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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Feb 17 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 17, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Huit ated hat foot equalled. John Hunter s bargain counters boots first Cost. Nest the Arcade. Rundle Street. Shipping. Mkaba Tebuu Maki Tuua Sauna nil. Under Maii. Contract with tha Freob govern i Adelaide to London Truta Marse Lesl rates to Albany sey Neues Aden sues and port Adelaide to London in 88 Days. Foj a. Jura. Commander leave Adelaide Suimai soil Bollard . Fthnrs., mar. 8 a Suiro sic Eurt . Fri april 1 an Nauss jobs Obj. Didier . Won., May 2 Ocsan a .j8 m. Raseni Umcil May so Tau Yasnor 6020 l. Bonlaron la. Jsat., july 2 bans or a Bau Uduse Wens or Albs Isola. Tasoe ova labs Tuk Eib Marseilles to i Lonna is std Here Mouroe u Boon Only. The of Spany s interpreters win accompany through Pas Sange from Marseilles to Paris and London. In gags Asa eyed of a by Steamer Fao maj Ritter to Mir Tom. Set stewards. A sofa cow carried. Bride ticket to Marseille from �20 to �68. Re turn from �s4 to �11. This i Jess in equalled. Wine and cd Cabin furniture included in flares. Passengers an booked through to Mauritius Sieck Ion Sod South Africa via sey Benei of Sasenger booked to Bombay via Kubba Ohee or Branch Hue Truro Aden. Booked through to Havre Genoa Antwerp san Kirk Hamburg. Bordeaux and London. A tank tical is apply a to a toil Momm _ _ or be p. o. S. N. Company under Sikli. 1 Royal Man contract will dispatch the following 1?T Tor London 4obany. Ool Virbo. Aden. Brindisi Malta and Plymouth. I of Mandet. And oboe Neal i e. Stewart feb. 1? a. W mar. S Oceana ,?_ Imar. In Taletta _ 4918 r. F. Briscoe . Mar. 80 Acadia Pesez . J474s e. Ashdown aprils7 of Aymani Tea Ali r. O. Murray. Rha Imay 11 stat and second Saloon Furni Iru allowed to teak their journey intermediate pans. Cabins reserved on special terms. Liberal concessions Mads a Slack passenger season. Kamages from England can be arranged Here. A the second Saloon the arrangement have been Bop roughly reorganised the sered Betel of passage Money. So London in first Saloon �60 to a to italian Porta do. _ of to London in beyond Saloon. �90 to to italian ports do. �90 to a the Totzke Bont �86 to �115 cargo received until 6 pin. On the monday and mesh till noon on the tuesday prior to Steamer ads Mare. information apply to Eldeb Tsmith. co Loo xxx. Agents. 81310 n o. Is. special train i for passengers and visitors is arrange to tatty Adelaide for sea end Largs pier 8.50 am. On wednesday. To elder. Smith k co., limited agents. A Bucht use of Boyal mail steamers. The four wig boys mail Steamer belonging to a Obrent and Pao fio Oom Pames will leave .?b3jhtocff-. R pc noon on the iii Nuen . Via , by Bobbyl Naples. Gibraltar and pay Moon of Juno a u tons of. Anderson feb. 1? Vaota to " b.k.lavmgtoo9ot Jot a of Dixon much. Is out isso " Darby april 6 Osins m ?33i. April so Skruta Imp ? a Stoddert May Onsum Zass " ? May 18 Osona Kesl ,. June 1 Jana .t,si4 Thane 15 and fortnightly thereafter. Saloon passengers May break their journey. Stork reserved on most Liberal terms. Kex Kursion return tickets Low rates. Passage Money. Hibst saloons and �70. Subj Pond Saloon a sad and �37. Fish and Steerage inc fading bedding bless Stensos fat two berth Carans �22 each adult. For berth Cabins. �20 each and Nuj. Open berths. �17175. Each adult but Xiiao tac uses an now afforded for teen gang Ifil Nils and relatives by the prepayment of pos Abaca Bodey hers As above. Parcels carried to any part of the United King Shin a Taw rate. Managers. Green and co., and Anderson a Erson and Tjo Fenchurch Azemie. London. Fui Partio Ais on App cation to Anderson. Branch manager ate so. Or Eufemi Strees. I re told Deu Boher Lloyd. Inv 1 a k ular monthly line of last Pas but surer Steamer to Southampton Babbas Antwerp and Bremen calling Colombo Aden Sura part said and Genoa connecting Vith mail and mss Shifu from port said to bib disc under Mau contract with the Imperial Serra government. A teamed win be dispatched As mown steamers. Tons. Commander. Jive and. Obeji Taufen 3f?o m. Escho mar. 2 3,084 g Thumann mar. 30 Kaiser we Shmil 691 Stormer up 23 bobs Hollern 3,092 lil Yon Coenen Vittay 23 a Drancz line to Samoa Atid Steamer leaves Sydney on arrival of each Steamer for these in Banda. Passage Money from Adelaide to Bremen from �14 of �00. Great Rene Tiow on return Pas a Ftp. Available for six nine or twelve months. Ewry fad to is offered for inn inc out Bod by jul recent of passage Money hers. Cabin passengers slay Bank their Jaramey. Mara spec lady arranged to soft All nations. All officers and stewards conversant with the be take Gerls i cargo booked breach to London and Pim Ripari to Opean Asiatic and american ports pah for England Are landed Southampton. In Fnlund passenger win land and embark Largs for freight passage and a other Pania uan apply to the h. Muecke Foo afro Nao Adelaide and port a Vaa sew Elberfeld to be dispatched a above Arr in february. Passages bom England and continent can be arranged Ink. F pm Hama Norgor Antwerp �12153. From soon �191 is for freight and Sll no Tinlan apply George wills co., 35r0a0 Artri tale and port Adelaide. Debt to London Fla la Suez canal adj Antwerp. The fact Steamer Duke of Devonshire of Plata d. C Long will be dispatched As above about inca Ami february. For freight or passage apply oborgewillsftoo., Bov talc Adelaide or port Adelaide. I Ort Adelaide to Findon Fum via Suez canal and Dun the of swered Steamer Murrumbidgee of Lex Tolme Sprama w. Bood r n.r., will be a exact we As above about die 2? february. For freight or Serge apply George wills co Tomao Adelaide or port Adelaide. -. I ohls link of Bik Amkha. Arse Ali London via ports As required lubes new ton powered fast appointed to avs the port ads aug a bbl sail Mill iii is n in Nisil is Felt Cusp Murrumbidgee _ february m. Woolloomoo Loo _ March 18. Hubbuck. To follow. We Cannia Toto Tow. For int Cut or passage apply to my Aeo null Loo. Adelaide or Pitt i a team to London via new Zea Mem o Landt gape Horn and Waldne mtt�? new zealand she Fino 00.-8 line of Boyal Tad a Beames. The Many Modem steel Steamer Bua Pehu. �,53? i y m ton f a 20. Totcmlowubythe&a.kaniouuonmarchl9. Torso Odin Plymouth and Rio Janeiro Birtus route Eriq avoid tha sex Toms heat of be bed sea and the Abnex canal War Leo. Wills to Agente. A _ Kubenski d Boyal Mau Lin Mrak. Pm London via Brisbane. My ports jays4bbbb9b7aod Suez canal. Blun. I toss. I suib Jabibi Tumosa sub u. A i 4.712 i tuesday. April u. Fares from Adelaide to London Saloon fiagle�66 10s return. �8010s available for 12 Soskel Swenge sing. M appl7 Hasrold Boot Beds aspic. Adelaide and port Adelaide. Us Traua to China and Japan. The Eastern and Aub Trayah beam bad company Zmitko. Regular team line. Ike of Dowma Sim Liis a Fol be Asp atoned Saganik Totne set Tamer. A command.,. Egg aisle �888 w. Ellis is March. Cuthbe 2&8 p. T. Hehm to follow. Oatt Bethun. 2,179 Neffle Shannon to sj7? too Dow new tenders a bunding. China and Japan Maufas in wpmbsslahdpob3cband fobs Darr or booked through to All ports in Mia and Japan also to Bah Tsa Crapp us Brool London and tha ooh a Kwh Suwon. Lor freight and passage Sibby a bight 00.,4bb?6 _ him Fdl to Fet leg pert. Nebal average is. co deposits pow payable. George wills co -48 Adelaide agents. Shipping. Ibex Adelaide Staj Habip ooh fax j. Limited wed deep atom their steamships Mindah for Melbourne and Symby Tran shipping for All Queensland ports. 18. Adelaide _1 saturday j feb. So jul p a 8.8. Union sea Bac urday Reb. 271 Lupjan. Vest australian service. For Albany Fremantle Ana through to Cossack without transhipment. 8a 3. Australian i thursday i feb. 181 non . Albany. Mondy feb. 221 noon. South East service. For a Joston Robe Beao port. And Macdonnell Bat. Going through to Kel Boorke. . Lubra Tharsa 8008, cargo on. Spencer s Gulf service. Fort Uno Oln port Augusta returning via Harbor and Upson s cot this trip. a toe Okay i feb. 231 Ipp. Cairo received till u . If ails and Pate engers Only. Mookta Wallaroo. Port go Sheib. And port dub. Eatn Day feb. 20lpjn. Cargo received till a rom. Day of sailing. Joes Turnbull Seo Reury 1 ,. O of a l. Tvs Adelaide steals he ooh Aht Uko ted. Is prepared to by Opplt Large Bull and household Coal also firewood in any quantities lowest rates. Etc John turn Bull Secretary m ads Obsitos exhibition. Cd debt Par Rae co Ltd so will dispatch the splendid express Paesens if hip of ogee. Carrin too commander from Melbourne for Launceston twice weekly on and after both Noven Ber to further notice. Through fares from Adelaide available for three s months Towel borne. To Bobbt. Coc Poh tickets available for three months Are also issued to Bobbt via Launceston. For fun particulars apply a Kamaia . Fowlks _. O 8. I Titi still be a jm�b3gi6 every thursdays a by ,4 8 am., returning same Day leaving about spjn., and every saturday 8 ajn., to Pming a mondays leaving Wajn. To port Tik cent every tuesday 8 an. The timing same Day Leavine about 6 pin. Smote a. L??. Totz Cwb Franklin Habboba. By Stor Bird Al july i. Loading sails Friday 19th. My 47 8 a. Lime Sprier Porfino Abubo 8 b a h ssh of feb Twano Mola free Prince s wharf port Adelaide every wednesday a pop. In plane of tuesday. Hew b. Fri oks. Fortu business notices. Estate of late Edwin Sawi Elu watchmaker and optician. 3, Raj sol Street Adelaide. Estate to be closed prior to March 31, 1892. Sale of lease ram cited shortly. The balance Stock of watches clocks jewellery. Photographic and electrical goods. Crucibles. Of Euial apparatus sundries and new late to be sold in Trade lots or singly clearance prices for Cash. Decided bargains. Now removing spectacle and optical Branch to a dare House North Terrace oppo site polio Library. Pending the final dosing bundle Swett or. Charles Sawtell practical on list in attendance 9 am. To noon and 4 k 6pjn. Adare House noon to 4 p m. Alfred e. Sawtell executor. A Euice. February 12,1892. 48-02 fall soap Oah by tubed with cold water Fob to lobed a Tim Iata of e7eby" in log. Dos Boap fete Strobe loss of color to a beaming restores faded colors and behoves Tab Andge Kalb spots. b i b x 8, c9, Rundle Street. Volt free 1 0ne Fenny Stamps. Tie Fredk Braby & co., limited. Manchac tubers and importers. Sun Brand galvanized corrugated Iron Plain galvanized Iron Sheet and perforated Zinc. Cd adel4ide. Site Viox o r 1 a dts web x s opposite York Boteo. Rie Atempa clothes dresses. Hats and All materials cleaned or dyed on the shortest Ross blk hoti0k fast 001-Obs. Parcels and delivered. Assn Aiato a coed sons. Acc Obdens. A set Broad Reeds. Brass steel or German Buver. The largest and my varied Stockin Adelaide j. H. Frays in. Bundle Street. 18fl? Ioil Mallee boots Coke. In Large or Small quantities lowest current rates we. Howard Smith & sons Ltd., Coal office. North Parade. Port Adelaide Gnao . Ladds Silver watches bom �2, Strong and Dora be. Ladies cold watches Tram �1 loe., unsurpassed value. Gents Silver English levers bom �5 Superior line specially adapted Tor Bush use �8 to �10. Dents Gold English levers Kalthaus and chronographs. Guarantee with each Walcha sold. A. L. Brunkhorst late h. A Zemont no. 106. Bundle Street. If Wio general merchandise. A Sale and to arrive. Woolpack Corb sacks beanbags potato bags. Flour bags orb bags sewing twine oort tooted and Plain galvanized Iron Black Sheet Uon Sheet Lead and Zinc. Axe Cement steel standards and droppers for fencing Kilburn wire strainers bound and Oval steel wire drawn Iron wire and galvanized steel fencing wire barbed fencing Wise wire set Ting. Pig Iron. English Coke. Fire bricks. Hematite paint. Caustic soda Whiting. Sulphate of Copper. Strychnine Glacia Une milk and Tood preservative Keb Obine condensed milk Staves Memel and Oak. Ameri can doors shelving plaster 40. My kith of All classes of manufactures executed lowest terms in All parts of the world. George wills & co., Cavendish Oha Bebb. Gonslo mrehfelo-3treet. T Obi Meb bomb to. Have on Sale on the la spot or to arrive Stoat-3oinnes? bottled by o Brien the " Dagger Edmond s celebrated " pig Brand. Whisky scotch Balantine s club Brand in bulk. So doing Clear pins a Nice deals Boan Rood Hickory want p x. Flooring. Efrosine Crystal water White in. Turpentine. Betin dark and Light grades. Plaster Windsor Mills Diamond Brand. Oak Staves for wins casks. Champion s vinegar bulk and Case. Tobacco and cigarettes old judge Brand. Cigars Boice Havanna la Flor de Castio soda 70 per cent. Soda Ash. Chi cat of soda. Felt a beating and roofing. Dynamite fobs detonators. Linseed of raw and boiled. King s Windsor Asbestos Cement for flattering Walls and ceilings. Teas Low to medium Congo us new season s. Preserved heats All descriptions of Queensland meat Export company is Brand. Indents executed. 8161 c Lobl Meb some & co., Warot Rutn Stree i shipping. Jap b e Howard iii x in line. I new Cervice. J further reduction of passenger fares. I fore Saloon. Return. Cabin. To Melbourne �1 to o a 10 0 x. ? a 0 by Dicey 300 600 1 10 0 freights lowest ratios. Without Tronu ulment to Brisbane. For Melbourne and Sydney Brisbane Maryborough Rock Amnion . Kono Owara 1,103 Mackay tons tuesday february Townsville i 23.1215p.r0. Geraldton . Bar Babool 1.000 Cai bks tons tue us March 1. Rort Douglas . Booetown whup Day is d. Normanton by Billtown j foe fort Jrie. . Barr Abool. Tuesday i february 23sp.m. Saloon. Return. Fore Cabin. To Pine 80s, 365. 12e.6d. The cheapest sad nost convenient route 10 broken Dill. From Smith and Cave s wharf. Kore Cauin passengers Are supplied win food and bedding free. Full particulars on a Piura Tio to v. R. Cave k co., agents. Grenfell Street Adelaide 32ec a Spain Streec port Adelaide. I i Westward water run a Loo Bat Euston direct. Will Eail wednesday. 17th inst. Fox freight or passage apply Harold Bros. 46-8 town and port. X a Gauntlet. From Liverpool. Allm Clar Silsand accounts against this vessel most be rendered in duplicate to on port office on or before thursday 18th mat. Noon or they will not be recognised. 48-9 d. 3. Fowler. Boots and shoes. Waken fast a Babustow Gay. Great Boot Bale Bow of. Sever such babgau9b be Fob. Inspection inv Ixko. Fall and free for yourselves. Of following Are a Lew of the be danced prices a d men s geto Ebeo Balmoral to capt All men s hungarian lace Heel tilt _. Ill Ken leather elastic sides Nigger to Tsok to Hen s Plain Bhutan splendid value Sll men s leather shoes Peak to soaps in men cloth lop shoe golds had. Reduced from 10b.9 5.t0 _ _ _ 8u do Plata Las tag a military heels _ ladles to Cap lasting i military Beds. In ladies Levant strap shoe court Bow _ _6 11 ladies kid strap shoe court indies Leathell colonial made j. T nates leather Oxford shoes Eit Wilto 7 s 11 ladles Levant lace shoe grand value _ .4u ladies Levant Balmoral High leg. In ladies leather Baho orals do Mwyna led _ 411 youths leather Balmoral books and toe Caps a Pretum hungarian lace bed tips _ _ 6u. Youths leather elastic sides very Trout _ 611 maids l a Lacer elastic awl .44 Kainov leather Bat Morate. High 4 8, aids leather stockyards Spriggel. Tat l and 111 pm Mart 10 to is leather Esastio sides in Yomki cafe 10 to 13 in see Balmoral Ter Stugh 3 8 children s 10 to is leather Idee shoes 111 children s 10 to in Lehunt Balmoral very neat in children s 10 to 18 hungarian Lee _ _ 811 children 10 to 13 i a4l or stockyards. 11l Rohll Denise to 9 leather Tio sides _ s 0 children s 6to 9 in Bee Balmoral extra High in chore the 6to 9 leather lace shoes _ _ 8 Ohol Retra 6to 9 stockyards very cheap _ s Childr ii s3to6orained Balmoral ?. _ 1 9 Obj Oen ssto6patent??Utton _ 111 Goodren a to b Patent straps Plain Trona _ 111 cihodren1 to b Patent shoes bookies. .08 ladles fancy pattern velvet supper _ i cent Mejie Alaji rip Psi. Sol lacs. _ h.8.-conntry orders to aptly attended to. Full Price est Post free on Appa Oetkin. Stamps should be . Hot the Only add mss 111 m . great reduction in prices or summer boots and shoes. All Tan Colo eed goods a Boh Toal prices. Neak Soks Chok 87, bundle Street. Foo conveyances and livery notices. Tax Aboab 160. H. Graves and co railway and general carriers custom House and forwarding age to Al parts of the ans Nuan colonies. Goods received for storage. Pedal attention Given to the of Deacon of Pawn Gers lok Gage for shipment or otherwise. Having made special arrangements with the steam ship companies on men Board All steamers on arrival Largs Bay. Semaphore and port Adelaide North conveyance of panels and Luggage Many put of the Colony. Head officeb9. Currie Stet. Flip son Street port Adelaide. Branches goods shed North Terrace. Shorland & sons Sydney. A i h j Broadbent Bros., Melbourne. Byte Brown Adelaide port v Krie and Broks i b3il Stein to drapery and clothing. To toe of a to countess of Martin Boa Burlington House. Ladies outfitting department. Special notice. In View of the great Necess which has attended their efforts to farther Popularise Liis department of their Boa Inesa by offering Standard makes of corsets popular prices Martin Bros have decided to place before their customers a luge consignment of the corsets. Dually sold us. 6d. Per pair for 7s. Us. Per pair. Usual. Oar Price. Price. Los a celebrated corsets 7slid used celebrated corsets 7s lid los 6d celebrated a. 0." corsets 7s lid used celebrated 7sud us6d celebrated corsets 7s lid in sad 7s lid us6d celebrated coh sets 7sud ils6d celebrated corsets 7s us used celebrated " corsets 7slid us6d celebrated a. 0." of Robts 7sud used celebrated corsets 7slid used celebrated horse to 7s us los a celebrated " p. 0." corsets 7s us us 64 celebrated corsets 7s us used celebrated a. 0." corsets 7sud us6d celebrated corsets 7s us us a blk Bratko corsets valid us fid celebrated " pm corsets 7e us Maetin Beds Biti Lington House. So drapery and clothing. James Marshall & co., 21, 26, 88, 30, by Sale meet. The Stephens place a behoves Adelaide Ard 26, jews be scent. Los Don. Last weeks oar great annual summer Sale. Another attraction. To Day we Chad Cser by pieces White Lonc cloth 2q pieces coloured twill. Flannelette purchased a discount off landed Cost and which were consigned to messes. F. Smith & co., Safe be bundle siege a estate Bow As Didat the following Pricw 5 pieces White Long Cloit. Q o do Salep Eoo do do. Do. Co. 3/q Dox a do. Do. Do. Nok. Holline median two she Edcur soft finish a 12 pieces =720 Yarde 4 144 per Yard Wrath & lid a l 80-io., b.. A idiom twill see tip sets finish u Pseres too Yards i if thu re won 2e 3d 70 in., so. 100, heavy twill Sheeun 11 Pieree 720yardb, 4 did Yard won i 3d 107 pieces -1,284 Yards Gurtej red Wei wide and Strong make la l dozen 61? 7 f Petiya co lobed , ivern ump grat 4/9job us in Beau Coffee and beige laces. 43 d 6 7?--l/p Tom Ungs -3 6 a 9? 1/perdoz. Infants bin Way 7" a infaht6 Sun bonnets 9? 1/ 1/3 hers Tweed Schb. I2ws to 7.16/9, for 12/9 Nek s Tweed xboi7sebs and Vest. 10/8 me sizes Fox for Sto 7/6 10/6 we Tweed zoo Reebs 2/u up. Vests Ooi oked mole 2/u pet pub. Tailoring. In id Tweed six a to Obder is 45/ 55/ 63/ 70/ Mars melange Sens of / for 50/ 67/8 70/ for for 45/_59/6 Boot department. In s leather a. Boots 6 Foi 6ai us Forl a men s leather Oxford Boea Fiu Tor 4ai Menis cloth up Orford shoes special 7/6 per pair . 11/bforb/u men s and you lib Uig i a Plain Man inn Pofi a. All to a per pair ladies . Boots Tano stitched Sixes 3and4, 6/11 Sod 6/9. To Clear 4 u ladies of lacked Button boots Yohak make 13/9 01 ladles Levant Oxford shoes Dot ii top 4/u per pair ladies Cau kid Button shoes 3,6, 6,7.7/9 for ladies lasting Oxford shots Patent Caps and takings 7/6 for 6/11 ladies Strong leather Balmoral High leg 4/utot infants Plain Patent strap shoes Sixes 2 to 6, 1/11 for 1/6 cd fluffs Strong Patent strap shoes Etas 7 to 10.3/11 a pail a Small lot of Patent step shoes sizes a 13, a snal Price 6/6 sad 4/11, to be sold us pm Dpi leather . Boots sizes Oto 9.2/ 10 to 18,2/9 Sites land 2,4/6. J. T. Of i cd the Corner bundle and Pulteney streets. Lolo notice of Bem Oyagi. We beg to announce out we have now removed to oar new and elegant premises no. bundle so been being fire doors West of our former site and which win be known As caledonian House eyed add designed fitted and arranged to an die requirement of a first class tailoring and outfitting Trade. A special shipment of Early autumn goods sow windowed. Mcdonald & Walter tailors and outfitters caledonian Bouse 47, bundle Street 3nau33 Dap bust fainting executed on the Nhor tort away Landon sberal turns "188 advert Ibex Job bin Xor Omok. Drapery and clothing. J. Miller Anderson and co s great Clearing Sale or summer drapery How proceeding. Close of the Sale prior to opening autumn and Winter shipments. 25 ladies Cambric horsing gowns must be cleared9e by 10b by 12s 9d, us 9d each. O do. All White step Edlawn trimmed embroidery now 21s and 25c 12 French Cambric and Zephye Deess dog jackets lace trimmed to dear to 9d. 1u 6d, 136 by. B stylish Pongee siudo., 27b 6d, now for 193 fid. 3 a White Kais Sook Oost Ches. With material and embroidery for bodice 43s and 69, to be cleared . 9 fashionable dentine oostcue3, with material for bodice 46s to 555. All to dear 27s cd. 8 Black lace three carte escapes 30 i with handsome embroidered Jet yokes originally e7s6dandl7e6d. All to dear 17s fid. 18 ladies jackets iss 6d and 15 6d, now for is lid. Ladies and Chelden s hats. Ceenah of abcs Cek ouse wide Beims 4a 6d. Edno extols Black and White do., 4a 9d, reduced to is 6d tee Etc inc " Bond Street silk lined in Black White and colors. 3a de reduced to is the " Sisen in Fine Straw trimmed velvet band. In Black Navy Brown Grey Fawn and White Fiao Dand 7s 6d, to be cleared is a Hue White Breaw bosxet6,new shapes,6s6d and to 6d, All to each a lot of Garden hats to 3d, 9d, is 3d. Fancy aprons half a Boob. Holland cooking aprons is each do. Extra along and wide sesdand3s6d. Coloured corsets anss3,, 28, 29 Inch only6s 6d and 7s de to be cleared stud Madame Cave co Butts shyly imperfect sizes 27.28,2?, 30k 31,36 Inch 18s 8d and 23s Mau at3e6d. Kadieff India gaze vests to dear is lids 3d, and 2s cd do. Natural Cashmere thin to dear 33 cd. Ladies new Al in Seletie under clothing. Trimmed frilled Seu eat Broider. Mph tar uses to and 7s 6d combinations 4s 3d bodices 2s 6d and a sold. Yoke lies Vej housemaids Caps. Fish wife and s Allaham kith or Witheas ends from . Each. Clofe of i summer Sale. J. Miller Anderson and co., so and 32, his let Street. 0 Birks s great Sale. Butts s great Sale. Remnants. Remnants. Remnants. Remnaxt3. Lace accumulations of dress remnants have been re marked and thrown out for Complete Deanne previous to stocktaking. Millinery. To Ahmed a Luhenry hats and bonnets being the balance of the summer Stock thrown out to Clear 2/11 3/11 4/11 Eich. Showroom. Kow Creaty in assorted the balance of the Bummert Stock in mantles jackets Costa Mej cloaks Tea gowns care being cleared without by Lefe tence to their Cort in Many in tire Lesa than one of Jaxter of the original Price. Showroom is. Ladies Pyrc bang in the Gbo rooms will notice a Complete clearance now being made and will easily understand that in a few weeks these rooms will be literally empty and ready for the Sev Winter Stock. Birkess great Sale. Birks s great Sale. 460 for a few dats longer. Charles Moore & co., Baj Kdle and gouges streets. Clearing Sale. To Itab both for Winter bhiphexi3. You Lave not yet visited our Yon should not fail to do to thie week we undetermined to dear everything of a seasonable character. must go. However absurd the prices May seem. We shall throw out for this week Only Tome desperate jobs in Ottery department. Special Clearing prices for a few Days Only. Charles Moore & co., the popular drapers Findle and gouger streets. 400 imitated Cut of tar approached. Brain steamers can copy Bat not originate. Attend Hie cite Boot Palace and select from the grandest Boot Stock South Australia Ever Law. Drapery and clothing bankrupt Stock bankrupt Stock bankrupt Stock of drapery and clothing drapery and clothing drapery and clothing a craved & Armstrong s crates & Armstrong s Craven & Armstrong s Here purchased luge let of Aba feb. A Luhenry fancy Hosheit. An out of teas skewed Bax acc Ray & Richards Cowel Botine Abd will often Tab Loi to sat a unheard of prices. Hie an toe Macao a to term tat the following quotation win give snide of die mormon Educ trans a facing bad Gelli for la Ludona Havy spat print sad far a lid dozen Black Gaab Mena is 414. Form a shades id a sad dmm 4m. Far of of Maun 6d. For 2? dozen Tot a bomb Felt Fardo l Hite a j stud Foi White Ca co fit us fat and Addams of Manchester and Drees Good tame rate of noes Job Wapato a Llyl Tot a of diet Gnu my Bateu 4a lid Tor infants Hood sad Cappels 4a Hetor ii so Ladief Hob Gap said trims work Atud itt Udea hmm Tiu for a sold dozen ribbon 4-in. Wide is for Ltd 10-Bntbm undressed cd gloves 81 lid. For is d pet Gossamer la Tor so Yard Watts and Dolored German gotten word Yard toted Yard White on Tab Faaete in for id Cash White of Roybn Cotton an Nam Baa % de a Trad oxen in balls ,aadvsiu7 heed Siu fort Olier doze Mantle bordering is of Jar 4d Jard Boot aces is ?2jd die Black Caemen Ose is de for 9m boys stage sales 7s de Tor is 11 Herts Tweed tests to de for 114 yen s shirt land for old. The prices in Ken s suits Tweed Tronsen and Tiou Seii and Vesta a too to by to Morfy to hate Flat Choloe and avoid step a of Coosada of other fines to by Sou a me same red Cookii Craven & Armstrong. 164 and 156, Ruddle Street. Bankrupt Stock. Bankrupt Stock bankrupt Stock. Hunt Corry. & oct s summer drapery Sale. Price list 1 i a2 ils l a to , so and is so per bottle grand Hoe of Berrywood of Pes is 6d per dozed 6 of of glassware or prices Jam dishes so. Money ,6id and 9 do dream Jos is d and a los Landais Lam in done of Grasek bottled each. 2,000 Yards Abou Niioka battens Wazumi Oua Brics of Tosa 6ddozen, Sal Price so Ludasen a lot of a season s Drew staffs is lid for is 64, a lid for ss6d per dozen Floral Wool Delaine Sale Prioste Sua a lid Dix. Sat Syniah oct Niles is lid. As lid Dox. Creyonne Bael ban rings Hall Artoe so said Quantity cot Kaaa huge Bogar Basin and Batter Ynar Al Lii to Hanf a non. Fli Mixis. Ostl Ului Ivory candies table knives. A 6dhoa. White and gom oar Flora och Ejde Ach White Ivy handle polka Teniera two Blade a each notepaper ave quire a d packet oort shape a 0-n. Imitation hates is 6ddoz. Bair Brash in big Glubt tooth blah Hau bins. lot targe family imported Bodin Graam teapots pm exercise books. So. Is 3d. Is idol. Gay Medne soap 6dlmet? is Edda i a a � spoon Ansta pair Boot lao a Ltd lid 8u Dot. Sotiros ,2id Dot Lucari Batton us Sid 2ttd Dos Hof Roate Needles 4d dozen of

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