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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jul 5 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 5, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. ? p. & o. Iteria kaviuat1on co Patst. Foe lok Dok. . Fag stir Ali in act troyal Mil contract will dispatch the Fol lowing Xiamen calling at Albany. Colombo. Aden so nuke. Gibraltar id a la mouth. Wits Liberty to Call at Brindiar ? its or is a i commander. Leave Oceana. 6us l. N. Crawford july 6 a Ivannia july 3 1kd1a a iii. U c. Worcester aug. 3 of Ibntal 5 i i 17 Victoria its. Ii Crew 1 Australia i flu i. Beeves i a � Arcadia icon a. A to in i a Tolu i iii. Cote ? i let for Fri i Ort said notice to passengers. Liberal wac Russ 10 families. Whole Cabins reserved. The in Otu fim a second saloons is unsurpassed. A Mccaee from Europe. Can be arranged Here. Passengers allowed to Ore their at Ibie mediate ports. Tourists tickets India Cana. Japan in. Bound the Vorm Tilc is i him. Passage Bates. Ticket issued at to Tai current rates. Special return tickets to Lunion. �110 & is. Hand books time tables Ami ail particulars m to passage Money a. Forwarded on application. Eur mob Smith. & co. Iam1ted. Agents. ? go of Law Rezmi d pc o. K.h.s5. Obasa special trains it for passed Geks and visitors Are or Norred to leave a Paije Tor lie Ici in diff los boy Jet at 10.ss and 11.48 . Oti of hate Day. The last launch leaves the ship at b.m., connecting with the 2.23 . Return special born Lares Bay to Adelaide. Eldes Smth. & co. Limited Ilju Orient line. He following steamships under Boyal mall contract. Itt Leue Adelaide clangs Bay at t pin. On the undermentioned dates Fly Hooth us London. To Urbany. Colombo Etna Suppiah for All Indian ports. Suez canal. Tuples. Marseille and Gibraltar ? Aba .6.857 tens Undy say Iju i -mwr2ttm7 e . . July 27 aos bal Kim f. S. Symens oxen a 18,291f. Ruthra ans.2� and thereafter. Twin screw. Saloon Tolondo single �35 to it j return. �85 to �110. Bird Kaaa �15 16s., �17 17s and �18 iss. 4ul00s to old Hob single �3t to.? by torn �33 to Titi ? 1 was tech Acar Aalia. Aloof �3 Las. To �7. Third. It 10s. ? Ito area Ironi Airport can be Pra Baid Here. Moth tickets Fin Saloon Between 1snb00u-l uni tots Are now Ata Dable for Etas tar p. And a the urn Barine room. Suits by a. Be co. And a Deb Bok Ute . It 00 Nesne. Auto ssi Branch Ajob ? �. Ort leu Street. 111ogi is . . Stramera o 4ls0o ton. Under postal Eon Nec with Kittea Gotama not Ead Faur at Hel Bourke Jalu jul Alsunn. Colombo. Suez Aad foot 8aip. Lube Nta patched monthly a of How in Friuli Bollard july lol july it july is Arward Bryc ipod Denot and. 7iaue. 10 aug. U past Sobbs booked to Bombay India China Bat a by Japan. Passage mosey. A to �70. A Wunz table wines. Bet can tickets u Kkt duo cd Uzea. Escuss spoken on Board. For la or dau3ety�c�l.tix.ade. Latter Orgbon Issac Dos co., Furt Jud aide. ? wata8 Horth Cerman Lloyd . Coy. Be curb xosthl1 us of a fast passent sctt steamers to , Antwerp and calling at fbe1iaktle. ? of combo Aden. Suer port said Naples and Genoa. Under mail contract with the Imperial Cennia Oor ambient. Steamers will be dispatch Eil a co Towb ? mtg Imp mos Bay at wow. Ete Aneo. Jlona. Commanda. U id outs Bobo a &0s8 h. Oath Mann july b sabh8tadx. _sjoi2 b. Gilbeto i up. 1� c,t9t or. Bashi Ibeh ? ? into Oabe j6hs own. Joat. U Cuba. Is/u5 w. A Echoel kor. 11 Aab told ? .4 88 Jyh. Walter idec 8 aage Money Adelaide. Jeu to 6i out my Nellum on retain Passaro. Available for Bine a twelve Montha. Every facility is offered for bringing out bind by payment of Passaic Money Here. Cabin paste Gen it break their Foo scr. To turd Claas. For Southampton. �14. Metal Jye Fialty arranged to suit a nations. All ? officers and ate aids conversant with the English Tai Raim film he c i and cargo booked through to Idman and principal european. Asiatic. And Ata Erbsen ports pass agora Tor England Are landed at soothe Upton. To file Panzee and All Ether part Icalan apply to tie Leenta. A h. Midecke & co. Gotama be Adelaide and port Adelaide Lund s line steamers sit at tuft covered Tut Etra Merfi anal Moinud it a to to fort Adelaide wharf Natal Cape town and London s2b. To11 about i the Juljo. Warr Wab -,ss7toos, August Wium Kwa s.078tona,. Haruno Tona. To follow. Teutons to follow. F it Wrt in rinffmiaat3oii fora spencera to ire Fetn or peace Arph to George wills co. Ooala and chide. Port Adelaide. And font lilo. Matal Capetown London. . Makool Avo Nunu Captain h. O. Thomas. . Will leave Ocean steamers wharf port Adelaide for above Porta about i2tfc july. Una splendid Steamer. Now on her second voyage has passenger accommodation of the very lug est data. Doctor and stewardess carried. Electric Liht. George wills & co. I7uaic. Adelaide and part Adelaide. Nippon Yussen Kaisha. Imperial japanese mail line. So press Mai and Pas Ekcert sehv1ce Between at Stalia China am Japan. Calling at Melbourne. Sydney. Bri3 ba5-e, towksv1llk, and thursday 1slaxd. Tie fallowing sew pa6sexgeb , each 4,000 tons built expressly for this Trade. Fitted with luxurious accommodation and All the latest improvements Saloon amidships. Two berths Only in state looms. Win be Dis patched from Adelaide As under futa1d Maku i c. Ii. Hilu oat i july 22nd. Taw Ata Mab i a. E. Moses i August Stu. Kasuga Mard i e. W. Lla Vrell i Slit. 16th. Special Thiol ii Iio Okin is to a1x parts of the East. Amk1uca, us Europe. At lowest rates. For full information apply to . Hoe Achan. It co 7sopxuetabt. Ubi Itka. City or ctn he j. Baw Ungs it son. Port. To port. It Jav imn Tow. \ Cygnet a Walass b8achport, / wednesday july 6. Lakinjr Cayko for it Mcdonnell bar. J. Gb1ce t co Adelaide and Kingston. Loffi a. E. . Port Adelaide. .-3. It tfl1 Abt Shipp mfg com Jat Vav ell1ston direct. 3cs3cplilxig Hawkins ready for Cue Asasys Sisr tuesday aos wednesday july 5th. A. T e. . ? 18i,5 ,-a.� Mei port Wakefield dipping mems. X Coj Paky. For port Wake Oakkie Watts Ila wednesday. Cavett inst at 6 . A. T k. Limes a Urga port Adelaide. ? 1854 Tatt �2 team to Venus and cows o Streaky Bays. . Argyl Eju fails wednesday. 6th july. Freight for Streaky Bay must be prepaid. A. W. 3asdfoed & co., City princes wharf port ? Adelaide. 1s1-6 3 a Steak to Kingston and -3?w3fesj�5 beac11post. The regular Bah by . I Kio Oll Yaqing saturday july 8. Is Assai is Lynn s a. Stence 15i for freight and passage apply John Dael djo son. _ Ute ? toot and port. -4. ? a tvs a herbs Wal b. Disc Atheal Obj Framk. J. Zendar 1 Kiak Skuse every 41ji�thdk�Day and saturday at .3u.�� from Stansbury every monday harlbel0.s0ajal.and talk Ebay. Leai ins 3p.ra. To we to Icett in essay u s.30 pros Puki to scent Mir Wun say. Attef Ngauja. Laic a. Lames Strier. Secretary. Jeneral merchandise. Do Sale and to arrive a hoop Iron i Iron Ehara Tzib va3a us bar Rel 9 m Alna iced Iron Gem rat fend Cynira barbed wire wire netting steel droppers Iron Fng. Posts Thomas a Cave guano be wine twines Wood aka Ore bags Branback comma ski Castor Oil linseed Oil Hematite lain Bruli Anshine Canary seed Rcd Leoata Geoege wills co. Snipping. The Adelaide steam Fishof company limited will dispatch steamers Row port Adelaide As under for Atiim and fke3iantle, Fok Petti ii iii to and mall to Kwh West posts of Bro arh Bills of lading. Mae Loo. Friday july 7 \ . Calif Vaise and Noui. For is bake by to Flinders at Albany. Mae co Friday july 7 s pm. For sell Polkki teak Shuting for 5ydaj6v Ait Queensland pouts. Al lower tuesday julvui3p.ni a peaces Gulf seb vice. Ick i cart Unchis. Mookta. Via to Tubby Bay and Frak bin hares. Reshet tuesday july 11 3 . 1okxs and Gusfa germen and hr1e, with race Cerp and Carco. saturday july 8 1 1 . Carpo must the delivered Al Eucrid steamers two Tours Pricr to advertised time on Day of sail inc Lute sem tickets a tuck by Whitt company Ara with Tua Ruen of the . Co. Utun All ports. Of l All information err j to1uu Adelaide co., Ltd. Turie Onset Adelaide and commercial wharf ? Rort Adelaide. ? 62c . Co., id.1l� la Tori Paes Egeu. Steamers of Abor tin will to inti Nice Semi stung a Dapa Chad Lor Meany. Meta Ubau. I paroo. A Pste my i just a Singapore a Sta ship at fre Manua. To Pil Barba tit Isbaner i saturday july 15. And All Ottar i on Stefi a Potto j to go do afloat Trun a to liar up to one All tit ets interchange aun after tin first port with Tea tribe St in anal Airt so Frau com. . Lor fans and Reich to to w. Macbona1b. Aga at. , Alai Stuto. Or Queen s re oar. Port. Drapery and clot Faig. D i n la Sale now in Progress. We have to acknowledge with much pleasure a most Gratifying response to our announcement of last week. We feel confident that our patrons Are satisfied with our Endea Vors to make the usual genuine clearance of Stock and we Are of firing such inducements As to Merit their cordial to operation. An inspection of our ten Large windows will convince the most sceptical that the value Foli Money to be had at Berks cannot be surpassed. Mods the hundreds of cheap lines the following Are commended to the notice of intending buyers ladies Black cloth capes new shape 25/, for 15/6 ajl Wool Navy and Black Serote Coats and skirts to be cleared half Price Flannelette combinations Good qualities 7/11, for 4/11 Flannelette night dresses Good qualities 10/6, for 5/11 a Wool French melange Dros materials 2/11, for 1/11 per Yard Black dress materials Good Quality ii drool High Clas 2/11, for 1/11 4/6, for 2/11 7/0, for 3/11 embroidered Slot silk velvets 5/6, for 1/11 per Yard embroidered spot velveteen 2/11, for 1/6 per Yard. Selling fast. Corduroy velveteen 2/11, for 1/6 per Yard Petunia Shade Wool poplin 3/6, for 1/11 per Yard a new shipment Cream japanese Silks pretty styles 1/9 to 5/6 per Yard. Unbleached Linen table damask. 54 in. Nide usual value 1,for 7 d. 58 in. Tide usual value 1/3, for Lold. 58 in. Tride usual value 1/4, for 1/ White Linen table damask 54 in. Wide usual value 1/6, for 1/3 54 in. Vide usual value 1/1l for 1/6 co in. Wide usual value 2/3, for ill 60 in. Vide usual value 2/11, for 2, c soft Fleecy Cream Woolette 3,500 Yards just unpacked sex . Port Elliot. Foi ladies and children s Wear 5/11, for 4/6 dozen. Warm printed Woolette. A special Pur Chase in various pattern warm Covy material suitable for dressing gowns undershirts cd usual value 8 6 for 3/1 1 Doz. Cams. Bulks & co. Isic ? shipping. ? the Howard Smith line. Irate Howard Smith s wharf at follows Jermil Tinct the passenger accommodation of this steam or is unexcelled the Sun on coast. It Elbourne i Suney new Castka Brisbane makyboko0gh,Gladstone 1ockhakfton Kacseay wuss towksvhvl2e -a1bns por Dooglas. For above 1 Nicis � vim Wallaroo from Post 3pie.i15 1 a time monday july 10. Cargo Only. .tiue, wednesday. July s. Saturday. July s. Car of Mutt he Del rred Aion Saide Steimers not Lime before id fris a time of nil liar. Head in tickets Are interchangeable it the be Aisun of lie sri us beast. Tarut a. And co. And Ilell filth a co. A. For rent skin s0hvfb0pr�taby. It. Us. Bins Wuu am Street. Adelafi3. Id a cab Arace. Port Adelaide. --5c Mcilwa ,rj1ceacharn,&g0. Kopki Teaky uzo ted. N i dispatch the f filk Nimr rate mar Huainan cirl.-viiu4ancce a Mutt Init Albany \ tax Goolie. Fremantle / monday. July 10. for path Al ton. And til . K Ortii of Bro sub Lilii of lading to Coolgardie. Stunkl1 / we Dukesl a july 12. Kote. Return tickets arc interchange Ablo it i tsars. Boward Smith & sons and Ilu Dart Parker and co � steamers. . And did a . i a Huddart Parker & go. . Us Stutso. Id much Nan fort Anwat Peccus Xiii is a 1 Anglian j ,jdly6,. The Rouen Dills of lading to Perth. Eatnon tickets interchangeable with Llull Wittl a Mceacharn & co. Proprietary limited and Howard to Nitin & Sontz proprietary . O. & j. Fowler limited 60c Adelaide Ana poet Adela ibb. West Axt Tealia. Joint weekly service. Far the convenience of shippers Sod passe Gebs the orders Ned have Ahsa Koed to Boh the f0ix0wik0 steamers at beat lab it Knevals is. Ait Gli a i &&kai16ooslie, Piaso. . Coolgardie. Tui Trdat Joly 6. Monday july 10. Monday. July 17. Monday. Jelv 21. And ecu lately eve a monday Phebe after. Lot vast fees and fbeighx3. Bet Dan tickets . Add debt a Bleb & co. Propy., Ltd. Mcilvo Baith. Lwin Tivit & co. Popy Ltd. Wil Howard Smith 6 Soss Boft Ltd. I use drapery and Cio Mug. As infant firm. But a progressive Osk. Aso still meow tag rapidly. Wilson brige & co., Hipo blebs and distributors of household linens Cotto piece goods flannels blankets and other goods for Domestic use. L4, 116, Ruhd i Street adela1dl cold weather creates a demand for warm goods in t this Sof Fri ends and latter we Grieve about Wilson brige & go. Have made up their minds to Clear out the entire balance of their immense Stock of win Ike waume1uks. All Tho sheeting. Flan Nels. Al Axx Lettes. In is Liba Keis. Down quilts Cox temp xes towels and Tir to of the hoods that help to Mak one s body w Alum Nuci. And comfortable Dunn the cold Bleak or inter weather. Will now by All cleared out for Way at reduced Ninis. Uvince comforts what Are they Why. Blankets iric mis blankets of course. We own a bugs stack-413 fa1k& Elvit a Wojs Lity and Wann All Wool int Nev baskets. Sad old Oxford shirts no other for this reason we xxi a they Abe the bust in fabric weave and finish and Ali air Teab will ensure satisfaction to the Plis Chaser. You buy them from Wilson brige & go. Take them Home and use them they get soiled. They fro into uie family Wash come out again Vic Tom and Ivash Ihm aft Dan and aftain. And so it a nov on car after yen but they won t Wear out us aus Wilson brige & go. Live Soppi Iid you with a Era ire article. A Patk of Beai w1tney by meets in spite of tie bap1d Advance in the Reice of Wool our quotations will be As under bal w1tney blankets medium site. Each pair contains i Erht Vears Comfort for Vou the Tost 0 11 and s,i1 per pair Beal Witney blankets Nedium Eize in years Nofort and the Cost will in 10 6 12-s 1 1.9, and l i a per pair real Witney blankets. Murli Larimer is. Lint the Eom i it Truro them that s the think. It s lasting in ably twelve years at this Trifano Cost 13 a 16,3, 17/c, 18,-i, and in nor pair Beal Witney blankets extra Large sue. I Vir the whole ill providing it s not lie vol in. Laker s Jozen. A whole life s to fort vent is. 22 v. Is. 26 u. 2-.6 or pair Biak ets Are Kandy at this time of the year. Someone is Troina to i Uri liase of its from Wilson Bill a & company and of Money and after Bivins you the hint it jul not in our fault if you Are not the one of . S in ii Newcomb. Toilet Marcella and a Kean 130 honeycomb at 211 cacti 3u. The usual 0 0 Quality 31 5 3 50. Lie 7 c quamily. At 5 11 20. Tie usual 10 a Quality at 6 11. Every it in our Here St a a at reduced prices. Other qualities at yell 9, 11. 0, 13/u. A to and according to the size and thickness that Vou like then wadded and do a quilts. You will and the Oua lilies his and toe Prift i Low. Hark til them Turkey Chintz at s ii. A to s Al 9 11 Floral sateen stuffed full and ventilated at j 11 i and 15 Down Al Kilts. Ust Quality made of Floril Silten. Heal Satin centres or Satin Bob Deks. Frilled Ith Beal Arctic Down also properly vent Ilami prices commence at usand go on at o2 to o0 0, and 45/ what about crimean shirt was Supin tse of know what we mean these ror. Uijun of i. I and you Mut not ton found them with Flannelette which Are Al motion to lick. Are useful and ? Swap the he. Quality now Ryti. The lord. To Quality now hsd., the 1 3 and j u Quality now 1/jj a d Blouse f , too 4ll Bedl c de. I Inch Width cd. Vaid. Now a. Yard 40-Inch Width. Llyd. Yard now 7jd. Yard 46-Inth Width. 1 3 Yard now lord. Yard by the Hye. Ivine and it us. And we shall Esterd to Vou a Hearty Welcome and assure you that Yon will Well Treatc-1. U1ve us Yolk jux i. Of bind and let business be Ali rivet than water. Wilson brige & coy., ofe9ske m a care in Heundl Sib to. Marshall s 3st o t i o in. James Marshall co. Beg to notify their customers and the ladies of Adelaide and South Australia generally that they have purchased for Cash cugb.3e&?5-je5 Foje a Jesuis of ladies fashionable and up to Date Winter garments from Melbourne and Sydney scarce lines. Job lines. Cheap lines from the Melbourne warehouses from the Sydney warehouses including Fawn capes Black capes coat and skirt cos Tumes Pur neck lets dressing gowns plus. Mantles opera cloaks Flannelette underclothing cloth mantles cooking aprons Ostrich Feather Soas a Sec. James Marshall go. O read this Price list. 114 ladies coloured Floral Flannelette dressing gowns 8/11 for 3/11 69 ladies stylish Black cloth jackets 15/9 for 3/11 72 ladies stylish Blade cloth gapes. 12/�for 6/11 259 ladies fashionable coat and skirt cloth costumes 29/c for 15/9 62 ladies stylish Xavy Blue Serge coat and skirt costumes. 49/6 for 25/ 18 dozen ladies striped Flannelette knickers 1/11 for 6d pair is dozen ladies striped Flannelette night dresses 3/11 for 1/6 each 73 dozen ladies Check Linen cooking aprons 1 Al for lid each cd dozen ladies Pink and Blue Linen cooking aprons 2/6 for 9d each 70 dozen ladies White Linen cooking aprons coloured Border 2/11 for 1/ 15 dozen children s coloured Flannelette frocks. 3/11 for 1/ each 5 dozen ladies lir own and Sable stylish neck lets. 10/9 for 4/11 71 ladies fashionable Black braided capes 21/ for Sll 31 ladies stylish Check Winter dressing gowns 12/ii for 5/1 1 24 ladies Lovely pyrenees Wool dressing gowns 42/ for 25/ 40 dozen children s White Muslin Pinafore trimmed embroider a. 2/1l 3/1l 4/1l for 1/c, 1/11. 2/11 so dozen ladies Lamb and Llama Wool Boas Sll for 1/g each 7 dozen ladies Black and Black and White Feather neck lets 3/11 and 5/11 for 1/11 and 2/11 24 dozen ladies Black Navy and coloured cloth cycling skirts 6/11, Sll 12/9, for 3/11 and 5/11 20 dozen ladies Large size coloured Wool wraps 3/11 and 4/11, for 1/11 and 2/11 s3 ladies very stylish coloured opera mantles. 4-/ti for 21/ 114 children s and maids Winter cloaks and pal tots 6/1l Sll 1c/9, for 2/11, 3/11 18i dozen ladies White . Night dresses trimmed 4/31 for 2/11 56 ladies Black and Navy Cra Venette cloaks 35/ for 12/u James Marshall & go. Job lines special lines foe the great Winter Sale from Melbourn and Syi Westey. 10 dozen ladies knitted Cotton petticoats 2/11 for 1/ each 5 dozen ladies Pink Creme and bed woolly petticoats 4/11 for 1/11 each 12 infants Biba trimmed lace. 1/ fur 2d each 6 dozen children s Scarlet tie bands a for 3d each 13 dozen ladies heavy a Colleton woo petticoats 3/11 for 1/11 each 46 dozen ladies coloured corsets All colors. 3/l1 for 1/11 pair 11 dozen girls Creme and White Muslin Pinafore 3/11 for 1/ each 12 dozen girls fancy Cambric overalls 2/11 for 1/6 15 dozen ladies Pink Creme and natural Wool vests 1/11 for so i3t dozes ladies Superior coloured Wool vests 2/11 for 1/ to infants White Muslin embroidered frocks 15,9 for 2/u. Furniture. Final stocktaking clearance. We have thrown Oul a very valuable lot of Wall brackets in Walnut inlaid mahogany Rosewood and Ebos ised and Gold with very handsome Bevelled Putes. Ernie artistically embossed. If Are deter uned not to take these into stack. We Hae consequently marked them handsome Comer Aud Wall brackets 15/�, 21/, 23/6, for Job each very Superior selection of Wall brackets 22/6, �5/, 27/8, 35/, for i o a each invalids chairs and pee Ambo Al at0hs. We Banc made a most appreciable reduction in the prices of our children s and adults invalid chairs. Decided bargains per ambulatory si3ss0abds Gad 0 Vee Hantsis. Messes. Marshall & co. Can assure intending purchasers that their magnificent Stock of Chea goods is reduced u genuine Sale prices and offer an undeniable advantage to u ers. The Imolea Eti Rable advantage of buying few goods of guaranteed durability and Higb-clas3 Workman ibid in preference to secondhand auction Mart furniture Mut be keenly discernible no All householders at All times but a glance at on prices and inspection of our Stock will carry undoubted conviction. Full Lufi country customers Are advised to Send their orders for chairs As the most popular a Raubs ? lines Are being rapidly sold. Aston gee club Chais i/6 Tot g j j fenders fire Irons Sale pieces to Day at Marshall a Laic drapery and clothing. Martin bros., Burlington House. Great Winter Sale. A. 3mjjw a a pc a a Sest dresses. Blat ii an a Duliss materials. Lumli girl. Value i i ii i to fiii.111 to i i Maxi i a tubers. Ulutu it a. I Falm los 1,3 Jird. W be Ilu Irv r is ill ilium i n All i. Sold to i. 11 Verj a i Isicc 1 11 a re Black amazons i Pic Wuolle Damn cd a St color i uni 1 u void to 1,s Yarl 1-Ikitv Sololi Xiuji. New us in to duty to i Ivi id 2,3 Jird. By eclat to a a Tifful Olav fim ired 1ioha1ks. Worth 4,0 Jard Sau Prio i ? Yard co.,Rcd t Wiess mat Bials must he soul. We have so Rcd cod ibis class of material that we should at Lutc Attu Ike a sized result. Coloured tort icky Iris origin Villi 1/ Yard Sale prix a Lull lira i franc i Toja Tiu shlies in every color in thud air iii uck mud in to inches wide sold at Jird Nile Price a Yard Covert Aila Zons bed Uriu i Alors. Suitable Lor coals and skins even Init costumes walking or Crim fa., shrunk originally i a i re to be sold a 1 1to costume is offer. silk Finis lied vol Etuess. Thrilled Luck Beautiful rat of Colon originally 2,11, Sale Price lil Yard. Silk3. Black a Kociuk Silks Nar rented All Sik. A very spa Pinr. 4 to Sale Price Jard Black a Kishk Sims originally to n. Alo Price 2,11 Yard origin ally 5 11, Sale prof s 11 Jard Black Bill fall . Pure Ltd. Worth 2,11. To u. Flared Durins a Salo it i ii1. Vard Sll a Ella Ali Sill Worllie 2, ii. Sale Price i i i Yard .ants of velveteen velvet. So is. And every de= of i wuss materials to Imp offered at con id Rahv Jimim cd prices. Costumes jackets a Navy serse of to iii a Blu a and skirt lined throughout Silc Price 36 Matume Black cloth Winsor capes Sale Prius. 6/11, 7/11, s a i i 6, 15,9. 17. A. A to 42/ each Black fur neck lets talc Price 3/6 and 5,6 ladies coloured Winter jackets in Naves and Irvens Sale prep 10/ 5 Cadi ladies coloured Winter jackets in Kavras Only. 3-Lcmrtii, our fully 39 i a a Mii. To be sold at 21/ each ladies Clack cloth jackets double breasted Sale Price 6 Cali. Special lines i macintoshes. Bronn and Grey Tweed Vitu detachable Cape pc dec collars Sale Price 129 cab in Fann Only Villi data Clubley Capo Aud velvet collars at 16 9 Cali in fawns and tureens circular Mackintosh a Erx special line Sale Price 15/9 each s111kt 15louses in Corduroy velveteen in the newest Shade with White Linen and self detain Alilce cuffs and coulis to be cleared at 5,11 Moll Imiru. I Ivy aprons special value to be offered during Sale at m. Id Lud 1 i. 1,3, 1 a 10, 111, 2i3,-2/c, and up Tuv la each millinery. French Felt Flop Liis in navys Browns Ana Blacks splendid value usual Irice a Sale Price 1/11 each ladies soft Felt cd cling hats in fawns Only 4/11. Reduced to 2/11 each soft Felt Csc like hats in Black a. Reduced to 3/6 each Creme Kim Lue tips o Clear at 3d each Black ostk1ch Mel like tips to be cleared at ?3d each coloured Ostrich plumes Sale prices 6d and 9d Manchester dept. Coloured bordered table c1xwhs 1j Yards Square 4,6, reduced to 3/6 each to Yards Jung 5/0, reduced to 3, 11 each 2 Yards Long. 6, a reduced to 4/11 each White damask t blk Clotus la Yards Square. 4/11, reduced to 3/11 each la Yards Square 5, \ reduced to 4,i each x i Yards. 7,-6, reduced to 5,6 Cadi i in Yards 7 ii reduced to 6 6 each 2j x 1j cards a i reduced to 6/11 sch 2 n -2 Yards. 1so, re Dutreil to 10,6 each Sylv s1m1 Valle in White Linen finish Calico 32 in. Wide trip Dolly 3 11, Sale Price 2/11 Doi a 35 in. Wide originally s -. Sale Price 3/11 dozen 36 in. Wide Orini Rinaldy 5 11, Sale Price 4,6 dozen Pink Tiu lax Nelette 27 in. Id. Sale Price 2 11 and Sll dozen 33 in. Wide. -0, Iio 4 ii Duzen 3. In. Wide 7.6. Now 5/11 dozen �3 and iii in. Midi . Now 6/11 dozen i in. Wide. I to now 7/c dozen 36 in. Wide. Al 6, now m to dozen natural and a Lolland lax Nelette 33 in. Hide � to reduced to i. 11 dozen 9,0, reduced to 7 ii to in flan atone in Shetland and Pink eludes a mixture of pure wot la a Cotton very popular suitable for underwear a 33 in. Wide Origi Nally 10 i Sale Price dozen striped Laxx Lettes 27 in. Wide Silc prices 1 ,11, 2,3, 2/8, and us dozen s2 in. Wide 5.0, reduced to 3/11 dozen 34 in wide6, reduced to 4 ii dozen 34 in. Wide 7 6, reduced to 5,11 dozen 30 in. Wide. Reduced to 6-11 dozen 36 in. Wide 8/11, reduced to 7/3 dozen Olgh Tubert casks pm Irish Litfin fringed undtnu1 drawn work All Ruud 2/6, Induc cd to 1/6 Eich Brush and comb bags to match above line a i to ductile to 1/ each Basket Linen ski Fri Iless cases suitable for Wiki Ija reduced to 1.6 eat4i com Lyric us cases 1/i, Ndue cd to 1/ each blk Xuy and a Omu macs. To match above Lioe 1/s. Reduced i 10 d Rich underclothing. Cuil alien is overalls. The balance of our overalls to be sold regard less of Cost. A. Spec ii line in fawns b us and greens Large Sailor collars trimmed a Javer. Usual pric. 1- i. Price 5.11 each ladies All Wool uni died Isakk skins with Slian cd hands. 7/0. Ale Price 2 11 i acid ladies ail Wool Iland knit us indic skirts rih aped Lanit of in 12 6 w Ali Lipics pyrenees Wool i Nde skirts. All slides Siraj d funds. Myth 3 11, Sov pric i ii Ca i ladies Al ool knitted ixuebsk.11its, with , Irisi Nally s 11. Mac Riv 4/11 -3icji Ladi i \oejjsk1kts, in assorted a trills Fri join to 3 11. Tail Prii a 2i each ladies Stocki Iickie Chi Lii ask Hrh Well Cut usual Price s ii. Talf Price ti/6 pair ladies St re cycling Kerna to and Black -n.-d, 14 u. Sull i 11 pair ladies All-w., l by clinic kick yes or Cirii iii -1 ? to i a 7 11 pair ribbons a. Satin ik- he Lilli Nail colors including Black 3s Yards for lord Satin in a iuu11on. Lack. And every color Orri Giuily 1 11, Sal Price Nojd Dozea Yards Ori Irol a 2 i a ii proc 1 d Zon Yard 3r3, Ujj 1/6 dozen vard3 l Lvcy Utji Ibuos 4, reduced to i a dozen a Ards in non finia a. Worth 3/11 dozen Solo Price Al dozen for 1/0 ladies item Sli Lclive initial 1ianukekciuefs, Sale Prici. I dozen for 1/11 ladies White him ii Srsic bad Sii Ecial vol in. Tal Price Doz a for a i the Fash Diuble Alk in jewel Muti Cillins. Iro Lugt -1 from 2. 11 to 1 1 Mcfie ladies by Linen a , newest of shapes furnishing department. Al Stu big in lax sets blankets Bias Kek. Uder rum s quilts. Oilcloth.-. Ux0lecm5. Carpets. I a pets. Carpets. A at c1.k\bi\o prints Haberdashery soap and stationery depts. Cub Standau .1m Oilia Krna in by of Keats a ski Hutki i i k1- is. The by lao of Wool in Halia. Fun 1 i a. In Kic a and colors. Mail Primo Iid Hail. Jalc priced Bill Black a Tiu and Rny a f r set Back comb Loli. Cleared of Cost. 1-. 1 2. And 1 is. Or i d Ca i 1ujj and a. For 6j each pack to of h iuir.5 pm Iti note pay or Worth d Pkt. To to cleared i i Pkt. Bex of s to in wins court Pond no cards. Wilhen Luis. Ukr Tor 4jd Box. S50.ms. Soap. Of. Kwhn s Oatmeal sep. S 11. F in jul Ion. I Alcis a he s Sonjii j of 3 ii. Fir 2 ? Doz. I3hi--s Harp Lar while. Hom and to i us fact. Slam air ind Musk. . 1 11 and 1 a i.,r 1 i Box or Hugoton House Soai. 2 la for 1.6 Duz. Boeh i is eau i . In Uski to . , 10 tailoring. Taii i in at lowest prices is its. To i or a. From s j ?. In tweeds. . Res cu.-1til-, perfect til and style tool skis Der. From loft pair. All prices . Burin the Sale. Martin Bros Burlington House i drapery and clothing. Witer Sale. Showroom. Farther reactions. 10 Black cloth lox cloaks trimmed but fur quilted is Lucr. Limits is. 3t 6, now ?2s-8 lad1- s Waterproof cloaks with fashion Able capos a Larm Choice at Elji Alung tricks from 1-s g Cadi Tea Ooups an intensive selection in stylish do Hon All this season s i soda. In cashmer.? ilk trimmed. A. Al special Sale prices. S3,. 45. Filiti child revs Fleecy cloth boats. Colors 4, 11, 7j6, 10.g. 12.-6, Cream 7/9, 96, 10/6. 12/6, Law Coats and sk1hts. Tho very lest by Sailor Flats at ii Alf Price. Xavy Lustic Straw banded ror 2/6 Fine medal Straw Barf cd 5,-j Jor i/11. Carpet department. Fun Oncu the and undue us. 11 pieces one Yard uric. Bordered passage floor Dath 1,4, to be cleared at lid 5 pieces d it. Wide head linoleum Sto be cleared at 3 j ux0leo1s, 12 it. Wide All new patterns 6/3, 7/9, 10/8 floor cloths Pood Quality new patterns 11 it. Square tors Bombay bordered passive Hatting 2t in., 1/0, now 1/ Jard 23 mixes bests Frame Brussels to be cleared at 3,11 and 4/6 Yard 6 pieces moral Brussels and Bordere. To be cleared at 2,11 bej1xants. A useful lot or lengths in bes Brussels and Axminster at it prices a Largo Stock of Kidderjr insect bos prior no other carpet squares at specially Low prices during Chi Sale Eise Down . Sateen and Sittin covered a very grand Assort ment special discount during fail household Linen and fur Kish no dept. Bleached twill Cotton Sietins. Medium make 51 Inch reduced to 9l i 1/2 Vard 72 Indi reduced to 1,1, to ill Yard 60 Inch reduced to a. Is Yard m Inch reduced to 1,7, i.1 yarn Balf bleached twill Cotton shoot ing 72 Inch re. Diced to 1,3 Yard to Inch reduced to 1,3 Yard family she Eufr Plain our Standard nuke. 5t Inch Sale Price 1/2 Vard 72 Inch Sale Price 1,1, i a. 1/7, Liu Yard a Inch tale Price 1,7, 1 11. 2. 2,3,. 2/0. A iii Idun Elcoro. Juilu i. Full single bed size extra value to be Karod at i a Pink and Muic Patent sinn finished Quill full Ain tie bed Ritzo it do tvs to ? each while Woollon Siirid towels of 20 x 45, to lie cd avid Ait a. J 9. Jig Down site -22 x 15, to be cleared at 1, u Doe a size 27 s is to be cleared at 17/9 Doxen Brora Linen striped turkish tour cos size 21 x 51, 1, of each in iii Cut Tun la Neyomi to is. Fringed coloured ends size 23 x 1-. Sale Prev a i. 11 dozen White Toulon to a fancy Stripe and fringed size 23 s j5, talc Price fl/6, 11/ dozen i nil cached Cotton Honey my towels reduced to ill dozen bleached Linen Huff Canuck towels fringed. Size 22 x -12, reduced to 10 9. 12,a 1,6 dozen l Tui Vachal Linen Lluc Rabuck towelling 27 in. Wide reduced u us 1/ Vard bleached Irnen Lluc Khurk Tollin 27 in. Wide redux it Lod i 1/4 All urn Fleck waa Dolli to be cleared at 5-d 7d. Sid Yard i Nolc acied damask Tali ups 51 in., a duo cd to 1, Yard of in., reduced to 1/1� Yard 72 in., reduced a 2 i 2/0, 2, a 3/ by Ceil Hod Lin ii a Muk table iii 4-s in., reduced to 2, la Yard 72 in., reduced to 3/, 3/6, 4/, 4,6 Yard Linen damask Serviettes medium size reduced to 3,0. 1 3, 6 7/ Khz a a pads old non a Nta Eik or Nickies. Full size reduced to 7,6. Us 11/9 dozen upwards a or line of Irnen Puma a Krch. Him stitched and drawn Rte read. Size 8 x 10 induced to 13/fi, in. S x 1-2 red Herd w 2j/fi, s7/6. Sol re due a to -7,0, 2u.fi, size s x 16 reduced to 3l--. Linen damask n Otley Annii thread and Fri sred. A narc-4 i ii Siv Price 4/ dozen 7 \ 7�, b round 5j x 5aale Price 4. I dozen 7a x 71 6 a Wen Oval. 5a x 7i. Sale priv o Ioan 7 x 10, 7/ dozen bleached Linen Damn afternoon Tea and tray cd Tbs a 3.-ire j murders and Fri Ftp hip 21 Sliu for 1/4 Euh size 33 x 3s. 2/11 for 1/11 � x i. 3/ j r./3 site 45 x 45, 5 9 � Ryz. M x 54. 7/9 for Al bleach of Linon damask afternoon Tea and tray owns him stitched and drawn to read. Kize 17 x it. Riv Jund to ii 1,2. 17, Kif is x 27 re Uci d to i 1,4. Fize 17 x 30 reduced to 2 1-. Size is x at to 2 to size 21 x 21 reduced to 2 of size 26 x 38 of duped to s 3, 4 c. Size 3j s. I. Riidu ctr to 2. 3/3, size 33 x 33 reduced l u. 1 a. Siz a5 x 31 reduced to 3 6. 56,s size 47 x 47 Nilu cd to 5 ii s/3 each limn damask afternoon Tea and tray cloths drawn thread and Fri Jred. Size in x 16, Sale Prio 1 Coli size 20 x 20. Sale Price 1/u each Rizel x a. Sal Lri a 2 3. 4,6 each Kize 36 =. Sal Price 2 9, 3 a inc 40 i 49. Sale Price Yjih Linon Ihn ask a Aeron and Sincl Oard cloths hem stil n-t1 and drawn a Reid size 15 x 51 reduced. 3 i Cash. Size 17 x 54 reduced to 1/6 Cadi. Maizc in Liy 6t reduced to 4 each size Lei x 72 cd curd to is each size 17 x 70 reduced to 1 3. 4 9, s,6 each size 18 x 72 reduced to 4/3 the Plain Linen table winners. He stitched and silk size 14 i 46. 5/0 for 3/1l Hall & dining room curtains our Stock of curtains in Chi Enilla. Seric and to pest Heink rather Virjo this season we have to make a subs until reduction in All Prit a during Sale. Plain ast silk curtains with persian striped Dado Fri wed electric Bronze. 17/6, reduced to in a Sere ii Nairas Irinne. Navy Tom. Marone. 1g c for 11/9 new or nah Serure curtains Peiry soral Despu Torra Olin. Marone. Elc citric. 21 for 17,6 pair Plain arc sense curtains with Ecy Tiai Dado Navy engr in. Yevra 21 for i i pair Diagonal scr a Curt air with handsome Chenille to x pair Fanty Sec curtain with pretty Chenille Dado. Urva. Olive. 2u 6 Lor 27,6 Al. A splendid assortment of Cotter curtains in tapestry Siik. Chenille to in. J j. Miller Anderson go. Winter Sale. These re Nippy 1 m nights Makaehu feel the need of Good warmth giving under .3 Wear. Hyrvn icy blast of wind penetrates your very Bones unless you Are warmly dad. Your health de mands that you be Well wrapped up. O wll mix to � Ako so is Outt 3 greatglear1ngsum we intend Bolding this Weeka a flannel 1 carnival ? so we have an immense Stock of flannels evea Yard has to be cleared. We want the Economy us buyers of the City to visit us. We know that Sott Quality and Low prices Are appreciated by the in Marti housekeeper. Our Trade proves it. Pm a word to the Wise should be Suffle Clyl it Heus Aee ass prices a 5 pieces 27-in. All Wool heart imitation Kuhm flannel usual Price 1/, to go at cd a Al 6 pieces 31-in. All Wool head imitation a flannel usual Price t/6. To go i pieces $5-in. All Wool imitation we Al flannel. Usual Price 1/9, to go at 1/44 a these three Slakes Are most suitable Tor Man s Wear. Be bus prices make them doubly conf Orong this Zero weat hcs. My 7 pieces 25-in. All Wool Saxon flannel in usual Price 1/6, to go at 11d Yard re 5 pieces 27-in. All-w-1�ol Saxon flannel. 1g usual Price 1/9, to go at 1/ft Yaft 6 pieces 30-in. All Wool Saxony flannel is usual Price 1/11, to go at 1/4 a a 4 pieces 26 in. All Wool flannels usual Price 1/4j,to go at hid Peryar 7 pieces 28 id. All Wool flannels a usual Price 1/9, to go at 1/11 per Yard 3 pieces 31-in. All Wool flannels Lam usual Price 1/11, to go at 1/6 per a a 5 pieces All Wool Pink Edge flannel of usual Price 1/3, to go at 1-gd Yard 5 pieces All Wool Pink Edge flannel usual Price 1/9, to go at 1/3 Yard s pieces All Wool Pink Edge flannel -11 usual Price 1/11, to go at by in addition to the above we shall offer the Baham St Sam Stock or Bitch class unsure viable flan ski in i Easis and naturals. A usual prices fou 1/9 to i a pee ted a prices to Day from 1/ to 1/11 a Rufi these flannels Are just the thing for ladies and children s Wear. Our Selling time is nearly ver�3 your wearing time for these goods has months is to run. ,. A gome to Day Fob these warmth the coliseum. Drapery Ana cloth no. Shierlaw s new shipments boys & youths Winter clothing. Splendid Stock of durable and perfect fitting clothing to choose from at lowest possible prices. Trouser suits 13/6 Serge Sailor suits 4/0 Reefer jackets 5/9 gents and boys hats and Caps in endless variety. Illustrated catalogue sehtp3st free. 16 and 18, in Edlef St. Lock let dressmaking. Our dres Mildd is the cheapest of its kind in South Australia. Unceasing efforts have been made to secure a Kirsi Cliss dressmaker and we an in � position to say our miss Plu Susson is the Best in the Trade. C73r.-Ajsrvsrbxz. Csc co., drapes milliners it dark suates. ? Bonanza Monse. Semaphore. 1m-2m great bargains . Bus1a�s� & Plant Fob. Sale. C wad Diocton to is to to fuck bus in Mennen customers for very literal patronage and begs Tony he mad arrangements for Contin ninja his Sale for a i Ort siae loader. A discount d 0 pm cent allowed Osall Cut parches. A coot marked in Plain r Igor i a special like of dots Kkt Ker use to co v1ocy cheap. G. Waddington smut Junr clot his Tajib factores 1, 3, and 5, Arcade Adelaide. In in Sajja Foale s special keh5ast a 1 Toule Orall the anti to limn Todd twin the week. Of Greit baby Anu a ? ,. R a coupons Giran Frith Fumju. Pent a Inke Nanu a Cone buturm ? Teclos eatto la 5 i 16. 18, Bbown Sterei in 134 132a, gouger is. I a -. Business p3fnf�fffhmt Ondr this heading a u Ock Imer Tion. U. Three Ime Tiona. F. U. ,._ 3 business Sod rating Anvern Tjui acc we office City thoroughfare spies fluid a. A a cuon Sci Sec Voong to co., Opp. Tun a ? w ? 0 Dairy it Dooe bound Tatum Abate in Cash Coso Miers horse ont. Qara Ess a Rifici & o of rate town Ulm is in Liri Taic. A Rel Bargrain world or in be --j5 p aunut on in Iblis works 3s la Rani j building and necessary in Mitre and Zimni my .,53 Lor tie proper conduct of this profitable Coo Obos i apply mrs. Casey Morth Ter. ? my Sam Ood Daler s and grocer s bus was for 3ot i pm e. J. Cook. Congest. ? Jwj f a jul Good to ustran a. Nal tar bin. and of. Opposite town Hall ? mob. A i com or Eab urbe. Full Vert Imam is a i a. Cash if go Iubelt Beta Tom Coos pm Aktepy. Milk Rovand with or without ,3$b&Cash hindu St . R-�s5f� to ?. .-1.rjiaii business St Oai changes hands in till iss. T3 a Burhan pod on with in sri foam Deane Liss Atelj rental Nonovar �1,400 in �1 m pm we i which could a Fly be incr med in to at i Ili Glis feb of Stock Good and Ducaa. About � bad 08 debt near town fun teas a us a crop the Sboto us. -. ? t$333a gun eau 8t0bx. Octan d Nick Saav a for immediate s1 irent Al la Tob Bearta i i Baa 40 Toa Roers Stadta ? Cassca to make ?jttt\55&msgi �56 ? treat Boe to. -. ?. Sal so clix Fri Tiff. Ii Tuii pm my continuity of weas shows up the weak Points in cheap Grade tres. But Only serves to emphasise the Many line qualities embodied in the 1699 Hult Fuex the Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co. Umsted 89. Fran Kun Street Adelaide. Comfort in Tod big is assured to a cyclists who have multiplex fitted to heir cycles. Roadster tyra guaranteed for 12 months. The no Flop Memetic tyke co., Ltd a ?at51sde at Melbourne Sydney Ferotti. c Brisbane

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