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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1944, Page 6

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 15, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Mew London revue opens next monday theatre Royal j. C. Williamson Ltd. And Harry Wren present the London palladium Success hits and highlights starring Mike Connors with Stan the leotards Kelroy and rat the great Leonard Trevor and Dawn Jandy Daphne Lowe Rob Murray Jalan Eddy ? Joan Brown Celestine Connors Joy Parsons and Complete new company stars. Box plans now open at Allan s and theatre. Commencing boxing Day at the matinee Only. And every Day at the matinee Only. Xmas pantomime Mother Book now children half Fuller s 11 a now showing. Ski c reservations c2366. The Star of Wake Island. William Bendiz. Ludise Rad Jer. Paul Lykas. Kadja Pax Jov in hostages plus Jack Haley. Harriet Huiard. In take it big g. Fuller s Liberty Tod sax 10j?. "5, 4-30. 7.50. Reservation. Great sessions. Rhode ci7is. The metro Goldwyn Mayer sensation in glorious technicolor the wizard of of g with. Judy g4rland Frank Morgan Ray Bolger. Plus Tarzan s secret treasure g with Johnny Weiss Teller Maureen o Suluvan. A Kong c7boo a � c to c Kow showing Rodeo of rhythm in glamorous technicolor Dot Lamour Dick Powell Victor Moore in Riding High plus Allan Jones Evelyn Ankers in Tore a Lucky fellow or. Smith g. Powie Cost i Alcaid now showing pc Jessta. May fair a sizzling hot songs i sizzling hot swing sizzling hot stars Mae West. Victor Moore in the heat s on a plus Tom Neal Evelyn Keyes in there s something about a Soldier g. Sessions at Aik conditioned phone cams 2 Sims. Las. A cd of i 4.15. S pin. 7vic i Ivy reservations. Metro Goldwyn Mayer presents Mickey Bookey Judy Garland girl Craz a. Dennis Morgan. Irene Manning. In glorious technicolor. Plus Richard Travis Julie Bishop. Busses Roar a. Also special Featurette in technicolor. The Story of Cinderella. Roar will not be shown at 4.57 session. at ul2s. U new & e Book now to. 4.40, in. Noels in Emi pm i reservation csb99 always healthfully Cool alluring in Lovei dauntless in danger Leslie howards production the gentle sex. No free list. Adventures of a Bootle. Alan Carney Igi. Tort Adelaide ji3s7 to Donee at -1.4.q above suspicion Joan Crawford Happy land Jane Withers Chin Best gel Ako in 5"" a mpg dancing on Page 13. Star theatres tonight. Goodwood. Pas Side. Hand Marsh fic cador. Random Harvest g Goodwood larceny with music the Cowboy and the Senorita. Wake feel St Mcbert Donat. Tart "1" swigs ? Yogore Bon Hope. Let s Pace it Gime Phu Belle -_6 was 1j33? a sos. For a tor Sale Bay Mare ride or drive. A t ply after s or Weet end. A. E. Stltt son. 20 Norfolk us new Kingston. Cell rubber tired Ujj. Buggy Pony an ? Harn is f b?2 d ,m6fz stot to 1s a f to to ws3? .?r2?, a Trotter " a cer preferred. X 7490. The chronicle the leading weekly paper the advertiser Adelaide Friday december 15, 1944. Appeasement the Gravity of the Coal Situa Tion is now most grimly self evident and no responsible aus Ralian who has Long predicted the present crisis will derive much Comfort from saying to the government As indeed nearly every responsible australian could say with perfect truth a told you the Public men who have consistently protested against the appeasement of the Coal miners Are still hysterically described As reactionaries 1 by the acting prime ill a ". Who is above All things eager to hide the now abundantly obvious fact that they have been right All along whereas the government has been Hope Lessly wrong. Appeasement is a cowardly and fatal policy. People who require to be appeased Are convicted Piso Facto of having demanded some Concession under menace expressed or implied. Whether it be the Danes and their Dan Geld or Hitler and his extortion at Munich the Circum stances Are always broadly the same. It is the blackmailer who profits from appeasement and who every time be is appeased grows stronger and Griedier and More outrageous. The Coal miners of this country Supply an almost classic Case. The government they now abuse and defy because there Are limits beyond which even this government cannot go has sur rendered to them Over and Over again and has treated them indeed with a scandalous degree of indulgence and partiality in the increasingly vain Hope that some Day they would be soothed and satisfied and would be con tent to do their Manifest duty to Australia. When the Currun government was first presented with a series of miners demands accompanied by the usual threats a trial of strength Between Canberra and the mining unions would undoubtedly have been unpleasant and from the party political Point of View exceedingly embarrassing. But vis a vis the miners the government was then at the height of its Power and authority and after a Short Sharp struggle anarchy on the Coal Fields would have breathed its last for the Dura Tion of the War. Or. Curtin and his colleagues hrs Tel r from the contest. The miners were appeased and in the process of appeasement the militants who had begun to dominate the mining Industry grew stronger and the government weaker. In the next blackmailing crisis therefore showdown would have been a More serious matter and so the government surrendered again and kept on surrendering being confronted each time with an alternative that grew More and More daunting. The inevitable was postponed but every postpone ment increased the difficult and Cost of the ultimate reckoning that now seems to be at hand. The declaration of Defiance issued by the miners federation must mean if it Means anything that the question so Long pending whether the miners or the National government and Parlia ment Are supreme in this country is about to be decided. The miners leaders Are Able to Tell each other no doubt that Australia could hardly be worse situated for a trial of strength with anarchy on the coalfields. We have no Reserve stocks whatever and the beginnings of the Transfer or the bulk of the British Navy to Pacific Waters indicate the rapid approach of strategic developments in which our need of Coal will be particularly pressing. All the essentials t f a blackmailer s Paradise have been created. The show Down that would have been Little More than troublesome two or three years ago now threatens to 1 be disastrous. But there can be no further appeasement that does not involve a final surrender of constituted authority. The government has retreated to the last ditch and must there make its stand sup ported As it would have been sup ported if it had found its courage at any time during its period of office by an overwhelming majority of the australian people. Al. Though this is a bad time for re solving the Coal crisis delay As always will make things worse. The Success of pending naval says Admiral sir Bruce Fraser will depend on Coal be cause Coal is vital to every opera we Are fortunate at least in the sense that the deployment of the British Fleet against Japan is still it would be in finitely better to discover now who rules Australia than to leave the matter for decision when the ships Are in action. Anarchy must be dethroned if Australia is to survive whether morally or materially and if we must pay the accumulated costs of appeasement let us _ do so with As Little delay As pos sible. The Mikado the bombs that have fallen a cording to Tokio in the grounds of the Imperial japanese Palace were intended for some less sacred target. To the present at All i events. Japan s enemies Are tar � from evincing any desire to kill or _ maim the Mikado. Fortunately for i himself that August potentate re presents an Enigma for the Western n world the allies do not seem to _ have made up their minds about " him. But it is the prevailing View that he is the merest puppet in the hands of the ruling faction ii and there is a school of thought _ whose members argue that after i Japan has been Defeated he might be found a very useful piece of r stage property in the bands of the if forces of occupation and Reform. " on the contrary of course be might not. The one thing certain is that if the emperor has any f authority at All he has never ?. Ceased to exert it to the utmost to our detriment and this being so l we can hardly be said to owe him 5 any special tenderness. If a stray t bomb were in fact to create a Sud Den vacancy for a new Mikado this might be unfortunate but it would not be catastrophic nor a particularly Gross violation of the Law r., of poetic Justice. Arresting the disease of soil erosion lessons of 1,500 Miles tour in Mallee and pastoral areas from Noel Adams Burra december 14. Today i completed a 1,500-mile journey through some of the worst of the drought afflicted and eroded country in South Australia Victoria and new South Wales. The journey which i made with the South australian soil conservator or. R. I. Herriot has occupied the better part of a fortnight. It has fallen into two parts and has been concerned with two aspects of what has been aptly called the disease of erosion. 1 we have seen the disease at work in the Mallee areas of South Australia and Victoria and also in a slightly different form on thousands of Square Miles in the Semi arid pastoral country of new South Wales and South Australia. I have already described the appalling desert conditions prevailing in the drier parts of the Murray Mallee and the Steps that Are slowly being taken to hold them in Check. The Mallee problem is huge but As or. Her riot has pointed out and proved by Bis work it can be managed. The great Sand drifts which especially beyond Loxton Are spreading like glaciers Over the face of the coun try can be held by sowing them with Rye com. Sowing with cereals is likewise the Only effective Means him. Herriot s View of keeping Down country which is Only just beginning to blow. The main difficulty that has to be overcome is the shortage of labor superphosphate Plant and seed to allow sufficient swings to be made at the right time. This is the immediate remedy. Before the disease can be taken properly in hand it is Plain that among other things there will have to be a change of Outlook toward the Mallee As a whole. The future of the Mallee will have to be considered not Only from the Point of View of what it can produce but at least equally from the Point of View of what is Best for the coun try. The Mallee has been developed primarily and almost wholly As wheat growing country. Or. Harrial s Canovic Tiaris in recent years sheep raising has tended More Ana More to displace wheat growing and the country has suffered in consequence. Or. Herriot is con Vinced and More and More Lar mers Are finding themselves in agreement with him that the Light Mallee soils Are Drifting not be cause they have been put under toe plough and their natural cover destroyed though that May be acknowledged As the original cause but because under the exigencies of War. They have Over a wide area been deprived of crop cover which alone can prevent them now from blowing. Much of the damage that is now taking place is being caused by sheep eating and trampling Down country that was formerly cropped More frequently. The problem being an economic one could scarcely be More formidable. It Calls for readjustments on a scale which preclude any comfortable expectation that they have but to be seated to be put in band. The alter nature however is too alarming to be contemplated. It can mean Only a further Advance of the desert into the already slender land resources of the state. In the dry pastoral areas of the Inland erosion has been thrust be fore the Public View during the past few months by the unprecedented dust storms that rising in the Interior have darkened the Sun Over Sydney and spread even As far As new zealand. The portent that Australia is observing is the equally sinister Cloud of dust that ten years ago awoke people in Washington to a realisation of what was happening in the dust bowl of the Middle West. Washington heeded the warning and put in hand the vast anti erosion Mea sures that have already made a re petition of the storms of 1934 impossible. Pastoral Pra Blans the problem i Australia so far As it affects the pastoral areas at any rate is consider ably different and More difficult. The dust bowl of the Middle West has a rainfall of 17 inches and is mainly agricultural country. In our pastoral areas where the dust storms Are occur ring the average rainfall is no higher than eight or nine inches and at a time of drought like the present is Down to no More than two inches. The unparalleled drought through which Australia is passing is of course the principal evil. The country is Bone dry. It has had to Worth while rain for More than two years and even before this present disastrous year began it had in places been under Semi drought conditions for something like four years. Not All areas have suffered to the same extent. In our journey we have seen nothing to equal the experience through which the West Darling country Between Wentworth and broken Hill is pass ing that tragic stretch of coun try constantly swept by fierce dust storms and almost Bare of the last vestiges of feed for its few remain ing flocks. To the North and the North East Fin South Australia conditions Are somewhat better though they Are deteriorating plans for greater London eight or ten new satellite towns London dec. 13.aap. The stationery office has pub listed a 200-Page Booklet outlining a greater London plan containing proposals for the decentralisation of More than 1.000,000 persons to other districts including eight or 10 new ii my towns. The author of the plan is pro Fessor Patrick Abercrombie who was commissioned in 1942 to draw up proposals by a standing con Ference on London regional plan Ning. Professor Abercrombie said that his aim was to discourage further growth of Industry and population within the London Region and to provide a better distribution and grouping plan a based on a division of title area into four concentric rings an inner suburban ring re presenting fully built up areas adjoining London county Council boundaries and suburban ring beyond the inner ring and extending to within 12 Miles from Charing Cross a Green Belt ring going five Miles farther and including nume Rous established areas of Popula Tion and an outer ring comprising the remainder of the regions. The total area London Envis aged is 2.717 Square Miles with a radius of 30 Miles from Charing Cross and a population of 10250,000. Many new roads Are recommended qty Ishin to express arterial highways and a number of Rin roads. Southern towns want water Supply schemes for an improved water Supply for Mclaren Vale and Wil Lunga areas were discussed at a meeting of the Mclaren Vale pro Gress association last night. It was pointed out that one of the most effective methods of obtaining a water Supply was by pumping from mount bold. It was also suggested that water might be obtained from the present main from Happy Valley to Sellick s Hill. Sir Herbert Hudd. My. And messes. Brookman and Bice. Macs attended the meeting. It was decided to urge the claims of the District through the Noar Lucia and Illunga District councils. British air chief now presumed dead London dec. 13.aap. Air chief marshal sir Trafford Leigh Mallory and lady Leigh Mallory Are now presumed to have died on november 11 in an air crash in route to Sauth est Asia. Air chief marshal Leigh Maury was on his Way to take up his appointment As air commander in chief in the South East Asia com Mand. His plane was never located after having left for its Destina Tion. Sheep the problem animal revision of views on pastoral erosion Burra december 14. The drought has shown up a very fundamental weakness in the land policy of this country said the soil conservator for South South Australia or. Herriot tonight in a statement on the so erosion problem in the pastoral areas. On the surface tile problem appears to be one or conditions brought about by the drought and it is certain that the drought is mainly responsible. But for the underlying cause it is necessary to look deeper. From the earliest Days of Settle ment the natural Bush cover has been knocked out of this country and unfortunately the process is still going on. Even those pastoralist who Are handling their places most efficiently Are conscious of the fact that their Bush is slip Ping. No pastoral holding is Safe from erosion As a Spear grass proposition however much we May talk ourselves into believing that it is the desirable condition. Bush cover is the fundamental requirement of this country and everything pos sible must be done to prevent fur ther deterioration. Rabbits and in mini bogeys and it is time we took a realistic View and recognise the sheep As the problem animal permanent damage is being done to a very Large area of Pas toral country and unless definite Steps Are taken to allow this coun try to recover after the drought Breaks much further damage will certainly occur limitation of Stock is the Only thing that offers any Hope. There is stall a lot to be Learned about the Flora of this country and it is impossible to assess sheep carrying capacity we can Only guess. It is certain however that permanent cover is becoming less dense and with this As our criterion of safety after making allowances for the present drought a reorientation of our ideas on carrying capacity in this country is steadily. In the North East in self they vary considerably. W have found for example that tii further South we have come the better they Are. Grass Nat Eho Hoji today coming Down from manna huh through pans ram Ltee Tiverton Manus a. Uldale Sturt Val faraway Hills and Braemar. ? were in an area which has suffer with one exception very few Losse some of these stations in fac have scarcely lost a sheep throng drought though their numbers at Down by two thirds or More o what they normally carry. The Anunda watercourse is still feed ing reasonably fat Stock on tee Tulpa Weed end atty Bush or Del Lon Bush As it is sometimes Caw but this is the rare except uni which Only serves to emphasise the cruel condition into which so mud other country has fallen in the a 12 months. What stands out with such con spice Rusness is that drought an erosion Are causing greatest have in country which has been Struppe of its natural Salt and Blue bus cover. The ravage is ominous widespread. It is the acc Mida Uon of years of unwise stocking c ignorance and misplaced Confidence. Many pasta rusts. It i Clear have lulled themselves int a sense of false Security by the re dance they have been Able to place Over a succession of Good years ii the grasses and herbage that Tebei country has been Able to grow t place of the vanished Bush cover there have been instances know of owners who have actually hastened the disappearance of Salt an Blue Bush so that room might b made for annual grasses. Two years of drought have exposed the falsity at this Trust country which in a Good year i covered with grass and herbage i now Barren and worthless and uncovered to the winds. Without it Bush cover it has no Protection and the Fine dust rises from it ii Clouds. The Only country which is not blowing is that which Sta retains its Bush. True much a the Bush has withered under the drought or become so Heavil coated Virji dust that Stock Wil not touch it. But it is a Reserve that remains for Stock and sol alike Mast Pras Arva Bash there is no Way out of the plight into which this Conn try has fallen except by the preservation of the Bush Tea it still retains. It is obvious that All policy must be directed to that end. One hears i commonly said even by pastoral site who have suffered most tha the breaking of the drought Wil see an end of the Public alarm Ove the erosion menace. A Rood Rale they say. Will transform this coun try. This last is certainly True but the dancer will not have Dis appeared. The drought will Leav its scar. The country will b breaker and so much the less Abl to withstand the next experienc of drought when it comes As comi it will. It was or. F. N. Rat Euffe. Of Thi Csir who. After his investigation some years ago into the erosion problem in Hie pastoral areas o the North East likened the pro Cess to a test match. Ever drought he meant one Mori ticket Down. The soil is alway losing. Personal his excellency the lieutenant governor presided at a meeting of the executive Council yesterday morning. Didy Napier presented the prizes at the St. Peter s girls collegiate f school in toe freemasons Hall l yesterday morning. I in the evening lady Napier was j present at the presbyterian girls College prize giving in the Ade s Laide town Hall. F the Rev. Or. J. W. Decker of new York who is Secretary of the. International missionary Council will arrive in Adelaide by plane from Melbourne this morning. He i will be the guest of the Bishop of i Adelaide right Rev. B. P. Robin. Or. Decker will preach i Stow congregational Church i sunday morning and at St. Peter s Cathedral on sunday night. Or. J. Jelley a former chief Sec ? rotary. Was yesterday reappointed for three years As a member of the betting control Board. Or. 1 Jelley has been a member of the Board since its inception. I or. Archibald John Manning was yesterday appointed by the executive Council to be manager of the general banking department of the state Bank of South Australia in succession to or. . Warren. Or. Manning had experience with the Bank As Mana j Ger of the Cleve and a Ikeie branches. For the last four years he has been assistant manager of the Bank. I tangled policies on liberated Europe or. Harry Hopkins May go to London Washington december 14. President Roosevelt is expected is to Send or. Harry Hopkins his principal assistant to London in an attempt to straighten out the tangled British and american policies regarding liberated Europe. S the president is reported to be f eager to clarify commitments in tired into at Quebec concerning Greece France Belgium and the Netherlands which at present Are c under fire in the United states and Britain. ? or. Hopkins apart from his j duties on the munitions assignment Board for Many months has ? been principally concerned with Liaison Between or. Churchill and president Roosevelt. It is Felt at the White Bouse that this latter work could be better performed in London. Political quarters report that or. Hopkins is being considered tor appointment either As t president s personal representative t in London without diplomatic 1 status or As United states Ambas i ador. Succeeding the present am r Bassadore or. Winant. ? no big three talks before february Gen. De Gaulle May be included . And our special representative London december 14. It is not expected that a con Ference Between or. Churchill president Roosevelt and marshal Stalin will be held before february when it is almost certainly v become the big four by the inclusion of Gen. De Gaulle. Meanwhile there will not be i meeting Between the Tore foreign secretaries or. Eden or. Stettinius. And m. Zolotoff As reported from America in diplomatic exchanges Between the capitals will begin soon seeking finality on the Dumbarton Oak talks in an Endeavor to reach i Compromise on the voting Issue ii the Security Council. Chicago. December 13ad dressing the foreign relation Council on the Dumbarton Oak Security plan today. Or. Joseph grew who has been nominate under Secretary or state h or. Roosevelt said that the nes aggressor who tried to conquer the world would attempt to crush the United states first before it Hai time to mobilise. All previous peace plans the league of nations failed because super Ocial poultices were applied to the cancer. This time the peace me so must be capable of in Sanuy diagnosing International 111-health, and Dumbarton Oak was designed for that purpose. Premier to open cheer up Wing tonight the Premier or. Playford will open the new Wing at the cheer up hut at 8 . Today. The acting president or. E. B. Cranfield will preside. The Bishop of Adelaid it. Rev. B. P. Robin will Bles the Hall. The District naval office cmdr. S. R. Symonds will Speal on behalf of the services and mr5. Day on behalf of the women workers of the cheer do hut. I Dudley Mathews. A vice presiden will also speak. There will be a one minut silence for the fallen in this an the last War and appropriate Norn hers will be Sung by the cheer i choir of 70 voices. Dancing we take place soon after the official open ing. An Appeal to the Public for gift of Flowers to decorate the Chee do hut for the ceremony a made yesterday. The Flower should be left at the hut As Earl As possible today. The King celebrates 49th birthday London dec. 14.aap. His majesty the King today Cele rated his 49th birthday. Mes sages of congratulation poured in to Buckingham Palace from All parts of the Empire. There Are n official celebrations As the Annivera. Srur is formally observed in june. Nazi plan to go underground continuance of War after defeat from our special representative London december 13. Many additional sensational de tails of a nazi plan to go under ground to continue the War after the army is Defeated in the Field Are Given by the special representative of the times on the Roer a. Front. 5? quoting reports filtering in from 2 Germany the correspondent says 51 that houses farms and Cabins have already been requisitioned a near Hitler s Mountain residence at Obe Rahberg where a vast re s treat is being prepared with Etc � trial installations and a Complete 5 system of communications As Wen y As underground depots and pos � Sibly a chemical Laboratory. I War material and a Garrison or is picked troops have already been to assembled. The nazis have planned. That once resistance of the armies x in the Field has failed the Pouti n Cal and Mali tar leaders the bestir is Traore and nazi officers should n be recalled from the front to the r Mountain Retreat for the Pur Oase n of open War against the allies. I while other troops bold the line d As Long As possible. A organised guerillas. Guerilla warfare says the Eor i respondent win function Sepa f rarely by organised groups in any � part of Germany where Mountain j 5 or Forest offer cover. They win be l organised including women and f girls under a Central controlling � Stair and assisted by technical p sabotage experts equipped from i hidden dumps with flame h throwers mines and chemicals. 11 Allied lines of communications c and rear echelons will be their main targets. They will also " eliminate Allied leaders and = germans co operating with Thev allies. I leaders of guerilla bands Are Al ready turned out by academies in in St tuned for the purpose and the organisation of partisan bands is l said to be Well advanced in Western it Germany. Is the Broad objective of the two i movements is to keep nazi Ger t Many alive by a reign of terror. There will also be a propaganda it Campaign by 200,000 agents whose n business will be to preserve Nadr ideology Over the widest area pos a Sibly to prepare the Way for the i return of the party to Power. It Isi c. Hoped to create political confusion which will work to the advantage a of the nazis. In another movement formed by Sale left Wing members has a five year c plan for the seizure of Power in a Europe and Large nuns stolen from jews and the inhabitants of occur e pied countries Are said to be at the n disposal of the movement for pro n Pagan a. If the River Loddon the first Standard merchant vessel built of the naval dockyard of writ Ion mown Victoria. T successfully underwent rigorous Speed Ond engine tests in port Phillip boy yesterday re Sale of Cotton to Japan or. Roosevelt s nominee for Post questioned Washington december 13. Or. William Clayton million Aire Cotton merchant whom presi Dent Roosevelt nominated As assistant Secretary of state admitted to the Senate committee today that Bis Linn sold Cotton to f Japan As late As september ii 7i three before Tfaye Attarin on Pearl Harbor. Shipments were made by a peruvian subsidiary of Anderson c3ay ton and co although the Parent. Company a Ltd tread Quartee in the United states had stopped sates f to Japan in ims. _ questioned whether sales were t made to Japan after the moral a i Bargo had been imposed by or. P Cordell Hull on shipments to Japan. Or. Clayton replied Adon t recall that Tite Ere was a moral embargo applying to All americana sales to Japan.". Or. Clayton whose new state department position would place a him in charge of foreign Economy h matters is one of six new state " department assistants nominated by president Roosevelt who Are being grilled by the Senate com or. Clayton said that the com s pan and All its subsidiaries stopped " Selling Cotton to Germany time � Daiely War broke out in a. But continued Selling to Italy which i was not then involved in the War. . Vice presidents elected the scrutiny of votes for the election of vice presidents for the returned soldiers league was completed last night and resulted a. T. Cra Feie. 1039 A n Forde 3.470 a. A. J. Tonkin. 3.450. R s. R. Symonds. 3.f191 g. S. Haw -1 Ker. 2,789 v. H. Shepherd 2511 n o. P. Pratt 1598. Messes. Craigie Forde Tonkin is bar Menand Hawker Bernol were elected. The rules provide x that two vice presidents most be s. Country representatives. I n = Duke and Duchess prepare for journey to Australia London dec. 14.aap. The Duke and Duchess of Glou Cester who Are expected to leave soon for Australia Are Busy Mak ing preparations for their journey. S says the court correspondent of j t the press association. There is is almost a Dally Stream of official 5 visitors to their residence. York y House to see the Duke who has discussed every aspect of life in Australia with visiting australians and other authorities on common wealth affairs. Lord Gowrie. And the High com missioner for Australia or. Bruce. Are two of the most frequent Visi toys. N the Duke has been mating a u dose study of australian civil of o fairs and he War situation in the far East. Vice adm. C. Daniel chief of administration to adm. Sir Bruce Fraser. Bad a Long talk with the Duke Jast before he left London it Gen. H. Jim worn Otto was personal represent True to Gen. Mac Arthur. And Nicaj Gen. R. H. Dewing who headed the British military Mission to Anst Saiia also j gave the Duke first hand acco mitc of the Pacific War. J the Debesa. In arid thai to sup Ervis Cher own Packton and Gen eral prepare sons for her stay m Australia is also naung arrangements for the two i in jct. 1 who Are accompanying their Par ? ends. She too has found time to re i Ceve a number at ans Thauan i i tors. She bad Lone talks recently \ with mrs. Cres Viek of the aus t Ralian bed Cross and mrs. Arum c Grenfell. Who is just Back from a i Toca tour of Australia. I shipping still acute problem huge demands of Pacific War from our special representative London december 14. An extraordinary situation has Arisen Over Allied shipping due to some extent to the enormous de mands particularly on american tonnage for Nitro the farm in the Pacific irn nya gone result is the acute pipe Waii of supplying the liberated euro Pean countries which a fuss they get substantially larger supplies of raw materials for their factories May be faced with unemployment to an extent aggravating the entire re Mir front Ciru Pinr Jln and pos Sibly if dim to civil disturbances. The allies Are doing possible to provide the a rented countries with ipod Miffe and raw materials but there simply is not sufficient shipping to go round. Aide became Lor Many months now Allied hip if a a Thita Sqq go 4y?? Haw been Yii thu and the out put of new tonnage a Samul Tase Ousby grown apace. Indeed latest figures Snow that the total up of the we Allied merchant fleets to Roo Ghl equal to the pre War totals and it would seem on is Arazabie ear every aug. Pit an oat trip owl i the facts Are however that the development at the pack Fly sea tint Francrs to be Curt cd. Are up Vig of Ami m Pup Ping outstripping even the extraordinary High rate of of merc Bantien in British. Ame rican and Canadian shipyards. The liberated countries Hare been so denuded by the enemy and so shattered by bomb Uig that they contribute Little or nah icy to the Allied armies who must be sup plied with practically everything from Ovrum. This in itself makes a formidable to Oufa demand j on shipping and naturally has first priority. But such is the plight of the it Vuxani As a whole in the liberated countries that if peace and order Are to be maintained the allies must provide them with the wherewithal to enable Industry to be restarted. Indeed the dry undo on Ahmed shipping now because of the enor Mous numbers of american ships engaged in the Pacific Are such that notwithstanding the masses of new tonnage and the Mastery of a boats the Ante face prob Lem As acute As when the a boat War was at its height and when As much As 6004 tons of merchant men were lost in a single month. . Industrial Colony Extension at Bedford Park plans Are being made for the is to abolishment at Bedford Park of an Industrial Colony for convalescent tubercular patients said the spokesman of the Fia tuberculosis association yesterday. The got eminent Lead undertaken to provide land at bed told Park a subsidy towards capita expenditure andean animal Arant and had Appon Teda Romot Tiff of tone to report Imus Prapo Ouk Sabad Ted by the. Association. It was a reposed. He said to arrange ii emf for. Slope men and women and some. Cottages for famines. A modern factory would he erected and Thebes Hibar Aav Iua Nan Liam 1 Wuhl. Bet Ostand. Probe myth Tutki Dosty would be Wood working Bat others Coald be .=?Cim?i v skilled workers and scalable equip meat became available. Some farm and gardening operations would be Ond Tuleen. Man the Assoc anon was faced with the necessity of raising nearer to boo to meet in con i Tawny it hoped Traat its Christmas Seall Appeal would Conti aae to Receil generous support. The Colony would be open to sex service personnel As Well As Stein ans. The australian red Toas society bad 1 promised wholehearted support. 1 Federal motor cars Cost about �800 Canberra december 14. The new motor cars recently Pur chased by the Commonwealth for ministerial and other urgent ? Cost about � ? each and not �1,000 As a eged the Toffi Herr for the i Interior senator i said to i the can went pm based Fernao i the cd Ysler factory in the dotted i states Aad were Asinc of last cars produced. The of minium wealth m of Brusate in Obi Nicici them to Letuane cais a bib Wene in 1 disrepair and wet one pans a irreplaceable in the was obliged to act to quickly because of the ear i sikh Tage and be cans tiie it Tim vehicles were of Little farther iae.? raids worry Tokio War plants going underground australian associated press Newyork december 14. Masat ? Suzuki head of the japanese civil engineering As Socia Tion said Over the Tokio radio last night that the super fortress Oldsen pc kid oos. An Tanto diet rfcs Ted been notified or plans far an t 1 in Iphil evac Nathaa of uhf claim. And a any essential i run of of vital War plants Baa already keen my Idem wed. Farther Jany Vigale Rean ovals Cwm be canted act anal qty. I Tao radio broadcast tet single super of tans Vas Nyana or take at about s Job. Edmy. ?ne4lnped. Epa Dent the ? 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