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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 27, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Ibet line. 9 Iun. On the ? undermentioned Datea for a dts mind London via Albany Colombo. m ill Indian ports. Sues Tanal. Fri t Jura Lellea and Gibraltar ?. Asst. 1 g t secs fuss. -5& Jug Jimh. 9iw i f hath ten an Llyl ? rabbi sea a Afam qua �15 is. �17 17/. And �1s 16/.iauxwto Colombo a scale to 0. Retain �3s to �. 1 9ua by part is be Paia a ? 1u5l8ocr3e, and subset arc a Simssr Sotby p. Stamen to aver ? Juir ictus f. Creek & co. And Alder Jyh Anderson � 00., fun Church Avenue a i Fefe i ii App it on to ? a a. O Akderson Branch manager. Y6iwt? g. Grentel treet. Mima Lor passengers and visitors to the tlwiu4mmiatbat in heave add alb a Tel Bayat m.s5 an. And 11-35 am. On thuese Ssuan for the Shore Mil leave Thea iffy at 10 . ? pm a jilt ? Fig i of Cut Tell a the Tol undo a Steamer. Seit attend Colombo .3mysse and Plymouth pm in a weeny Tol can manner. Inc set est Beeves of fit lit Fitl 4� Swik Jan. To Jkai a w. L. Broon lab. 3l s ? passage Katib. ? i Chart pc aged at to what Cne rent Fate. to. Ticket to 4mihn.i�c and us. Infer of. T re Al Ai Annuli Chuop. \ or of fit re to part tlmh&i3 fill to ssh um1r%tonss it. A a Carso sorted through to Ondo my Boroian a Laue. And Neue a fund s line steamers Fri a cd in Pantand London my weft. ,0u ton to Torow. Piu pit Adelaide and pert ?., or. Tat shot a Bonc Kono. Ana Japan re ,. Will leave a unto to com i lids Tjw Fejt. Ottamae. Mail Byttner. So Day. A Suva Mab. Harneu dec 21 dec 2a ?. Thorn i m. H a. 1. -1sob Tor Imo Cogen in All i Wace. And an fitted i Arib the most incest Iraeta vement. Hosted. ? Amenta 61. Grenter Ortet. It Nail Tjo Litu East posts. For Kin g ? Ujj few sic n Aid Beac Post Luu a a stung ii order. December 30. St Kate & co. Adelaide. Kingston. Mefi i afe. Lemessy Rieb. Port Adelaide. To. So Ort Wake v sri set 1 fild. Aflak Pebet alls wednesday. Eth iatt., Kyj a. Face. Lemk Stuer tort Adelaide. Aia Otakak to Voiage 8ettle#mhfc. C5 a burrs and Benmark Onitt. To Rowa in win leave Murray Bridge on taraday pm ruins. 2sth, at 10 am Morgan Fca Tutaj even inst Seth at 7-15 . Eben Iryll not be the usual Steamer from Moru for Wen Rorth and Uima on the Suth. Wet eight or Passee apply ? a. H. Las Sijer. Grenfell Street. To Xor Mon Post add lode to Ole Klo. A a per 8.s. Clues. Thu slav. December be. Letam Etta Adelaide � an. Calls at Sema thu pc at 10 am. Fares from port 2/6 single Jan turn from semaphore. 1/6 Sinarle 2/6 return. Aft Nolc a. Irmes Suryieh. Secretary. Tool put Fob the Hou dist Wijs. Fanoos will weather permitting Leivi Jolt Adelaide for cleshx5 on december 25 Chris tons Dayan 10 to am. Jubber blog 9 boxing Dayan 10 to ? men what a Day at 8.s0 Job. Jan quart i at 10.30 am. Beaming each crewing in time to catch 3.30 . Rain from port to Adelaide. Itoe scum 4,1 one Way 2/6. ? ? ? brass band. Refreshments obtainable on Bond. 0� Aerial at Glenelg Falcon will run Short trips aks to Ca. Mesas a. Babken & of. Psopy., Teu off of x Petred .4 1 i. To Holiday excursions. A Ceres will leave a Zeuren what i at s.30 a.m., As under returning the y staks Blair. Ibadat. Dec miser s3, saturday december so. Rort Vincent. Wednesday december s7. Erc Ninoo till rat. 5/ each available for re Tam until january Mot ? ask ? a. Times Sukiel sure Starr. Bike excl Talon to gee neut ,. One Suilun return. 6atukday. Do Eilber 30. I 6js. Euro leaves port at 5.45 . Semaphore i it Job. Rather permitting. Marie mid on Beard 981.s j shipping. Tell Adelaide steamship Compaq Ulysa die Patch steamers from port a duds u uti it Cir Ernst Vires a tit incr fat end Tsuk Attix i. ?. Bali Usiri Imi. ? ?. For Pekah Cek Altok al1. Fol Kat a. Maui too ? Jan. S 3 . For Melbourne. Rolu Wka a riday . 5 j 3 pin. Foks Huv ? i ? Fob Queens land pok1b cargo Only. Ife Dehal. Sam tiny dec of 6i a a s 4- Ijar fee Tice. Fok pout Wjk cold. 11o0sta, Walla Huo and Fra Kruif Labbok. Ferret ? j to Coda Jan. 2 i 3 . Exc vision alts to Foutt l1scolk. Ports Augusta. Geblein a2id a taif with Pas Tengen and Carp. saturday dec 30 Caio nun do Cir Reed i Aie Amas to. Bours prior to advertised time of Date of tailing. Fuk Escen pick cd lamed by Thia Roupan an 4tcbaieabl of Ditt to a i the to. Between ail All information Only to the Adelaide Sale Wiship co. Ltd., Icar Ritto. Adelai. And Nils Emilil pm port Adelaide. In West Xii Adelaide c0hpakt. A Jated. At the Job Talasian United Steill Katina Tiok co. sex to xxx a Ron port Adt Laie to Albany and Fremantle. Lor i the. Ump ton. �.w. Portt. And Eapen Nec sailings As under i Siarra ? saturday. Dec. So. Kloo a fuday a Aanard s. ��s9qa Friday. January 12. Vou Towba ? Froat. January 13. Passage tickets interchangeable. Rue a Slait . I o. V. Ilac Tohaid Tea 0-t Cal. Currie Latrett Adelaide Sal Lineen s wharf. I it _ Ibe Alwg Matilt ctr Wilth in Abov Ime am two into a str tit for ?. To y yii�s55fria. T ctn a do a Jig Taniai ,ts�rsi4pw_. I j run Kannel pww1tya ? Saiu Uday. Deo. So at ? tuesday january s. Up at Queen s wharf of to ens � , Esau div i or. Quicias Hraur. Nut. Kangaroo pm is Iai Zombie win w a50,gl-8 ? e. V. Little. Port Adelaide excursions to Edith cheap fares. January 1900, Clavins port Adelaide at a die san to dining Rel onion same evening and enters each trip at i cordon. Fares 5/ per id pfc a Hiiro available for return up a january 15 inclusive or from Ardrossan up to Stua fits. To Ardrossan Tufis. James Combie i j make excision trips to Arducan a. December 2stb, leaving port jwfclaldeib9 it to turnips a a evening Enn keying passengers at excursions fares 6/ per adult Beturia Anusic for return up to january is inclusive or from edit bar a up to january. Mfg. B. Muecke aurnt town and port. ? shipping. ? the Edwaed Smith line. Lrafb Bow Ard Smith s whap Toom Dobo Drax Sydney he Castus Catuns Roiger Steamer Early s.8. Bonner Yong. Wednesday dec to. At noon. A. Kohoot Abba. To esd at Janu arrs. Utec Engstrand cats. Kote. Besa gamer run through to Brisbane vul Porta without Traa Apo must be deut red Aion sue miam not Lea than one pc Adin tired Tom Olau no ? bet bit tickets Abe be teamed of herbs. Huddart. Par Keb & co. And Lull wraith. Mee Achas. And of. A Cicai a Miketinac at Aue aide. My bourse or pert Pirie undertaken at any time. War. Boruni Saimi a pos arcs whirr. In 4ia, Keg Wallkam Trot Al to and Hortn Parade. Port Adieu in. Its will wraith Mceacharn Ca . Murat w01 dispatch the allowing rss Sanii permitting a amt / Coli Labdik quota tue \ Monlay january. Tokat anime Lor re Btu what Cyk a Snow. And All it. Vogtli m Throux Bula u a in note. Return tic facts an interchange Abla with Ham. Howard Matth it Swo and Huddart Par Ker Coo a ate Maia. . Cats it co. One Fdl a tact. Addaide or j. Rawuk08sxttl port Adas a. Tuft Huddart Parker & go. Prof Sibtay. Um1xsd. F will -il�patc1i Troni port Aorian iter . Anglian Srbui Astle j a Okay january lit Al noon. Sub Oulu b1ixs of lad1sq to Teeth. Return tickets Wita me Waith. Uce Albam & co. Nam Felix. Limited and Howrani Small Tom . Tie Nowd. Do j. Rowlyk u3cited.acttita.West Australia Job it weekly Sertick. In tha cont Sienck to 8bippkbs and passe Kobs it onders Gnad bar Abr Hokd to Rob tit Rollow Iho steamk8s a by qualm ib1xstals a . Horday Jan. A i Alguah monday. January u. Am regular it Bert Mondat . Lowest Timbo Aid Vebi Ghib. Return tickets Date changeable. or Wachaw. Of pbopy., Lanxto i i ? e v ? f a hovamdjpata�pu-3-Bopx Ltd. Hud Datto a Bleb. Of. A Bop Ltd. I of Elbourne Teah ship coh 3bea& Perth a Fol learn port Adelaide Tot Abac ports about and Vautar Tinlan freight or passage hmm h. Muecke it Cam teis mels de Apo to 1. Bossi is friends. Under this beading if i repaid18 words on insertion. Is three insertions to. Of. Vat Ali b.1l. Who sent christinas greeting. A kindly Dis dose name and address imme Jia Triy err prices i to Day i Chas. Moore & cos \70, 72i 1& 76, gouger Street. We Ohall offer this morning at 10 Oclock 4,m4 West Iriti Ris to float Kisti in dark croons and to Feht ctoh6, f ?. ? ? ?. I ? Cut Bike a Doz by s,t1 tards 32-Incla is enc Cah brews in a Raf Lewer licit an dad grounds. Specially selected Patt emf Correct of Lornea cot Price o/4 dozen tabd8 list Terfu Fuff Ikid cooked coating Serges in electrics Gracya and eat dosing ? i ? ? ? Cut Price of dress 1,413 Tarda bk16ht Black i gifted assorted designs. Tufa co Tell Well worthy per Yard Cut Price a/14 dress we Are a step ahead of All others in Quality. 79c tards White Swiss a kiss tvs Olhs in medium an Small spots Cut Price 3/11 dress 1,147 tards sateen fished Galatea stripes assorted stripes grand a Laem cd Price Aid Tab 1,319 tards so Inch White twill sheeting a perfectly Rirs a Tii we consider this doth to be Well Worth 1/3 Yard Cut Price 4/ Tab and a step behind them in prices. 7,373 Yards Plain coloured Abt he skins in Bines greens. Keds and pinks Cut Price j / dozen Yards is Only Hen s Fawn and Abbt melange suits perfectly made and Well Finis cd Cut Price 7 a suit 37 Bozen ladies first Tah and Beaver Svedu kid go Tes 4-Bottoncd, stitched backs Cut Price i to path toy Par Els. Toy parcels. Toy air cols. Toy parcel no. 1 contains 1 coloured picture Book 1 Boya set of tools 6 pieces 1 Large a rimming top 1 tin milk Oart and. Hois or tin Windmill or train 1 tin trumpet 1 girl s Tea set 1 dressed Bat doll. The Price Lor the whole parcel r/3t Only. Without a doubt the cheapest and Best value toys in the City. J toy parcel no. 2 contains 1 Large size Tea service China 1 wooden Money Box 1 coloured picture Book 200 leaves 1 dressed doll 1 boys Carpenter s tools 1 mechanical tin toy 1 Feather folding fan 1 double fire screen 1 Lar re humming top 1 wooden sailing vessel. The Price for the whole parcel it / Oxly. ? ?91 ? country orders have our prompt and careful attention. Chas. Moore & co., 70, 72 74, 76, Touger Streat. Marsham a open each Day except the 28th and monday the 1st. Fancy Cambric Garden bonnets. 1/ each children b son hats and bonnets 1/6, 1/11. 51 Lama White Patti Osau 6/u,.8ju. Jo/9, 12/9 ladles silk petticoats 6/11, 10/9. Isa u/0 child s washing tunics and Dias be 3/11, 4/11, 6/11, Sll ladies coloured Corset 1,11, us 3/11, 4/u ladles . Corsets 6,11, 6/11, Liv 13, g carpets and furnishing department curtain poles. 1/11 each curtain pole. 2/11 each curtain poles 4/11 each Hawk to 1/3, �/6 each curtain chains 1014., 1/2, 1/g, 1/11, Upa pair Doon lips 1.-b each Wool Mats 3/11 each Fri get Beart Honre. 1/3. 2/s, 5/9 each in Rater car thru e/11, Sll. 15/ a 15/6 each Creto bes. 3/11. S/6, 7/6 per dozen Cre tonnes Irish Bordera lufd., isid., 154. Per Rard. Of ruffled Simun 1/s, 1/11, 2,8 per lard nth tip capets 1/s, 1/6, is 1/11, 2/8, Sll per Jard squares 9 x a 29/6 9 x 10 8, 35/ is x is. 45/. Tapestry squares 9x9, 35, 9 x 10.6. 39/6 m i 12, 49/6 10.6 x 12, 62/ 12 x 13. 9s/. Tapestry Stair carpets 1/11, 6, 2/11, 3/6 per brasses Stair carpet 3/11, 1/6, 4/u per Yard dress department Start ump a bks or 1ue Usif week of tue Seib. 2,000 yes. Black figured ruin cloth in every variety of pattern quod color Ana of value Only 3/11 the dross 1,000 yes. Of incr Wared solid doth ail colors 4/6 the Drew Len Fzli Blade a neared umae Rich Raven Black very Brilliant and Alky double widths at 1/3, 1/6, 1/9, a 2/6, 2/11. 3/01 per Yard 500 yes. Black and White Check material Var Iowa sacs the Feht Nanle fat arc of the season if per Yard Sou yes. Frummer Tweed very useful Holiday or a aade dresses 2/6 Tor 1/6 per Yard 890 yes. Black figured lace cloth Cool serried jibe and a bargain at 1/3 per Yard fancy Floral de Laines with silk Stripe Nice panels a Cream grounds 27 in. Wide 1/3 Yard. All Wool French sour cd. Exceptional near Laic color. 1/u. S/6, 2/u, 3/6 Yard 800. Yes us Labac for coat sad skirt Pothead i Dpi so in. Vide 4/11 raid. Fancy Tea thar Goditt Tor to jews year s gifts. Leather writing blotters 1/u and 2/11 each leather writing folios. 6/1a and 7/11 each. Leather writing Deske 3,11 and 10/6 each learner put bib for ladies 1/6, a 3/6 each Quwas far children. 3d Uhi 6d each Lyoa Taer Cigar Una Tut gents. 3/11 and 5, 11 each Luther cigarette cases for Young men 2a1 and 4, each leather music cases Lor Young ladies s/6 and 4/01 each leather fitted Drca Siag circe Lor ladies and Peiru six each. Loftier fitted Drewing bags for ladies and events �3. �4, �5, �6 each leather Hass bags for ladies 3/11, 5/11, 7/6 each soother and Eaga for ladies fitted 10/6, i each learner hand sags for girls fitted 2,11 each leather. Chm Eune Bank for ladies 3,6 each leather Yea rate and Cigar boxes 1,11 each leather to re Boras and oud pc Reivere 1/u each leather cases with crash and comb 3/11 and 6/u each leather card cases for ladies and gents 5/11 etch leather letter cases for cents 8/11, 6/11, 7/6 each ladies hosiery department. Ladies Plain Beni Una Uherc in a. A a Wool Beano was feet. Mid. And 1/ per pair special Une of ladies Pun -31ack Cashmere How Fuk a honed end spliced Worth 1/u, now Selling at 1/6 per pair ladies b i. Laxx Lisle Hose fact Dye 1/ per pair ladies do. Do., j. T b. Losley s manuf acting very Choice designs 1/11 per pair ladies Lack Corum those drop stitch1/3 per pair ladies rih cd Black Cotton Bose fast Dye 4rd. And 6jd. Per pair ladies Black Conon Host Ambroi overed silk fronts Oid and id. Per pair ladies Slack ctt4n�Cre co., embroidered silk fronts 1/s, l., and 1/11 per pair ladies Black 1-acc Cashmere Hom extra Fine Quality very effective acc effect 2/0 and i. 3 per pair Chr Drevs hosiery. Children s Black ribbed Cotton unto All sizes. 4td. Per pair Tan do., All sizes Price children s was. Do. Vi., Fine ribs All size old. Obildra s a mul thick Cashmere lick in Naes 7jj or 1ir Chikin s Slack and Tan cafe Here Thuv Quaner Iker. Ail ezrs. In Black 7 a. In Sid. Per pair of fahren s Wyto roam and to scr Cotton socks Alj sikh at cd. Per pair Oai Taren s a Ito lace Cho pro suck. With embroidered silk front fixes 2 to 6, at 6jd. Nair Charen s Strong Carimore finished hate or Atli doable Mew. For Bari ski Wear Cius 2, 3, 4, 6, 6, 4d 7jd., 9d., Nojd a pair Manchester department flags of All Katina for. Decorations in sues. A Ron 12 inches Square up to Yards Lone and prices from 3d. To 3 incas each Flap Lait for decorative Jim pases. At reason Aua special value in summer sri ratings and Blouse 3 ii trial from 4jd per Yard frilled Satten cushions special value for the holidays 2/11 each Plain cushions. 1/ cach Lancy Floral Satten of fians 8/6 each. Travello1g caskets. A splendid Assort Nicot of dress baskets with straps attached 2/s, s/9, 3,6, 3/11, 4/9, 6/d, 6,3. 1 9. Sis. Strong Cluth bound books Only 6jd. Each Send for catalogue. Gents hat department of in and Ore Terai Cuta with Puj Garec 2,11, Aoi 4/ii. A. _ Grey and 1-vn-n Terai fits hues shape with Alk pm free 4i-9, s/6, 9/8 fell and Straw Sun Hoo turn brim very Light Pood Holiday bats a 3/n, i s/6, 6/6 Wiite washing Ooton hats boys1,3, 1/6, 1/11 men a 1/17, 4/8, Ift Fly nets and a Augaree so. 1/. 1/3, 1/6, 1/u wide brim Straw bats 3d., 1/, 1/3, 1/6, 1,11, samples. Ail Ples. A Syples. Gents and boys Straw boners to be sold at half. Price. R ? i China and glassware ? department very special prices interiors Hakes filters. I eave a Wootton a &c., Horn 7,15 upwards. Please Call sad see Mem splendid presents fur tie sew Tea clanging limps 1/6 each the wonder lamp 2/11 Large Rixo deep Glass cake and fruit stands 2/ Small size do do. -vj., do., 1/ Ivinson s Rooert knives 12/6 dozen Johnson table do., a Down tile knives and Forks 5 a dozen i butchers knives 3d. Each i Servos. In Case. 40/ half dozen Teaspoon 1 a Lestard Peoa i Salt spoon end 1 Sogar spoon in Case for 9/v hat and poultry ,.and seed in Case Soi isse oth Cre 14/ Asa ?1 , 33/ i 4 do Johns s Tiati i Boully carves and s eel is 1 Oik spirit std s bottles90/ 1 Jam Epson Sutte Recife and Pickle Fork in Caw 31/ 1 air Nutter knives in Case 13/ pair Jem Kuhs in Case 20/ 1 afternoon Stygar and Cream in ca9e. 3$/ 1 Case of hah dozen fruit knives and Forks 73/ i Cane Dissert knives and Forks. Ivory handles 85/ 1 old a ated Rochester lamp 73/ 1 of. Do. Do., with silk Shade 50/ 1 Copper and brits duplex lamp Patent lift 47/6 1 till brass booties Ter lamp 15/ a Jay Slu Vinc Glass. 42/ Small piracy bedroom clocks is 10/6, 8/6 linoleum and matting department c-fu.1 wide oilcloth. I of per Yard Al Lett wide oilcloth 1/s-.pcr Yard a fort Ide oilcloth 1/11 per Yard a feet Mic Linol Irum i s per Ard 2- to of a Khz. 5,3 por Yard a new Shin not of Best a no in Squires truth As Inch Lior cars also of Side door cats in All sizes steel Mats with came or without in All Sot. Haberdashery department a a jains and chop lines Thek silk Prus in uis Ding sad. Per Doun Clark s coloured Doc oct Ootton id. Per Ball s dress i re servers. So. Per pair 1 Ivy Pucul boxes pins vhf lib top old. Each Lai go fancy Tortoise Csiteji hairpins Neal value iii dozen Nan Selling at 4jd. Per i a Cusp card Sivc Iol purchases of ladies Side Combs 4�d. And Oid. Per pair Burtn 9i. To 1/ Vyn Mii fins with Cushion Centre bad. And is. Each clip Kiiren a blocking suspenders Warren s Patent clip Lii. Pair Linen us stuns in Metal boxes of. Dozen Plain or Cru Hole us. And 4jd. Each no of & Wright s i right Eye in balls Nen ship Knect if Choice colors 2jd. Ball Sou in brians and other reliable make. Including Bone Liora Lam run Kwh jew . So &-e., from 2d. Earn Sim ten rms. Email Siz a Lotf. Each udies full Siz a. 1. 1/11. And it Futrall Launois Uii Chni id. Each lord. Docen 21. Eth or 1/9 dozen Uii pins in a Urs s compartments 9d. Am 41d. Each White flourish Imp thread Lod. Dreen glow. Worm yarn or imitation Suk All Colon. Id. Ball Lod. Dose. Furniture unum display of exclusive s0yelt1es ii modern household has during the put few Days been considerably augmented by the arrival of some very heavy Shi Puhris from inter colonial american and English markets also an enormous assortment of c4l.jn Jei i Lxix a a. Top a. Test lovacc8, settees suites and cd iks. Very cheap new per ambulatory from 33/6. Bamboo blinds Are quickly Selling. Camp stools folding chairs Cardew seats. Half tester bedsteads c5.84e, s fax Oxly. J a drawing room suite of seven pieces Only �7c/ Eeve Kiy five so Lusas. A i a Curz Srutis Fob . S pieces toilet uts. Only ? 3/9 St Tong wo1�-seated Quai kit ? 1/9 Well finished Cane seated chairs ? a you must buy in the Best Market. Diking to Fifles s it. X 4, 3/6 dim ipg is ites a leather. �5 5 Oye mantles Egush made in Walnut frames 85/ each Irris Ohms Fob bedroom sc1tes, wardrobe washstand t. Table t. Horse chair ? �6 6/ 3 do await do Hehs Chest Only ?30/ Bedrock prices at ? thrill in i a Jill �l5i��iilili���b ill Ajlill &9ib drapery ind clothing. Wilson brige and of. to give notice to ? their customers and the Public that they Lave purchased an enormous Tock toys and fancy goods consisting of dolls trumpets toy Cahas balls Tea sets bathing machines picture books purses a a Large assortment of fancy articles suitable for the festival season. We shall hold a great festival Sale and offer the whole lot at half their value. Thousands of tots and fancy goods at half Price. Dolls. Dolls. Dolls. In All sizes dressed or undressed 3d., 4d.,-6d., so a 1/3, and of to 5/beicli boys Cricket bats 4d, 6d., 9d, 1/, and 1/0 each India rubber balls 3d., 4jd., 6-1., 0d., and 1/ each picture books 3d, 6a., od., i1, 1/6, to 2/11 each ladd3s work boxes 6d, 9d, 1/, v8. 1/11, to 2/11 each Floral table plants t/3, 1/c. to 3/11 each. Hundreds of bottles of be rfcs key Best English make 3d., 0d., 7jd., 1/, 1/3, 1/0, to 3/6 bottle. An extraordinary line. 576 ladies leather handbags. They have Strong Nickel clasp and Nickel mounts for to Day s Sale 6d. And 9d. Each. Folding fans in All colors 4d-, 7jd, and 9d. Each children s and Laffis pisses 2h-. 6d., 7id., 9d., a v6, 1, up to 5/11 each gents Cigar and cigarette cases 2/8, 3/8, 3/1l 4/6, up 4o 7/. Each Puzzle blocks 6jd, 10id., 1/, we 1/3 Box. �. Parlor quoits v to 3/6 go love and handkerchief boxes. A 1/6, vol to 4/u set children s Tea sets i 1/u. And Hutst dress of useful presents to be sold cheap. Take cd late of hour Money by visiting Wilson Brice s festival Sals. Attractive Lage curtains. Real Nottingham lace 500 to 000 pairs nought cheap that Are extra Fine qualities. To inclusive stylish patterns that look right mean right and Best of All the prices Are extra right. See them. None less than five Yards in length. Price 1/, 1/6, 1/114, 2/6, 2/11, up to 30/ pair. Art mrs iks Floral with pretty Bor Ders full curtain Mitzi Price 4 Yard. Bargains for the b Aries. We under stand their infantile Granta and Cater accordingly. Ave be pure toilet soaps and toilet folders and Nice soft sponges for the Bath we be handsome boxes to keep the powder in and puffs to use it with and we be other Nursery needs to twp bit by Happy and Well. If you study baby you will come to us. Rare and attractive showing of trimmed millinery. We can Supply your wants cheap. A 1000 ladd3s Holiday blouses almost Given away. The 2/6 Quality for 1/6 the 2/11 Quality for 1/11 the 4/6 Quality for 2/11 the 511 Quality for 3/11 188 Lovely Quality silk blouses All reduced in Price to Clear them. The 15/6 Quality for 7/11. The 22/6 Quality for 12/b. An Opportunity to secure a bargain. Latest styles in Vei Lings. We have collected for your Benefit All that is newest. Come to us for your supplies. Embroidered Chiffon veils polka Dow. And Spray designs some embroidered ail round. We have them at 8d., i 1a 1/6, 1/9, 1/11 Yard. ./././. Beautiful handkerchiefs and neckwear marked far tinder the re Gular values. Specially attractive items have been added for this week s Selling to attract she festival visitors. Fancy Muslin bows 1/11 to alter to Dav 1/ fancy silk bows with Collar attached 1/6. 1 11. And 2/11 each Lovely Chiffon neck ruffles 7/6, now at 5/11 ? ladies Collar ettes tucked mus Lin and insertion 1/9, now at 1/3 each gents clothing and gents furnishing goods department. We Are ready to serve you with the test and Sec dust styles in gents collars and ties. 9d. Quality gents scarfs at 44d. Each. 1/ Quality gents scarfs Josl half cd each 1/3 Quality gents scarfs at 9d. Each 1/9 duality Genu scarfs at 1/ each 2/3 Quality gents scarfs at 1/3 each. Gents bows swell styles. Id. Quality for this week at 4id. Each 9d. Quality this week at 6d. Each. 1/ Quality this week at 9d. Each 1/6 Quality this week at 1/ each. We do tins As an advertise ment just to get you to come and see our show. We have 800 different styles from the smallest pattern to the greatest. Let us show them to you at this week s Uncle Sam will entertain the Little children on saturday and every Day during Troas week at Wilson Brice s stors opposite the Arcade Rundle Street. 336c drapery and clothing. C1otu Xmas Sale. Xmas Sale. Dolls dolls. For the million. Toys tors for the million note. We have purchased the in Effie Stock of dolls and toys of one of the largest wholesale warehouses in Adelaide and will sell in Kef during the next two weeks at Leas than half the manufacturers Cost. 750 dozen dolls at id., 2d, 3d., old 6d., 9d, and 1/ each. These dolls Ore All beautifully dressed with movable joints. The most wonderful value Ever offered in this City. Toy and fancy shops should Aee these dolls before purchasing in the Ware houses it will More than pay them. Endless variety of toys at equal value. See windows. 60 dozen of japanese fire screens with stand 6d. Each Worth 1/6. Note. We still continue our special Bale of prints muslims. Zephyrs and Black dress materials suitable for the Christ Mas Holiday Wear. A Large assortment of gloves hosiery , embroideries ties and Collar ettes and millinery feathers and Flowers of All descriptions at special prices for the Christmas Trade. Blouses in print Zephyr Muslin and silk specially manufactured by our selves suitable for the holidays. Very cheap come Aad see. Note. We Are offering Cre tonnes Art muslims curtains quilts carpets carpet squares floor cloths table Linen ton Jet covers and blankets to 6pecial prices before the Christmas holidays. We invite inspection from every Cus Tomer requiring these goods. 25 dozen men s fancy Sample shirts cricketing aril undressed soft fronts 1/11, 2/6, 3/1l 20 dozen men s and boys Sample Felt hats and cricketing hats 1/6, 1/u, 2/8, 2/11. 35 tailor made Sample Butts Blue Serge fancy Tweed and melange 15/9, 19/6, 27/9, 35/9, Worth double. 100 pairs men s and boys fancy Tweed trousers Choice patterns 2/11, 4/u, 0/9, 9/9, All samples. 100 boys Knicker suite Well As sorted 2/11, 3/1l Sll 7/6, All samples. Boys blouses a knickers 1/u, 2/11. ,. 150 men s and boys summer Coats dark and Light patterns 3/11, 5/11, 7/11, All samples. Lot of gents ties and silk hand kerchiefs to be cleared at less than Cost. Hundreds of other samples too numerous to mention. A Bat and Ball Given with boys suits from 4s. Tid. Note. Coupons Given with every article except Coats Cotton. Graven an. Armstrong 154 and 156, fiddle Sibener and Pulteney Street. 0o sue Law co. . Xmas goods boys & youths clothing. Ive your Beys useful Xmas presents by baying attractive Aad durable Cut Bius from Shierlaw s at seasonable prices. You will save Moneyham please the boys. Send for Price list Post free. Splendid a Nortmann Straw and Felt sats far Holiday War. 16 and 15, Hurdley St. Usk drapery and clothing. J. T. I adj Xmas bargains Fok Xmas presents. Useful Good for the holidays. Children s washing Galatea Dree sea ill a 2/11. 4/11, 5/11 ladies Cambric Holiday cos Tumes 4/, Sll shot silk sunshades 4711 for 3/11 special. Manufacturers samples of gents Cotton Merino and Cashmere half Hose prices to Clear d., 9d., 1/, 1/3, 1/6 per pair. See these manufacturers samples of ladies Hose Over fourteen Hundred pairs no two alike All grand bargains prices etl od., 1/, 1/3, 1/6, 1/11 per pair printed Art muslims for Christ Mas decorations 2/11 Lor 1/11 per dozen bordered. 3/11 for 2/11 6/9 and 6/bfor .4/11 per dozen unbleached t anon Huc Kaback towelling 8id. For 6d. Mad Polam Long Oloti for summer Wear. 36 in. Wide 4/6 for 3f6, 5/6 for 3/11, 7/6 for 5/11 per dozen. Boot department. Tadiks1 sep Babior walking Mihoe tie Oto instep Patent Vamp kid Back 4/11 men s Tan Balmoral to Capa pedal Price by ladies tax Canvas a Ems shoes robber Solo Sixes 2 to 7, a children s sizes. 7 to i and. Ladies 6atdc calf of Foo sh0e%.seit and durable. 3/u or Good ten we Oxford shoes to capt 5/11 infants Patent strap shoes area j to 6. 1/6, 1/9, 1/u. A ladies latest Codet shoes leather Bec t/6 tests Bovce of Xmas of Foo shoes. Face. ,? ? ladies tax ca3tas Osford of floes w Post orders receive be opt at tetons. The Corner my Aid pc apr ? Lexle a Madame Abca Sabev Mil my big Cut paper Psi mtrrai8 Oressey a by a ita with Lutia is a a wagons and directional Jon Mai Blu i pmed 41, Sydn Dunc Rijh sol f i Ueni Begiev. Potted. M. A a. And drum Harris pc keep jew Wmk s0swi6l is Arcade Foale s Abe open to Day of Atoor Jet of the Xmas holidays 4js, Kowk Street 132, 1331, coves Street s5t.ei ? boots Aad shoes. ? Alexande Dowie South australian Boot and shoe factory. 63, by fiddle St. Adelaide. A poster of English Continental and american boots shoes Cri Roeby a the to. Tanner and Carrier Wattle bark Ker Baat. Tannery and Tofano shoe fact obit at Bowden. ? Suo Agueo Fronca for Sale and wanted Coder a beading in prepaid. Is Wonia East Laemoa. 1/ three of tit. Mattieb Blix bros., ate prepaid to Adi give Tim afar for the doric a 1s00. _ Gal drapery and cloth in. A Little 1 Prigel a French printed my Surv 1 ,,hat7i,bebofc11pbv . Jne is easel our pro Lem Mei Inin a i Iff Siw Riib our Riceton a cml Tiami ,t�j4prj�io- a of Ouri Rich iii ill. Lou ? a was White Cambric embroideries Bert qua Huea naval Prio bp-11a.7bd our Ariceto Day ? ?. H ? ,.-r.m fresh purchases of washing Yul Hujcs ,. ? j -. S mid a i our Price to Day ladies leghorn to Hafti our pric of tear a each. Your purchases. At Xhu. Coliseum the compliments of the season to All cyclists. Sing out the old. ? Bing in Tex How. Re to 8er Ali tbue8t Friend to a Whelihen. F enabling Safe and Cost Optima Riding under All circumstance a ? x ? ? ? 6yol3sts Are invited Lemd tat a 0017 x ,. L itt met Muf a i. Yt�u.1 no ? . 4�m Tocas Atanaya work on the map next of in atop Tyrea. Foiled. Statts on receipt Cena and add a. ? ? the Dunlop Otlet Niantic tube co. Of av8tuuka,. _ limited. A. Of Bakkum a am Cunt us. ? 7 Melbourne. 6jdnet. Futo. By mime. Nil . A

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