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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jan 25 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 25, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia m ? shipping. ? Orient line. The following steamships under Boyal Ma-.1 contract will Lee Adelaide Lars Bay to � . A toe undermentioned Defes Xor Fly mouth Sod London Rix Albany Colombo Tran shipping far All Indian sorts. Suez dual. Kate. Marseilles Ica Gibraltar ? ? Orizaba ra.597 ton la. W. Clarke . Jan m Clova 6.ss7 feb. 9 Cuzco 3,818 a. T. Pritchard . Feix s3 Rukuba 4,857 unde Ajr Hay ? car � i of of. 687 e. A. Veazie . Mar 23 Vilkas 9,650 j. F. Eur Tebren april b Austral 5,88s j. F. Anderson april 20 of slut of cello u. E. Inskip ? May and fortnightly tier easter. Cal line at Hobart in route from Sydney. Galoob to Loridon single. �35 to �70. Return �63 to Mia. Third class �15 15s., �17 lit and �18 of. Saloon to Colombo single. �22 to �30. A Sorn �33 to �45. We3teen acs Teama. Eaton �6 Kab. To �7. Third �4 us. Tonga from any port can be prepaid Here. Managers f. Green too. And Alder Box a person co., Fenchurch Avenue v London . Full particulars on application to. U. G. Ahder9o3, Branch manager. Mrtt7e ? Ore cell treet. A special train for Passek Gebs Anda. Visitors to Hie . Orizaba will save Adelaide for the sea end of Largs pier at Ujj. Am. On thursday Jannary 26th. The last launch for the chore will leave the Orizaba at 1.50 ., to connect with a special i Tan which will Cave the sea Aid of Largs pier p. & o. .Tea-haatiocokpa.t. Lowing Beanie a Ofili to at Albany ovum bog Aden of a 1 Gibraltar and ply month with a Stair to Gall at Bri Dutt. ? Sunmi a commander. Ian Bolai Iata 8mir. L. Broan feb. 2 Abie hoax s2s k Al Seymour feb. Is Britannia 65zs � 8. Annam to s Oceana 6603 e. Stewart. Mac. Is Vic Robia -j665 e. Grew Van so Wydia Mil it. and w aus Baua Lajos ? Prtt p Foo men tar grind he twin Asp at port said. To Beral Radoc tint to i mlle.,. Westt Cabin med. The froth Firat and second saloons i Binm Prii d. Pence from Europe can Beana Nied Here Pike Cen allowed to break their Conmey at Wartt. Tea Ritts set Teoflla China. Japan Joe. Ss6isbstsk i tid Reti tanned at Jawett current nto. Zip eclat to London eu0 it �85. Eun Boosa Tibie table and Spartie Iurii Ai pc it image Haney. To. Forwarded m applied Stoa her of Joth. Foo a my engl mess Ceries maritime or ubrb0ki60il6mib0 and Pabb. My Aram of i of tons Iunker Portal contract aril the French Gorer Anent Cabin at Al 3ajit, Colombo Suez and Post said will he Dja Patybea monthly a Milnw v Banotai Febba � Jan. San m Kaash feb. So fab a Stoeh. Ski feb Neteh. Bollard sat Flat ssi Slu ski v Annat Behlic 17 Appl a april 82 Fassen Gebs booked to Bombay India by iss air saw w m a Thule irises. Beuten tickets a Flable Loriz month. It bedded Bates. Egush spokes of Board. A Sadie Money can be paid Here Tor Para cd Tern Europe. Liberal concessions to fim lira. Non arrival at Marseilles Yenebah interpreters meet the a Nurr or London and give them mry assistance in jangling and passing their lose get throne a the ont Anu and also to co Tapany them to Paris and Calais. . It Censera a Rezaee conveyed free of Cost irom Sla Willes to London by Vanport Caum Ben. To Genie suit. And g. Ferguson t of port Adelaide. ?. \.fl2waij8 y. To Beqo Ziab 3tohtbi7 ? ? Tike of i it by to. Paly go .j3xbavebs ? o Fol worst my Najr Jezuina at fbe31astle, Colombo to snot port said Naples Lus of is set met Mit act in thet Perial . Steamer will be dispatched Llos acc tags Bay at hops. V a Awn. A top . Tic a i0i Che close 30,166 w. �. . By Oas Opsa 10,763 a. Eichter March Piusz Sebest Luitpold 6,186 h. Walter april 1 Kahl Sutche 6.0j7 b. Lle tue aprils Enott Mahx b.01s d. Koh Lenbek juy s Diat Bubo. 6.006jh. Oath maim june a passant Money from Adelaide a to �62. Guu Scyoc Tsujo a Retarn Macei an Uaje or nine or to Welt Ino nth. Every facility is offered for Brinzing Oai ii Jodi by payment. Of passage Money Here Cabin passenger May break their journey. Third class far soot Hunton �14. Van pee rally arranged to at All nations. A Omeis and stewards Conr errant with the eng Lidi is nuns a pass lasers Atad c30 booked throng to London and principal european Asiatic Ani american ports. Passengers Lor England Art landed at sodts Tipton. R. For freight Jias Sase and an other per Tichun h. A cease & oo., r. Uffia Wedaae -. Adelaide Ana port Adelaide. Thursday Island port Darwin Hon Kong China a Jawali the a Hijra Savi Ganos 00upaht8 Taiyuan b. Kelson. Porn Mindar. Will Bare Sydney for above of tuesday february 7, with passengers Sod cargo. Cargo to catch her will be Bent 1-Bekot charge to Sydney i Ras. Lab Aca on Friday. Jannary �7. Taranga bins or ladies bring Given a ? Shange for lunacy receipts. For Freb Fator Paasse Apper to to Bueb Boue & co agents c-7 . City Upsom tree port. I und s line steamers obese new non wend test Steamer Are appointed to Kare the port add Aida wharf and or onteora a. Ifon find As Fadow Natal Capetown. And Jos Don. Was tool. ? 6,078 tons boots Utonn. Hyfa Iri Irini 4,387 tons about ath feb. To trunk 6,078 tons about 26th March. War Kambool 3.61s tons Otow. Dungaree sess tons to follow. I iii ski acehomme Damon Lorp Csenger i u Weighi or Paa Sace apr or to George wills & my. Or t Adelaide. Port Ade Jato. And port Pyrle. Tea tax Caps town. And London. . Was00l, 6,c78 tons Captain h. G. Thomas b.n.e., of theare Ocean a Tamera wharf port Adelaide apr above ports about Slot Jan cab. Splendid passenger accommodation. For freight and passage apply to so Kab w1xls it co a Lilac Adelaide port Adelaide and port Pirie. Tippon tube Kaisha Hong no. Nagasaki and to Kohajda , Bri Bakr and tx-whs\11a.s. Will leave As under Harne it Steamer. Job Sydn. Omi Abc z. 7. A of a 4 Tokio Maeu ? Keh. Of March 4 these steamers have most Superior acco minoan Tion for passengers in All i cases and Ore fitted wit the most recent improvements. Fua Martini lies a to freight and passuite from Bdl Barth Sclia Caen � Ca prof. Fuelled. ? a Epta 61. Street. �s7naic to to f i he bj1 cakes win be Fly ask Jlas under a to Eta Abdey Starr aug Chc Buday and . At s.3o? to irom Stansbury Grerr monday. Itunes lfl.s0 an and to it by Vincent enry the slav at Tram foot Vuc cent Starr wednesday. V Katina Ioanu. ?3slc ? a. Art Crouth East poems. For Kingston and o beat fort else wednesday Jannary apply j. Crice pc Ca Adelaide and Kini Atoo a. A. J mtg Briw. Port �3.3.5 general merchandise. Tok Sale and to Abbie is Loop Iron pie Iron screws Sheet Zino fails slaves strychnine galvanised Iron Cement Semper and music r Enang wire barbed wire wire netting steel droppers Iron Fng. Posts Thomas do. Cave guano St intr twines Woolpack Ore Bocus Brand sea Castor Oil linseed Oil Hematite faint Riili outshine Canary seed rolled Oala George wills � co ? missing friends. ? ill f. Johns of Mil at . For let ten awaiting him. ? snipping. ? the Idil Ilde ste4msmp company warn will dispatch steamers from port Adelaide As under circumstances Pannit tinier for Albany and Fyk Mantle teak soil pig for All Loktu West ports. Wollow a sturday Jan Ziy is i 10 . Chr cough Bah of lading issued to Perth Bari. Foe Esperance to Franzin at Isa Tordal Jannary 2s 1 10 . Fott mel5oekke, Tea ship Pic v9b. Feyd Sev and Queensland posts. Adelaide saturday january s3 8 . Forsted Nevard Newcastle. Cores Only Labanca sunday january is spenceer Gulf service. Fob pout Lincoln 1iooxta, Fea Nelin Babbo. Feb bet. Tuesday january 31 . Poets add data Gemein and Pune ?. With Page opens and Careo. Divest Catob saturday Jon. S3 1 4 pm. Pixie to syd9tet. Dote Daie i saturday febuary 4 cargo must be delivered alongside steamers two hours prior to advertised time on Day of sailing. Passage tickets ived by this company Are inter changeable with Steamer of the . Ca be tween All parts. For All information apply to the Adelaide steamship co Ltd. Omit Sli Rrt. A i a i commercial wharf. ? port Adelaide. ? 6sc . Co., old. Tace laterite a Sec be Etea Ziebs of above line will firm Naium Pomini iii be us Chw it Pil Barra . Pru we la flu a. February & Muisin capote a ? Trana hip at Fra isms . 1 re taboo is Usu i monday february 6. ? and. Flu Otiis i Obeji Atnel Foiw Cisco Reorg Rad Daby at i jilt wharf up to one to Xor brr or Haf Taur. All Tso Ficeto after the 6nt port with the steamers of the Adelaide steamship com Pany. Limited. For Liares and fief Fate apply to b. M. Kac Doh agent 16, in Rio beet Adelaide. ? or our Jofa wharf. Poet. Flu Dart Parker & co. . Us had. But dispatch from port Adelaide ? . Permit int of bins Jiff Scag Cut Sbol Stu saturday. January 28. Cebal Tonj at noon. So Noah Bills Ladiet isred to Perth. ? ? of blight and passage in West cd Brett s for full Parn Cullars apply to d. & j. Fowler �4639 Adelaide and port Adelaide. To a team to Kingston and Beach of fides. O Post. The regular trader Helen Nicoll. a Asci ii saturday. Jannary ssh. Psssagcs-8aloon, s5s. Steerage. Us. For freight and Paa Sace apply Johnd Abug & son. Of town and porn Tot of take poet Wakefield su1ppikg a hosts. 1 company. Fob port Wake Ankie Watt Aasu wed Surj mesday. 25th Irtel at . A. & e. Lljoss8obnat, dlr Adelalde. S4-6 ? shipping. ? the Howard Smith line. I eave Howard Smith s wharf is follows permitting. Albany. 1 , i time Buh Busy f Friday february 3. Geraldton. J cargo and Stock Only at specially reduced Bates. Special attention is drawn to this steamers m rivalled accommodation for Stock. Helbo Tisins \ Geelong 1 sygnet i jew Castek bib Bakx Cabog is sis thus Day Brua s. Rocks Motoh i Mackay i 1 ca1eks j a. Eka leaves Walla boo Jannary 28, poet Pirie february 2, for above ports. Sawn. Wednesday. . At4p.ru. Rufh Tictin an Flera. Stewardess carried. Saloon fan for bound trip so cargo must be delivered alongside steamers Natless than one hour before advertised tone of sailing. We. Fow Abo sixth & socks limited 1u. King William . Adelaide. And Sorth a ride port Adelaide. Styc my wraith Mceacharn go. Teoff Istatt. Xxx Tom. Pm die Patch the follow my passenger steamers carom sluices permitting i sol ski i both cast to cargo win be received later than noon on Day of sailing. Through Bills lading issued to Perth what through bookings to k. W. Ports sr-7? up twi w. B. Cart s co., Greffen Street Adelaide or j. Bali pcs & son. Port Adelaide. St Maniok Incus rom Loddon. Consignees Are requested to pass entries at once. Bills of lading must be presented and freights paid at oar port office before delivery Ixo claims will be acknowledged unless damage has been pointed out on Landing and ship will not be responsible for abstraction of spirits or of her goods except from packages pointed out on the wharf in bad oru and examined a the presence of the Captain. As goods impeding discharge will be landed and stored at consignees risk and expense. Captain j. Hughes will not be responsible for any debts contracted by the obey without his written authority. 24-6 Bleb Smith & co. A cots. Jurion bogus irom Liverpool. A general average contribution of 1 per cent has been called and consignees arc requested to sign average Bond and pay Deposit without delay at our port office before delivery of cargo can be made. 354 elder Smith & co., limited. Hobnob Castle. An claims against this vessel must be rendered in duplicate to our port. Adelaide office by noon on wednesday the 25th inst. Or they will not be recognised. Il-5 Kutter Smith & co. Limited. Ship Loch Long from Glasgow. Consignees Are requested to pass entries at once. Bills of lading must be presented and freights paid St our port office before delivery no claims vill be acknowledged unless damage has been pointed out on Landing and ship will not be Ripon Sable for abstraction of spirits or other ods. Except from packages Pointer out on the wharf in Hajj order and examined is the presence of the Captain. All goods impeding discharge will be landed and stored at con signed s risk and expense. Captain Sta Chat win not be responsible fur any debts contracted by the Crew without his written authority. George wills & co., City and fort. 24-5 Slaughter. Slaughter. Slaughter. The coliseum summer season s Sale. Our Story in a few words. We have purchased at a discount of 75 per cant a wholesale. Stock of fall prims Erik ted Cambric faiu1 Pruitt of Litas French Pfuhl Ofifi piques Best Frek ii Cambric. And aft extensive ran a of Fauci fires mus miss. We Are placed in the position of being Able to sell you these goods at a fuss than they Cost to make. We will begin t air distribution at prices that will make this Mer Cantile event beyond All question the first in the hearts of All cabe it Jim buyers. Note the rare bargains. 73 pieces fancy priv Tufts usual values 4fd to 6id, will be cleared at o a dozen 54 pieces printed Cambric usual values from 5id to 7$d, will be cleared at a a dozen 28 pieces fancy printed la was usual values 6id to Sid will be cleared at a 44 a dozen 30 pieces French muslims newest patterns usual values 7id to did will be cleared at a 4irl dozen 12 pieces fancy printed piques usual value lord will be cleared at an 4 4 a dozen a Gigantic Slaughter of All the proper popular fabrics 39 pieces Best French Cambric usual values Cid to Sid will be cleared at of 44 a dozen 27 pieces fancy corded Check zephyrs usual value lord to 12hd, will be slaughtered at a _ 11/7 dozen it this line we Are offering one of the greatest bargains Ever placed on the Adelaide Market. I 15 pieces fancy spotted 3luslins usual value fid Yard will be cleared at an to dozen 18 pieces a stay biscuit muslims usual value 13id per Yard will be cleared at a Al per Yard 12 pieces fancy biscuit muslims usual value is 9d, will a cleared at j q1j per Yard 13 pieces White dress 3iuslins usual value 7d to 81d, willbe cleared at an 4 4 3 dozen i we at i the coliseum 16 and 18, r17 ft3l.s Street. E f if ii b. It % 1 b \. Sassa ebbs St ? Tot Jioie. Large Purchase from the Mill Large discount for Gash. Cali Coes sheeting Long cloths one of the Best known makers. The Lemous Purchase totals some i / 42,000 Yards of White Calico twill Calico Grey Calico White sheeting twill sheeting gee sheeting a site Pillow Calico l02t3cl0te, sc0ubed Calico cruet twill Fine Cambric. The above Are Selling freely so should you require any come to Day. Bought at a big Dis count for Cash Large lots of damask table cloths damask Serviettes Linen sheeting Pillow linens sideboard clothes Linen towels Swiss muslims. furniture a Honc Koom site Good solid frames in beat leather. 7 pieces a. Ifim a Cuba Wing Boom site. 7 pieces in tapestry and flush. Woad Erfal value m h of a bears curtain pole. 6 it. Lone with Zagt ends and brackets Complete. 4 11-1 a Good toilet table and Wash Siard 3 ft., the pair in. G j a bedroo1i suite comprising wardrobe Pachess pair. Vitae stand Baving Marble top and tile Back and Towd bail the suite Complete 3 1c5 -sae3 x3s-3a7 �2-jds. We offer positive bargains a bedsteads from m Stock comprising Many thousands. By All mean if a buyer. Gall and inspect our bedsteads. Rattan rocking chairs. A very Superior lot at 1 pkg a each n9tui p 0 is Bamboo Verandah blinds. Size 6 it. By s it Only a. T5 pc Liu a pulleys Complete. Otx2�& a . Be offer 427 Over mantels Beair the balance of a sle Boome bankrupt stoc at Leas than half Price. Fuk 3ii? 17 s3 of Alt. Grades as1 Desei Pioss offt ked at dual so the Progress of Oue Bias dual Sale. Only six High Orao first Quality i x c5 w c2 lib 3bi so j us nil Price Zzz 10s. We offer you to pick these for Cash at Only a4 i rach. Remember these Are sew Ijacic Iiames of Sterling Hake Aud 3erit, and of Asb Only six remain Marshall a drapery Hafl got Flag. J. Miller Anderson cos summer drapery Sale now on. In announcing on Hau Yeakly Bale of Sui Meh drapery we particularly Call attention to the Large Stock in on showrooms All new goods imported this season consisting of Max Tonery of Stumes mantles capes blouses dressing gowns skirts. A which Are ked Down regardless of Cost As these goods must be cleared daring the Sale. The game policy has been adopted in Deal ing with All season goods in the Wool dress Cotton dress , lace and other departments. Household Linen and furnishing department. To inferior qualities in Stock. Unbleached Linen damask tailings 54 Inch reduced to 1/6, 1/8 66-Inch, reduced to 1/10, 2/1 72-Inch, reduced to 2/l 2/6, 2/9, 3/ bleached Linen damask tailings 08-Inch, reduced to 3/, 3/6 72-Inch, reduced to 3/6, 4/, 4/6 Linen damask Serviettes medium size 3/6, 4/9, 7/ upwards full size 7/6, 10/6, 12/9 upwards Irish and scotch Linen sheeting 72 Inch 3/6 for 3/3, 4/6 for 4/ 80-Inch, 3/11 for 3/6, 4/11 for 4/6 90-Inch, 4/6 for 4/, 5/6 for 4/u 100-Inch, 6/0 for 5/9, 7/ for 6/3 family sheeting Plain our Standard make 54-Inch, Sale Price 1/2 Yard 72 much Sale Price 1/3, 1/7, 1a0 Yard 80 Inch Sale Price 1/9, 2/3 Yard 90-Inch, Sale Price 1/10, 2/, 2/3, 2/6 family sheeting willed 5t-Inch, reduced to Al 1/2 72-Inch, reduced to 1/1, 1/6 Fco Inch reduced to 1/5, 1/10 90-Inch, reduced to 1/9, 2/2 half bleached twill Cotton sheeting 72 Inch Sale Price 1/2 Yard 90-Inch, Sale Price 1/9 Yard White honeycomb quilts Oil single bed Ficie to be cleared at 6/9 each full double bed size to be cleared at 11/9 the venetian quilt full single bed size reduced to 9/ each full double bed size reduced to 13/9 each. This quilt is a Fine Light make and suitable for summer use. Wiite Cotton turkish towels size 20 x 45, 8/6, 11/6 dozen size 22 x 45, 13/9 Eize 27 s 48, 19/ dozen size 25 s 55, 20/ Buff and White striped turkish towels Eize 25 x 45, 12/6 dozen very special value Ujj Rovn lined striped turkish towels size ii x 45, 1/7 size 21 x 51, 2/3, 2/6 size 20 x 54, 2/6, 2/9 a bite Cotton honeycomb towels fringed coloured ends size 23 x 50, reduced to 9/6, 11/6, 13/6 dozen White honeycomb towels fancy Stripe and fringed size 23 x 45, reduced to 11/ dozen unbleached honeycomb towels fancy Stripe and fringed Sale Price 7/ dozen bleached Linen Huc Kaback towels fringed size 22 x 42, Sale Price 10/9, 12/9, 16/6 Uit bladed Linen Huc Kaback towelling 27-in. Wide reduced to 9d, 1/ Yard bleached Linen Huc Kaback towelling 27 in. Wide reduced to Lod 1/, 1/3 a Linen Check Glass cloth Sale Price. 5d, 4md, 71d, 8jd Rard bleached Linen damask afternoon Tea and tray cloths coloured Borders and fringed size 24 x 24, 1/2 for 9d each 1/10 for 1/4 each size 33 x 33, 2/11 for 1/11 each size 36 x 36, 3/9 for 3/3 size 45 x 45, 5/9 for 5/ size 51 x 51, 7/0 for 6/6 bleached Linen damask afternoon Tea and tray cloths Hasti Tepeti and drawn thread size 16 x 2i, Sale Price 1/ size 18 x 27. Reduced to 1/4, 2/6 size 20 x 30, reduced to 2/6 size 24 x 24, reduced to 2/6 size 30 x 30, reduced to 2/6, 3/3 size 33 x 33, reduced to 2/6, 3/3 bleached Linen damask afternoon Tea and trav Clollis drawn thread and fringed size 22 x 30, Sale Price 1/6, 1/11 each size 30 � 30, reduced to 2/3 size 36 a 36, 2/9 for ii 3/ for 2/6, 5/ for 3/6 each Linen damask Wagon and sideboard cloths he stitched and drawn thread. Fize 18 x 54, Sale Price 1/6 size 16 x 63, i Pale Price 4/ size 16 x 70, reduced to 1/2, 3/6, 4/3 size 18 x 72, reduced to 1/11 size 15 x 54, reduced to 3/6. 4/3 size 17 s 70, reduced to 4/3, 4/9, 5/6 i Plain Linen table runners he stitched and silk embroidered size 14 x 46, 5/6, to be cleared at 4/6 each Hall and dining room curtains some very special lines to be cleared during Sale Indian Cross striped curtains fringed reduced to 11/9, 13/6 pair Plain Art Serge curtains with Floral Dado i in Terra electric Blue Marone reduced to 17/6 pair Plain Art Serge curtains with egyptian Dado fringed in Navy Terra Olive Marone reduced to 19/6 f Floral Art Serge curtains with Dado fringed in Terra Olive Marone reduced to 21/ heavy Art Serge curtains with handsome Chenille Dado in electric Blue Terra Olive Marone reduced to 27/6 pair our Large and Well assorted Stock of Din ing room table covers in tapestry Che Nille and Plain Serge with Chenille Bor Ders in the latest designs and colourings will be offered during Sale at a 10 per cent discount off regular prices. Cre Tokes. We Hare now a splendid selection of single and double printed Cre tonnes in new ? designs and colourings at 7d, 9d, lid 1/, upwards. Gentlemen s outfitting an Mercery department. Shirts. A A. & co s Peridot fitting Austral White shirt special Sale prices 6/6 each 18/6 for 3 shirts 36/ per half dozen 7/6 each 21/ for 3 shirts 40/ per i Alf dozen 8/9 each 25/ for 3 shirts 48/ per half dozen 9.6 each 27/ for 3 shirts 53/ per Jialu dozen. Regatta shirts usual prices 6/6, 8/, Sale prices 5/9, 7/6 soft fronted Regua shirts usual prices 5/9, 7/6, Sale prices 4/9, 7/ Cej Ion shirts 5/9, 6/9, 7/9 Ceylon Tennis shirt 7/9 Oxford Matte Tennis shirts 4/9, 6/9 cellular Tennis shirts. 5/ note. All kinds of shirts made to or Der. A perfect fit guaranteed. Shxrt1kgs. Ceylon shirting 9d, who i a 1/6 Oxford shirting so. 9d, Lod cellular shirting 9d, 1/ j French Cambric and Zephyr shirting Lod. Pyjama suits. Flannelette pm Jana suits 5/6 Oxford a Ojania suits 10/ Eylon i Jama suits 10/6, 15/6 so pyjama suits 24/6. Hosiery and underwear. A special discount of 10 per cent will be allowed on All purchases of men s undershirts. Pants Hose and Hall Hose. Our Stock consists of medium and Best him Aires of Cotton. Merino natural Wool i a and Wool Cashmere silk and lambs Wool. Fine Baler Igran Gauze and other t ii rat textures for Oie season. \ cellular direct from the makers. Or. Jaeger s celebrated natural woo underwear. J. Miller Mem & summer Sale. Drapery and clothing Martin Bros., i House. _ 1 Sale i bargains. Good Quality. Washing dress fabrics trip shy to cd and 8s 6d per dozen mils. To be sold at Ujj dozen Yards color Eddress Materi a Small Check designs. Doable Width. Worth 1 Yard. F Eale Price old Yard. I fast Black alpacas double Width. Usual Price is of Yard. Sale Price j / Yard. Blouse Siles. Splendid value Worth is lid Yard. Sale Price a Yard. Offered Silks. Few shades Lett. Worth is lid Sard. Sale Price a Yard. Remnants is dress materials. Both Woollen and Woiton. As these Hare accumulated to some thousands it i imperative to dispose Ottem. Therville be offered 1 half Cost spice. Fancy hats. Nearly a thousand fancy hats. Hany Are this season Iupe and were originally 6d each now to be sold All at a each a lot of French Model bonnets stoc Woro originally 37s 6d, now o j each Ori Suur 25s, now Ujj each Sailor hats from d each blouses blouses blouses ? a Larce number of White spotted Muslin blouses which were originally is lid each to be cleared on at 2 jul each. Several French mantles to be cleared oct. Originally used for f a originally 37s 6d for � 1% originally 35c for Jug ori�icauy39e6dlor jul a genuine bargains. White que and Drill costume skirts Worth lie cd Lor a Jyh each Worth iss cd for go each a babe Opportunity. Note the Price 10/6 for White pique costumes coat and skirt styles 10/6 originally Wogh 29s 8d. Grass Lawn costumes Blouse and skirt 49s6dfor of coloured Drill costumes Coats and Burts. 2980 1 for 15/9 Zephyr shirt blouses. 6s us for in Elf amino out absolutely the whole Stock Cambric shirt blouses in dark colors Sod originally sold at a lid sow j in each q7o Light ground and dark ground Cambrico & Seibt blouses Worth 4s lid Fob 2 a each. % special special a . Martin Bros. Abe it veg away at nominal put Les immense stocks of Vartous makes of corsets and under clothing corsets irom i Leach. Ladies Long cloth Good Quality troop a a each. Ladies lok cloth Chi Zoe Xci Al s from o each. Ladies Long cloth Kitic Kors 1 a pair ladies Long cloth i Zoars trom 4/6 extraordinary Valoe ladies v1sdervests from t i dozen. To be absolutely cleared out regardless of Cost. A Larce assortment very varied of All the latest designs in metalled and jewelled buckles. Originally by to be cleared 4jd originally la to be cleared d originally is lid to be cleared 94 Metal slides for belts. To be cleared. Originally is each Bow cd each. Martin Bros., Bakli Kottos House. 16c Donaldson s ? boys suits. Boys blouses clots mtg latest styles at greatly reduced prices. See these goods. V ? isma6 of a r a p e e s pbimt1ng 1_p of the shortest notice and on ii Cral farms at the adtebx1seb Job i moms Hanoi i drapery Aad clothing. Willson Bride and go Many and Selk of piercers 114, to 118, a ladle Street it Cir Ami 1 a few temptation for ladies 1 Abe offered in Oak Woollen dress goods department wot to by if Obi awa1 but sold greatly reduce prices. 10 pieces All Wool Black Serge Tyll Yard to id 12 halt piece silk and Wool Kph Gle a said Tobeson a 2/6 Yard coloured pieces a Rool Canara cloth la Jari. Tate i Eold at sad Yard coloured s whole pieces a Wool Black Mienrad Popans us f Yard to be sold at 1/11 Yard 6 pieces sol and Wool cannas cloth Blacks 6/6 Yard to be Bow at 8/6 Yard 9 half pieces All Wool Small pattern fancy tweeds s/8 and2/flyari. 18 Ootton dress Goodr 73 pieces beet Quality Check prints warranted bit colors Tai dozen Yards to be you at 4/lldosaa is pieces finest Quality Linen finish of Nbrina u Rard,tobesowat8 Dyard 17 pieces All Linen Check Zephyr 1/2 Yard to be ? sold at 8jd Yard is pieces fancy Floral French Misuns co teed Flowers Vana ated sat colors. 7/6 dozen now thu. Auu Uwe pretty Fenn Ilette in skins Flat Jan Sld freely this summer at sad Yard to be add St so i we have an extra heavy Stock in ton department and ladies will find it greatly to their Zdrantan to visit Oskow. Wilson Brice & compy. For cheap and a Bette Eile ladies but sow we ate in the Hamor to id on Stock co at ridiculous prices. Many a the lines now offered we cannot indent for the Money. 970 Yards pretty striped washing Silks 1/3 Yard to t be sold at la d Yard. Warranted All ilk Ana per. Lesliy fast in color 47 boxes of 25 Yards each japanese Silks Colon on l/4j Yard to be som at Yard ? 16 boxes White Browne China corded sinks to fas sold at 1/9 Yard. Bietsc Are Lovely goods. 9 pieces silk Check chivas Cream Cronne. With coloured Auk Check. To be sold at 1/ Yard 9 half pieces coloured Broche silk 8/0 Yard to be old at i Yard. 7 half piece is Inch coloured Bro be silk arg bold patterns 2/11 Yard now 1/8 Yard 21 pieces All silk pofcec8, wide to be Vidal 1/ilyard. Celestial hues the finest variety a colors in the Trade i is pieces coloured Ben Saline silk pretty aha deaf bad extra Ehricht silk Price 2/11 Yard up dec Eskrich Bright Kack Broche silk Beau in designs and All silk. 2/11 and 3ai Yant 7 pieces coloured merr ilk to be you at 1/b Yard Grey and Brown shares Only. Ladies do not allow your selves to be influenced by the Trade talk of the big Fellows. Or those others who Are always i Al pfc their Stock away. Just Wink Yoda a fila Andy. And pass on Down to the shops at if notares Slajs drapers Wilson brige and company As their prices fit the purses of the Lirse and mad 1 Bayen Best of Alu their Home is situated in a Kdle Street exactly opposite the Arcade. Sic Shierlaw boys & youths variety of latest goods to choose from. Gentlemen s Straw and Felt hats in latest shapes. 16 and 18, hind1.ey-St. Olus rated catalogue sent Post free. Locile mantles. To close the season we have decided Pou the following reductions 3 Only ladies Selk mantles Chiffon trimmed 39/c, to go at 19/6 4 Only ladies silk mantles braided trimmed 45/, to co at 24/9 2 Only ladies silk mantles. Gimp and lace trimmed. 4s/g. To go at 2s/9 3 Only ladies ottoman silk Gimp trimmed 50/. To go at 29/c 5 Only ladies ottoman silk silk braid and lace trimmed. 54/3, to go at 30/ 2 Only silk lined hebv., jetted Gimp trimmed 59/6, to go at 32/6 2 Only moire silkmerv., lined Orna ment and Chiffon trimmed 02,6, to Goat 35/ 3 Only ottoman silk lace and Gimp trimming g2/g, to to at 33/ 1 Only ottoman silk lace and Gimp trimming massive i length 65/, to go at 3s/9 2 Only Metev. Surah lined Well mounted 75/, to co at 30, o 3 Only shot poplin silk striped Chiffon and ornament trimming. 75/. To Tea at 39/0 2 Only heavy Merv. Selk St Rah lined jetted Yoke and lace 79/6, to go St 2 Only ottoman silk jetted epaulettes striped of Tiffon trimming 65/, to go at. These must go Sharp As they an below manufacturers invoice Price and Are mostly goods suitable for Wear throng Hoat the Yea. J now open the first show of the new j season s jackets and capes from 6711 to i �15 15/. Ii. My & oo., i 76, 78, 80, 80a, Halifax St. 1 i to fast or Bough Riding a is always the same result to am h fax Corr. Of the Teack they re the fastest. Of the Boad the Mart reliable. First in Issa Fobe Vost Etee since. Tee Doh lip Fate chaotic Tyre a. Leroted., 9. Fra Kun Street Adelaide us at memo Dame. eth. Jan . Whether they Are ? the finest tyres for All purposes. 1b oar registered Trade Mirk Dan to s head the bulk up pneumatic Tyre co. Uht23, 6�, Ubai Ukuk St beat Adelaide. And at Melbourne Sydney. Path and .

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