ 411 v 10 to in Levant Ela Atio sides _ 4 8 " 10 to 13 leather Bals ugh leg _ 8 " 10 to 18 leather stockyards _ _ 111 10 to is hungarian nailed _ _ 811 " to 9 Levant Eustis sides or bags _ 8u Eto 9 leather Bate Eatn High _ Sll " eto9leauierstoekyarda _ _ s c 4 too halt shoes Good vans a 4to Al Levant strap shoes s 4 toe grained Balmoral -19 Infanta s to 6 fancy strap shoes 1u Infanta to i fancy strap shoes _ _ 0 9 Infanta l to 4 kid elastic sides _ _ .11 h.8.-county orders will Reodie prompt Atten Toni when remit Uig Stamps should be avoided if possible. Price list Post free on App Patton. Hote tie address Waken past Luu Lufi Todl Siben. Shipping. Fee Howard Smith line. New service. Further reduction of passenger Fana Yon Saloon. Be Tarn. Cawa. To Melbourne �110 0 �2 10 0 �0 16 0 Sydney _ b 0 0 too 160 Winter Sion to Queensland. Retain tickets available for two months will be resided to Townsville �17 10a. Chime �17 Loe. Cooktown �19. Freights at lowest Bates. For Melbourne . Sydney bib Bank Habibo Bough Boc Hampton . Btu Sinyong Mackay tuesday july is 1e.16 town Yilli pin Geraldton Kongo Abba cab no tuesday july 19, 12.15 Post Douglas .i Cooktown thu Day is. Normanton Bubke tows j fax b posts Pixie termed. And Augusta. 6.8. Bun Inyong wednesday i july 6 111.46 Tun. Be cheapest and most convenient route of broken Hill. Saloon. Begum. Itoe Obata. To Pirie too i in o a v c to Augusta 110 0 2 10 0 100 from Smith and Waves wharf. Fore Cabin passengers Are supplied with food and bedding Nee. Roll particulars on application to w. A Law 00., Anutt Grenfel Street Adelaide i 8580 upon Street. Port Adelaide. -3k-. Cd s Toebes will be dispatched asked Cess. Of under jew Hwy Fri a Tansbury every thursday a a Ana sat Obday at 6 . From Stana Bury every monday and Friday at 11 am. To Post Vincent every tuesday at 8 ., retaining same Day leaving at 4.30 pin. Stoio a. Luhe Spurier Secretary. General bleat for fee. Lob Heb bomb it co. Nave of Sale on the spot or to arrive Stout guinness of bottled by o Brien the " Dagger Brand Edmond s celebrated pig Brand. Whisky scotch Ballantine a dab Brand. In bulk. Shelving Clear Pine Spruce deals Ash base Wood Hickory Walnut . Flooring. Kerome Crystal water White 160". Turpentine. Becin dark and Light grades. Plaster Windsor in Diamond Brand. Oak stares for wine casks. Champion s vinegar bulk and Case. Tobacco and cigarettes old judge Brand. Dan Choice Havanna la not de Faustio soda 70 per cent. Soda Ash. Silicate of soda. Felt sheathing and booting. Dynamite fuse detonators. Linseed Oil Baw and boiled. King s Windsor Asbestos Cement for plastering Maui and ceilings. Teas Low to medium Congo us new season s. Preserved meats All descriptions of Queensland heat Export company s Brand. Indents executed. Glela Lomme?,Bome,&co., Duson on delivery either by Road nil or boat. Did Tama and land in tins of 40,50, la 7.1, and 1 ilk Orl neg also lard in bladders. Bax Foox Oll Eno Mona Sookai band. Ask Fob a Bike address Hight Laid 11, bund la Atbin a by Ken East pm fim of fam wo.4p. Tooti area Hows insurance companies. A Obj Baugh Mutual boo Ieti Ilia oldest most ltbkrat., and most prob Boub Mutual Ufa office in Aust Ana and the ohly an Struan office that Datum it Boeuf every Kab. Coral funds exceed ceh millions by Ellinb. Damn Kim b South a Noulia Lewis a. Heseop Esq., j.p., no Altman. Horatio Kwh Tutten Esq., my Depontt cd Slmaa so b. X. Smith e.om.g.,. Bob. Ban Anim Esq., Ujj. Ohava by. Goode Esq., . Hokl he Biho be Dent Beret any. Ete Gilmam Atee etl India it Olohia Mot Al Fink inso Bahqe Oom a Pant to a. Of april. -4560.000, a pm Nom qty exam nov Moa Aonica a los bum pid Bogues emf Mobbs Lubun Lamox Isaac la Lynn not Otist. King Williaim Steen. Ilboala74 w. Bub net. Bement Boreta youth Ihbe Danoe oomph it i unite do oat Pati Gijon Odoo. Bibb to fees so Oak boat of Sno Cibor Serge Solarte eat. Of airman Lattur to Amsl Esq. Dept of Almaa shades m. Jap. Alot Andoff Hay Esi. . Ujj. It be and Mabine btes at current bats. Monet Lent on mortgage. I , Aii i in and at every town to in Tibe Colony. Al Nail Secretary. I a Abudiab Abbud Banoub company. Huber in 11, lob id Bobbt. To few _ _ -�1,000,000 . 1,000,000 Iclal Fonda in cards of total annual income _ 988400 Che in deadened having been appointed agents of the above company at arts Laid an prepaid to Issue policies it Ine Granoe against it be on then anal 139ia230 61888, bib sex it co. Rentell Trees. Drapery Ana clothing. Waddington b first annual Winter Clearing Sale commencing monday june 18. Large Stock of All kinds of knitted cloth ing Hose socks a to be Ole Abed to make room for summer Stock. The whole of our goods Are marked in Plain figures and a discount of 10 Peb cent allowed on All purchases of 6e and upwards. Zhi Sag Kline Sale of first class goods ? which cannot be beaten. G. Waddington Arcade Adelaide. first Sale and Tot one month Only. 165?1w2w drapery ant cloth no. Jas. Marshall & co. Continuation Winter Sale. Special notice. We have received through our London House a Large Purchase of ladies purchased on very favourable terms at special Job prices the whole of which has been marked at Sale prices and is now under offer to the in Bella about Jaq dozen to select from. Prices hereunder. Loodcz., viz., usual our Price value to Day. Ladles . Knickers trimmed 1/11 for cd. Do. Do. Do. 2/11 for a do a do. 3/u for to ladies . Sra were tucked and 1/11 embroidered 3/u for Lull do. Do. Do. 5/il for of 1 ladies . Chemises embroil no. Dered a for j do. Do. Log afternoon aprons 1/u, 2/u, and 3/u, for cd. Each. 76 of to Flash Nelette dressing gowns motor 4 y u 17 ladies Plush opera cloaks 86/, for 12 /9 84-in. Sealetta handle Plush usual Price 10/6. To be cleared at g i i Yard. 24-in. Furniture Plush an color usual Price 7/8, to be cleared at 4 /11 Yard. Be Early. Be Early. Jas. Marshall & co. 8630.3899 r drapery and clothing. J. Miller Anderson and co s third week or Winter Sale. Further reductions in Best millinery bonnets and hats. The balance of our Stock of Superior of Beoh and English millinery has been still feb the seduced to ensure a Complete clearance before our annual stocktaking. W stylish bonnets As Foi Lowb 19?6d 85a 87e6d 3936 d 45s 4756 d for for for for for lot 1086 d 12s6d 16864 19e6d 2ls 25b 663 63s 639 65s for for for for s-s6d 2756 d 29scd 32s. 15s de to be cleared at y n the " Bond Street Felts in Black Navy and Brown trimmed and untrimmed be de to be cleared at 2/ t 1 the bom Street in mid and dark Grey trimmed braid 6b?d,noirat2/ll 23 imitation Seal travelling Caps newest shapes 10s 6d, now at Jln ladies Cheviot Ulster with fashionable Long Cape in stylish new checks 2756d.29e8d. 395, 45s by now now now now 16e6d,1&36d.26e6d,3256d. A special line of Marone and Grey Rasta ii cloaks lined shot 80k, 69b so. Now reduced to 2 7/6 sex Orizaba just unpacked novelties in ladies jackets. Black Serge Watteau backs from 25/ each. Young ladies jackets various qualities. Sizes 6,7,8. Ladies Black Seege jackets Astracan fronts and collars Sale Price Qaq j. Miller Anderson and co., so and 22, Hindley Street. 1840 j. T. Fitch the Corner i Jthn pipe streets. Thalf Tearly Leaba Nob que revised list. In placing teds but before our Gus Tamera we wish it to be understood that All reductions shown we genuine and Attiat the goods offered Are new and fashionable striped dress tweeds i dozen fancy dress tweeds 2s lid 8s lid for is lid dozen heavy dress staff to dear 2s lid dozen heavy Wincey 4s 6d for 2s lid dozen heavy Helton doth 6id for 8s lid dozen self striped Helton 6jd for 4jd 0-in. Heavy dress tweeds a very special line 4 d 42-Fa. Striped dres tweeds. 6jd Yard 8 ends of Terra Amazon cloth is lid far is 3d 8-ln. Bavy and Brown Astrachan to Clear la Ltd extra special lines. About 60 fashionable capes magnificent variety at the following reactions 27/ it 2/ b. 31/6, All 15/ 82/6, 36/. 39/5 42/, 45/ to 55/, Allau. 17/6 21/ ladies1 Blok russian cloaks 24 Only to Clear 27/6, for � 2 q the attention of ladies is directed to these genuine bargains. It Snerr Bibb one in All new shades s a 6a, 9d, a Large Mev Ocet seek by Bons id per Yard Hidre Sash ribbon Green Only is 3d for 1m ladles silk of a i of egg Nojd each ladies oae Mere gloves 6d, is is 3d pair ladles kid gloves 4-Bntton, is la d for is 6d ladies hid gloves 6 clasps is lid for 3s lid or millinery bonnets. 25e for 10s fid 80b for 16s 6d about 80 to select from 80 Only obeah Cashmere oafs to dear and. Black and coloured Gem and fancy shape Straw hats la is 6d to stud to Clear cd 80 boxes of Birds to Cleat As follows of for so is so Tor 6d, la lid for 9d, a 6d for is swiped Flannelette is lid 3a 6d 8s 6d 9ddo 9id Rath 4 cases of 1-quart fluted Glass water jog,., re 1,000 bottles of ban de Cologne perfume 3d bottle Johnson s bread knives is each Johnson s watchers knives 6sd each leather Pongs Worth la. Tor 6w. Children s outfit department. E0 children s Wool Pelissey 4s 3d, 6s 9d, 8s 9d go children s Tweed overcoat cd each so dozen Zephyr by Jered Hasket chiefs is dozen German aprons 9d,, is 3d each. Hosiery department. Women s Navy Plain Cashmere Bose 6\i. 9d, is 3d pair women s stainless fast Black Hose Job Price 6�d is dozen glib Cashmere Hose ribbed spliced Knees size 2 and 8, 6jd pair about 800 dozen women s. Girls and maids finished and unfinished feet. 1b Doz a paits 150 dozen 3 to 5 children s Cotton eos finished 9d per dozen pairs. Glove department. 300 pain Light colors Dent 4-Button kid gloves All sizes is pair were 2s lid gent s 2-Bniton list pm gloves. 2s lid and 8s lid any size for la Pur 4-Button Tan kid gloves is lid 2s us. 34 lid 4s lid pair Black and coloured Cashmere gloves. 6m 9jd, la pair 14-in. Tan taffeta gloves 6jd, 3jd, is pair ladies driving gloves is pair worm 2a 9d. Linen Calioo and cab Pei depart ment. Grey Nesla u lid is 9d, 3s 9d, 4s 9d dozen Crew Eon and Horrocks Eal Calico 2s Lud dozen 30 in. Wide White Calico is us dozen Xiii Sheet double Beds fluid 9w, wed a sold Yard sew let Turkey twill 2s 9d, 3b us Doz a heavy White flannel 4jd. Sad 7jd, Luj d Yard striped Flannelette is us Saud 8s us dozen Brown table damask 43d, 6jd,7w, 9m. Is Yard �100 Worth of Art mantel tapestry ,3 d 43d, these Are desperate value Wool Creyonne Ball fringe 2w Yard White blankets Large and heavy stud is 9d, 6s 3d, a 9d, its 9d, 12s 9d pair. Men s clothing department. Hen s Tweed trousers 3s us 4s lid stud pair men s Serge trousers 31 us. 4s 9d, is 9d pair men s Tweed suite 9s lid 12e 6d, 16s 6d, 19s 6d 26s overcoats overcoats for the million two Siden did lines at 7s lid los fld. Men s Mercery departs tent. So dozen men s Fly Mutte shirts to Clear us each new leather cloth shirts at 2s us men Webb braces to be cleared at 3d pair Iso dozen men s Strong elastic braces 6d, 9d, is gents Derby breast and knot scarfs cd each Black Tom ?.2deachrt of 1 in a lot of gents knot and breast scarfs cd each. 3 the Trade a och. Hunt Corry & co., i drapery and clothing. Good Quality ladies Raveed waterproofs. Chas. Birks & co. Are making a special of All their Best Oual Tieb in ladies titled water proofs. The following prices should com mandate attention of All who know How to appreciate a bargain one at 15/ for _ 10/6 one at so Tor 12/g fonrat496for 12/6 two at 56/ for 17/6 one at 63/ for _ 15/6 one at 03/ for 25/ one at 7s/Lor _ 25/ Oie silk 72/g for _ 25/ six Black Tweed 63/ Lor 21/ no Shah real bargains remember the far lined cloaks which Are now nearly All sold. Ladies Good Quality Tweed waterproofs. Chas. Birks & co. 1880 great Winter Sale. Chas. Moore & co., 14, Rundle Street. Further reductions bigger attractions greater bargains in All classes of general drapery. Chas. Moore & co., 14, Rundle Street. 177 c Hall & Savage s stocktaking Sale. All goods marked in Plain figures. We quote a few of the reactions made Tweed Drees 3a 6d dozen reduced to id Yard heavy striped dress be lid dozen reduced to & lid heavy dress herring Bone 6e6d dozen reduced to Superior Helton 10jd Yard reduced to 7jd am Zon cloth is Yard red Aeed to so Knicker Check dress la 3d Yard reduced to 6id hero Tweed Dies doable Widt la us Yard re diced tolled heavy Tweed dress double Width 2s9d Yard reduced tols7id a Beriont Tweed doable Width 2s lid reduced to la lid Yard Corduroy dress doable Width 2s 6d Lor is old be 64 Lor 2s 6d Navy and Black Serge double Width reduced to 23 6d, 3b 6d Yard very Choice unmade Robes a Beautiful dress with Tea Tang 47b 6d, reduced to 27s 01 coloured Cashmere double Width is 3d Yard reduced two marvellous lines Black Cashmere double Width no. 1, our unequalled 2s lid line reduced to 2s us 10. 2, our unequalled 8a 61 line reduced to 8s 6d Black Broche Cashmere double Width 2s lid Lor is lid ladies Ulster 12s so. Reduced to 4s lid ladies Ulster la sad reduced to 7s us ladies Ulster 19s 6d, reduced to 9 lid its Ulsten 26s so reduced tolls 9d girls and maids Ulster from is lid to 9s 64, in dear ing lots at la lid and 2 Ltd ladies cloth jacket 12s fld reduced to 4s lid children Reefer jackets 4a lid to us. 6d. All to Clear at is lid and 3s lid children s utters sizes 27 to 36, is by reduced to 4a lid children s Ulster sizes 21 to 24,5s 6d, reduced to 3a lid far tippets 2s lid for la lid 4s 9d for 2s 6d ladies Flannelette skirt is each ladies Jere evs coloured 5a of to 83 6d, All to dear at is lid ladies jerseys Black 4s 6d to 7s 6d, All to dear at 2s us ladies jerseys Black and coloured 6s 6d to 10b 6d.au to dear at 3s us infants Wool hats 2s 9d for la 4s lid for is 6d infants Wool Pelissey 93 cd for 4s lid Wool Clouds coloured 4s gel for 2s lid 9a 6d for stud corsets Clearing 6d pair corsets is cd for 94 2s us for is us children s trimmed turbans is lid for is 3a 6d for 28 3d children s Felt Sailor hats 4s lid for 2b us cd Daren ,stsdfor3sud children s Black and Kavy Hose a size 6jd for 3w pair ladies Oann let gloves 11 cd for 7d, is 9d for is 3d heavy Flannelette 3s us reduced to is us dozen heavy flannel face 9b 6d, reduced to 4s us dozen heavy Flannelette Floral patterns 9s us dozen reduced to 6jd Yard Flannelette shirting As us dozen l reduced to 3s us White Calico our Superior 86-in. Wide is lid dozen reduced to 4s lid Brown Holland 4sd, reduced to 2jd Yard Cream Holland 6ld, reduced to 33d Yard Brown . Towels 4a lid for 3a us 6s us for 18 us dozen Bro n Turk towels bad each reduced to bad Creyonne 3s us dozen reduced to is us Strong Cotton shirting god Yard reduced to 5s us diaper is Yard reduced to 7jd slate Silesia 4ld, reduced to 2d Yard Bush rags stud reduced to la ild men s Beaver holes Best a Mility stud pair men s Tweed shirt 3s cd reduced to is us Hen s Linen collars 2id each Hen s Oilskin Coats less fld reduced to 8a us Hen s Oilskin Coats 17s 6d, reduced to i2s 9d Lien s Superior Tweed suits fancy patterns 359, reduced to fid men s Bliss Tweed suits 339 9d, reduced to 25a 9j boys Tweed trousers suit6a us youths Tweed suite 7s us boys Good heavy Tweed salts 17s a reduced to 12a 9d youths Good heavy Tweed suits 19s 6d, reduced to 13a 9d boys Tweed Knicker suits 5s lid reduced to 3s us. All sizes Hen s soft Felt hats 3s do reduced to 2s 6d Boje Caps 71 1 Lam o Shanter i�3d for is 6jl tailoring. Trousers to measure 21s to 255, reduced to iss 6d pair trousers to measure its 6d. Reduced to 16s cd pair a Large assortment of tweeds incl oing Superior Lobet Kals q / Sac Salt usual prices and 90s. All goods marked a Plain figures. Hall Savage drapers it tailors 105. Rundle Street. Adelaide same bk3e and 3 doors West of Arcade. I wait or lessons Ripe on compleat two manual instrument with pedals it stops. College of organists my Iny j. H. Fray. Organist and choirmaster St. Peterl Chenell Organ studio. 160, bundle a Nev. If cd Raul enter prospector Ustim

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