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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 20, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. P. & o. Steak Mavica Tion Coj Spaht. Re losd0k. Cai ask a l m of to it Coder Boyal mail contract will dispatch the Fol lowing steamers calling at Albany. Colombo a Ala Aeiko Gibraltar Plymouth with Many to Call at Brindisi. ? examen. Tous Oong Nander ? leave. T1ctu1ua e. Crew lec � Australia 6901 l rtt. Abca1j1a 6603 a. C. Loggia Jan. 18 tume Sims j. Cote feb 1 Himalaya ease w. L. Beam a. A Oceana s60t l. H. Cimon of mar. .1. Blu Tahira Coffi. U. Seymour mar u India. J am it. . Forcest Carlmar. 23 Faa Engen or brew uni Siasu fair at port said. Liberal reduction to families. A ?.a bore Cabins reared. Toe Cann notation in Earth hut second saloons . Savage from Enni Ope. Ate cube arranged Here. Paa Gera a owl to break their a Buruel to in a mediate ports. ? ? ii tourian1 Mcketa Ndia China Japan to. Sound the world tickets a ? passage Bates. Ticket bailed at lowest current rates. Special return ticket to Dot Dop. U0 �63. Handbook time tables a pan Cular As to Paacise-fiianey.e., Tor Waterf on implication. Eso ugh. Oo.,. Ujj � o. 4 a. K ? c Irp Tir t. Chbi9was . The eel Attadia i. By of tej Jle a togs bar Tot 6tdsey on saturday. 23rd Paa Nigen by this Steamer Carf return by the b.1l8. Australia Kasimr Sydney. Jet Kurtay 38th december a a Adelaide. 4 january., Eldek co., Lottie a a Orient Lull % Teu wisc spam rum Der Boyal mail of teach old Laieta Detic Largs Bay at i Tito the met mentioned dates for put 5ura Len a. Via Attane a Colombo. ? Rora napping Tor Al Indian ports. Sues canal Kapleau. It Arseglea. A Gibraltar ? Aust Ftp. A Vildee. S3 ? soon lindas Bay Jan. � of Baa in. Set a. Mcwatt2. Thaw tit bin e. E. Latu Eton s a of tit ? ? ii ague ? Isi. A h. W. Uett april s. Of thah ? a. Tell j. F. A Nathren Jap plea forming Ketly than Alitra twi ii rms. Via onto London snug �35 to �70. ? _. Beirn �-6 to �110. A turd Daas. 5b/, a /. Cis in. Saloon to Colombo-8ingte4. ? westers acs . �4 10/ to �8 Tobira it 10/. ? a sages from any port can the Pri fid Here i Betra tic acts first Paloso ? be Tweto Kaita fleas Green & of not to in asde5son, to co Fen Chuti pm a for Tua Paru Chism on Appu Katimi to mess Gerits ivar1times. In jul Ojon. Atli o0l&#ialft ea�4b.i Steamer of 6vb00 tons Annaer postal Contact wet or Neh commune it rail fit ?1al Bahy Colombo Suez pout Fuld a Fol be a patched Roo Najr As Lou Owery ant nun. Vinoo Dsa Tdeo. De 4btfflllaoiot-l Tadel Tan. A Jan. Is Tau � ref few of Wjk Kos Board. Essat Sosa. I of Tyoaftacnfttcittwftjkjawtsl-o1fpw is steam maj Al ass Taulo Bir Par. A you it us a g�cxn3c u a a Karen. V. Two l5s& tti5yiv.ah01.6ndo Varnah Biol i so Toba to Tonto whew inst for Pahr Nairn Dunkirk Loh ooh Antwerp. Theta St poll pow bid Rew Steamer South Australia ton. Captain Barnes Wal be Disna toted from Ocean steamed wharf port Adelaide about 23rd december Lara on port a ample dam Tor March Wool Bales. For Frd Ghl apply to. Ceorge wills & of Waldo in Ift ? Ort Adelaide. I a Rrok uses Chaisua. I Manila Hong Kong. Japan via Sydney br1sb.o.r. Townsville. Will Leate a a ? Tou i ii i Kame of a Nander. Bourne. Sydney. Kasuga Mandy. Haw a Bec so dec to fut Aad Mab ? them uan 25 a Rob. 1 theae steamers have most Sopenar Avo Dusx Hla. Tion Tor i min in All Al Siw. Are fitted with the most recent Impf Raneus. Full particulars u to freight passage from Ucil Itami. . A co. Fsop., limited. ? a Anta to Grenfell Street. Lusic Tryphe ski Ceres will be dispatched str a 1 As under to san sulky eve cry syne tub Day Satu Udave at &9 5amawas� ujn., from siak Buby Evoy Mon Day tearing 10j0 ., tub Day Leav the 3 pal to Post ?1xcest try tues Day at Sjo ., from port my West Erera wednesday leaving 10 am. ? Abc ? a. . Secretary. 7ztz to Kangaroo Ajr Sooj 1slavd. Syf the As. James Oom Rte will Sao Saa raw for hour Bay Queen Dinv at 8 an on saturday sri inst., return Imp sum1at, uth inst. Excursion Tares so return Avail Able for one month. ? 85j.a ? e. V. Little agent. -3 South East ports. For Kix?jt3bv o Ston. Bea Capott. 3hflawaw wednesday Decemb tar so. J. Gr1ce a co Adelaide Kingston. Set a. & e. Lemes Scaler. Port Adelaide. Marine excursion. Cheap fares. To Edithb Boh. The As. Larooka will make excursion trips on december 23rd. 25th. X6th. S7th. Imp 30ih, on january 1. 1300, learing tort Adelaide at 8.30 each morning Raur none same evening conveying passing is cacti trip at i Euralon farts. 6/ per adult return available Lor return via i Ardro Aaan. 1 to Ardrossan. The a Jakes Comrie will make excursion trips to Ardro Sui on december 22nd. Seth a St Leatine port Adelaide at 9 each morning returning same evening. Conning passengers at Emmen we 4 per adult Betula available rom Tueua Barb. Tickets from h. Toe cat co port. 9sm ? shipping. The 1del1ide steamship c01phh dispatch St amers from i Ort Adelaide Ai u St in Are a to Nittler a but a Klix to All win my or j saturday dec 23 10 For Hal Kolkme Fob Sydney ainu ports. Ahloo ? 1 saturday dec 23 a Fok Tulip l41.iml&. Jiu Oha Wall Ailoro. Tc3uiy Bay of film Ilia Haybok. Ferre1t ? tuesday dec. 20 � in Augusta pfc Kiuon an 1 pm Kali a Tab Zubei Pileni mud Carbo. Ikyes11catoei saturday dec. 30 4 . Car Guiua in Noeuv cacti Piunt Ide Steamer inc Jious prior to advertised time of Date of Fah a to steam lick to used by this in us in to toe changeable with Ste nuts of the . Us. Between All . ? a Al information apply to. The Adelaide steam shop. Ltd. Assad stent. Adelaide comm racial wharf. ? port Adelaide. Ate West Australia the Adelaide steamship Compass. ? ? acqtbajlae1ak United 8teau nation. I. Tion co. Ltd. I. Ioan. From port Adelaide to Albany Rrana Alle. or Tarth. Geraldton . Parts Spe Tsaile. ?. ? ?. It ? ? ? sailings As under Whf Tower Satu Bidav dec. 23. Fuff Wahba. ? Friday. December s9. Jaw too ? a boxy january. A a too a in a Jari Oary Fri. ? usage tic Kelci . Eie Ellent for Stock xowbs1 yes of Frient passage a Konjey. A for Al. ? a adsca1de steam Laip company to 1 Adelaide fed by Ritz ? feb. It. Jua Domald to Alaji Coy. Ltd Turrie Street Adelaide Ami line St Hart. L Ort line will permitting a Dia Patdu i -.1 1 ?. ? ? Mast Pil Barra Fyk Juday. Decemb trial limn ship Ithan Aat Shiku Vijto. I Hab port thu Akifty Yaj pro Fin. ? Cisi Ifni Potjer to a High to Eva Tumi stuns. Hen s Sirdar calf Balmoral Feek. Our hew Tankage. My to 14/0, us 16. Fiat Dis to ? of rib of Bia mip . To 1 Federal Boot , Adele Job. 2d2-suucesstwacx�mc a a ladies / pfc famous i pm Jenness to a Miller 1ss9 hygienic a boots Vij shoes. Obtainable the City Boot Palace a set . The John Hunter co., Ltd. It Tuss stands for Brandon. Nestak Desfor Brandon s bots also for the Best Soots in Adelaide Tot Ceka psst. See the splendid Buck of new goods us bar gains for Christmas the new Century at Brandon s shoe wakkho0sk. 57, rumble Street. Alexande Dowie Outh australian Boot shoe factory. 63, Adelaide. Importer of enc ush Continental Ano american boots so jes. Rindert leather a Tanner Carrier. Wattle bark merchant. Tahney b00tan3 shoe factory a Bowden. Suluai Lea ? shipping ? the Howard shits line. Leave Howa Jid Smith s wharf Motlow a Tow permitting i Albany. \ feb Mantle Steamer. Early. . ? Sydney Newcastle Brisbane Katybob Obb Gladstone Buda Eek Mackay Bowel Cadauas a Banzho Ogoa j . Gabo wed Keshav. Dec so. At mind Tabt. . Bcm1hvokg. Toes at december 26, at mind Juht. Passtn Persand cargo. Cargo Moat be Dell tend along Side Bemen no less than one hour Beta advertised tins of sum Faw. Let Fin tickets arc us the steamers of Horn. Huddart. Pah Keh it co. Mil wraith. ,1. co. Coal broke ring it Adelaide. Hobo Ore. Or for Pirie undertaken 1st any time. A. Per Iok Ponth a in 13,Kimg wll Laua it amt ath Tima. Hong Nai Rndt. Fort Al aide. Of Sci Lara Tel Al each Aryl so. . A Lutkat. Will dispatch the us owing a Lichih Mccament thu to Tab per inf Tinc i a Aca Bainun / Coria Boik by nor tuesday december Aida ? / Kauk Matua Reea Tartu \tde8i-at, Bece Barm. 5itc.bitpme Lor i Baker Gas Ait Edn. Ait hafe w Lusn a Obj j y win note. Brtna to Vic to re with Iteus. Boord Smith to we Goddart. Far w1. I. Cave o0qreomltreet. Howaldt or a Batuk Obama. Port Adalala. In. Kubu Daft Paniker & co. Will a frs1t-ti of Var 1 we Alwill Ullh permitting to Liszt i is Anglian. Latex Hills of tjuumhlt0 berth. Be torn in Cawa with Hal wraith Heacham Ico. In Penetar limited a. J. To wok ump Ksn ? ? ? be West att Tealia. Joint weekly seen cd. ?. Tor a oort Eniece to Fra Timss -?.-. Razac moehri1 the ban a Kanaka St tech it Roui Wiko Ste Hab at to Eddlar a ?.? t Wax Eralic aus Ascuan. Tea deed at. Dec Al 4uv va14-Cvsus. Jiru Sobay ital. M. . Gabo. A . A a 1 Al Buat Jan. Ana Belij Labolt Teeby i Komdat the Carer Tab wet Rati Ako a Taohna bet Fin Kwh to . R Fuoua Trpak at. Trobl to it Ltd. Mcilvo Patru Mck Chajin t co. A Bop Aid. I aw1l bow1kb Batch sort a boat Ltd. ? 16v ? a _ a Tea to j West-3oast.-�. Ipbac la Anotle Sib Sab Cor Streaky a Scales Ana Fowler s Bays Point a Waw Sinclair on u erne Day. 20th ism ? a. W. Oui Toni & compv., City Prince s wharf port. ?. 311 ofis i. J Ompaxyfott port Wake cd a ? ii old. Pkg cd ails wednesday aws Joth inst., at 5 .pc e. Lems Subhieh port Adelaide. Hobb Castle from London. Ail cum against this vessel must be rendered in duplicate to our port Adelaide office on wednesday the 20th inst. Or they will not be recognised. Elder Smith & Lieut cd. ? Adelaide Hornsby Castle. All claims against this vessel must be rendered in duplicate to our port Adelaide office by noon on wednesday the 2uxh inst., or they will not be recognised. Elder Smith t co. Limited. 1 ? port Adelaide. Conveyance livery. Notices. Telephone Adelaia Iso port Adelaide 7t. H. Graves & co., Tiai Way general Jimers Jusi oms Douai forwarding Aenoi to All pens of the australian colonies. Uces received for storage. Vur Neuire carefully be noved. Firms supplied by Day week. Month or tear with horses vehicles Driver special attention Given to the collection of passengers Luggage for shipment or otherwise having made arrangements with the steamship companies our men Board All Steamer on arrival to Lars Bay or port Adelaide for the collection delivery of parcels Law age to any part of the Colon -. ? Bead of race St. Currie Street. ? Dyett Street. Poet Adelaide. L in air hotels of. For Sale or to let l under this heading if prepaid is words one insertion 1/ three insertions 2/6.bouju. Blok cry Vald toss. Of. Lacoar Arnast Opall ssh. Collik first class Iree House about �750. Snug Little House about �300 rent Only 10/. Suburban first class main Road stand splendid summer Trade. Seaside hotel about �225 a com Tortal House rent Only 15/ Good Chance for summer. City Good family hotel just at valuation five Vears lease. Several Good hotels �300 to �1,000. Assistance ashamed for buyers. ? Etc Draper a Ciotola Foale s Are open to Day on actor not of the Xmas holidays Aat, 16, is a sock Street 132, 132a, c o g � is t be e t. T isu1 i Marshall s fairy Dell Bazaar open to the Public. Marshall s Atyim ran Abs s1e53e5 father to Day at Maeshall s fairy Bell. Don t forget to bring the Little ones to have a talk with father Christmas 1 tvs ar.fvesf a =t thai Willm Tuci a Home. The Laisle bldg dips. To. I contain inc 1 toy Tea bet \ i i movie Almora 1 Bov Avramia Barbat 1 Strong Tennis sail 1 Box of bocks 1 coloured picture Book 1 a Kipping Kope 1 for dog 1 . V Ifo. I parcel Only. 5/ the lot Marshall s to. 2, Conta Yunc 1 tin Tea bet. A 1 Box of trains 1 pop gun. 1 Madcap Horn t ? ? 1 coloured picture Book of Urooj 1 bet Dou s Faraidun Loah Park 1 Ico uth Organ 1 humming top 1 packet Xmas cards to. S a Baku f okla i 7/6 the lot at Marshall s no. 3, Costa ouch China Teaset % so Oagat com Proball i bet Latresse Diml lao exam Thuai Calom Len dog lbt Roog bound Starr Book 1 Box of rifling a i 1 skip pipe rope 1 packet Xmas cards a 3 a Bibb Only 10 6 the lot at Marshall s Alaso parcels at 16/6, 21/, up to �5 each. Ma4,c0htaihimc Itai Iet China a idol Raul Marc Itjin Boron to Lou i Vohol Saitua Koah Sark 1 table crop net Sel i Brum Sticks 1 wire skipping Kope 1 Cabinet of Stallone in 1 inlaid work Box 1 packet Choice Xmas. Carda to. Parcel Only 15/6 the lot at Marshall s visit Marshall s charming novelties or Xmas. . Fancy cheese sunds 1/11 each upwards Tea Seu 41 views 7/11 fancy Glass my with Cimos 1/ act Tuo inthan6 Jurs. 1/ Large Fine Art fior pots 4/6 40-Piecv China Tea sets. 17/6 4u-Iiiece China Tea jets Han printed 21/ specimen vast. 6d. Each Cameo vases 1, fancy tips Saui trs from cd. Gentlemen s insuring slags 1/3 Hall lamps to pull up Down Bine or ?Ohito, a j a very Large Dock vases different makers very Wlecial prices from to. Up to �0 5/ Faw. Bedroom clocks. 5, 11 . Desm knives Forks Metal Lundus 35/ per half Lozen Gold Plai ii title lamps Roc hot tar burners 2s, $ . Do., extra Large in m Jam or Alan Naunik pols each Tiina Kec stands cup, 3. 11 useful substantial goods for Christmas presents. Frilled time Ion to Niroj in Plain Floral Sil icons at 2 11, 3.6, 3,11, i each. Apeci value frilled Curtin Muslin for Nin Doirs bed Hensing. 1,3. , 1/11 Yard Tassel led Slu Slid far Bod Tun trin or curtains 1,s Jard Ladio Long Atli. 5,11, i713 dozen Yards Wiio quills a Satin car Colu. honeycomb 1 from 11 a a. New pc not Fla Sok All Yak has. Rom 3j. Cich for a Lions flags of Bike for Christmas decorations on easy terms in any Quantity. A warehouse Stock of dolls 6, too kd., 3d., 6&, 9id., Loki up to 21/ each now i Eady. Prints Cambric zephyrs cooled muslims in this dopart3n? we arc showing Tomc Good useful in viol suitable for the Christmas holi Days. We Hue just received 1 Case of splendid washing i Iris All Beautiful designs which m lit eel hns at 5/11 for 12 Yards or 6i. Yard a a pants Light grounds Lull per Loz a j Xiv Cau pics Light dark grounds 2/11 per Dosen Reuf Cambric Light dark grounds 3,11 4 11 per dozen new Cambros fast colors 511 per dozen new Chi Obriai test colors li/6 per dozen new Cimbri is in Chini Navy grounds fast colors i 11 per Doxen new so ish Llu Ilins White grounds coloured wove ii Sipols 1, per Yard new Silivra la Sau ions. Ill 1/6 per Yard now French Mulios Rich pcs Lonb vex choir 11, 9, 1/11 Jet Yard a Tiabi bit ii c i teens. Line Nett Pongee a lulls Sui Lauf for linings. Maples. Lover coloured silk a a uses for Christmas pre Dis. Us 15s, a Utji Nikul coloured silk so dirt Blouse for Ohr it ii or cent. 2125/ sex ii in h a Lack a Scales trimmed billed rib Ion. 35 title Ani silk mantles for elderly ladies 25,. Safi. 35, Thi Pink of fashion White pique coat skirt resumes 12, u. 15 3. 21/ shiite l iwae walking silts the Ery latest Clef in. C 11. Sll Lis Lacis fuck Blaik silk blouses a very useful i.r.. 15 a is. 25. Van Natty coloured Muslin frilled � use. Life. 1s.0. 21/ Labis Coal Sunj Ligini figured Muslin coven. I 9, 21.i9,0. 35? ladies handsome silk Model Tea gowns 4. 5. O sensible presents for ladies. A f tie a 1.3, 1,0, 1 ill. T 11, 3.11, i 11. 11. 7$ sch a Laj s silk , Ai t d., 1.13, 1/6. , 1.6, ill. 3 to each a old div 1 Uriens to of collars cuffs at i 1 a. L 1 11, a 11 eel a id.vs til Matt a Scarf at s 11. 2 6. 13/, to. 25 3u\ -.-a. V5. To Noii a lady s Ian Collaretti at 1 11, 2s. I u. 3,11, 11. .111. 7 f., t to 10 e rail a Aiy-s Lilack Lac to. In Bui i acc. 2j to 3 Var if one 31 1? c. Is. I5,30.48,6 each a lady s Rill Maliwa la Euanda chief. For Hie Myk at 1wj 16. Ills a 4/fi, 5/il. 7.g. 12,16. Is 6 a he a Lilly. In Juliu Kkt Liu. Prot tics so ape. At 1 3, l,6. L 11. 2/11, 3 11. I la 6 11, 11. S/6. 10/s etch dress department. To Siuy 1h ices. Ill a i ut3knts. Too cd. Virv Hinkl in Kich Buck figured Lus in4 i tiie ire la birth Harl ninw1. , i Vional values to 1/2, a i. 1,11. j per Yard Yard Tkv Nizik Liedts in or Tion All colors a a air g. Fat 1, i Der Yard 1.0 Ujj. Fancy r i ured l-�,.v Torh in Black. Viry Cikel Prev inti Pii Mner Date ski. Tetras Vij Blue Srsv h r it ice an i Holiday Wear All Wol Vurr tit a fat Leolor. A 1.1 3, 1/a, is. 1/11, 2,. 2.11. 3.3/11. 4. 11. Furniture . Xmas novelties. A Large varied assortment of specially carefully selected goods suitable for Graceful acceptable useful Xmas if i s. We have this Day opened some exceptionally Choice artistic occasional chairs exquisitely finished in Rich silk brocades Beautiful figured velvet Lizard Otlyn Ali Veator hide oter Raje effective coverings. The designs Are decidedly quaint positively new unique to the Alelaide Trade it affords us keen gratification to direct the Public attention to these ver Choice goods also As item of seasonable interest. Many rare valuable Bronze. Marble Terra Cotta statuettes Wall plaques. Bas reliefs newly published engravings some very interest. Nor valuable coloured photogravure. Our clinics of goods is unrivalled. Much knowledge patience research have been Zero need to place before our friends clients the Newe t most artistic examples of Modean ii gush Housti furniture appoint ments. For the holidays. Hill or Seaside residences Era dubs lawns clubs reception rooms not fail to inspect Marshall s last huge shipment of care Rattan . Lounges. Kockers sofas chairs a c these Are being offered at most tempting prices advantageous to Early buyers. Bedsteads wire Stretcher. Wire Kapok mat trusses toilet Ware chairs sideboards Joal Marshall a has prices for modern requirements. Drapery clothing. 20 22, Hindley-St., Are now showing their hew shipments t of ? fancy goods foe the Christmas Trade hg11sh, Coati sell Mil. Jat Aiese 50felties. Leather goods. Ladies Tan suede bags 7/9, s/9, 9/6, 10/9 Morocco Russia ., 4/3, 5/6, 8/6, up to 16/6 music folios 6/6, s/9, 10/6 writing cases 2/6. 3/11, 4/6, 7/6, up to 25/ ladies gents fitted companions from 6/9 ladies fitted travelling bags from 55/ tip to 9 guineas each gentlemen s . Do., 90/ to 16 guineas ladies children s purses in great variety. Fancy co Sand Nickel Warl to tonging Brush sets for Hau 6/8, 10/6, 14/6 hanging Brush sets with Mirror Cabinet. I Boto frames 6d, 9d, a up to2/9 gents pocket books card aaes. Panel photo frames 1/4, 1/9, 2/8, up to 51 perfume sprayers from 1/6 ? scissors sets in leather cases 4/ to 6/6 work baskets Satin lined from 6/9 English japanese Tea copies in great variety. 3/g, if 5/, up to 15/6 Spring Ink cases 1/6, 2/6, 3/, 6/ 8 Kinish fans a Novelty 1/6 to 2/ japanese photo hand tinted fans with Viewn &c., from 1/3 to 2/ useful fans 3/ a dozen Palm Leaf fans 1/ a. Down toy folding fans for Christmas Trees fid. lid. A dozen Satin ?.nd silk ratchets hand painted japanese silk Lylies hand painted table Centre in silk Satin japanese folding fire-j5creenb ? t the Altu niobium aware in car cases Cigar cigarette cases Small trays a. Japanese Antimony Jirayre. Gilt oxidised Piot Ravs ump matchboxes car tray Mother fancy articles in great variety japanese vases in Sauna Mori Kin bit bin Kin Kosan Imari Awata a. , 5 in., 2/6, 3/, 3/6, 4/, 4/6 vases 9 4/6, 5/, 6/, 6/6, 7/6 vases 15 in., 9/6, 10/6, 11/6, 12/6, up to 85/ vases 20 in., 15/6, 17/6, 21/, 25/ cups saucers sd., 10d., 1/, 1/3, 1/8, %2/6 Tea Seta. 22 pieces 17/6, 21/ Tea pots 1/3. 1/6, 1/9, 2/, 2/6 milk ups 9d, lid., 1/3, 1/6 chocolate jugs from 1/6 each basins lid., 1/2. 1/6, 1/9, 2/3 bread plates 6d., 9d., 1/, 1/3 Imari punch bowls 5/6, 6/, 7/9 japanese table Mats. 1/, 1/3, 1/6 per set Bronze kettles Ith stand spirit lamp 6/9, 7/6, 8/6, 9/g. Tennis Ware. Aye Slazenger a Forrester s racquets from 13/6 up to 30/ aver Slazenger s Tennis balls. Limes handkerchiefs for Christ Mas gifts in halt dozen perfumed boxes 5/3, 6/9, 7/fl, 8/3, 10/6, 11/3, to 24/9 Box la Wes Cambric had kerchiefs in half dozen boxes pure Linen 3/, 3/9, 4/0, 5/3, 6/3, 7/3 Box ladles embroidered lace edged handkerchiefs 5/3, 5/6, 6/6, 7/6, 8/6, 9/6, 10/g a Box. Gentlemen hem stitched a Dukk chiefs medium size 7/9, 9.3, 12/9, 14/9 i a Box Lull size 12/3, 14/9 a Box gentlemen s White silk 1n1tl4l iiandkekch1efs, 2/6 3/6. Gents handbags glad stones. Tan Uriel lag11 los from 6/9. Fau lion be Brief ., All sizes from 14/6 Ian Square Bug All sizes from 12/6 Tan hide kit bags All sizes Tan Gid Rigione bags All sizes from 22/6 Overland trunks regulation size solid leather Overland trunks Jenta solid leather hat cases. Rizir Islaias season. J. Miller Anderson co. clothing. I Xmas bargains Fob Chechi Laprei we shall offer to Day another extensive Purchase cd miss Tiki of dolls of to descriptions it less than half Price of fall Sid dolls fully dressed perfect Little pictures ecu Worth 4jtl, Otje Price jul each. Hedi Piffl sized my dressed undressed kid hands extraordinary bar Fain. I Soal Price 7d., 2d each Large sized Doris. Lar a sized undressed medium size fully dressed. Well Worth from 9d. To 1/, my fall sized seeping also negro dolls. Well Worth i/3, Otth fecs Large sized sleeping dolls some undressed others beautifully dressed with silk dresses others dressed in Highland of tume. Well Worth from 1/3 to 1/11, our Peice yid Saca. Extra Good Oua Lily sleeping dolls including some prettily dressed. Well Worth 1/1 1 to 2/3, 0t7e Fetics i / sacs. These Are Hie greatest bargains Ever placed on this Market. Btty your Xiii is dolls to Day at the coliseum,1 16 & 18. Bundle St. 350c i drapery clothing. More Mas Bambi. We offer to Day Utteg Bliss jobs Ishkoff Plain & film y silk Sims irides ? ? Ai ? big reductions. Ladies pure silk sunshades b a Nolan Uia into our Price to Day 5/11 ladies pure silk so Al mini inallehada.btnlftammaanarprie us our Price act Jav a Saab. ? udies i i m sunshades Slih Friuli. Very effective Good dual pries aft our Ariceto Day 5/h ladies1 Presho silk sunshades with Chiffon Bochine. Neal Price us our Price to Day Oll Sasa ladies Plain Fawn silk sunshades very popular Wooda Oral Price ii tour Price today 8/11 Bach. Ladies Stripe silk sunshades. Extra Good Dauty dual Price 19/6, our Price to Day 11/6 ladies pure silk Sun shades a real bargain Maal Price sup our Price to Day 14/9 Baca us1 we invite our patrons to see Fiese goods Early. This is an exceptional Opportunity of securing handsome . Useful Xmas gifts at Little prices. The coliseum 16 & 18, bun4u it Good tasks give Good bx8ui.ts. The bbl I.R. an Atul tuxes thet Boko Dicku action. Reliable Cap Able of Poutt of hard Riding on rough roads. The Dunlop pneuma to str co. Or avs Halasia limited. A Kukuk a Adelaide us at a to born. Sydnet. Perth. Brisbane. . . Jmm�8tctttbesctarahth0fotirill0iith8/ its gun tee x. Lolar ave puts to Ato Wiatter a i bearing the to Mark. Web be wove go tote without it. The tnmt1 ? ?1ct1w Tys a. Tofau to Quanta. I limited of Ankur strict. Axtc1.mdf

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