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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 21, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Mess Geries Mab times steam this under mail Cost act Wito he French govern Adelaide to Londonia Marseilles. Tailing m Albany Seychelles Aden Suez and port Laid. Apelaida to Tospon is a Days. Mas. I 1" coca Amer. A Cut eat Elaine Ackt Kasnot Didier . Moo Jan 2, w Villi 111 u oioiaio4sbif. Na6chi.lv. Tar feb. S Polt nuns 6?2j l ,. Imon. March 6 aim Tab a tick i2s a. Pop Denom .jmondaj,aprii3 acute aug i6 2sq. Didier. La. Fed a 3 bans 6r damask Ludu e or Ais at meals Tbs och Ovenu iad tickets Maneille to to Knox lamed Here u Boun Only. Toe Oompaul tier pretend win a company through Paa Wogen from uncles to Paris and London. In Page conveyed pm by sterner for m Marseilles to London. English awards. Milch co of partied. Bingle ticket to Lur Saille bom �20 to �65. Re Tarn trom �34 to �156. To bid cuss accommodation unequalled. Wine Tod All Cabin furniture Ine Ude Dita fares. Para Elena Are booked through to Mauritius. Kumok. And South Africa via so curl los. Pake ogers booked to Bosun a per Branch one from Aden. Cargo booked in Aura to Havre. Genoa Antwerp in Nark Ham Banc to Deax and London. For Lull per Tinlan apply to Hab bold Boot Beds ass Swain Adalide and port Adelaide. " p. &o.s. N. 00. Tsar Oral mail contract Willow Patch the follow or St Huners Lor London calling at Albany Coulomb of. Aden. Bin disc Malta Gimbal lab. And Plymouth steamers. Tvs. Commander leave. Acadia _is6iw. B. Andrews 8j13.,de0.21 bomb. _6646 a. By Niell Jan. 4 Ballaabai-14748 t s Annas Jan. 18 Australia iwo Ull. Beeves feb. 1 pay Ramatta k77ip. Hams Esita Nkia _23t8.0 Morray. 8.n.8. Mar 1 Himalaya _i6sssj.orman,. Mar 16 Maga Iua . Fraser Mars Fokaha Jet file. Stewart Al 12 first and second Saloon paste nears allowed v break their journey at intermediate ports. Cabins reserved on special terms. . Concessions made to Fame a during my alack Pas veneer season. Passages from Enoland on is arranged id Tfaye second Saloon the an a ent have been thoroughly reorganised Tbs Aown Dation ordered . Bates of passage Money to Europe in first Saloon �56 to �70 to Europe in second pc soon _ �30to�j7 _ �6sto�lls cargo received until zip Mon the Ato Oday and Karafi to noon on she tuesday prior to Steamer s my Sebire. Ror handbook and All Foto nation apply to Lueb Smidu. & co., Linure. Agent. 1808b of int like of Royal mail 6tkamkbs. The Foi Lotring Saj my Mau b ten vips be longing to the Orient and Pacific will leave Adelaide semaphore at 1 noon on the Madern rationed Dat for pin Nouth an London via Albany a a l Colombo Buei canal Kaple and sri altar Steamer. Tobb. Cora Mauder j Date. Oum z vhf. 21 Orson. ?,0 k j Moh. 8 Tuuu ,1 ,0"7 a. W. Clarke men. 22 Sobota. 6.06715. E Iasi Catoo april i inn 6.s51 11. O. Darby april 9 and Forton gaily the realty. Saloon pais Encan allowed to break their Jcu Mej. Enrike Cabins reserved on to Liberal fas Baoe Hokey. Ealoha _ _ �55. I and �70. Second cuss _ � o nil�s7. Third _ _ in berth Cabin �42 each a int do. _ four no Ca Ioa. � 0 each adult. Tee see open Bertha �17 17a. Each adult. Third and be erase tales ind Noe budding mess tit anti 4c. Excursion Bemros tickets at. Reduced non. Or Faid passages from London. Percial la Cudei Are now As crded Lor bringing out friends and Flatt its by die prepayment of passage Boney Here at above Rater. Ana jeers of Green & co., and and enc Ander on & co Fenc Burti Avenue. Lend on. . Fall Paru cubs on application to m. G. And ebon Branch manager. Bobc As. Prmt a St Etc. A a told debts cab Lloyd. Sad a. 131 Sec Larmo Tel line of fast Paa Steamer to Southampton Olach aka weep and Bremen Clung at Colombo. Aden Suez. Port said and Genoa con two Tuii with mail and paste Gen from port sail to Brut data. Under mail contract with the Imperial j German government Pai thedas follows steamers tons. Amt Nanaver. La. And. Olde Boba 6jm Barhaw sign uan. 4 hohen6taofen 5.090 j. Room feb. 1 3 079 Kshir Zbenk Mac. 1 a Branch to Samoa Ana Steamer leaves Sydney on arrival of each Steamer Tor Faase islands prance Money bom Adelaide to Bremen from �14 to �63. Great reductions on return up Sarc. Available for at nine or twelve months every fac Iluf is offered Lor Brig Pic out Fri ads by payment of up eager Money Here. Cabin passengers May break their journey. Menu pee rally Anan ced to suit All nations. All if flyers and stewards Coore Nant with a newish Lac name passengers and cargo booked Faro Mph to London and principal european Asiatic a-4 american ports. Patch angers or England Are landed at Southampton. In future passengers to bad and embark at larg Bay. For freight passage and All other Paru Colan apply to the Aruis. H. Nice & co Adelaide and port Adelaide. B2isiayct o n s line of steam yes do la London via Perd As require dts a file these new foil powered fast steamers a Awne appointed to leave the port Adelaide wharf and or outputs As req ind Salol lows cd Coa t mbft22. Tabb Awonga to follow. Woolloomoo Loo _ to Jollow. It Tabock. _ _ to follow. Exoe ont Loco Madation for fas Nangea. For Fraight or passe Pray to Georgs wills b co., Addamo or port. See inc of Vuk kick London i Kkt. Via if tit it i of Nez anal the Well known fast smart Wolti a sail from the wharf. Pott As above abut the 22nd december. Geoege wills it 00, 34sh?a fld aide or port Adelaide. Vhf to i Adelaide to London to in a direct the Al Iran Copper a mob Alta of 1.567 tons f. Otar. Com Nander a appointed Tor Ria path about Slih is Cero be. How loading As the Onari. For in Lent or pascace apply Sorinao Bude. Smith. & co limited. Tit i t to Tai 1 of i Bijj iii loj Don. Yolk a babe and Conti Kestal hew powerful steamship Golf of Genoa. 1,418 tons Register Swan. Ooze Nader is a do Tea for dispatch about end december. Rated now bang nearest wharf Sheds 84wnac elder. Smith. & co. Limited. Is a. I a be Mantle Albect ugh Rutili Maky Blair loaded aus Early. Has room Tor . Apply lion Timber Caius port and Adelaide. So 1? Abd Bobba m. -1 flee Twig proce snarl part Aoe Jason Arary Salt??aat3aval??. Met b Fri Oke. Port v7iob Abde o 6 s lots. M James Combie Uke onto Aday and thursdays at 8 an Refl a Sak Bav timing mod a. 3sgio h. It Feck co. Agents. a. Toebes will he dispatched Asu Jjo ban Boby every the Buday bbl and Agio Day at t an from Utan nary Ever monday. Lanng 11 ajn., and Gnu relay baying 3 pm. To poet Vincent every tuesday at 6a.il, to taming same Day leaving at 4jo pin. 345j6 a. . Secretary. Cutest Ward Fob Ellis m9&k. Vav ton. Vest is Streaky. And mfg Fowler Etaamer by Bov meet Debry to sail at 12 noon saturday 31st inst. Fox freight or passage apply St a Harrold both ebb. Town and port. General merchandise. H Sale and to Asriye woo Packa Cem it i Hematite paint brow Teel standards i caustic soda potato Bass steel droppers by atone flour bags steel wire strychnine Ore Imge wire Gla Culice searing twine galvanized win kerosene galvanized boo barbed wire Oak Staves Flat Iran Wir netting flooring Warff Sheet Iron pit Iron deals Sheet Lead hoop Iron shelving Sheet Zinc Envieh goal a Finan Doon axe Offley s port a mrs i form try a berries dog s head ale i Dop c head Stock Der Lex s Champagne j Elajay schnapps. Edento of a classes of Mann stares so routed at Lushnat tin Nin in att in is of urn ii Lii Georoe wills 00., caters mesh Ofa Ambon shipping. The Adelaide steamship company limited. Will dts catch their steamships a tinder for Mel Buunk and fur All Queensland ports. Is. But Alarka j bunday Deo. It 1 2 pm.8-5. Adelaide _ i saturday i dec. 211 2.16 . In Minoka i saturday dec 311 sub . For Dury direct not calling at Melbourne. West australian service. For Albany and wbk Mantle to Northern . Bullara i Jan. 10.1593 i 4 pm. South East service. Fob Kingston Kobe Beac Hobt and Mao do Knoll Bay. Going through to Atka Bochne. As. Emu tuesday december 27 i pm. Western Bays service. Ror port Elliston. Venus. Streaky denial and Fowlks s Bays calling at other Bays if necessary. 6.x. Lubra _1 tue Dav an.3,189j . Spencer s Gulf service. To b port Lincoln Moonta Wallaroo and fran Klin Harbor is. Feb bet _ _ i Tot Day Ore 2v s a to. Fob ports add data. Pribik. And Gemein. A. U Vetti Gator i san stay do. Is i 6 Jua. Cargo received till 1 pin. John turn Bill Seon tary. A go . Car run Sii Reet. A drama. Coal the Adelaide steamship company Emred. Is prepared to Supply Large. Small and household Coal also firewood. In any quantities at lowest rats. Sfax us John Turnbull. Secretary. Business notices. P. A. Howells and co 63, bundle Street. Opp omit Mears. C Birj a co. Pink Usu Tes i organs of the time payment system. Pianoforte from 30/ per month violins or a 30/ accordion from 10/6 All the latest novelties in music Rea Rived every month. Tuning a repairs on the shortest no of. Brass St Kinu bands completely fitted out. Prices and Catal Goeson application 142aaiaani49o my Christmas seas o x j. M. Wends great and us rivalled Christmas Sale or jewellery watches clocks Silver plate optical goods a. Has now commenced an 4 we Cona dentil and tenth Lully we that we nuts to Mil the cheapest House in the Colony. My Stock in every department is twice a lame at any other in Adelaine. And As i Purchase direct trom the manufacturers there Are no middlemen s profit to pay and i am Able Oli to my recall customer sat strictly wholesale prices As purchasers Mil quickly cud out far themselves by fim Pariny prices. Please Send tar pros Llort now easy and note a few of the prices Given below jewellery Gold brooches from 7s. 6d, St. 6i, 9. Bings from 7a.6d.lui to. Its. 64isa., upwards Biog trom is. 61 i2i. 64, 215 no to �150 wedding bings Keepf a f lain Bizuga All prices. A l Otter goods equally cheap. Watches. Ladies Silver watches from �1 a us. �2 9s, up Aroa Beni s Silver watches from �1 6a. �2 10., upwards indies Gold watches Iron �1 us. �2 in. �3 us. Awards gent s 3om watches trom �7. A 10s �1010s, Crary watch Aoh by me is guaranteed. Clocks. Hickel clocks trom s.6d. 4s. 6d.es. Of. Upwards wooden clocks from 4a. 6d., 7a. Al 10s. Od., no wards Marie Clofes from set 325. 6d-, 42a. No Trankla office docks from 80s 25 30s. Up wards. All docks Oer los. A. Guaranteed. Just on Ackad is cases of Dooks. All Aorta. Electroplate. Croft. Bottles Iran 10s od., us. 61, Tifik no Wardi teapots from us us. upwards a skin risks from u. A. 2b-, a upwards in Dunn a mugs torn 6. 6dl, 75.d.85.6d.,m wards. I have just Nuna oked Usoro worm of hated am and on Oon mently Aner that mine is the most Complete mock in to re a Lota of Luke novelties Tor Christmas. Optical goods. with Case from la is. A. 3s. 6d pair opera planes from 7s. To 10-. 6a., is pair Best spectacles with Case trom 4a. And. Pair Pebble spectacles from 7a. 6d each. Novelties. Suitable for gifts five regu Isaae card cases. Match Boiro. Buckles. Soens bottles Chain pants cigarette cases a 4c. Kukuy Send for Price lusts and remember i guarantee every snide to be As represented andean Chow the largest and bust Ambo bed Stock to choose from an Yob be. J. M. Wendt 70. By Kdle Street. And 22, 24, s6, and 2s, a Scab Adelaide a a it curs build the Ohba pest Bocsy in the Colont. 336aio?Awo . Patap. Bibs perfumes. Birks _ Birks Birks is Peca Stock. Birks reasonable prices. Berks _ chemists 59, bundle steet. Sac Rivau Mallee boots poet in Lirt str Trull Iron Tilin at in Tali pm rat Sta. We. Howard Smith sons. Ltd Calomo so ctn Parade. Port Adelaida. Stan Katie is e b v i c e of Laid on very cheap. Garden Hose taps and Jet Good and cheap. Drainage and Fri pigs attended to. Repairs to boots and houses. Painting paper hanging. A Alwin Fischer % of Cottiell Etbert Hal Cooney order to promptly. 349in3j7 now on View a. Labe ship but of James dhow it sons and Ochek celebrated 6teelikg Silver and Best Kle Otbo Plaxe Afie Kook Tea sets. Old Hoyeon Cal ets so Zeb plates Clabey jogs. Bi6cuits. Jams ask a most end site assortment of site Boon Teaspoons. A. L. Brunkhorst a the h Stein by106, blk Elk babe i. Wio or lessons pipe on Complete two Manoal instrument Wlton pedals. 17 atop College of Ore Wairta . Tray s Foj. H. Fray. Or Holst mud chairman ice St. Peien. Gloel Oramis Udo -&0, by Folle Belreet. Foil irui.-uar6eeeprosi Mcvae. I Mica shipping. Lihe Howard Smith line fore Saloon. A Tom. Cabin. Some boar a 30 0 �2 to 0 016 Sydney _ 8 0 600 16 0 be ports at lowest Bates. W ii bout transhipment to Brisbane. Ror Mil Bourne and bad nov Brisbane Maryboy Bough Rockhampton 6. S. D Erwe n t. Mackay tuesday. L Embt s7, towns file be Balaton . Bumin Yono. Cairns toned by january 3, 15.15 poet Douglas . Cooktown thursday is a. Normanton j Foft poet Pixie of Ethein and Augusta. . Buni Toko Xue Day i dec. 27 6pm. Saloon. Brorn. Font Obid. Pc Hrie _ a 0 0 �111, o �01 6 Augusta. 110 0 2 10 o 100 fran Smith and Cave s wharf. Fore Cabin passengers Are cup push with food and bedding free. Foil a Roulan on application to w. S. Cave co agents Grey leu Street. Adelaida soften Upson strew. Pom Adelaide. If by How Abu Smith like Hii the Ocean Goi by Adelaide monday a new january Sissy. Betom fares 10., including Korp of pan Oker of Tabard at All port t up Ali Gnu of application to w . 858 a to Uvea of a Bleb & cot mix limited. Ii Rrt of Shatah the is. Malta Kamesis for Albany. Vasse. . Behan the. And Ger Luton without transhipment Vitti cargo and passe Gera on wednesday. December is. At noon. For freight of passage apply 850-6 It j . Huddart Parker and off ilk. Co., limited. Mew zealand and australasian steamship company. Team service to an few pal fobs in Victoria new South Wales. Fouth and West Australia and Tasmania also to new zealand from Melbourne by the magnificent steamships Warr Moo i Mio Wera via Bluff. Via Sydney wednesday january 4. Wednesday january 4. " Jannary 26. Monday january. February 15. February 30. " match 8. Maren is. Tuesday. March �. Ap.ii3. " april 18. " april 21. The attention of passengers b directed to the jump Tau appointment or Toon vends having a capacity of 6.um Tan and Speed at 17 knots. For Partt Oalan As to freight Paw age Noney of. Apply to ?bwi3bncfj u3b. D. J. Fowler plants seeds. Pm music fun web Kukus new crop now f ready Tor or Senison i a. Primula named varieties audio choicest mixture also Boine t and finest Eira ins of Calce olaria Cineraria Dox Nia exhibition Vanlue Bryonia tuberous an a English and scotch of Bowlus Nibi a & w. Hackett seeds men. Nurske Ion. A. 78. Btij dle sub Eris. Adelaide Frau Stiitt Buna and Stock. Foo Sale in blocks to wire Farmers and Lora Tien p the whole of the Franklin 11ahbob Kus. Onor Kaiang ois Large Anat Riga of Pora Haea and other leaser Well watered with permanent Spring. A very Large portion of Tutt above is excellent sri ool Tell atm. Steam be Earmma Laboo enry thursday after arrival at to Intro Adelaide. Four hours mail. Benm Terr raq. Apply James Heleos Franklin Harbor. Saoea6ex 24-59 drapery and clothing. James Marshall and co. Have just opened a special manufacturer s took of boys washing Sutti Avitable for the Houdayer. A Faith we Ataalla offer at less than wholesale prices. Boya Wandag Sailor snicker Syntta 1/6, 1/11, 2/11, 3/9 Boya White Brill Sattar Kooker suite trim Ned. 2/11, 3/9, 4/6 97 c boys fancy a Wang Sailor Sajta la a oct a in of no Galatea sateen Brown Drill 3/11 Bach. Of boys Faaet Saab info Sailor in Asker balls Juu very Choice lot Ozial Price 61 lid to 89 us tools heat jas. Marshall & co., St �18,80, St a bundle St Bex. Buo j. Miller Anderson and co., ? and 22, Hindley St Seei and London. Austral clothing. Austral clothing. Perfect fitting. Good ?s. Moderate prices. We an Bow snowing a 101 l of the above Superior make of boys and youths clothing. Kay Serge Sailor ski Oke sous Boic 5/ to7/9 Blouse Sailor Knicker sutus 10/6 to 32/6 Eton suits youths Sac sub of bpm 19 Tyg fashion plate. Showing situs on application. Carriage dust wraps. Linen wraps 4/6, 6/6, 8/9, 10/6 Light Woollen wraps 16/6 per ambulatory Linen Dost wraps 2/, 3/ Ceylon shirting. Fob Jamas. Shoos cd Yaku. J. Miller Anderson and co Hindley Street. Drapery and clothing. J jas Marshall & co. 24, .26. 2s. 3 1. 32, s4,. Adelaide i sati he splice Kukri Cutie 1 Vaias ousts. Am i. Jew in calf count London. A Cusp lir try a okanes Alread Yub to i 14uu Penett this season direct from the Maki re. Asb new guava a Kiviko Wekelo. A we take the prent Opp or Unity of wishing All Nur h Omni Uruu a Turry Colin Sirum and Mappy be year and of our Perl have provided die i ita of Aud unique out by i Ahe Ipi. Griner u e to Nice to Martji rub of Txooj Xiv at i i Ever displayed in Adelaide. Seis our windows. Toy 3?. To Tow Leady Lor inspection novel mechanical i a and Madiou Ngare. Beautifully or de i i us dirt Edd in Don s tips eau Uno. Jie Uale Buis . Houses bed Eads a Stai t Beta Tea Beta in How ? Ler. coma a. Walking doll. C Ich Ware of All Deeon Puonti exp ram wagons Wue in arrows wort a Nuudi to Auroara. Sii Dinc a other Horn a karm Yud grocers Stoops games of con -1 Civ me . Both in a of. Of dour or the old a Well w toe Young a rps of ail Ailus toys Lor bran t ie.chmwuiiat.?.sc, id each. Just received shipment of u e latest. Novelties in Cutie Tuimaa Aud new year s oars Bou Klucis Calen dare. Haad painted cuts Marshall s exodnior1 x card Racket containing Over 60 Baa Ufnal new is Radii Forl. Also sew perfumes note paper and envelope cabinets ladies form Caid Usu fancy Goode t to a a Large Asooran int of new stapes in Barkev. Ware r picnic baskets 3s us Nob s i fruit Bav Ceis to and in Ach. Of a i Jujj. Era vein Crete Isaa kete 6e Daod t 12s l d each. Of Toshino a More suitable or a really us Raul and i. Good oort to a Gilt than one of our Cua gnome Cizik l it below we give a few Prussof the Many Aea sokame Lints it Are now offend in 16 Yards Russore . Lor i Sud u Varoa Cream japanese silk for s6i 6d u vans Cumro Pongee f to Tor 39s a 14 Yards Cacam silk Lor 7 5d 14 Yards Black Lor ass 14 Good 1 it Yards stuck Bur a Lor 6s a i said Black faille for 14 Yards Buck Mervell tax or 78s6kida silk Kobe. U Yards Plain Buk s Yards fancy silk Lor c3a i Only Kavy Sui a be. U Jar Zapiain Suk 2 Yaide. Fancy silk or 7us 1 Only Tran in silk Kobe 14 Yards Plain silk s Yard j Hanoi silk or 6m 10- it Buck Kilk Kobr. 14 Yards plaid silk 2 Yards Rano. Silk or is 24 in. Furniture Piaia All colors 6s lid inspection invited. Country Oiden trill motive me Al attention. Ftp Sci Al Uke shot sinks in latest shades. Up see our windows. In Tia depart med will be Good a Lar amort meat of goods suitable for Cibrik Toyiaa and Mew a Arlve Aen a. A Large Quantity of japanese vase b an. Big. Is 6d pair about of pain japanese vases. 8 in. Nigh 4s pair i Bobc Sii pairs japanese terms Coli vacs. Is 6d pair about s3 pain japanese Vaser 12 in. High 6s lid per a tips Tom assorted aon Dalton engr last Eaon Dould tunable a to each also Sale mud As Dormene of Don ten vases ran Giok in Price Irani 2a 6d each up tvo 5a each a splendid door neat of painted China cake and fruit Yankee 6s of 7a 11 ass us St lid ids tid ils a Lioja us. The above Are with 2, 3, and 5.r3d,6ed,75ed,68 6d,a6d, used " fruit stands from b6d of to 25s each seven Only very handsome hand painted dessert to is pieces. �310.-. V Juit on a Boico Aano Kunedt of afo Moon cupa and , irom9d unto 6?6d each we Tiave a very chose Law Ament of Anli Marason. Toilet a St Bruns nil comb Bass High Ednai cats. Also traced goods of this cuss. We have re marked oar Stock us Ofir these at a great Bedoc Tion to make room or Fiew ship ments. We quote a prices nun our Large Stock of this 1 Cuseto Good. X . Nii Ain ii in Untra oed. Is 3d. Is 6d. U lid. St White. Roe a in ground a Torti j Floral and Fig Rcd a Cigoi is Lla each r White. ? find be 9d each Alto Mats u com fond at ,4d,6dea-4i anum Cassara pare bilk. Oriental designs very Choice. 2.lid.ss6deach Anik Gacusan fan filik.? x St. Cd Saab Cream ground lace trimmed. in Wool ass Taoh assorted shades of silk japanese designs of of each dark velvet ground in Fine wools 3s us each White lace anti macassar. Large times 6d, Sid 9�d, 1.,u6a,18 110.2. II Woite lace Anu mum a Oval shape 6�d, ipod. Is ,3b 9d Marjre assortment of . Casts b. And o. Bags. Toilet hats too. Fancy Haberdashery Deyab Tuens. Luab novelties. For uns depart sent we opened up a Large 1 a orb nent of useful twin Atmaa presents a of s we Chi we enumerate. Syverine to moles insatu4iaed Plush cases a sad and is cd each it Alberene work tray containing a Good Assort a of n eds. Is each pm Kwh it Needle Cabinet lined Satin Oan Csillag useful , Law snakes As Ortyl 00100,53 Mudi Uaea ladies Hud Bagg a an now choicest and freshest Asama Menzever gered by us at prices ranging mass 1w to 20s la lies Mitt anon tortoiseshell Side Combs 41d, 6d, and is pair the Stanley Needle Cage containing 163 assorted Needles in d each Cal Dren d Piguab handbags Nickel mounted la us each fancy Yebd ecu of Dramins 4 of. Best pins 6m each Faatea Dorau Patent Silver and steel Thiehl. A most useful present is lid each sex. Is. Oro Iava Jost opened m ease of Brown imitation leather goods in a Weer. Design and Wall p crets. Left backed much Bax a. Ssmevs1 Oom Phuona prices sad cd go 7jd. 1 per Post Ladua fitted to Elwood work boxes filled with Ruy adjunct of the work table prices lid to 355. 1" see our windows. We beg to advise our customers and have made Complete Range Manta to with oar usual Busy season prior to the holidays Sod Aro now offt Reg some very extra ordinal value in the following men s tjous4s made to Ord to at 15s, 17sed.. men s Tweed and djo Ange soils at seem. 70s. Us Hen s Buok Yoac Ana Vest also snaps at so a spec ulily. A Large and Tadd Swek of drills in while and on lord Wii Uble for boys Wear. A a Nhi line in White Drill for ladle jacket., a. Ladies White Van Suk gloves is per oar ladies fare Suk gloves in bos i guv of is 8d per pair ladies Taffet silk gloves in tans slates fawns " and Black is 64 pair a better qum Licy a. In Tain slates. Drabs fawns creams Woite and Bias is 6d per pair a full Aawar Anent of pan silk doves topped of lancets in tans Drabe fans slates Black and White is Ltd per pair also an assortment of Milanny Glores with trebly Woven tips Giru coloured Lile thread gloves 4 1 per pair of in Pun silk gloves. Double Finger tips in. Tans fawns Buck and Wfarda Giru usle thread cloves in Xan colors Lud per pair gw4-Bu? Tan Glora 2s us and 3s lid per lids 4-Bott Tan de gloves Slid per pair i a in q4miljc. Do. In or web. Sift Fol. Suid Biao oxom 8s old 1-1 to Atli foe the Holt dats. We shall offer Tipa Oia ind Oremenia in hats and a i a suitable for Holiday Wear. Gents White Bock saw Hutn original Price a 64.Tor is lid. A very serviceable hat term a Wuh dream or sky Blae a nos Bays White scrap hts fancy bards 9d Boye special Macaw Hals ,9d gents and Yout Tov whip fat ten a hats 3s6d Terai hats Witti Poggas 4s fid helmets 3s 3d each in White dream or Stone is 3d hrs nuts covered various coloured beige to match 6uit?.se 6d, targe mushroom " shape helmets to Clear 2s cd Sci Len b fancy Straw Galatea hats exceptionally cheap. Is each leghorn Svatos imn iii if Vith Morinn for tit a a sad each smoke do Gap prettily embroidered useful present inbox.3sllo Ghotb Bun Umbrell from is 6d each portmanteau trunks bags Valboa. Strap to. Pair Strain with Metal handle 7d pair miss assortment of Cento fitted cases ban a handsomely Nina dear at is so pair gents son umbrellas in Cotton sateen and silk it is Gold gents t Iube and me Bobby department. Ilen n summer Merino Balf Hoa. H4, fld. U pair my a summer Cotton Liliu Home 4 a 00, and. Is pair Ilen s fio Nuner Merino under Hirte is to 2s lid. 3s lid each of see oter wik bows. Jas. Marshall & co. J 30x268c j drapery and clothing. H. J. Bailey & co. H. J. Bailey & co. Be Cal lines special lines for Christmas. Foe a skistmas. Dress department. The newest of the . Jacona muslims. Season Price 9 d.? of single dress lengths. Jingle dress lengths 35 about. The pics of the a Jon g goods is now offered at a discount of 25 per Ernt. In order to Clear the lot before Xmas. 1 sit Linery department 6 Only Model bonnets. Season Price 60s. To 575.60-, 27/6 8 Only Model bonnets. Season price3s.to4sb.,for of 6 French hats. Season Price 5756 d to 635, t pfc for to 50 shot sunshades. Season Price 13s 6d.,for go 6 Only embroidered sunshades furs silk very handsome. Season price63s., Tor ?9/6 Little children s depart ment. 8 White Drill Bailor dresses. Season Priou is. Lid., Lla. Eye 6d.0nd12j.9d for 6 White frocks. Trimmed embroidery season Price 7a. Ud., for j 8 Only White forces trimmed embroidery. Very handsome. Samson Price 3ss. Go. To 07 a. Ass for of children Sun bonnets trimmed embroidery season Price 13s. Cd., for Sill Bun hats. Season Price 10s. Editor j Ujj 7 ladies Bath gowns season Price ibs. Cd., Tor j5 a Blouse department. Tartan silk Blouse 3, seam Artoe 22s 6d.,for 34 a French Cambric blouses in Newt deep pm and styles season Price 7s. I for a Beuton Price is. To for a 1 sesson prise is. I for Foj White Linen blouses season Price 7s. I. Tor 5/jl seam Price it. 6d for Alq season Price 3s. 6i. For 7 a heh stroked season Price used. For a a the above am out by High Olam birth acc is to Model figures and Are properly made. They embrace site latest styles and newest patterns lace a Jed fancy department. To a res White pique vests. Stasso pries Tan under Reed rid Oloph All bit. Ever Yin Worth in. Ort., for. 1 a pair ladies to i in drama id go. All Cood Cue and finish Worth 3. A. 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