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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jan 4 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 4, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia to ? shipping p. & o. Isiah Hirtio Atio ooh fast. Fob London cake he new a b put tort a odder boy a Han Contact will Dup Bate tenders calling at Albany Colombo. Be Trio get altar and Kim Aatif of Booty to Call at Brindiar. ? Bias mess. Ira. Commander. I Acadia 55a.al0e ,5bohe _,l�45cowie Jan. � bi1ui.ata wac obie Taii ukame. feb. A Ibiza Nina ask Trangia i 6 Ock aha m60se. Stewart Mac 10 tub Ubia 8sge flt we ? i a r ? calling at Hobarte route. Liberal reductions to uhf Ebins mid. Toca u Oto first and second saloons i iii Hiu i. So a to fes ass Frt Crisni i f to por Lff Hitachi Kukets tools China. Japan ? . Handbook. Homama and an Porti Ralit u Orient link. Me four trim puff pm to Boal Man jobs tract. Wal leave Adelaide lans Bay of Mon. Flip Imd data for i i Tso Eto and los Don. Via Albany Colombo tars Indian Pott Suez Cusi. Zanies. A Anchlfa. A Canton ? _ Lounz ub7 . Ate 53 Ombao 9.4s0 of so�1btbati s�2� j. F. Anderson f11? Grant Jimino ? he ? to and it Ord or thereafter t cuber at Hobart in route from Sydney. A aught to Avo Doh Singie is to Wjk ? ? a Tam �65 to �110. To turd of a �15 15a 17 17a, and in 18s. By axe w ool Olibo iii go 2 to to. ? ? \ x ? we Hirby a bib j 1 a Liob a 7. Mikird is. In 1 1 Trioni any port can be prepaid Here. ? a a figs Jirm in few. And Asser by vco., Renc Batch name i -v-3meaoa i -0 ? i. To 8. Renhul Sti. Hess Acerios maritime z a Doh a of Piombo and a. Seameni of to blobs. Under Portal cont acc .nmftensigow5-nsiT dump at Al bitty noun Rani Offik us Post said Wai Lasat Kaaea _ Taran Jan. 23 Jan. Stjan. 17 Qai eni v feb. Sosto of Fife. � ? Sii Enwin a Tours bar. M at a my. U -. Ltd april Mapril 81 pi3selrhibs-1�oked to Bombay India by ? Itil. Ohilia end Amu i Baffi �3he?a5 to to inc taking Able wine. -. ? Amman to Gamarra Tot it Mon Tiu ? Jit by Dock Bates. ? ? ? by alas spoken of Board. ? ? Burage Money a be Piid Bere Tor a Tatei Benl -�betion3 to Tini Ilif. ? upon in met min Adhem Ensiah interpreted town uni Lor London and ire then Tery Erastace in Landing and Nadine their 4bttge, 4t4 to Vougn Utt in rooms and also a to Many to Fatwa to Paris and Calais. . Ingre conveyed tree of con Boa Icari Ellei to Longan by Steamer. 5-Sftport chamber 24, Morrii it ret Tes 00., pert a Selaine. ?I. To Loti a Kwh Cermath at cd . Coy. Iii i Beo olae ild Hohlt use of Jaq Jujj a i by a i cwt tit with Tow Imperial be Ramn Oan Smedt. Steu nets in be Ufa Pacaud aka Vito lum8 Bay at Modok. Stau Sefc a Fly i off it to. If a Udo ave Togo he. Eek Nemmen jjan7, . 4 . B88lh. Walter ? la Ptg 1 by Money from Adelaide. �11 to �82. Orbit tedactl9iia in. Tomii Jim iii i. Available Lor Nice or Relt jnonstsvri7 facility in offered Tor to ringing set Rienzi by payment of Page tags Money Here. ? Cabin men Gera May break Rheu oftener. A Paindaa Loran Sampton �14. Ham to Philly arranged to Mit All nations. 411 Bce and stewards Coater Sant with the end lib Anu inc. A to news and cargo booked throng to Ijo Noto 4nd Erin Cipul european Ati Itic and american foam ? a angers Tor in Rush Are sided at . It Treibt part be and a other or t Only to the agents ? v h. Midecke & co., sir disc Adelaide and port Adelaide. I und3une--steamers. Lee new Fanini Recd tart Sto Umra Are appointed Nide wharf Ancor m5�ru at Haux. Cape tows. And Tjon Dok a Bra wow. F .011 tons about 4th Jan. Wakoor 6,78 torn about ssh Jon. Tab Boal ? 4,387 tons about a the. Carbono or c.078 tons about Isth Barb. Warrnam8ool a Ostons Tol Ollow. ? to lick Uon forint Emu to apply to. T i be Oft wills & co. Tomle Adelaide. Bort atlfl�hf.nndfonplrl-. So i p pm in y o by Kaish a trois Beloso taxi Ziyuan and Yokohama. Vias Idaet. Bib Bajik and Townsville. Will Lealyea under ? same o. Reamer. I a la go Sydney. Lluc ailed. A Well dec a i a i Mil Maud ? Jan. Be feb. In a Steamer have Mote Superior a Commora flon.foryiin4.ln in ally Noti. And arc fitted Voth the Mote recent improvements. Full particular As to in do to and Nus Aee from Mcilwa Balkh Mucea Chajt & co prop. La Silico agents Fil Oren Leb it real za7oaic sob by Castle from los Don. Co Sig Kees Are pass entries at Bills of Ladiko most be presented and freights paid at our Rort office before delivery. To claims will be acknowledged unless damage has been pointed out on Landing and ship will not be responsible for abstraction. Spirits or other bonded foods except from packages pointed out on the wharf in bad order and examined in the presence of the Captain. All goods impeding discharge will be landed and Bond at consignees risk and expense. Captain h. Height win Sot be responsible for any debts contracted by the Crew without. Bis written authority. ? a. Eldeb. Smith pc co., looted. General merchandise. A Sale and to arrive a hoop Iron fencing wire or bags pig Iron barbed win beanbags i Creon wire setting Donn sucks Sheet one Suel droppers Castor Oil. Its Iron Fng. Ports linseed of Beans superphosphate Hematite paint strychnine ibo Masda brilliants me Olav sized Iron Cave guano in Amrine Cement. 8ewinc twines Canu seed Semper Dulds Woolpack boiled Oats �0uie George wills & co drapery and clotting. J to ale s 1 and baby l1nek. Die Joann Tleta Hight dress Tel or. Tor la urls chemises vol for 1/s so com. 1/u Tor la infants Day Tomc Bufor a 1/11 to 1/6, 2/11 for i. Sni fori a. A Tot a -. In Ian shirt old old 10w 1/ infants bin aim sad 1/ ladies Biden 3/8 we Sta Ploog Rannels i a. To Tell -711 each. A pedal Lalii Faudon Able Ooth co bu8uit jct . _ Mel lmed.sol.4/11.prlos he Wlach and. So to French 341 Aba i my r my -4 ? ? shipping ? the 1delaide steamship compari limited win dispatch steamers bom port Adelaide As under for Albany and Fremantle for All Hort West ports. Fil Babba saturday i Jan. 1 i noon. Marlon Friday Jan.13 3p.m. Calling at Tasse and Bunbury. of lading issued to Perth wharf. Fob esp race. to Flinders at Albany. Fil Babba 1 saturday 1 Jan. 7 1 noon. Halloo Friday i Jan. Is i 3p.m. For Melbourne Deanship Ping for Syd Kev and qi7eeksland posts. Lab Loo 1 wednesday january 4 \ noon Spencer s gulp service. Fob Post Lincous Mookta Wali Asoo. To Jhb Bat and foam klan Harbor. Feb bet _ tuesday january 10 1 3 . Specially reduced fares during holidays. Posts Augusta germen and p1ei�, ? with passengers and Careo. . Saturday Jan. In Pirie to Sydney. Kadja i thursday i january cargo must be delivered alongside steamers two Boms prior to advertised time on Day of sailing. Passage tickets Ira oed by this company Are inter changeable with steamers of the . Co. Be tween All ports. For All information apply to. The Adelaide steamship co., Ltd., Adelaide and commercial wharf ? port Adelaide. ? by a.t7.s.2t. Co., old. She Tavonn 1-Abtsenceb arc its a above ukr i to Miniat to Dispa ubed Jar pm Manl a. 1 dad in Perth a baby i Akupu Gebs Eldton. Head Day january 21 . Farto musing fobs j ? Tran ship at Fremante. To Waro Onga pms we i a at january 16. Tartu cats lec Elred Day at Osenni wharf Anta one ten Beta Sanur. Spa Censera booked tar the company s Steamer Hare the option Otto veh in in the imn of their Loumey by the steamers of in i top Nhor in i fun Sandfrey Steapp Yta fc.�. -1acdoma�d. Amur. . Adelalde. My ? or peek s wharf. Fox. Ski steam ship Mem. Compact. For Molbo Denb . leaves fort Adelaide about 7tb Fant. For and oeeaij3ton ?3.13. X�3bb,-s leaves port Adelaide about 8th inst. For freight or passage apply h. Witecke co a ? Ade Bude and port. A a o team to Kingston and Beach cows a 3 poet. The regular trader a a self a saturday Jannary 7th, passages Saloon 2sa. Steerage 15s. For to Rasht and passage apply John Rabung & Eon 882 j town and port. Boota and Shoai ? Brandon s annual Sale of boots and shoes will commence ass on As the rapid preparations for the same Are completed and will be the Sale of 1 safes in fat the greatest Sale that has Ever been in the Boot Trade As in addition to the various lines thrown ont fir on the year s trans actions we Are deter mined to reduce Stock enormously and everything will be reduced in Price with that View. List of prices and further particulars at an Early Date. Brandon s shoe warehouse 57, it Thule Street ? the of b a p � it s fit i n t i k c my exec rated on the shortest notice and on Liberal terms at the advertise a Job \ Ebi Hting office t Ujj ? ship pm. ? 1 tee s0wahd Smith line. A eave Eow Abd Smiths wharf As f Odon permitting. Albany. I fkemant1e, i Gabo. , f saturday january 14. Gettal Dojk. J without transhipment \ get org ? St Nett i n1cwcastxb Bris Baks s Eba. 5 tuesday. January la Banda beg cargo Only. Rockhaj9pton Mac Kat 1 towns Aux i Cabot is j i ,v7aixasoo Iohd Bedat. Jan.s.ls39, j. ?. Gee him i Turate and rare. Aogusta j. Steward a carried. Cargo must be delivered alongside steamers not less than one hour before advertised time of tailing. We. Howard Smith & sons limited i sing Willuam St Sest. Adelaide. ? and North Parade. Port Adelaide. Use go. . U3o.tbb. Pm dispatch the following passenger Steamer orc instances permitting Laloi / tuesday january 17. Through dist finc issued to Perth wharf. Through bookings . Ports. Max Raub \ , / id Bodair january c. Fun particular from w. B. Gate it co., Grenfell fit Reet Adelaide or j. Bawlihg6 & . Port Adelaide. St Huddart Parker & 00. Fbopr1xtakv, unit Bdl will dispatch from port Ade Bude circumstances permitting freight and passage lowest cd Beut Baxes. For full particulars apply to d. & j. Fowler us so Adelaide and Post Nier rpm. I Jim coast Scales and so goes it Streaky bats. A Guf Ijler beatb1ce. A How cargo received. Aus wednesday january i. 36a3- ? b. Of Bicker. Port. I. Vite51 coast shipping pm few Sta Yvo past. Fob delusion a a direct the Lillie Haweis now sir loading sails wednesday 4th january pin. A. I e. Lewess Dieb accents port. I ? 3w.34\1stest coast shipping com of Liffie to Pant. Fob Fowler s. Pm 1 Asp limit and denial bats and what Sik Claib the Woll Omal now to adm ears thursday Sill january 4 rom. Fright a to All ports must be prepaid. A. & e. Arrats. Port. 363-5 i virb5111 coast shipping com a Paky. Fob Scales and 9q9stbgaey Bays Tea Bachel a Cohen now lending a Fly thursday january 6th, 4 . A. & e. Lees Schieb agents port. ? aes.a-sx-0rt Adelaide and Post Pindt full sail it clip pig Syndicate. A Jwj Diapella 4bsbv we a Jujj december 80. Apply a. It a Lemes Sobier part Adelaide or f. Obey. Port Pine. ? 319c to tilt la i. Lilt two win a Disu Atense of a x Smider to brass Basr every to thursday and 6atubday. At -30 sh1 by irom kavmclo.90ajl.and the Buday. Leaving spin to Post Vincent every tuesday at 8.30 am. Item Post to Koen or week essay. Leavins ioann. ? s5ic ? a. . Sec rear. Nouts East posts. For eing Stok bobe.1 Cygnet wednesday and Beach Post / january 4. 1899. Apply 3. Grice & co. Adelaide and Kingston. S4 a. & e. Lames sublet port Ai Jaide. La. Flee Post Wakefield shipping j. Cos Pasy. Fob port Wake a just Field the Annie Watt sails this he Day Atis . A. & e. Kuess Dieb tort Adelaide. Drapery and Clethia. Wilson Brice and company beg to announce their summer trill commence on wednesday Jan. 4. The whole of our Stock will receive a so Stan. Tial reduction in Peice. We have had a splendid season and we shall make it a rth tour while to Porc Hauie twin of our surplus summer Stock. Prints Cambric muslims dress materials blouses Milli Nery ladies underclothing corsets lace ribbons chiffons gloves hosiery and Manchester goods will be now cleared Oit at Sale prices at Wibo Norice co s hurdle Streer Marshall s. The Salvage silk Stock has now arrived. The Salvage silk Stock has now arrived. The Salvage silk Stock has now arrived. M. & l. Makower & co s m. & l. Makower & co s m. & l. Makower & co s damaged Silks the fire hydrant in Flinders Lane burst and damaged the silk set ?. ? h bursting of a fire hydrant. An in usual Accident occurred on tuesday afternoon a the premises owned by messes. Edgerton & Moore in Flinders Lane Melbourne. The build ing which was erected on Tine site of the older one destroyed in the great fire of november. 1897, was tenanted on the ground floor and basement by messes. M. & i. Makower & co., silk merchants the first floor being occupied As a printing establishment by messes. Edgerton & Moore. To satisfy the requirements of the factories and shops acts and the metropolitan Board of works a standpipe was fitted up on the first floor to be available in Case of fire. A few minutes after 5 o clock states the Argus when the water pressure As usual had increased owing to the falling off in consumption the front of this standpipe suddenly burst leaving a free opening for the water from a 3-in. Pipe. The water came out with such a pressure that the pipe was unapproachable and in addition to flowing Over the first floor round the machinery it ran Down the adjoining stairs to the ground floor part of the water then going through the front passage into the Street with a Stream fully 3 in. Deep and part going Down into the cellar. In addition a considerable Eoa Kage took place. The ceiling of die ground floor rooms is made of plates of finely corrugated Metal and the space Between it and the floor above is packed with Law dust. The water soaked through and dropped from the joint of the ceiling. Water also flowed Down the Walls. In the basement an accumulation of sub Stantial depth took place this being afterwards pumped out by the fire Bri Gade a process which occupied about an hour. The damaged portion half of which we have purchased will be offered to Day a. Al 9 a 4ws.a_jav%r-l- wednesday. Wednesday. Wednesday. Tsas Salvage Sale. Tsas Salvage Sale. This Salvage Sale to Day ? i o wednesday wednesday wednesday our Summerscale our Summerscale to Day. Marshall s. Drapery and cloth lug. J. Miller Andersons co s summer Draper Sale k0w of in announcing our half yearly Sale of summer drank Ltd we particular Call attention to the Laloge Stock in our showkooa1s, All new goods imported is season consisting of shll1xery, costumes mantles Capoj blouses ukes Sluti Goutos silk lib of which arc mar ked Down regardless of Cost As Eliesi goods most be cleared during the Salt the ame policy has been adopted in Deal ing with All season goods in the Wool Pliess Cotton , silk lace and other departments while All regular Stock lines have been specially reduced during the Sale. To prevent disappointment country customers should Send their orders immediately accompanied by remittance. Mill1neby department. Our select Stock of High class French and English millinery of a hic we have an unusually Large Choice a late shipment of the most recent novelties in hats toques and bonnets having been received As our determination is to Clear these goods during this Sale the prices have been marked Down to much unde11 Cost. We Woald state that the above Are All in the very newest fashion As worn in London and Paris and surpass in style and color anything hitherto imported. 9 English millinery bonnets this seasons 25/ to 29/6, All 10/6 5 stylish bonnets trimmed roses. Violets a. 25/ to 29/6, Laljit 17/c 1 Grey Satin Straw and Chiffon 35/, now 22/6 ? 1 Black Chiffon and White violets 35/, now 22/6 1 Black sequin lace and carnations 39/6, now 25/6 1 Cream and Gold tinsel with Wall Flowers 37/6, now 27/6 4 assorted Chiffon and applique Gold tinsel Heliotrope Chiffon and Black sequin with newest Flowers 45/ and 47/6, All at 29/6 1 Only Pale Blue and White ospreys and cherries 57/6, now 35/ 1 Only Cornflower tinsel Crown 57/6, now 3j/o 1 Only tuscan and Black crinoline shaded tips 84/, now 37/6 1 pans Bonnet in Black sequin and Cream lace with nasturtiums and roses 57/6, now 39/6 1 do. Do., in odalisque Chiffon and Straw 57/6, now 39/6 1 do., Jet and lace double violets 59/, 1 do Model Pafk roses shaded tips 84/, now 45/ 1 do. Do., Gold roses Osprey a 69/, now 45/ 3 Choice French bonnets novelties 55/, 57/6, 59/, All at 49/6 1 do. Do., Pink Chiffon real lace and Pink roses 65/, for 52/6 6 bonnets last season Slack with color at less than half Price 9/6, 10/6, 12/6. 15/ 17/6 9 stylish toques very latest fashions ixi/6 for 21/, 37/8 for 25/, 38/s for 27/6. 42/ for 29/6, 49/6 for 37/6 millinery hats. 5 White Chip and fancy Straw trimmed lace Chiffon and plumes 25/ for 17/6, 29/6 for 19/6, 35/6 for 21/, 39/6 for 25/ 4 handsome hats Blue and Black Chiffon Buttercup Straw and Black sequin 45/ for 29/6 5 assorted do., in Black lace Green Yel Low and Woite fancy 6traw, 47/6 for 35/ 1 Only Grey Black and White Chiffon hat White plumes and roses 67/6 now 42/ 6 latest style Paris models 70/ to 87/6, now 45/, 47/6, and 55/ 8 trimmed Panama Sabor hats coloured ribbon quills wings a to dear 21/ for 15/6, 22/6 for 17/6, 25/ for 19/6, 27/6 for 21/. 5 girls hate in Cream Pon gee Chiffon leghorn a to Clear at 10/6, 11/9, 13/9 4 do. Do., in Cream silk. White Chiffon and silk with Ostrich tips 35/ and 37/6, All at 25/6 untrimmed Straw hats. An assorted lot of White and coloured 3/6 to 10/6, to Clear at 6d and 1/ do. Do tricome and other near shapes fancy colors 3/9 to 7/6, ail at 1/11 do. Do., Grey Fawn Green Pink &.c, 5 6 to 7/9, All at 2/11 do. Do. Do., 6/9 to s/9, All at 3/11 White fancy Chip and Straw 4/6 to 7/6, now 1/11 and 2/11 girls White Straw. Caprine shape 4/11 for 3/11, 7/9 for 6/9 girls mushroom leghorn hate 4/6 for 3/6 ladies leghorn troopers 7/6, now for 3/11 ladies Panama boat shape. 7/6, now 4/11 ladies Panama Caprine shape 4/6 non 2/11 ladies White Chip and tuscan hats 7/6 now 4/9 ladies White Straw boat shaped 10/6 now 6/6 Black fancy Straw hats at sales prices. Ladies Sailor hats. A lot of White Straw sailors last a soils. 3/6, to 5/6, to be cleared at 1/ White rustic Straw sailors latest shapes 2/6 for 1/6, 2/9 for 1/1l 3/9, for 2/11, 4/9 for 3/6 japanese rustic do., banded and Satin lined 4/9 for 3/9, 5/ for 3/ll 5/6 for 3/11, 5/9 for 4/6 whole Straw do. Do. 6/ for 3/11 Best japanese rustic leather linings 6/9 for 4/11 do. Do., Wae brim russian leather lining 7/6 for 5/9 boys Galatea. Hats banded White 2/9 for i/1l 4/6 for 3/6, 5/ for 3/11, 6/ for 4/9, 7/0 for 5/9, 9/6 for 6/9 Little boys Sailor hats 3/11 for 2/11, 6/9 for 4/c ? Garden hats. An Odd lot in Black and Brown hats to Clear at 6d White rough Straw do., Large lid and 1/6 ladies lace Caps at Sale prices. Costume and Mantle department. Owing no doubt to the extraordinary lateness of the season the extent of the Stock now reduced to Sale prices is much larger than usual at this time. Ladies will therefore find a very Large selection of the latest fashions in mantles capes misites. And costumes in substantial reductions in Price. 6 Black silk capes trimmed Lake Jet cat half Price 21/, 22/6. 27/6, 35/ 9 do. Do. Visits at less than half Price 37/6 for 17/c, 45/ for 21/, b3/vlor �9/6 9 Lack Latouche Guipre capes on silk linings Lake Jot a i Chiron trim Ming. 42/ now for 29/6 4 do. Do., 47/6 for 37/6. 4 do., 63/ for 39/6 2 Grenadine and Broche capes trimmed Chiffon 42/ for 27/6 3 novelties in Cai is coloured shot Lin ing 4o/ for .35/, 52/6 for 42/, 55/ for 45/ 17 handsome Black silk Grenadine and lace mantles for Middle aged and elderly ladies reduced As follows 12/ for 23/u, 49/6 for 33/6, 55/ for 42/, 57/6 and 65/ for 4.v, 63/ for 45/ 1 Only Jet sequin and net Cape. 95/ for 75/ 2 special models Black pleated lace and .1et capes 69/ now for 49/6 1 handsome Novelty pleated Lisse with Black and White silk frills 75/ for 52/6 i Klack silk Cape with steel Grey Inser Tion 72/6 for 57/6 an Odd lot of ficus and visits to be cleared at half Price 7/6, 10/6, 12/6, 15/c, 17/6, 18/6 7 silk embroidered Jet capes a very special 45/ now for 25/ 3 do. Do 37/6 Bow for 21/ 4-5 drapery and clothing. Martin bros., btolingt02p Storss drapers half yearly Clearing Sale commences this a. Gennuro bargains in am. Departments. Tec Ali old of thus summer season s �ggs�ss&2s�&. Clo Edt Brce lists of bargains appearing daily in each of the papers. The bcrl1ngton ho0sb dress depart ments stocked with ? Barca iks. Check dress goods. Light summer weights foil double Width wonderful glue told during the Sale at is a id now old Juart excellent shot Covert Dren fabrics doable Width Worth is Yard now old Ntxo. Send Lor Prtt Erna. Special fancy figured dress Luter Iala doable Wihib right summer weights original Price 1 6d Yard now j Yard. Send Tor patterns. Unequalled value figured Lustra a popular material Eold during the season a is 114 Yard now a Yard l. Yards Beautiful Cool coloured Woollen Cremons every Yard in perfect condition Worth Sud Yard now 2 Yard fiend for patterns. Fashionable ottoman sait incs doable Width a bar gain originally is lid Yard now 1 a Yard i cared Lustres very popular at a 6d Yard to be cleared now 1 a Yard French Epin Glet doable Width All Colon Soal Price a lid. Every Yard to be cleared out now by 11 cd Burlington a Coreaux suiting. Tos fast Inabu material of which Martin Bros have Over 2,000 Yards left was Eold during the season at is 6d, of a Yard coloured dress tweeds double Width. Bummer weights Worth 2s i id now j / j 1 Yard Only 3j pieces left. Coloured dress materials first rate value originally 3s cd Yard now i. I Yard coloured silk and Wool fabrics Worth is id Yard now 23 raid. Of and for patterns. Fresh bargains / thrown out each Dat. Every department Clea Kinc out without Reserve All balance of sum Heb Stock. Fancy Black dress fabrics double Width originally is 3d Yard now a did Yard. Fancy Black alpacas full double Width usually arid is 6d Yard now i y Yard fancy Black Wool Grenadine double Width usually sold is 6d Yard now j i Yard. Write or patterns. Fancy Black French Wool fabrics double Width Worth 2e cd Yard now a Yard Bich silk finish parisian Grenadine usually Coll 2s 6d Yard now guard Bich silk and Wool Slack fabrics double Width Worth is lid Yard i Yard fumed Poppins very Light for summer Wear fast Black sold during the season stud Yard now 1/11 Jed handsome Check Wool grenadines Only a few Yards left originally 8s 8d Yard now i ii Yard Black Check grenadines coloured foundation double Vinsh handsome effects Worth 3b lid Yard now 2/6 Vart write for sets of patterns. Fancy Biack dress Gooda extraordinary value goods sold during the season at is lid Yard now Oil 1 Yard i/11 Black a Wooi fabrics Worth 3s is Yard now it a Yard Tiv Plain Black alpacas. Several pieces left to lie cleared out this week at the Follo Wim prices Worth sad Yard,salels3d Yard Worth is lid Yard Sale is cd Yard Worth 2s 6d Yard Sale is lid Yard Worth 2s us Yard Sale 2sd Yard ladies should write for patterns. Please note the following special offers Sadk Check Canvas dress goods Rich in effect and very fashionable original Price 2s lid now 1/11 original Price 3s lid now g a Yard and Qaq Onynal Price 6s lid now 4 a Yard and Vij j. Hundreds of be mams at nominal prices Woollen dress fabrics. C0ixon dress fabrics pc. A. Washing dress fabrics. Every Yard of material to be cleared regardless of Cost. Fresh reductions every Day. Base read this list and write for Lauerna thousands of Yards to be cleared. Beautiful Cool washing Cambric originally sad Yard now Only a/1 1 dozen Orie Nauy 76 6d dozen now Only k /1 1 dozen Kewest designs in French Cambric. During the season these sold freely at used dozen Price now Only q1d Yard the patterns include checks stripes and Floral designs. Ladies should write for patterns. Fancy piques excellent value sad Yard fashionable Lod Sycord piques very nodular. Worth Sid Sale put Lee old Yatty Beautiful lawns Worth 7s cd dozen now Only 5/11 dozes Vands summer Check zephyrs fashionable Colon wide widths excellent Washinin fabrics Worth 7s 6d. Sale pb1ce 4/n dozes Yards. Send foe Patterer underclothing department. Ladies Long doth night dresses full size trimmed lace Worth is lid for is 9d each ladies Long cloth Nike id esses Vith Yoke Back turndown Collar trimmed embroidered tucked front with double embroidered frill Worth 4s lid if Price is lid each ladies i uie Cioth chemises trimmed Torchon lace Worth is lid for is 3d each ladies Long cloth chemises trimmed embroidery open fronts Fuus Iza Worth 3s fid Lor ss6d lad ies Long cloth knickers shaped bands trimmed frill of embroidery full 6ize, Worth 2s tid for is lid splendid line of ladies Long cloth combinations Well cat trimmed embroidery Worth is lid Foi 4s0d a grand line of ladles ribbed Cream Cotton vests full size usual prices is cd dozen. Bale Price is lid dozen ladies Cream Cotton Vesta open work fronts Worth lord each Sale once id each ladies Pink and Creme Cotton vests very Large size. Is for 9d each a special line of ladies corsets an whalebone per sect fitting in drab Only a 6d pair the Well known Portland corsets Lone waisted and we finished Only 2s us pair the celebrated . Corset i Creme and Grey Sale Price 3 lid pair infants Cashmere dresses in Fawn Grey and Cardinal trimmed fancy braid Worth Slid for a sold a Large assortment of children s Creme dresses in nun s veiling Cashmere and fancy Maturi Sefl 3s lid 4s lid be lid. Used no to 13sa. All these Are marked to less than Cost prices. Hosiery. Spiral shot fancy Hose originally is is for is pair Mack lace Lisle Hose originally 2 3d, for is lid pair spun silk Rose embroidered fronts originally a 6d for 5s lid Jair ribbed Lisle Hose originally 2s 6d, for is 9d Nair gloves. Black kid gloves Worth 2s cd now Only is 6d pair biscuit Castor cloves Worth 2s lid now Only a slim pah fancy taffeta gloves by Kemble silk lined tops originally is cd Sale Price is 9d pair. Sunshades. Immense seductions originally Worth 6s lid Sale Price is lid originally Worth 12s 6d, Sale Price 8s.lld. Belts. Immense reduction s in the prices of the Fol lowing bits White kid belts. Worth is during the Aale Only 6d each Worth 3s go during the Sale Only 2s i id each Worth is 6d. During the Sale Only is lid each Worth is 3d, daring the 6ale Only is 9d each Worth is lid during the Sale Only is 6d each Worth is 6d, during the Sale Only is 3d each Worth 4s lid during the Sale Only 4s cd each buckles. Originally 9d, Bow Only 4 d each originally is non Only cd each originally is 9d. Now Only is each originally is us. Now Only is 6d each Black elastic belts with jewelled buckles. Originally is 6d, now Only 10 d each originally stud now Only i us each Scarlet silk belts. Originally is 6d, now Only is so Orie Nauy is lid now Only is lid. Martin bros., by Ilia Toh Bouse the coliseum. ? tins morning ill 10 o clod. We shall commence a great run out Sale. Of ? i summer season s goods 0 the whole of our Stock Host be sold by the Ead of Junoy. S when oar present building will undergo extensive we intend making a Complete clearance. There is no me Way of doing it Bow by waking the prices eight. Taib a intend to do. We Kuril offer the foil wine finest 25 dozen ladies usual Price is lid to 2s us will be riven away at 4c Siua 75 dozen ladies under vests a 45 dozen ladies untrimmed Stra Matsi usual prices 2s 6d to 4s cd to be Given away at or 1o dozen ladies Sailor straws usual Price is 3d, to be sold at a Lisa f 20 dozen ladies fa2tct Zephyr blouses Linen collars and Corfis usual Price 3s fid to be Gold at for. Jujj thu ? Agthe collars and Culk ate alone Worth the Honey. 10 dozen ladies s Tjede cyclic gloves \ usual Price 2a a to be Given away atm Sadi % 12 Only ladies silk and Chi Fon caves of Lils Oil we never misrepresent. 200 Yards 4-in. Fact silk Chi Fyfo a usual Price 7d, to be Given per Wifel 10 dozen ladies i nerf cuffs. A. Perpar 1,200 Yards Cream and butter Oriental laces ?. ? ? 2jn.wide. To be sold at 48 j per yard1,500 Yards Cream and butter Orlenta laves ,. I 6 and 8 in. Vide. To be sold at a a per a a 12 Only ladies silk undershirts -. Usual Price 17s 6d to 30s, to be Given away at a Fla bad 45 Only children s. Cashmere costumes All colors usual prices i�s6d to 17s cd to be sold at 44a a go children s Large size Holland Pinafore k usual Price is cd to to sold at 4 a each 120 children s fancy sunshades to be Given away at a Kadi 0,000 Yards fancy prints fast colors 27-in. Vide to be Eidd at 433 Tate 1,200 Yards fancy French Cambric usual Price 7�d, to be sold at of 44a done we never exaggerate. J 50 1o x 4 White honeycomb quilts Zobede Bredat god a 2shd a 26 dozen Brown Turk towels v Large size. To be Given away at of each 52-in. Unbleached table da3iasks to be cleared at go a per Yaw our Stock 0ft better class goods to be cleared at big deduct Iris 7 it. Window blinds printed Borders to be cleared at a 9j Etal 1,200 Yards fancy Blouse Silks thoroughly sound to be Given away at go per Yard isl to Banc 1hzs 4ska Asp v 4, 000 Palm Leaf fans to be sold to cml std is ? � ? i marvellous bargains in every dbpabtmefirc.1 the one place in town Wiere you Are Durepo Meef a Todd fat bots --3 the oolisiiij�16 & 18, Rendl St refit late Peter to fast or rough Riding in in always be same result = so Tab xxx of Al a. Of the track they re the fastest. Of toe Boad the most reliable. Jibs it Isis. Foremost Ever 8ikce. Toe a Flop Phi Juratic Tyre co., limited., it fact Cut theet Adelaide us at a Elbourne Supnet. Smtth. Am chbi8t0hdbch ots a Hon tet Maidaa ? ? whether Bey Are. A the files tips rat All imitations. None genuine without v we oar registered Trade Mark Onn lop t Bwl the Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co United 69. Of Baklik Street. Adelaide. And at Melbourne Sydney Perth and Chri Church

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