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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1945, Page 4

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 27, 1945, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Fuller s now at t Idt div . . A. Ciiab. . A mints William Powell. Myrna lot Shadow of the thin Han a. Plus Judy Garland in listen. Darling g. ?ftione4 pliant a Titi vie inv s 8 " metro Goldwyn maj a presents Lassie come Home c Roddy Mcdowal. Donald Crisp tomorrow the Cross of Lorraine. I dood it. Puller s last Days Majestic 5 res. C2364?. Allyn Joslyn Evelyn Keyes a strange affair a plus thrilling dog Story sergeant Mike g Idoy san Diego. I love Nair Kow vivid a Etc Nowitz de la at 10.10. 1.2a. ?800. A the classic of All 6ereco classics Nelson Eddy. Susanne Foster phantom of the opera Liu. Aba so a your Uncle g. Air co ditto Ned cantle ins it few it 10.30-1 Ida Lupino. Paul Herried. In our time. Theatre Royal now at 10.15. 2.00. 5.42. 7.35. Tyrone Alice Don Power. Faye. Massae. In old Chicago also Richard Loretto Walter Greene Young Brennan Kentuck. Or Reserl phone c1371. Hosts Regent new is ? ring food. Jim. 4.40. So. Csb99. Broadway s brightest musical higher and higher g Michel Korea. Jack Baley. Poll the curse of the cat people Ai. With 6imone Simon. Kent Smith. Hosts Rex now few to weeks. At u.30, 1.38, 4a9. In. Cuss. Technicolor it Leal Sweet Rosie o Grady. With Betty Grable Robert Young rim the big noise. With Laurel and Hardy. M Ozone ? Glenelg. Alberton. And Prospect the desert Inlet and Goodwood the built vans. Alberton. Jl3os.the desert song. Dennis Morgan Alaska Bie Way Richard Arlen a. Port Adelaide. Ji3k.-second fiddle. 6onla Henle 101 Man Hunt. Waiter pledge in Ca. Prospect. A soon. Community singing. Show starts 7.3othe desert Morgan no free list Are husbands necessary. Ray Moland i semaphore fiddle. Henle go Mao Hunt. Walter Pidjeon Ai Inlet of Suu Ivans. An Baxter Foi. Over my dead body Hilton Serle go. Star theatres tonight j.40. Inlet Margaret Sullavan. Cry havoc a Rath Lerry. Good a Lehr Sweet heart go. Goodwood Betty Hutton. Miracle of Morgan s Creek William Bendix. Lifeboat Lai. Park Lar Dennis Morgan. The desert song of Bomund love. Of. What Wight go. Did Abb Wii am Powell the heavenly body Glann Shirlev Man irom Frisco Frank Morgan. A stranger in town Wakefield Bogart. Passage to macs Ellie Ai Frank Morcan. A stranger in town go. Vogue Leslie Howard the gentle Bex go Margaret Lockwood. Deur octopus Iai. Piccadilly Anne Shirley. Man from Frisco g Virginia of idler the youngest profession g. Sab Urban theatres tonight Glenelg strand. Donald o Connor. Susanna Foster go top Man Gloria Warren in always in my heart Glenelg. Sea View. 1-Ao Dou Kuc Fairbanks in. The Corsica Brather we Tracy Igi. Tank a million. Col ought. 7.4schas. Laubhun in i. This land is mine Bobby Watson. ? go. Narty nuisance Bob rope. Bint Crosby in Featurette sees the likelihood of considerable parliamentary opposition to the re ported decision of the British government to give a new lease of lire and increasing Power to the British overseas airways corporation. The achievements of this state instrumentality have not engendered much Confidence either in its Capa City or policy and if it be True that Whitehall proposes to make the Boac responsible after the War. For the operation of All Long distance Empire air services the Outlook is not particularly encouraging. A correspondent of the London daily mail after travel Ling from an English Airport to Perth a few Days ago. On a flight which seems to have been intended vaguely to inaugurate the promised England Australia service says that in the matter of the care of passengers undoubtedly Ameri can Competition has put the British civil airways authorities on their Loes but nothing seems to have happened to ensure that the planes required to maintain anything like in adequate timetable on this projected route will be available be fore the end of the present year. The sluggishness and formalism of the British overseas airways corporation and the Energy and imagination of the privately oper ated air transport companies of America have Long furnished a notorious study in contrasts and the general impression is that Bri Tish state control has proved and is increasingly Likely to prove a costly failure. Britain with a combatant air Force unequalled for Quality by that of any other nation should be in the Lead in the Field of commercial flight but is Little Likely to attain such a position under bureaucratic management. The whole question is doubly important for Australia whose people seem to be in danger of being submitted to the tender mercies of bureaucracies of the air. Imperial As Well As Domestic. Whereas the British government if its intentions Are rightly under stood proposes the permanent nationalisation of Imperial Long distance flying and the conduct of Britain s internal and Continental services by private Enterprise or. Curtin and his ministers after hav ing Given attention to air trans port within the Commonwealth intend in the words of the Gover nor general s speech to bring be fore parliament proposals for a statutory authority to control inter state the indications Are that Politi Cally administratively and in other ways the task to be essayed in London will prove less formidable than that propose to be undertaken in Canberra. The Boac whatever its deficiencies is an instrument in being the Curtin government s statutory author Ity has yet to be created equipped and set in motion in such a Way As to serve a practical purpose while also satisfying the demand of or. Curtin s Radical supporters for a genuine instalment of the party s socialistic pro gramme. When he delivered Bis policy speech in August of 1943. He prime minister not Only offered the people of Australia a pledge Fiat no Industry would be social sed during the War but protested by Way of fortifying the guarantee a has since repudiated that the Commonwealth parliament has no sower to socialise any Industry centuries of. Experience have demonstrated that it is infinitely easier to talk of socialism than to jut it in practice even in the nost limited degree and although or. Curtin and his mends were satisfied at least until the moment f the opening of parliament last reek that the commonwealths Power to socialise Industry would suffice for the socialisation of the or lines our Canberra correspond ent reports that the members of he government have since evinced numb concern about a number of practical difficulties that have Segun to be apparent. It is far too soon to jump to the conclusion that these difficulties will prevent the realisation of a scheme to which the ministry is wedded Tor pedal reasons of party political Cape Drency but it would be a Good thing Tor the future of our air communications if the Boac and i. Curtin s statutory authority were both wrecked on the rocks of real ism before the Post War Era fairly begins fighting shadows As our american allies have said Aften enough they have no Intel Tion of bombing the Mikado out neither do they intend to refrain Erom bombing Japan test an Acci sent should have unfortunate con j sequences for the emperor or Tor j my of his Royal possessions the i Rollo radio complains again that i bombs have fallen on the Edge of ? the grounds of the Imperial Palace and near the Home of the Mikado s. Mother. Causing Only Light but producing a political crisis. The japanese above All people should have thought twice before involving themselves in an air Wax the relatively trifling damage now done to the Imperial face " by an errant bomb or two. Has not Only filled the japanese prime minister with trepidation but has necessitated his requesting an audience with the emperor to Oser my own and my Cabinet s apologies for this unto liveable j negligence so fantastic a for i Mality arises from the convention that the members of the govern ment Are personally responsible forthe Security of their Royal master. It is pointed out that they might i even have to commit Hara Kari it i anything serious happened to Bun it is the most extravagant make believe that Koiso has the Power to divert bombs from the emperor i and his Palace and that these can sublet Only by official negligence but the whole of the japanese scheme of things reposes on equally absurd fictions and everyone i should understand How hazardous ? it is to predict the course of a War in which we must fight not Only against material things but against. A Host of shifting shadows. I Britain s generals on the Western front Montgomery s associates who graduated in the desert by John Hetherington the shifting Sands of the libyan d ? Are burying the wreckage of Battle on the silent Fields of al Alamein. Ain al Azzala. Mareth and the rest As the tides of the sea Bury the wreckage of Ocean storms. The German High command no doubt wishes those Sanda had also buried the Bones of certain British senior officers who Fon fat there some with Mont Gomery some before Bim for it is chiefly desert veterans who Are today leading the British 2nd in its thrust into the Reich. The desert was a hard task master for the Soldier As any if officer or Man who served there will Tell you. It mastered some generals and broke them. Other general it Mafi red it Alexander and Minto Merv in table. Kill uni a a re i Montgomery alone. Many others less famous in the outside world than Alexander and Mont Gomery but. Hardly less familiar to the soldiers who fought in the desert campaigns men whose military acumen was sharpened in the desert who gained in the de Sert most of their practical know ledge of the fighting of Battles Are the chief cells of the brain that directs the Muscles of the British 2nd in Western Europe to Day. One of them is Gen. Sir Miles Dempsey cd do. My. Who com mands the 2nd . Dempsey is tall and slender but there is Noth ing fragile about him. He is a very rapier of a Man As Strong As a rapier and. One feels As flexible. He is one of the few men among Monty s High ranking desert Vete rans whom the axe never knew. A Dunkirk Man he led an infantry brigade through the phoney War period in Western Europe and evacuated it after the fall of France Dempsey did not appear in the de Sert until the 9th division was on the High seas bound for Australia. He was flown out from England to join the both while rom Mel s afrika Korps was retreating across Libya to its destruction at Cape Bon. And took command of the 13th corps which bad already won High Battle honors in the fight ing at al Alamein and later. The corps won fresh honors under Dempsey at Mareth and in Idaville. It continued to enhance its fighting reputation in Sicily and Italy where Dempsey led it on its Advance through some of the most difficult country in the world to the German 1943-44 Winter line. A excitable i have never seen Dempsey be tray excitement even in the most stirring moments. I met him one Rainy september after noon near Arras when the 2nd was making its lightning and Vance on Brussels. If Ever a Man had an excuse for excitement it was Dempsey then. He had just directed his s share in the destruction of the German forces trapped in the palais pocket and was watching it sweep Forward like a great wave driven on by a typhoon. Not a muscle of his controlled face suggested the sensations of Triumph that must have been Surg ing inside him As standing at the Roadside with a map spread on the Bonnet of his car be talked to us. A group of seven or eight correspondents who had bailed him As he was driving by. He did not even permit his Fea Tures to relax into a smile until he mentioned to us the capture that morning of an important German general with his full Headquarters who had been overtaken and sur rounded while they were fleeing North towards Belgium. And what kind of a Man is the Jerry general one of our party asked. A most unpleasant old Dempsey replied smiling and using a mild but unparliamentary. Word which had All the More i Force by reason of Dempsey s Dis like of unorthodox language. If he added hastily that is a permitted journalistic once a present a a la Monty s corps Comman Ders in the 2nd at that if \ time As at the time of the landings in Normandy were old desert men it Gen. B. G. Hor . Cd. Do. My sir Richard Oconnor. Kab. Uso. My and Neil Ritchie be. Do. My. I there is not an original Mem Ber of the australian 6th Divisi Orr who trill not remember o Connor Tough diminutive quiet o con nor who was Field commander of the of the Nile in the Wavell Campaign of the 1940-41 Winter. He was taken prisoner near Derna in the 1941 Benghazi Handicap when Rommel s forces counter attacked from al Asheila and Flung most of the of the Nile Back into Egypt. O Connor Rommel described him in 1840 As the Only British general who really makes me afraid went to Captivity in Italy but even As a prisoner he found Means to serve the British cause hardly less effectively than he had served it As a commander in the Field. He had not been Long a prisoner before he established a Channel of communication with British ghz. Middle East and the in formation he gathered filtered through to the director of Mili tary intelligence there As regularly in the words of a senior intelligence officer As if there were a fortnightly postcard ser vice Between Cairo and o Connor escaped from Italy in january. 1944, after the italian capitulation got to England and at once settled Down to organise a corps for the assault on Western Europe. He led it into Normandy and through some of the most stirring Battles fought round the Bridgehead. Like schoolmaster o Connor is. In appearance anything but a Soldier. He generally dresses in Issue Battle dress like a private Soldier sometimes substituting an Issue sweater for the Batu Edress Blouse. He is Short Grey nondescript and Given to peering at you when he talks Over the top of rimless spectacles. You might take him for a schoolmaster or a Small merchant anything but a Soldier. In fact he is a Soldier to his fingertips a believer in the theory whose soundness both the germans and the allies have proved in turn that in warfare nothing succeeds Ike attack. I met him one Day in a nor Mandy Field a few hours after his corps bad begun a lightning and Vance towards Mont Fin con generally held to be the key to the 00-called Norman Alps. He showed me on his map the Long thru this attack had made into enemy held territory. And Here i asked touching a Point on the flank Miles behind Connor s Point of penetration he said the Hun is still Ileje in strength. And there and there and there and there his anger touched half a dozen More Points on the flanks but after All if you re going to Spendal your time worrying about your Hanks How can you win a Battle severely wounded general j the australian 9 til division became closely acquainted at l Alamein with Gen. Her i rocks one of o Connor s Bro Toner corps commanders in Western Europe. For Horrocks led the 13thcorps, later to be led by Dempsey " of 1,? a Amein fighting and , slight Active with an easy laugh and Luminous intelligent eyes Horrocks has in his bearing or appearance nothing to suggest the ruthlessness which runs through his character As it runs trl 11 the character of every effective Soldier from Montgomery and wave to Wellington and Napoleon. Horrocks transferred from we both to command a corp sin the is while the final a to North Arrica was at it height and it was while serving with the is that he Wai severely wounded in the drive to wards Tunis cite. The fragment of steel that struck him passed through his bowels kidney lungs and liver and it was feared that he had reached the end of his military career if not his life. Reproached for having exposed himself to Dan Ger so recklessly the wounded Hor rocks merely said Battles today Are fought at 35 to 40 Miles an hour. Heading formation Means you Nave to be right up with your men. And it s a Good a Miracle of surgery and a Couke Constitution saved Horrocks and i cot Only saved him but restored him to the fighting line once More. He was not in time to land in Normandy with the assault troops of the invasion armies but hear Rived there within a few weeks of the valued attack and led his corps the 30th. To a series of Brilliant operations which swept on u the Borders of Germany. Horrocks s sense of humor is As Lively As his military imagination after the attempt to capture Thel indispensable arnhem Bridge had failed i saw him and he said glumly or As glumly As Horrocks could Ever speak you know in peace there is one cause of trouble women. In War. There Are two causes women and a big Man Horrocks. Perhaps a bigger Man than we yet know. Major planner it has been said and probably with truth that none of Mont Gomery s associates in Battle is on intimate terms with him. If there is an exception at All it is maj Gen. Sir Francis de Guisgand be cd. Do. Monty s chief of staff. De Guisgand popularly known As ? Freddie is one of the youngest senior staff officers in the British . He will not be 45 until tomorrow and when he first went to the Middle East in 1940 he was a Mere major. He Rose swiftly under Wavell. Auchinleck. Then Alexander. De Guisgand Nas an incisive ice cold brain. Human enough in his off duty moments he is in humanly Calm like a chess player planning a game when be plans a military operation. He was one of the major planners of the euro Dean invasion and the stamp of Bis Crystal thinking was unmistakable on Many of ? its vital phases. How australian hid identity in . Camp Manila. February 25. From Jack Percival or. W. H. Donald australian confidential adviser to marshal Chiang Kai Shek who was released when Manila was retaken credits his escape from a japanese execution squad to the loyalty of fellow internees and a interned chinese to a series of smoke screens put out around him and to managing to remain just one of 4,000 internees in Santo Tomas in which he spent most of his three years imprisonment. Donald said that when picked up by the japanese in Manila he was loaded on a motor Tumbri with 20 others which disgorged its Load into milling mass of britons americans and other Allied persons from which japanese civilians were endeavouring to sort out prisoners. It was at least a week before they managed to get any kind of Roll Call and for months they did not know exactly How Many prisoners they had. I gave my Correct age 68 occupation retired which was printed in the Santo Tomas census Booklet and in the los Banos census for All to Donald said. I admit that i was worried at first but soon settled Down to a prisoner s life. Many times i was asked to assume some Camp office to act on behalf of the internees but i turned Down the offers not wishing to stick my neck out. I warned by chinese j once i was warned through chinese channels that the beat had been turned on and that the Japa Nese were searching for me. This was followed by a visit of the Japa Nese Gestapo to Santo Tomas who asked the Camp administration if i was there. Gestapo officers were shown a copy of the Camp census. Which they perused. When they came to my name they pointed out i my age. Stating. This is not the 1 Man we Are searching for. He s too 1 old.1 they Taen gave us the s search not beige interested. ? to cover up my tracks further. V i applied for a Transfer to the Sulphur Springs Camp which was an c Annex of Santo Tomas for invalids j before it was closed up by the 5 japanese. I took my Luggage 5 there which contained incriminate " ing documents As far As the Japan Ese were concerned and it is still 5 there. J later i returned to Santo _ Tomas. Where i became a shanty. Dweller in area c behind the Ceil Dren s Annex part of the Camp j rarely visited by the japanese. Transferred Bis Camp i "1 was seen twice Dally by Cne t japanese officer of the Day who 5 made the rounds during the Mora Ine and afternoon Roll Calls when it became evident that the Japan i Ese were getting Nasty because of t a series of Pacific defeats i de l cited that it would be a Good idea t voluntarily to Transfer to the los j Banos Camp which was really an. Annex of Santo Tomas. On arrival at los Banos i reels f tired in the usual Way giving my i Correct name. Before the retaking j of Manila we had Contact with Manila until february 14. When communications were Cut off owing to fierce fighting in the City. The i japanese became scared and 1 cleared off from the Camp for a week leaving us completely alone. We managed to get out a message. To Manila that we were free but decided to await the United stares r troops before leaving the Camp be cause Che japanese might massacres. After a week s absence the japanese came Back their attitude being nastier but they were on Edge All the time. Regarding plans Lor the future. 1 have not made any. Except that am making up my mind. I am still at China s service. I have cabled Madame Chiang Kai Shek advising that i am free and re questing her huge clippers May Fly to Australia 204-passenger aircraft on order san Diego . Feb. 25 almost immediately after the War Australia will probably see the world s largest six engined Passen Ger aircraft. It will carry 204 Das sengers plus 15.300 la. Of baggage and mail and will weigh nearly 145 tons. It will be of double Decker construction. The president of the Consoli dated Vultee aircraft corporation or. Harry Woodhead announced today that he had accepted a con tract for the construction of 15 of these huge land based clippers for pan american world airways. It is estimated that the planes will be capable of handling three quarters of a million passengers a year on the transatlantic and trans Pacific services. Pan american spokesmen predict that because of the machine s huge capacity and High Speed it will be possible to charge unprecedentedly Low fares the cruising Speed of the giant clippers will vary from 310 to 340 according to Alti tude and it will have a Range of 4.200 Miles. The Cabins will be conditioned for operation at an Altitude of 30.000 ft., so that storms can be avoided. German who says we Haven t lost the War yet new York february 25. Allied soldiers now on the Offen Sive against the Reich know that the germans number is up but they also know that the germans do not yet know it. That is Why the germans Are still in there fighting and Why commanders warn that they cannot proceed on the basis of an Early nazi crack up. Soldiers returning to the on Teo states say that the germans Are not As Good As they used to be. But they can still kill i a sidelight on enemy mentality i is supplied from the italian theatre there the Allied commanders it Gens. Mark Clark and Mcnarney questioned a group of prisoners Henry j. Taylor writing for the Scripps Howard newspapers re ports the following conversation Gen. Clark what do you think of the germans chances now the prisoner the Outlook is bad now. But we Haven t lost the War. T Gen. Clark do you know where t the red is j the prisoner yes. The red is close to Berlin. R r Gen. Clark do you know where j the Western allies Are t i the prisoner yes 1 know out t i Germany has t most the War yet. Gen. Mcnarney of you lose t what then c i the prisoner my family Nas gone since the red conquered t East Prussia. F Don t care what t happens. T Gen. Clark do you believe oui i. Broadcasts tie prisoner yes. We hink o mostly they re True. But we Haven t lost yet. B Taylor says that so goes the Naa t Story along the whole front. The i germans Are still fighting As they i Bave fought big wars. There Are t no signs of any deterioration of 1 i morale. T help against soil erosion extra fertiliser to be released the minister of agriculture or. Jenkins announced yesterday that additional superphosphate would be released to help banners suffering from soil erosion. I or. Jenkins said that a thorough review of the present Day position i of South australian super hos i Phate supplies disclosed that j sufficient percentage of the i priority and quota fertiliser had i been delivered or ordered to per 1 Mit the assessment of the Quan 1 hey available for special allotment for helping to stabilise lands which had badly eroded this year. This investigation showed that enough superphosphate was on hand to go a Long Way towards correcting much of the soil Ero Sion particularly on the holding of the Drifting soils of several wheat growing districts he had agreed that priority would be Given for the Supply to producers who would guarantee to Plant cereals for soil saving purposes. Because its necessary to seed cereals Early in the year to get the greatest value from them As soil holders applications for extra al. Lot ments of superphosphate for soil conservation work should remade immediately to the depart rent of agriculture. Flinders Street. or. Jenkins s said. T Mussolini madman Grandi s Story of fascism s fall from our special representative new York february 24. In a dramatic account of the Rise and fall of italian fascism. Count or one of its four original leaders and Laior foreign minister and ambassador to London describes Mussolini As a Genius a wizard and a madman the account appears in the Magazine life grand says that the once bated Hitler from the first. He humiliated him at Venice but Hitler was cleverer. It was a tragedy for Europe when the wicked fool Ribbentrop Beca Tine Ains ador to London and wrecked ail Chance of a Anglo italian rapprochement. The Italio German pact of May 1939, however contained a secret clause whereby Hitler was pledged not to disturb the peace of Europe for at least three years. Gera any contemptuously violated the agree ment in August. Ribbentrop contemptuously brushed aside the pro tests of count Ciano who was then foreign minister. Hitler sent a scornful message to Mussolini after the invasion of Poland says Grandi but the Duce preferred silence to confessing to the world that he had been betrayed. However the Duce now started to fortify the Vitato German Frontier leaving the French fron tier unguarded. Tension was so great that Ribbentrop visited Rome in 1940 and bluntly declared i have come to prevent Italy from going Over to the Mussolini Grandi proceeds thought he was playing an astute game and expected to make Britain and France pay a heavy Price for neutrality. He was therefore appalled when Hitler outflanked the Maginot line and declared War without consulting anyone because he was terrified that the germans would occupy Southern France and outflank the Austin italian fron tier fortifications. Marshal baddy to said the Man s mad he bad i no War Ali of lewd a the French armistice came i before the italians could 1 act says Grandi. Hit Ler contemptuously re fused permission to Italy to occupy Corsica Savoy Nice and Tunis. And also forbade him to attack Yugoslavia. Therefore the Duce. In search of an easy Triumph invaded Greece without telling Ger Many. The discontent was so widespread following the reverses i that Mussolini began to purge his political opponents and the Allied landings in Sicily precipitated a j Grandi claims the credit Lor in i to reducing the famous Resolution expelling the Duce at the Grandi Council meeting on july 22, 1943. Mussolini was then As vigorous As Grandi adds he was physically Strong and a shrewd tighter with a political and military machine inside Italy intact. There i were two armoured fascist divisions a few Miles North of Rome 10,000 1 Gestapo agents inside the City and ? Kesselring a crack troops held the Hills 15 Miles away. Guards with i fixed bayonets were stationed at i the doors of the i Mussolini arrived confident and i arrogant the narrative proceeds As he knew Grandl s plans. Grandi ? accused him of betraying Italy by German Ising it and abandoning Fidelity to Italy s old Friend Britain Mussolini looked flabbergasted like most of the Council. After Grandi had spoken for nearly an hour the Duce lost his temper and shouted. S the Man s finally says Grandi Musso ? Lleni proposed an adjournment of i half an hour. It was 1 . All ? wondered whether he would return to the chamber and they feared ? that the fascist militia would burst 1 into the chamber and arrest or kill the Duce s opponents. Mussolini however returned and spoke slowly i and dully. He admitted full re t a possibility for the War. But claimed. That Kins Victor Emmanuel and ? the people were still behind him c recovering Confidence he added r when i Tell the King i wonder what will happen to those who of t pose me tonight c final a the ? his eyes were Serene and Mas t tearful and an icy fear fell on the a Assembly. The faces of my friends t were Grey end hopeless. Tringasi j president of the special political c tribunal shouted you la pay with # beads for this treason every a Man in the room knew that the decision was now one of Bis own life or death " i Mussolini was so confident that b he had the vote taken at 3 ., but c Grandi s Resolution was carried by r 19 votes to seven. The King was b informed at 4 ., As the Council was frightened that the Duce who still commanded the and " with Germany behind him might i stage a coup d eat. Mussolini a however seemed to be completely s confounded. Ashamed to Appeal a to Hitler he frittered away precious f hours trying to pick Legal holes in a Grandi s Resolution. He went to 1 the Palace at 5 to prove that b it was unconstitutional but the p King had already appointed d Sadoglio prime minister. The n Duce was arrested As he left the s Palace. P Britain s new House plans Homes from scrap planes London february 25. The governments sudden change of housing policy with the decision to concentrate on Perma nent rather than temporary dwell Ings which was announced in the v Bouse of commons last week has 2 unfavourably reacted on members of Jill political parties and a housing ? showdown is Likely soon. Another plan to alleviate once gains acute housing problem by tit turning out thousands of houses i in redundant aircraft factories has in seen disclosed by the sunday the plan provides Fot four huge plants to build Alu g minium Alloy single Storey Bouses ? n an Assembly line at a rate at hitherto considered impossible h Joth in Britain and America. It is estimated that these plants 1 would turn out one standardised p Louse every 12 minutes. They will to be built in four sections and can 3e erected in any part of the Conn m try. The the chalet source of the raw a Tii trials will be dumps of a repair a Ible aircraft in Britain. By the new venture is sponsored by m the ministry of aircraft product s t Lont and the director Genera of Jie ministry f fabricated building. Of London sunday papers give pro ? r Nonence to a Washington report m hat materials have been allocated Tor 30.000 pre fabricated houses for co Britain to be built at a Cost of ei2j s million. Shipment under lend i lease will begin before the end of Ai pro. Ivl polish plan for commons move for More pledges Likely or. Churchill s speech in the House of commons tomorrow on the Yalta decisions is expected to include reference to a world or the Yalta decisions is expected to include reference to a world organisation for peace the occupation and control of Germany by British. American Randan and French forces Bow Germany is to be made to pay Tor her Bavm and Poland s future. He win ask for a vote of Confidence a straight out government wait for parliament approval of Talta. And there is Little doubt that the government will receive an Over whelming majority As a decisive demonstration to the world. But the Poust settlement a Fol a the debate perhaps taking a Dis proportionate share of it the position about Roland continues to be that the government while not pretending that the Aera Tion is anything like . Believes that it is the Best thine for Poland in the Lone run and in any Case no Otter gelation was offering. A few conservatives oppose it because they Are wholly against Russia but other conservatives Are uneasy and Many labor nem Bers join them in that hmm of tiie Way in which the Fate of Poland was settled without Poland s voice being Beard. These people Nave no quarrel with the big three declaration waiting a Strong Independent democratic Poland Bat they Are pressing for further guarantees that Poland will not be allowed to become a puppet state and that i every facility will be Given her to emerge from the shadows As a revitalised and fully liberated land labor attitude labor s attitude is interesting ind important. The party Leader or. Greenwood win immediately follow or. Churchill and is sex 4 pmed to pronounce a general Den edition on Yalta Bat with come 1 nursing not so much to the protected solution As to the manner in Artuch Poland s Fate was settled. This attitude is being widely rejected id letters which Imbor members and other members of the House of commons Are rec Etc Gsg from their constituents. Labor1facial weekly news Sheet makes ills comment it May be a hard ? ind a disagreeable decision Force leaders of the polish demo attic forces to take but it is a of that there not the slightest Prospect of More favourable i Erms being obtained for Poland j ind it May be in the interests of Poland s future that full Adan 1 age should be taken by All demo \ Tauc cements of the Allied pledge or a Strong free. Independent and. Demo Cradoc every night members of the s Louse of commons have been ? meeting in private Consul Avans t a nested with Poland but so far t nothing suggests that there will r e a no Confidence Challenge to t he government. Two amendments ? Lave been tabled to the govern nent s motion one by or. Rhys Lavies at government Rouse yesterday coming. The Duchess of Gloucester a pm pained by lady Dugan. Visited in red Cross workroom at government House yesterday Mam g the governor general and the Duchess of Gloucester vis led the Wai australian air Force station t Point Cook yesterday afternoon is Royal highness presented to in chief of the air staff Baa or vice marshal g. Jones a 3ld cup from the Royal air Force the Raaf. Subsequently. His Royal bigness inspected aircraft workshops e flying medical research see on and the lecture sections her Oyal highness inspected a aah zit cities in the Parachute and maintenance sections and the action sick quarters and Barracks. His excellency the governor ice ived or. G. S. Pas Facenko second Secretary of the legation i the user. Canberra at gov Ament House yesterday morn g in the morning lady nor rte. A in pained by the chairman of the oath australian division of the de Cross society or. Sheppard. Of attended by miss Roberts sited the red Cross convalescent Gam at Way Tlle. And tie Eden Tut aed Cross Omar Clescent j Home at Marty Atville j the chid Stere tary ter or. Atlee Aud that at the Crimea conference substantial agreement had been reached ant it had to be remembered that peace and Security did not depend on the actions of the Leaden alone Bat Nipoa the win and de Uthai of Mil Lions of people. It was noteworthy Tettat at the same time As the Crimea Confer ence there was held to London a great conference of workers at which delegates from Trade Antons m More than 30 countries met to aether. Here again substantial agreement was achieved. I hold therefore that Snera before there it a great awas re of agreement on the needs site for Stab lathing effecting mad Merv for the prevail on of War. Sikl or Atlee. I believe that the people of this country and of Ether Coan ties win not ignore the Kason at two world wars. A world Orran feat Ion to see that peace is kept Mast. Bice civil Angle trates of a Day. Hate in the bands the Force Nece aary to ensure to the strength the Strenth of the re to m breaker. The lesson tax get As Tor the period Between wan the thai Nita Nuisl feel secure before there can be a general red Naan of Anaa Tenta. So game traae 4 i do not want to Promise oat people that then Raffl anon be As easy time when they can relax. In the first place there is Japan to beat. Secondly there is the peace to win. Thirdly there is the do Facal period of Adas Bael tote the Mac ninety of protect and Dlf Muan is getting Tato its stride and the world abort age of commodities is being made up. Within a few Yean to the human race and in particular the British people act wisely i be eve that the Wirsu Ahurn of Nat Arr and the invent Rineai of ass Wal not my restore the ravages of War. But will steadily and surely in crease the Standard of life of Peoples of the world to Heights newer before attained those pears of transition will can for Jua Jitter no Mac great than have been displayed i the War years say if we act wisely. If we seek at once to throw off All War time controls. If we Bur aside the interests of All people m our Faith to private interest if we look Back a Stead of Forward we Sha not x acting wisely. Without plan Ning we cannot get that soda in entity which the people rightly mraule added fee Imby try a Fol not go to the ele Ettric nth a demand that be noon Aliased. The party Rui go Forward with a programme n which the of cer Ain Basic services takes its pc Ler place As an inst ment for Wilding the kind of Britain it rants to see. We of the labor party Are not overs of control for its own Sake. Hit we know that for the Sake f the Freedom of the individual Here must be a degree of the election in nit were a Raud on the electors and Mere won a catch cries of Homes for heroes hang the Kaiser. And make the germans the country suffered for that a we do not want anything of Bat sort this time. Or Attlee de Lared. Grim Island warfare ordeal on iwo Jima ? the smaller the Island the t ? it isto crack that is the ? reached by naval an experts about the ? nay experts about tar Baa treat of fend bib tag to fee in mind Tarawa. Pelella pan and two Elma Anas la alas a rth Tao of am Erk Lbw. Hie High new Imit knew that weapons Oke rackets an Down theories. Warrington a purees a Maas Chat mutes before the War Ena Dartad Leallie exper Haes a ii Iii Catamb bathed that not Caen the neat concentrated air "h1 naval boo bid men could Knock eat a the de fences of ? a Adana if be de renders were Able to go Ander ground. It was Cattad out at least at pm. At the Daft cat. Of s3of&-�?j2ethe. It was painted eat that gnat Henry had its Flat practical Sajt a Tarawa Abac to netted to Glt loud Matlon. The Tapa Pinr. M a it tear Battle Feritta Ewan male Wand atoll Taft Ataily Mart eat Lewes. Of att Ulm leg fam a and Ufa Nia Iii b the Artea Narti teem Tan Lara blame Waw Ihm aun Ottai there at in. Ewh Paabo to air Daal Panjo Ratai Taasaas Baa car tone we Chi to 2.lft a aare a Aai Idarea. Vas taken by the Anar at int tit until twin Mim Niami m Adalai the Iti Jaa Natl can troops Eye Aandal hated ussom Jug Matt. _fmp.? Kanji a agave get Marta. Eng i Saaf Taii maw sisal s Bik Allf. ?? is Afa Noet As lag As All Tate other Marianas wan word East 19tl clean each lattes. Of Ohleh Ltd were toed. Vao Oded. Aad Namaa mortal Ctol. The first Avav moan Obj Edne of tie amerlean farm to be Pacioc Oast ijb3 aaa Askam Sands All Espert to. Us Sadat Eye wit Nenes seems to Are Etta Ewe ? ton from or. Pm tin to fee one Ruwa Ixon usin by pm sjt3tttlly a Birt enc in san a Pic Mol Ibe depots Dematt Lair Lac Ewen Fuju re. A eat it the " Anisiy nun a. Or. Fyk Fien Aid that be he lewd his is use go Riata i i a a tax the hot toss. Ssh ssh 1 o the opt men nud to might that be Benld save Sjo in Tucau Ion Mgo Njie Inland to Sac cent Awn a Uton id be one a the tsetse Trees to of Mph onto be had net 1 Mimi at the Par Fla Centary maeral stats in cum Berra in wed Estta. A. Sabto sickness benefits on july 1 ? the Commonwealth ? ment and ? and the ? Bill will come into ? july l Amio Mang this Oktay. The he Teter for health Aad Battal Ber views Benator Fisuer mews Tmnf-mm1" to Ciao top it by blk pc genl tool Mayna the firs months the int med nine it oat and data set benefits Nam bad Aho we Btl a Federal action on ? Canberra february 26. A Commonwealth state stand ing committee on ? to co ordinate measures of ? Contrat Slibe ims Rorsi Iii a Muath a Rita Alonial a the mans Are for ots a nor. Scant i Law a gel feet of jars wasps is Abas Iffla rtt Stia to Stutte c4-i--"-r a the few Iurii

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