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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Feb 8 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 8, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping Orient line tie following steamships under Koyal Hail contract will Leare Adelaide Luca Bay at t . On the undermentioned data Tor it i a jute and Londonia Albany. Colombo ten shipping for All Indian ports. Sue canal. Sip Marseille ind Gibraltar ?. Oboya 18,207 ton a. Tic Watt Fieh. � Cuzco _ 3,013 a. 7. Pritsc bad ,�.� Fen is Reuba. 5,857 Lindsay Hay . 9 Oli Juz. 6.s37 e. ,. Umrath 3 c50 j. F in Tyven april 6 ?austba1. So j. F. Anderson aprils Ophir 0,910 h. E. I Dup 4 Oao Iava js.s57 j Lulater 13 and fortnightly thereafter. Calling at Hobart in route from Sydney. Baloon to London Shugu �35 to �70. J return. �s5 to �110. Third class �15 ibs., �17 ma., and Oll 6aixwx to Solo Mil i Iii be. To to a. Return �33 to �45. Westers Australia. Saloon �5 us. To �7. Third. �4 i. Passages from any port can be prepaid Tare. Masacj5bs f been it co. And Ander i 60s, aide bios. Co Ken Church ate Noe London . Full particular on application to a trove Adelaide for Flie sea end of Largs pier at. 48 a a. On thub3day. 9th inst. W tie last launch for the Shore will leave the Otta at 1.50 pan., to con cat with a special train whip will leave the sea end of i pier at ism. Am0 he. & o. Team s a Tig ratios t. For los Dom. R under Royal mail contract will Lowton steamers. Calling at any Polomba. I Gibraltar Aad Plymouth with i Liberty to Call it Brindisi. ? steamers. Tea commander. Leave. Mental emf. H. Seymour feb. 16 Britannia 6545 x. �. Angus it i Oceana 003 e. Stewart my. 18 3 Victoria 65se. Crewe Jan � j Simha 7b1iw. D. A Worcester Anrol � ads eau 6901 j. Beere. If a Abc Uma a Juja. C Loggia ? a a j. . Futorm Lor Brindisi Tran ship a port said. Votice to fable Gebs. J Bersi Nanc trans to fan Rich. I whole Cabins Rae and. The a both it stand second saloons is unsurpassed. Pastis from bar Ope a can the att need Here. Paak Tocea allowed to break their Ioor Ney Al to christs tickets butt cubs Japan a i omd the world tickets ass Ned. ? passage bats5.tickets tamed to lowest Urreli Atea. . �110 & �65. Band books Tine Bulei and All Peru Colars Aso Pasia new xxi ? ? Eldek. Worn co. 1doted. Jata. ?m8�eowcia3oitsos weesies Jhan Wes .drlja.1-&btjfu a Alj Bast Colombo Necez and Fox said win be dispatched monthly As ? ? lir. . Atm cd. Aminat com Oder. . I pm. Nudd feb. A a 2ei a Cpd Lemien. Boyourd Utz. In hot Dupac so Ssan Behic apr 3 april Ama Aaen Vrnon Way u a 18 � passe Gebs looked to som Bay India. By Uvil China ind Japan. ? _. Passage Diosey �25 to �70, Tiwan Dilig Tibet vises. available Lor is Tonuu at ked Oded rates. Is glib spokes on boxed. Pawnee Noney can be paid Here Tor usages ? from Europe Liberal concessions to Tam Arriol at mane dues English interpreted meet the Waatti ers or Condon. And gun them tar ii sad in Landing and using their in taste acc Abr oath the on Toms. And Aljo a ?. Company term to Paris and Calais. . conveyed face of Cost i i from Uane Iilo. London by Steamer. Davenport camb Era 2. Commit and c feect8on Foo. Port Adieu if 1 tic rth . C3sws-l fast Passeka a si35amek9 to a mfrs impair or Sung at Freak the Colombo Aden. Sex. Port said Naples Sal pc Exon. Under jail can treat with the Imper i germ a Goran ment. Steamer win be i snatched iss Rato iakq8 Qatar As know. Naoma Tam command. Ill. And Bab Babosa to Ica a. A setter Jaursch Biot Leo Esta Fitpold h. Walter april 1 us Bobe 6.ok7 o �. Barde Letan Iril 29 Judt Talit bits k. Werner Hay s7 olde Bubo &o0s a to we . ,w0f.�ntt ugly 88 put Money torn Addaide. I a to a. Grey Sedna totos a tort passages Ira Lable Lor bins or Tweton. Months. Ewry to Eiller a offered fat bringing out friends by payment of passage ? Nusejr Here. Cabin passengers my Bre their Gamey. Thim Lasa Tor son Bampton. �14. Jenu specially arranged to Salt a nations 411 covers and stewards come Uit with the Angush language. Passengers and cargo booked through to Toad on and principal european. Asiatic and . Porta. Rapai avengers Lor Fingland an landed at Southampton. For Reimut is aught and Tel other puts Nias apply tot3 Atenta pm h. Muecke it co., Adelaide and port Adelaida. Luno s line steamers Tese m fast steamers Raap dented Telim the port Adelaide wharf and Cor outposts As teen ind a Ollosi . And us Dos. Ifju ural. 4,887 tons about 2-th feb. Harrub 6.b tons about St March. Warr Kamhoot. A Ostons total of. I farrago a to follow. Takoon to fallow. Lilia ii fori Tammii a u us Lii or Paas Aee apply to ?. George wills & xxx. In toss Adelaide Rort Adelaide and Pon we vt1ppob tu8en kai8ba so Tio Yokono Kao Asaei. And Yokohama via Eyo it Brt Bakk and we Date As under i . Al Sydney 2 ? flu Matr Jan. Is feb. 4 Tokyo Marp ? feb. A Larch t these steamers Bare most Superior Coo Manaa Oon Korpai Engeln All Eta ases and Are fitted with the most recent improvement. Foil particular As to for tight and passage from Etcil wraith to Acharn t co plop. Umi1 de agents of Orebell Street. Is tunic remnants birk8sale oars be duet with the present Mouth and the next week or two will Beppe Crauly devoted 10 Ibe clearance of a Tery Luce Saccom Lauon of ,. Remnants and oddments at nominal prices. This remnant Sale is a usual half yearly occurrence and i largely availed of by Ladin inter sied in charitable societies and Cuaar Ork to secure useful materials at the very lowest Poa nil Cost. Fief Laabi in All departments Musi be cleared Odt promptly. Bums Sale ? shipping. ? held Llyde steamship company limited 1f01 despot Ali steamers from port Adelaide As under circumstances permitting i far Ali Taay Aud Fremantle to Akseli if Tai tar All Kout Hwesi ports. Jabolo i Friday february 10 i 3 . Xhu Nych Felto of lading issued to Perth whirl. Fob Esperance via Albany. Of akders i the Raday february 0 i 2 . For Shelko Tofte and &.1d Het. of a profits. Itoi Towba 1 Friday february 10 3 . Spencer s Gulf service for fort Uno Oln Mookta. Wallaroo. Adj Fua Seum Saeboe. Tebbet _ tuesday february 14 . Robts Augusta Gebs Jaxn and Pili with Taraea Jfhn and Carso. Not estimator 1 saturday feb. 11 1 pm. Rikle to Sydney. Adina wednesday february is cargo must be delivered alongside steamers two Boos prior to and Verdeen time on Day o flailing. Passaic tickets issued by this company Are inter changeable with steamers to the . Co. To tween All Porta for All information apply to the Adelaide steamship co Ltd. Cume Xet Adelaide and commercial whirl port Adelaide. 62c . Co., old. In a Stolte 1 a Bei icer ctr Emfus of Abos Lii Mui Fenuta onto be dispatched ice 8�gfto.-l par00, Tran ship at Fremantle. Ubl Bobinc. A Iob Mea a i paroo Rioa forts. F this oat bb1sbamk. 1 at 7 . I i All Tel a i Somr Pmj Cstro rec red Dally at 4 nean1i wart pts on to or ref in sailing All ticket after the brat port slut the Steuben of the Adelaide teams Bip com Pany limped. For fares Ana freights apply to b. Al. To Nail. Sent. Isk Carrie Street Adelaide. To ?. Cn-1-n.-.wuauf.pobt. Huddart Parker & co. Bof dietary. Limited ? min dispatch from port Adelaide sinful 8iea12 a most fms Kosly. To Roost a is is dlr is Ned to Perth. Of Beirut and a Assagh at Kalks. For Ian Par Dadara apply to. D. & j. Fowler Buffo Adelaide and port adela1pe. A reihe port Wakefield shipping if Fiat 1 port Wake minis Ficaj the Annie Watt Falla wed aswaw7 mesday 8th in-t., at s . A. & e. Left Muser. Port Adelaide. ? 3s-9 South East ports. Mizz for boar Kino Stok 1 Elsie ? Brach port a wednesday february 8. Apply i. Bice & co., Adelaide Kingston. 3555 a. At �. . Port Adelaide. For port Boughton. ? Victor to a fib and voted Neeraj. St lost. Imbor. A. & e. Lemessurier. 37.9.port Adelaide. Jet Ottoes. Pekks win be if to Obs. X asunder to 6tauebub y a to sufi thursday and Saul Ida at a.30 a irom 6taksbuky or arionday. Atine a a in and tub Day. Leatine s to Fob Vincent or err tuesday at. Pc so am. From poet Vincent a wednesday. Eating i Tua ? ,8fiic a. I a kiss Tobier. Secret Arr. Jaa. Oobt8 Victoria am Rickaby a3&s. Al and Abo Bay. Stys postboy.? the Raday 9th. Cargo received wednesday. 37,9 ? b. Fri celeb port West coast Shipp tic company Forti Adra. And smoke Bays and Point &8ouij&. Tim Cess use read for cargo ssi uranday Saile Friday 10th. Test 4 . Prei friits to All ports must be prepaid. A & e. Fuess files. Vacenta. Port. 39-41 the coliseum. O t special stocktaking Sale commences to Day at 10 o clock. Some of the Bahg-ain3 we Are offering 2 Large tables Fuad with remnants of prints muslims dress materials laces will be cleared at half Price 50 pieces of fancy prints and fancy dress muslims marked from old to 7jd, win be cleared at Jug a j dozen 38 pieces of fancy corded washing zephyrs marked 10id to 12jd, to be reared at 4g a dozen 24 pieces Best Quality biscuit dress muslims marked from u 3d to is 9d, will be cleared at \ nil Yard the balance of oar summer dress materials. Marked from 2s fid to 3s to will be cleared in. Per Yard 750 pairs ladies Lisle gloves marked from 7jd to la will be cleared at q Ujj per pair 1,200 Yards fancy White laces matted from lid to sad win be cleared at id per Yard j.500 Yards Cream and butter Oriental laces marked from old to lord. To be Eold at a a per Yard our Stock of Black Lustres in Plain and figured will be offered at greatly reduced prices. 1,300 Yards 28-in. Pink twill Flannelette usual Price Aid. To be cleared at j g Jaq Ujj per dozen 1,200 Yards Cream Flannelette usual Price 1 cd to be cleared too \ \ a dozen 36 Only ladies sunshades All this season s styles and marked from 12s 6d to 29s 6d. Half Price. 24 dozen ladies jumbo Straw sailors Best Quality trill be som at go each 875 men s and boys Best Quality Straw hats usual values cd and 3s de to be soil at a a each make your purchases Early in the Day. The coliseum 16 a2td is bin pit b Street. ? shipping. ? the Howard smite line. Leave Bow and Smith s wharf u follows be Rautu i time bin Byky. F Friday. February 10. Be Altow. J cargo and Stock Only at specially reduced rates. Special intention is drawn to this slea incr a unrivalled accommodation for Stock. Ket Bottne vib thong Sydney a Tow Castty Ace. Mwry of Tyrh i wednesday feb. cargo Only. Borha Motoh kit Okay towns a his Cairns j \ acs. 1 thursday february wedge feb. & a Cir nil at 4 . I fare Saloon for bound trip. 30a, Carpi Rort be a dithered Ajo Niide cute Dawn not Leas than one boor before advertised time of sailing. We. Koward Serra x sons in Metan limited 133, slug Lilllan treat Adelaide. ? and Korth Pantie. Port Adelaide. B45e Ivill wraith Mceacharn co. Bof Bartaby. Unit a Wal Dii Patch the f one wac passenger Steamer Cuen Stancea permitting v both Elii Castle. St ant i this Day wednesday Fremantle. ? february 8, noon. Gek audion i , v. Monday february 13. The Roofeh Foilb lading tamed to Perth Whart. Hirouth bookies to k. In. Porta. V. B. Cave sco., Gremfell Street. Adelaide or j. Gok. Port Adelaide. Sic it team to Kingston and Beachcia o Foet the regular trader . 83 Helen k1coll. If Tiff tailing saturday. February ii in. Passages Saloon . Steerage 15a. For Frei by and pascace apply John a Elisa & son. 3042 town and port iry of Agra from Skon Yik. Captain Kyj Guex Mil Xot be kespoxs1ble for any debts contracted by the cute in without bid writ ten authority. 3s-9 George Wllis & co., City and poll Fri oboes from London. Yoonsi sees Are j. Requested to pass Linte ies at once. Bills of lading must be presented and freights paid at our port office before deliver -. No claims will be Ackner Dedred unless damage has been pointed out on in lug. And 9iip will Dot be responsible for abstraction of spirits or other bonded goods except front packages pointed out on the Whan in bid order and examined in the presence of the of Spain. All goods impeding discharge will be landed and stored at consignees risk and exp Captain f. A get will not be Ekpo Bible for any debp3 contracted by the Crew with out his written authority. ? 3840 elder. Smith. & 00 old cited. inc from life Pool. A cd atolls against this vessel must be Ren dered in duplicate to our port Adelaide office on thursday uie 9th inst., or they will not be recon Eldek sm1tu, & co., lbt Ted Adelaide. ? sm0_ shop Fai Epolt. From sew York. All accounts against this vessel must be Ren dered in duplicate at our port office on or before thursday old instant noon. 89-40 p. T j. Fowler agents. J ? plants. Seeds. ? e. B. Cox so co. Offer for sae few vegetae1j3, Blower and Arki . Seb3-s seed potatoes Auk Nils. New . Try the High Mote box1deue for feeding canaries and other Small Birds. A per bag catalogues Gratis. East end Kex East Terr Ace. 19-110 ? Adelaide. Telephone 90 �. 6b w. Isacs Ijar r Offee Fob Sale Nchone. . Hyacinth. Daffo Btij. 73, Eurdle set teen. Marshall s. Totice. Watch this column for cheap Draper items. Dress department. In ovations. Special prices through revision. Eau arable after season bed actions. Items commanding attention. Cheap dresses cheap. So pieces Kice fancy Check tweeds double Width Sud dozen Iso Yards Heliotrope Crepon double Width cd Yard so pieces Kavy and Black Only All Woolf Only Seree Douce Width 8jd t pieces Only Block Canvas Culotti usual Price 2s lid for is 3d8 Uca Tuul silk Lustre Robes 39s 6d for 12s 6d each a very attractive line in Flavy Colin scree double Aridth lord Yard 30 it Lack Floral lace cloth Robes usual Price 14s 6d ior7�fcd print department �0 pieces of Stripe flu Nelue. Is lid for Yuarda 80 pieces of Pink twill Flannelette la lid for 12 Yards 7o pieces of dark ground Cambric very special 3a lid for ii Yards Best value at Marshall s. Small wares. \ White Pina. 1-lb boxes. Sid Laws Toni Sesbeau Side Combs in for eld ladies a togans the latest Novelty Tor the hair 7d, 9d, and is each be�t-2uauty Tiai pins. 100 in Box assorted. So each hosiery apartment. Children s Black Cashmere sock All fees for 3d pair. A Lew dozen of Small sizes to Clear at id children s ribbed Hose fast Dye. All sizes ac4ld per pair so dozen ladies Blade Cotton Hose embroidered silk of carats tid per pair. Ladies bib oed Cashmere finish Hose fast Dye soft and 3.a�� cd her pair ladies All Wool Blair Cashmere Hose seamless feet lord per pair cheap Silks. The noted House in the australian colonies. For cheap Silks. Good Silks at a Low t role. Striped washing Tilka to be cold at 6td per Yard 27-in. White japanese sulis slightly Dai caged. Is lid. No w 9d per Yard 24-in. White Ludian 6nfc, for Udics underwear about half Price is 3d per Yard pc in. White and Cream japanese ska 2s so per Yard 500 Yards of Black satins is per Yard Melbourne Purchase of Black silk brocades ten patterns Worth 5s 1w, our Sale Price is lid per Yard s00 aids Black Surah an pure silk and Good Blacks is Ftp per Yard bin Guanla of silk in twgt18 of j to 4 Yards to be sold at about half Price 1,000 raids of shot Marahs id to Ming department. 450 Yards Jet trimming insertion i in. Ride 3d Yard 300 Yards 1-o.dcy Bead cd int colors 4w Yard 350 Yards fancy Bead and silk Cord trimming 1 in. Wide bid Yard coloured Bead fringed ornaments id and 3d each Black Bead Garni Tures a bodice trimming 2s by each s00 Ladier and children s fancy belts to Clear 6d 3fr ladies leather parses several shapes 9d each 20 dozen us brushes a assorted. To dear so is 3d, is id each Manchester depart ment. 36-in. White in no Jota pure finish & lid dozen Lane shipment of Fine medium and Yeav Cali Coes 700 pieces to be sold from 2a lid dozen to 15s 6d dozen All Good numbers honeycomb Muuss tint e times at is lid is lid is id is 3d. Saca is la Tolis in largest Bike 4sod, 5s lid Sod. �s9d, to is so in. Ceylon Etle Bli Ittin Nide Width is lid dozen yarns1 Stoat chair Canvas. 18-in. Wide sad l0 d Yard White Tuimil sheeting Witie i Width to Yard All Wool open Loose Shaunel Tot men s Wear lord is.la2d.ls4d. Ls6d gloves. Ladles kid and dark Tan cycling gloves doable perforated Palms to be cleared at is pair ladies dark Tan pique sewn driving gloves noes a 6. 601, usual prices so. To be cleared at is lid pair girls double tipped pure silk gloves in tans fawns. Slates and Black a Ual Price is do. To be cleared at is pair ladies a Mclish Al Lauese silk gloves Blackis lid pair ladies outfitting showrooms. Fancy Cambric Garibaldi blouses stud for is 6d each Superior White Muslin blouses lined Selling rapidly at is 6d and is lid each shirt blouses Linen collars and cuts thrown out at is ids lid and 3s lid each a gland line buc blouses Worth 21s Force lid each Black Ink blouses latest styles Superior qualities reduced to is Ltd and is 9d each ladies White pique skirts to Clear at 3s us 4s lid 6s lid. 6s lid each ladies print washing costumes thrown out at 3s lid and 5s Al Dew ladies print wrappers Superior dark patterns to so Fet lid each underclothing. Ladies . Knickers reduced to 9d, is is 6d, is us ladies . Chemises reduced to is 6d, is lid 2s ladies . Night dresses reduced to is us & lid 4s lid Fel Deich infants bibs Worth 9d for so each ladies and children s knitted bodices is lid to Goat a each Bine 1 Junen coot inc aprons to to at so each ladies Cream and White Superior of ribbed vests. Is fid Force each �1 dozen while skirts to to at is us each ski Only Beautiful Cream Pelissey bands Melv i trimmed thrown out at 6slld,, 0s us each millinery bargains for one Penny each. Thousands or pretty Straw hats of 300�wbits gems ? 171 boxes and boxes of mowers s3 of and printed and jetted quits us i a dozens and dozens of Uil Liney Oma �5% ment8. ? ? x m 0 dozen housemaids Muslin Caps of 31 dozen imitation leghorn hate a 3= to dozen Mountain pedal Flop hats to dozen Bush Flop hats. One Penny each. Millinery bargains. Ladies Here s a Chance. Is Only trimmed Bonnet for two Days Only a 1 a 1 47 trimmed Black lace hats to go it 1/11 is dozen trimmed gems thrown out at 3 d each thousands of very pretty nod St Luh White Sielaw hats positively the greatest bargain line Ever offered or exp whited in Adelaide thrown out at Jdc Ach myriads at pretty Flo webs sprays of All kinds dead 30 Sailor hats to Clear at id each. Great Sale of gems gems. 43dozea a Thill coarse Straw gems Superior Quality like this Worth is lid for a tzac33bl trimmed with Black band with badge front Only is each at Marshall s gents shirt depart ment. So dozen gents Cream Tennis shirts. Is us each 10 dozen gents fancy silk Stripe shirts 2a 6d each 15 dozen gents fancy silk to form be. 4s lid Adi s dozen gents Oxford shins eol fronts Dreoer ,4slldeach 50 dozen a Bine Stripe Engineer shirts Sale Price is 6d each 30 dozen men s colonial made1 Strong Cotton shirts is Edean 20 dozen Jas. Warshau s Excelsior White shirts undressed2s us each 5 dozen gents summer Ceylon shirts collars or bands 2s us each. Boots and shoes. 100 pairs Grey top Sand shoes sizes 6 to 10, Chil i Dren s Only is her pair i fails genes a medium Oark Tan Balmoris Ameri can shape 16s us for 9s 72 pain ladies Black kid Balmoral. 7s 6d for 4s lid 13 pairs ladies kid shoes Patent Vamp Cap and Heel piece Wurtemberg heels for us. Special Sale talking machines. The Eagle graph phone Complete with records usual Price �5 by. Sale Price 7as the Columbia Gnu Bohone Complete with records usual Price �10 10s, Rale Price �7 Jos the special Grap Borbone. Complete with records and Case ural Price �10 10s, Rale Price �7 105 Edison Standard phonograph comp Ete with records usual Price �10 10�. Sale Price jts is Edison Home phonograph Complete with records usual Price �15, Sale Price �12 extra Colum Jia records 3s each. Furniture department. A dining Root site Good solid frames in real leather 7 pieces a. 1 it a drawing Boom suite 7 pieces in tapestry and Plush. Wonderful value Reg 1 Kab a brass certain pole. 6 it ions with rings ends and brackets Complete. G Lirl a Good toilet table and washstand 3 in the pair Job. V a a bedroom suite comprise info wardrobe Duchess pair. Washstand Havins Marble top and the Back and Towel bail the suite Complete egg 1s? we offer to Day the whole of our Stock of messes. Peyton 2s Peyton s binding in glad bedsteads at enormous reductions. Buyers will conserve their interests by inspecting the a goods and Are sure to be. Impressed with the advantages go Fred. A special line of Duchess chests four drawers Large Mirror two jewel drawers solid construction bought at very Low Frice usually our Price 63/ to Day. Toilet sets. Newest designs. Thousands of sets at special prices at Marshall s. Drapery Aad clothing. Martin bros., bxrrlhtgt0k5 House. _ a new list of bargains Martis Bros Sale genuine reductions. First class Quatt goods. Plain coloured zephvb6, excellent value. During the Eaton afaese were sold at 1/6 per dozen. To be to Adverl cleared at 1 Serdoz enwards splendid washing dress Cambric wide Width Good value originally 7/6 dozen mow Only of dozen Yards fashionable Check zephyrs sold during the Early part of the season at 1/6 dozen to be sold Kowaki a it j dozen Jardy Fri very special French Laws oru Nauy 7/6. Now Al\1 dozen Yards a i a cod line of French Cambric excellent washing fabrics for summer in fashionable Check designs originally 6 cd lobe cleared ont old per ladies should write for patterns. They Are sent Post free to All parts of the Colony to Swiss muslims extraordinary value us fresh As Ween unpacked reduced to a trifle Over the original Cost White ground Swiss muslims original Price is Rioz a Clearing Price o i 1 dozen original Price 7/6 dozen Clearing Price dozen original Price sad Yard Clearing Price g id Yard French , dark in raids Worth s/0. Now Only a dozen cards wide Tal laces. 100 pieces to be cleared More stocktaking. While Reuie Aud butter shades v usual Price. Sale Price 3/6 dozen for 1/6 dozen. 4/6 dozen Lor 1/11 dozen. 6/11 dozen or 2/1 1 dozen. Wide Liberty silk Saab ribbons Ted for sad Yard. Ibis is Ltd thao Hall the Cost Price corded silk Waist belting Black and colors usual Price 1/, Sale Price 6jd All silk chiffons Black and All colors Sid Yard Chiffon i Untung in a l of Ghi trn a . 64d for 2�w Yard Patent Uken Torchon laces. Hundreds of Yards to be cleared before stocktaking eau 1 Price. Sale Price. 2/11 dozen. 1/11 dozen. Efi dozen. 2/6 dozen. 3fl dozen. 5/11 dozen. 4/11 dozen. 3/6 dozen. Wide shot millinery gauges new shades to be cleared at an enormous sacrifice 1/ Yard or 3d Yard spot Gossamer 1/ for a a Vard. Genuine baie ins. Fall nets. Hundreds of patterns. Clearine prices 4ld, 6jd, set. 1/, 1/6, 1/11 Yard. Genuine bargains. Wide Floral Sibbons the balance of our season s Stock in Meuse reductions 4/6 for 1/6 Yard 5/e or 1/s Yard. 2/11 for 1/ a Suk Keck ribbon a. Is is Yards for 1/6 so in. Pleated chiffons a. And colors sol for 1/3 Yard. Unprecedented 1 Lue in this department Job lines thrown out on the counters to be cleared out regardless of cent before the usual Hall yearly Block taking takes place. Martin bros.9 1mhe\se Stock of to be Cle Abbi Ott prior to stocktaking. Taking adn Pilige of the Prospect of very warm Wear Arr at the close of the season Martin Bron offer very great Ainuu cements id order co cear the Biance of their Otoc. And an spec oooo Weir window and the Lou Ouinn prices will indicate the Sac Riobe. They Are prepared to nuke to Clear out the remainder of the is Usunier Lwoods left. . The Stock of ilium or blouses in Cambric Muslin and silk t3 3eszi ? ? before Stock Lai Ilsel phen Chekal deduct loss Cambric Shirr blouses spots. Stripes and Floral be Sims Nith self and White Collar and cuffs North 0/6, Only i .11 each Colore pique shirt blouses in stripes with Ijetta haole Collar and cuffs Worth 5/l, Only a in each Zephyr shirt blouses Pink blur Heliotrope and Green Nith detachable White Linen turnover Collar and cuffs Worth 8/11, Only 2/1 1 each White spot Muslin shirt blouses with turnover detachable Collar and cuffs 9/b, for 2/11 White spot Muslin and Lawn blouses trimmed lace and embroider 6/11, 19/11 each shot silk blouses collars trimmed lace zit or 1 a each striped and Plain Drill costume Coats and skirts 26/6, for 12/9 Nib Marten bros., btvfu.la6.ros lots to 2c remnant week Moore s Sale 70, 72, 74, 76, gouger Street. Drapery and clothing. Time s whirligig bids the tto rid Weke up and prepare Stedl for the coming of a new season summer is fading thaou Cythe weather Wise Promise that in Bis dying agonies old sol will Dart afew Pierano rays Justa Sareceni. Brancer a sort of doing kick before the Crey Westerly chills of the Winter season measures the orid t stage. Autumn intervenes and its Pauncey Irin be strewn with the million falling Leaf arc the landscape look sad and lonely. Bytheway Madam the philosophy of nature s Ever changing mood will not be questioned by Wilson brige and company who have been so struck by the unanimity of their friends the premiere in coming to the decision always advised by them viz., to keep mis fact in their weather Eye that federation is a necessity and the future interests of this great australian family Mil be Best maintained by the onion othe seven Sisters. A new Era dawns and the Snoten Rismo fir Mol Wilson brige & Gimpy. Announce the event by a great exodus of clothes at Sale calf ale f rices. Boys1 Serge axe j boys Sac sous Tweed a sickens l0, fid. Li8 de 1ft of. La us to is lid for is y 16sm a a pub Kef Otke. Kat , j. Old to of Oral s6dforssud m � ,2, to is. Fordland melange. ,. J r l6s a to ibs a for12s6dtolgs orig old boys1 3 garment feud Serges end Illanes. Also at is so for Sud w a. 12s 6d. 14s 6d, us e 6d, ks6d,ls8 6d 8qs3dforl�9ud a hard Wear 25s for 1�3 lid r cabheh1s. Abe you Avi Stening of Job so gets 29s 6d suits for 10s 6d gifts 3-jh go soils for 15s lid gems 27a 6d suits for 10i lid sows that feb atc1 gets Black Doeskin trousers 19s m for 7a 6d aisoaline4-ud, 5s 6d, half Price. A ? Only a Varna ? ties bows Eca efs 6hiet, you say. Seel v ? Jim a can As us. 33lia.-3 ? in endless variety. 6d, 433d, up 1 -2 million prices great 6f Straw hats 24 Hen s Fine leather lined is fid for is lid �6 men s cabbage straws fancy band 3s lid for 2a lid 33 boys cabbage straws Black bands is old for 2� lid is boys Hubbage straws dub make 3s by for used 4 boys Hough straws 2s lid for is us s3 Hen s Bough Stravs is lid for is 64 is men s Koub straws is us for is 3d 41 men s Euch straws is for 9j 17 boys speck Strain 3s 6d for is lid 17 Boyf speck straws fancy bands Slid for is Lla 28 Hoys spec straws Black band 2s so for is 6d 49 boys s neck straws Black bands la lid for 9d t8 boys speck straws Black bands is fid for is a Safe so Stock to pick Ukoh. Visef Wilson brige & go s clothes at their big shops in bundle Street Adelaide. ? 35c Shierlaw boys & youths suits. Splendid variety of latest goods to choose irom. Gentlemen s Straw and Felt hats in latest shapes. 16 and �8, Iii Ley St. Illustrated catal8c0e sent past free. Lock Donaldson s genuine bargains Ikall clothing 2��pwy, Soots Aad shoes. New and do to Date goods. Inspection iw1ted. Ibiza to i redact and provisions. John Mack fruit and produce merchant. Business ad1-k�ss East ? end hat Bur. ? Adelaid cab bems bubm81pe amp Clew of Mogul goods Iresh from the Garden packed to All parts of the colonies at lowest Posa Fale rate. Order forma supplied. Ibe Only Market Gardener to packs direct to the retailer. Well Kobti Draugs uses Ira to name can Allf a acted. Fruit and reset Abies cold on cont Aaion fun thu Iron. Village gelement and working uen i business lotto Small profits and Mok return i. I Vair. Attention Strai fat and honorable Daung. Tob Homb. J. Boota Ana shoos. ? . 78, Rundle St. On tuesday january 31. We will ooh hence the great Slaughter or Jones & ?0/s Stock of boots and shoes. Which we have bought at a 13? big discount off English Cost Price. We have masked Down those goods to prices that really must sell at once. Hever before has the Price of boots and shoes been so Low. Sever again will the people of Adelaide and to unread ing districts have each s Chance of buying Best boots. At cheap prices ?. As at ton great Slaughter we Ira everyone a invitation to Call and inspect the Stock amongst which you will see boots and shoes made by Bostock of England Stra Kocab of Vienna Wolt of Germany Pousak of Austria Snow of America and top Down to absolute giving away prices. It would take a mile of paper to describe the whole of the lines so we will to mention a few Here and ask you to comb and see Fob yourselves. A Here we Are. Bottock s Yenta Call go Lomed Bali hand my Suehea Deonly. Jonta o Price 5s/b. Oar part Ain of Nix Glace go Kushed Bala sewn Jones s Price Ufa our Price Huq gent1 Tan Coll Bab or stitched Jones is pries Lytya. Our Price a Jyh nov s american Tan Bala sewn Jones s Price Isa our Price j 49 gents calf Cota shed Bals idd taps Jones s ribs 16/6, on Renee j/9 cents Patent court shoos Eveirn Jones s Price to our Price gym gents to loaded Button boots Jones s prior /9, Ooi to Stasca a ladies Glace court shoes Jones s pad 10a our Price a a the Queen ladies Glace one bar shoes Jones Price us our Price Jug ladies Button boots Clace Jones s Price Efti of Price Qifu ladies Tan Button shoes Jones s prior Yil our Price 4/u ladies Tan Oxford shoes Jones s Price 4/u, am it 2/il ladies Patent elastic front suppers jobs print 8a1. Our Price 2/11 ladies leather Sippen tronc Jones p-�l1 our Price a ladies fancy supper Jones Price 1/il.oarprioi 1/6 ii men 7 x 10 Tan Balmoral Jaert Privet Chu Dreo s 11 x i Tan Balmoral. Jones Price 7ft, our Price go Hudren a7 z 10 Lerant Button boots Jones pries evil our Price a ? children s u is Levant Button boots Jones s print 6/11, our Price 4/u children s 7 x 10 Grace Tricky a Jont Price 6/u, on Price 4/u Choren a 11 x 1 Guce to Hays Jones s Price a1, our Price 5jh infants 2x6 White he shoes Jones a Price Ifa our Price a Inja ote 2x6 Patent 1-bar 6hoes, Jones print. Our Price i a infants 2 x 6 swede 1-bar shoes Jones Price 2/9, our Price /j1 infants x 6 Tan 1-bar shoes Jones Price 3/11, our Price a a infant 2 x i Glace 2-bar shoes Jakes prices a our Price 2/g i infants 5 x Felt shoes leather soles Jones Price 1/11, our Price Bdl lines Una sorted will be placed out Side doors of shop. We must Clear them. ? j8, Rundle Ste to la or Ottnat. A Vij a out which we. W. A Ibe Kider Over the Kon heat of Boarts for 12 months without eur Neft any misapprehension As to whether the Tyre ? ? stand or cute trouble such perfection can always be obtained by All cyclists if they will Only demand 4 when purchasing their machine specially manufactured for the australian beads the by it pattern being guaranteed for 12 months. The p0w.op pkhhmt1c tube a us Nib. I ook Otti Orth hew melt flex the Susa Tion of the season. To cyclist will ride without them. The Eastell and safest. ? tyres Ever Amouta cured. First in 18s8. Foremost Ever since the d8nlop Pheo Matic Tyre co limited 69. Frank us site it

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