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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 14 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 14, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Messa Utkiss Maui Meta under Hail coat act Wita the Freuno of Ern ment. Adelaide to London London i Days. Iris Cotoiu Okiec. Leave Adelaide atut Waltra. .i64se q Didier. . Mon.,j?n2, ?3 do i Oiin at mss. Fiat Chi la. Thru feb. S Felyx run j.ii2- l. Boulard . Moo., match 6 Ami Ltd bebicjri42s a. Poydence . Monday,apnl3 ars a talk a. Kii3s o. Tidier. La. A a 3 Kirs or Pas be enclose wine or Alss at me a she Ovtia Ovid in d tic Mara so a seizes to lox Dos j bed Here journey 44 Houre Only. The coup web Incerpi nets will ?o3 through Pue Eathem ram i a Arseilles to Paris and Loo of. Laje a Nve def Elk by sir Amer to to Musen Iee to London. English awards. Alisch co ranked. Single to i a to Hirse Illes from � 0 to �65. Re Tom trom 4to to. Bib Avci As Coom Medatian Neq Aaueda. Me and All Cabin furniture induced in fax. Passengers Are hooked of much mouth Sie Amera Tiu. I of Munier. Lee. Arcadia k2b. Andrews. . Dec l Rome to a a. B. Danieu Jan. 4 Pallas to j4se. Ashdown Jan. La Ai Jastrau 7t . Reeves feb. 1 a Bruatta 4771 p. Harm feb. It Eai Tanki a oi.= 7 r. G Murray. R . Mar l Himalaya. 6sbs j. Orman b . Mar 1 b uas6ilja --j491&0. Fraser far in Oceana ?i36ml.stet so la Jan. 35 j Arsteal _ 5,54 r. I leaks feb. 8 Cuzco .j3.6k t. P. Anderson to Bly line of fast pan4afe?.ejrpr Steuben to oct Hampton mob bpm Asi Werp and a Keek. Kodunc at Colombo Aden. Suez. Port said and Genoa con j decline with mail and piss ogers trom port Sam join Nisi. Coder Mas contract with the Imperial 1 German government. Steamer ill be to rows i steamers tons a commander. X v. And. J Oldenburg 5,346 Bath Maun Jan. 4 i Soses staffes we. Rob or be. 1 5.07? Ilia. 1 a Branch line to Samoa and tone a Steamer leaves 6 deny on arrival of each Steamer Lor these islands. Pascace Money from Adelaide to Bremen trom �14 to �80. Great reductions on return Pas sales available for six nine or twelve Mouths every facility is offered for bringing out friends by payment of passage Money bet. Cabin pins Ugron May break their to ornery. Henu specially an Meed to suit an officers and stewards conversant with the a Nelsh Lan Ziaee Pat arogers and cargo booked the Tourfa to London and principal european. Asiatic and american ports. Passengers Tor England Are landed at Octha Sotoff. La Tagore passengers win land and embark at Larga say for freight passage a Dall other part Eulaa apply to the agents. H. Mue2ke i co Adelaide and port Adelaide be Siaw a f units Luie of steam est Buks a a Londos via ports As requited Bese new Faul powered fast steamers be App noted to leave the port Adelaide wharf and or outport As Agni red Salol lows cult of decembers. Tabbat Conga to Tollow. Wooll Oolooloo _ to follow. _ to Folio. Sec event of for Pasee Sens. Fox Beight or passage apply to Geog wills & co Adelaide or port. 29saftic to Keik. London Xebec a. Via Luu sue Canil of land s line. St2s Toa i. Captain j. Park Faust is Apo Hnud 10 sail from the wharf. Port a above about the 220 d Deo Exoler. George Walt & co. 32img Adelaide or port Adelaide. Tsar Tom Jer use of of uppers to Lafi a i to London the Littow Ivel Lrtil "9 High classed saying Shipski Mai w c Chi nto bed from port i to ii Adelaide and Odt Kotb at \ regular intervals Lons. Com Nader. Bite Ald _ 7so a Pederen. Marialta _ 1567 f. W. Gaze. Zorr Esb a Tso w. H. Cope. Followed by other fun Stream bips. Wool and produce booked at lowest current rates. For rates at Nocht or passage apply to Aoa Naie elder. Smtth00-. A boxed a. Told e r Lin Kif am i Adelatde to Loh Dok toll ?hip vfcl""-i2l h Pede nou. Commander now at port Adelaide will be dispatched Early in december. This fins Vewel is Well known in the australian Wool hade and Ahi Zipera May re a 00 for rates of i eight. Apply to 3230mq elder. Smith & co. A step. 1 Tanir or Tea ebs. _ for Tux pc ills Stu los Dok Yobe Shire and Continental Mew powerful steamship Gulf of Genoa 8, 48 tons Register d. Swan commander is a to attended to. Repairs to Kotti Anil Homes. Iii int. A Pei i Giae. Alwin Fischer Oconnell Street. . Country Ordette attended to promptly. 3491 3 7 p. A. Howells and co is bundle Streez. Opposite me a. C. Barks co. Pianoff Bitett 1 organs of toe time payment system. Fiaoo forts in 30/ p6 month. Violins. 30/ of. Accordions for 10/6 a the latest no Rejon a music Neci cd every month. Tuning repairs on tic shortest ratios. Brass a stat nth bands completely fitted oat j prices and Chul Oguilon application. 14�aun?oxl49c Birks insect destroyer. She demand Lor this powder has been so Large As to exhaust our Stock and we save been usable to �11 orders for it Tor some time past. We now however have an ample Supply of Excel Lent Quality and would commend it to oat friends and ask them when muting insect powder to pro cure Outt. G. Just. & w. H. Birks chemists Fis. Bundle Street. Corner or Lawler pm cd. Ss9c up b e Christmas season. To. M. Wends great and dog stalled Christmas Sale i i jewellery watches clocks j Silver plate optical goods a i has now commenced and we Coa Dently and truth ully assert that Wenkui a is Mill to to cheapest House est the Colony. My Stock in every department is twice a Large As any Otter in Adelaide and As i Purchase direct from the Matulac Tseih there Are no middlemen s Pronto to pay and i am Able toed to my retail customers at strictly wholesale prices As Parcha Eera will quickly find oat Tor them Rives by comparing prices. Please Send for Price let Botlee trom 10s. Fid 12a. 61, 15a up wards teapots from 12a, 15., Aie upwards Napkin Bues from 1%. Fid. 2s 3., upwards cml Dnn b yoga for 6s 6j-. 7i. 6d&s.6da wards. I have Jom unpacked �1,500 worm of plated Are and can con Tenily Law Otthat mine is toe most Complete Stock in Anatolia. I hot Little novelties Tor Christmas. Optical goods. Eye Weenen with Case trom us 2a. 6d-. Is. 6d Piir open glasses trom 78. Re 10k 60., us. Pair Best Case trom 4s. 6d. Pair Pebble spectacles trom 7s. 6d. Each. Novelties. Suitable Tor chrism a gifts. Sovereign Case card cases Hatch Oxee Macklee sent settles Chain parses cigarette cases &c., a kindly Scad Tor Price lists and remember i guarantee every a tide to be v represented Aud can How Tate largest and b inst assorted Stock to Chookie boat ax7wbkbe. J. M. Wendt 70, fondle Street. And 22, 24. ?. And so abode Adelaide. And or kerb build pigs broken Bill. The cheapest House is the Colony. 336aioairc now on View a Large shipment of Jaks Dixon & Boks and other celebrated steeling Silver and Best elect to plate. Afie Bosoi Tea sets. Luncheon cub Etc. Buzzes plates i Claret jugs. Biscuits. ae9 a most Bxs Mae assortment of Are noon Teaspoons. A. L. Brunkhorst Steh. Subotas106, bdhdlk4xbeez. Lovio Pau Halleb boots. Coke. In urge or Small Goa otties at lowest Oor Reat Tate. Wal Howard Suth & Bons. Ltd Coal off Loo Koran a Trade. Fort Adelaide. 2lnac Boak pict ice tubs Obs us on Toni plete two manna instrument with pedals 17 Topi College of Aniste pert cat Iowa. Fray s j. H. Fray. Organist and Coira Iaser. St. Peters Glenelg. Organ Subidio Iso Buttle Sheet. Full particulars cd prep ecu. Isi Riuo it ions esses bows and new Iolj Complete out v fit trom 26. Mandolina. The latest ii Kluj 2us. Ether Hupe Pic Cafua Duce Poux Aix Forga Oette. Banjos Gui Tare a Elnyr Moraes Mous a in intr Toibb la Opo it a b. Any. 1h Balsa shipping. Re he Howard Smith line fore Saloon. Botman. Cabin. Iio o a 10 o to it o Sydney _ s 0 0 6 0 0 16 0 freights at lowest Bates. Without 10 uru Baas. For Melbourne and 6vdnbv brio Bakr Lockha Lipton . Kongo Abba. A Okay tuesday. December to. Tot Nevilus l la pro Geb Aldion s. S. X o d o do Cairns tuesday december 27, k it do Glab he la pan. Cooktown thu Suay is a. Norm Anton Hunt town j for ports Pirik. Gemein Asp aug Sta. . To Nowarra. Wed Emlay i dec 14 noon. Moon return. In Rematas. To Pirie _ �1 0 0 �1 16 0 �01 6 Augusta _ 110 0 10 o 100 from Smith Sod carts wharf. Fore Cabin Paba eng is Are supplied with food and bsds Ingree. Fuji pwt plan on Panl Lauon to w. B. Cave & of agents. Unwell Street. Adelaide so fisc Lineon Street. Port Adelaide. Huddart Parker and Fol go. Co., limited. Ass Sass skew zealand and Arst Balasian Tea ship company. F team be Ovioe to ail principal forts in Victoria Kew South Wales. Touth and West Australia and Tasmania also to new zealand from Melbourne by the Al eni cent steamships Warr Moo j Mio Wera Vul Hobart. I via Sydney. Wod cuday Nece Tiet 14. Saturday. December 17. January 4. I ?january 17. " be Braar l. I " february u. March 1. I " Ala run 14. The attention of passenger is directed to the sumptuous appointments of those vessels having a capacity of 6.000 tans and Speed of 17 knots. For particulars As to freight passage Money of apply to su3wi 2bzxs.starched Callars and. Car. A Day stadia washing Caia Hric Elm is in China Sar i Fink. Black and died grounds v us spots a very Choice lot tuns Price 6s us to is lid to close at a jas. Marshall & co., 54,28, 58,30, 52,34. Bundle Street. S4lc new Industry. Shirt tailors. J. T. Mclean & co. Perfect plot our shirts and courts to Der Cut by a Protem Gentl shut Cutter from and parts. Shirts Fewx Josted and Beneck banded Vitti Irish Linen Tor 1 6d. And 2. The newest silk shirting and by Ama suiting for a summer now an Viiu. J. T. Mclein Byi. 15. Hindley Siuert. Q drapery and clothing. James Marshall co. I 311. 111mjlb Bart kit. Adelaide file cd Lens i Lack Warhol Sims. 2ijew iii Cremi no. London. Ass 1 of \ rank asks already 5 Law it Kaeo thib season. Lir of. Trusi to alar a ?3t hew goods Akrivia we Kelv. Tel our cd ton Jan Uerah Ruji be reminder that Christmas is Wiki a Mit Viliame Gnu and for pros rats Oards cr., and a usual on Stock of every tiling new. I Uel. Ani a Etui Fiu Tahle tur the reason will be Loyod uie Lar str and by a aborted in the Coll in. Cut Paris in conical la invited. Toy Bazaar. Noll. Undressed Dobs doll s Troun Aeau Kik Rhen awl utensil. Tuuu hid. Huh see a it arts. Washings to. Teab a in u Ood. Peter. Cana. In walking Dolu circa Etoyie of All Deac i Puodis a Presa Watous clip Elburton. Court trams to Amati Hen Bula Tore. And inc and other Homes tort Mynarda Rooen shops. Kameso Sevory now viable kind Botn in and out door Tor the old Well m die youve. Taketa if All kinds toys for bran pies ??,4kc, id Eich. Just Aid new year s ords booklets Calen Dars hand painted Canh. Marshall r err Lefor Xmas card packet con tailing Over 50 Beau ulal Mew cards Tor is. Tuo Kew perfumes note after and envelope Cabinet ladies puts card uses Boveles in fancy Good. Of a urge Bart Rentof new shapes in Baske twice. Picnic baskets 3s lid Cadi a. I ?ass.ettt.s4d and is etch pen u la tales tra Dunk dress Blakem 8a us v Anu 126oe?. Ou-7uue . Chr Mas holidays. We beg to Advie the Ladora of Adelaide and the pubic generally that we Are making prep Antion Lor Ibe holidays Ana Fleride special induce Mats be die Prim list will show . Anu Cott Umb department. 100 Ltd Ite Goa washing print Coe met 7e us or 3 lid 2i lilies White embroidered Nain Sook costumes 2dofor7r lid 12 ladies b be ibid Wuite soiled Tennis costume. 2bifil�a6d on rimmed bonnets in Plain and fancy straws in All the leading shapes prices la. Is of. Is us stud. Stud Sud. To 8a lid feathers being in co much demand for the gains Borough bus on mock is indeed Large and Good. Prices to meet with ail Flomot to any Quantity beat and Medum Quality. Epenial Fence for die holidays. The new Skeleton ribbon belts in tinsel and fancy Colon la of each leather Bella All shapes is is 64, is us each 4-in. Chiffon various Cookro Ltd Yard 12-to. Brocade Cotton Lorca is. Is us Jard embroidered China 5jd each Brooke bilk handler Biels u6d, is us 2a us Stab a line of White he stitched silk handkerchiefs in fancy japanese bases 17e 6d per dozen the new Ciolk baffling for the seek 2s 61 per fancy Box embroider Desua scarfs is cd each. Very Pescud Cliflon scarfs Ell colors. 2s us each Chiffon fio Bues. All Colon 2s 6d each Chiffon All colors 6id Yard Choice assortment White Cambric handkerchiefs embroidered White and Colon la Paob Worth is 91 Cream ?otinfcnt7onsnssponse6sns upper dozen dark and Light ground prints is 6d per dozen dark ground drub gig Vest special likes of men s Tweed thou Beds. At Ujj and go men s cricketing tron sets. We cd. Used. 15 Metis striped Tennis trousers 9s Ltd 10s go. 12s 6d men s White Nan keen Coats. 4a us 6s 6d, 6s 6d a special line of Iso White Nan keen Ooala 4s 6d men a drab sateen Ooatha 4s us 5s he. 6s fid 7s 6d men s drab sateen Coats at 4s 6d men s fancy Washnik Vesta 6s a. 7s 6d, 8s 6d a very special line fancy washing Vesta at 4a lid men s White Mardla and Baden Vesta 6s 6d, 7s 64, 8s 6d a splendid Hoe of men s dark and Light ground fancy Cashmere Vesta be Aal Buat 6a ,7etkl bsd.lus6d men s striped and checked Tennis Sulla 12s Ltd 18a6d.s5a White willed flannel units extra Quality. 29s 6d men s colonial made pyjama suits in Cotton and Woollen materials. 6s 6a, 8a a 13a 6d, a in True variant to Genta dressing gowns. Peoa Ineo Spanish Delaine. Cell dozen All Wool 32-in. Fri Flora Delaine. Is Yard All Wool 32-in. Ali Star Dessos the Best Quality in French Delaine is 3d Yard All Wool doable Width Pun dream Blok and White Delaine u us Yard All Wool double Width dream and White nun s veiling is 9d Yard a Wool doubt Widwik Cream and White Plain Crepon very up dal. La us Yard doubt wish Granite tweeds and Cheviot suiting ls6dyard All Wool double Width coloured Beng lines Cashmere Corduroy in Vry Colne Tiara. 2a us Yard a Wool Douwe Width French beige is 3d, la 61 is 9d, is lid Yard All Wool Tam Auve Belge 9 d Yard All Wool Navy summer secret sad Yard very special Cool Wool Grenadine Only in Mack fed Yard splendid Une in All Wool dream nun s veiling. Old grand value at Tweed lengths 10s 6d the dress 17 Tweed lengths. Isa 6d tin dress length splendid assortment in Budi Cool materials in cd in x she Stripe Tamat Ivea fre ooh Law oot a Beo Galine Navy warps cub Mere oof Lumye Poppins and Princess Lodi double Width Sylvia Tweed la us Yard a Wall Ponce we Tii Fawls Tweed 8s 6d Yard so4o?o drapery and clothing. J. Miller Anderson and co., "0 and 22. Hoadley Street and Bast shall to set. London. Austral clothing. Austral clothing. Perfect fitting. Good materials. Moderate prices. We Are now showing a Lull assortment of the above Superior make of Hoys and youths clothing. Kavy a Bue Sailor Knicker suits from 5/ to7/l Blouse Sailor. Knicker suits 10/6 to 32/6 Eton suits num 3? y6 youths bag is tics. Hum i9 y 6 fashion plate. Showing styles on application. Carriage dust wraps. Liken wraps. 4/6, 6/6, 8/9, 10/6 ought Wollen wraps. 16/6 per ambulatory Unen dust we is 2/, 3/ Ceylon shirting. Fob f a Jat As. Shims cd Yard. J. Miller Anderson and co Hindley Street. 383 c Christmas Trade. Hunt Corry & com Pany Baoe my made us avenge Matte place before the wrap Eland Forney goods Mut Able for this woe on of the year. Christmas Price list. We be now offering a special Purchase of Wool Delaine 9bd Doz. Hoyle a f. Soot print for shirt blouses 6s a Doz. ?,4s9d,6s9d,s9ddoz. White to soak muslims. Be 9d, 6? 9d, ?9d, bsds Doz. White a table damask be u of la us 2a lid 4a of Yard ski painted floor cloth cd unpainted Sta us White Gamin. 3s 94.6. By 7a ? 9d. Lui 9djiair loud cd. 4 Button Tan kid gloves special Purchase be fid pair 4 Bottom Rentfr bid gov ass us a ,4s us pair u Laos Tan Ofleta and cd 9td.l?,l? pair ladies striped finished bal. Hose. 6jd, 9d, la ladies Oas omere unas. 1?. Is 6d. La lid and a 6d pair gents bile Cor presenta we hold a very Larce Stock at allowing prices 3s us. 3s lid 4s us. Is lid. 6a us diaper Piu Taree. Is. La so. Sid. S?9d. 4s of. Is 8d indies Mew i Black lace mantles 17s by. 26a 6d, 3�e6d ladies shirt by ousts to us. Saud 4a lid be us unmounted bases is 6d dozen new Flop Straw Hals. Is. Is 6d, is us umbrellas grand Stock. 258d.459d.659d.858d, lus9d Job memo. U. Us. U us a 6. M. 7. Fld. 9u. 12s9d, pert is buttons. Sad. 3d. 4l, 6d.9d.1a Down Christmas cards immense assortment 60 Tor la is Tor 3d, 8? Tor 61 booklets. Id a 9jd. Is and 1? us Ganda Ort cd but Pat Leaf and japanese fans. U dozen Swiss leather belts. 9?d. Is 3d, la 61 each 5 quire he Ceaner. 6jd packet metro bottle envelopes 4jd, 6jd, Bema Rock lamps new goods is 9d cad tar & buy Fiir Call or tend their orders to us at once a to Fiig special Brancke of our Trade. Hunt Corry & co., a posters a2to Gash Aba Seis us in in us,?aikee7 Adelaide and i a Doh. 177.io special Clearing lines. Dress materials Good qoaut7. All Wool of Beoh press Fabeion. Doable we Ixia is. Us. Fox 1/ per Yard. See our windows. A Wool be sub fabrics in ribs and fawns doable Width a. Us. For 1/6 per Yard. All Wool French cd exons hew stripes doable Width is. Us. Or 1/11 per Yard. All Wool French cd exons. Splendid assortment of evening shades including sky. Pink. Heu Strep. Cardinal Coral a. &c., double Width ss..fw 1/6 pm Ard. Special Clearing prices Elf All dress materials foe the Xmas. Season. Chas. Birks & co. S4lnate r c. Castle & compy. Be now tse Vivod chair first shipment of Spring and summer goods. Newest . Wait coatings. Tips hosiery. New shapes la aus Larga Cook of wb1i& a Bibb in Aii phew. Huns of Clyff. And Voutil str beat Kade Cuoto iii. Tailoring in Alt its a Niobe. Dress Ooatha. Crook Fruim Sao suits in bore. Youths and Hen. Knicker and Eton baits out Tomeattre. Alaa quite . Highest paid skilled workmen Alwana kept on the read Aea. in Atten Danoe. cohpr., to ors 192watewoxl91o 37, Kundu Preeti. X a p e b b p b i n t i thu Bubon Twito thu Ahser is cot Mosaad a Lily rat Koa at if Adtawn Ziwa Job Rizui drapery and clothing. J Charles Birks & co., us Idle a Ibex Are offering their immense Stock of fabric and kid gloves at very epee Tauy Low prices with a View to a Large Sale of these Oseal goods for Christmas and new year gifts. Bargains in gloves. La file Tan unfree nerf kid i Overl. All tues every pair Worth 2a. Va., Tor la Rai ladies Tan undressed kid gloves a Biz. Good co and Chiofa Worth 3/. A Tor _ _ 2/6 Pait lit Diee 4-Botton Tan kid cloves self Mitred Bucta a really Durik ble Mike Wear guaranteed 2/ll i ladies 4-Button tin kid Olom. Self we tubed Tim a pm tent Spring Button Wear guaranteed _ pair to die dome tip pm Finger. Pure Sok glows in tens drag. Hii Ite and Clack at is. 11ard Cotton Delaine cd per Yard Sam of Mich muslims Nemee patterns Sid Jud Pec Mew Dulsinea Jud per Yard a Wool voile Liana beat French Manu Lotane. Is6�d new dress materials 2s is us 3s us per dozen Ticu oot Duroy a both 7i per Yard Fai by dress sweeds Luio in per Yard 48-itt. Fancy dress Mitt Ria , Saja 2-in. Fancy Drese we you u Aid is6d. B a new Art Muslin is us 3. Us per dozen special line in email Pau Era is of per Dozea soaped run Nelease is at us Saud per dozen a by Grey twill sheeting Ola bad per Yard spotted Turkey Tula. Eco cd per Yard or Tonnas Tsuu. Stud if dozen Seoud purim the sunshades a very Choice candies soot Silks us 9a Lor 7e lid. Udud of bulk White Straw hats 91 new plaited by i and while slow Baia Laid it u d,29l,b? Boot department. Ladled Levant or fort shoes 48 fid 6d, 8s us Caoles Levant its. Boots bed us Ixa so so ,a?d,7s .9? a to leather Balmoral High leg As us. A 6d,s ,7sod Udie lasting to. Boots.? us 4s so 6s us 7s de indies Cloch top Oriord shoes Levant ,4s us Tud 7olld Laos Etc venetian suppers Sixes 1 to 7. Is us men s Satin Call to loaded a. Levant top uie Albert lid Ilea Shaun Call got shed Oloph top shoes to Cap men s ool Osbed Balmoral Nesoal Price ids Edlor 8s us very neat Boot lies heavy Naisoa Blucher. 4s so 6s 6d, Fis us men a Balia orals books Aud to soap As to is us t is ,e3d,9s9d men s debt lace boots Evrige in Boles Fie us Udes a Inonu strap shoes sizes 1 to 3, fld infants Patent strap shoe saucy ,2tos, infant . Boots Sices i k Tirom la us child s Levant Balmoral sine 7 to 9, stud Eizis 10 to is 4s us sizes i Aud -2, saw a Jim e Stronk leather a boots Reizea to 9, a 4d us Slocom is a tizesland2,4s3d child Esi Irons Leasner Laos soot sizes 6 to mss 4d does Littou 8s 8a Sites Laud 2, stud Ledo boys washing Suita boys washing suits. A Large wholesale Stock a Large wholesale Stock Charles Birks cos. Mob we Bane imported an immense Quantity of boys washing svets tat Abe present Sean s Trade and we Nave determined to Coua dumbly reduce die Stock by a special eff out daring the Obrist Nias month. Boys Itas Binfor sni Taat is us. 2s6d, 28 us. Stud 4a us lid and 6a us per bail and up Aida. Wholesale Stock at whole Sale prices. 8340 Hall & Savage. Drapers. Tailors. Milch kits and dates make a. Let. A Undine Stuut same pm and three Doon went of Arcade. Now showing a Beautiful assortment of the famed Hibernia ail a telling under infant made of Fine Calico and Nuna ook. A Lily trimmed. Having Datum Thiim on very advantageous uras we Are uttering at prices very much below those usually Daigaku Lexau later goods. So wait Tondera and contracts. Adelaide Hildeen s Hospital Inori of rated. I contract Obs and of shebs. Tniv.ib6 Are in vied until noon of Batai Day brass soul 0 Ette chios of toe allo a Plata and specification at our office no Tablet necessarily accept cd Withall a Falls. a. Architects.3ss-62 6. Kundle Street Aoe Ulde. Delaide am Hindmarsh to Tramway company Umil Iid. Tenders to be received until noon on wednesday. L Roe her 21, Lor the following sup iii bit for the year Isis chaff so tone per month. It nuts 40 tons As required. So Nola to accompany tender. New tenders ill lao be received unto noon on Tvert Way it oember 31. For Purchase or manure from the company s stables at hindu lab and Mew the Osnoto Tor one year irom january i next. Tinder will be received Lor one or both stables. Particulars at the company office. Lio Teoder necessarily accepted. Jamed j. Bodley Secretary. 0. Judley Atzert. 3 chaff. Chaff. will Berec ived by the of to 20tt of december ism for a Supply during year 3893 of 3"o tons of Pood found Dean we eaten chaffed Hay. Quarter Inch Range 2,2401b. To too delivered As required about 2&ux per month m the Adelaide railway station or at out stables was Tefiela Strtt Hajt supplied. Simple to company under agreement can be inspected on office. It iii lowest do any other tender Necea Sardy accepted. To took Are invited up to december 50,1882. For a sur a by doric the y ear itsl3 of 36 ten of Good clean Straw. To Bales delivered As required at oot three to per Utt oth. Ten hrs Are limited up to dec Ebeb 90.1892.Tor Kiguhi of keep Fnu stables Alkah of manure from Jansury 1. 1803, to december 31, 18113, Euto 100 hones always in stables. &. Co. 53c,40.4nai9mi345-52 Wake the Etc to. Jbon6ione flux. Tenders trill be received by the und a sized up to saturday. December 17, for the eight to pro a dbl Ilion Stock from the property of tto Iko Bahs. Flux Syndicate Lor a term of one two or three tears. No tender win be acknowledged Tor a ten Quantity than Sou tons or month. 84s-w t. W. A Oklok. Kairney. I inspect District Council. Tenders Are invited by the above Council until 6 p m on monday. December 19. 1892. For Kubb pkg so Oakins or thereabouts of foot Axtt. For full particulars apply to the clerk at the Council office. Prospect Mono on mondays wedges ton and fridays from 10 o clock . To 12 noon. So tender necessarily aos rated. By order. 35.7,9 John be Corso. Cleric to kill be received amour Othee until noon of Friday. Deo Embar 16. For the erection of kith in and i Undy Wims at the institution Fob the Blind. Deaf and dumb. A Bishton. Plans May be seen on application. Neither the lowest nor any tender necessarily accepted. English & Soward architect. Carrie Street. 342ta? no Farmers and others of feb an Klin j. Hae Boit di6ibict and elsewhere. Lenders Fob be Boblack oae poles. Tenders will be Tea lived by the manager of the Wallaroo smelting works no to noon of Turs Dav. Tbez7u inc. Or the Supply of toy two Hun dred 200 Lonb of he of Black oae poles during the year 1893. Deliveries to be in monthly quantities of about 10 Twenty tone poles must be Green be or Black Oak. Free from rot at tin con and reasonably it night. Dimensions to Ore s incites and not More Len ten 10 inches and the Suau end not to be Cut off. Tenders Way be Tor the full Supply required or Tor portions Hereof. To Deien May quote Price per ton delivered free on Board vessel at nearest port of shipment or Price per ton free on jetty at Wallaroo. Neither the lowest not any Lender necessarily accepted. T c. Cloud. Manager. Wallaroo so ring works dec Eainer 7. Teji ?Ffis-bxm6-Sa m e n d e b s. To Ore Roasie a. Tenders Are invited by the mount Stewart t. And Sjef. Coat pay. Les Vilie. To Boastin o of the company e property and Deuvee Ihu at the last Tonuca about 120 tons of oss daily. Full panic late so the of Caird from w. H. , 3tfl 16. Hunter attest. Sydney. Tie Debs will be received until noon of Mon 1. Day. December 19. Lor by Section of besi Denoe at tooth venue East Adelaide. Flans to., at oot Taice near Conrad s Elaugh Teryahl. O. F. Gilding 319 61 to will be motive until Al noon of tasks a a ?2od lost for the to tips of Uuele pain Sani of tabbed Villas in bundle St bet. Kent Doha. Plans. Cat our office. To tender Cec Emoril accepted. Gabiuck. Jaciuk. & Yablick ivs i i Marc Lieda s49jqcs6 to. 8, it Gortar Chambers. The a Token Bill company Lux so. . X2sdebs an invited Tor the Supply of 15,000 tons of the Best Coke As undo to be delivered sex ski pvt ski oils is Good Mer bad table order and Oon edition at the company s a Bat at port Pirie Souta As Thalia or any other wharf uie reas the company or a agents May direct. Deliver Tobe made daring the months of april May and june of about 5,000 tons per month Ball to be Hood s Glamorgan Coke and half of ocher brands. . Payment Cash on Delity. Satisfactory certificate must be produced As to Brand if required. Couture must note bored s per cent and a Deduc Tion of is per ton will be made Tot every unit in sex Cliff. Ash most not exceed 7 per cent and a deduction of is 64. Per Ion win do made for envy unit in 4xoob. The company Reserve the right to absolutely refuse Coke having an exam of 10 Perc til. Of a Zandlo percent of moisture. 7,600 tons most be Hood s beat Glamorgan joke. And 7oo tons of Ether approved brands Quality and condition to be approved. Tenderer to Epe cily Brand. Or alternatively. Tek Debs Are invited for the Supply of 16,000 tons of Best Coke As under to be of & i at the company e wharf port pair soot Auto Rama or any Oiher wharf their m the company May direct. Shipments to be made during the months of Jao Narv february and March 1693. Of about 5,000 tons per month. Half Hood s Best Glamorgan Coke and half at other brands to be approved. Paynent7s per cent rash in London against snipping documents balance on delivery. Moisture a not exceed 3 per cent Ard a deduction of is. Per ton will be Imide for every unit in exc Beer Aeh Mart not exceed 7 per ont a deduction will be made of is. Ltd per ton for every unit in excess. The company Reserve the Rii Rbt. To a can try refuse Coke if a a or Moi in exceeds 10 per Cenc toe Coke a be Oetz hed at port of discharge and any deficiency e Board 319-51 William Knox. Secretary to Kate pieces. Hake pieces a few Marble and enamel Sute mantels to be sold cheap Tor Cash Only at or. H. Matt pcs Seq Marble and slate Yards North Foley. 87m3s Legal notices. In the matter of the people key not to. 6, of ib6o.All persons having claims on the estate of Jose Ell Baytho Lemoual s Sibbett late of Adelaide in the province of South Australia builder and undertaker deceased who died at Ade Laide Afore oud. On the set Dayot of november ism Are required to Forward on a before the 15ta Day of a Milan 1833, full Patti Culbas of Theu several Cia Inu to she undersigned the solicitor to the executors named a the will of the said Joseph Banho Tomaus Sieburt and in the codicil thereto probate whereof has been granted by the Suo rame court of the said province in its testamentary causes jurisdiction to the said executors. After which Date the said executors will distribute the residue of the estate of the said deceased Havior mid Only to the claims of which notice May Nave been Given. Dated the 13th Day of dec Ember. Ism. Malcolm Henry Davis. Marl Borough Nau Ber Waymouth Street Adelaide 3t9 solicitor to the said executors. Missing friends. A Nitro this heading if prepaid. Is words to intention a tone Uuttu St. Is. To Keb gab denies Uoogk. inem Ben from f Melbourne and Sydney Send addressee b. Stanley. K9 Grade Eveet. Git Edwood Park. ?348.5 1 . It Hetty of a mount lofty is requested to comm Unicie with the Ukia reigned when Aba will Bear of something to bar advantage. Any person giving information of the said beb Coa Hartly s whereabouts or t dead Supply ing evidence thereof will i e recant act. Vil Leneive f. Smith. Solicitor. Wave oath treet. Adelaide. S3sc33bc Walter books late of Suffolk England Cam at my a a. Important. 530u?158 wanted s kindly a ave Tusti moguls at adar. Titer office and port applicant will Call for them. M 9 will. Then to appoint menu a n. Board and residence. Elm of Ai lbs. Wal Loofah up Nosta or. Atm m Al a Sii no Dorligo Majior two or Tworog moderate. Of a t lbs. Lakota sikh a ?1. Niimi Axi swi Good Board Sod Bab Deooe i amiss is Susn a Heam Iles Drisho Tan Sass is a wanted to the Hajj a a. Ramir of Ais. For three or a Reeka. X.y.z"80x864.up0. Att Faroo a Good Home for one gentleman Nevate Jef. Family few minutes bom . Address boy this office. His Ftp " to Hullt Lonill if . 8474 Vafes botel you text u Fly in Froass / for visit bpm a amines. Ssi Tae c ass six ass its Street eat. S47au Romfo Brable Home for Airle not Reinsa family mrs. A Iper. Of Tuituu meet East. 88ktable b0a&d and Bigaud Kcf a. I flu Ken a net one minute from asst of Eli. . Siml com of g jj.? it f single room Central Maat Sace urn Hoard and mbmtimk1 jul / fun taboo Roro Stolec is. Walks. Wot Orta Esnare West next to fool twp untre. Mob in Kly lady can have two Fano a Boosi a 111 web or without m in. Avenue. Bast Aoe Laudet ��2 i us Kushed booms to it. Ott pc couple with Era place Hiattt to Gallo 1 a urn issued ?._am 17b., to 38,Between Havana bore Atad Oala and Tunoa Greet Evtif watch Ohair. And Boss. Bed its. Satow Turton a zits it nuke. Sho Mnger Bell organs can Only be bad r "to.wareho.ceojw.kuni.-j.pirimweet. To Vualo miscellaneous. Air thit heading if prepaid18 writ a Iaser Tim in. ,it.6d. Of ihdmill3.haiuday, Ait Noos wad tur Fame of Muu erected stands made near place of erection Wells rank and numbered Pomps fixed. John Harry Engineer Berra. Art big cd i Xmas tit dues Jinn Milf bundle a Tibet opposite York hotel a sure Tram Eif i court Oatt Erx workshop prices imm a. Etoch picture Mon Din x5.7.8 Lucern paddock Eplen old teed . A. Connor Woody Jile. Ut4? Lanos of Gahs in Semaon invited Best . Ginosi. Paris Streat. Jou Uio Madame Bitton medical herbalist and Phreno Logist Freeman Street. Off Pim or tit lao its 1 diseases a Spe Ciatu. Female comstive Kus 3s. . Herbal prescriptions dispensed. Charges moderate. 315-52 by Adamk tic Tofi May be Oaas Ahad daily . Stanley Hoose inst oppo Sisa Turner s new bumper s shop. ?-61 health. Beauty and fas Cinamon Aii it ies who value their complexion should Send atone for David Taw the postal Touet Lia Contan log Tilths May latest eng Sta and French preparations also am Iran dental port tree acres txarops2l, sing Milliun Streeta Adelaide. Sul sva s 3wni treat All belteveb3 in elect cite free of Ohauge. A 1, fbeemas4itbeet off Pirie feel. 2ht fifa Mussly false the whole pane Rall l november a re alleged " providential escape wac Odvie. B. Q. Symonds accountant Adelaide. Sam it ods Meo women Ohl Ydreo disfigured by pimples and freckles on toe and hands try my Evantea pimple lotion Tiabo Imit in Bures. 6eotbyposiforsi. On Bonts Tasso Fri Jet satisfaction Naan ted. Hasan Sahib Indian herbalist Gays Arcade. Adelaide. 8113 ladies vegetable co a chm Roll remove All obstruction no matter from what Ever cause arising restoring regularity Toey Are Pei Feydy harmless so used Silei Niy. Sent by Pott or ifs. De Adarea Lettera of. Bos 99

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