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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 4, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Hollywood gossip by Cable costly change of plans stars and their weddings special Cable to the advertiser from Cedric Barrand Hollywood july 3. When p. G. Wodehouse arrived in Hollywood a few years ago re porters asked him whether he had cd me to write movie plots. But said or. Wodehouse in mock sur prise i though the movies had a plot at the moment they Are 200 plots Short. Six Hundred movies Are scheduled for the coming 12 months and Only 400 stories Are available. As a result Hollywood is scouring the country for new to Riters to write Neil stories. The chief Renson for the big production jump is the growth of in dependent studios. And then More and More american theatres Are switching Over from one feature picture and Short to two features. ? ? ? everyone has been surprised this week to team that Ruby Keeler the dancing wife of Al Jolson has dropped out of Warner s let s pre tend Patricia Ellis replaces her perhaps Warner s found that the team ? of Kieler James Melton was t Strong enough. We Findt has made such Ana mat ing recovery that Paramount hat ordered its get another Story ready Foi him. Few Acton in Hollywood Are to lop Idar As the ugly comedian. There even talk of holding a w. C. Field s Day m his Honor. All the months he s been ill Ecith pneumonia letters have been tiring into Paramount to ask How he s jetting on and to wish him a Speed / re covery. ? ? ? ? Harry Wilcoxon and Sheila Brown ing a stage actress have taken out a marriage licence. It s expected that they Virili be married soon. P ? ? Mark Down san Francisco. As one of the greatest of movie sensations. When it was first Down Jere Many people jumped to their. Feet during Tafi great Earli Quance scenes and it. Seemed there might be a mild panic. Critics agree that the earthquake is the most realistic Ever seen in a movie. For Good measure Jeanette Macdonald giver her Best acting singing performance to Date and Clark Gable is Fine Margot Graham and Francis Lister have staged a grand reconciliation and As a result Margot is returning to Hollywood from London. She is urging , to cast Francis with her in night waitress ? ? ? ? Myrna toy s marriage to Arthur Hornblow the producer is her first which is just about a record hereabouts. ? ? � ? Leroy Prinz the dance director has married Betty Bryson who is Warner Baxter s Niece. ? ? ? ? Ginger Rogers and Jack Oakie be Lieve it or not will be co starred in look out below a new musical. ? ? ? ? the lost of mrs. Cheyney adv Lonsdale comedy is to be made into a talkie again. Last time Norma Shearer had the Lead this time it will be Myrna. Loy. ?. ? ? Katharine Hepburn has never for gotten How her Only Broadway stage appearance it was in the Lake a year or two ago was such a. Failure and she s always been determined to try it again. Now she has signed up with the theatre Guild to Star in Jane Eyre. The movie sensation of the week has been Paramount sudden decision to cancel its two million Dollar epic spawn of the North Paramount planned to make the picture in technicolor and to outdo its own Trail of the Lone some Pine but this week when it bad chartered a boat to take the actors and technicians up into the cold North and had spent some hundreds of thousands of dollars in preparing for the big Job it announced that the production had been cancelled. The stars. Carole Lombard. Cary Grant and Polly Moran were due to leave yesterday. The official reason for dropping the picture was that Carole Lombard was ill but it s believed that Paramount going through the upheaval of a reorganisation was t willing to spend two million dollars on the picture. But to keep its contract with technicolor Paramount will Start immediately on souls of the sea the demand for technicolor cameras exceeds the Supply. . Has now decided to make Winterset Sherwood Anderson s Broadway stage hit in technicolor. Sylvia Sidney will play tie leading role when she returns from Mak ing a picture in London. ? ? Dolores Del Bio disobeyed her Hus band s orders and flew Here from new York to take the Stellar role in Continental for Columbia. Which raises the old question husband first or a career ? ? ? ? Liam Fhaherty who wrote the informer and then when a Holly Wood was Rafti Haig his praises for it turned on the film Colony and slanted it heartily i a bitter Book has returned to write c Story for Richard Dix. ? ? ? ? the Banning of Green pastured to England and Canada has been a tremendous Jolt to Warner s. The play was banned in England some years ago to everybody s amazement although every one admits Ofutt its treatment of religion is As reverent As could be. The picture is magnificent. Warner s Are wondering if Australia Voll follow England. ? ? ? ? although Darryl Zanuck does t seem enthusiastic about it Constance Bennett is going to make another Pic Ture for him because her contract says so. Shell Start 15 Maiden. Lane some tone in july. &�,./ a be a � Nappy we is mar that spent in be it inn pictures by Rita canst no Fox player trim Nan tote attractive Snow Salt of dark Green Trauen with lifter Green sweater striped a id and Watt Scarf rap and slates body found at West Beach the body of Alfred Rosewarne. 0retired of lock Leys. Was found at West Beach Early yesterday morning. Rose Warne was reported missing from his Homp of. 9 Din. In thurs Ria. Sari a search was made by Constable Dick of lock Leys other police officers and two of Rosewarne s sons. Rosewarne s car was found at West Beach and the search was continued until Midnight without Success. Constable Dick resumed the search from Daylight yester Day and at 6.40 an. The body was sound washed up on the Beach. Death is believed to have been due from drowning. Constable Dick prepared a report for the City Coroner or. Black Bur who decided that an inquest was unnecessary Long service medal bar. Lieutenant e. S. Smith Bas been presented Wuh the 35-year bar to his ions service medal by chief officer plenty of the Hindmarsh Volunteer fire brigade All Home service stores and Al chemists ask for free Booklet or write Duncan agencies. Box 37a, Adelaide. Guide to the films Regent strike me Pink directed by Kokhan Tat bog Eddie Fink ? Eddie Cantor cute rid ? Sally Euert Joyce ? Ethel Merman Arkra Karina Harrr Revlie Copple ? William Fawley a Canon ? Helen Lowell Inteli Gordon Jones Vance ? Brian Donlevy Unrast ? Jack Lane killer ? Eddie a Root Chorley ? Sidney Fields this is Cantor s Gnu nil Effort with Cantor a Down trodden Little tailor who becomes manager of a fair ground into which racketeers Are try ing to introduce crooked gambling machines. Hearty knockabout fun is promised. The supporting film is Man Hunt with Ricardo Cortez and Marguerite Churchir. � ? Tab theatres Unley King of burlesque and charge Chan at the circus Goodwood to paling Cassidy and big broadcast. Of 1936. Theberton first a gird and Cal Ley of the mounted Norwood first a girl and gentle Julia St. Peters part Side and Woodvul last out Post Hindmarsh King of Bur Lesque and gentle Julia Sema Phore and fort Silver Streak and calling of Dan Matthews ? ? ? ? of Vic. Modern times Charlie Chaplin s film has been transferred from the York after a successful week and is sure to continue the remarkable run. The supporting pro gramme is shipmates forever Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler. Rex so red tie Rose directed by King in or Vayette Bedford Margaret Suu Atas Malcolm Bedford Walter Connolly Sally Bedford Janet Beecher Edward Bedford ? Harry Etterer George Pendleton Robert George Mcgehee Charier starred Yankee boy ? Johnny Downs William veil ? Daniel Haynes Duncan Bedford. Randolph Scott Mary Cherry ? Elizabeth Patterson Saddleton Bedford ? Dickie Moore Cato ?. Clarence Muse major Btu ton ? James Barkr Confederate sergeant Warner Richmond Chas. Todi Vrr ? Alfred dded mar so. Bed the Rose is based on Stark Young s novel a poignant account of the turbulent Days of the american civil War revealing in particular the ideals and Hopes and bravery of a gentle Southern family. It is the Story of a Young girl s love for a Man who hesitates to answer the fighting Call of his people and who in his efforts to do what he believes right is even willing to sacrifice love. The supporting film is Here comes cookie a George Burns and Grade alien comedy. ? ? ? ? Ozone theatres Alberton and Prospect Bonnie Scotland Laurel and Hardy. Enki do and marry Avnie China seas Clark Gable and Jean Harlow. Semaphore and port Adelaide Omalley of the mounted and miss Pacific Fleet York dangerous directed by Alfred e. Greek Joyce Heath ? Bette dans Don Bellows ? Franchot tone Gail a Maltase Margaret Unsay mrs. Williams ? Alison Supworth Gordon Heath ? John pm Redic Teddy ? Rdick Foran Roger Faro Worth Walter Walker Pitt Henley ? Richard carte Charles Melton ? Corfe Irvint Georce Sheffield ? Pierre we Tain Eumont ? doa Cias Wood Reed Walsh ? William Davidson few players serve the demand for Light drama so consistently Well As does Bette Davis whose performance in dangerous earned her an award of the Academy of motion picture arts and sciences. She has the role of a famous actress who after having risen to the top of Success Falls through her own egotism to selfishness dragging Down those who loved her. The supporting film is the first baby a comedy with Johnny Downs Shirley Deane and Dixie Dunbar. ? ? ? ? total Broadway Melody of 1936 is chock full of entertainment. They have rightly called Eleanor Powell the feminine Fred Astaire. Her Riim of is Superb. Short subjects Are in support. To Catsam Peg of old Drury Hie Anna Neagle Cedric Hardwicke Success will continue until wednes Day when the Tunnel a machine age fantasy will begin. Meanwhile Peg is definitely a film to be seen. Miss Neagle is finely cast As also is sir Cedric Hardwicke As David Gar Rick. � ? Majestic there will be a new programme by the Joe Lawman revue company today. Suburban Glenelg strand. The nitwits and the Gay deception colonel Light gardens theatre ? miss Pacific Fleet and grand. Exit Richmond. Stars Over Broadway and too Tough to kill lock Leys. Magnificent obsession and Man of Iron Croydon and Kilkenny. Broadway gondolier and cheating cheaters duty Iota. The Gay Divorcee and ghost Valley Central. The Littlest rebel and girls please Walker Vule. The Littlest rebel and Navy wife St. Morris. Magnificent obsession and horseplay Brighton. She married her Boss and Page miss glory Runley City Hau. After office hours and bad boy Empire. Special agent and per Sonal maid s secret Claude Rains in the last outpost at Star theatres St. Peters Parkside and Wood Ole today. Madge Evans in the Tunnel British melodrama due at the Mayfair shortly. Franchot tone and Bette Davis in dangerous now at the York. Opportunities for Young people at Geneva opportunities awaited Young austra lians to do official league of nations work at Geneva mrs b. M. Risch Bieth australian substitute Delegate to the last league Assembly told 30 school girls and schoolboys constituting a study Circle of the a. Branch of the australian league of nations Union yesterday. Young people could be appointed from each state to be collaborators with the league secretariat and would have their expenses paid to Geneva she said. It was necessary to have a thorough knowledge of French the league of nations is the life boat of the world today and we must perfect it she declared. We cannot remain isolated As a nation mrs. Risch Bieth addressed. Members of the Young Liberal league at Lun Cheon earlier in the Day and described the work the league of nations was doing in humanitarian and educational Fields. Early mail delivery. The Deputy director of posts and telegraphs or. P. Kennedy announced yesterday the express for Adelaide would leave Melbourne this evening that mails would be received tomorrow morning and would be available for first delivery on monday. Amateur theatre productions two Amateur performances will be staged tonight. At the Little theatre Flinders Street the Wea. Little theatre will present Denis Johnston s play the Moon in the yellow River the play will be produced by Agnes Dobson. Included in the. Cast will be May Haynes Jess Davir John mor Gan Jack Taggart Max Clarke Ron Beck and Cyril Reed the play will be repeated next saturday. A modern three act comedy the Best people will be presented by the Playboy theatre players at the bum Side town Hall tonight the play will be repeated on tuesday. The repertory theatre s season of the wind and the Bain which finished this week at the Australia was one of the most successful on re Cord. This theatre will hold a club night on july 14 and again on the Fol lowing night at the Australia when a lady from Alf Aquique Sierra and Solomon s Solly will be presented. Thelma Balderstone will produce the first play and col Shaw the other. Dark brother the Centenary play by Agnes Dobson which gained the author second place in the Adver Tiser Competition will be presented by miss Dobson in conjunction with the Aba. Little theatre on three nights later in the year. Wearing of gowns by students movement launched in Melbourne it was reported at the Adelaide University yesterday that a Small group of students at the University of Mel Boure encouraged by the Warden of that University Union or. W. Bry Den has launched a movement in favor of the wearing of academic gowns. Or. Bryden and the president of the Melbourne University students representative Council or. R. W w. Wilmot declare that the wearing i gowns will give a dignity and atmosphere which is now lacking. During the last few Days some students have worn gowns to lectures and club meetings at the Melbourne University the registrar of the Adeladie pm varsity or. P w. Eardley said yesterday that no such movement had been begun Here. He referred to the statute of this University concerning academic dress clause 1 of which states at All lectures examinations and Public ceremonials of the univer varsity graduates and undergraduates must appear in academic dress for Many years now gowns have not been worn by students of the Ade Laide University when attending lec Tures. Kin Nova pilbt4\1, the Brilliant Young British actress plays the part of lady Jane Gray in the Gaumot British film Tudor Rose which is. Soon to be re leased in Australia. Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Dame Sybil Thorn Dike also appear in the cast. ? Minim ? i i Ann Harding s venture Greville main s Cinema chronicle air mail Tendon june 12 it is becoming almost superfluous to record the list of Hollywood stars who Are arriving in England either to fulfil con tracts in English studios or to enjoy a european Holiday. Miriam Hopkins is Here now and is taking a leading part in a great Many social and professional functions. But the very latest is Ann Harding who arrived to the accompaniment of unbounded publicity on account of her Domestic affairs and the efforts of her sex husband. Harry Bannister to obtain Possession of their Young daughter miss Harding is not merely on pleasure Bent. Her stay in England is expected to last about six months and during that time she will make a Pic Ture for the Capitol film corporation under the direction of or. May Schach. No decision has yet been made about the nature or the Story of the film in which she will Star one unde Stamis that on her Way across the Atlantic she spent not a Little time in studying a number of More or less suitable screen stories including a famous Continental play. When the Choice is made the Pic Ture will be produced at the new spa Cious Benham studios. It will be interesting to see How miss Harding figures in English surroundings. Al though her Beauty should be sufficient to make a Universal Appeal she is of a general Type which May be accounted peculiarly american and it is difficult to see Bow one can be fitted into Continental surroundings or even English ones. ? ? ? rut perhaps or. Schach is Ashi different to local limitations As or. Walter Wanger the Hollywood pro Ducer who is now in England. Or. Wanger believes that a film Appeal can be made Universal by a process of mix ing things up. To use his own words local color should be modified Somp of or. Wangler s ideas about modification Are Rattler startling. For example he is about to make a film version of Emily Bronte s Luther ing Heights that most Yorkshire of All Yorkshire stories. But the producer will be bound by no Nice limitations of Yorkshire accent. He believes so far in modification that he has engaged Sylvia Sidney and Charles Boyer for the leading parts. It will be difficult to imagine two per sons who approximate less to the York Shire Type than miss Sidney and or. Boyer. But Walter Wanger does not mind that. Presumably Trie Yorkshire accent will be modified by Means of american and French variations. The justification is that the French actor is crazy to play the part and that withering Heights has a tremendous Vogue in France. But if Ever the Pic Ture is shown in Leeds or Sheffield Ork Shire May have a Strong and local word to use. ? ? ? ? \ new actress with an old name has just made her film debut in the Capitol picture the marriage of Cor bal this is Story of the French re Volution viewed from the Angle of French provincial life and the film is notable for its Lovely photography of country scenes. The new actress is miss Hazel Terry who makes a promising beginning to her film career. But miss Terry Lias More than a per Sonal claim to nub in notice. She is yet one More member of the Terry family which seems to be without end. As All the world knows the most celebrated of them was Ellen Terry who earned an immortal name in theatrical annals and is still treasured in the heart Cfall play goers who Ore old enough to remember her. Hazel Terry s father was Dennis Neilson Terry the son of Fred Terry and the Nephew of Ellen and Marion Terry. Her Mother is Mary Glenn a popular and Beautiful stage actress who has made one or two film appearances. Her Grandfather and grandmother were Fred Terry the brother of Ellen and Julia Nevison. At one time one of the most Beautiful women on the stage. She has As a Cousin John Gielgud. Altogether she was born into the very heart of theatre Dom and already shows that she has inherited not a Little of that Beauty and Charm which seemed to be an inevitable Terry privilege. ? ? twentieth Century Fox Corpora Tion intend to produce an elaborate and colourful historical Romance at the Denham studios. This will be a new screen version of stan2ey we Man s famous novel of France in the time of Richelieu. Under the red Robe important engagements Are being made. And already the corporation has secured Conrad Veidt and Raymond Massey for two of the leading parts. The producing company should go into this venture with a Good heart because under the red Robe has never failed in its Public appear either As a novel or a stage play. It contains just that Quality of vigorous dash and refined sentimentality which together invariably make up a popular historical Romance. Veidt and Massey together should ensure yet one More Success for the i i Earv famous tale. Collision Between motor Cycle outfit and car Albert Bilby 31, floor sur Lacer of High Street. Glenelg and Walter Poyuk Ter 29. Floor surface of Cromwell Street Camden. Were injured when the motor Cycle and Sidecar outfit on which they were Riding collided with a motor car Driver by or. A. V. Krause or an Gaston near the City Baths yesterday morning. Beth men were dazed Anri were taken to the Adelaide Hospital. But after treatment for contusions and 1 abrasions they were allowed to to to their Homes. Three Little wolves f t is now some years since Walt Dis keys three Little pigs set the whole world singing by their fatuous declaration that they were not afraid of the big bad Wolf. Since then the Wolf has made his re appearance As the deadly enemy of Little red Riding Hood and the three Little pigs have been seen from time to time. Even they were amongst the sightseers of Mickey s Polo team ? now they Are All Back again and the two fatuous pigs have returned to their false self satisfaction. But the cast has been enlarged. The big bad Wolf has now three assistants in the form of his three very unpleasant Little offspring ones again they play foolish pranks hoping from experience that the Wise Little pier will come to their assistance. Almost do their foolish pranks prove fatal to themselves but in the Nick of time their Wise colleague comes to the Rescue and again the. Big bad Wolf and his family Are Defeated it is an interesting indication of Walt Disney s attitude towards life that innocence and virtue always Triumph in the Long run. They Bury the pets of the film stars in state by Julia Macdonald our Hollywood correspondent Dolly has been a faithful Friend to mrs. Caroline Humphrey for thirty eight years and i know that her memory will linger in All our hearts for Many years to come with these words a Lily Metal casket was lowered into the ground and a Parrot was added to the guest list of the los Angeles pet cemetery. No one seemed to think it strange that Polly should ride in state in a Flower filled Hearse followed by a procession of cars belonging to her for Mer mistress and friends to find a last resting place in her own Little plot. For the pet cemetery nestling among the Bills a few Miles North of Hollywood is the scene of Many such burials almost every Day of the year. Not Only Are Many of the cemetery s occupants former pets of film players mrs. Mary Jones the manager of the establishment informed debut not a few such As up Zizums were stars in their own right. ? ? up Zizums who died As the result of a Black widow spider s bite was one of the few cats Ever to a Hie i film Fame. As a tiny dark Grey maltese Kitten he was found in a vacant Field by a Hollywood extra girl who took him Home fed him with a bottle and taught him tricks. By the time he wa.-. A year old. Up Zizums had made his screen debut in a Mack Sennet comedy starring Carole Lombard and was awarded a contract at �10 per week. Later As a free Lance player he Arew a weekly salary of �50 while appear ing in t film with Jeannette Mac Donald and Maurice Chevalier and with the late will Rogers in Handy Andy he was eight years old when he died. He was so Clever his erstwhile mistress Nadine Dennis told me sadly. Why he could Cross Bis eyes on command and walk to the right or left whichever Way i told him to go ? ? ? ? next to up Zizums s Little plot is the grave of Kabar the late Rudolf Valentino s dog. Kabar a Dobs Max pins her was with his master in new York when the famous Star died. Months later he arrived in Hollywood his paws Cut and bleeding from his Long trek across the United states. Valentino s brother took the dog to a veterinary Hospital where he died of a broken heart believing his be loved master had forsaken him. At least that is the explanation mrs Jones offers for his death. There Are several canaries and turtles buried in the pet cemetery one Mizote a strange Little animal from Panama and Only one horse. He is Billy Bounce a seven year old Saddle horse who died from eating too Many Green apples. His mistress a Young Hollywood girl had his remains encased in a Silkins casket and interred in the animal necropolis at a Cost of �40. Fohn Gilbert s Topsy Mir Iam Hopkins s Jerry and mar Ian Marsh s pekingese. King Are among the dogs reposing in the Ceme Tery while Mas West s bogey is one of the three monkeys buried there. No Tombstone Marks the final rest ing place of any of these animals but nearby the memory of a pekingese has fuzzy is Boll word s Only Felixjr film Ajir who my Cross life Tutt it Onan and. As lie appeared in a Early Hack Sennett comedy. He u now buried in the los anodes pet cemetery. ? been perpetuated by a Bronze Marker which reads lady big Ijo Bezen. Of bldg baby. 1828-19m. The name lady Bug is the Ameri can equivalent of Pur. Ladybird in the crypts of the neat White mausoleum Are the remains of Many Hollywood pets among them Alice Brady s wire haired terrier whose epitaph reads Sammy it boy. Many of the crypts and Graves. Observed were covered with ? Flowers placed there mrs. Jones informed me by fond masters and mistresses of the buried pets approximately one Hun dred a a forty visitors drive out to the Little cemetery each sunday Laden with Flowers. And what do you Don the Case o a funeral like Polly a when there Are far too Many i oilers to go on one Xmas grave i asked mrs. Jones. Why i just put them on the grave., of some poor Little dog or cat who never Lias any Flowers he answered pathetically. Lbs. Jones is a sentimentalist with 1u a genuine love and understanding of animals. Before taking Over the. Management of the pet cemetery she used to own a boarding House for cats and dogs. The Walls of her office in Hollywood Are covered with pictures of dogs and cats buried in the cemetery pictures taken when the pets were alive and Well which were Given to her by their owners who have found mrs. Jones sympathetic in their bereavement. Mrs. Jones knows the name and life history of each one. An Ordinary burial costs �5 10/. She1 told me when i could persuade her to such prosaic matters. This includes the plot of ground and a Metal casket Complete with miniature. Blan Ket and Pillow made by mrs. Jones s own bands. Silk lined caskets such As that of Mae West s Monkey Are More expensive and a crypt in the mausoleum costs from �10 to �25. Depending on its size �3 10/ is charged for a Cre mation. In spite of these facts the cemetery is run at a loss. It is mostly the poorer people who Bury their pets mrs. Jones explained. They really love their animals but wealthy people Don t care so much she added that the largest plot in the cemetery is owned by a kind hearted chambermaid in a los Angeles hotel who feeds and cares for any stray does and cats which come her Way. When they die. She buries them in her private plot which now has six Bronze. Markers to commemorate her kindness to animals both in life and in death. At easter time. Mrs. Jones sees that All the craves Are banked with Flowers while at christinas fifty Large Ever Ereen Trees decorated with coloured lights Lead the was to the Little Ceme Terv in the Foothills. Australian film Here soon Cine sound s australian film thoroughbred is listed for Early Adelaide release at the May air. Thoroughbred a drama of the. Turf Bas an australian setting and the cast includes Helen twelvetrees Frank Leighton John Longden and Nellie Barnes. Thoroughbred has proved successful in the Eastern states. Civic Welcome to new jewish first minister tie lord mayor or. Cain Ana lady Mayoress mrs Dunstan ten dered a Welcome yesterday to the Bev l. Rubin Zack the new first minister of the Adelaide hebrew congregation and mrs. Bubin Zack. Rabbi Brodie. Of Melbourne who will induct or Rubin Zack. Was also present. The lord Mavor paid a High tribute to the ability and Scholastic attain ments of or. Rubinn Zack. Or. Myers supported the lord mayor the president or the Adelaide he brew congregation or. L. Oplt welcomed or. And mrs. Rubin Zack on behalf of the congregation. Or Rubin Zack said that it was 100 years since Softli Australia was proclaimed and the year 1836 bad great significance for the jewish Community. It was then that Freedom and civil rights were granted to All denominations faiths and Creed in Britain. The jews had always Beec Loyal to the state in which they lived and had followed the advice of Jere Mian in that respect for 2.500 years. Lung trouble a dry inhalation treatment it enters the b Ood Stream As Vrell As coming into direct Contact with the he Ca ports. The Kellel from suffering la ama7jng. This is what patients report the cough. Ii less distressing. Able to right through me night. Mucus is easily dislodged. Haemorrhage and night sweats cease. Appetite improves. Strength and weight regained. Able to Salt and later on work play games without distress and live a comparatively Normal me. Here a a Typ Ai report there in addition to bronchitis the lungs end bowels urrere Sac tear. Good results Settle All arguments. The breather is very trying now and yesterday was perishing cold. Nevertheless i have not been troubled so badly As Las year with bronchitis. I feel positive sure the using of the treatment hat saved my life. 1 could not possibly have gone on As i was a year ago. What with occasional spitting of blood and the increased Dze and paint of the Stu Lee Are j. There was but ont Outlook. I do indeed feel grateful to you asthma bronchitis would you apr i it a treatment that is not taken after tiie attacks come but by inhaling regularly you find the attacks getting less severe and less frequent eventually stopping altogether and without recurrence that is what Mem Rosus is doing. Jas Giad to say i am getting the Benefit from Roar treatment my Bead and Throat Are much clearer and the tightness at my Chest much easier my Liui tand is getting on splendidly thanks to this wonderful treatment of Youn. Be would never have lived. I am cure if he bad not started on t. I an o Jet Bancy Voth he wonderful improvement 1 am re Asci so far to Atli tie results. The cough has nearly All gone and i Hae wonderful a Iii since i tried the treatment Catarrh Hay fever Antrum trouble treatment without operation i certainly fee the Benefit of. Using Mem Rojas i keep better and feel altogether. Different the head noises toe Are greatly relieved and i can lie Doican at night quite comfortably instead of Bitting no. ? Jost a Tew Tunis to 3et you i am getting on. Wei. I must Tell Voua truth that my health is better in every Way and you will be pleased to hear to i am putting of sesh. And i can now go for Long walks and enjoy them. No of ? thought i Vond live. But. Thanks to your Iron Erful Mem Rosus i am is ten along Mem Rosus ? a dry inhalation treatment perhaps Yon Lave m. Friend who coffer. Send at once s stamped addressed in River Abt Tsaloff or amp Lauri to Meu Bbosco a a Trine a Izaner Btl 30 tear coking s btji1 dog Boom no 458 Georce Street 6yiey. Ass is. Danger of hold uts on pay Day Bendigo min owners refused leave to use cheques Melbourne. Jelv 3. The costly process of Cashine a pay Cheque in mining town hotels was de scribed before chief judge Beanie in the arbitration court today when his Honor refused an application by min owners in the Bendigo District for a variation in the miners award in Yonng them to pay wages by Cheque. The owners whose Case was heard on june 18, contended that payment by Cheque was necessary because of the danger of hold ups. Several miners said in evidence to Day that they and their wives were caused much inconvenience through the system of paying wages by Cheque. The Banks were usually closed when be men received their cheques and they had to go to hotels or stores to Cash them. The men were expected to buy something in a hotel when they cashed their cheques there and the process was rather costly. Or. L. C Meagher for time mine owners said that employers deplored the necessity for having to pay wages by cheques but the risk of hold ups was a real one and became Grater every Day it was in the interests of the messengers that the system of pay ment by Cheque was considered Necess pry ?. Chief judge Dethridge said that he accepted the statement of the Empl yers that it was because of their solicitude for the messengers that they sought a variation of the award. In his opinion they had not made a sufficiently Strong Case for the variation sought he thought that mine owners emf shaif expense of trouble could adopt concerted action of some kind to ensure the safety of their messengers. Schools service at St. Peter s Cathedral As part of Patron Al festival and Samond Jubilee celebrations a secondary schools service was held at St. Peter s Cathedral yesterday i attending were from the Cou Egnate school of St. Peter the Pulteney Oran mar school the Woodlands Church of England girls grammar school Ana the St. Peter s collegiate girls school. The special form of service use was conducted by the Rev. Guy f1 the organists were the Bev. K. P. Fin Nis and or. George Gardner. In his address the Bev. H. C. Tto rash spoke of the importance of a first things first in study in religion and in All the affairs of life. The Cathedral festival will be continued tomorrow and end on Man Day wit i a holy communion service at 7 an. Broken Hill newsworthy Mam Wui Beni f j2e set be St Fly a a of corporation advertised for Gean a a b. Foote was the a wig is Rawsa aass j271--96. A the Suth in is is the broken Hul club were present. A it feel Ftp some resulted in a tie Between h. Yeo and a tests ind s. G Bee gel t%rvaons&3rtsbb of be . In new South Wales to tendered a reception by the mayor Alderman Barnes at the town Hau. On his arrival or Duncan is the guest of the Rev. W. W. Pratt wad to manager of the dec Lenttee raved fear from Adelaide. They Are stay ing at the grand hotel. The superintendent of Miner or. E. J. Hours Zodl arrived on the Otrea from a Laide. He is staying St the beef Eakins hurl b. V. Gardiner Secretary of Tessum. Mtr mme co. Is stay it at tattle the kit Rev. Or. George Francis Gramc Brown anglican Bishop in Jerusalem left for Adelaide. Or l m. Booking general manager of the Alaska ice Cream and produce co. Arrived by the Adelaide express end is a Kuest at freemasons hotel. Old collegians luncheon. The monthly luncheon of the St. Peter s collegians association will be held at Birks Piccadilly on tuesday when or. F. F. Espie will give a talk on his re cent travels abroad. Or. W. D Hen Derson a committee member of the association will preside and several announcements will be made by him concerning old boys week from july 20 to 28. ? ?

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