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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 6, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Be Sagebien Mafut Imes steamships Ander mail of Kabaci with the French Ooval Adelaide to London i Hara Eule calling at Albany. Seychelles Aden sad and fort a Helaine to lord w in 38 dats. Mas. commander. Leave Adelaide. Of a Iceni 4038 l. Fischl us. Sat Jan. 30 Peltx Osna 6040 a Bollard a a. Wetl., 3 . Poor tent . Than., april 1 an Ikauka i 6090?. Drier. . Mom May s Ock Kiei 4h3bu.fiascfai, us. Mon., May 30 bats of Pisa. 1. Boyal mail contract win dispatch jfi�3 the. Following steamers Lor London Albany Colombo Aden. Brindisi Malta Gibraltar and Plymouth. I leave a Teames. Tvs. Commander. Ade. A. I i fluid Pae Ramatta it iii. G. Murray. . Jan. 6 Britannia 257 j. Orman . Jan. So 4wsjg d. Sania . Feb. 3 Oriental ,5046 e. Stewart feb. 17 Victoria of afr w. Adamson mar. 2 Oceana 36s p. , . Mar. 16 Valetta u9wb.f. Briscoe 8.n.8. Mar. 30 Acadia 6362 w. R Andrews,. April 13 Ballarat \t4ie. Sandown april 27 Parramatta 4n7s. O. Mom r . May 11 first and second Saloon passengers allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. Cabins rat Rel on pedal terms. Liberal Oon bastions made to families during the Slack passenger season. Flanges from England can be arranged Ben. In the second Saloon tie arrangements have been Toro nobly reorganised the accommodation offered fret Var Thi urls air re Kates of passage Monet. To London to Fust Saloon a to �70 to italian ports do. �56 to �65 to London in second Saloon. �30 to �37 to italian ports a. �30 to �36 return tickets from �86 to �116 cargo received until s . On the monday and parcels Tab noon on toe tuesday prior to Steamer Ade Mare. For handbook and All information apply to elder Smith & co., . Agents. By flt pc o s-8. Pay Ramatta a special a train or passengers Fand visitors an Angud to leave Adelaide Tor sea end Largs i pier at u-90 . On wednesday. 44 elder Smith t 00 us step agent. 4tkrient like of Boyal steamers. The Fod owing Royal Mau Eamen belonging to the oru3 t and Pao fio companies win leave Adelaide semaphore at noon of the a Dermen tto cd dates Tor London via Albany Colombo i Boa canal. Naples. Gibraltar and Plymouth Enns tons j. F. Ruth even fetus " ?y Jan. 27 Eranui -5,641 feb. V a zoo awl i " . Anderson feb. 24 Sobota 10,067 " k. E. Lavington Meh. 9 Oij Ziba. 4.077 " 1. F. Dixon Emch. 33 Oast. ��b6 " . Darby april 0 of hex. 6.0j1 i a n. Al so i Oao Iata of a May i and fortnightly Tuet after. Saloon passengers May break their journey. A vibe com reserved on Moat Liberal terms. Sex cobeion return tickets at Low rates. Passage Monet. First Saloon is �83, Ana �70. Second Saloon �3o and �37. Thorn and Steerage in ending bedding men utensils Etc a ,�22csckadnui. Four berth Cabins. �20 each adult. Open berths �17 17s. Each adult. Special of i a Briix Are now afforded Tor bringing ont friends and relate pm by the prepayment of pee parcels carried to any it of the United King Dom at & Taw Rale. Neither owners nor the undersigned win be re Apons dle for detention Demonge or loss of any description arising from strikes or lotto out. Masa Gebs of. Green and co., and Anderaon Anderson and co., Fenchurch avenge London . Foil Marti Cut on Appl Icalan to David Anderson Branch manager Bio 28. Ore fell stent. To. Re Road Dedi Bobbe Lum a i be Velar soon Lily line of Saab Pas a Southampton a Antwerp and Bremen calling at Colombo Aden suet port said and Genoa can Ecung with Man and passengers bom port said tour Mdse under Mao contract wit i die Imperial Buyuan Beamen a Fol be dispatched Ai Lebows steamers. Tons. Commander. . Kaiser it Shmil it sol Jan. Al Habsburg 3.094 w. Schmolder feb. 3 Hoehne Taufen 3,090 mar. S Baueb 3,084 Imar. 80 a Branch line to Samoa and ate Amei Latte so Day on arrival to each to for these Mauds. Pas re Money from Adelaide to Bremen bom to x �80. Great twinn tons want Nisas rafts a Rable for a nine or twelve months every facility is offered for bring id oat mends by payment of passage Money Ben. Cabin passenger away break their journey. Menu specially arranged to mat All nations. A Cicera and stewards conversant with the Kay Iab. Lang Nagac. Pam Engen and cargo booked through to London and principal european Asiatic and american sorts. Passengers a England Are landed at act Hampton. Tor freight passage and All other Partisala apply Kot Belgeno. Webs Suhok Manaa Adelaide and Vort Delama. _-.-. Cd Deamto London via Swezea j3 at Rio new zealand shipping 00.-s use of Royal Ifan. Steamers. To .i4? fat my t Aorangi 463 tons win leave Lyttelton on december 28, to Busto lured by the Uki Kchau on january 23. Passing in booked for London Plymouth and Bio Janeiro by this note a Fol avoid the extreme heat of Ike bed sea and the Suez canal -206j0 Geo. Wills & co. Agents. A. F Uhd sunk of by Bambes. Mfg a i London via ports As required am these new Roll powered fast Steamer an appointed to Lve urn to Adew wharf and us Tom a Roth ill a follows Cul Goa _ _ january 1l Tabb Awonga. Jato airs. _ february a Rovoll Oolooloo to Tollow. Ira Lent Tor pm no 11. For freight or passage Auery i is lao Geo. Will co. Adelaide of fort. A a. Iff Akob tool sales. I pout Victor to , via Suez anal. The fast and Relia to new Steamer Yak iwo Gay lord s Une Captain b. G. Tom r.n.r., win be Nisi at hed about the 54th january As above. For Drewni a. Apply Geo kit wills fuck Adelaide and port Adelaide. Pert vector acute a. H. Landseer. C. S. Bead. 6aioo i at All Fiji ills to London i via Suez anal. March Wool 9mjm. The fast be Steamer Abr Awonga to in rats Tjw Captain u. G Thot Nai Rob nil by dispatched As above about the 3i9t a Ouay. For freight or Pasha be apply be oboe wills & 00 Spinac Artel ice or port add ride. A i Iuta Nai Strati Ohk fit a my daj4ppschipfsgesf3asohaft a i Eti am to ant la3ibcua.-the fim hew a b 4tlm�x be 4 v above Situe .? e or .1 i iary. Pm a iii ifttmidaii4c.vlnertrewjbtatrijid. R 3ra hint hrs or a veep _ i if. Tiam Umosa _ i 3 k Fri ire Sroi and All Puu Mlan a i Otoble Hills a 00., Loznao ail Elaire toil unit Aselama --1. I uees3laxd boy Mill i,. He task no Fath i Orts j la old Slez . Steak a. I tiw4. Kate kblssix3. 5,.38 Taft . January a. Boil Vias,irt2 Tuc by. Pm airy 2. Facts from to Loudos a mme Bolk Thron to London or Beono to Val a j?jw.i4 Zimria. No live Wak Carrh a a Rorri Trator Ettorine a Ray Aiu a is Hiu kit. A i co. Shipping. The Adelaide steamship . Will dispatch of Cir steamships As mute for Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping for All Queensland ports. A. Adelaide i a Corday Ijan. S2.l6pjn . Binkau Kicka 1 saturday 1 Jon. 161 2js pin. West australian service. For Albany and Fremantle Tran shipping far Northern posts. 8a Buix Abra wednesday Jan. 181 noon. South East service. Pot Kingston Robe Beac port us Maconnell Bat. Going through to Mel Bourne. A. Emu _ _ tuesday Jan. 191 noon. Cargo Only. Spencer s Gulf service. Pout linimu., Pirt a Musca Lei Kraink via Wallaroo. Calling off Frank a Jujj Hasbro. . Ferret tuesday in. 12 i Poa. Canto received till ii am. Mails and a tenges Only. Mookta Wallaroo port Gem div and port Pixie. 3j5. Investigator 1 saturday Jan 9 \ 6 pm. Cargo received till 1 . Day of nailing. John Turnbull Secretary 8830 Currie Chambers. Qui Rie Street. Adelaide. Coal. The Adelaide steamship comp and. Noted is prepared to contract Tor the Supply of Large. Shall and household Coal in and quantities at lowest rates. 3sc John Turnbull. Seare iry Australia to China and Japan. Toe Eastern and australian steam ship company limited. Regular steam line. The following steamships win lie at Ragular interval from australian Porta to me to stauner. Go commander. A gag 1. Katteb thin 2,179 j. W. B. Dice with dec. Uek Muir 2,179 p. T. Henna a Iloilo. Airlie 2bb w. Edia to follow news Eamen Bonila Istir. Thea Steamer maa irom fat a Mia of str to and Sydney for China and Japan calling in route at Queensland ports and port dab win splendid passenger . Saloon passengers booked through cd All poets in China and Japan also to san Rban Cisco Liverpool London and the con a knt of Europe. For freight and Paa aare to Pluto 01883, Bright it co. Ither Ore fell Gorge torpor. To Xiv b London Fine jag of Iran sup Bam Hen Detje hat is now receiving Wool and will have Quick a intr d. town d Tuo w.8.0av8&00.,/ port. I a & Ceres in be dump Alabed Ai hit i to Stansbury every thursday about 3 ., and every saturday at 8 ., re mondays leaving at 11 to port Vincent every tuesday at 8 returning same Day leaving about 6 . Mic a. Lulu Ssuie. Secretary. Tat a Westward line. For jas pc its by Aey. Devial and a Fowler a Nils Friday St not. Harold br0., 6-8 town and port. 3l 171 of Abb o 8 8 a ?_k7 flak twin Jim of leaves Prinos a what port Adelaide every a wednesday at zip to. In place of tuesday. Heto b. Raj Oker port. Allan Aba from the too Punk against this Fednel Moat be rendered in duplicate at our office by noon on wednesday. January 6. Z6 Elp kit Smith to o. Umito. A mtg. Arque Leccadia from new York j3 Captain barns having taken the command of the above Seel hereby sires Doe notion that he win not be responsible for any debts pm traded on behalf of the capt adj and owners without Bis written Ai la forty. A claims to Date most be rendered immediate to the Oon spenees Lorimer borne & Ca a Moo treet. Adelaide 4-6 ship Villalta Tram Liverpool can 61gnees Are requested to pass entries at once. Bola of lading must be presented and freight paid before delivery. So claims win be acknowledged unless damage has been pointed out on Landing and tin snip win not be responsible for abstraction of spirits or other bonded goods except from packages pointed out on tie a Fazari in bad order and subsequently examined in the presence of tile Captain. And goods impeding discharge will be landed and stored at consignees risk and expense. for any debts contracted by the be w with ii lit written aul Leonty. 6-7 Hab bold and port business notices. Beltz genes. Seltz genes. Beltz genes. Genuine 7 each. Tested. O. N. & w. H. Berks themis to 69. Bubble Sheet. 14a 2,6j december Only. J2.6j a Obj \ every lib packet i of oat Sqq a j Christmas prize Tea Toutai Gold of Coin from i Obs Sovereign and Silver owl i pct Ltd m As j address lot Silver 3/3. Indian sauces. Tap Indian zest a 08. A hot. Delhi. Pepper water Cayenne. Nepaul sauce 4c Indian Chut Nies assorted. Pickles in Oil and vinegar. Guava Jelly Indian a a Ceylon cigars various brands. Hitts stones so biker Ai. Spa civets. Drummond bios j2y6 Cawles place. It 33teino a Luo ? i s Dye works opposite York Hottle. Feathers clothes dresses. Hats Sjol All materials cleaned or dyed on the shortest is Iele Douce fast colors. Site cd a it Snew go9j of Irtis Yuri for on Dit Ori is cowl Eristilo in Laib i. Ou-.jrv-. 3l-Jie s= i it of n i = not i enari to Eon fic a. Of Harles Virks a co h a my a Shiv. T t. Shipping Ryphe Howard Smith line new service. Farther reduction of passenger fares. Lon Saloon. Retarn. Fawn to Melbourne -�110 0 2 10 0 �0 in 0 Sydney _ s 0 0 6 0 0 110 0 freights Atlow Estrates. Without transhipment to Brisbane. For Melbourne and Sydney i Brisbane i Maryborough i Rockham xon . Rodondo 1,600 Bona Mackay i tuesday january 12,12j6 towns has i Pun. I Geraldton , 3.00 c j Cia ibb tons tuesday. January 19, port Douglas is in . Cooktown j thursday is. Normanton by Bobtown j for fori pub. A Bunes Yong 1 tuesday i january 1816 . J. Saloon. Return. Fora Ganin. Top Rie. _ . Sec is fid. J from Smith and Cave s wharf. I fore Abin passengers Are supplied with food and bedding free. I full particulars on application to w. B. Have & co., agents. Orente flt meet Adelaide 82so Upson Street. Port Adelaide. A a Dite Siward j it vessel for Streaky zets denial and Fowler s j for Grace Darling now loading asja Friday. Both 4 . B-8 w. Tit Josh pc. Agent. Port j Jaa. Izlo Franklin Harbor. Graffi 1? Stor Bird i 4e2s now loading Nils thursday january 7. A a 6-7 a. Limes Sprier. A. Mkt but Ward Lin e. Afm. T t Fob delusion and Venus ? lady Robinson sails tuesday i2th fast. Harold bros., 6,8,11-2 town and port. Drapery and clothing. Note. A t h. J. A or a after season � h. J. A c 08 a feb season q ale a feb season Sale after reason c 1 re Lapeby Vrap Eby to a debt comme Cesil monday Pooh heroes monday a commences Biton Dat. January n january january a h. J. A a h. J. A c 0 h. J. A c 0 the establishment will be Filose on saturday. Tanu Aby a Fob Tbs purpose of a Abkina Down Stock and making general preparation. Gale Price books sent to any address. A Austral clothing. Aust Al clothing j. Millet Anderson and co. Invite an Early inspection of the new season s Boob of their popular make of buys a d youths clothing directing special attention to the Blouse suite in two of and Derges Eton snit in Serge and Black Berlin and towns Cambridge suit in tweeds Borges and Black Berlin. Austral clothing. Natal Knicker suits from is 6d mum test Blouse Knicker suits from7s 0d Blouse Bailor Ekic Kee suite bom 10s m z Greenwich Knicker suits ram us a Brighton Enicke suits Tram la 6d Norfolk uni Oke suits from 189 6d Waverley Knicker suits Tram Lis a Rugby Enicke Butts from 248 6d Eton uni Oke suits from 87s so Eton to Bouse suits from s9e Cambridge to Bouse suits from a 6d gaelic Silt Suttib blocked Blouse suits midship mite suits Man of Wab suns i extra blou3eb extra knickers by Era trousers bats. Caps gloves shirts and under clothing collars cuffs. Short front braces. soap Obj and ties boys and youths Oom Pleie outfits. Illustrated Price ust i posted on application. J. Miller Anderson & co. 99 and 22, Hindley sorbet. 32uaio drapery and clothing. James Matt Fiatt. & co., 24, 28, 88, 30, bohdlbm3teeet, the step Herb pack Wab houses Adelaide and 20, jew or Crescent London. Great annual summer Sale. For Tad particulars see this Day s by Peter and thursday advertiser. The following lines win give our customers a fair idea of the gnat advantages now offering Mantle and costume department. 3,000 ladies washing Garibaldi blouses is us for od6o ladies Flannelette dressing gowns is 9d for 4b lid 70 dozen ladies fashionable Blouse shirts 4s i j let is lid 272 chd Dren a Good washing costumes 4s us for is 40 d zen ladies washing Bummer jerseys 3b us for is. Underclothing department. Iso dozen a Foff summer Cotton under vests is us lor6d 7 0 ladies in hta Cotton and Flannelette skirts 4s lid Lor is 419 boys Good washing Bummer Tonka is fld Tor is to dozen ladies Una sorted corsets Worth no to Issel Dorla 100 dozen ladies White and fancy washing Aproda i Idionea millinery department. About 100 children s Granny bonnets and hats usual prices from Fie lid to 10s fid to be cleared at is us ands Sud 00 boxes Flowers to dear at id 3d, fid so is per 50dremcape,, cleared at is each so dozen housemaids Caps to be cleared at 4s 9d dozen 30 dozen fancy " Siren hats to Clear at is 3d each. Prints and Cashmere. 83. 208 =3, Yards Gingham for is dozen 82. 164 pieces=7,2l6 Yards Check sateen finish prints 6s fld dozen Sale Price 2s us i. 49 =&724 Yards Flannelette Sale Price la a. 66 pice6=3, Yards Black Cashmere at 7id 82. 21v pieces=l,2so Yards coloured Cashmere Sid Yard. Dress department. 1,700 Yards a Wool beige a diced from 7jd per Yard to 3i lid dozen Buo Yards 30-in. Wide Brueh Delaine Warth is for o Dyard Bradford Tweed unmade Bobes Fly ild each 60 White unmade Muslin babes reduced from so fld to 4s fld Soo Yards mixed lot of double Width All Wool French materials Nojd Yard. Gloves. To dozen ladies pure wbk gloves in tins Blick and White. Lod pair 40 dozen ladles 4-Bntton Tan suede gloves is 6d pair 16 dozen girls White taffeta s3k gloves to be cleared at 6d pair. Ribbons and sunshades. 8-in. Raffle Bibbons Satin spot Cream Grey Helio trope. Fawn whits 3d Yard 8-in. Fancy Bibbons. Pin and White Heliotrope and White is 3d for fld Yard Laefas i fled in Safin silk and sateen a few at 2s Ltd ladies Kavy Sok sunshades usual Price 9s fid for 4s us splendid Quality shot 83k sunshades with trills sell. Silk department. 10 Only embroidered Suk unmade Bobes Worth �4 4?, to be cleared at 30s 2 pieces Only Hack Victoria silk Worth be lid Sale Price 4s lid Rich foulard Silks Navy Blue with and spot design to be cleared at 1b us coloured Surah Suk 25 in wide now 3s lid thrown out at is us. Trimmings. All colors in fancy Dregs buttons id card of 2 dozen fancy dream girdles nearly All Colon 3s us for l�6d each Black fringed dress ornaments cot Beadis 3d for 4 Deach grand line of hair brushes polished and screwed Hack is fld Lor is each Hind s Patty of wire hair Brush is Tor 6jj each Superior notepaper fled for 5 quires envelopes 3d packet japanese card or work baskets on stand is for fled is fld for is 8s fld for is fld. Lace department. 2,700 leather belts prices 2jd, 4id, 6jd, is is 64 Cadi 1.800 ladies Whit Eink collars m each embroidered China sufi. Handkerchiefs a. To a7s6d, to dear at 1986.1 each 200 Walnut. Rosewood Bamboo fun Nisco in japanese furniture bracket a Bevel i Siuw Jln from 26s to 42, to fear at life a each Flolly brass a ionised a d Winat Chi rats ens 4rom s guineas to Al Ich. To i a us each. James Marshall & co drapery and clothing. Hunt cobry & of s great summer Sale now on. Hunt Cory & cos great summer Sale now on. Hunt cobry & co s great summer Sale now on. Price list Price list Price list in pilots Kay and by Csc ground spotted prints 1? 2,000 Yards about various patterns washing Cam Rios up to 8s 6a dozen ale Price 2s lid dozen 29-tn.art muslims stud dozen original Price Sale Rioe is us dozen muslims Sale Price 2a 3d, 2a lid 3s 010, 4s us ooze in pieces White checked Ariel muslims 2b lid dozen Standard Black Cashmere 4jd, 9jd, la. 1b fld la us. 2sllayard a lot of this Seal s dress staffs 2s lid far is 6d, 6s lid far so 6d per dozen bipedal one of summer checked to Means wide and bekv�,3suddozen Floral Wool Delaine Sale prices 4s us 6a lid 88 us vide striped a Miniette is us dozen obey Sleda,8s 3d, so lid 4s a dozen Hor Rode 32-in. Calico 2a us dozen 36-in.33fi4 dozen in Edson s Superior Calico 2e Jud dozen Crewdson e to. 2 82-in., 3a 7jd dozen 33-in. 4s Ltd bolter towelling is. La 6d, u lid dozen Grey Calico is 9d, 2s lid 3s us dozen Brown Hollands 2s fld 2s us 3 lid 4s us dozen Satin Al Noah Cre tonnes 2s 3d, 2s lid 3s lid dozen Wool embroidered Gipsy 8-4 full sired do., 2s us White lace curtains is is 03,2s lid 3s lid is us pair coloured brawn Kole nmn for men and boys Wear. Desperate Price 4jd Yard Wool Creyonne tinsel Ball fringe hah Price 2jd Yard 2-Yard wide floor cloth is 3d tunning Yard Kin. Striped Verandah hessian Yard Quantity Cut Glass Large sugar Basin and butter. Dish is fld pair Seta Ouart s to us set White and Gold breakfast Cope and saucers seed dozen White and gom egg cups. Is dozen dessert Nivus Ivory handles be 64 table knives 6e6d dozen Waite add Gold candlesticks 6jd each Bostic framed pictures 14 x 17 by 6jd each White Ivory handle pocket knives two Blade 4m each Floral fire screens new shapes fled each note paper Zive Omre my packet court shape envelopes 4jd.6sd.9id per to 6-Inch Imi Tajon children s Silver hates is 6d dozen Hail Brush looking Glass toot a Raab Nail Brash and i teeing comb is lot a nosed dolls 3d, 6d, 9jd each Bismarck lamp glasses is 4 d per dozen very Large family imported Rockingham teapots led each imitation cot Glass Tumbler 2s 6d dozen Nickel Silver teat Mons 2s 6d dozen exercise books by. Is 3d, be 64 dozen transparent Glycerine soap 6d tablets2s 6d dozen spoon books 2jd pair Boot laces Ltd sad 3j4, id Dizroe so Gross oked mending sad dozen Pearl buttons. Ltd Sid so dozen Holyoake s Needles 4 d dozen packets plated thimbles id dozen Black and White dress buttons 2jsd Gross 6-Cord Standard machine White Cotton is lid dozen 6-Cortj Alexander s Black Cotton 2co Yards 9m White average tape std dozen books and eyes 3jd dozen packets Short White and mixed fins once packets9jd dozen packets Imit Ivory shirt buttons 3jd Gross Linen Bottom Plain or with holes my Gross a Beal maltese sice 4id, 6jd, 9jd, is Yard neck ribbon id Yard 2j-in. Sky pan silk Bash ribbon 3d Yard wide Berty Sash ribbon. 4idrd 3j-in. Cardinal and Marine ottoman Sash ribbon 4jd White embroidery is is fld is us 2s us dozen Irish lace 3d, 6d, 9d dozen ladles new trimmed hats 2s 9d, 4a 9d, 6a 9d, St 9d, 10s 8d print blouses fld. 94, is ribbon Straw hats 4 64,94, is ladies Una crammed hats id 3d, 6d, so each ladies dust Oaks Fla us 10s Jyh 16s 9d ladies beaded mantles 3s 94, Worth ids 9d ladies mantles Stoat figures 10s miss 90, lie 94 flown id Spray ladies knickers Lold is 3d. Is fld is us ladies chemises is 3d, is 2s 6d ladies embroider trimmed might asses is lid 2a us 3s us print skirts is fld is us Standard corsets Good qualities is us 8s us 3s us ladies umbrellas 2s fld Sale Price la better goods 2s ,,4sud ladies White Merino vests 7m, is is 6d ladies White Jersey gloves 3d, so is blah Jersey taffeta. Id,9d, is ladies Tan Jersey taffeta gloves 6m, fled. Is is 3dladies Tan and Tuataga ant teis pair Denefe Tan 4-Batton bid gloves 2s us 3s us pair 14 in. Tan taffeta kid tipped 9d pair ladies Zephyr bordered Hwn Floc the few is is 6d dozen Hen s silk handkerchiefs by is is 6d a Fondren a Sun hats 2s 6d, Sale Price is Brown Cotton half base is us dozen Ken Merino Heary a sad pair men s Cotton shirt and pants so braces 2d, 4jd, 6 d pair boys and Touth paper collars id dozen Hen s regatta shirts is Jud Soal Price 4s us Hen s Blue Serge suits heavy 0a ud7l2s 9d Hen s Twet a suits 12s 9d, be fld 19s 6d tweeds and Serges Tor boys Wear from 4jd Yard in endless variety gents ties scarfs handkerchiefs bugs Portman teams acc cat Sale prices coloured Bradford a Nahmens is Worth is lid White dress Brilliant 3s 6d dozen children s embroidered Cashmere dresses is us girls diaper Pinafore fld so is Infanta bibs 2jd, 4w. 6jd, 9jd, is children s embroidered collars 2 a 4jd, bad bedroom doorelips.ed3x Hearth bugs 3s us tape stay carpet new Patrum Good Quality is Ltd Yard girls Cotten Hose finished and unfinished feet sizes 2, a 4. Id pair ladies Cotton Hose Lull Lathi one and swished 4 d 40 pairs ladies fantasy waned and finished Black Cotton Hose 6jd pair women s Oisin Cashmere Hose 7jd, 9jd, is in fld is us ladies Brown Balbriggan silk Dock Hose 4jd pair Hudren s saving Banks so dozen 1-quart wbk a Side Ali Cedar pencils 4jd dozen 4-oz. Lime juice and Glycerine Oil 2s de dozen Best machine Oil 6d bottle. 3s 6d dozen Standard perfume fld bottle Singer s machine Needles 7jd packet of 12 wer ,9dnr-Ket of 12v Lancaster Blind Holland 4jd, 6jd 8-4 diaper ,6jd, 1b to Niall Helton overcoat jumpers is Udea Hen s Flannelette shirts with or without collars is each 80-ln. Coloured sateen sky Pink Cardinal half Price widows Caps 6d,9d, is school ban wine traps 4 d each get Dak cures us x h in. Is fld dozen lot coi ored embroidery 7jd dozen Black Lead writing pencils 2jd dozen Large Palm Leaf fans. Is dozen men s speckled Straw Bate very special t l Bock imitation cabbage tree Boris Uata half Price is Beau Tirol Gold lined jugs 2s us set to Cut country cwt men and storekeepers we would tag. Please come or Send Voiter orders without delay As the prices of wine of the tues must cause them co be mapped up immediately. Balden in do Well to renumber that oct Sale Only come twee a year and at Ewa Sale ice took to make an absolute Ioa or the Benefito our time rows Patron. Please come Early. Hunt Corry & co., importers and Cash Dea Pees Rundle Street. -7wai2ox2-23 drapery and. Clothing. Great summer Sale. Chas. Moore & co., the cheap Cash drapers 14, bundle Street of 72, 74, 76, gouge a beet win offer the whole of their immense Stock to Dat to Dat at startling prices. Bead ook ur6. Inspect ode Stock. Come and judge Fob Yoda selves. We Are determined to make this the biggest Sale we have Ever held. Bless department. Owing to the financial crisis in melb oame and Sydney we have purchased for prompt Cash Lane stocks of goods that we can afford to offer too at absolutely Lew than Cost. Soon an Opportunity to by cheap Dreas goods May never occur again. Plain and fancy dress material is 6d dozen Worth Belld Check and spot of carte usual prices 4sud to 68 lid at 2/ildoz fancy diagonals All colors be lid dozen All Wool beige 4s us dorm. Double Width biege new pattern s3d Yard Worth la double Width Tweed 7 d Yard usual proels a double Width Continental tweeds la Worth is lid doable Wildai flaked Tweed lip. Worth is 64double with fancy French tweeds is Sid Worth a number of Beautiful French Robes 69s fid 655, or 29b 6d, 32s the Best a Lytge Fob the hew year Call and see our dress Stock. Fancy prints Bundre set patterns is us is lid 3s zephyrs All Colon. Is lid dozen Lelaikes. In these goods we fearlessly state that no one can touch As. All Wool French printed 4s lid dozen sold in this City at is 6d Yard better goods is 6d to is 6d Yard thrown out to Clear 7jd,9jd,,ls3d. Every lady should Call and tee these goods the new Zin spot Muslin Choice designs at cd need prices millinery department. We Hare dealt most severely with this depart ment and Hare no doubt at the prices Margodt a speedy clearance will be effected. Ladies in trimmed straws newest 6hapes,npto6s6j, by 6d, is is fid ladies Bond St it balance of our Stock 8d Tom toes de by a the spar the latest rage is is 6d, la us imported malice in trimmed n

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