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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 20, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. mar Mes Sten Nahma under jul mail ooh Bacr with the French Golem it Adelalde to London via Marseilles cafe id to album Seychelles Aden Suec and port sad7 Adelaide to London in 88 Days. Job Itna. Commander. Leave Adelaide. Of Caismir us l. Fiasco Al . Sat., Jan. 90 Polt Sno 8020 a Bujard . Ihuta., mar. 8 ??aaoa.poydenot.. Fri april 1 Anhsiu Leoso. Didier,. Moil May b a Tom .io3b Jmon May 30 Bat or Pas am chide Wmk or alb at Una to bods of buhs tickets a Yeiuei to Loasta lamed Here journey m hours Only. The Chanpany interpreters will accompany through Pas Enge ?eideatopai3saiid London. Luggage conveyed Fra by Steamer bom Marseilles to London. A Ackah stewards. Hoffa cow carried. Single Meckem to Hare Eilke bom �20 to �65. Be in Oom �34 to them club accommodation unequalled. Wine and 11 Cabin fun Mitre included in fares. _ in passengers Are booked Tea ooh to Mauritius reunion and South Africa via sey Ovellee. Pas Sencen booked to Bombay via Kurra Ohee per Branch line Tram Aden. Cargo booked through to Havre Genoa Antwerp Dunkirk Hamburg Bordeaux and London. So fal new j a Bothena a Mill p. . N. Company Noder Dulac m. Boyal mail contract win dispatch the following steamers Lor London Albany Colombo Aden. A Rindt Malta . And Plymouth. J a leave commander. Ade. Talda 1892. Orman . Jan. 20 149151c. Fraser feb. 3 obd intal 60461 e. Stewart feb. It offi Xoua mob a. W Adamana mat. 8 Oceana Buffi p. A Tomlin mar. Is Valetta by tsar. ,. Mar. 30 Arcadia _ 6382 . Andrewes a jul april 13 Balla Abat j7s k. Aah Down april 27 pith a to 177i1r.q. . May u first and second Saloon passengers allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. Cabins reserved on special terms. Liberal Conoe Smons made i alms a win Rte Sianni tows iii . In the second Saloon the arrangements have been Dorau gtd reorganised the offered Bates of passage Honey. To London in first Saloon _ �80 to �70 to italian Porte do. _ �5s to �66 to London in second Saloon �30 to �37 to italian Porte a _ �80 to �36 Begum tickets from _ _. �05 to �116 cargo received until 5 pin. On the monday and parcel Tell noon an the Tae Day prior to Steamer s denture. For handbooks and All information apply to it Fern a of or to agent 1910 it o. A. special train s for passengers and visitors is arranged to leave Adelaide for sea end lug pier at 8.60 . On wednesday. 16-20 elder Smith it co., limited. Agents. use of Boyal hah. St shebs. M Tod Oiring Boyal mail steamers beam ring to he Orient and pacd7io companies win leave a nor i it. Noon on the to Mennen tuned dates far London via Albany. Colombo floes canal Naples Gibraltar and Plymouth on a Jasbi tons a wan. 87 asst Jih feb. 10 Cuzco . Anderson feb. 24 Sobota aoe7 e. B. Lavington much. 9 Romul _,077 " . Dison much. 23 of Bibb -1w66 " h. G. Darby april 8 of pcs 4,031 " w.e.white3jjl Anrol so of Oiivia i 662 " May 4 Oran _ej7oo " .Rnthven May is and Lorum Glatly thereafter Saloon passengers May break their journey. Ehn Beeman reserved on most sberal terms. Kex Cussion Benm tickets at Low rates. Passage Money. First Saloon is �68, and �70. Second Saloonj-�3o and �37. A fran to Fri Witzang in Anding bedding nets it enels to two berth Kaaba �22 each adult four berth Cabins �20 each adult. Open berths �1717-each adult. By boil Larnies Are now a corded for bringing at friends and relatives by the prepayment of Pas Sage Money Here As above. Tab Els carried to any part of the United bang Dom at a Low rate. Neither owners nor the undead Ned win be re Ponsolle for detention demurrer Artia of anode managers of. Green and co and Anderson Anderson mndp., fed Burch Avenne London . Full partic lao on and Sajun to David manager to 88, Greatel Streek a Irr obd sets Heb lloyd.4mk Bealar monthly Lafe of last Pas Mage anger of reamers to Southampton a twerp. And Bremen offing at la no. Aden fines fort Bald and Genoa Oon Beni of tinder Man contract with Vitae Imperial Steamer win Lelyn Rex tons. Commander. . Habsburg so oms. Schmolder feb. 8 Bohon Taufen 8,090 mar. 2 Sauer 3,08 Sar. 30 Kaibab Wilhman. 6391 list Rmer go. 27 a Branch due to Samoa and Steamer hares Sydney of each Steamer for these Sands. Turnm wiry from Adelaide to Bremen from at to �80. Great win tons on return Nas Agea Avad Abla to Robt. Nine or twelve facility a offered Lor bringing on friends by Faynett of Pearage Money Here. Cabin ii ennui us specially arranged to Suft All nations As officers and stewards convey am with Hie Ngn a language. And principal european Asiatic and american Orta passengers Tor England an landed at in future passengers will land and embark at lugs Bay. Tor Reigst passage and an other a Raulan apply mob Parenta Mia org it 00, Mornac Adelaide and port Adelaide Rke Tsoh Kusiba Lisonb Rok if us Freak to ant Wasp and has hew Babuben be dispatched cd above about Middle of january. Passages Iron England arranged from Hamburg or Antwerp _. �11 us. Fro London. _ _. 418 us a j a n to Toof new Miana an part Neilt App a bobs wills it co r Ufaye Adelaide and port Adelaide. I t Xandra link of Lon Doh. To Pori As no Trad hug Saa new Falt powered lass Steamer an 2Tppotated zouave the port Adelaita Rian Doii Staaf Awonga. _ january so. Murrumbidgee i febraarv2o. Wooll Oolooloo _ to to of. Hubbuck _ _ Toto nov. is paws Saffon. Lot freight or Jaware apply tour lao Leo. Wills five Lyt Teton on december a Toimi allowed by Beu Tinmu on jaouarv23. Boom for London Plymouth. And Bio. Leo. Wixs to agents. �?5? Adelide to los Don. 9 a Asai and ast March woo Tsales. The fast new Steamer Yar Awonga of pm ifs line Captain h. G. Thomas r.n.e., a be data patched As above about the Seth january fat tonight or passage Applys Iorge wills too Ufa of Adelaide or port Adelaide. Mav a Koessl kid Boyal Hail line yht9v pc London via Brisbane Jug i Bush Queensland ports Java a d Suez canal. Wei mob. I tors j luvs Bibba a. 6,186 january 19. Sobotta s,is2 mesday. Febert Jyz. Fun Adelaide to London Saloon ass so 5 retome �90 10b available Tor 12 Olha. A Toerag i l g e ,�2o. Apply Harold Brogue is a adeside and port Adelaide. Tilder London my Wei direct. Ink a a the fint Clarai Clipper Lotos Fez. M by. Early Appu Aatila of Tobb a Otoi v the we Kra a Ivorite 20ioat?30 elder Smith & to. Limited. T oct claim Sij and aooodsj3 against this vessel Matt Bete saved in duplicate at oar port office on or before huh instant noon or they will not be Feeon id. 18-80 d. 4j. Fowles. Mapping Rumik Toni ship Nonni Al United win dispatch their steamships a in Der for Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping Lor an Queensland ports. . Adelaide i Sam Day i Jan. S3l 2.18 pin Inbau Mckay saturday i Jan. 302.upan. West australian service. For Albany and Fremantle Tran shipping for Northern ports. Albany wednesday 1 Jan. ?7 noon. South East service. For Kingston. Robe Beac port. And Macdonnell Bas going through co Mel Bourne. A Emu _ _ tuesday feb. 2 Coon. Cargo Anlo. Spencer s Gulf service. Port Lincoln poet Augusta returning via Wallaroo Caff aug Franklin Harbor ferret tuesday Jan. 26ip.tt. Cargo received tall ii . Mails and passengers Only. Mookta Wallaroo port go mein and poet Hibib. 3jj.investigator saturday Jan. 23 . Cargo received udi . Day of sailing. John Turnbull Secretary to Corrie Chambers. Corrie Ateret. Adelaide. Coal. The Adelaide Oom Paky. Looted is prepared to Oon Traci for the Supply of Large. Shall and household Coal in any quantities at lowest rates. Uus John turn Bull. Secretary Australia to China and Japan. The Easteen and australian steam ship company looted regular steam line. The too Wing steam Naira win be Flap adobes at Reg near intervals from australian ports to the East Steamer. A a commander j a Menmuir 7. 2,179 but Craig 28th jul aublib 2.388 w. Euis to follow. Get Hie i is p. T. Helms is follow. Oatt Bethun. 2,179 Meu Shannon to follow sew be Mera 3ngduur. Themes Tamera sail from Alki , and Sydney or China and Japan calling in route at Queensland poets and Fox Darwin splendid passenger . booked through to All poets in China and Japan also to san feb Alcisco Liverpool London and the continent at Europe. Jot freight and a sgt apply to 6ibbs, Bright it 00, of Hrc Grenfell tree torpor. _a3l. Cvrk Hon Kong via thursday few. 1? Island and port China navigation company a men bus steel Steamer Taiyuan Bobert Nelson r.n.8., comm Oder will leave Hac Laren wharf. Port Adelaide on wednesday 20th january 1892, at s pin. This Steamer has splendid accommodation or Pas sengers who can Book through to London or the continent via China Japan and America. No live Stock carried a refrigerator ensuring a Good Supply of provisions. A doing the voyage. Wayne Rath Etimet Adelaide or Lipton beet. Fort. 13a8-20 a. packers line. Drax. Of Western aunt Akita. In Tvovi 8.8 Wen double Abby we or Albany Vasse Bundey Fremantle Champion Bay Geraldton Tran shipping for Northern porn. The sj3. Wen double win leave fort Adelaide or above ports carrying through to Geraldton with cargo and passengers on wednesday january 20, at noon. For freight or passage apply 70we14-20 d. It j. Fowler. Al a. T Auno Eston exhibition. Huddart Parker it co., Ltd., bbb Bah Wol Wiff part the Al pts r i fit Passen. Ger steamship of Cooee r Owin ebon Romni Souci Winum do Ordo Launceston twice weekly on and after Totth november Fol notice. Tabot Joh fares from Adelaide available for tue 3 months inca Dong rail to Melbourne. Of upon tickets Van ladle for three months an also spa to Hobbx via la Aneston. For on Par Trailani apply it adj . Fowler. Al a. Web poet Broughion. The a go was r regular trader a Kukfa Porto Ian. Bar sails thursday. We c. E. Woke & co., port Adelaide. Drapery and clothing. H. J. Bailey & co. H. J. Bailey & co. After season Sale. After season Sale. Extraordinary reductions. No half measures. Look at the prices. Shot silk sunshades 14/6 to 18/6, a a Leprine of s White Eek fee jackets k/1 1 u/6 to 17/e, Sale Price _ la 2qq White Long cloth skirts 5/6 i i Oka Yards fancy dress m4teoo\j Bias Nna sorted 3/u and s/9, 1 1 1d. Sale Price 14 2 1 to \ tabs silk be Daune Art 1/11iouu hades 4/u, today _ in 10/4, Eize White toot quilts pm 6/u bal Price. La 7fin lace and Chiffon euffle3 71d. Usu a nmt3ty to Sale Price 2 children Fine Cotton and thee 4d Hub sizes 1 to 6. In Feal Navy and at. Orect its Allyl a a Price ? genuine Sale. Genuine Sale. H. J. Bailey & co. A j. Bailey & co. Aah a Zeph yes. Zephyrs. Zephyrs. P Auandee. G 28 lid doz., usual Price 6s 6d ? 3s lid " " 7s lid 4s lid " ? " 8s 9d Gss lid " us 6dc inn dress of patterns. S Chas. Moore and co s 5 orb Ibale. 6o 1& a special Pec has at less than English Cost. Double Width spot Continental a bes Tweed Job by a Worth 2/3,1 in All colors. It will be Worth your while to Call and see this line. Chas. Moore & co., a Cradle and codger by beet. 9o shipping of a Howard Smith like. News Evite. For tier Bedoc Tion of a Avenger Fane. Ballon. Benm. Cabin. To Merbon me is 0 �2 10 0 Coso Sydney _ 80 0 00 110 0 freights a lowest Bates. to Fin studs for Delbou Breand v Sydney bib Bane Maryborough Rockhampton so. Bund Yong Hokay ton tuesday january 18,. Towns file 15.16p.m be Baldwon 3.5. Booboo Abba 3,000 Cairns wot tuesday january 36, port Douglas 1206 . Cooktown thursday is. To Branton. Bube Etown j Fob fort pintle the deepest and meet convenient route to broken Hill and poet Augusta. Bj3.konoowabba tuesday january 19top.m. Saloon. Begum. Fore Cabin. Othrie _ sob. The. 128.64 item Smith and Cave s wharf. Fore Cabin passenger Are supplied with food and bedding free. 11 particulars on Appel cation to w. B. Cave it co agent Grenfeld Street Adelaide r toe Lii?. A. Cd s. Ceres h1 be dispatched Asmi a to Baths but every the Buday by to s ajn., returning aame Day leaving about s run., and every saturday at 8 bjn., re turning mondays leaving at Llam 30 fort Tran cent every tuesday to 8 am. N taming same Day leaving about s pin. S3ok a. �i3lebsu??7seoretary. I tji o b a 808 088 Uli trek twin .2aws test Rome what port Adelaide every wednesday at c pan. . Imo r. Fri Over. Port. I business to ticks Fredk. A baby it 00. Limit end manufacturers and Nopo Babbs. Sun Brand galvanized Job bloated Moh. Fraih Oal vamped Ibon a hmm and perforated Zyk Tufts Tannir Adelaide. Be Beltz genes. Seltz genes. Seltzogene9. Ennui no Abb ted. G. N. & w. H. Birks Ca . T4o no Ait Malikk Boob. Loki . We. Howard Smith and sons bed., Coal Parade port Adelaide gaas i Ziobia Dpi vol ill opposite York hotel. Feathers clothes dresses hat and All materials cleaned 01 dyed of the shortest possible Hodge fast ool Obb. Parcels collected and delivered. Gig Naiani . Ladies Silver watches from �2, Strong and durable. Ladies Gold watches Tram a 10s., Durar pasted value. Gents Silver English levees bom �5 Superior line specially adapted Lor Bosh we �8 to �10. Gents cold English levees Walt hams and Ciboso graphs. Guarantee Frith each Waich Eom. A l. Bruit Khost late h. Namango. 108, bundle Street. Iquio drapery and clothing. Charles bibs & co s great half yearly Sale to Day. Today. To Day. To Day. To Day. To Day. The verdict of Publio Crinion a that Cor Bale each Kau year is the most popular institution to Eccles soul always 9uocessftjl. Charles bikes & co s great half yearly Sale. 160 2 Yards wide a carpet 1/11, Worth 3/9 Beste Frame carpet 2/i l i our Tain 1/6, 1/h, 2/h pm Chas. Moore and co., cheap Cadi drapers bundle Abo gouge streets. So capes and mantles at less than half fridge. Chas Moore & co., j bundle and you streets. Of Dap Jubb printing executed on the shortest notice and Ca Liberal terms at the advertiser Job printing office. Drapery Otot iting. James Marshall & co. W. A is so dec Idle Street he a Tebes a place Wabe Bosses jul Elaine a d so jew in be Sext London. Great annual in _. U m m e b Sale. J. F of foil part Acom see 3fcie Day s dec guru. I i extraordinary special lines foe this Day. Wholesale of retail. Eak Haby wove Wise Matie esses. Double wire. Size. . -12/9 6ft.6in.xsfi. _ 13i9 6 it. In. X 3 it. 6-in. _ 15/8 6 it. 6 in. S 4 it. _ 17/b in. X it. C in. 1.17/6 4qqqtaeds of Nektal lace Cream l White and bqx3e, to be cleared at cd. Per Yard. 350 v Hue and co lobed habit Bosk cd Pew Fiaaoga to 2/11,. To a cleared Cadi. 500tabds Ibish Gotlobe lace Yard to be cleared at que. Per Yard. 45qtabds 40-in. Lace plouhcih3, Cream White and biege 1/6 to 2/8, for go. Per said. A dozen child Eire . Hnk7eers, Ali Iory 30 dozen Chiu bg39 bk3htdeesses, 2/11 and 3/11, Jor / Iao dozen ladies aft Broon Aboss. 1/11, to go. Go dozen ladies of Loktha Apesos 1/u.lorqd. 3000 ladies Yashimo gab Balw blocs Sill for cd. 2600 ladies Good White Garibaldi blouses. 2/u,Lor/ dozen ladies Biak Fiat Rinmo a handed Job says a Toum 3qdozd3 ladies jerseys 7uiio? James Marshall co. Soto also drapery and clothing. Hunt Corry & oct s great summer Sale now on. Hunt Cobby & 00/s great summer Sale now on. Hunt Cobby & cos great summer Sale now on. Peice list Price list Price list ?6 piece Savy and stack ground spotted prints is per dozen Yards 2, Boa various patterns washing Cam Brics xxx to 8b 6d Down Sale Price 2s lid dozen 29-in.art Ato auns 8a us dozes original Price ale Price la lid dozen White Buff look a Neftina cafe Price 2s 3d, 2s us. 3a lid 4a lid dozen 16 plots White checked Ariel hading 2s lid dozen Standard Black Cashmere 4jd, sad la la fid la in 2s lid Yard a lot of tins season s dress grafts. 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All have been specially reduced in Price daring the Sale wide snob lines As it is not Irwin Ihli to carry Forward to a Nouaux season on account of the spid changes of fashion Are Down to Clea Eiso prices. 28-in. Printed Falard Saks All Nev goods in rings pots ac., Light and dark grounds Worth 33 de 26-in. Pore silk Pongee Grey and Fawn soands Eyota and other designs 4s6d. Reduced to is lid 26-in. Printed Falard Silks Black and Navy soands French designs 8a fld Ledo oed to 2s 6d 26-in. Printed Pongee Black and Navy grounds new Floral designs to is sd2 French Pongee dresses handsome spot Uttero Beseda and Grey a grounds 85s, reduced to 6ss 2 French Pongee , Light Grey and Serpent in nods 87a de reduced to 6bs i 1 French Pongee press dream ground Chintz pattern 70s, Reda oed to 4?s6d 2 French Pongee dresses Crimson and Terra Cotta grounds new Fern design 60s, Reda oed to ass 1 French Pongee Dree Light Terr ground 4a, re dated to is 3d Yard 1 French Pongee Drees is Yards Only. Pale Pink ground beside Spray Efi Ghuy faded 6e 6d per Majed reduced to 2a 3d 1 prone in chess Satin Lay of the Valley design 6 Light ground Pongee French Chintz design Pedall salted far craning 4s Yard Reda oed toss lid these can Only be sold in Drees lengths. Dres length striped armoires 6s, reduced to 3s 3d said Bun Bro be Etta neat patterns Terra Myrtle dark Cardinal Pink 6s so reduced to 4s lid 6 snot Borah dress lengths newest goods scroll design �817s?d, reduced to �5 ids e handsome dark silk Robes -�8 15s, reduced to remnants fancy Saks marked Down to half Price 26-in. White China Silks is 3d. Reduced to is 3d 23-in. White Pongee Reda oed to is 6d Yard 804n. White Pongee 4s, a dated to 8s 6d Yard s2-ln. Black sarahs reduced to is 6d Yard 22-in Black sarahs reduced to sa9d Yard skin. Black sarahs Reda oed to so lid raid extra Rich Blok Surah 6s de reduced to 6e lid 21-in. Black Mercef flex is so Reda oed to is so 22-Fo. Black Mer Veilleux reduced to 4tsd Yard 22-in. Extra Rich Black hem Treux. Fis 9d, a dated to 4s lid 22-in. Back Broche Pongee is so Reda oed to 3s 6d 28-in. Superior blk japanese Silks 4s so reduced to 3s 110 dark satan doches a Eitra Quality 6s 9d, 4s 6d dark Fame Francaise 6s 6d, Reda oed to 4s 6d 2wn. White Satin her Redleaf 4s 3d, a dated to ss9d Black and White striped Silas 4s fid reduced to be 6d Short lengths of Rich dark brocaded Silks 10i 6d, for 6a 6d Yard Black Brocki he grenadines ta9d, Reda oed to 3s lid. Genuine seductions Best value offered. Sunshade department. The goods in this department being an of this season s Purchase Ore con a Quentin perfectly clean and fresh and of the latest style. Many at the designs Are carried out in colourings suitable for Winter use. Special line shot silk sunshades natural Esicks assorted colors to Clear 5s 9d 20ii. Bavy us White and Blanc and White spot sateen sunshades to dear 8s lid 20-in. Bhot bed and Bla Jan Lar no. Is 6d Tor &,6d20-in. Pm maw of in Toos Cas natural Bamboo Bajck los de for 9s 6d 20-in. Pure silk Surah sunshades Navy Brown and clarets Superior goods us 6d for 10 9d 20-in. Newmarket 1 sunshades newest styles assorted colors 16s 6d for us 9d 20-in. Newmarket Sundi Ades extra Quality 18s 9dforlgs6d 20-in. In Toos Cas Gold tipped ribs a flyer Bosses 19a 6dforl6s6d 20-in. Shoe eat heavy raffle tassels sis fld for 18s 6d 23-ta. Shot silk son Cobiella guaranteed water proof suitable both As sunshade or ombre a 27sedfor2z8 6d White frilled sateen sunshades 5s us reduced to 3sm White and Omri Imil silk frilled Smaha Des 7s 6d, reduced to ss6d Navy filk Buna Hadea deep flounce stylish goods is 6d, a dated to 13s cd special line in shot Elk fian snides triple ant of Marioo Colora. 186 so to dear it 13s 9d Superior Quality deeper flounce Reda oed to 15s 6d Whit and Cream 18a de a dated to 12s fid lot of Back flounced Hoire silk sunshades toy effective 18b cd. Reduced to 96 a Black Surah wbk sunshades extra deep flounce very handsome to Clear at 18s 6d Large of these Roods in Black and Brown at the following prices 2sin.,7asdfores9d 10b9dfor a sad bssdtor7s6d 168 9d for 13s 6d the following Are the Over plus of oar Obot Ceet foods and comprise the most exclusive ool Orines Sod Chest Hope shot Suk Floan oed for lfia6d s steel shot yen handsome use 6d-redooed is s7a 6dt 1 peach shot Sadk Floan oed ass Reda oed to 87e de 2 Beseda and Cardinal shot Borah Floan oed and trimmed s7e 6d, Reda oed to 2 e cd the new Buck faille trimmed Gold tinsel 1 Only. 87s cd. Reduced to s7s de 2 Black lace 87s de reduced to s7i u x White Piar Obi Fon Fitusi Bailas Tfaye to flow pm by so Jade of the Eason 6e, Reda oed to 2?s 6d 1 Grey silk Obi sea sunshade 4bs, Reda oed to 29s de 1 Silver Grey silk Burah trimmed Black lace 47ecd, reduced to 82s de 1 Black Lake Ana Chiffon Vety Coloe 47s 6d, reduced tossed 1 Black lace Over White silk unique design 49s fld reduced to 32a cd. Genuine bed Cross bes value offered. Hosiery department. 100 dozen ladies Black Cashmere Hose is lid re dated to is los pair ladies 6pun Elk Hose in Pink sky Cream car Grenat 8s de reduced to 3a lid pair ladies Hack Span silk 7s, reduced to scud pair s6d, reduced to 8s pair 8s 6d, Reda oed to 7s 8d pair 10s 6d, to is pair ladies usle thread How. In card Al oho Polato. Sky Pink and Navy is fid Reda oed to a lid pair children s Lisle thread Home Lake front in Nam sky. And Pink sizes 1, 2. And ass 6d for is lid pair sizes4.&aiide, Espair children s Black Cashmere Hose ribbed die 8,6, 6, 2s so 3s6d a said is an Odd lot of Cotton and Cashmere Hose and socks in Cardinal and Brown Reda oed co so pair. Genuine reductions. value offered. Go at Clea Becco summer Sale Bow . J. Millet Anderson and co. So and 23, Hindlet St bet. 16c

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