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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jan 15 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 15, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia p. Be Mantle. A thu. Chou and Bobotes nest and second Yazoo Only. Ummat. It Tonto . Ilaa Vaa. Lin in . Fra. I . Jan. M a. Feb. It Sooltan. ,000,b .l.haddock, kaloja.12.600 ,. .morea.1w00 . _ Marmora. 10,500 ,. Feb. To medina.12.500 nobler , mar. U Moldavia. 10,000 e. H. Oor Dod mar. S7 of Coua. 10.0qo j Opont . Apr. 10 Macedonia �06ot in a Kennrtt . Apr a Vul Bombay. And fort iii thereafter. Fob Melbour bsds and Sydney. Morea " saturday. Jair aary fall flu uner taked with we rehab Teto Graphy arid axe Tariff acte first and second Saloon to mfg Randi to Europe. In a Cuna. Norw atom London one class Only. We Ritaa telegraphy Beltane. Nab Bung. Allard .mect�kia.".". \ s.000 Tom 11.120 Toa s.o00 Toni 11,120 Tobo about feb. 27. About i about apr. I about apr. � splendid accommodation. Ladies Book i Boom Asan Eoo and stewardess . Cis. �18. Cd. Sooth . 15, and 17 Guinea. Bound trips. To London by t. K o. Beak cd service Steamer Rbt Rolfo via Suez canal. By i o. Vail Steamer feb of a 1w. � Ordinary return1 ticket Are Wita the Aberdeen line. Faarup Bletz and All parti Colata on application ,. George wills it xxx agent. At Apoc 8, . . tit mob Jorj Asmo few will leave Adelaide for the i of Tref Harbor at 3.53. And 4.90 . On Thorsa to mul a tante "1 "15 1�rient line / of Royal mail steamers. You Miro term Ftp Ingrio Emu ill Ondoff Lofb t Sec 12,085 8.130 Tatj Tosmio. Otiukto.,_ osaka., us a film 11,i 7. Of Bain b.s-. , f. A Sorn Roc in a. I a a a jn.84 it i mar. 7 apr. Is a we Fiji Wirrie tekgrtpby.", i la a i will Refl a Yotaro. Boil Iudith 8ttffap Wum in own Gicla Uearl tour Briw t ,1 High Aad Bott ,. V Roui Art cmos v i a wife the other Htit Luan. Fbrtl�rd.0ki8� pa8enfr�. Pggf�sixba.-8shgib m. Liar it qua it Kwe i a ?y.v-. I. X1 ."-fe51 ,"?,?.,-"be to . I a do a a ii in Ferial Gubman mail steamers. I a Ordo and c0ntt51nt, Jat la Colombo isoez.1 a Kwh. J get Algiers ast., a flirt i. ?. The to 1 1. I,1��. c Bindt t. Tout up a a to far a sri i a. R Ai was Juno 17 of Olyis ? Al twin screw \ �d�part�.jta�, 1 ii�4tofoartethimwar. To pedal train Froc adtlaidvatjjfcwoob�., " reduced Cabin , help a Chetam tar 2ad-yjia�" singlet 1�/ a tur v 4ii/i Jward crate it. bound no Al sri Taue wit if to a Natl Monea. / ? ,. state fit and sett let Saloon Beto Abla . Etc Leca Urco. And Hlad i. A . Be separate Liing Mno if am am a Iio ism Jafay Giuffi Iosevi a 1 j�am1a. Chra\.�irfjatak-.tu-Bklsbasb, Townsville ral thursday islam Steamer. A ten a to t of Cav a my mail8jj�qr�kanuho Karo i 6,000 i . 4j ? Majidi Jewr Foar Weka thereafter.4 in i fastest god most w3xuoious 8tra1ors to to Hitt doily in ?.--. I \? a 9p�x1al books to to a Parta to tie ast. America and ebb Opta particular bom ?. " ,. ?., i -., -m�o.wba1th. Mcneac Bani oo.,. " lubed sent -.adelaida. G ? Katie g. � co., Ltd. " australian Obi Estal Une. Sta Stlla. and Japaul rat Sambo Aga Darwin thursday blast and Queensland posts. . Changsha Mung from Dalgety wharf Miller a Point of saturday Vittardi & Tabor tat Yuan. March in it full particular apply to " x. A Anderson we 8, King . Via san. Francisco. To All american British Isles and costo Ibet Calline at Saratov a Cook group and Papeete Tahiti. Steamer. From i from / due Sydney. I Wellington. 1 Prisco Jan. S6 Jin. �1 if".-20. 2s Teh 2& mar. 20. Alt a 3? Sui. / Apt. 17 and every s3 Dara thereafter. For particular regarding Naa Aget Aad f11 Irmi apply Union steamship co. Of , Kermitt fat a for sturday. Albury pre Mairu for Perth it Darra 0 135 tons,.? Geraldton. . Port for saturday. Rev Jyi i acid Ruia pore of Sass i Jot Bournes a Owlet iia new Bya i 6aturday. a thursday i tar a. " "t., ,pm.z"?�.t. Twin screw fitted with wireless a Iraq Rytir feet. Slim a err a ssi car tango Sevion tickets interchangeable With other interstatecomparte subject to Tondl Dora. Fantt Retan portion of., Ordinary first chs ran Way ticket ii available Byr Steamer. V. Serlater bids., Grenfeu-St., Aal port Adelaide. do.,. � Kew Twik screw 8.8,rinparrare�t& toss. I v quipped with Wirell 11 t for a Baky and Fremantle Perth. Leaves Adelaide saturday 8th v of february. � \ a tax thereafter to Jung first second and third class Para Enrel. Ingarra Ianthe rates and most up to Date Mil ton to the Companyfleet her passenger Accra in Dabon a unsurpassed t,4c. A oitwo4 Letoee of a a tour Erth a Bini Voltea it lug i a rotated Munie and smoke Roobina Raj Dah 1 cafe tym Samn lift Gama bag hath hot and old water in every Cabin Peciokas pro he Jade decks and Perety Modem pro Riaia Toni fou and use travel age h of Jaxk . Of a tar a ted Nis. We. Are Feu Trett and port Adelaide. ? australian steam ships Taftt Potto an with v. Weet to Watib Sam it paay�t�jwawera., a �. A 44�s t beware iia cot up so Toh to / i z5at a her-.�.? a to erode fort of Tempe. Telephone a a0�id�? hot 1 1 a Mcilwraith one Antram Une. A Ibec Tolar s / i \ " Coolgardie a " j teds Day to Albany june Newhart. ,1 m i Cerro Belr for Perth a. Kakoma. Banbury Geraldton f twin her cd ?.�1 twin a Crew 7,391 Toni Annau Aona weat i . Porta web. Jar to i Khz up to. I a. A / Qwen i extend Ito aeration. Of i a " Juk ayoolathursday.7an. W. �. ,1 of of eco in Uliari % special is Reaf trash it Rolf a cats Adelaide for port Adelaide on Jha Raday Nuary psf Wols -d.xo. � i v to Cilto Paravy Baggat Lurf Plant Foo to Oke hour tet Are Adaer Lawt a tig1" .�-.i. A i Uji a a. Sea Bola be twist Nereu Steamer hat. Garnea afro far Firat Aari see end a Btl i a Thor Clima pub Fen. Fritse Saite Deloac ftc.�. _. A. \ v the Croaa of v 4, and 6 Bert ticket a an Tritt poit of Ean with Otler Plater state con. Idea Ceet Mona Lacerta Habte of application in turn Worthen of ? Ballway to meet Between Adelaide pm Booraem. Jmaev Aad Bra base Are Veo Amel later state Sta Ayenu to in it bawltlto3 80icgart ase Mettro j. Eve Bowering it on broken he. Huddart Parker line v Ccu Rennat nicer permit Tia / from Antic. I i bal a Ayebina Alsay v saturday. Jannary u 1 \ a of. Manna ice a. 1 no by Sebiha. Bourns i. Rac spat Sydney " 1 a. Yabba i Jan. 15. On Only. Fitted with i Britai Telee Eaphy. Can Yin Firat see Drand third Clima Pawn Titi Kew zealand ports. From . Yio Toria Larvary a Yas. Cum aha january l8 a. Emmera. January �. Fron. . Do Jaboa be Roar ,. A too Pene Ecer Leketa Wita Marr �bter4tat Cora Pariee of get to Gondi Tiona. Annie Tan portion Ordinary Flat Clarai ban a tsp debt a Rainwa by inter Sato Baa win i sum It j. Fowles. A jetted agent. Melbourne steamship co. Steer lab pass kor service for 1 "�j8. Kapusta i Albany i Wirelean. Fre Vaxtie f tuesday. January so Bunbury .1_ Taipan. Geraldton v Copper cat s what v trash Ippisah the Perth Asod . Porta jtt3 1 t a Dimboola first Saloon. M Oats. Steele. Be tuna. Slade. 10 �8 1. C8 is 51 Melbourne. 2 t j i11 l8 0 is. S Salona tickets interchangeable with other in Ter state companies subject to ear Tiona Whick May be ascertained a Appl . Splendid Stock j Kiel bourse steamship co Ltd. Fort. Geo. Wills a co. Arenta Geeo Teu. Street Adelaide. Edwin Cropley. Broken bul to ipod its Victoria and Rickaby Steamer us stub Castle Aila thursday. 16th. 1-Jameabeu.Ftco. _1�6 Sale by tenders Are invited no to is o clock noon of wednesday. January 22. 1913, for the Pur Chase of the norwegian barque 679 tons net resister of the now lies at port Adelaide with All Muta. Rigging sails. Boat. Anchors chains pc. No stores to be told with the Reasel i tender to be addressed to Geo. J. Aber Finethy Consul for Norway port Adelaide from whom a particulars May be obtained. Neither the Hebest Cor lowest tender Necea warily accepted-_133.8.30 for other shipping Ady Etise 1 Kents see Page 2. & co s the shopping Centre where the people congregate great Clearing out of Stock summer Sale is today ladies gloves. V ladies suede Lisie gloves to the Elbow in Pastelle of Kylle and Waite 1/11 per _ i v. I ladies suede gloves above the Elbow in White and Cream 3/11 per pair. 1,000 Al Wool Cream Delaine Blouse pieces embroidered silk fronts Collar and offs everything to make a Good silk and Wool Blouse usually 5/ each to Day 2/11 7 each. -1 n my White Muslin Box Robes new smart styles everything for the Robe 21/ and 25/ each take to Day 13/6 each. � ".," Orer-1,000 Guipre Peter pan Collar in White Paris color All beautifully Nae. " qualities 3/, 4/,-and 5/ each on the table to Day 1/11 each. � l a boy cd Jhing department i v l50-Kavy and Pale Blue step to pcs 3rjl Aux Eek to Clear at 1/3 each. S 175washing Galatea striped tonics uzes t to 4 to go at 2/6 each. " " v .75. Only Plain coloured Linen tonic Saite usually sold to 8/8, 8/11," 9/6, Andy 9/u " now for.6/6 the suit. A " v inspect our immense Stock for bargains.? Ai a " " v millinery showroom a at this Sale trails sprays and Bunches Lovely Flowers Worth. Hl/uto5/lltra�7for3d., 6d,-aad9rt. \ to " special Clearing of trimmed. Model millinery smart stylish. Hats Worth 40/6rft�v n36rj3all?lpfice�4/li.6aahd8/ll." to a dal Clearing of Fine Untrif snied str a 8bape very Fine chips in wrates Coa ukr. Tif Njo syk a Crin and Blaik wrtbr4artd ,7salfe a my in i la Flag 3 dozen Only real Harr curls on tartan frames each Frame containing. 10 Corar to of sold at 2/6 each Ato i thousands of Vard coloured Glace Ribb on 4 in. Wide ratable for Childrenhair ties for 4jd.,Yard v. ,. M v t � � " Dollar Princess hair Jie Tay on a Asci Burn Light Brown and blonde Only ski. -m1-Io 5.j Pitt Ladin in of ,�.l& a � i&�&4 �,--.1_,"-t.-,-w=,.i Fly Day tar lews Toho j�ffobt7b�p Lote of and silk 40 in. Dress Foo lard 4/11 Fot 2/11, 5/u for 3/11, i Yat a qiw5 White. To tour. And of Weitl ill Siljic Meri Ira arts la now int nor Rord i 6/11 v Yara Slif Efrece oid5� 3/liijs a a i / a in a � i a he 1 5 of Shofi 8qti�tea, reversible paste 6pi� Pant Laneive 1 Yards of offered Curt a la to Cio-to4ay &6d� 5 dozen Stratf to i Rod shapes/vav at each 5 Doxen boys pin Dan Straw panamas Nena Price 1/11, to dear to Day at 1/ we have Jurt opened / 1 ?.ctf� Lairg Manchester department. 10 i striped bed ticking 58 in a i for Pia. Yard 8 pieces striped bed ticking 58 in 1/3 for tied. Yard lace bed spreads 18/6 for 13/6 each coloured bed spreads 10/6 for 6/11 each coloured quilts for single Beds 2/6 each. Men s ready to Wear department. Usual Price 14/6, Sale Price 12/8 usual Price 16/6, Sale Price 14/6. A big lot of sizes 3 and 4 Only prices no to 10/6, to be thrown ont at 2/11 men s crash trousers for the hot weather usual Price 3/11, Sale Price 2/11 usual Price 4/11, Sale Price 3/11 usual Price 5/11, Sale Price 4/11 men s Odd crash Coats All at prices that will Clear them quickly. Usual Price 4/11, Sale Price 3/11 usual Price 5/11, Sale Price 4/11 usual Price 6/11, Sale Price 5/11 men s Khaki trousers All at Sale prices. Usual Price 5/1l Sale Price 4/11 usual once 6/11, Sale Price 5/11 usual Price 7/h, Sale Price 6/11 i men s Khaki Coats with patrol Collais. Usual Price 6/11, Sale Price 5/11 usual Price 7/11. Sale Price 6/11 usual Price 8/11, Sale Price 7/6 men s Cream Serge. And flannel Cricket ing trousers. Usual Price 10/6, Sale Price 8/11 usual Price 12/6, Sale Price 10/6 usual Price 14/6, Sale Price 12/6 usual Price 16/6, Sale Price 14/6 usual Noe left ble Price we pyjama suits. Pyjama sotes. Men s pyjama suits thousands to select from. Flannelette usual Nike 4/11, Sale Price 3/11 usual Price 5/11, Mie Price 4/11 usual Price 0/11, Sale Price 5/11 usual Price 7/6, Sale Price 6/11 usual Price 8/6. Sale Price 7/6. Zephyr pyjamas in Plain and fancy usual Price 8/6, Sale Price 7/8 usual Price 10/6, Sale Price 8/11 usual Price 12/6, Sale Price 9/6 usual Price 14/6, Sale Price 12/8 usual Price 18/8, Sale Price 15/6. Men s Wool and Cotton Ceylon pyjama. Usual Price 10/6, Sale Price 8/6 usual Price 2/6, Sale Price 10/6 usual Price 15/6, Sale Price 12/6 usual Price 18/6, Sale Price 15/6. Usual Price 21/. Sale Price 18/6 i men s All Wool pyjamas in Light and heavy weights usual Price 21/, Sale Price y/6 usual Price 25/, Sale Price w/6 usual Price 29/6, Sale Prier 23/6men s silk and Wool pyjamas special value. Usual Price 32/6, Sale Price 25/ men s Cream mercerized silk pyjamas usual Price 10/6, Sale Price 8/6 men s cellular pyjamas in White and stripes i usual Price he. Sale Price 9/8 j Odd Coats in pyjamas also Odd to Nesb a to Deaz 2/u., i Ery we cl0thih6. Please note tee special j Une at foot of this advertisement. Something new each Day if j a i 3� ?anfe\mu8ltnjjblouse -.front1 jng8i 1/9, 2/3 a for l/6v j a menus two Gabi ment suits Javy China flannel,1 50/ for 37/6 64, pairs dds a a kid3win bar shoes of cuban heels sewn1 ,1 7/11 pair Orv a " 475 crds\6i-in. Bordered Cream j Madras Muslin old. Yard for 1/3 coh Idreis White washing hats 1/1�for a. By Jato St its a Jose la ior5/&\ la for 6/lljr 2fi$ot w6 400 v Yarda 18-b� embroidered i Louif Ceng 1/u Yard for 1/6 21 Norfolk Sutts tripe flannel 23/91 v to 28/6 for 17683 Yards double Width Cream i Delaine 1/u Yard for 1/4 32 dozen ladies knitted combinations trimmed lace american legs 4/8 pair for 3/6. It Jaeger \a1i-Woolf fancy half Hose 2/8, 2/9, 2/11 Parr for 2/ f children s Jack tar and Sailor i chats 5/u, 4/6, 3/11,-2/11 for 1/11 920 to Yards double Width pail-1 Lette Silks magnificent Range of had 4/� for 3/11 �20 dozen Cotton Torchon lace i 4/11 dozen for 3/11 25 dozen ladies Long cloth chemises 3/11 each for 2/u ? a Sassu Elbow length Lisle i gloves in Beaver Black and White 1/6 pair for 1/3," i 2,000 Yards Russore silk 33 inches wide 2/6 Yara for 1/9. I . Nig a Wal be Oppeel to Tbs pc Goa far to Day Only. I centry customer wis to sop bad ill eur Baa cat by first pact Altee Deere Rye tic lit drapery and cloth my. Fitch s Sale summer Sale. Grand bargains in dress. Materials and Wash goods. Tweeds crepes. Del takes fancy Zeph Byg Aso sponge cloths. At whole Sale prices. \ bve8yose i4j�e3 Torres Well. " Ott p Cas dbes3well almost t1 Orr Sar As at great j v Bab Gajo Fot a 27 in. Fancy Stripe Pons in Meno. Blur Brown Awn. Green and up 7/6 for 4/11 dozen so in. Quaker Grey crepes with fancy Stripe a Black Blue the latest. 1/ Tor Sid. Yard i. S in Light ground Cotton Delaine Dainty Pat terns Only 1/31 dozen ,. ? s in. Quaker Delaine Black spot and. Stripe very smart Loid. For 7 Yard t ?. 40 in Russore Voilas with. Green Pink sad f Brown stripes 1/8 for 1/.sot the width28 in. Russore zephyrs with coloured Stripe a Black Blue Pink de Helio .1/ for of. Yard 28 in. Fancy Stipe Zephyn quake Grey ground with wiuteblaclc7 Grey value and Pink stripes value 1/8 7jd. Yard s3 in. Seit coloured Poppins in Helio and brow Only 1/3 fort cd. Yard " j " i 0 in. Dainty Stripe sponge cloths last lot in licht Grey helia and Blue the latest in. For,1/6 Yuri a a i. 28 in. Classic Serge in Light Dart Hera. And Fiose ils foe . Eight Awid Ark shades a tap nose of Patte to select from Only. a so Rte 2bjst ground a \ i ? a. �1 to be sold at Rattaro Jed Las these will bevi/3 in two lots. �4a./�rut10��vy�rd to so it Yard a. L7s. A Yir to go atr6gd. Yard Ofiu and la for a Yard Creme. Silk 1inser-t. To ions in. Var Cholee design a very. Choice Oriental 5-Sef-Toauonwvery i adj net 2. In wide. V Retno Guipre insertion in. Wittel Black. Stif insertion a 2-clu.wider, Sitam. For Tibon thre Duic ill Tate an Inch ribbon Aal. Vii 1/.�1/3, and l/6-for/. Yard wite set insert ,i2 in. Wide pretty it naming for Vale blouses. A Good Herr Gnip Ore insertion St �in., excellent Ivarue a Cherae silk scr Ibn 8 Ide lice i Fine pattern. A very c Fine Quality Creme silk insertion 2 in. Wide handsomely braided Vith Vulk braid 2 in. Silk inner Tien. Dark Annadea suitable Tor Iri nuns t Russore Creme insertion waved Edge 3 �.�ja. Wide very Choice 2� in. Jade Dainty Pat i Tern baby Irish m Paris Shade " to Stranb fatty. Designs Oriental insertions up to is pieces some of these patterns on a a. 15ff, 0060 Oft pc tto a store Aai Vlf ,v�pyt�.2a3nifc stuff is a i Aulne yer coarse.? stuff ita300yardsbtfck liar Eric Sermon up to in. Wide bean Tinl Pattah and a Good color to a offered to the a. Slut if pm Woider fronting Smartz designs Tot summer to 32 in. Wide usual Pricer id Yarov to go a Sid. Yard better toe Lerqy Riate. Design 4i�ia."in Width 3/3-Yard Tor so. Jard a of. Write for samples " 4ali cur coloured Oriental allergen reduced in t Price a i Worth la fl/11 for 7/11, 12/a for to. 8ju Jock a 5/u,Fot i a .3/u Totz Jii for 2/9 Yard j i n " i to _. " hatpins. F hatpins a Sta pins Good Lengua the Catt Aale Price s for Penny i j better Linea to at id. Reehs a our Stock of Beauty phar to go at one Price id. For id. Each a s special line of Small Metal buttons suitable for trimming usual.pricest9d. And if card to be cleared out at 3d. Card All Colora. Colita supp0bt3,the Anaeta v Collar support. ? 8i in. Usual Price 2d. Set of 4, special Sale prices cuts for a " i tse Phobe Cream Rorine Collar support 2j in.,usual Price id. Card of, Sale Price 4 Carda Tot ithe Effie Collar support White covered Bone set of 0 on a card 2 in. High Only usual Price id. Card Cale Price 4 cards for 3d,hosiery and solotes. Special one of children s Strong Black. Cotton Hose ribbed sizes 4, 6, and 6, a really Good value at ted. Pair to be cleared out at 3 Paus for 1/3 j special Beary bib Cotton Hase it 3 and 4 Boot 1/6 for 1/3 pair All children s sos reduced All children s Hose reduced a. Ladies Hose reduced i solotes. silk lace Mitta Cream wonderful value 2/6 for 1/ pair speral value m White Lisle cloves wide stitch Back size h., . Eros., is for mid speral value in Short Lide Clores stitch backs Good Quality 1/6 for 1/, a by and o.s., in Blade Cream and Pastille White and Cream Lisle thread gloves abort extra super Quality 1 Cord Point dome fasteners 3/0 for 2/11 pair j. T. Fitch the Corner Rundle and Pulteney streets. John Martin for pro Busy j. Busy1 always Busy i boys and girls Back to school next week what about school clothes &c., for the children mothers Are they Fudy equipped with All they require four weeks Home from school romping about is quite enough time Fot most Chu Dren to Cleary out the most substantially stocked wardrobe. Let us help ypu6tock"tlpagaitf at a , for instance " boys Strong Cotton Tweed school Knicke hard through Orvn patterns dark shades Welland full made Sale Price i. 1/11 Parv boys Neavy. Well made Strong Tweed knickers lined throughout various patterns and Oringa full and neat Cut All sizes will stand the Wear Sale Price today and while they last .,./.�. J 2/9 pais boys Navy Blue and White striped ass Drill blouses splendidly made full Cut Best style All sizes to go to Dayt and while they last. � v 2/6 each one big group of boy Strong Plain Brown Dull Norfolk Suita lined Jockers Well Cut and finished Lull made an excellent school suit usually sold at 9/11 once while they last a .si_,.r .1 t.v.-r/. �6/11 it boy was inc hats in a --"-.-? If. .cr1? " 6d"eaen a group Oblack. And White club strap Haw in the wide brim Sailor shape Bandwidth Silt lettering and coloured silk. Slags All to co at c a. 6u. Each one big assorted group of children s Eine Grade White Straw Bate in Jack Tan a and wide brim Sailor shapes bound and unbound various qualities some Oij these hat Are Worth from 3/11 to 4/11 each. Sale Price to Clear the group 1 quickly., .,.�.,Yit one Large display counter containing a special group of White Straw hats Jack. Tar style various Grade White and coloured bands and trimmings All bargains " at the Poncev a -.-. A. _ 7.3/lt a Albi boys Istl Casl Fyk school web. I Bow White and Cream Tennis shirts with collars Well arid inh made comfortable j � � 4, �1 1 it f Dooher. Hts. We i a i fila v?.�j a Titt Boyvin Strong those 2/-$iv doable Knees w�tn�9,�fa. A Lois a. ,9, 2/1 a -�4 vow a 7 " i1 a �a " gu3sr alter tool Cashmere Hose Fiyod niger get perfect shape d.,$- 8i boys ats ii life Shahood boots at gites of Summa Sale one group of girls Tan hide by ton boobs All solid1 leather straight1 Tae Caps As Good Strong school Boot of next Ennis h and shape exceptional Good values at these Stev prices x / i. Sizes 7 to 4/lf, 10 to 13, jux. Tub Rosa Utu i Dov i Zoua assume Asa Morais Tot Sinopi use Puauea toe Cape. Riveted Ana Spriggel Toles Isaie Price 1 to 5a. I,41 Pap grtcra�ici0li�� Totth by Raj Birgs Ygat ilk. Pug Gorras Fly i us lining Green he a under Brou chm St Ftp user a feb Venh nation right Cool be Dressy Ordinary net 10/6,-Sale pc a icy last i. � a. .4/nac a A � a. W6tt. R. Order one of these spend tit suits to measure now when Youcan make your selection from a big new shipment of suiting which to have Justo s received to be used exclusively for the making of 59/6 Tau less Sac Sta 5 to measure. Our faultless 59/6 Sac soil to measure is As we have said scores of times the limit in us pfc to Deasaro value very Man. Who values Good tailoring should see these Low priced suits before he decides on any other at a higher once. Patterns of Sui tangs. Tape measure and self measurement Chart sent Post paid to any address m Australia. A few Sample Home refrigerators ice chests to be at special Sale prices to Day and while Thez last in our furniture division. Best six Cord Imperia hand Anglia nine Cotton Black White Noa. 10 to 60. 500-Yard reds Sale Price 1/3 dozen la reel manufactured by the i Pena Cotton manufacturing co Ltd Leicester England Masla idec Clare xxx dinner ale brewed Fresa heat Matt ant ?.? we Spring water. Brewe i a tet steal to . A Llau mame Freaa an Tae anal spirit p1�-5s Bur k is guaranteed genuine. Whiskey is sub Tussi

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